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Will DOJ Investigate Perjury By Former VA Executive?

VA Executive

The Aurora VA hospital construction debacle continues to unravel as lawmakers push for a perjury investigation into misleading claims from a former VA executive.

Federal investigators just released a report about gross mismanagement of the Aurora VA replacement hospital that was originally slated to cost $328 million but is now estimated to cost $1.7 billion.

What exactly are they building in Aurora, Colorado?

The report states at least one VA senior leader knew the project was going to have enormous cost overruns but misled lawmakers about what he know in 2013 and 2014.

His name was Glenn Haggstrom, who was formerly in charge of construction projects. Another executive linked to the false statements was Stella Fiotes, director of the VA Office of Construction and Facility Management.

Now, Congress is asking the Justice Department (DOJ) to investigate. Twenty-one members of the House Veterans Affairs Committee asked the DOJ to investigate.

The odds that DOJ will investigate this is next to nil. But it sure would be nice to get a little justice one of these years when a senior VA executive rips off taxpayers.


VA OIG provided a summary of its investigation:

“The concept for the Denver Medical Center Replacement project dates back to the late 1990s and was in response to the region’s growth in the veteran population and the need to replace an aging and inadequate facility built in 1951. The new facility will be larger than the current facility by approximately 600,000 square feet. The Denver project will provide additional functional capability, such as more examination, treatment and dental procedure rooms, as well as 30 beds designated for Spinal Cord Injury patients. (The existing hospital has none.) The project took years to start due to decisions under five former VA Secretaries that resulted in extensive changes to the concept, scope, and design of the project from 2000 through 2009. Significant and unnecessary cost overruns and schedule slippages related to the construction of Denver Medical Center were primarily the result of poor business decisions, inexperience with the type of contract used, and mismanagement by VA senior leaders. The OIG’s review identified major points of failure that encompass a series of questionable business decisions by VA senior officials concerning planning and design, construction, acquisition, and change order issues. Congress appropriated $800 million between 2004 and 2012 for land acquisition, design, construction, and consultant services. VA’s 2009 acquisition plan initially estimated construction would be finished in 2013. However, 2015 project estimates place the final cost at approximately $1.675 billion or more than twice VA’s fiscal year 2009 approved $800 million project budget. The project is estimated to be completed mid to late 2018, or almost 20 years after VA identified the need to replace and expand its aging facility in Denver.”


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  1. Hey Elf,

    I have been waiting and watching for Hillary’s cancelation notice for the debates but have not seen or heard any thing yet.

    What gives. Did she die already?

    I mean she hasn’t even been doing her phone commercials that are fake interviews with that fake reporter over at the Hillary broadcast network at CNN. What’s that phony reporters name Anderson cooper.

    She has even been cancelling fund raisers and not showing up for those mickey mouse speeches to bused in High School kids on university campuses.

    When Hillary is passing up money from those fund raisers you know that there is seriously something wrong. She can’t have already sold out all the ambassadorships or leadership positions at all of the Federal Agencies.

    Either she is truly at deaths door or she is seriously pissed and doesn’t want to play this game anymore. mad enough to just grab all her and Bill’s $quanduallies$ and go home.

    She must really be pissed with Obama and the steady drip, drip, drip, about her Email from the Fraudulent Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Now that it seems clear that everyone but Hillary was given immunity and the growing number of citizens calling for prosecution for her crimes. It certainly seems that Obama is most certainly upping the need for that pardon we all know is coming. The greater the need the higher the price the Clintons will have to pay.

    I know a great bank to handle that transaction over in Saipan. One of the members of the board of directors is the same man who’s management of the Aurora project led to at least a $1 Billion increase of the cost of the hospital.

    Retired General and former Secretary of the Department of Veterans affairs General Eric K. Shinseki.

    On that very special little island that is American soil and slavery is still legal and banking regulations are a myth. The tax rate for businesses using their system is the same as paid in the states but the island only keeps 5% and then rebates 95% of the taxes back to the payer.

    That nice little out of the way place controlled by the CIA for those special little things like laundering money, funding dark ops and a whole list of other things.

    Brain Ross did a great article on just one aspect of the island back in 1999 for 20/20.

    “The Shame of Saipan”, ABC News 20/20, May 24, 1999 at: “”
    Slavery in Saipan through loopholes in the law.

    1. A better Video link directly from ABC News 20/20 at:

      Video link 20/20 1999 Saipan “”

      1. Hillary is complaining about not being able to use a “step stool”. She wants it to look taller. Mr. Trump stands a good foot taller. The debate committee said “NO”!!!!!!
        I understand she’s also complaining about the moderators!
        For some reason, I’ll bet she’ll show. Yet won’t be able to hang for the full debate. Especially without having multiple bathroom breaks.

        Check out this Utube video from today.

        “Trey Gowdy: It Was a FULL BLOWN Hillary Clinton Cover-Up! 9/25/16 FBI, Obama, DOJ!”

        things are definitely taking place against Hillary (ROTTEN) Clinton, aka: “The Butcher of Benghazi!”

        I also have a sneaky suspicion she’ll try her best to get out of the debate. Why? Because even the democrats are slowly turning against her! Why shouldn’t they?! They know she’s guilty of everything she’s done. She’s caught! There’s no helping someone who can’t stop lying! Too many “facts” are surfacing!

        I understand Assange may/will have an “October Surprise” in store for her. Of course, it could come sooner! Say, the end of September?!?!?

        Oh, and by the way, I was correct on DHS, being the agency responsible for hacking the DNC, NOT the Russians, as Hillary continues to claim! Judge Napolitano has a Utube video out confirming it!

    2. Another odd thing about this tiny island is that they may have as many as 100 veterans who have chosen to live there. So it looks like they built a nice brand new 3 story Veterans Clinic to provide medical care for them.


      They are also in the process of building a new Federal Court House to process Bankruptcy filings, since almost all other federal laws do not apply to the Island of Saipan.

      Another odd little note about the island is that it’s population is about 50,000 with less than 20,000 being American Citizens and the rest are foreign workers.

      Not only are the Clintons tied to the island but the Bushs, Obama and even Donald Trump are all tied to the island in a big way.

      It was Bush senior who signed legislation that allowed the slavery to begin there the first month he took office in January 1989 by executive order. It was his son Bush II who signed an executive order in December 2008 that closed the loop hole. That was signed less than 30 days before Obama took office.

      Obama has been pushing the TPP which will reopen the loophole to allow slavery on the island ever since he took office. Also the amount of money in aid he has been sending to this tiny island that is only 5.5 miles wide and less than 12 miles long with only about 50,000 residents and less than half of those are American Citizens. In one year alone he sent more than $645 million to help the island. Recently he expanded a National park there to include an additional 500 square miles to prevent recreational and commercial fishing anywhere near the island. That is even though none of the residents or businesses there have ever had to pay taxes to the IRS.

      Under the Clinton administration the culture of corruption on the island grew to such a point that 20/20 started to do investigation on the crimes. At one point during the Clinton administration residents who wanted to change domestic servants were killing their current servants to be able to get a new one. The murders of foreign workers was acceptable to the islanders and therefore would be unprosecuted.

      To put a stop to the murders Bill Clinton sign and executive order that prohibited residents who were receiving Welfare from hiring domestic servants.

      In 1996 while running for re-election he sent Hillary to Saipan to Collect the donations which were given to provide assurances that the status quo would not be changed in Saipan also so to collect from the island of Guam who wanted the same loop hole opened for them.

      Worth noting the Clinton foundations actions in Puerto Rico by setting up the textile industries include the same model to import temporary workers from Central American as slave labor is modeled after the industry in Saipan.

      1. Saipan has no regulatory infrastructure in place to provide oversight for the largest member of the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands.

        So there is no infrastructure to prevent violating U.S. financial rules to prevent money laundering. For those super-secret off the book type Op’s that require a super-secret type of off shore account.

        I am sure we all remember the former Secretary of Veterans Affairs retired U.S. General Erik K. Shinseki. This is an important piece of the puzzle. December 8, 2008 before President Obama took office he announced that he had chosen retired U.S. General Erik K. Shinseki to take the cabinet post as head of the Veterans Administration.

        At the time of his appointment General Shinseki had been and still was an elected member of the board of the First Hawaiian Bank. After general Shinseki left the Veteran’s Administration he was re-elected as a member of the board at the Bank.

        Of course you guessed it by now. First Hawaiian Bank maintains a branch in the land of no regulations Saipan.

        “Retired U.S. General Eric Shinseki Elected to First Hawaiian Bank Board”

        “Retired U. S. Army Chief of Staff General Eric K. Shinseki has been elected to the board of directors of First Hawaiian Bank. He previously served on the bank’s board from 2006 to 2008.”

        News release from First Hawaiian Bank which maintains a branch in Saipan.


        A few of the articles used and links to the articles about Saipan.

        “A Tale of Two Islands And Two Clinton Policies”; By John H. Fund, Updated Feb. 20, 1997 12:01 a.m. ET

        “Hillary Clinton and the sweatshop tycoon of Saipan”; By Byron York, The Hill, 03/16/06 12:00

        “’Birth tourism’ in Saipan causing headaches for USA”; by Zach Coleman, USA TODAY 6:17 p.m. EDT September 9, 2013

        “Donald Trump Card Played In $7 Bln US Pacific Island Resort Gamble”; by Muhammad Cohen, Forbes, Apr 22, 2016

      2. A few more of the links used

        “President Obama Signs Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands Disaster Declaration”

        “Tydingco-Gatewood re-nominated as District Court chief judge”

        “USDA invests $24.1M in Western Pacific for FY’15”

        “President Obama proposes additional efforts to combat Zika virus”

        “Bordallo applauds FY17 HHS budget request”

        “Housing repair money to update homes now available”

        Obama declares state of disaster
        By Joel D. Pinaroc | Posted on Aug 07 2015
        Tag: CNMI, FEMA, President Obama, Typhoon Soudelor

        Obama declares federal disaster area for Guam
        By Jun Dayao | Posted on Jun 08 2015
        Tag: Guam, President Barack Obama, President Obama, Typhoon Dolphin

        Obama budget requests $643.6M for territories, FAS
        By Press Release | Posted on Feb 04 2015
        Tag: budget, FAS, Guam, President Obama

        Funds available for Home Repair Loan and Grant Program
        By Press Release | Posted on Jan 09 2015
        Tag: Guam, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, President Obama

  2. If you guys and gals want to see VA lieing in action. Look at you tube on the veterans committee

    If you notice they play musical chairs . seems someone new is always testifying

    Seems they do this. So When they asked who’s responsible. They never know

    The regional office brought the claims folders waiting time. Down to near 0

    That’s because they. Denied all those claims and now their in appeal

    They state maybe 10 percent of veterans will even file again. This is out of their mouths

    They want congress to let them close veterans claims at will

    Miller told them not to ask the committee. They would never let it happen

    Listen closely. !

  3. Here’s another VA hospital administration in love with art!

    “Biloxi VA hospital has spent more than $360,000 on art since 2008”

    by Steve Wilson / Sept 19, 2016

    More “waste, fraud and abuse” by VA administrators!

    1. The VA does not need art to add ‘ambience’ to our experience when the VA has enough various posters on all walls/doors warning Veterans about fraud and abuse filing false travel vouchers, that the VA could simply make huge wall montages of these and call it done. Too bad they are not smart enough to play ‘monkey see, monkey do’ with the fraud thing.

      1. Hey, namnibor, check out this Utube video from this morning, 25 Sept 2016!
        Plus, Read the “message” from the video author below it.

        “Clinton Emails Were The Setup! Clinton Foundation Will Be Comey’s Revenge! Many Will Be Prosecuted!”

        (41:03 minutes long. With 11,201 views)

        It’s a “time line” of what happened.

        Also, there’s no mention of what the FBI released on Friday, 23 Sept 2016, at around 5:38 pm to the Congressional Committee. Which regards more detrimental emails of HRC and now President Obama! It looks as though he was complicit. As Judge Jeanine and others speculated, and were very vocal about, a couple months ago!
        In that he knew, first hand, HRC was using a “private server and email setup” to conduct “State, and Foundation, Business along with classified information”! He was using a “pseudonym” (name) to email her and visa versa! Huma Abadin confirms this, in the FBI’s “302” just given to the Congressional Committee Friday night!

        Ever wonder why Comey went through a 15 to 18 minute dialogue condemning HRC, and then, decided not to indict?
        This Utube video, and what the author wrote, will explain it all……
        And like the author wrote, it’ll all come out in the first debate tomorrow night!!!!!!!

  4. From;

    “Cinci-area congressman stands by ‘moochers’ comment about V.A. Health care”

    by Deirdre Shesgreen and Anne Saker | USA TODAY NETWORK
    1 day ago

    And this asswipe actually calls himself a VETERAN?

    I’ll admit there are a few “moochers” out there. Yet, when one sees the percentage, maybe .01% out of how many millions of veterans, compared to the fraud, waste and abuse committed by VA employees.
    One has to wonder WHAT this asswipe’s agenda is!?

    Google this article. It should piss y’all off real good!

    1. This is the article I mentioned in my comment yesterday. He’s on Twitter, so I sent him several articles, like the one on the veteran beaten to death in Louisiana, and asked if he thought that veteran was a moocher.

      I also tweeted him several articles about VA management moochers asking why Congress just ignored them.

  5. Just received both DAV & VFW magazines today.
    There’s a stark difference, VFW has numerous articles over Hillary’s and Mr. Trump’s “issues” facing Americans in the upcoming election.
    DAV had just two pages.
    If y’all are members, then I believe you’ll understand what’s at stake!

  6. A “Judy Morris Report”
    Monday, July 2, 2012

    “The Kleptocracy of Cannibal Crony Capitalism. Bill Clinton and his Republican NAFTA Baby Co-Conspirators”

    A “foreword from the article”,

    “”[The task is to] covertly lower the standard of living, the whole social structure, of America so that we can be merged with all other nations.” — Rowan Gaither (1909-1961) Attorney, investment banker, President of the Ford Foundation (1953-1956)”” Unquote!

    As anyone with half a brain can see. This “so-called conspiracy” has its roots going back decades.
    It wouldn’t become a reality until (Former) President Bill Clinton signed it, NAFTA, into law!
    This is when our “manufacturers” began to steadily leave America. And the “middle class” began to suffer!
    In Mexico, the first to be hit were the agricultural businesses!

    Here’s something to ponder while y’all think on who to vote for!

    How does a government control a population?
    First, the elite must insure complete obedience from the news media; ie: radio, tv, newspapers etc.
    Second, the elite, or “Illuminati”, must disarm the population!
    Third, starvation is a also a great deterrent against an uprising!

    I remember when, I must have been a young teenager, (1962 or 1963), while visiting a “local auto parts store”, seeing a newspaper clipping with this exact same dialog.
    I believe Lenin and/or Marx were behind this. So this “clipping” definitely predated WWII. I believe it’s actually dated sometime shortly after WWI.

    Remember, this isn’t new. We have numerous examples. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Kruchev, Moa Tze Tung (sic) and many many more throughout history!
    There’s also untold millions murdered by these dictators! More people have been “exterminated” by these reprobates in the 20th Century than at any other time frame.

    So, think hard brothers and sisters.

  7. If y’all are unaware, the “Washington Post” newspaper has become “liberal” to such an extent. They are posting false information online. The following “news article” was posted yesterday, Sept 23, 2016!
    And, yes, they include “FALSE” info about the VA!
    The title is;

    “Trump vs. Clinton: A debate fact-check cheat sheet”

    by Glenn Kessler

    If “5 Pinocchio’s” is the highest “grade” one can receive. Then I give Glenn Kessler those
    “5 Pinocchio’s” for writing such false information and drivel!
    This kind of (FALSE) “reporting” should be grounds, as in being fired, by his editor!
    I remember when false reporting came with dire consequences. As in multiple law suits!
    When did that cease?

  8. You do realize that he term “cost overruns” on a union contract means “cash skimmed” right?

    1. Is it just possible that those $600 eight foot two by four boards could have been purchased for $4 if the government didn’t use Bubba’s cousin for their lumber?

      $800 toilet seats are surprisinginglu good quality. $500 door stoppers can sometimes be had for $2 but on a project this important but we need the best…. etc. etc.

      Plus the conculsting fees to find then obtain all these great bargains are much less than the $10,000,000 originally projected.


      1. Many years ago, (late 1970’s), “Easyrider” magazine, put information about how much waste, fraud and abuse was being perpetrated by our government agencies on expenses of products!
        Just like what you’ve reported here, “redturtle984”, the government has been getting away with this crap for decades!
        Evidently, it ain’t going to cease until the taxpayers rise up and demand accountability by everyone!

    1. Graig Files.

      Evidently your unaware that Congress passed, and POTUS signed into law, in mid 2014, where there was NOT to be any bonuses handed out ever again.
      In late 2014 AND again in 2015, multiple bonuses WERE handed out to many employees. Which was against the law!
      And, we suspect VA will again be in violation of the law this year! Possibly, after VA receives their allocation of taxpayers money.

      How does this egregious, and illegal, act help veterans? It doesn’t! All it does is show the world how corrupt VA is!

      Ben, and some of his “commenters”, put this information on here a long time ago.
      I don’t mean to sound rude, yet, I think a lot of us, ie; disabled veterans, spouses of disabled veterans, children of disabled veterans and taxpayers would appreciate it if you would catch up on the laws and important information that has been reported on for some time now!

      Oh, and BTW, “Seymore Klearly” put a “news article” on here some time ago. Where the AFGE was considered the “Most Corrupt Union” in modern history!
      Go back through the comments sections, and you’ll find the article. Unless Seymore will put it on again!
      Maybe he will, IF you ask!?!

  9. On Utube for about an hour and a half now!
    Google this;

    “Hillary Supporters are NOT ALLOWED to Watch this video”

    published 23 Sept 2016

    “Let’s take a walk down memory lane over Hillary’s seven most memorable LIES!” Number 7 should clinch the deal, when y’all go vote!

    1. Here’s a “Fox News Alert” on Utube about an hour ago!

      “The Clinton Email Immunity Scandal Continues! – 9/23/16”

      Combetta, Pagliano, Mills & two more were granted some form of immunity by the DOJ and possibly by the FBI.
      According to many former and current federal judges, the FBI does not have that authority! In this case, only the DOJ can grant immunity, period!
      Does everyone see how this administration believes we’re all stupid!
      With the technology we hold in our hands, facts can be sought out immediately after fools speak!

      1. Here’s another brand new utube video – just out about an hour ago, it’s (03:14 min) long!

        “Obama Admin Caught Trying to Rush in More Citizens to Vote for Hillary – 9/23/16”

        If y’all think this is something new. “Slick Willie” did it back in the 90’s to insure his reelection!
        Will the Clinton’s, with Obama’s help, stoop to this level of degradation, to insure another four years of his policies?
        The answer is a resounding – YES!

        God help the United States of America!

  10. The building at the VAMC I go to is about 70 years old now. They need to build a new VAMC with more hallway, waiting room, and office spaces. It gets a little difficult to move around in there with all the human congestion.

    1. The VA affectionately refers to those congested hallways as the bowels of the meat grinder. Nurse Ratched will be around to spray mineral oil on the floor and walls to make your visit quicker. 🙂

  11. Anyone who has been reported to the disruptive committee to contact your local rep for your area

    I have been in contact with ken buck’s office in Colorado and advised them how the VA is acussing veterans of disruptive behavior and are not required to provide any evidence.

    Maybe we can get the people in Washington to stop the VA from using the disruptive committee to punish veterans. For any reason. !

    They say it’s for both veterans and employees that become disruptive.?

    Employees are hurting veterans everyday and if a veteran expresses their thoughts. They are being reported as being disruptive !

    Ken buck’s office has indicated that they have been contacted by other veterans stating the same thing. !

    So. Please let’s stop this illegal committee and give the veterans being accused. A forum to defend themselves against false claims of disruptive behavior.

  12. Two Utube video’s extraordinare, for 22 Sept 2016!

    “Democrats Think Hillary Clinton Did Nothing Wrong: GOP Fires Back During Hearing”

    “Our Constitution is under attack”, said one of our GOP representatives! How true this statement!

    “Trey Gowdy God Forbid We Question The FBI Over Hillary Clinton’s Emails”

    “God Forbid”, really?

    This just out on “WND”, There are five “immunities” granted by DOJ! Cheryl Mills also received one, y’all remember her. The “aid-de-camp” which was instrumental in the conference call, to wit; all those thousands of emails were “destroyed”. Even though they were to be saved by being under federal subpoena!


    Y’all will love this one, from “” today!

    “Civilians lived on Bases Without Full Backround Check: IG”

    I wonder if this IG will have any better luck than the VA-OIG in doing their jobs?!?

  13. 09/23/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Why would the DOJ investigate anything after their actions in Late December of 2015; Cancellation of all the VA investigations.

    This Administration has no intent to solve any issue.

    Kicking the can down the road has been the specialty for the Senate since Tom Daschle got into office [The Year of the VA Overhaul].

    Turn this Scandal into a Criminal Act and use U.S. vs. Nixon against these Administrators and you will see action.


    Don Karg

  14. @crazy elf- I was indeed mistaken a few days ago. It was the Army Soldier *now* known in Leavenworth Prison as ‘Chelsea Manning”, whom gave sensitive information to Wikileaks that the Army is in process of getting the sex reassignment surgery authorized….I thought it already was authorized and my mistake and bad there….but now-Chelsea Manning had a suicide attempt in Leavenworth and here’s the link. I just wanted to come on here and state I was sorely mistaken so the Liberals are still working at getting the Military and the VA to authorize the 1000’s of Military apparently wanting a sex change: “”””

    1. I use to not understand these people until I looked deeper into it & concluded:

      Gender Identity experiments. How else have human Chromosomes that determine sex been damaged, federal & states keep data therefore chromosome-breaking agents are known. It was put into baby food as flavor enhancer; it could now be distributed throughout the population.

      Teaching the “the gender unicorn” in schools is just the beginning ….

      1. It’s not that I am unsympathetic but rather, I fail to comprehend how this can be considered “Service Connected”, thus, a multi-million expenditure *per* Military/Veteran wanting such an operation when truly Service-Connected Vets are still fighting to get proper care and that Homeless Vets still need help as well as Veteran Suicide Prevention efforts.

      2. Wow, I guess “GERBER” baby food isn’t that great for kids after all!!!
        Maybe new mommies might want to either check the ingredients, or make their own. Like mother’s of when most of us were tiny tots, lol!

        Of course, now here is a true story, believe it or not!
        This past summer, the wife and I were at the store. I was looking at some beef. When a young couple, about 20 or so of age, were looking at “lamb”.
        The young girl asked “…what was lamb?”
        I responded, “What Mary lost!’ Baaaaaaa!
        This next question from her floored me.
        “How do they get it?”
        I responded, “Just like the store gets the chicken or beef!”
        Believe it or not, she couldn’t understand these “items” come from “Slaughter Houses”!
        I left!

      3. Crazy Elf The only time Lamb was offered in the meat case was during Jewish holidays now with the increase in Muslim population its there year round.

        Note: the amount of that kind of meat offered corresponds to the population.

        Good thing you didn’t need to explain how animals are slaughtered the Halal way.

  15. Will the DOJ investigate blatant perjury and corruption costing the taxpayers over a billion dollars?


    They’re too busy organizing rioters in Charlotte.

    1. 91Veteran,
      Let’s not forget the other small towns, cities and metropolitan areas. In which many sections are being burned to the ground, due to the White House’s intervention! Or, should I say WITH THEIR HELP!

      Just last night, somewhere outside Orlando’s Metropolitan area, a couple of police cars were destroyed by fire. They were at a local auto shop! This was reported on Channel 9 news, WFTV, at noon today!

      I wonder what’s happening in other areas of America we AREN’T seeing on the MSM!

      My wife sent me an “…adult Utube video…” showing things happening in Charlotte not being played in the news! If y’all find it, be advised you’ll have to prove your “of age” to view it!
      Ex; 1.) a “…reporter is being thrown onto a bonfire!”
      2.) “A mob of blacks beat a white man while he’s begging for help!”
      3.) Mobs are stopping traffic on roads and attacking the occupants! They’re even destroying the vehicles!

      !!!There’s more, much more!!!

      1. FYI: From a broken bone to a fatal shooting, all 800 police departments in California must begin using a new online tool launched Sep 22, 2016 called Ursus to report & track every time officers use force that causes serious injuries.

  16. Seymore, namnibor and all others.
    Here’s a great article exposing how and why “The Butcher of Benghazi”, (aka; Hillary Clinton), believes she’s above the law.
    In this article, one federal judge isn’t buying her story!

    From “WND Breaking News Exclusive”
    Published 15 hours ago
    By Bob Unruh

    “Hillary Tries To Evade Benghazi Lawsuit Liability”

    With this kind of contempt of/for the law. What makes anyone believe she will be for veterans!? Or for anything else, except for herself, for that matter!
    All she cares about is herself, no one else!


    This second “humorous” article, with video, shows just how ridiculous Hillary Clinton really is. Especially when she attempts to be a “regular person”!

    From “Bill of Rights”

    “Hillary Clinton Should Quit Her Day Job”

    By Patrick Mankind
    Sept 22, 2016
    Believe it or not, she actually makes a complete fool out of herself!
    And, if one carefully listens, y’all can see the “agenda” she has planned for America IF elected!

  17. @ben
    Have you considered a veteran PAC. ??
    Although I am sympathetic to the problems in Charlotte but what has happened to vets at VA facilities is just as bad. Why no DOJ actions for VA malfeasance??? Money and politics run the VA.


  19. IMHO
    I believe this is going to be a FUBAR FROM HELL!

    All the Committees in Washington can subpoena all the fucking crooks they want! This will, or should, also include all the other VA over budget construction sites throughout the world. Let’s not forget McDuck’s trip to Vietnam to build a new VA hospital this year!
    Plus, all the “art work” VA spent millions of taxpayers $$$$$$$ to “calm veterans down”, when we “visit” a VHA!

    No one will be indicted!

    No one will be prosecuted.

    No one will go to jail.

    The FBI & DOJ are in the ‘back pocket’ of POTUS and VPOTUS and lots of other crooked politicians! Watch the DOJ start issuing “immunities” by the stack full. Just like they did for “The Butcher of Benghazi’s” IT specialists.

    The crooked “Dinosaur” Republican, Democrat, Independent and Tea Party Politicians, (the ones who believe they should have these positions for life), will stall on every aspect of this issue. Why? Because it makes them look like shit! They also, don’t want this, or anything else to ruin their chances for reelection! It stops their “cookie jar!”

    Hell, I’d be willing to bet, if one looks deep enough into this shit, (the $$$$$$$), was being played, (payed), out to so many politicians over the past many years, there’s going to be “NOTHING COMING FROM IT!” I believe we’re also going to find out a lot of these asswipes families are involved, somehow!

    We all know, “VETERANS AND TAXPAYERS LIVES DO NOT MATTER”! Especially, when it comes to getting to the truth in Washington DC!!!!!!!!!

    Rant out this morning. Yes, I’m in a mood. My PTSD is acting up. Especially when I see shit like this!

    P.S. It seems the only “REAL political bulldogs” who’ve stood up to the “Washington DC elite”, are those few “new boys on the block”, ie; Rep. Chaffetz (R-Ut), Rep. Gowdy (R-SC), Rep. Jordan (R-OH) and a few more!
    Evidently, the crooked politicians don’t have any “dirt” on these “True Gentlemen”!

    1. But yet…just today the POTUS is sending his DOJ Team to Charlotte, N.C….Ms. Lynch is even going. Did the DOJ send a personal Team to Phoenix VAMC to personally ensure “justice” was served cold? Nope! No personal bias from hell going on here at all. Like you said, Veteran Lives Don’t Matter (apparently)…but notice we Vets do not go out protesting/rioting/looting/burning….no, our pride and integrity keeps that at bay and the VA takes full advantage of we Vets as being only “soft threats” because of this. Violence never should be condoned.
      A 78 yr. old Veteran in a VAMC Hospital bed should not have to endure being beat to death via blunt force trauma BY a VA Medical Tech….WHERE was the DOJ TEAM ***STAT*** on a jet down to Louisiana for that? Nope. Nil. And they say justice is blind…only our current DOJ are Eyes Wide Shut. Selective Only Justice (SOJ) seems more fitting because I do not see the current DOJ going after this Perjury, hope to be wrong but think it’s another pre-election smokescreen feel good moment with full intentions of feeding the VA Black Hole in Colorado yet another sacrifice.

      1. namnibor,
        The only reason, IMO, there was no rioting or looting last night. Was because the Governor sent “…400 Armed National Guardsmen…” to “control the mob!”
        A lower form of “Martial Law” was implemented there!

        As far as Ms. Lynch is concerned, she will do nothing but cause more ‘civil unrest’, IF those idiots really see what is truly behind her “so-called intervention”!
        She, along with the POTUS, are dividing this country more than ever!
        Here’s something else, “If” the “outside agitators”, non residents, would be arrested, there might be more peaceful protests. Which is legal.
        As far as POTUS going, all he cares about is a “photo op”! He’ll cause more uprising!
        Wait and see!!!!!


        Here’s a quote from Hillary, “The Butcher of Benghazi”, from wedsneday, Quote; “With all the money [she’s] spent in Florida, [she] should be up by 50 points!” Talk about arrogance! The reason she’s NOT UP in the polls, is simple!
        People in Florida ain’t stupid. That’s why she’s losing in many of the polls here!

      2. namnibor, Crazy Elf

        If a mere 1,000 veterans took to the street in protest I fear the National Guard would treat us the same as the incident at Kent State Ohio even more so in an open carry state

    2. I find it more than a little irritating that the VA asked Congress for $800M to build this palace when the original estimate was roughly $330M…between 2004 and 2012.

      Did Congress just keep shoveling money at them thinking it would be enough?
      Since they did this over those years, where the hell was their oversight before the cost doubled? Rather than waiting to get outraged when it tripled?

      I would like to see how those additional funding requests changed or increased over the years, and what BS excuses the VA has for asking for more.

      At what point did those costs start ballooning and why?

      1. 91Veteran,
        One of the reasons it went up so high, was they
        “…forget to put in PARKING LOTS!”

        Remember that little FUBAR this year?

      2. I had forgotten about that little bit of nitwittery.

        On another topic, Rep Warren Davidson who just won a special election for Boehners seat in Ohio said the VAs problems are from moochers clogging up the system.

        It’s at Cincinnati dot com.

      3. I saw that With Rep. Warren Davidson…they are attempting to repaint the scandals and dialogue as Veterans causing all the backlogs and scandals due to some sort of insatiable appetite for filing disability claims. Now, we would not have this nitwittery if we did not require warm bodies to fight their wars, would we?

        “Moochers”….I invite Rep. Davidson to walk in any of our shoes for a week or more or hell, just one day and see if that Koch Brother’s funded view still sticks with him! Rat Bastards, all of them. BTW–that old district of Behner’s happens to be industrial and farming communities mostly and vote lockstep no matter what. That area of Ohio is a bit of a twilight zone, incl. Cincy. 🙂

      4. I sent him a few tweets asking if some veterans were just moochers, like that elderly veteran beaten to death, or the elderly veteran who just shot himself at the VA in Northport.

        I then sent him a few tweets on recent VA scandals, pointed out the real moochers, and the fact that Congress did nothing to them.

        That guy is such a damn fool.

  20. Maybe the building contractors decided to build a marijuana dispensary and full grow operation instead and the rest is history in form of one long and expensive Reggae and Pink Floyd festival with Taxpayer-funded laser light show and of course munchies….it IS Colorado, after all?! 🙂

  21. And people wonder why I have a jackass in a suit as the contact picture of the VA Callcenter, Hannibal Lecter for Atlanta VAMC. They also wonder why when I go to make a bowel movement I say I am going to give birth to a senior VA executive. This blog entry as well as the few before it have it surrounded.


      1. Reuben, I appreciate your sense of truth and humor. The VA in Atlanta is on a power trip at the expense of the veterans. I can’t even talk about the VA and what they’ve put my husband through without choking on my anger.

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