Parking Lot Suicides

Parking Lot Suicides: Veterans Found Dead In VA Parking Lots

Parking Lot Suicides

Over the past month, multiple veterans have been found dead in cars in various parking lots at VA hospitals across the country.

Most recently, police found one dead veteran in the parking lot of the Memphis VA after two days in the car.

The previous week, another veteran’s body was found outside Durham VA in the parking lot there.

That veteran, Paul Shuping, was found dead five days after he killed himself in his car on VA property. Shuping reportedly fought for his benefits over many years and ultimately killed himself after numerous failed attempts.

A few weeks ago, still another veteran killed himself in his car at a VA facility within the Phoenix VA health system. That suicide never made the news.

What we have seen is a nationwide attempt spearheaded by VA to limit messaging about suicide while covering up incidents that occur on federal property like in the parking lot.

So apparently, veterans wishing to make a message out of their sacrifice need to do so outside the literal walls of the federal government to get their message heard by the American public.

Without this deliberate planning, VA will be allowed to cover up the suicide by withholding all information about the suicide. But while on state land, state police and press will be required to disclose what happened, including stories covering veterans committing suicide.

I encourage all veterans to seek competent mental health care when feeling suicidal.

However, I do not endorse all mental health services provided by VA until those services comport to national standards including fair disclosure of suicide to the press.

For those veterans willing to sacrifice themselves for the purpose of making a statement about VA failing to help you, be sure you consider your logistics after consulting with your VA mental health professional.

Do not commit suicide. Our world will not be better off without you. Instead, turn your story into a message for American about the value of your life and how VA could better serve its heroes.

Go public with the press, and force VA to give you the services you deserve.


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  1. I was so pissed when I read an article where the head of a specific VA hospital said “They do it on VA property because they know their body will be taken care of and it’s less for their family to worry about.” I couldn’t believe I read that BS. No one should take their lives ever, but these people are making a statement. They aren’t “making it easier for their families”. I’ve been retired 7 yrs and I’m still trying to get my disability fixed. They keep saying I never went to appointments but they never even told me I had the appointments. Then when I try to ask about how to fix it 7 yrs later, I get a run around. Luckily I’m not one of the seriously wounded or disabled vets. My problems are bearable and I can handle them but not everyone is the same. Some people have serious problems and NEED help but the VA just “turf’s” them or throws meds at them and sends them out the door. What’s worse is, our current Presidency is just going to make it worse.

    1. 7 year’s, many veterans are still waiting for their claim to be completed many over 40 year’s.

      You need to stay on top of your claim and never let it lapse. The VA is counting on you to give up it’s their MO !

      Do not trust any group when they tell you they will get you your deserved disability.

      You are the only one you can trust to follow through.

      If your deserved disability is for ptsd and can not find an attorney, I know one, who only work’s on ptsd claims

  2. Why are more veterans not hearing more about the Court of veterans appeals. takes the power from the service groups and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Please tell more veterans about it. Please so not another brother dies this way.

  3. @ANutterVet: Okay my friend, I need to zone out, the upper back pain is needling me good tonight. Goodnight and sleep well. God Bless Bens world.

    1. @cj – Ok Brother, get some rest. I really know how that feels. Will chat later. God bless you and your family.

  4. There is a song by Pop Evil called “Trenches” it gives me hope. Helps me find my strength. It is worth a listen. I hope someone else may be able to find encouragement in it as well. Fight the pain my friends. Please try. You are all very strong. Access your strength. Do not let them take away your courage. You have made it this far.

    1. Yeah, ah, I don’t have a problem Not killing myself. I have a problem finding reasons to Not wipe the floor with most VA Staff and administrative shit heads.

      1. That is my problem in the nut shell. But I think I’d rather kill myself first than after I killed some kids mother.

        And then I want to do it in a way that might help. Not where the FEDS can cover it up.

  5. I am very sorry for all of the people on here, and everywhere else that are in pain. From loss of loved ones or whatever pain they have. I too, am losing my grip. I hate to see others losing theirs. But I continue to fight through the sickness, the pain, the mental and physical scars. I do not want to. I am tired. But I try to think of who will be scarred should I give up. I have seen different sides of suicide. What it is like to lose loved ones to suicide, and what it is like to be suicidal. Those wounds do not heal for the survivors of a loved one who takes their life. The torch of misery is passed on. It does not end for them. Some people may have difficulty saying exactly what they mean, as I often do. Things come out wrong sometimes, not as I mean them to be. But I pray you understand what I am saying. I pray anyone that is considering suicide reads this and knows that someone cares. Someone else understands overwhelming illness, pain, and depression. To everyone who has lost a family member or loved one to suicide, I am genuinely sorry for your profound loss. I wish I could wrap anyone who is alone or sad in a huge hug and beat back their demons. I wish I could help.

  6. @ Bill; my sincerest prayers and blessings to your wife and your family. Believe it or not – I too am Okinawan and if your wife wants to talk to another female and a spouse of a Veteran please have her email me at [email protected] Adigato -ANutterVetsWife

  7. @ Lem; your layman medical advice regarding taking the easy way out is against your first oath – is it not? You have now crossed that line with me of having a heart. Think of the bigger picture – it is difficult for the spouses our of Honorable Veterans to fight every day for their husband’s spirit to live, to fight for us, to try and make this family of ours whole. Then, carrying people like you come around and take the easy way out – and when I have those bad days – those words you have committed to this blog rings in my ears and I think it would be better for all of us. But, I love him and all his faults, we then remember our battle is not against flesh and blood.

    Once again, Lem I pray you will continue to hold your negative and demeaning sentiments and use that gray matter of yours to improve the lives around us. Be lifted with movies like Fireproof; Woodlawn; Invincible; Indianapolis; and find mentors like Mike Murdock or John Hagee or Ron Carpenter; please suggest a few Men of Honor, its in your hands.

    1. Sure Happy, right up to my dying day. Heaven’s Gate escape on the way. My spouse will be a lot freer without me dragging her down.

      1. @Lem, I can hear the pain in your words. Please dig for your strength. I know how difficult things can be. I do not yet know your particulars. But please believe me when I say, you are worth more than this. Believe in your worth as a human. Believe in the love that your wife has for you. Hold onto the positives in your life, however few they may be. Cling to them. You are a fighter. You have made it through adversity, and you can again. Do not let ANYONE beat you. Do not let the hate mongers win. Please, I beg you.

      2. CRAP! I’m only 75 and crapping my drawers. Partial and complex partial seizures sidelined me for 40 years until finally diagnosed and treated.

        What is left? I tried to be a veteran’s activist since 1988 with little success. One last stand is all I’ve got.

  8. Check out the Congressional bill being put through about Vets and firearms


  9. Does it not bother anyone that the author is sending a message for suicidal vets to make sure not to waste this golden opportunity by dying on VA property? These people are in such despair that they literally give away all they have and the author sends mixed messages that at times condone the act of suicide so long as it’s in the public eye.

    You want to care for your veterans? Great! I do to! But don’t dare say one sentence that encourages any of our veterans to commit suicide regardless of location. Many people that are suicidal are fragile and can be set off by simple ideas like this. Let’s work on improving the VA in a way that decreases the number of veterans that die from treatable illness, both mental and physical…

    1. @JS: Yes many here did not like that part of the article, but it was followed up with the proper wording.

    2. Do you not understand what is being said? You sound to me like a va spy. These people mentioned no more want to commit suicide than they want to suffer the abuse they have been subjected to. This article is here to help people understand when no one else will. They are not here to seek pity that is unjustified. They want nothing more than for those within the va to pay for their crimes and to transform the va into what many belive it is. A place for heroes to get the care due to them. And the proper treatment they deserve. Suicide is a tragedy, veteran and non-veteran alike. If you are va you don’t belong here.

      1. I would add, that some veterans have gone to the VA for help. They did not get that help, and infact at lest one veteran was told to pull the trigger next time. I didn’t see anything in the above article that even aproaches that kind of cruelty.

        The follow up wording I refered to is:

        Do not commit suicide. Our world will not be better off without you. Instead, turn your story into a message for American about the value of your life and how VA could better serve its heroes.

        Go public with the press, and force VA to give you the services you deserve.

      2. Lots of veterans have gone to the Press. So many it became a Trump issue. But where is that issue now that he is POTUS? The adjudication line and the intake for care lines have all gotten longer. There is less chance of getting mental health care now than there was 2 years ago in spite of Trump’s focus on the subject.

    3. JS, you don’t recognize the situation. Doing it in the parking lot is a waste. Courthouse steps may get reported if you make sure you are on city property not FBI jurisdiction. Otherwise no report. So if you are at that end of the rope, as many of us are or at least very close, then make a choice that will say what you want to say on your way out without getting it covered up by the FEDS.

    4. At least move outside the gate on local jurisdiction so the police radio call will be monitored by the local press. You are wasting your effort on Federal jurisdiction.

    5. JS, not to sound doubtful if that is the right word, but are you a veteran that has dealt with the VA?

      I ask because you don’t seem to comprehend how veterans think, or how veterans can be very blunt, or how veterans mix or insert dark humor into things.

      In my opinion, saying the lesson learned here is that veterans in such despair and believing their only way to draw attention to their pain is to commit suicide in a VA parking lot is nothing more than being starkly factual in the face of the brutal reality of the VA.

      I don’t see it as condoning or encouraging suicide. Just being harsh and honest.

      1. @ANutterVet: Okay found it. Yes and I commented right after js. This is one of those things I don’t like to comment on Nutter. Either I will enevitably say the wrong thing, or I am being a hypocrite in my answer. There is no win in me answering to this subject. If I put questiions in anyones minds that are reading this. Leave it alone, I will not answer your probing.

      2. @cj – I only wanted to recognize that we talked about this the other day. No comment required. Its ok, I understand how it feels.

  10. @cj, you too, hope things go well for you this week. God Bless you and your family. Goodnight.

  11. @Ex va: Hey Ex, I better get some rest. Will talk later. Hope you sleep well and have a painless night for a change. God Bless you and your family. Goodnight.

  12. @Ex va: I may take a day and go over the the Northern district federal court. They are very helpfull people. I will see if anyone around there is willing to help fill out the forms with me.

      1. @Ex va: I see all these videos on how to win your case. the 7 things you need etc. bs bs. I have all 7 and it didn’t mean shit. They do this deny shit on purpose, Illinois ranks last in awarding service connection. And nobody thinks there is a problem? Like I said It is intentional. I also need to file a notice of disagreement with the va. You have 1 year from the time of your denial, and isn’t it funny how the appeal takes longer than that? Of course it is intentional how they systematically screw veterans over.

        I read Bens next post. I don’t think I am going to comment on it.

      2. @cj, your exactly right you meet all the criteria of their evidence required to meet the claim and it is still not enough for them. They tell you that no one gets their disability the first time, etc. it is ridiculous it is intentional to put you in the appeal process, deny, delay, deny, delay???

      3. @Ex va: Yep, no doubt, and they do it to everyone it seems, and then turn around and wonder why such a backlog? It is nothing but a farce. The damn assholes putting on congressional hearing know exactly what the cause is. Nothing but a dog and pony show for the public. The system is rotten to the core. Senators and Congressmen included.

      4. @cj, the wait list or next available appointment in va clinics is the biggest scam of all. The doctors, scheduling managers, clerks and many others are in on it because they do not want to deliver healthcare and/or benefits and always blame the Veterans for no-show appointments because they schedule appointments that Veterans are not even given notice of having an appointment scheduled. It makes the doctors clinics look always full. That costs taxpayers millions in phantom appointments and salary dollars that you could not even compare to in the private practice of healthcare. I knew of some specialty clinics that cost the taxpayers in excess of 25,000 per visit. TRUTH!!!

      5. @Ex va: That is insanity. They need to get rid of the irs. No more tax dollars, they can’t be trusted with money.
        No accountablillity, theft, greed. corruption, and this is in every single agency, not just the va. The us government is nothing but a criminal entity. Get rid of phyciatrists altogether they are quacks. and do nothing but hand out meds and get kik backs for doing so. Did you know that there is no such thing as a chemical inballance in the brain? yet they tell you you are depressed, or have anxiety, or anxiety attacks because you have a chemical inballance in the brain. Go ahead and ask what test they use to determine that? You will not get an answer becasue no such test exsists.

  13. @Ex va: I want to file an sf95 against the va and the dod. For not performing a nuero exam even tho I was injured in an explosion. Both failed to do so. And then the quack, she is liscenced in the state of Illinois, so the va can’t protect her ass either. I am going to try and have her disciplined by the state, and hopefully lose her damn liscence.

    1. @cj, good for you. You probably are saving someone’s life. That is the problem those doctors are monsters in the va system. Seen too much of it. They are so protected in the system.

      Sounds like you are overwhelming evidence since they did not give you a neuro exam because you had experienced those kinds of injuries and that kind of accident. How could you not have a TBI?, your accident is probably the definition of what a TBI is. Those jerk offs.

  14. @cj, i am ok, sometimes i can tolerate it, it is hard to focus and just do what i need to do. I have some forms i need to fill out myself. Been too hard to get finish. Mentally confusing and pain messes up my thinking too. Hopefully, i can get it done tomorrow, i am running out of time.

    1. @Ex va: That is my biggest problem. Filling out forms. Hard to get motivated, and then your never sure if your doining it correctly. Very frustrating. You have a TBI, and they expect you to know how to do all this crap? and to know how to fill out forms properly? What kind of an asshole expects this out of people who have mental disabilities? Only the damn VA. I might go the the veterans assistance commision and have them help me fill out the forms

      1. @cj, there is some advocate groups that are suppose to help Veterans filling out these damn forms. I hate that too. Don’t know if i am putting too much on it or not enough. Don’t know what they really want or what information that is enough for evidence. The questions too. What the hell are they talking about? I have to re-read this stuff i don’t know how many times. I wish they would give examples or something.

  15. @cj, i am guilty of not moving more. It hurts so bad so i don’t get very much done most of the time. I get in those cycles and then i get into trouble. You have to keep strength up and you core strength i get into trouble with that one too. That is great your seedlings are germinating. I did get some of the taxes done. Took me forever to figure things out. Lol. I might start rehab again and go to chiropractor. It about kills me in the beginning when i go.

    1. @Ex va: When I was still working in 07, even tho I was in a lot of pain, I was in great shape. That is the only reason I survived the heart attack. They told me I died 3 times that day. Ever since, I haven’t done much of anything. I move around alright, but I should be doing much more. Even tho it is painful, you still feel better. I can feel the more I don’t move, the worse I get.

      NiteWish, and OLDMARINE posted some real good video’s if you look back in the comments. On the one NiteWish posted, they have a website with a form to report you shrink on. I think I will use that for the one that wasn’t qualified to determine a tbe, and cause this 2 year delay. I also posted a video you will find interesting I think every veteran should watch.

      1. @cj, good that you were in great shape and survived the heart attack. I plan on trying to change things in my life because i really have a lot of health issues. Especially this time of the year. You know when you type a typo i read it right anyways. Lol. I know what your talking about.
        The physical therapy hurts but i can see results. Last year i did it, probably will do some more this year. Don’t want to get locked up in joints. I will have to look at these videos.

      2. @Ex va: I don’t think it will take long, to get back in shape enough to feel like a person again. I know for some they just can’t do it because they are just too disabled. I am just tired of all this. I have 3 appointments this week. two are okay, one is going to be a waste of time. But…….while I am at the one that is a waste of time I think I am going to bring a blank complaint form from the state of illinois to file a complaint against the shrink that fucked up my TBI claim and wave it in her fucking face along with the online complaints I found on her quack fucking ass. Then it won’t be a wasted appointment lol.

      3. @cj, i am glad you are fighting for your rights. I don’t feel anything like a normal person and i haven’t since 2010. That is what upsets me, Veterans are so disabled some can not fight the system. Makes me so angry. I blame the va for the intentional infliction of emotional distress and for negligence for denying health care to Veterans. It is just cruelty. See is you can get her to fill out her name correctly on the form. You don’t want any mistakes. Lol.

      4. @Ex va: LOLLLLLLLLLL that is an excellent idea. “Hey quack, would you mind printing your name on this form” LOLLLLLLLLLL I love it. It’s all about the money Ex va. You watch those video’s and you will see what I mean. Vietnam veterans apply for disability, they are denied, at the same time an account is opened using their claim number. The veteran never is the wiser, and they deny till he dies, In the meantime some asshole director is collecting millions each month in claim money. All this info is in senator Durbins hands right now. I bet the asshole does nothing about it. This is why so many claims are denied, so they can steal the money.

      5. @ cj, that is what i should do is take these complaint forms to the individuals i am complaining about and have them fill it out what they did to me. ROFL!!!

      6. @ cj, i wrote Durbin too. I didn’t get any help. I was thinking about going to someone else.

      7. @Ex va: Look and see if there is either an amvets, or a veterans assistance commision near you. Both are much better than any VSO. and neither is beholding to the va for anything. They can probably do you the best good without costing you anything.

  16. @ANutterVet: I start the seeds indoors in my proofing box to control the heat. Then they get put into warm starter soil and the “tahiti” room I can control the heat, air movement, and humidity. Hopefully the NorEaster will miss you

    1. @ANutterVet, @cj, i have been having migraines this weekend. I think because of the 40 degree drop in temps. Sorry to hear your having problems too @ANutterVet. @cj, glad to hear you got tomatoes popping up! You got to plant that 40 acres of vegetables. Lol. Just kidding. I wish i was the gardener you are or at least half the gardener you are. Lol.

      @ANutterVet, sometimes in life we seem to be fighting all uphill at times. I will keep praying for you. I am hoping for awareness of what a Veteran suffers inside the va system becomes public and sweeping reforms take place. That damn pendulum has to swing the other way towards good deeds and acts sometime, hopefully soon.

      I will say these have been tough articles to read lately from Ben. I appreciate the truth getting out and that is what needs to happen. People need to know and change these things to save Veterans lives.

      1. @cj, doing better.. The headaches eased up and the pain did too. Are you having a lot of pain?

      2. @Ex va: Good to hear your doing better. No not alot of pain, mostly in all the joints. What I need to do is make betteer use of the day and start trying to get back in shape. Yes seedlings are germinating, in a day or two I wlll have to get on the ball and start transplanting them into starter soil.

  17. @cj – Not good hearing about your flare up of pain, the weather don’t help one bit. Do you cultivate the seedlings in or outside? We’re on the participation gradient line, amount of snow can be 1-4 or more inches. Usually the storms travel north, but if it doesn’t a NorEaster could very well occur. Time will tell.

      1. @cj – Duplicate emails happened here earlier. I’d like to get things back in order and go back to Hawaii. Tropical trade winds, warm water, sub-tropical climate, and the aloha spirit of most of the people are attractive. Seems like you have a nice set up to produce seedlings to be stabilized in order to be transplanted outside. Sounds nice. Good night cj.

    1. @cj – Ok Brother. I’ve got to evaluate my pc for a little while anyway. I don’t like it when it acts up. You have a good evening and I hope the pain lessens. Good night and God bless you and your family, 4-legged ones as well. Now is a time that my K9 should be laying next to me, but he goes and lays down with my wife. That’s an automatic spoiling to the max situation. He gets treated better than me. You understand how that works. Good night.

      1. @ANutterVet: LOL yeah I know how that goes, they always get more spoiled than us. Okay thank you, and God Bless you and your family and K9 too. Talk soon, goodnight.

  18. @cj – I won’t be on for long. I’ve been having these dam tension headaches [no help from VA], pc is acting up, and overall really been having a hard emotional time due to my K9 not being able to perform as he should. I really got the shaft from the VA on this one. Seems like no matter what I do, someone tries to knock me down. Going on the defensive. Please reread paragraph, a lot is going on. I’m also concerned about taking extra OTC pain relievers. I would’ve responded earlier but I wasn’t able to do so. And you, how are you doing?

    1. @ANutterVet:Sorry Nutter, that your having a hard time this weekend, I wish it wasn’t so. Weeking was okay I guess. Tomaoto seeds are starting to pop, and I have the “tahiti room” all ready Lot of pain here too. Are you going to get hit bey this comming storm?

    2. @ANutterVet: If your having tension headaches, you don’t need to be looking at a coputer screen. Go on and get some rest. We can talk another time.

  19. This is off topic. To all of you younger veterans out there that are having such a hard time getting into the va for care. I am not understanding why this is. Can you explain to me the process you are put through?

    For me, back in 82, my left knee was the size of a cantelope, I hobbled into the va with my dd214, they took me to an orhopedic surgeon and aspirated my knee. Then they handed me a service connected priority id card and I left. At least, that is how I remember it being. What are they making you do now? I ask because I really don’t have a clue what the procedure is, and I want to understand what kind of bs they are focing on you now.

    1. Go into the VA with dd214, picture id, birth cert, ssc, etc to be seen initially. Wait hours for initial visit to start.
      Once established at a clinic or hospital you are issued a PCP. You are told to check out the Million Veteran Program and sign up for MyHealthEVet.
      There goes two months or more.
      IF you are allowed to be seen within 30days (if you’re ill or injured) you are lucky.
      If you’re starting a claim, the visits seem to get less personal and more like what I’ve seen on tv for speed dating… but the only numbers given are your Blood pressure. Twice. Then the doc types while not paying attention to a damn thing you say and says make an appointment for six months from now. When you try to be nice and ask them why, if I have these issues and these ailments, wouldnt I be checked out Now by You and have referrals made to specialists; they get up and walk out. Or, get mad tell you there’s nothing they can do because they are “just an Internal Medicine Dr. and not a specialist.”
      Of course right after that they get up and storm out while your brain trys to reboot from hearing something so fucking stupid.

      Does that help you understand what’s going on at the VA now? A little better anyway?

      1. @Peterson,L: Yes, we both get the same treatment. Only difference is in the beginning, the waiting you younger vets have to go through. Thank you, This is actually the first time, I have seen anyone post what happens, when they first go for va healthcare.

        Hell I don’t even think I had seen a pcp until years later, when I asked to have my knee aspriated again. They said, oh no, you just can’t go and see an orhopedic surgeon, you have to make an appointment with your primarey care phicician. I was like… is that? That was the start of the downfall i am thinking. Now look at what a mess it has become.

        Back then there was no such thing as a pcp, not even in the private sector. You had a family doctor, if you lifted something you shouldn’t have, and you got a hernia? Your doctor would be able to detect that and set you up for surgery. Now you need a referal, and blah, blah. blah. Same as the va now, only much faster and a hell of a lot more competent.

  20. Vets are being found dead from suicide in VA parking lots at alarming rates.

    VA response? Funding to build more buildings and parking lots.

    Perhaps instead my idea of funding bulldozers to turn those parking lots into playgrounds and tennis courts might better serve those who need peace? Tell me, of the two options, VA and my idea, what one is more logical under the circumstances?

  21. watch this on utube…….The Most SHOCKING Psychiatry Documentary EVER …….thats why VA quacks cant get anything right, its still one big experiment and we are the test subjects ….

    1. Watch the CCHR Documentaries on youTube titled:
      Psychiatry in the Military: The Hidden Enemy—Full Documentary

      1. that was a good one i bet its going on in some form today because my denial letters always say that never happened while in service but is plain as day in my M.S.Records

      2. So many documentary’s on this very same issue It is criminal and yeT it will never stop. I agree with the end of the video, Get rid of phyciatrists. There is no difference between a phyciatrist and a damn witch doctor, with the exception that some witch doctors do use herbs that actually cure some illnesses.

        Reminds me of an old joke:: A mother is waiting at the airport for her daughter and new son in law. The doughter steps out of the plane with an 8 foot zulu with a bone through his nose. The woman yells to her daughter “I SAID RICH DOCTOR’

      3. Signing out, having vision problems again, I can’t see what I am typing, everything is getting too blurry, Will hopefully clear up and will try again later.

  22. You know. There are times I can reason with these poor Veterans. I have been fighting mine for an item that majorly reduces my pain, spasticity, and amount of opiates taken. Even with 3 letters of Medical Necessity from 3 different doctors. A letter from my VA doctor, Dr. Friedman, my VA Neurologist even wrote a latter stating that by not providing this item they are causing my disability and home life to worsen. They don’t care I take 240mg’s of Oxycodine 3 times daily, with Valuim, Baclofen etc.. even though I have done 2 great successful trials. I have a Medical Director at the Prescott, VA Hospital, Dr. Piatt, who has blatantly lied to Senator McCain, but they don’t care, even though I have all the documentation proving it. They feel their jobs are locked, which the VA has pretty much made that clear, by the brushing of these types of things. Yet, I have an OIG case open on them, doesn’t help with my suffering right now. Trust me if or when I decided to do something like this, it would be with all these documents and who I sent them to and refused to answer all nice and neat. They are ridiculous.

    1. @Timothy Erwin Ramos, i am sorry to hear that you are not receiving a better quality of life by being denied healthcare thru the va medical system. I do not understand how this va system can continue with Veterans across the nation saying the same things of being denied adequate care to improve and save their lives. There are so many Veterans saying the same things of being denied adequate care. This puts a Veteran in crisis and exacerbate existing disabilities being physical and/or mental. That is why i applaud you for opening an oig case and fighting them to alleviate your suffering. God speed dear friend.

    2. @Timothy Erwin Ramos – Your taking a total of 720mg of Oxycodone a day, plus Valium, and baclofen? The VA cutoff for opiates usually run between 105-120mg a day. How are you functioning w/o taking that much Oxycodone? If your still taking that much, its a wonder your still alive.

      1. your body absorbs less and less the longer your on something. thats what the medical field calls immunity

      2. @OLDMARINE – Immunity; the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.

        You may be referring to Tolerance and or Addiction.

      3. so you can also look up the word tolerance and you come up with this ……. the ability or willingness to tolerate something so what or who gives you that ability …….i used to have a friend of mine take 4 yes 4 80 mg oxycontin yes the green ones at one time and a bottle of booze minimum a day. he died of liver failure… he said it gave him a false sense of energy..hell we would jump on his boat and go fishing all day with a cooler full of beer and a bottle of booze

      4. @ANutterVet: At one time I was taking just about 200mg of Morphine per day. My nuerosurgion even made the comment “If I was to take that much Morphine it would kill me” I was both Morphine tolerent and addicted. I never used more than was scripted, only on rare occations, and always with the doctors okay.

        Doses of morphine over 200 mg are considered to be lethal to average person, meaning an opioid-naive person. However, in cases with hypersensitivity, even 60 mg morphine doses can cause permanent impairment, coma, or even death. In case of drug dependence, long term use, or increased levels of high tolerance for opiates, up to 3 grams of morphine per day can be tolerated. 3g=3000mg.

      5. so what the fuck is a TOXIN . i call it GMO foods and pharmaceuticals, and Tolerance i would leave to a machine shop or your local engine re-builder…….. and i bet you still be-lie-ve columbus discovered America because its still in a school book

      6. @OLDMARINE – Hey Bro, I’m only after clarification. You got things that you’re battling with and I’ve got mine. No need for sarcastic remarks. OLDMARINE you’re smart enough to look up what is a toxin. Blow off to someone else. Later Bro. Geesh!

      7. It’s also called quite honestly, “Tolerance”. That’s also the entry mat to addiction and when meds are cut-off, some Vets go to the streets to get relief. I had a great Veteran friend that the VA decided to cut his meds at first down then stopped all together. He used to be a medical and Navy Seal, so he knew what to look for on the street with the VA’s cut-off and leaving him in pain. Unfortunately, he chose heroine (sp?) and through a wellness check I found his lifeless body for the VA.

        720mg of any narcotic a day is also doing untold damage to liver and kidneys and more…even blocking proper absorption of essential nutrients…at the amino acids and vitamin stages.
        You indeed, sir, are very lucky to be alive or God indeed has a sick sense of humor.
        Be well.

      8. @Timothy Erwin Ramos- Some friendly advice from one Veteran to another; you seriously may want to consider changing your handle on Ben’s blog. Create a fake name. Recently and in the past, there has been VA employees trolling on Ben’s blog. Don’t give them any ammo against you or a way to tag flag your name. Just sayin.

      9. @Namnibor- Does this mean we are of the normal segment of society? I was shocked at the amount of Oxycodone Ramos stated that he was or is on. That’s deadly. Somebody is messing up, badly.

      10. @ANutterVet– Personally, as much discomfort and often, chronic pain from multiple health issues, I *still* want to be able to feel a *little bit* of pain.
        1) It reminds me that it’s still there and not just covered-up.
        2) Leaves a threshold for new possible pains to shine through.
        3) I’d rather be a bit of pain than a pool of drool or choke to death on same.
        4) Care not to be addicted to anything in this life.
        5) I need to keep full aware of my surroundings because people suck.
        6) I have never enjoyed that title of being “normal” in this life. Ever.

      11. @Namnibor – 6) Regular, ok, above average, good ole guy, etc.

        Did you hear where Sessions cleaned house of the leftovers from the previous administration?

      12. @ANutterVet– AG Sessions cleaning house of the leftover Obamination Klingon attorneys…46 told…You Are FIRED!
        We can only hope and pray the same sweeping motions are used at the VA.

        The Liberal Snowflakes are crying foul on all those attorneys being let-go…funny, never heard them cry when Obama fired any form of accountability OIG’s that crossed his opinion or agenda? Hmmmm.

      13. @cj – Depending on the person and what opiate state that they are in, a person may be able to tolerate 3000gr. daily. This is trouble. Oxycodone is stronger than Morphine though. Break out the stool softeners, sennoside, or miralax. Don’t try to fart. You think gas, but its actually liquefied poo. Excuse yourself. Go and clean up. Spray some air freshener.

        I’m eating thin crust all vegetable pizza today. I wish it was homemade. I enjoy my pizza with extra melted butter mixed with extra virgin olive oil [EVOO]. Ummm, good eats bruddah.

      14. @ANutterVet and All: “US attorney Bharara won’t resign despite Trump demand”


        Seems some of the butthurt snowflakes have some more thawing-out to do.

      15. No worries. He will leave once his paycheck stops or he’s thrown out on his ass.

        Bill Clinton had Janet Reno fire all 93 US Attorneys on his first day in office, so the left has nothing to bitch about.

      16. @cj , @Namnibor – Sorry, I had an emergency phone call from Hawaii. My good friend and college buddy’s wife aorta split open. Thankfully, she is doing ok, but it was touch and go for a couple of weeks. They had to do temporary emergency surgery, then had to get her blood pressure down below 100. Then they customized a patch for the inner wall of the aorta. My friend told me that he was billed $74k for a one hour plane ride from the North of the Big Island to Oahu. We’re glad that his wife is on the road to recovery.

      17. @cj , @Namnibor – cj, what is Tipo OO? Olive oil of some type? Nam, they most likely will have to escort that attorney out, and show him the door.

      18. @ANutterVet: Tipo OO is a finely ground flour, used mainly for thin crust pizza dough. There are a few different types, chefs, pizza, and pasta. the only difference between the three are the protien levels. The most important characteristic between all is that it is a very fine grind and is also a very high temp flour used in wood fired brick ovens. The best tasting pizza flour you will ever make a homemade pizza with. Look online for Antimo Caputo tipo oo flour. Oh hell just go here “” then follow the recipe here “” enjoy.

      19. Oh, how could we forget the Janet Reno days? Her “large marge” face was a painful one to endure. Was like a dump truck emptied an entire load of ugly sticks on her then set on fire and put out with a rake. Medusa had a friendlier face. 🙂

      20. @OLDMARINE – Although, I’m very sorry about the loss of your friend. I know how that feels.

    3. What I was told by Senator Bennett’s office in Colorado. The VA can do anything they want, even if the VA should admit to doing something wrong the Senators office can do nothing about it. Their own words, we can not make the VA do anything !

      What they can do is make an inquiry and that it. If wrongdoing is discovered, they can and will do nothing.

      Our Senator’s state they have no Authority to assist veterans in anyway. Except make an inquiry.

      The VA will send the inquiry (right) back to the employee’s being investigated to answer themselves. This is the Truth. Every time someone has made an inquiry through the Senator’s office, DAV, the Chief of Staff at the Denver VAMC would sent it to the employee who is in question and they are able to say what ever they please. We all know someone doing wrong will never admit they are doing wrong.

      Veterans are in real danger and no one care’s.

      A lot of talk and no action.

  23. I have no idea what to do. So I am going to try getting a post up here. I ended up in a wheelchair after some bad choices from the va. I told dr. quack I felt very sick and was having severe complications. dr quack told me that the meds I had been prescribed by va for 5 years were giving me problems, and I was instructed to cold turkey them all at once. All hard core medications. Among them was a neurological med said to help my PTSD. Then a procedure the next day from dr. satan at the va that I will not go into here. Cue the inability to feel my legs. Anything other than pain that is. And into convulsions, uncontrollable eye movement, drooling, and pain in every part of my body to name a few things. Months later I can feel my legs again. But all of the pain is still with me. I have had multiple times in the last 9 months when I truly believed I was dying. Convulsions sometimes for hours. Still no diagnosis from the va. But I have heard from a witness about them laughing at me after I leave an exam at the va. They press my body and most of my parts hurt so bad to be touched that I cry. This is funny to them for some reason, and they speak and laugh together of what a faker I am. But they gave me more medication anyway after months of appointments with all different jerks at the va and no diagnosis. I had a bad feeling about what they prescribed last time. But it was more than 10 years ago that I took this med before, and it was not prescribed by the va. I told dr massochist that I did not want that one. But could not remember why. I was told that was all I could have. So I took it, and had an allergic reaction. I did not seek medical attention out of fear. They will only hurt me worse. Lost 30 pounds in the 2 months between appointments. This is quite a small taste of what I have experienced with va medical. They are evil.

    1. @Terrified Veteran, I am sorry you are in a wheelchair, i have been there myself over disease and injury. I would continue to get a proper diagnosis, if possible outside the va healthcare system. I am sorry you are suffering and sick and that they lack compassion in treating you at the va clinics. If you could get the right diagnosis from a competent doctor you would be on a better road to healing or possibly be able to better manage your symptoms. Chronic pain is a nightmare and i know it seems to never end at times. You have my compassion and prayers. God Bless you.

    2. @Terrified Veteran: As Peterson, L has said, You need to get a lawyer now. If you don’t mind, I would like to know what VA facility is treating you this way? There is no damn way, I will let some jackass phoney doctor, laugh and make fun of a vet.

      1. I have very bad reception and have been trying to post again sincy the first response to my post. Bless you all who read my post. I am afraid to put up more details. There are more terrible things that have happened at the va I cannot post on the internet. I fear for my life. But I would like to tell someone my story. I have tried to contact lawyers with no success. They dismiss me. I will see if this will post.

      2. @Terrified Veteran: Write down everything, make several copies when your done. Send a copy to each of 3 close friends incase anything was to happen to you. Then, since the lawyers won’t listen, send copies to major news outlets like the NYTimes. Even send a copy to RT news. Don’t use your real name here.

      3. I moved States because I thought the va I was at before was a nad one. The va I go to now is just as bad. They are cruel, torturous, hateful, and malicious people. All of them. They play with me like a cat with a ball of string. Ignore me as I speak, tell me to calm down because they cannot preform an exam with me crying after they press my sore body. Act like I am fake being in a wheelchair that THEY ordered me. Tell me in the pain clinic that in all the years working there they have never seen a patient vomit from pain. Act irritated and inconvenienced having to get me something to vomit in. Evil. They know I am a whistleblower and they punish me for it. Cold turkey 2250 mg depakote on advice of a doctor that never saw me afterward. Dropped me like a bad habit.

      4. @Terrified Veteran: You should not stop taking depakote cold turkey, that can kill you.

        Wear a medical alert tag or carry an ID card stating that you take Depakote. Any doctor, dentist, or emergency medical care provider who treats you should know that you are taking a seizure medication.

        If you need surgery, tell the surgeon ahead of time that you are using Depakote.

        Do not stop using Depakote suddenly, even if you feel fine. Stopping suddenly may cause a serious, life-threatening type of seizure. Follow your doctor’s instructions about tapering your dose

      5. Get upset because I have severe difficulty driving over an hour to my nearest va. Especially after a full night of pain and possibly 3 hours sleep at the most. Transportation is only for people in wheelchairs they say. They issued me TWO wheelchairs at the va!!! I am beyond terrified of them. Anxiety sets my condition off whatever this is. And going to the va makes me highly anxious. If I talk to them they use it against me. Give me incomplete papers or none, and I am just trying to get back home alive after convulsing and vomiting from pain while I am there. So many more bad, evil things have happened. I do not want them to know that I am talking about them. They will retaliate. But if I should die, I want my life to be known. I feel invisible. No one wants to listen to me. Lose the ability to speak sometimes for days after pain. It scrambles my connection to my brain. But I am still here. I just cannot speak. Then it comes back. Never know when it will leave again.

      6. Cj, I am saying my doctor told me to cold turkey my depakote. Doctors orders. Then they would not give me more again. That was at least more than 6 months ago. Then an awful procedure and torture the next day for a different va screw up. I do not have friends. My own family will not listen to me. I tried and was told “now I am put off of what I was trying to do, and my mind is racing” by a family member. I have one person in my life. And they are fully aware. They see it all.

      7. @Terrified Veteran: We all listen here. No veteran is ignored on Ben’s Blog. Don’t use your real name, and they will never know your talking to us. Terrified, your never invisible here. If this is the first time you have been here, you will find that your among friends here.

      8. @Terrified Veteran: It’s been 6 months since you stopped depakote? At least that is good. I thought you meant they just took you off. You made it through without losing your life. That is a good thing. Don’t be too hard on your family, they don’t know what it is like being mistreated at the va. Most everyone here does.

    3. Them telling you to go cold Turkey is very dangerous and your lucky you did not die. They did this to me while I was in the hospital on a Friday and that weekend I started hearing voices. That made me feel very paranoid, these medications have to be decreased slowly, not just stopped.

      I can understand how a veteran could kill themselves after their medication is taken away cold turkey.

      Yes, many employee’s get a kick out of veterans that are having a hard time and will laugh at them. Their are some employee’s that need to be arrested and federal charges placed upon them. Not Fired Arrested.

      1. Thank you all so very much for your kindness and compassion, and taking the time to encourage others in pain. It gives me hope for people to understand. It is difficult to find hope at times. I know you understand this. A day of hope, followed by hopelesness. Back and forth back and forth. Like a ping pong ball. May the Lord bless you all!

      2. @james gallegos, thank you for your kindness. For one who has seen and been through so very much misery, you retain a kindness that gives hope. Amazing person! I have trouble getting my response to go in the right area. So I just put it where it will stick. Bad nights here. Unable to move the last few nights. Eyes rolling back again. Pain. Breathing difficulties. Do you know when will it stop? Were you saying your cut from depakote was on a recent friday? Mine has not stopped yet after all these months. I wish it would. I pray yours will get better also.

      3. If I did not have God and my family, I would have been in jail or Dead. I did not give up hope and I don’t want anyone to be hopeless.

        Ben and others on this site, have given some very good information and I thank them also. Hang in there.

  24. Today I learned that a VA c/p examiner added a new rational to her denial of my claimed knee injury. She did this 24 days after the fact. She did this by misquoting an article that she found on line, that had nothing to do with knee injuries and more to do with person who have a limp due to a shorter leg. Now I have every reason to think that she has conspired to deny me a fair c/p exam. There is a lot more to the story that what I have said here. I am going to take this to the office of my Congressman since his office staff is aware of the problems I have had with this VA Hospital over the last 4 months concerning 4 separate C/P exams. I do have solid proof of collusion between the examiner and her boss. But i am not sure of the right way to present the evidence and make it public.

    1. rick b,
      Hopefully she’ll have copied that report word for word, (plagerism), is a bitch.
      The Congressman can/should report her for that. If your unaware, plagerism is illegal and can cause her a serious problem, (especially, “IF” she didn’t reference the original author!)!

      Do research and take the paperwork with you. If she did plagerize another author, the Congressman might be able to get her in trouble!

      Sorry for running on like this. It’s just Ben’s blog on suicide just raised my blood pressure all outta wack!

      1. @Crazy elf- You are being rather gratuitous in assuming the VA doesn’t think plagiarism is something related to The Black Plague. I am thinking in many of the VA hack’s native tongues the words ‘plague’ and ‘plagiarism’ are easily confused. 🙂

    2. The VBA is not just selecting you to deny your claim. They are doing this to hundreds of thousands of veterans. Their job is to assist veterans in obtaining their deserved disabilities. But Managers like Diana Rubin’s and Kimberly Graves are getting paid big bucks to make sure this does not happen. Its their job to make sure veterans do not get their deserved disability. Why, Because it effects the bottom line.

      If they should go to the VA committee and tell them they need more money to pay claims, that means that if they don’t get it, it will have to come out of the VA Budget and that means no Bonus.

      If a REAL investigation would be down and veterans claims really looked at, it would show thousands of veterans have been wrongly denied and that means they would have to pay those claims and would prove that the Employee’s have been derricking their duties and that could be a crime.

      VA employee’s that the current Laws give them a way to hurt veterans and nothing can be done to them. It all starts with the Leadership and those Managers could care less. If they are caught I Plead the 5th or why should I be punished, so and so did the same thing and nothing happened to them and that’s how they get out of having anything done to them.

      Scary, But true.

  25. Veterans not allowed to carry their licenced firearm. But, totally untrained guards can. How about AFGE stooges? If anyone in America should have a right to bear arms, who, but the Veterans? So much time and money on the wrong things. It’s maddening.

    1. Hey, the new law lets me get a gun again. How about that?

      Don’t know that I will. Can’t tell when I might have a complex partial seizure brought on by anger stress and set me into berserk state.

  26. I just noticed recently the VA in Milwaukee put up a “No guns allowed anywhere on VA property!” sign on all the entrances to the parking at the hospital. So now if you are carrying legally with you in your vehicle and have a small gun safe in your car to secure it, you still have to park off of the VA property, which is a pretty high crime area. Not to mention it is quite a walk to get to the entrance too. I’m thinking this is the VA mentality towards these Vets suicides? So it’s leave your legal firearm at home or park in a high crime area and leave your gun locked in your car there and walk even further to go inside. I’ve been going there almost 25 years and these signs have recently just been posted.

    1. So, that’s the VA in a sense telling Veterans to go ahead and kill yourself but not on VA property, the janitors do not do parking lots. Park in a known high crime area, and yeah, all the signage now also tells the thugs lurking that easy game is coming, just wait for the Vets to park because that’s the deadringer that there’s probably a weapon in it and maybe some pills…and know what will also inevitably happen? Armed robbery, car jackings, and pissing off and startling the wrong Vet then more deaths…the fucking VA just does not get it.

      These pesky Veteran Suicides are more of a VA Public Affairs Image problem, not so much a Veteran centric problem…rat bastards!

      1. I am beginning to think that if you die on va property, they look at it as you just became part of that property. They will now put you on a shelf to liquify, since nobody saw you there, as they drive around in their newly confiscated automobile, with the windows down and the hungry hippo song blasting on the sterero. In the mean time Shill-kin puts in for a million dollar addition to the now “mobile” mental ward. Said addition turns out to be one pair of fuzzy dice to hang from the rear veiw mirror. The high cost is justified due to the many unions involved, to hang said fuzzy dice. Funny they picked the rear veiw mirror for updating, it must be to see their own heads up their asses. Hell of a way to look out the windshield.

  27. Everything is about to come to an end. The reason why Veterans aren’t getting paid is because our money is being re-routed to Debit Cards, while there are multiple e-Benefits Accounts being opened in Dead and Alive Veterans names. Now the problem is filing taxes when someone is filing taxes on our money. You heard me, double and triple e-Benefits Accounts and money being re-routed onto Debit Cards which are then mailed to persons who call the VA and give them New information other than what is showing in your e-Benefits Account. Since my husband passed, I have received five debit cards out of the either and my late husband, Robert Gribble has received two debit cards. Folks at the VA are busy working the dead Veterans over while their Surviving Spouses suffer. In my case they are already caught. I never gave up and it has been five years since my late husband, Robert Gribble passed. Now the money will have to come out of the persons Ass who stole it. Quancidine Hinson-Gribble, Fayetteville, NC

    1. @ Quancidine Gribble, sorry about your loss of your dear late husband Robert Gribble. I applaud you for your efforts to get justice for the money stolen from you. God Bless you.

    2. @Quancidine Gribble: This has been going on for a very long time. I posted a video about this very thing just a few days ago. I will repost the link here “” Every single veteran needs to watch this video. They have been stealing from veterans for a very long time. It is still going on to this day.

      1. 8 out of 10 Vietnam vererans, have a derogatory code on their dd214. The VA has been stealing 4 to 5 hundred million…………..A FUCKING MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! FROM VETERANS!!!! Your do nothing congressman and senaors know all about it, and always have. Watch the video in full. Here is the link again

        “” MUST SEE.

    3. first I am sorry for your loss. Can you please explain what you mean by all this. who did what ? Was it the VA doing wrongdoing or someone else. Who caught them. Please take your time and explain what happened and how it happened.

      How was the scam done ? Veterans have to know what people are doing to veterans, even those who are no longer with us. I have wondered for a long time, if veterans have been denied their claim in writing by VBA and wondering if someone really approved the claim and that money was being sent off to someone’s personnel banking account.

      I know it’s been done before and seems pretty easy to do.

      1. @james gallegos: James I posted a link to a video that explains in great detail what this scam is all about. Here is the link again: “” it’s 1 1/2 hour documantary of how the VA systematiclly steal veterans benifits, this has been going on since Vietnam and continues today with Iraq and Afgahnistan veterans. It’s a must see documentary. Watch it and you will understand a lot more, also watch the video that NightWish put up: “” and you will now know the depths of the fuckery that the VA is.

  28. VA, stop your madness. Have a heart for those that protected your rights of freedom. Stop the premeditated terroristic healthcare treatment on our Nation’s Veterans. Abide by the Hippocratic Oath, and help those Veterans that are in need. For once, start doing the right thing, take care of your fellow man or woman. Veterans are reaching out because they need compassionate care, and not circle jerking. Veteran Lives Matter Too.

    1. Veterans lives matter too. The VA could care less. The more dead veterans the better, less paperwork, less investigations and more Hippo Time.

      I am just praying they vote the Bill into law this week, then Veterans may live longer.

  29. And the beat goes on. I am guessing that if you are found dead, on the VA property, most likely no one will know how or why. Even if they left a note. How can I really know that someone at the VA didn’t kill him? I’ve not received the truth from VA for a long time now. Something is drastically wrong… God Bless the Veterans.

  30. I demand to know what is happening at the VA that veterans, who fought for this nation, cannot get the help and the monies they need to have a life. You virtually took their lives away when you sent them to a war they had not part in, other than to do the killing you demanded. Now that they aren’t killing on demand, those who were injured, who were guaranteed help, aren’t getting any. Some of are in pain and so badly injured that their lives are unbearable. We depend on our military to defend this nation. But we won’t give you any more of our sons or daughters to murder….and it is murder, not suicide. You have allowed them to die rather than to help them and to pay them what they needed to survive.

    1. What is happening is simple it called Greed. The VA knows that it need money to pay their employee’s and themselves. If the VA really did their jobs, they would have to pay millions on disability and that would effect the bottom line and they do not want that.

      The VA knows that if they deny claim and have said it themselves, that 90 % will not refile. If they should refile, deny them again and again until they stop. The Back log is taken care of by denying the claims. Not very hard to do !

      Place those files in another area and they sit. No action within a certain period by the veteran, they are moved again or transferred to another VARO and misplaced or scheduled to be destroyed. It is a RICO scam and upper and mid Management like Diana Rubin’s and Kimberly Graves will insure that they do what ever is necessary to Approve as little as they can.

      That’s their money to pay Bonus money to their employee’s, that keeps them happy and will do what ever they are told to get that Bonus. Remember those two took the citizens for over $400 thousand dollars to move and they could be with each other.

      Since, they can not be fired the union told them to plead the 5th and case closed. If an audit or Real investigation would be completed and veterans claims really looked at, as in the past. It would show wrongdoings by VBA, the problem no one can or will do anything about it.

      That’s why it is so important that we pressure our senators to pass the Bill coming up this week, that will change the Firing process and not only VA employee’s can and will be fired any Federal employee’s who has made the VA or other Agency their own little play Ground.

      The VA is NOT for the Veterans, Its for Employee’s and Management will make their employee’s lives a living Hell, if they disagree or blow the whistle. Plus they came up with the Disruptive committee, where they can and do report veterans that speak out to the committee and those veterans are Punished and the VA does not have to prove anything or have to provide any proof.

      Don’t think this can be so, it happens daily and those poor veterans have no Avenue to defend themselves. How many have killed themselves because the VA accused them and then threaten them with Federal charges, Arrest and Banishment from all VA care and upper Management condones these Tactics.

      Even if a veteran was not there, but a report done say 6 months down the road, it would not matter. The VA can be our worse Enemy.

  31. Ben, a person can only be pissed on so much. I know first hand what you are speaking about and I have tried to commit suicide. Any idea what it like to be shot in the Head and not know you have a traumatic Brain injury and the VA lye about my records being destroyed in the saint louis fire.

    You tell other people about what happened to you and because the VA denied your claim, You are called a Lier and people think you are bull shitting. When the VA does this, it is setting up the veterans to fail and that is their plan.

    so, many lives could have been saved. By the Grace of God and my family did I keep plugging along. No medication, no therapy, that leave the Veteran to start self medication and then your labeled a drunk or drug addict. I had one physician understand that I was drinking to self medicate and she placed into my records, Mr. Gallegos should not be punished for his willful drinking, as he was only doing so to treat his PTSD.

    Veterans who are denied their disability or treatment feel abandoned and they were. They go to the VA to keep asking for help and keep getting a slap in the face and they may get mad and the VA has the Disruptive committee to take care of those veterans.

    It is so important that every veteran seeking mental health be seen, service connected or not. Veterans who were denied and denied and denied and then finely win their claim, should automatically be given their back pay to when they first applied or when they were discharged. Veterans having PTSD and Traumatic Brain injury do not have the capability or understanding what has to be done and the VA walks all over those veterans.

    And will even laugh at them, when after winning their case. Telling veterans YA you would have been able to get your back pay (Laugh, laugh) But you let your claim Lapse. This is a game to them and the VA knows very well what they were doing and doing so on Purpose.

    The VA is corrupt and evil and when they say they care with a smile, they are lying and when caught lying they just plead the 5th. As you say if this can save one life it’s worth it. That said the VA will make that a Rule. You must save one life to make us look good and the rest to the gallows.

  32. 03/10/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    These actions do show the weakness to in the Security at the VA Hospitals.

    If veterans have not been discovered for hours and many times days —how does these events reflect on the Management, Staff, and the guards? I had never heard any of these stories from Mr. Ridge [USS Yorktown] who was stationed at the Brecksville VA that the men were left in their cars for days; nor did I hear that the rooms, hallways, and the parking lots were not checked.

    This is standard procedures for anyone who owns real estate—to check the property several times a day.

    So what has changed since the 1980s since Reagan 8, Bush 4, Clinton 8, Bush 8, Obama 8, and Trump got into office [28 years]?


    Don Karg

  33. Fuck you VA . . . You try to put on a good front to act like you care. But we were trained to detect this type of bullshit, and that’s why we despise you so much. And, even if you do change, it most likely will take a while before we even try to trust you. In the meantime, its still fuck you all the way VA. Stop ruining many Veteran’s days. Kiss off. Hang in there my Brothers and Sisters. Don’t give the VA their satisfaction. Fuck them.

  34. If your suggestion were working Ben, there wouldn’t be suicides in the parking lot. Do agree it should be somewhere it can’t be covered up. And your story should be found on your body along with your DD214 or your VA ID Card. Outside a media outlet would be a good choice. TV or print. Or maybe a Courthouse. My thought is the CAVA steps.

    Just promises so far from Trump. No Change internally. No help with the backlog. Firings without replacements. No effort to staff up. No correction of the past wrongs.

    Contracts for providing care that are unsupervised responsibility without authority. No in patient care when needed. Hope I don’t end up going postal (berserk) waiting.

  35. A little off topic so forgive me

    2 days ago we were informed my wife is suffering from heart failure, a portion of her heart has stopped functioning do to multiple silent heart attacks and 2 valves in her heart (the biggest part of her) are leakeing badly.

    Trying to trump that she is also in stage 3 kidney failure.

    I left out that my wife MY TOKYO ROSE is Okinawan. The Okinawan diet is the healthiest on this planet and she has significant heart and kidney failure? WTF

    I strongly suspect the love of my life was exposed to Agent Orange, Agent Pink or what ever Agent it was. I know the company line that there was never any AO on Okinawa even though they are unearthing barrels of that shit right now. And the va has awarded through appeal disabilty to 2 vets so far for AO exposure from service in Okinawa.

    She was just a kid then, had nothing to do with the LBJ family, nothing to do with that god damn war. Just trying to grow up the best she knew how.

    Now my family and I and my PTSD have to plan for a very probable future without her.
    I csnt stop crying in private, i am worthless, i have to make decisions for her and it has been 42 years since I have trusted my brain to important decisions.

    I can not see my future without her in it and it really sucks that she has to endure this. Not fair that this sweet mother of my children did nothing to cause this except she did not change her skin color and not for not moving from her sub tropical home as the war machine moved through it.

    Thank you for listening and thankyou for your service mates.

    1. @Bill: Bill, my heart goes out to you and your family, I am truly saddened over your situation. I don’t know where you are located, and I don’t want to give you false hope either. I know when my mother needed a heart, I found that the wait times in Atlanta were just 2 weeks, altho she wasn’t interested. You would have to do a new search to find what city has the fastest wait times for a heart transplant, if that is what your lovely wife needs. I will pray for you and your family, May God Bless you all.

    2. @Bill- Brother, your cry for help and understanding is never an off topic. Who better to share you sensitive situation than with other Brothers or Sisters that will try to understand what is happening in your life, and to be there for you as best as someone can. I would have posted a response earlier, but I’m dealing with my own issues [VA not hearing my cry for help, reneging on their promises, changing my treatment protocol, unnecessary stress in my household, etc.].

      I realize the frustration that this monstrous agency, the VA, can put on you. Hopefully you have someone that lives close to you that you’re able to be around, in order to personally help you through your personal crisis. It may not be much, but all that I can offer is to keep your precious family and yourself in my thoughts and prayers. Try not to do anything that will give the VA any satisfaction of ruining your name or the ones that you love. I know they don’t really care, and it may seem like your alone, but you’re not.

      Seek out someone close by that you can share your inner feelings and frustrations with. Find another compassionate Veteran. Strength is in numbers. Brother, God bless your family and you.

    3. I’LL send a prayer your way BILL….i spent 2 tours on OKINAWA loved that ISLAND

      1. Thank you sir

        Okinawa was a double edge sword for me.

        I became disabled there (PTSD non combat) and I found the love of my there.

        I always have tears in my eyes latley i never knew i could be so depressed.

        I thank you for your prayers for her. Btw her name is Hidaeko it translates to “fallen Azallea”

  36. Thanks for covering this Ben. I wonder if that lying whale at Durham is on a mole hunt now to find out who leaked this news to the media.

    I had not heard of the one in Memphis.

    I agree with your message.

    No. The world will not be better off without you. The world will be better off when you become the biggest pain in the ass your VA has ever seen.

    Billions of dollars are shoveled at the VA every year with the excuse they are there to help you.


    In the end, whatever you do, no matter how small, you will be helping your fellow veterans coming behind you.

  37. From;
    via; “The Military Advantage Blog’

    “VA Plans to Test Several New Ways to Limit ‘Choice’ Plan Costs”

    Posted by: Tom Philpott
    dated: Mar. 9, 2017

    The whole article is filled with bullshit!

    namnibor is correct! Read the last paragraph! “Shithead Shulkin” WILL, more likely than not, be asking for MORE TAXPAYERS MONIES!
    The asswipe doesn’t, in my opinion, give a fuck about veterans! He’s listening to the VSO’s!

    1. P.S.
      The reason I say it’s bullshit, is because IF “Shithead Shulkin” was serious about healthcare for veterans, he’d get behind hiring well qualified healthcare professionals. Not these ones that don’t know how to tie their shoes, or can’t even type into the veterans progress report “factual information”! All these reprobates know how to do is collect a fuckin’ paycheck. I’ll bet someone has to sign it for them. Most probably only know how to make an “X” on it!

      Yes, this article, and Ben’s Blog today, has me in a NOT SO GOOD A MOOD!

      1. P.P.S.
        It’s a fuckin’ Friday. I wonder what kind of BULLSHIT VA plans to put out today’s “DUMP”?

        Like I said, brothers and sisters, I’m like namnibor today. NOT IN A GOOD MOOD because these VHA’s are “Playing GOD” with our lives!
        Y’all know what happens when people start acting like a “GOD”! They get “Smitted by the Hand of God!”

      2. @Crazy elf– Remember, according to Revelation, Satan is let out of the bottomless pit to torment and torture…I think the VA pretty much personifies that fulfillment of prophecy. 🙂 Satan’s Asshole is the halls of the VA.

      3. @namnibor: I watched Jacobs Ladder, then of course, I had to look up BZ. I am astounded that, not only did the military use veterans as unkoning test subjects…………….but that BZ was the UN’s designation for the drug?? So it was ok with the UN to use this kind of shit in battle? Very good movie, thank you.

        As for todays subject, I am not going to comment any further than I already have. namnibor, you and Crazy elf are getting closer to real life……”things” for lack of a better word then you realize.

        Isn’t it in Japan where the suicide forest is at? The government there, has resorted to posting signs to remind people of the pain they are going to cause their loved ones. So your posting about adding signs is already being done in another country.

        Both of you touched upon this may be a way for Shill-kin, to ask for more money. I say, what a sick bastard to use tormented deceased veterans as a way to fuel the goodship lollipop.

        I will make this observation, not all veterans that have been found dead in their cars have been suicides. This does not change the fact that, as Crazy elf has said, that people have walked by these men and women, and didn’t notice anything? This is exactly how deer get shot, by not looking up. A veteran was found dead in his car, right outside the er room, at the N.Chicago VAMC. He died of a heart attack, doctors, nurses, veterans, and the VA police walked right past this man. It wasn’t until his family went looking for him was he found.

        I am not as smart as the rest of you, I didn’t even finish high school. I would like to think that I would notice such an event, if I were to be in that situation. People die in their cars at private sector hospitals as well, from heart attacks, not many suicides. I hate thinking this, but, is there even a good solution out there to end this madnesss?

        Another mentioned if a veteran, and I say, or any person for that matter. Is hell bent on ending it all, Is there really a viable solution to stop them? This is one time I wish to be smacked down propper, and told, “hell yes there is a solution”

        If we are being genuine in our thoughts, most every person has thougt about taking ther own life at one point or another. If you were so inclined, can you tell me, is there anything that anyone could do to stop you? ………….Maybe one day I will share with you all, some very personal thougts…..maybe…some day.

      4. @cj- Glad you enjoyed that movie “Jacobs Ladder”. When you watch it again, many more important pieces of symbolism start developing and making more sense. Hint: His VA Chiropractor is actually a metaphor for ‘God’, and with that in-mind, listen to what words of wisdom the “chiropractor” always gives him at his visit.

        At one point you will have to question of God is even working with the VA or the VA working with or against God. Deep movie with more than a few ounces of truth to fiction.
        However, only really military Veterans truly understand the creepy factor with the VA involved and DoD chemical weapons to make more efficient killing machines out of the soldiers.

  38. Everyone, so far, has said some profound words concerning “Veterans Suicide”!
    Whether it’s 20 each day, or 22 each day, makes no difference. It also makes no damn sense! The VHA’s nationwide are ill equipped to deal with, or handle, such healthcare. The reason, in my opinion, is due to VHA’s NOT having properly licensed mental health professionals! They are, again in my opinion, ill equipped and NOT professionally trained!

    “Shithead Shulkin” and others in the VA’s nationwide have (falsely) claimed “outside medical professionals are ill equipped to handle veterans medical problems!” To this I say to all VA employees – “FUCK OFF!”
    You’ve proven, due to the abhorrent numbers of Veterans Suicide, your the ones “not being professional!”

    I have this one last thing to say!

    Quote: “Veteran Paul Shuping was found dead five days after he killed himself in his car on VA property.”

    What the fuck over!
    This tells me, even the veterans going to that VHA, didn’t have the courtesy, FOR FIVE FUCKING DAYS, of knocking on his window to see if anything was wrong! If they did, and reported it to someone, then the “blood of this warrior” is on the hands of those who did NOT care! Nobody else’s!

    This blog today has caused my blood pressure to spike! The VA should start looking in the mirror at who’s to blame on this! As far as I’m concerned, “the buck stops with Shithead Shulkin!”
    He needs to be held personally responsible for this FUCK-UP he’s causing!

    Rant over for this morning!

    1. @Crazy elf- THANKS for saying that. I was biting my lips but it PISSED ME OFF that FIVE DAYS and not even ANOTHER VET in those 5 days could have done a wellness check?
      THIS also shows the Barney Fife like security on the very grounds the VA takes. Want to BET those 5 days the VA Police were too busy carrying out Disruptive Behavior Committee duties? Maybe burying the evidence of the previous parking lot suicide?
      Shame also on those other Vets not even taking notice…and no VA HACK even noticed a vehicle left in lot on those days? I bet had the Veteran parked in a VA employee’s spot they would have been greeted by VA Police before the engine got turned off. Just saying.
      In a fucking mood today. Fuck off VA!

    2. You know the VA is still screwed up when us disabled combat veterans who got wounded or injured in combat zones, placed in the army,marine wounded warrior program or Navy/Air Force medical hold after many surgeries and treatments still have to FIGHT administratively for our DISABILITY PERCENTAGE which both the military and the VA makes it hard to obtain. The Army, Marines & VA are the WORST when it comes to giving a decent disability percentage. THEY make you FIGHT and APPEAL every injury and percentage. The BUREACRATS of doctors and administrators who decide your FATE is NOT the doctors, nurses and medics who treated you but Politicians within the VA & military who never SAW you. Until these people are removed from determining your disability, the problem will never be solved. The entire SYSTEM of both the military & VA determining your disability stinks to high heaven. Now you know why veterans either commit suicide or homicide. There’s only a few of us veterans who know how to work the system. The disability system is too complex is why ALL veterans are screwed by the government. If they are to reform it, they need to SCRAP all the federal laws and regulations of both the VA & DOD regarding disability benefits for veterans. This government care more about illegal aliens and the muslim world then VETERANS & working Americans. Trillions spent on Muslim world & illegal aliens. A few billion on VETERANS & needy Americans. Our own government is the enemy! SAD! The founders and greatest generation is turning over their graves.

    3. Hell they are students. All VAMCs are training facilities. That is why I never saw the same mental health “Doctor” twice. Instead of being worked on by licensed Chiropractors you are being adjusted by “adjustors”. Your cardiologist is most likely a PA. Or the ER doctor is a scared of his own shadow resident.

  39. I never understood the logic of contacting the VA suicide hotline, when the VA bureaucratic bullshit is the primary cause of suicides.

    I contacted this bogus “800” number, only to find someone who didn’t appear caring enough, didn’t really want to hear your problem and on a time limit at the other end.
    Then, you’re scheduled for a counseling session with the same people who are the cause of your tendencies.

    One time I called and was scheduled for a GROUP THERAPY SESSION, where I listened to other Veterans speaking about their problems, which made me even more depressed. I left after :15 min.. It’s bullshit.
    The VA set this up, only due to the publics outcry to help Veterans. It doesn’t work. It’s a facade used to give the impression that VA is handling the problem…as you see though, it isn’t working.
    Veterans are still committing suicide and many are homeless.
    I was CLOSE to BOTH and it is based on the ass dragging mentality and lack of attention to detail on my NOW 15 yo disability claim!

    The Bottom Line…
    The Dept. MUST STOP with their game of delaying & denying Veterans claims, based on medical opinions rendered by examiners that have NO BUSINESS rendering opinions on a Veterans medical condition(s) IF they do not SPECIALIZE in said conditions.
    Case in Point…
    C&P examiners w/experience in “INTERNAL MEDICINE” are opining on ORTHOPEDIC/NEUROLOGICAL conditions.
    Even though there are Ortho/Neuro med. opinions in my file, a General Practitioner still claims that I could do “SEDENTARY WORK”, even though Ortho/Neuro advise “NO”.
    This is my point!

    Ben…being an individual familiar with “Legaleze” you know that this ‘opinion’, being false and misleading is considered as LIBEL! Others determine if a Veteran is disabled (esp.TDIU), BASED on a medical opinion by these same examiners. These are considered by adjudicators as truthful medical opinions, but aren’t accurate.
    The same bogus opinions are then viewed by future examiners and are considered as truthful/accurate…AGAIN, they aren’t, until it is purged from your record.

    Another case and point…
    To this date, I have C&P examiners still claiming that I have SPINA BIFIDA. I don’t have a congenital hole anywhere in my spine!!!
    I was diagnosed with this in 1977, when it was fecal matter present in my intestine at the exact time an X-Ray was taken.
    Even though I addressed this over and over, it is STILL used against me.

    This in part, is the reason why Veterans are committing suicide…NO ONE is paying any attention to them! Not even when they contact a Congressman or Senator.
    That’s another story (joke)…

  40. The VA will more than likely come out and attempt to contain this with some very special VA form of f^ckery. That form of f^ckery could be an extreme kneejerk response such as, “Only VA Employees Allowed Parked In VAMC Parking Lots”, and “All Veterans Must Be Accompanied By VA Police”, or “The VAMC Parking Lots Have Been Replaced With VA TelePsychMedicine Booths, Please Take A Number Someone From India Will Be With You Next Month, Please Hold”, or “All Veterans Must Pay DBC To Park In VAMC Parking Lots”…some sort of fine art of VA f^ckery along those extreme lines…wait for it…rat bastards!!!!!!

    1. Another extreme illogical response by the VA would to spend oodles of money on signs and all former designated smoking locations are now “VA Designated Veteran Suicide Areas”…spared no expense, made to look like a Rolls Royce and a VA Telemedicine Psych Hack will assist you to your journey to the VA Canteen Cafeteria to loaf with the meat after your selection within the booth of your own demise. Spared absolutely no expense. Green Button: Carbon Monoxide with a berry swirl, Red Button: Lots of White Phosphorous and flames with a hint of cinnamon, or Yellow Button: Let your VA Hack surprise you. The VA Cares.

      Yes, a tad on the flip side! But I still stand-by my firm belief that the VA is very much responsible for pushing Veterans to states of disparity and rage because nothing with the VA is consistent or logical and we Vets are TRAINED to deal with life logic, consistently. Does not compute. Pisses me off because if these are the ones that squeaked out of the VA’s blanket of secrecy you can bet there’s many more that DO get covered-up.
      Rant Out…and PLEASE get help or just talk to another Vet or your pet, but do not commit suicide. If you do, the VA actually wins in the end. Keep fighting these rat bastards instead!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I expect a guard station at the entrance of every VA where your vehicle is fully checked underneath for bombs and searched for any kind of weapon before a vet can even park.

      Along with additional Barneys hired to peek in every window of every vehicle.

      After a short term of peeping toms, the union will get involved because the walking to each vehicle will be too much, so remotely piloted vehicles with cameras will be mandated.

      Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan hit in those combat zones with IEDs will have their concerns ignored.

      1. Nah, the VA will go all-out drones because the VA AFGE Union Hacks will have spent a few million on supplying all the Barney Fife’s with FitBits which show union personnel are walking and working more than 3 Disruptive Behavior Committee storm troopers and will require a 3x $$$ income raise for the Barney’s to actually do their work or be replaced with a BILLION $ VA Drone program called, “Anti Behavioral Committee Disruptive Drone Program (ABCDDP), where the drones will become stationary over any Veteran’s vehicle in which there is anyone sitting alive or deceased, and if that vehicle does not move within the allocated 15 minutes (unless you swipe your bank card on the drone for another 15 minutes and provided the Veteran can even reach the drone), the drone will drop carbonic acid on the vehicle in order to free that parking space for a VA employee.

        With ABCDDP, the VA CARES.

      2. Update: The Parking Lot Drones will be loaded with hydrofluoric acid, not carbonic acid.

      3. @Namnibor- I see why the drones are loaded with hydrofluoric acid, this acid although weaker than carbonic acid, hydrofluoric acid is more corrosive. Good choice. Another comment in the section from the Sicko Scientists.

      4. @Namnibor- Sorry, I went above your head and cancelled the shipment of hydrofluoric acid, and instead the drones will be loaded with fluoroantimonic acid. This acid is the product of mixing hydrogen fluoride and antimony pentafluoride in equal ratios. Using this acid, will most likely guarantee that all traces of any items targeted for removal will never be discovered.

  41. “””MALUM IN SE”””….My brother vet’s I seek to offer an ear to hear your heart felt story regard any and all situations with your dealings with the “”V.A.””… I “beg” and pray that you “”NEVER”” consider taking your own ‘life’…please call me on the phone@ 810-662-6929 any time night or day!!! I’ll talk with you for as long as it takes??… Im very serious and although Im not a trained mental health professional Im just another vet with a story that transcends some 40-yrs back (1974).I’ll listen and “”together””I promise “””GOD””” will provide you with an understanding peace!!! Never ever take your own LIFE!!! As I write this message tears slowly comes to my eyes because to many of “”us””have lost hope and help in everyday life experiences compounded with the vicissitudes of the dam “”Veterans Administration””??!! I to am suffering from “”PTSD””after being apart/victim/witnessing very “”traumatic violent situations while in service””. Im blessed to have a profoundly professional “therapist” who helps me with every aspect of my life…she taught me to forgive “”myself and then others who have hurt me””. Sometimes we vet’s just need someone to “””TALK TOO”””. Please call me and I’ll listen!!! Plus be advised that Im praying daily for all of “”us””because we truly need it…I was a young kid in the 70’s that got into trouble in Detroit and in those days military recruiting was done in the Courtroom!!! I found myself in a situation of either it was “”prison or the U.S. ARMY””. Vietnam in 1973 scared the hell out of me…however while I was never deployed in a combat zone I was training and seeing fellow vets coming and going daily to their “”Death’s””. I’ll never ever forget my fears and experiences…like being placed on a “”Motivation Detachment for punishment””…being the victim of an “Assault”…hit about the face and kicked like a dog and later hospitalized all because of i witness a “”deadly murder””(attempt) and later a trial court martial. All the “”blood” “”in the barracks and trying to sleep that night after holding my Conrad with his throat cut!!!…Sorry I got caught up…please call me brothers we can talk!!!…””‘MALUM IN SE”””(Wrong). Fight and keep fighting the cause..Redeeming the Promise!!! Brother veterans the next time you feel like taking your own “”life””…call “”Big Biz””and lets talk!!????

    1. @big biz…i was also in in 1974. We are 1 area code apart…989 here although i still carry my old 517 area code

      1. @Bill, I have been meaning to write you since I saw your posts. Know that I am sending positive thoughts of love and healing to you and your beautiful wife, and I have been since I read your posts. I will be planting Azalea in my yard in honor of you, and your beautiful Okinawan flower. I was stationed in Okinawa for a while, and the island is close to my heart. I will keep you both, and your loved ones in my thoughts and prayers.

  42. Ben, Thank you for saying what you did. I hate hearing about this over and over and over again. I don’t like losing any veteran. This needs to stop, these veterans lives do matter, and your right, the world will NOT be better off without them.

    SHAMEEEEE ON THE DAMN VA FOR COVERING UP THESE VETERANS DEATHS AND REDUCING THEIR LIVES TO NOTHING. We all know that is how they veiw us………….as nothing. This is just more proof for the pudding.

  43. With VA lack of assistance we could say this is practically assisted suicide. We might as well renamed these parking lots “Kevorkian lots”.

    1. speaking of parking lots KENT my VA hospital replaced all of the good lighting of them with new poles with security cameras in them, for your security of course. then you get the VA barney fifes running around in there SUV’S in about a 3 acre parking lot with their new speed radar gun on . it sets off my radar detector off thats how i know they have them,

    2. every mental so called health professional i ever met needed a straight jacket for themselves they are the real nut-jobs

      1. You’re onto something there. In college I was doing a double major in Psych and Art to ultimately go into Art Therapy (never made it that far), and I also had my on-campus work-study job in same building of the Psych Dept. and I used to smoke cigs back then so got to know a few of the well-respected Psych Professors and the very head of that dept. told me that almost all Psych Dr’s go into some aspect of the field to try to help their own mental demons but have egos too large to ever ask anyone else for help…everyone they come in contact with is a Guiana Pig Lab Animal to bounce their own fuckery off of in hoping to heal themselves. He even included himself in that pool of poop.
        Also, the Psych Field is always fighting to justify it’s existence amongst the Arts $ Sciences, because the REAL SCIENCE still views much Psych as QUACKS. Fact.

      2. I need to add that they wouldn’t know if a baby farted or shit their pants even after the diaper was opened

    3. When the time comes the parking lot of the Va hospital is actually the best spot, at least they can “part me out”, while my organs can still be donated

      1. How about a VA cop following and killing them in the parking lot. and then call it suicide. Why not they do everything else. You see it all the time, where its later found out a VA employee was behind wrongdoing’s.

  44. Sorry to hear about veteran suicide.. but I guess I am missing something,,,, like how does anyone know why these veterans committed suicide, unless a note was left behind. A lot of vets have a hard time getting benefits, but the greatest majority of them never think of suicide. I don’t want to sound dismissive, but if someone is going to commit suicide, they are going to do it , and no one can control the place of suicide.. Really, this is like saying a veteran who shoots his coworkers did so because he is a veteran.. sorry I don’t buy it….

    1. The suicide numbers in the Veteran population in this country is consider an epidemic. It is that serious. I know the word “despair” may sound abstract to someone who has never faced adversity at such a level that one cannot comprehend it or problem solve it, without the help of medications or another way of intervention such as therapy.

      In my opinion the Veterans are leaving a message by ending their lives in a va clinic or medical center parking lot. Why drive to a va trying to get help, not receiving it and end their suffering by taking their lives? They could have stayed at home or done it at another location. They choose to do it on va grounds. That sends a message and the message is va you did not hear my voice, my disability, my life, my pain when i was sick you did not treat me. A lot of people do not understand the depths of depression or the despair of mental illness. Or what it feels like to suffer with chronic pain be it mentally or physically. Because they do not suffer the effects of these disorders and diseases. Unfortunately, the suffering is very real for these victims of suicide. I hope this article brings maybe some deeper understanding to this tragic loss of lives.

      Have you seen the images of major depression disorder effects on the brain? The brain barely lights up for individuals suffering from major depression. The higher functions of reasoning are not working or barely working. Such as problem solving, creativity and reasoning do not work for these individuals because they are lacking chemicals to stimulate these areas of the brain. These individuals lack the mental capacity to rationalize like a normal individual so they choose violence on themselves to end the pain.

      Shame on you va for this national epidemic within the Veteran population when it can be most likely medically treated.

      1. You mention chronic pain. If we had congressional oversight that gave a damn they would be reviewing the number of suicides, and whether these veterans were on prescriptions of any kind that were either cut off or changed suddenly.

        Given the piss poor way the VA handles any prescription, I strongly believe there are a number of suicides where it would be found their prescriptions were either cut off or changed abruptly.

      2. Proper titration ONTO and OFF any antidepressant or benzo or so-labeled “Mood Stabilizers” is oh-so-important. Not all VA Psych or PCP’s follow this and guess what? Even while titrating up or even off these medications that play hit or miss or hit and hit and HIT on the brain, actually can severely aggravate PTSD/Anxiety/Depression, then you also need to take into consideration what other meds a Vet is on and another thing the VA Psych Hacks routinely ignore, is even documentation from the private medical sector of lists and dates of various medications already tried and FAILED and those that worked…I had a VA Psych Hack push my stack of such documentation off her desk directly falling into her trash can and then looked across her desk with a cold dead stare and said, “That stuff does not matter here”!!!!!!! WTF VA? The VA will ignore medical data just to watch your agony of having to take all those different RX’s again just to show the arrogant bitch that the other medical professionals knew what the fuck they were doing! VA BITCH HACK! You are pushing people’s buttons and lucky most Veterans have measures of control over snapping your head off and shoving it up your asses! 🙂

        Still in a MOOD today. These people at the VA can be very dangerous.

      3. this guy has on blinders and will never be able to see the truth. I have a brother who is the same way, you can show him evidence and all he say is well !

        And he has a college education. Well is not an answer. He knows it gets my Goat and will play the Devils advocate just to get a rise out of me. It use to work, not anymore. He may have a piece of paper saying he’s smart. But he refuses to take off the blinders and has the mentality ” If it does not effect me personally, its all speculation.

      4. A mental health “professional” can’t understand what we go through how can anyone else. How do you explain something that there are no adequate words for when the person you are trying it to has no point of reference. I was told by the VA that all they do is prescribe medication. In the two to three years I was seen by the VA’s mental health clinic I never saw the same shrink twice.

      5. Uwasa, you don’t say where you went to the VA but my guess is a VA connected to a Land Grant University Medical School. All you got to see is residents. One supervisor who decided what each resident should find in their assessment of you. If you change to a clinic a little away from the main VA you may a little better luck but not much since Obama Care opened up psychiatry to the masses instead of just the wealthy and veterans. Those residents move quickly to private practice instead of looking for work in the VA or State Mental Institutions.

      6. That’s so you cant blame just one person. Have you ever asked the question who did this and everyone say NOT ME !

        There are a lot of NOT ME’S in the VA.

      7. My daily life is filled with dispair. I have attempted to waste myself multiple times.

        The va has labled my attempts as lethal, i guess I just suck at it.

        Now that my wife is more than likely at the end of her life i can not see my future with out her in it.

        I promised her a cruise when she gets better, i can smell the drink from my couch and i pray that i can fullfill my promise to her.

      8. Veterans go to the ER in distress and suicidal and the ER turns them away, telling them to comr Vets are committing suicide on VA grounds. Guess you missed the one who set himself on fire right outside the ER due to being turned away by the VA.

      9. Kevin, not sure what you meant by “guess you missed the one who set himself on fire”, but that was not missed by Ben.

        He wrote about it when it happened and quite a few commenters have mentioned it on a number of Ben’s posts.

        It was a good example of the VA stomping on any news of suicide. 4 days after it happened, it was only mentioned in local media and here.

        Like the one in Albuquerque and the one in Memphis.

        And others we may have even heard of.

    2. Rick, if you read the article at the link Ben posted, that vet had been fighting for “benefits” for years. It says he was getting care at the VA, but who knows how good the care was since Durham is the VA where they let vets in extreme pain lie on the floor in their ER for hours, then lie about contacting the veterans wife who took the pictures.

      The article says he was fighting for full benefits. Nothing is specified in what those were. It also was not mention how long he had been fighting? 3 months? 3 years? 30?

      VocRehab? A disability rating? An increase in a diasability rating? None of that is stated.

      Now I am speculating, but he is a vet in his 60’s with no family other than his brother or a friend mentioned.

      If I could guess, he likely was laid off or lost his job during Obama’s stellar economy, and he believed his only other recourse was a disability rating.

      The story states that he had been fighting for years, so I suspect he got another denial, and it was too much for him to deal with any more.

      Was he married? Did he have kids? Did all of that fall apart because he couldn’t support them? None of that is known, but all could contribute to him giving up.

      Some people can handle adversity or a set back. Some can do it for years. Others fall apart at the smallest problem, while others face a number of small problems that eventually add up to a mountain.

      Was he being evicted? Losing his house? Car? All of it could add up and appear to be too big to overcome.

      Just about any human is affected badly when they lose all hope of anything better.

      1. My bet he was a victim of the Lobbyists that backed the Kastl Study or the Yale Medical School Study. 60s probably means Vietnam Veteran. Cerebral Malaria or TBI benefits that only goes to current war veterans. A life of poverty, much of it on the street or living in his car.

        Another organic brain syndrome victim miss diagnosed as “adjustment disorder”.

      2. 91Veteran,

        I read the article, but nothing there convinces me that the va had anything to do with his suicide. Don’t get me wrong I have had more than my share of the VA shaft so I am not really defending the va, just not willing to accept speculation.

      3. rick, that is because you have never walked in the shoes of a TBI anosognosia victim. You have no frame of reference. You don’t know about the refusal to diagnose and treat because the VA would then have to pay compensation.

        You have no idea what it is like to have your reality check system go amok. Feeling the only way to get rid of the devil inside that sabotages everything you try to do until you decide the only way to get rid of him is get rid of you. And you get no help from the VA because of the potential of monetary compensation from the other side of the budget reducing what the medical side gets.

        You have no idea of the politics of it.

      4. Speculation, Speculation is used by the VA everyday, they speculate that a veteran has or is or could be disruptive in the Future and with that speculation they proceed to punish those veterans. No facts, no nothing, just speculation.

        You may not use it, But they sure do !

        Hell they can even admit they had or have any proof of the veterans ever being disruptive and they still punish the veterans. Now that’s not Speculation, its Fact.

    3. I understand your point Rick and hope it remains a mystery you ‘don’t buy’. It’s the VA trying to put out a camp fire with Kleenex. They have no idea how to identify the deficiency/discrepancy in the brain accurately enough to prescribe the appropriate treatment. It’s a shit show. I know, I’m in the middle of it now. They just keep throwing pills at me and hope something works. My Dr.’s name is Seuss, too. That’s my favorite part.
      I do not like
      that hot lead.
      Not for me not for Ted
      We will not shoot
      ourselves in the head.

    4. nothing to buy. everyone is not the same. veterans are not cared for like they should be. How many jackoffs do we have in congress who have never served in the military, making decision and don’t understand. the sacrifices our men and women in uniform make. We owe them the best of care just like congress gets. Mental health is a part of it.

      1. @Thelma Johnson:Thelma, I don’t think our politicians are getting the mental help they need 🙂 We should think of renaming the House of Representatives to simply, The Nut House, The Senate to The Coo Coo’s Nest, The Whitehouse to The Padded Cell, and the Supreme Court to The Court of Suffering Succotache, and with that I will now “Exit stage right”

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