Unraveling the Delays in VR&E Claims: Expert Insights from Benjamin Krause

Communicating with Veterans Affairs (VA) call centers, such as the Veterans Crisis Line or the White House VA Hotline, can be a critical step for veterans seeking assistance. However, as highlighted by veteran rights attorney Benjamin Krause, it’s essential to navigate these interactions carefully to avoid legal pitfalls. This article explores the advice shared by Krause, drawing from a real-life case that underscores the importance of lawful communication.

In his VR&E Office Hours session titled “Veterans And Chapter 31 Wait Times,” Benjamin Krause, a VA accredited attorney, addresses the critical issue of prolonged wait times for Chapter 31 Veteran Readiness & Employment claims. This article, inspired by Krause’s in-depth discussion, aims to provide veterans with practical, relatable, and factual information, encouraging them to seek the professional guidance of Benjamin Krause Law for VR&E-related concerns.

Understanding the Reasons Behind Delays in VR&E Claim Processing:

Delays in processing VR&E claims can stem from a variety of systemic issues within the Department of Veterans Affairs. These may include staffing shortages, high volumes of claims, and administrative challenges. Benjamin Krause delves into these underlying causes, providing veterans with a clearer understanding of what to expect and how to navigate these delays.

Strategies for Dealing with Out-of-State Tuition and Changing Residency in the VR&E Program:

Veterans in the VR&E program often face challenges related to out-of-state tuition fees and the implications of changing residency. Krause offers strategic advice on how to manage these issues, including understanding the policies of different states and educational institutions, and how these changes can impact VR&E benefits.

Tips on How to Communicate with Your VR&E Counselor Effectively, Especially When They Seem Unresponsive:

Effective communication with VR&E counselors is crucial, yet many veterans find it challenging, particularly when counselors are unresponsive. Krause provides practical tips on how to establish clear and constructive communication, including how to follow up persistently yet respectfully, and how to escalate concerns when necessary.

Reasons to Watch This Video:

To Gain Expert Insights into Current Challenges Facing Veterans in the VR&E Program:

This video offers an opportunity to understand the complexities and current challenges within the VR&E program from an expert’s perspective. Krause’s insights are invaluable for veterans seeking to navigate the system more effectively.

To Learn Practical Strategies for Managing Your VR&E Claim and Related Issues:

Veterans will learn practical strategies and tips to manage their VR&E claims more effectively. This includes dealing with delays, understanding the impact of residency changes, and handling out-of-state tuition issues.

To Discover How to Approach and Communicate with VR&E Counselors in a Constructive Manner:

Effective communication with VR&E counselors can significantly impact the success of a claim. 

This video provides guidance on how to approach counselors, especially in challenging situations, and how to maintain a constructive dialogue to ensure your needs are met.


Navigating the VR&E process and its associated wait times requires patience, knowledge, and strategic communication. For veterans seeking expert legal assistance in this journey, Benjamin Krause Law offers dedicated support and guidance.

About Benjamin Krause Law:

Specializing in veterans’ rights, Benjamin Krause Law is committed to assisting veterans with VR&E claims and other VA benefits. Our expertise ensures veterans receive the support and representation they deserve.

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For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit Benjamin Krause Law.


Why are there long wait times for VR&E claims?

Prolonged wait times are often due to systemic issues within the VR&E process, including staffing challenges and high demand for services.

How can I effectively communicate with my VR&E counselor?

Approach your counselor with clear, concise communication. Be respectful and patient, and prepare your questions and concerns in advance.

Can changing my residency affect my VR&E benefits?

Yes, changing residency can impact aspects of your VR&E benefits, such as out-of-state tuition coverage. It’s important to discuss these changes with your counselor.

What should I do if I’m experiencing delays with my VR&E claim?

Stay proactive in following up on your claim. Consider seeking legal assistance, like that offered by Benjamin Krause Law, for expert guidance.

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