Saudis JASTA Amendment

Saudis ‘Exploit’ Veterans To Change New Anti-Terror Law

Saudis JASTA Amendment

Saudi Arabia is bankrolling a lavish trip to DC for veterans willing to oppose the new law that allows civil suits against countries that sponsor terrorists.

According to NY Post, Saudi Arabia is funding a push, through the public relations firm Qorvis MSLGROUP, to amend the Justice Against Sponsor of Terrorism Act (JASTA). That amendment was proposed by globalists Sens. John McCain (R-Az) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), two recipients of campaign funding linked to George Soros.

The amendment seeks to limit the language of the original law passed by Congress over President Barack Obama’s veto last year. It limits lawsuits against a nation those that “knowingly engaged with a terrorist organization directly or indirectly, including financing.”

Numerous consultants, alongside powerhouse PR firm Qorvis, are pushing a blitz in support of the limitation on Capitol Hill, asserting the law as passed puts American troops at risk abroad now.

Scheme Of The Saudis

At least one veteran solicited by the offer rebuked the PR firm for withholding the purpose of the trip from those asked to participate.

Ralph Gaskin, a combat veteran approached to support the scheme, said it was little more than an attempt to “exploit” veterans.

“They’re trying to exploit our veterans and use them as a photo op.”

When Gaskin was contacted, the group was vague about the purpose of the trip, “They literally never told me anything about what the trip was for.”

He continued, “It kind of ticked me off. I was asking very specific questions. I asked who was paying for it, and they wouldn’t tell me.”

Advocates who support the victims of 9/11 were also unhappy about the scheme and the fact that Saudi Arabia is attempting to subvert a valid law enacted by Congress.

“There is nothing held more sacrosanct than the protection of our troops . . . That is why we find the recently revealed actions made on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ‘co-opt our troops’ so absolutely appalling,” advocates Kristen Breitweiser, Monica Gabrielle, Mindy Kleinberg and Lorie Van Auken said in a joint statement.

Schemers’ Response

Qorvis told The Daily Caller they disagree with the characterization that the PR firm is withholding vital details about its plan from participants solicited on behalf of Saudi Arabia.

“This is not some back-stage, behind-the-scenes maneuver,” the spokesman told TheDC. “This is totally out in the open. This is totally transparent.”

“We’re not telling veterans what to think or what to say,” the spokesman also said.

“The charge that veterans didn’t know what they were talking about is not really the truth. It could have been the truth for a couple you talked to. But the veterans who come to Washington are conversant with JASTA. They all think it is bad policy.”

One 9/11 widow involved in a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia, Terry Strada, believes the money funding the scheme comes straight from their defendant, “We believe Saudi Arabia is funding the flights and paying for hotels for these veterans.”

About the recruitment scheme, “They’re being approached by people who are agents of Saudi Arabia,” Strada said. “They’re being duped.”

What Is The Real Story?

Personally, I am always suspicious of whatever McCain and Graham support, especially after learning they received campaign funds from some of George Soros’ money managers.

What do you think about foreign involvement in our political apparatus? Should victims of state-sponsored terrorism be allowed to sue the state that pays for the terrorist plot?

Does JASTA really put our troops at risk? If it does, how?


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    1. Ben Krause is studied and has framed good dialog.
      The awareness of the horror stories that have risen to new surface from his newsletters will make it harder for the, “OH! Now Veteran mental health is our priority”, electeds to go along with the charade West Los Angeles Leasing Act. Unfortunately, land-grabber, Brentwood School is already moving our gift-land earth to construct long term buildings.
      Timing bring everything, we must find an attorney to file an injunction.

  4. Really Lem, “Liberals get over it!”
    Then what the hell has been going on since November 8, 2016 and beyond.
    Your still not telling me, or anyone else, the truth.
    Stop your bullshit. It’s getting old!
    Plus, I have no hate built up in me. Your going to need a bigger “security blanket” to cover up all your bullshit!
    I don’t, and have never felt sorry or pity for anyone. Those who continue to live under a “blanket of security” need to receive no pity nor security.

  5. @namnibor,
    Yea, send me some catnip. I’ll smoke it, lol.
    I just get so fucking angry at those damn “Liberal Democrat Crybaby Punk-assed Snowflakes trying to use STUPIDITY as a way to get their point across.
    Evidently, one Libertard on here doesn’t watch the videos I post.
    Because I used to never put “via” another news source on the original video. I’m now doing it.
    I’ll give what source it’s coming from. Plus I’ll put “via” the main sources it’s from.
    I just wonder, out of those 12+ million undocumented illegal immigrants in the U.S., how many are using fake I.D.’s, ie: fake social security numbers, fake drivers licenses, fake state I.D.’s, fake government I.D.’s,
    Also, how many of them are receiving, ILLEGALLY, housing, unemployment money, disability checks, welfare, food allotments and other government subsidies.
    Let them then return the correct way, *IF* they can!

    1. Like I’ve said before, Lem.


      Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

      1. Difference between you and a liberal is that liberals get over it. They don’t like hate eating up their lives. And it seems you live on hate, thus have nothing but anger eating you up.

        Sorry you feel life has given you a raw deal and everyone else is to blame.

        YOu have my pity.

      1. @Crazy elf — The sad thing is, it’s also some of the TEACHERS that need to use a condom when exploiting the “rug-rat’ students…that’s how SICK our USA has sunken, and it’s as if the green light has been turned-on for all rules and laws to now be applied and enforced since Obama exited…magical, isn’t it? So now, the sex offenders can be cleaned-out of working as janitors in the schools or as school drivers even…it’s really as if under Obama, all enforcement with any teeth was thrown out window, while running a huge deficit….and counting.
        Rant Out.

      2. @ namnibor, the teachers at one time were suppose to be trusted and respected members in our society. Look at all the teacher/student abuses that made the news. Our society has sunk into the sewers where any kind of behavior is acceptable. It is shocking, i am glad i am old school i don’t want the morals of a buck in a hormonal rut. If there is no expectation for decency with our youths. How does one expect them to act like respectful adults? There is no motivation for them to be ethical at living a life or having a moral conscience.

        The norm is for juveniles to have a criminal record. Shoplifting is considered normal and sexual activity is sometimes treated as the norm for the underage. I remembered when people had compassion and helped their neighbor and it doesn’t feel like it has been that long ago. Now everyone is out to see how they can get over someone else. It is insane.

      3. Not just the school system, this should be listed in the pedophile section of the post. “”

  6. @Lem,
    You being a liberal has absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on with that “Travel FREEZE!”
    It’s not a freaking “BAN”!
    As far as Vietnam was concerned, I spent 2 years, 5 months and 2 days there. I hear what you’re saying on the “children” ‘cong’ used to blow up Americans. Yet, you might want to watch this video.
    It blows your theory out of the water.
    via “USA POLITICS”
    Dated: Feb. 12, 2017. (2:37 min. long)

    “What Senate Reported Will Get ‘Travel Ban’ Passed Immediately! Trump’s Jumping With Joy!”

    Watch the damn video! The terrorists were refugees coming into America. Not all of them were citizens. The statistics verify it!!!!!!!

    1. By the way, Lem, there was a Sheriff out in either Arizona or New Mexico a few years ago, who not only deported illegals, he jailed the employers who hired them.
      But those “bleeding heart liberal Democrat Crybaby punk-assed snowflakes” went against him. They kicked his ass out of office.
      Is that the kind of bullshit your kind of person wants in politics?
      I’m tired of the crap people like “SONGBIRD” McCain and Schumer want in this country.
      I also remember how Australia treated the “boat people” coming from Vietnam! If I’d been in Australia at that time, I would have stood next to the Australian Army on that issue!
      Learn your history, Lem.
      They’re still “GOOKS” to me!
      And, yes, my unit wasn’t allowed to wear any “identifiable information” whatsoever, while “searching and destroying” in Cambodia or Laos!

      1. Yes, I know. You assign the crimes of one to all that you can group with the criminal. No problem. I understand how it works, especially if you were the injured party in the crime of the one. Creates a habit. and, yes, I know my history. It has been the same for every war that ever was on both sides of the battle lines. And the same for the criminal from the other side of the tracks no matter his color. All that live there are presumed to have injured you.

      2. @Crazy elf needs some catnip tea this morning, getting that blood pressure up over tunnel-visioned snowflakes.

        If the “Sanctuary City of Chicago” is so freaking safe and okay, then why isn’t Pres. Obama retiring back in his hometown, where by the way, he only visited and spoke in Chicago recently to announce his Presidential Library Legacy that will be in Chicago. They better design that with Constantine Wire and enclosed in iron gates because it’s an all out war on streets of Chicago now.

        My local little Sunday news thing today had some bleeding snowflake talking about with Ohio’s prohibition/ban on types of abortions now, and also defunding of Planned Parenthood in OH, the damn school nurses are saying they should be able to direct kids to abortion resources out of State….WTF? These same snowflakes give 6th graders condoms in school. Again, WTF?
        Yeah, I am getting older but that has nothing to do with the eroding away of integrity and core values and what you get is complete chaos with snowflakes that are used to always being a WINNER….no losers in snowflakeville.

        Maybe the snowflakes should just move to North Korea or Syria and see how much they appreciate that thing called FREEDOM and SAFETY….well, relatively safe. 🙂

        Rant Out. It’s nice. Watching river today and birds…in Feb. Weird. I want snow….but no snowflake humans please. I rather chew glass.

  7. @Crazy elf, @namnibor, @Lem: I am not use to this much activity in the morning, too much information for me to decifer. I really am having trouble at the moment trying to take it all in. I thank everyone for all the information they have posted. I will have to come back later and read everything a bit slower to make sure I understand it all. Hope everyone has a great day…….
    We spit we spat,
    at times we fight like rats,
    one thing is clear
    I hold you all dear
    like it or not family we are
    no matter how close or far
    you may be calm or you may be wild
    consider me to be the red headed step child.

    Outta here!!!

  8. Here’s what’s happening today, 12 Feb. 2017!
    “Next News Network”,
    “Gary Franci” reporting.

    “He Wasn’t Kidding! Trump Just Revealed New Plan That Could Deport 75% of Illegal Immigrants!”

    (6:42 min. long)
    via: Danny Gold reporting.
    via: “U.S. Foreign Services Studies Officer Robert Hortenson!” (I’m not sure if I’ve spelled his last name correctly. It’s in the article/video.)!

    I’ve written about this before. I hope y’all understand these immigrants who come here illegally, are not only committing a “deportable misdemeanor”. They also have been noted of committing “deportable felonies”, ie: using other people’s social security numbers/cards. Lying on applications for welfare, social security, food stamps and other government subsidies/documents. Committing assault on Americans. Murder. Rape. Bringing drugs into America. Theft. And a whole host of other egregious acts!

    Right now, in Arizona and Texas, two Mexican Nationalists (females) are being deported on a number of felony charges. They both had social security cards belonging to other people. The one in Texas, had committed multiple voting fraud.

    Now, how does that sound?

    Here’s another question y’all need to ask yourself. With the millions of illegal immigrants, some say 12+ million, how many are using other people’s social security numbers/cards?
    Here’s another question, “How many of them have somehow stolen veterans social security numbers?”
    And, if so-
    “How many veterans are collecting compensation for IU, (Individual Unemployability), which could have felony charges brought against the veteran of fraud? Or, how about veterans not even being aware illegal immigrants are filing “federal tax returns” in their names?

    These are questions everyone should be asking themselves!
    There’s more at stake here than we know!!!!!!

    1. And to any “bleeding heart liberal snowflake” who wants to say this is bullshit.
      Give me your social security number and other information. I’ll find an illegal immigrant and give it to them. then I’ll let them use it to do all the things I just mentioned!!!!!

      1. Snowflakes are protesting in my city as well. Major universities seem to teach and cultivate civil unrest.
        The local Jewish Temple has had repeatedly been hit by anti-Trump snowflakes placing swastikas on structures and tiles…just in last few weeks several times.

        Get this: In Dublin, OH (a bit North of me), where there’s a HUGE Islamic mosque and gated Muslim gov’t housing…the Muslims are ALSO having “Greet and Meet a Muslim Days” IN THE SCHOOLS…then you have the BLM doing same thing…I sure hope this new Education Secretary shakes the shit out of the branches…no wonder criminal behavior is seen by kids as a viable option to go to prison for three free meals and a cot…they have been dumbed-down to passive and aggressive animals.

        About time Immigration Laws are enforced that are already on the books in last few days. Snowflakes are starting to stir as it approaches Spring, which means, RIOT SEASON is ON…wait for it…

        Oh…on the Sunday talking head news shows…I really, really hate George Stephanopoulos…he is so freaking snide and was only concerned about Pres. Trump’s clothing line being pulled…not real news…I watch several sources and sometimes it’s a shit sandwich.

      2. @Crazy elf: This you may or may not know, currently employers are NOT allowed the question illegals about ss#s The employer”who is most likely a piece of shit that only hires illegals” sends the info provided by the illegal into the IRS, the IRS, then sends a letter back saying ‘this is not a valid ss#, provide a copy of this letter to your employee, and have them coontact our office” This of course never happens. A few questions:

        Does the IRS, and therefore the rest of the government, really want to stop the cashflow from, let’s say 1000 illegals contributing under the same ss number?

        Is it ok for democrats to want illegals here for votes?

        Is it ok for republicans to want illegals here for cheap labor?

        Is it ok for both sides to keep taking money form lobyists to keep illegals here?

        Again you most likely already know this, in the 50’s the immigration policy was, if 2000 people left the country permanently, then 2000 people were allowed to enter the country legally. This kept wages up, and the American dream was alive and kicking. What our government has done to this country is criminal. Not all…….but certainly the idiots that keep getting re elected ie: Schummer, McCain, Graham, Waters……….you get my drift. I don’t discriminate, I want them all out from whatever country they are from. Here in Chicago, The Russians have constuction locked up. You can’t get a contract in the city UNLESS you hire 1/3 latino. Set asides for everone except AMERICANS. I am sick of the SPECIAL treatment given to all but our own. You and I cannot compete on the same level as NON Americans. They even have booklets in other countries on how to scam every system in this country. I am so gald that finally we have a chance in President Trump, to possibly reverse the damage done to veterans, and citizens alike. Okay now I am just rambling again………..Want a better future for your childeren? Get the illegals out!!! We are soooo concerned about the plight of the illegal………………….were is the concern for American childeren? Well Libtards? How about your own? or should I post another link to suzy snowflake?

      3. I follow you cj, but I’m more on the liberal side. I believe in a livable minimum wage. No employment for illegal immigrants. I believe I would be willing to pick John McCain’s lettuce for a full season for $50.00 and immediately sent him an application for employment when he bellowed that statement out–that U S labor wouldn’t take the job for even $50.00 per hour.

        I think if the employment of illegals was curtailed and the unlicensed business of illegals were shut down illegal immigrants would go home or to greener pastures in Canada. And the U S Middle Class would be on the road to some recovery.

        Also, if the tech companies need foreign speaking employees they should have to pay them double time and a half compared to similar U S employees. If they can’t get U S employees then the job needs to pay enough to get our brightest to study to get the job.

      4. I know my spelling is for shit………i can hardly see the damn screen, and I can’t tell if there are a single letter or two, and some words I just plain mispelled. When I get riled, the spelling even gets worse. Deal with it…………I do.

      5. @cj — Some of those “booklets” that teach how to obtain and scam all benefits by refugees and illegals are propagated and distributed by none other than…Lutheran Social Services and The Catholic Church…they keep the shit flowing through legitimate missionary work but they also facilitate the situation where MOST of these Somali’s for instance, the ONLY English they KNOW is how to recite ALL BENEFITS OBTAINABLE, not much else. This again, could/would be a great benefit you would think, but once they are imported here and then same Lutheran Social Services and The Islamic American Coalition get them gated gov’t housing, food stamps, free medical and even transportation as in a car…meanwhile we have USA VETERANS that are HOMELESS or are fighting for owed and earned benefits…but if you need a ride to the VAMC you can use the UBER app and get one of those Somali’s driving their brand new Kia and if you do not have an RFID Blocking wallet, well you probably will also get hacked/identity theft along with that ride…no shit…UBER has become the mobile craigslist.

      6. @namnibor: That is one of the biggest problems we face. The education system, I am with you, I hope is gets shaken out good. This is no longer education, it’s indoctination by the left, and they have the balls to call us NATZI’s LOOK in the mirror snowflakes, look in the mirror. I think the prblem a lot of these current flock of snowflakes have is they have no clue how LESS free they are compared to before they were born, of course this is the LIBTARD way. Less and less each generation until there is nobody left to remember what FREEDOM was. Agreed on Stepo……whetever the fuck his name is. Amazing what passes as news these days.

      7. @namnibor: I hear you, the hypocracy and irony would be laughable if it wern’t so serious of a matter. i mentioned before about a day I had. I took a veteran friend who served in VietNam, to the VAMC for an appointment. At the va they were finishin up an addition costing who know how much. Not a single Enlish speaking worker, After his appointment I drove him to stand in a veterans food line, so he could have enough to eat for the month. It make me sick knowing we have veterans that are homeless, while we hire illegals over our own. I believe no a single penny should go to any illegal or another country until our veterans, elderly, and disabled are taken care of FIRST!!!!!!!! Why the hell is this so hard to understand? I have only half a mind left and I have no trouble understanding this shit. I just don’t get it………….

      8. @ cj, i agree with you on your points on illegal immigrants and the average American does not give that consideration on employment, contracts and competition. This system has gone unchecked and unbalanced. If you are being discriminated because your not a foreigner who you going to report that injustice to? No one cares in the government until great damage is done. What happened to the program no Veteran left behind? No Veteran was to be homeless. Little has changed for these men and the desperate situation they are in. If they had stability on their medications they might have a chance. Don’t see the va accomplishing that for majority of Veterans.

      9. @namnibor: Are you talking about the same religious organizations that send members to places like Syria? So that they can be captured and killed for being Christians. Or even worse captured and raped 12 times before noon. The same organizations that turn a blind eye to those very same. There is a Jewish organization that raises money to secure the release of these girls one at a time. Where is the catholic church that sent them there? Ohh yeah, I forgot, standing with illlegals, and forgetting the others.

    2. I’ve read those articles you mention Crazy Elf. Its as if the shackles have come off and ICE and local prosecutors are again allowed to do their job again.
      Its interesting also in how thorough the detailing of the charges are against these people. The articles make clear what they are charged with, and they are not minor crimes. The woman in TX should have been deported a few years ago when she was first convicted. Clearly Obama restricted her deportation and he ignored the law.
      There was another article I read about an illegal busted in Urbana, IL that had been living under a different name for 11 years. He voted in 3 elections.
      I read an article last night of quite a large number of illegals being arrested for deportation who had been convicted of serious sex crimes.

      My question after reading that was…if ICE knew where to go to catch all those bad guys, why weren’t they deported already?
      Obama claimed repeatedly he was going after the bad illegals convicted of serious crimes to excuse his ignoring other illegals.
      Obama lied again and just ignored both.
      I would like to see statistics in 6 months. How many deported, how many convicted of serious crimes, and how many had been found to have voted in multiple elections.

      1. @91Veteran,
        You also have to remember, as it was broadcasted on major news outlets worldwide, Obama said, (paraphrasing), that illegal immigrants could vote. Because, that “MADE THEM A CITIZEN!”
        Now, how does voting, illegally, make those asswipes citizens?
        It doesn’t! It makes them fugitives and law breakers on felonies!
        As in California, those asswipes received drivers licenses. Then that allowed them to register to vote.
        No matter how you cut it. Being here illegally, getting a driver’s license, then registering to vote – makes them FELONS!
        Which is a “deportable” situation!

    3. @Crazy elf: This goes to the voter fraud part of your post. Remember there is no voter fraud. When I was just a freshman in hs. I was with a friend and he had to make a stop to bring his mother a package. She was working at a polling location, she was a democrat. It was after the polls had closed. What was going on inside? All those people that didn’t vote still had ballots. The democrats were taking those unused ballots and filling them all out for democrats. I was told this is the way it’s alway been done. This is no news story, this is a personnal I witness. It happened, I saw it happen, and at no time will anyone ever convince me that it dosn’t continue to happen.

      On the first election of Obama, remember General Colin Powell, waiting til the last second, to voice who he though would make the better President? I never could figure that one out, at first I thought, it was a race thing, it wasn’t. He was Captain Powell in Korea, and has seen his fair share of horrors. This must have been a hard decision for him to make. I believe he knew all along what type of person John McCain was, and couldn’t bring himself to back such a person. I believe he did the right thing. Altough I do not like anything about Obama, and I did not vote for him. This veteran know what kind of person Senator John McCain is as well. Pay close attention to the time span….fucking sickening how long this took, this is a multi-part series, that EVERY veteran should see, your not going to believe this shit. “”

  9. @cj,

    Here’s another video, from a “Former Marine” who was “contracted” to work in the Middle East.
    Posted: 11 Feb. 2017 (6:00 min. long)
    From: “John Lockett”
    via: “Fox News”/ Sean Hannity
    via: Facebook/Steven Here
    “Must Watch Video!!! This Video Received Over 44,000,000 Views Over Night. Wake Up America.”

    Interesting to say the least. Once y’all have watched it, ask yourself the same question.
    “If ‘they’ would do that to Americans over there, why would we allow ‘them’ over here?”

    1. Correction on the “Former Marines” name; damn auto-correct got it wrong.
      His name is; “Steven Gern”

    2. Here’s another article from;
      “NewsMax” concerning the “Travel Freeze” of the 7 Muslim countries.

      “Report: 72 Arrested on Terror Charges from Countries Named in Travel Ban!”

      By: Sandy Fitzgerald Sat. 11 Feb. 2017

      Well worth the read!

      1. Oh, and by the way, a few days ago, “Kerry” and two other nitwits came out and said there was no one, from those countries, who had committed acts of terrorism here, or anywhere else!
        All three had had something to do at the State Department!
        I wonder how many Americans has the State Department thrown under the bus. To gain whatever it was, ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$ perhaps), from all those Muslim countries?
        (This was on the “Mad Patriots” website today. Can’t remember the actual “title” of the article!)

      2. @Crazy elf: Excellent video’s, I will save the NewsMas read for later when the meds wear off a little. John Kerry? The traitor? I hate that guy with a passion. He should have married Fonda……..oh wait……she wasn’t rich enough for the giggilo. I sincerily hope John Kerry dies a very long, painful death from a brain tumor. We are in agreement on immigration. There is nothing President Trump has done, that I can critique. Also I am aware of what is going on around the world, I do pay attentiion. I like all the info you provide and have added some of your sources to my favorits. I like to look them over when I have a “clear” head. Again thanks for all the info you provice.

    3. If we have Americans shooting up theaters and schools why would we allow any of them to stay here but us? Answer your question? Why the grouping and not focusing on the individual. Got over calling Vietnamese “gooks” the second year in Vietnam after picking up some Vietnamese bodies killed by Charlie.

  10. @ cj, people can remember all this stuff from high school. I can’t remember their names. It is bad, i hate it. If i journal i can re-read it then it can get in my brain. It takes me sometimes weeks. My brain does try to work i think. Takes a lot longer than it use to. I would write it down when the doctor told me something because i was so confused. Now it is a little better. If i start having problems again i go back to writing it all down again.

    1. @Ex va: Do you have a TBI Ex va? Or is this becaue of the side effects of the meds? or is something else happening? I remember now, it was ANutterVet or 91 Veteran that told me to keep notes………lol no I don’t remember, can’t be an either or if I did. It’s a disconnection thing here. Oh hell I am not going to try and explain it. Have to use it to your advantage. I get to hide my own Easter eggs this year.

      1. @Ex va: I was at the grocery store today, by myself. I reached for a pint of 1/2 and 1/2. and though I was going to pass out. Was instantly in a fog, and not sure where I was. Then it passed and I was ok. Doctor tells me they are mini seizures. There is a lot they still don’t know about brain injuries.

      2. @ cj, i have taken a lot of cold medicine today and i am getting tired. I am checking out. Take care, get some good sleep. Talk later. God bless.

      3. @ cj, no i don’t think so. I was in an auto accident and i did get a concussion but i wouldn’t be service connected. Maybe TBI? I have a list of mental and physical disease and disorders. Major depression i think shuts my brain down. And the anxiety is bad too. Hiding your own Easter eggs. I could do that too. Lol!

        I think i can relate to the disconnection in the brain. To me at times it is like parts of my brain work and the other shuts down. It affects my language, like i can’t find the right words and they are simple words too. It is strange when it happens, i usually just shut up because i feel like i am making myself look even more stupid. Lack of sleep makes it worse at times. Now, It is a little better. I would go for weeks and hardly say anything. That was worse i think.

      4. I sure hope whoever reads this, and is the person who told me to take notes, let’s me know who you are. So I can remember who the proper credit should go to.

      5. @ cj, were you anxious when you were at the store? I have had the blank outs but i think it is my anxiety disorder.

      6. @Ex va: Have you ever been checked for a TBI? Tell you what, when I was growing up, there was an older kid we all knew. This kid was damn smart, and he use to like to do tricks on his bicycle. He would turn in a tight turn and see how low he could get to the ground. One day the wheels slipped our from under him and his head hit a small pebble, he was mentaly retarded from then on. It doesn’t take much to injure a brain. A lot of the things your describing to me are classic signs of a TBI. Look at some of Bens free books, that have all the tell tale signs. That is what brougt me to this site to begin with. After my doc told me what was going on with me I was searching for answers, and here I found some. Maybe your doctor can send you to get an evaluation.

      7. So, cj, you have visited the TBI anosognosia twilight zone with James and I? I’ve got an 1151 tort claim filed. Began taking a temporal lobe seizure medication in August 2015 that helped a lot. So asking for compensation for the years of unemployability caused by lost trains of thought, short absences that caused the bosses to ask me if I was listening to them when I though I was but was apparently in an absence. My wife thought “that was just the way I was” because she hadn’t known me before my TBI.

        Nam got on me for posting to help those. Guess he thought I was accusing him of being in the twilight zone.

      8. @Ex va: Nope not anxious at all. This can happen anywhere, sitting watching tv, driving, even while talking with someone face to face. It just happens out of nowhere.
        The memory loss, and the failure to recall everyday words, the anger at yourself, the depression. Those are all signs of a TBI. Many things they can work with you on to improve all of that.

      9. @Ex va: They can do really good work. I am not half the asshole I use to be. Ok that’s not fair, I am still 100% the asshole I always was. I just know it now. LOL

      10. @ cj, i will ask my doctor this week about it. They seem to want to always link it to a disorder. I will check into this because something i know isn’t right. I really didn’t think of a TBI and i was treated for a concussion for a couple of weeks. Thanks for the info. Take care.

      11. @ cj, it does sound like a TBI, more than anxiety. I do get bad anxiety too. I will talk to my doctor because i would like to get the right treatment for this stuff. Well, i am dosing off, been too sick today. Take care. God Bless. Thanks for the info.

    1. @Ex va: I have been searching everywhere for it. I can’t remember the name of it. It was a history going back to when the US made a deal with the Saudi’s for oil, and then it also talked about all different kinds of things I never knew before. The thing is though, I am not sure if it was one single video, or if it was more than one. My mind can’t figure these things out at times. It really pisses me off too. That is why I have such a short fuse. I get really mad at myself, because either I can’t remember something simple or I can’t figure out how to say something.

      1. @ cj, i go on you tube a lot i will look for it. Interaction is suppose to be good for the brain and that could be anything from using the computer, talking and doing hobbies. When you stop trying that is when you get into trouble. the brain keeps trying to make connections even when their has been damage. Like you said the body try’s to heal itself.

    2. @Ex va: Like I know I watched a video called The Spy at the Hanoi Hilton, Along with many others, but I get them all mixed up in my head, and may think I just saw one, when it really was many. Know what I mean?

      1. @ cj, sometimes i have difficulty reading, i hate it. Or doing something i know that i know how to fix it and i can’t remember how i did it. Yes, my patience wears thin with myself. I think it is anxiety related because it usually comes back but it is too late then. Or i forget what i was trying to figure out, that really makes me crazy too. I think its the meds and my diagnosis. Pain does something to the brain too. Yes, i know i read something or watched something and i can’t reference it that pisses me off too. I have to give myself a break and i forget to do that too. I keep journals on stuff i want to remember that helps sometimes.

      2. @Ex va: LOL here we go again. I can’t remember if someone here told me to keep journals, or where I got that from. You now exactly what I am talking about. your right on the money with what you just said. I have good doctors, and they know right what is going on, and they are trying to help my brain reconnect with something or other. I don’t understand it all. But, I can tell the difference from when I first started to see them and now. When I first started going to them, I would spend at least an hour with the doc, and soon as I left? I couldn’t remember her name or what she looked like. It took about 2 months before I could recognize her on sight. The brain is a crazy effing machinge that’s for sure.

  11. @ cj, ANutterVet, probably has his plate full with all he was planning to do. Someone said Seymore, was helping a Veteran. It got warm down here in the 50s. Today. I was on earlier. I have dr.s apps. This week. I hope i don’t have to change meds. I hate that.

    1. @Ex va: Same here not bad out. I hear ya, changing meds sometimes sux. ANutterVet posted some info about opiates yesterday, I haven’t had a chance to go through it all. I was thinking of weening off of the Clonazepam, and then try the same with Morphine. I have a schedule for weening off of Morphine, cause I had to do it one already. I wish I could get off of all of these damn meds.

      1. @ cj, i agree with you too on the meds. I have been trying to go on lower doses of my meds. Side effects on one can cause vision problems. I want to get off that one it isn’t; helping me with the inflammation i don’t think it does much of anything.

      2. @Ex va: That is a thing as well. You don’t know if it is a side effect, or if something else is going on…………just plain sux. Then you have some you can’t stop because they are keeping you alive. Keeping you alive but making you feel like shit all the time.

  12. @ cj, it is the flu i get sicker usually before i get better. Immunosuppressant i blame for that. How are you doing? I got air filters running and took decongestants and nose sprays. I am ok. Is ANutterVet and Seymore Klearly doing ok? I haven’t seen them in a while.

    1. @Ex va: I haven’t been on all day. Last I seen of ANutterVet was lastnight. Seymore, I haven’t seen post anything in a while. I have seen post’s asking just as you have.

      1. @ cj, thank you. My immune system was too good. Diseases and disorders and injuries you have to adapt. Plus, just getting old too. Lol! Don’t feel my age mentally except when in a lot of pain.

    2. Try a dash of cinnamon daily in a drink to boost your immune system. Don’t over do it. Like using any medication too much is worse than not enough. Kids are doing a cinnamon challenge of 1/2 teaspoon that results in a fiery bung. Your pancreas will complain if you take too much.

  13. @Ex va: Hey Ex va, Are you having a worse time than usuall with this? I mean is it harder to breath than it usually is?

  14. @ cj, @ ANutterVet, you still awake? I am having trouble breathing with this flu bug. Tired of it already. How is your late evening going?

    1. @Ex va: Your the only person I have seen here since 10:00. I had to repost this because the first post went all the way up there ^

  15. I would try to respond to sean, but all of you have said it much better, than I ever could. Well done all of you.
    I am not being a smartass either. I mean it!!!!

  16. It’s begun! The Attorneys General and the new DOJ Director aren’t fucking around!
    Check this shit out!
    Dated: 11 Feb. 2017 (3:18 min. long)

    “BREAKING: 108 Arrested In Illinois in Sex Sting, 752 Arrested Across US!”

    Check out the statistics on this crime! I gotta feeling we’re going to see some powerful people be taken down in the weeks ahead!
    There’s a multitude of videos out, beginning around Feb 6, 2017, concerning this despicable issue. If y’all want, I could put a bunch on here!!!!

    President Trump once said, quote: “Pedophiles will receive the death penalty!”
    I agree 110% on that!!!!!!!!!

    1. RAND Corp. and firm statistics back-up very strong chance of a VA employee to be in that mix….just…wait…for…it….

      VAOIG apologizes in advance for being toothless sharks. RAND also recommends dentures for VA OIG.

      1. You may be right. I gotta real good suspension “VA employees will be in the mix” on a lot of this shit.
        Also, gotta real good suspension some in the government sector, like maybe Congress, will be taken down as well.
        It’s only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose!

    2. Do mean the pedophiles working at VA too? Why not just knock those ones out, wheel them into a VHA hallway and shout, “FRESH KIDNEYS!” and run. The surveilance video of the aftermath could well deter future pedophiles from applying at VA.

    3. @Crazy elf: What’s funny is how they keep falling for these stings over, and over, and over again. I am glad they do. Once again I agree 100% give em the death penalty.

  17. Good thing I have a second free hand with one able finger. Trumphobia is still causing snowflake meltdown syndrome. Someone get some dry ice please.

    1. Hey, namnibor, dry ice won’t help. Remember the “old way” of getting someone’s attention – “Tar and Feathers” – works miracles on STUPIDITY!
      There’s too many reports coming out verifying Soros not only donated lots of monies to over 50+ Anti-Trump organizations. Plus he’s advocating violence against Pro-Trump advocates!

      Did you hear the latest, down here at the University of Central Florida. They actually have a “class” showing the demonstrators how to physically fight any conservative Republican! Once again, showing the STUPIDITY of the left! This was broadcasted on our local news stations!

      1. They are having BLM come to elementary classrooms in my major city as well, and a middle school. But do not get caught with anything remotely Christian on school walls….but we will pay for homegrown terrorists to indoctrinate the kiddies, no problem. What’s next…ISIS Fieldtrips? WTF?

  18. Im very disappointed that you have prompted a false meme regarding soros and his contributions. Your link to a old breigtbart article making false claims about his contributions…just more alex jones conspiracy bs.
    You know better. POST actual factual info please… AND if he did donate, whats wrong with that? Sheldon Adleson who gave trump millions, was at dinner with tump reviewing what the zionist wants to do with moving the embassy to Jerusalem… info which should be on your list of what will place our troops in danger. Heck how about the failed mission in Yemen and the death of a navy sea. The mission was decided over dinner while his son-in law was there….dont you think thats worrisome…some guy who has no clearance to be in on a decision to send our troops into danger?

    1. Plus Trump has ADMITTED to drinking chocolate milk and unlike Hillary who claimed she only tasted the chocolate milk once as a youth, Trump admits he swallowed the brown milk!

      It is WELL KNOWN that Hitler himself was known to drink chocolate milk too at the very pinacle of his cruel rise to power! Just a coincidence? I hardly think so! Keep up the good feedback sean my brother. I have a LOT more to back you up on this.

    2. That wasn’t a “failed mission”! Plus, that mission was decided by Obama long ago. Get your facts straight before putting bull shit on here!

      1. Entertained but not given the go ahead under No Drama Obama. There must have been reason to hesitate.

      2. @Lem: The mission was a success, not a failure. you can either give Obama credit for a successful mission or President Trump for following through. Either way, it was a success, not a disaster as the liberal media would have you beieve. Never believe any media who’s opinion is founded on hate. They sholdn’t be opining their opinion, they shoudl b reporting the facts, what use to be called “the news”.

    3. Wasn’t Monica under the desk when POTUS Clinton made crucial military decisions? She wasn’t an “in law” per se but at most North Idaho family reunions the distinction between the two kinds of “friends” is a gray area at best especially when no notes are taken.

      I guess it doesn’t matter what I bring up about the honorable name of “Clinton” because like Monica, a lot of people have only just given lip service to the former POTUS. He was clearly proud to bear Hillary’s last name.

      Are you from Northern Idaho sean?

    4. @Sean — I’m actually hoping Pres. Trump will also help Israel rebuild their Temple on The Mt. Of Olives area…would mean demolition of a big mosque, no problem. 🙂 (Also, the sky is falling, said chicken little)

  19. On a personal note, this law may give my family grounds to sue the current governments of Morocco because they were kicked out during the Islamic revolution.

  20. As a lawyer, I expect you to understand the flaws in the law. As it currently stands, the US is now open to lawsuits from any countries where we’ve carried out military operations that anyone with standing can construe as terrorist. How many black sites do you think the United States has operated over the past 50 years? How many detainees in Guantanamo Bay were innocent? How many family members do they have? These are the kinds of threats the law opens us up to- the opportunity for the US Government to reap the rewards of our murky past. Some who would like to see our government damaged might support it, those of us who prefer to limit the rights of our enemies do not.

    1. How many detainees in Gitmo were innocent? hmmmm. Aint gonna need to use my all of the fingers and toes I got for this count. Matter of fact, unlikely I need to include more than one hand.

      Asking the hand now to do my counting in the matter….

      The hand is only holding up one finger. Unclear if this is the count of innocent men in Gitmo, or the recomended action for those in Gitmo but either way the hand has spoken. If you disagree, talk to the hand.

    2. Off topic, AMW.

      Some TBI victims on the board exhibit signs of anosognosia:

      Etymology: Gk, a + nosos, not disease, gnosis, knowing

      a lack of awareness or a denial of a neurological defect or illness in general, especially paralysis, on one side of the body. It may be attributable to a lesion in the right parietal lobe.

      (Also left frontal temporal lobe and the opposite for left handed persons–left parietal lobe or right frontal temporal lobe, not given in the above definition.) When it is not accompanied by paralysis it is much more difficult to recognize and diagnose. Often taken as psychological denial instead of organic denial.

      Can this be used under Title 28 for a deferment of the SOL for 1151 tort cases against the VA and military?:
      TITLE 28, U.S.C.
      §2401. Time for commencing action against United States
      (a) Except as provided by chapter 71 of title 41, every civil action commenced against the United
      States shall be barred unless the complaint is filed within six years after the right of action first
      accrues. The action of any person under legal disability or beyond the seas at the time the claim
      accrues may be commenced within three years after the disability ceases.

      The disability can only be relieved by a third party intervention. It does not go away but can be reduced through therapy.

      1. Get the stick out of your ass and lighten-up. We’re all a little bit ‘mad’ down here, so I rather have a coffee bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. It’s everyone else that’s off-kilter. Watch-out for those splinters when removing that stick…

      2. As I was saying to AMW…

        So far only James and I have admitted to being in the “twilight zone” following a TBI.

        So your’s is just delusional Nam? You don’t want veterans with the problem to know about it and be taken care of? What is on your case with that remark?

      3. @Lem: What exactly is this saying, “against the VA and military?:
        TITLE 28, U.S.C.
        §2401. Time for commencing action against United States
        (a) Except as provided by chapter 71 of title 41, every civil action commenced against the United
        States shall be barred unless the complaint is filed within six years after the right of action first
        accrues. The action of any person under legal disability or beyond the seas at the time the claim”
        Sorry but I am not understanding this. Are you saying if because of a disability……crap I can’t figure out how to ask this shit. Please explain a little slower for me. Thank you.

      4. Focus on the last line only first of Title 28, 2401 (a). That should clear it up for you. Sorry I drift and put too much in sometimes and here I go again in an effort to help more.

        If you have a TBI with anosognosia (unable to identify your deficits from the TBI) and you then have a third party point it out to you 40 years later, maybe diagnosed by neurobehavioral testing that is essentially an extended IQ test a little more personal than your induction tests but just as broad — you have 3 years from when the disability was removed. For me I’m dating my claim from the date I started taking a seizure medicine successfully mediating but not curing my problems. I did not know the neurobehavioral test I took in 1985 indicated anosognosia until I discovered the term and its definition in 1996. But knowing didn’t help because I received not diagnosis and treatment. So it remained disabling to me until August of 2015.

        I began receiving treatment on August 15, 2015. I filed the SF-95 in April of 2016. It has been denied because of the SOL in Title 28, 2401 (b). I’m countering with the claim of disability from 1969 until late August 2015 allowing me until August 2018 to make my claim.

        Does that help or do you need more?

        I’m also claiming “deception” under “TITLE 41, Section §7101
        (9) MISREPRESENTATION OF FACT. The term “misrepresentation of fact” means a false
        statement of substantive fact, or conduct that leads to a belief of a substantive fact material to proper understanding of the matter in hand, made with intent to deceive or mislead.”

        Because of studies made for the VA that presented bogus outcome reports that are easily provable to be false with regard to organic brain syndromes including TBIs and Cerebral Malaria (p. falciparum malaria). The NIH study that debunks the Army military study of 1966 was just published in December of 2016. So if you had the ice shower, severe headache, severe cramps or a fever of over 105 from malaria with inpatient hospital records (if you weren’t hospitalized for this disease you are a ghost)

        A Oxford Medical School study in 2010 debunks the VA cutting edge theory of the late 1980s codified in a report and published in Neurological Text Books until after 2010. I found one book that still has the claim that “sharp waves” in temporal lobe area indicates “psychogenic (fake) seizures” controlled by the patient. The Oxford study debunks that and proves the “sharp waves” indicate a deep brain epileptiform “spike”.

        So I’m attempting to prove that lobbyists engineered studies and outcome reports to reduce VA entitlements leaving billions more in the budget for the military industrial private contracts and other privatized contracts. I’d like to have the “quid pro quo” evidence and I have an idea how to get it but I’m not at that point yet. Could use some attorney help but Benjamin has responded to the request from him to me about the issue. Possibly because I have an attorney who takes standard VA claims to the BVA and CAVA. But what I need is a Wyoming attorney to take this up from this point.

      5. @Lem: Are you saying, if i had not clue all these years, that I had a TBI, that the time allowed to file a lawsuit doesn’t apply to me? Forgive me for being stupid on this matter. What or who would I file against or for? It mentions up to 3 years “after” the disiblility ceases. What if that never happens? I mean what if we never get ‘cured”?

      6. The disability (to know you were damaged legally) was just removed by me. So you have 3 years. Now what are your damages? Compensation for 40 years.

        What caused your injury? Failure to follow 38 CFR

        §4.42 Complete medical examination of injury cases.
        The importance of complete medical examination of injury cases at the time
        of first medical examination by the Department of Veterans Affairs cannot be
        overemphasized. When possible, this should include complete neurological and psychiatric examination, and other special examinations indicated by the physical condition, in addition to the required general and orthopedic or surgical examinations. When complete examinations are not conducted covering all systems of the body affected by disease or injury, it is impossible to visualize
        the nature and extent of the service connected disability. Incomplete examination is a common cause of incorrect diagnosis, especially in the neurological and psychiatric fields, and frequently leaves the Department of Veterans Affairs in doubt as to the presence or absence of disabling conditions at the time of the examination.

        § 4.70 Inadequate examinations.
        If the report of examination is inadequate as a basis for the required consideration
        of service connection and evaluation, the rating agency may request a supplementary report from the examiner giving further details as to the limitations of the disabled person’s ordinary activity imposed by the disease, injury, or residual condition, the prognosis for return to, or continuance of, useful work. When the best interests of the service will be advanced by personal conference with the examiner, such conference may be arranged through channels.

        § 3.105 Revision of decisions….
        (a) Error. Previous determinations which are final and binding, including decisions of service connection, degree of disability, age, marriage, relationship, service, dependency, line of duty,
        and other issues, will be accepted as correct in the absence of clear and unmistakable error. Where evidence establishes such error, the prior decision will be reversed or amended. For the
        purpose of authorizing benefits, the rating or other adjudicative decision which constitutes a reversal of a prior decision on the grounds of clear and unmistakable error has the same effect
        as if the corrected decision had been made on the date of the reversed decision. Except as provided in paragraphs (d) and (e) of this section, where an award is reduced or discontinued because of administrative error or error in judgment, the provisions of §3.500(b)(2) will apply.

        And the “deceptive” actions by the military and VA knowing that because of your injury you wouldn’t be able (as well as the rest of us) to aptly file and get a claim for your compensation reducing the outlay of entitlements when all of us are grouped together by billions per year.

        We need a good lawyer to take action before the Court of Federal Claims.

      7. File against your service and the VA. And get a copy of your inpatient record. They were separate from the fire and not involved so there should be no problem. If you don’t remember the date and place get your military personnel record. The Page 13 lists all of the places you were assigned including places for treatment.

        Want help filling out the SF 95, send me an email. I’ll send you my phone number and we can get it done over the phone. If you can’t concentrate enough ask for a friend or relative to standby to help.

        [email protected]

  21. If the Saudis send me a Private Jet, staffed with Playboy Bunnies, and give me a Chauffered Limo, and $100 Million in spending money for a few days, I might think about accepting a Free ride. I’d like to see our Nation’s “The Wall”. They did get away with the worst attack on American soil in History and mass murdered 3,000 right here in the USA. The Saudis are still laughing about not being put on the Terrorist Watch List last week, along with a Travel Ban.

    1. Did you know most Saudi military officers are trained by the US? This is so they can teach others in their country how to use the toys they get from us, like the 30 billion dollars worth of F15s just ordered from the US. now, tell me again why they hate America?

      ohhhhhhh. Could it be that they see their supplies of really cool toys (like fully armed F15s) might be impacted if they can’t get their buddies here to learn how to kill lots and lots of people with the toys, and/or how our military trains at the officer level. It is so very comforting for leaders i the Arabic world to know the tactics of America in troubled times and I can see the Saudis as being unappreciative of policies that make them uncomfortable.

      Luckily our own Congress and those who represent us are of the highest moral integrity and may well someday choose to place American security above their own desire to court the comfort of such a wealthy potential list of donors…right?

      1. Dennis, Apparently the damned Saudis will not pay me $100 million dollars, will not send me a Private Jet, and the Playboy bunnies say I’m too old. I guess the Saudis read the part where I still hold them accountable for mass murdering 3,000 of my fellow Americans, and getting away scot free. I still blame all of them for the Khobar Towers mas murders of our Air Force men and women. Why are the Saudis above out Laws?

    2. I would like to pilot the prince’s private jet, for him and his entire extended family. I would love to film the experience in a first person video, like a gopro. like most flights, being 99% boring. This flight would be restricted to that other 1%. talked about by pilots as being pure terror, when I would do a 180, and head right for the royal pain in the asses residence, screaming Alla sucks camel cock, Alla sucks camel cock. As the entire royal family goes down………………………no pun intended…………ok yes it was!!!!

      1. Can this flight at least have a full pork-themed meal before the big dive into the pigpen? Bacon must be well-done. No exceptions other than can there also be a goat or two as the stewardesses serving the pork feast? 🙂

      2. @namnibor: groundpork, like used to form McRibs, ony in this case formed to look like Lamb. I would prefer the Lamb only because of the irony of “Like a lamb to slaughter” would be quite fitting in this case. As for ex va secretary McRibald……I mean McShit for brains. He would be welcome to join the flight. We could force him to be the stew-ard-ass?

      3. @namnibor: I recently read somewhere, that a new union is being formed to replace the AFGE, it would seem with all the bad history of this union, a new one is being floated about. They call themselves The ARC………there is that reference to the golden arches again, only in this case it stands for “The Association for Retarted Citizens”

      4. No disrepect is meant or implied to mentaly disabled citizens, we all know mentaly disabled citizens would never stoop so low as an AFGE card carrying member.

  22. In my opinion if a man atop camel back arrayed in desert garb parked his ride in front of my door and offered me a chance to go to a party he was holding 3000 miles away in D.C. I would at least entertain the idea. Safety first though, and I would ask the only relevent questions under these circumstances:
    first question; will there be prostitutes?
    second question; will there be booze?
    third question; will money flow like water?

    If the answer is yes to all three questions then I know that most Congressman, Senators, and maybe even Hillary’s estranged husband will be there. Like flies to honey. I suppose that makes it alright if people of such unquestionable reputation will be there that I attend as well. Plus if the dude with all the cool gold chains sitting on top of his camel will be there then without a doubt there will be Boeing executives bussing the tables. His Majesty (atop the camel) from Saudi has earned their deepest appreciation. (Note: In Arabic the word for “earned” and “paid for” are interchangable)

    My Grandma always said that, “you are judged by the company that you keep.”
    Where do I sign up? Can I get a gold chain and sunglasses too?

  23. I just tried to post and nothing appeared, so i reposted and still no post. If my post ends up posting twice, then I apologize for taking up the space another post could hav occupied.

  24. I do believe we’re going to see something happen within the next few weeks. Because, on 9 Feb. 2017, President Trump signed the following executive order: title to google;
    “BREAKING: Trump Issues New Presidential Executive Order RE: Transnational Criminal Orgs!”
    Posted: Feb. 10, 2017 (11:54 min. long).
    From: “MLordandGod”

    Concerning drug cartels, human trafficking and much more.
    We are aware of the many drug cartels, from Mexico to South America and beyond, are shipping massive amounts of drugs into the U.S.! Additionally, the drug cartels had issued a “Death Warrant for President Trump!”

    We also are aware of the “human trafficking” going on worldwide. According to the organization which goes after, and reports on these sick individuals, has stated a “…child is abducted every 11 seconds -worldwide!”
    1.) In Haiti, a few years ago, a woman was arrested for human trafficking. The Clinton Foundation sent attorneys to defend her! The former governor of Haiti spoke to President (Elect) Trump here in Florida, about this issue, last year. There were numerous videos of this “meeting” on Utube!
    Jeffrey Epstein, of “the Lolita Express” and “Pedophile Island”, was arrested, tried and convicted of paedophilia – and is serving time in prison.
    Bill and Hillary Clinton, and other high profile officials, were frequent “visitors” to the island!
    2.) In California, about 8 or 9 days ago, “474 pedophiles were arrested for running a pedophile ring!”
    Their pictures are all over the world wide net!

    This new “executive order” is not going to be well liked by the extreme Leftist RADICALIZED Snowflake Dumbass Democrats and some Republicans!
    The MSM will try to say it’s a “Right Wing Conspiracy Theory”, set out to destroy them! How wrong they will be!
    In my opinion, they are slowly destroying themselves. By continuing to call all “Conservatives” – “RACISTS”!
    This is the only “card” left for the Democrats!
    The Democrats have been the most racist political party known to man!
    Check out their history!

    1. I also want to add this article/video from “End Times Prophecy” via “The Washington Post”! Dated; Feb.10, 2017
      (12:44 minutes long)

      BREAKING: Illegal Immigration Raids LAUNCHED!”

      Also from “Next News Network”, Gary Franci reporting.

      “Delta Force Reveals Truth On “Trump Op” Where Seal Died… Media Speechless!”
      Dated: Feb. 11, 2017. (6:50 minutes long)

      1. Here’s something I never saw coming.
        “Next News Network” via “Bloomberg News”
        Feb. 11, 2017 (8:59 min. long)

        “Horror! The GOP Just Conjured Up A Sick Plan To Enslave The World And Handed It To President Trump!”

        Concerning a – “Carbon Emissions Tax” – for the (fake) Global Warming being espoused by the “Leftist” groups!!!!!!!

      2. @Crazy elf — On that proposed “Carbon Emissions Tax”, this is just the liberal snowflakes emitting their own carbon emissions talking out their asses in an attempt to throw a wrench in Pres. Trump getting industry to stay and/or come back to USA.

        Snowflakes really hate coal but then again, it only takes one small lump of coal to power and heat a liberal snowflake’s “Tiny Home Nation”.

        What’s next? A methane tax to put all the bean growers out of work because snowflakes think humanity’s farts are killing the earth? 🙂

      3. @Crazy elf: I watched that video twice, and as usuall it had no content, as the title would have suggested. That guy rambles on about the air between his head, and never produces what he claims he will. He went on about the credintials of the delta force member, he talked about Yemen being the most dangerous place on earth. He mentioned different headlines. But did not reveal a single sentence of what this delta force member said, or any statement that left the press speachless. That guy is nothing but clickbait at it’s finest. Correct me if I am wrong.

        This isn’t anything against you, Gary Franci has always been critisized as a clickbaiter. There are far too many like him. He could have summed it all up as “Delta force member says press is full of shit” and to be honest……… that is all he did say.

        I still thank you for a lot of the inforation you post, your research is amazing.

      4. cj,
        Thanks for the praise. I only try to give information I feel may be relevant in today’s fucked up society.
        I believe the “Delta Force operator” was just giving his “opinion” how things are over there.
        Plus, one has to remember, he’s not allowed to speak about a lot of things. He would get into a lot of trouble. Especially, if he gives out too much Intel.

        We all know, or may not know or suspect, what’s transpiring in Yemen and other countries over there!
        It’s from individuals, like him, where I hope we learn the truth on what’s occurring in certain areas of the Middle East.

        For example:
        In 1976, June 20, “Operation Fluid Drive”, I was involved in an operation to “extract civilians being held captive by Hezbollah” in Beirut, Lebanon. I even received a medal for it. Whoopie! That and a $1.39+ tax will get me a cup of coffee! We, all 14 of us, received “letters” and (later) the “Humanitarian Award” on the USS Spiegel Grove! We were informed NOT to discuss anything about the operation!!!!!!
        People back here were unaware of the power that group had over its citizens. Even though they were considered only a “gang” at the time. Today they run the country as a military power. No one truly knows their actual size today.

        So, if I were to come on a news station, how would I be perceived? Would I be ostracized?

        I put the info on here, to inform y’all to what’s taking place.

        No disrespect “cj”, and again thanks for the praise! I try to do my best!

      5. @Crazy elf: No disagreement here. I do understand what your saying. My point was with the YouTuber only. He has a habbit of sensationalizing his headlines to get people to click on his video’s and then not providing what was promised. The problem here is…………I just don’t like the guy. You and the man in the video? That is another story, Nothing but respect for both of you. But hey………………lots of people don’t like me either. I’m good with that.

    2. So Benny Boy, you allow this conspiracy theory nonsense this person is spewing on here but you censor my comments regarding Zionists and Globalism? You article that you wrote here is completely biased and mentions globalism!! Your little forum here has turned from a place for veterans to speak about disabilities and legislation to a place that tin foil headed ass clowns spend too much time on writing garbage and being brainwashed like good little Goys. Some veterans people fought wars, you fought Voc rehab. This entire web page is self serving. You are doing the Zionist bidding like a good little Goy.

  25. This article is upsetting and i hope that the majority of Veterans are wise to these tactics and do not participate in this. I believe countries should have to pay restitution to other countries for wars and terrorist acts. Germany paid for ww1 and ww2. I also think civilians and military personnel should be able to file lawsuits against countries for the loss of their loved ones. Countries that provide safe harbor to terrorists should financially be penalized and sued. The war makers should have to pay for their destructive acts. How else are they to be punished?

    1. I agree, Ex va.

      However, entertain this scenario: What about taking this to other limits such as you happen to visiting family/friends in a city in USA that happens to be illegally a self-proclaimed Sanctuary City and you are carjacked, robbed, beaten and left for dead but you were able to snap pictures of the illegal refugees from Somalia that did this and they did not see or steal your phone, so you have proof and the photos match known illegals harbored in that sanctuary city. Who would you sue, since your car insurance says it will not cover acts of terrorism, and that sanctuary city’s attorneys state they are now also a self-declared LLC (Limited Liability)? Do you sue the USA for allowing the illegal sanctuary city or do you go directly after Somalia Gov’t. via the International Criminal Courts or count it as another loss and move-on because the sanctuary city police will not even write a police report because they have vowed to NOT make any charges against their precious cuddly wuddly illegal residents.

      Yes, I really stretched the parameters of this making it within the USA but am just portraying how hairy of a ball of wax this is and will become.

      1. By the way, I DO consider a carjacking an act of terror. Been there, done that. They did not get my car or any $$ from me, as I went a bit psycho on the duo. Home grown domestic terror…carjacking is.

      2. @ namnibor, good point. I guess the usa would be guilty of providing a safe harbor for terrorists. In this scenario i think an individual should be allowed to sue the us immigration, Somalia government and the sanctuary city. They are guilty of providing/enabling the acts of violence against the citizen/civilian. When Hitler occupied Europe most countries he took without firing a shot.

        Thes acts of war just don’t happen overnight it is a slow process of occupation, see if there is any resistance, manipulate the politics, control the law enforcement. By the time people begin to understand what is going on it is too late. WWII they began stealing property from the Jewish people and carjacking would be considered a homegrown domestic terror act. Sorry, to hear this happen to you, glad you were not hurt.

        If it could be like a tort claim in law i think things would be different. If it was treated like a personal injury, a civil suit they couldn’t do the things they wanted to do to people so easily. The need to change the law and no caps on the liability of it.

  26. I’ve wondered who the puppet master is since ‘Nam. Read lots of books about “shadow governments”, mostly fiction. Someone, somewhere is pulling lots of strings. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many fairly intelligent people doing the same stupid and illegal stuff. Follow the money. There are many people with money in this world, with nothing to do but buy their way to corruption. The VA is full of both. A few masters making big bucks, a bunch of puppets getting bonuses. Then there’s all those contracts. Is Soros a master, or a puppet?

    1. @John: There is a great video on YouTube. Search for “Dick Cavets VietNam” Those puppet masters go way back farther than Nam, I was amazed at what he put together, very fascinating. Shows exactly how we got to this point in history. Almost like he had some kind of crystal ball.

      1. @Jo3n,@Ex va: I just started watching the video I referenced, and I think it is the wrong one. I will let you know the right one when I find it. Sorry about that. The one I am looking for goes back to before wwll and the oil deals made back then with the saudi’s Basically they agreed to supply us with oil and we agreed to not say or do shit about them exporting wahhabism around the world, and as history shows, it is exactly that, that got us into this mess we are in today. It started with the saudis and continues to be with those bastards. Goodnight, I just wanted to straghten that out before I signed out.

      2. @ cj, the one you referenced is good too. It is about 55 minutes. I haven’t watched all of it yet. Thanks.

  27. I personally know that veterans have no authority, influence or power in anything. I have been in withdrawals now for months, unable to go outside of my own house because of the Obama and DEA mandate. I was on methadone for a busted back and disk deterioration. After having my meds delayed through the mail/UPS, (week late), I went into withdrawals and was placed on “substance abuse” through mental health with the VA. NEVER in over 15 years did I ever ask for an early refill.
    I still have the taste of carbon monoxide in my mouth after closing the garage and running the motor for a while. dry-heaved for a long time. LOL…woke up with a horrific headache and sick as a mutt now for days…cant eat or go outside…body exhausted….just saying, dudes…there are a WHOLE LOT more important matters to a lot of us right now…and not for anything that we’ve done….just more buerocratic BS raining down. 100% disabled veteran, and waiting to find the right way out so they can keep more money in their pockets and more of us can die.
    Oh, well….peace, bro’s.

    1. I was on methdone for severe pain for a long time until the VA switched me to high morphine doses. Then they cut me off to zero overnight.

      Let me assure you that the misery of switching back to a life without opiates will pass but will take a long time. I experience a fairly high dose of pain on a faily basis and probably more than anything the pain by itself is why I isolate inside of society. My tolerance of humans is very low when I hurt.

      That being said, I can also swear to you that I got my life back. I live in Oregon and the marijuanna extracts these days are hyper potent. When it gets too much to deal with I vaporize thc oil that tests nearly 90% pure thc. There are enormous downsides to this too but the relief is remarkable albeit is NOWHERE near as long lasting as methadone. I have not always chosen life but once chosen and once off of opiates/opiods I no longer exist for the next dose of anything. I also no longer slip into horrific terrors at night as I drop off to sleep. My insatiable craving for sweets has waned as well and I no longer feel like a fake store front, all show on the outside and empty inside.

      My heart bleeds for fellow vets who have been cut off while at the same time the spiritual part of me wants to be the light of truth about these drugs. You already know the grip they have on your daily life – never asking for early refills yet NEVER EVER, EVER missing a scheduled dose either. Never being more than a short walk away from your pill bottle. There is only a single thing that can heal the heart of a man so addicted and that is time. I suggest you don’t give up the battle ten minutes before the miracle happens. When in doubt, hold on for ten more minutes and see if it does.

      1. @Dennis: Dennis, I can’t thank you enough for this. ANutterVet just posted material having to do with this as well. I think I need to rethink, my course of medical care. Again Dennis thank you. ANutterVet, Thank you as well.

    2. @Joe: Joe, I am not sure what your talking about” I have been in withdrawals now for months, unable to go outside of my own house because of the Obama and DEA mandate” Could you please elaborate more on this?
      It sounds like you are on (House Arrest), is this true? Looking for clarification, not a confrontation. I will say thiss though, your story gets my blood boiling. When we get treated like your describing, I think it is just another case of the criminal acts perpetrated against veterans by the very people that are charged with “helping” veterans…………Simply disgusting!!!!!!

  28. I find what they are doing is disgusting, a damn lie and disgraceful for insinuating veterans are lying about this activity.

    Its also a shocking load of bullshit to suggest this legislation endangers troops overseas or anywhere else.

    So a soldier over in Qatar is in less danger now than a soldier in Qatar after this legislation passes where any country sponsoring terrorism can be sued?
    Or Kuwait? Iraq? Afghanistan?

    If anything, it gives them MORE protection since those governments would work a damn site harder at keeping their freaks in control so they are not held responsible for the actions of their freak.

    Am I surprised that senile old hero jackass McCain and his little puppet Graham are behind this? Not at all.

    In fact, emails, tweets or any other questions should be asking them why they are trying to use veterans for this BS.

    To put this in perspective…

    I read an article in Readers Digest years ago when it was still a readable publication. The article was about the Iranian hostages when the crazy mullahs took over the embassy there.

    The story was about those hostages trying to sue in US courts years after they were released against the $1.8 billion Iranian assets frozen in this country.

    The assets Obama recently freed up or gave back to the bastards.

    The hostages had been blocked for suing over the years because whenever it got to court, US government lawyers would show up and squash the suit.

    Nitwits in our government, often led by the State Department claimed having that $1.8 billion in frozen assets gave them leverage in discussions with the crazies.

    It was only during Obama’s term that legislation was passed allowing these suits against state sponsors of terrorism to go forward.

    Why is Saudi behind this? Well, several 911 attackers originated there.

    There are also likely several survivors or family members of the Khobar Towers bombing in 1996 that would like to sue them.

    As a soldier deployed, if I were hit by a terrorist that a government was aiding or had knowledge of, you can bet I would want my family to have the ability to sue.

    Imagine those soldiers and families of those killed or maimed by Iranian made IEDs being blocked from suing because McCain and Graham are being used as tools.

    McCain a hero? Not when he willingly shits on his own citizens like this.

    He’s been doing it for years.

    1. McCain & Graham are a bit like those two old men, ‘Waldorf & Stadler’ up in the balcony of the ‘Muppet Show’. Always have something to say or meddle about with to remain somewhat relevant.

      McCain & Graham should be poster children on a Wiki for “Term Limits”, same for the old lesbian-turned-truck driver-turned-career-dinosaur-politician Mitch McConnell.

      Funny thing is, none of the above have a CLUE that they are part of the needed-drained swamp. No clue. Like frogs in slowly boiling water, I hope Pres. Trump facilitates Term Limits to prevent these self-prostrating politicians utilizing Veterans as mere stage props.
      Yes, stage props or stole-pigeons.

      1. I wonder if the Saudis shopped this stupidity around to various congressman first?

        Or if they went directly to McCain knowing he would jump right in, with his little bitch Graham running right behind panting for a treat.

      2. LMAO! 🙂 🙂 Question though; since they are both joined by a leash, who or what is holding that leash on other end with the money bag in other hand? There’s some really wacko new world order billionaires and millionaires out there…reason I say that eventually, because of such laws allowing lawsuits against countries that finance or inflict terrorism by individuals, eventually the legal definition and delineation of definition of “Acts of Terror’ or “Clandestine Special Ops”? How will the chess pieces be redefined?

      3. I think that leash may be an umbilical cord so they can be sure the shit flows between them when needed.

      4. Is a ‘tactical nuke’ not as high of a compensable lawsuit when there’s ICBM’s that can destroy a State and follow with lawsuits from surrounding countries?

        I am suggesting that such legal loophole lawsuit laws may just become the outer layer of the onion called war, and may even be cause for increased terrorism to claim $$$. Odd thinking, I realize, but it’s multidimensional critical thinking. If you can think of it, it surely can and will happen.

    2. Silly me, I never thought they may share the same shit for brains! There you go Salvador Dali, have at it, two dinosaur politicians conjoined by the umbilical cord. 🙂 Thanks! That surreal imagery made my evening like a walk through Alice’s Wonderland. 🙂

      1. I’m picturing McCain as some old Beagle that thinks he’s a pitbull, but can’t remember where his food bowl is, and Graham as some yappy little Yorkie who also thinks McCain is a pit bull and will always have his back as he’s yapping at the sheep dogs working.

      2. Oh, and that old Beagle and yapping Yorkie, both usually end up dragging their ass across the carpet in public.

      3. I was already picturing a pair of Depends, Extra Heavy Duty, strapped to their asses with a hole cut out for their tails but too little too late and both old dogs indeed have that trail of drag-ass on the carpet behind them with sponges below jowls for the pool of drool left with the drag-ass streak behind the duo.

  29. Benjamin — Nice surreal ‘Bad VA Art’ today. You could have cut & pasted representatives of McCain & Graham on those marionette strings by placing those two grumpy old men in balcony on ‘The Muppet Show’, ‘Waldorf & Statler’. Befitting of those two.

  30. Why would anyone want to limit a suit against terrorism? After the third reading of Ben’s post, I’m a slow type, I think McCain and Graham are nuts. Are we sure it isn’t Soros who is funding these trips? He seems to be in many things that are anti American.

    1. Jo3n, read my comment below about the Iranian hostages. If anything, this law is a direct result of the US government blocking their lawsuits for years.

      Back then, the State Department were the major blockers of this legislation.

      They and others truly did not give a damn about US citizens of it meant making their diplomatic job harder.

      I truly wonder if this law is why Obama made his deal with the Iranians secret. Get their assets back to them before the families of hostages find out.

  31. From:
    “End Times Prophecy News”
    Feb. 10, 2017 (5:29 minutes long)
    “Analysis: Ninth Circuit Would Allow 911 Hijacker to Sue to Come to U.S.”

    Talk about bullshit. Y’all have got to watch this video.
    It’s nothing more than “…a political opposition maneuver!” The 9th Circuit Court is nothing more than an extension of the far left; ie: Bill & Hillary Clinton, Almost all of the Democrats, including other persons like Schumer, “Songbird McCain”, Graham, Rubio and others!

    In 1967, while in the Army, I was fortunate enough to visit Dusseldorf, Germany for three days.
    I witnessed seeing the aftermath of the destruction of that city from our bombers during WWII. The people weren’t finished with cleaning up the mess. Even though it was over 20 years before!
    That said, here’s a video from the “Alex Jones Show”, dated 10 Feb, 2017, Owen Shroyer reporting!
    It concerns those “rabid anti-American libertard Snowflakes” causing unrest in America. You will understand, once you’ve googled and watched the video.

    “Nazi Witness: Trump Not Hitler, Protesters Are!”

    Here’s a person who’s lived through the devastation and carnage caused by unhinged individuals, ie: Hitler, Goebbels, Himler and others!

    1. Actually, the 9/11 hijackers wouldn’t have to sue. They came via Canada. Yes they flew. But they could have just as well driven. and no wall there.

  32. If a country supports terrorism in any form. That government is an enabler to a terrorist. Maybe it just doesn’t want to get it’s hands dirty.

    1. It is called clandestine operations. Like Iran Contra. Part of the world we live in and are not below doing.

      1. Also back in 80’s, Nicaragua and Region. Various times in Kaddafi’s Libya, even before Pres. Clinton was in office…and as you say, Iran Contra, where pretty sure most of that is not taught in public school system’s core values version of history and it’s also scantily reflected in college level history books because most Americans are ignorant to fact that sitting in the deserts over in Afghanistan rusting away, when Gulf War and forward has taken place, were sitting abandoned in desert by the Russians when they hi-tailed it out of there…we were funding the now-terrorists we are now fighting…they are using OUR weapons and the Russian’s abandoned equipment against us…a bag of worms and just let war and terror remain the ugly beast it is without attorneys getting into the mix making the world an even worse litigious place.
        Next, you will have to take the VA into equation. I could see the VA viewing a compensated disabled veteran receiving a lump sum from a lawsuit against a country being stationed in because they have so much sand and it got in their eyes…so then the VA decides to take away that Veterans compensation because of the landfall of cash from the terror lawsuit and then will no longer consider ‘Service Connection” at ALL, because of frivolous lawsuits…war is war and so is terror…it should remain ugly beast as to be avoided.

        I wonder how many VSO’s are jumping on the Saudi Arabia plane ride to D.C.? I bet it’s a fat piggy packed plane. 🙂 Hats also, lots of hats and maybe a monkey or two on a shoulder.

        Rant Out.

      2. Thanks for the rant, nam. Glad I’m not alone on history.

        And the guys that had to leave their dog tags behind when they went into Cambodia and Laos.

      3. @91Veteran — I think that’s a matter of personal perspective. From the receivers of clandestine ops, am pretty sure they view THAT as terrorism against them. Perspective is everything and that’s why I am seeing this as a bag of snakes.

  33. Senator John McCain should stop playing his fiddle while Rome is burning in his State’s backyard at the VA epicenter of scandal. Instead, he has hypnotized himself like a cobra in a mirror…I think his wife must be that mirror.
    Until McCain and Graham actually use their influence to drain the swamp at the VA and help fellow Veterans, I take NOTHING they do or say seriously. They are ostriches with heads in sand and Graham, red clay.

    As far as today’s article and the Saudi Scheme, and this legal situation with terrorism; I really am afraid this is a bag of worms the USA best leave well alone. The USA and VA have enough obvious difficulty watching the six of their own Veterans, so USA citizens and members of other countries think they will fair any better?
    In my opinion these countries such as Saudi Arabia, what they do is fund BOTH SIDES of the conflict…and historically, the US of A has done exact same thing…just follow the history of the entire middle east conflict A.D. to present and that region or if you will, go down to South America Region…that little thing called “Peacekeeper Forces” where we go in and destabilize a gov’t or create an open hole for the planes to swoop-in before or after an election?
    Nobody is “innocent” in warm or cold wars. Nobody.
    How about we cease all war and just get the fuck along on this planet?

    1. I hear ya nam, but I agree with this legislation as I commented below.

      There has been a long history of the US government blocking lawsuits by civilians injured or killed by terrorists. This gets the government out of the way. Specifically the kum by ya singing navel gazing fools at the State Department.

      1. I hear you, 91Veteran. Just trying to see both sides to this bag of worms or snakes. Just as many positive benefits of such a law as there’s negatives.

        Why do I say this?

        Because, what’s now to say some legal conglomerated syndicated firm starts treating this like the SSDI Attorney Ambulance Chasers and take it to the far limits of actually instigating a conflict situation in order to glean a huge lawsuit?

        No offense to Benjamin, but I worked in a huge corporate law firm that was syndicated and took care of some sensitive client files as well as the defendant files (10’s of thousands of asbestos claims/shipowners), and knowing what I know about huge corporate law firms syndicated in other countries…it’s a bag of snakes the USA will soon regret opening up.

        Let’s say this goes forward and 9/11 Survivors are able to have a legal standing now without the USA getting in the way, for Saudi Arabia to then toss in the wrench that if Saudi $$$ funded 9/11 terrorists, then ALL OF THE WORLD BOUGHT OUR OIL…we are only the….vendors, then Saudi Arabia opens the scab and tosses the wrench in of conspiracy theories that the USA actually did 9/11, not S. Arabia…the defendants will be long gone pushing daisies before any resolve…in the civilian law world they also play that game of deny, delay, wait for your to die game. Then it will go to the insurance underwriter of the Twin Towers, claiming subpar building methods…blah, blah…never-ending mess and ONLY the attorneys make any $$.
        Just saying I can see benefits and the ugly in all this but am more pissed that Veterans are again being used as manikins and stage props.

      2. Yes, the use of veterans for this dog and pony lie is the most disgusting part of it.

        What I don’t know or don’t recall is why this legislation is unique in the US. I am not positive, but I think it may have something to do with international laws, and how the US reacts to an issue.

        The difference may be the difference between an act of war where civilians are killed and the US compensates them or does other things required under international law.

        With terrorism, often it is a deliberate act targeting civilians, or indiscriminate acts without regard to whether civilians are killed.

        I know what you are saying about lawyers suing for the sake of causing problems, but I can’t see something like that getting fat in US courts.

        On the other hand, I could see some serious problems if lawyers started running to the International Criminal Court…unless there is something else in international law barring that that I am not aware of.

        I just see this as a way of holding nation’s accountable for their support of those who target civilians off the battlefield.

        I did a lot of reading about the Iran-Iraq war in the 80s, and the debt Saddam incurred to wage that war. Much of what I was reading also involved going after Iraqi assets after the first Gulf War by nations or companies that had claims against Iraq and how they were handled.

        I learned politics, time and borders don’t matter when it comes down to chasing a dollar.

      3. You said it more eloquently in that I was inferring that those lawyers running to the International Criminal Court…and you know the way it goes, once that smell of attainable $$$ for terror acts exists, human behavior has shown remarkably wile ways to chase the buck while stepping over not quite dead yet bodies.

        For one, Nigeria and Somalia come to mind. Bag of snakes.

    2. Arizona is the worst example of the symptoms that unchecked bureaucracy, without a doubt, because there were documented lies that were captured and whistle-blowers to back it up.
      The 2016 Leasing Act of West Los Angeles is the worst example of special interest influence that, like cancer, has eaten away at the moral obligation to provide shelter for disabled Veterans because interlopers occupy land that was specifically, uniquely, donated in exchange for the promise of “permanently maintaining” it as a “HOME”.

  34. Graham and “SONGBIRD” McCain deserve no respect from the GOP. Yes, both have received monies from Traitorous George Soros! As a matter of fact, they deserve absolutely NO respect from anyone in America!
    Sooner or later they will/must pay for their criminal activities!

    The Saudi’s deserve nothing, except to be held liable for the multiple acts of terrorism they have done.
    It’s been said before, “Good luck collecting on the terrorism they’ve done worldwide!”

    I have nothing more to add to today’s blog.

  35. The only McCain I’ve ever liked was in “Die Hard, and Graham is a cracker. I’ve believed for some time that the VA is tools f….d up to fix. Hell, the VA has wasted much of my life. Or, I have wasted it on the VA. Either way, I wish Twitter Pie would shut it down. Francisco, I will be watching.

  36. “[Personally, I am always suspicious of whatever McCain and Graham support, especially after learning they received campaign funds from some of George Soros’ money managers.]’

    Enough said. Once McCain and Graham’s cocoons/chrysalis’ are finished developing, they should emerge as a brand new Democrat until the next opportunistic moment in time to change those stripes back to Republican take place…approx. 4 years from now is the next ‘molting’ of these dinosaur politicians.

  37. @Lem, I have read everything you’ve posted here, and you seem to be well educated about how the VA works. Am I hearing you correctly? Are you saying this law will give the U.S. the power to charge the people in charge of the standoff at the pipeline? They are labeled as terrorists?

    1. Let’s also label those snowflakes assaulting police officers in USA what they are as terrorists. Soros and Friends funded home terror, nothing less.

      1. I mentioned the above as a reference to this legal bag of worms with terrorism because of something experienced here locally just last year in my city. Black Lives Matter terrorists were blocking ramps and pushing against cars and my own car had a kick put into a quarter panel. I have full insurance on my car, never had to make a claim other than -1- roadside assistance call. I learn that most car insurance companies do NOT cover (exclusion) “acts of terror”, and are picky about what constitutes “an Act Of God”, as well. It was not covered.
        Now, if I were able to go after legally, an org. or country that funded or actively took place on the BLM roadblock terror act (Soros, others), then the other problem would obtaining a viable police report to make said claim…just as a car insurance company requires.
        But just HOW do you go after rather nebulous terror and activist groups where the snakehead is usually well concealed?
        Bag of snakes we do not want to open and I will just live with a dented quarter panel…but I have a baseball bat in my car for the next time that may take place…for baseball practice…yeah. 🙂

      2. Same way you go after the grand deacon of the KKK. First. identify who it is, then that he gave the order specific to your car. Is that LOL or SOL? Maybe you’d have better luck suing a tornado fomented by global warming causes and the particular responsible company.

      3. Nevermind my baseball bat has aerodynamic holes drilled through it. Those are there to slide-in the roofing and siding nails when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. 🙂

    2. Jo, I haven’t read the law. But I think it applies primarily to the Saudi Arabian Princes that financed the flight schools for the 9/11 attack preparation or similar attacks. The point is that other countries will pass similar laws and U S overseas assets, for instance Haliburton assets in Iraq over the Black Water atrocities which were never prosecuted because of “immunities granted in the contract and status of forces agreement.

      Of course in the U S the government can sue any individual or enterprise or for example the pipeline company could sue the individuals for damages. That doesn’t mean either would win the suit before a jury.

      Recall that Libyan assets were attached over the Scotland air line bombing. But that suit was by the U S government. This bill allows the damaged individuals to go after a foreign government without the U S government being a party to the suit.

      Do you see the difference? One is government against government and the other is an individual against a foreign government bypassing the State Department.

  38. For Jo, I cite Blackwater. Yes it is a slippery slope but the suit should go ahead. And retribution could be avoided against a country if the country did due diligence and turned over the individuals who did the financing for trial in the U S. Similarly we might be forced to either pay or turn over the responsible Black Water employees and executives. In that case the acts were carried out under U S government contracts.

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Time for war crimes to be prosecuted on both winners and losers instead of just losers.

    1. This has been cited over the years whenever this legislation was discussed.

      The legislation is aimed at those countries who refuse to hold terrorists accountable for their actions.

      Blackwater is an interesting example, but I can’t believe anyone would be blocked from suing them in US courts.

      1. They are immune by contract. The suit has to be against the U S. Just as the 9/11 suit can’t go against citizens in Saudi Arabia. It goes to “standing” in the courts. Not a citizen you don’t have standing. So the suit is done in the U S and assets in the U S are attached.

  39. Frankly, I put little stock in the report that Gram or McCain accepted contributions from George Soros. I am also a veteran the believes McCain and Gram give republicans a bad name. That is they are RINO’s in name only. As to the article… ???

  40. I must say that I’m a bit confused and somewhat honored that Saudi Arabia believes Veterans have this much influence. I do believe this law is a way of telling other Countries who presumably train or finance terrorists, that it’s not acceptable. However, the stipulation that allows our Attorney General to drop the suit, after all the time and money spent, needs a bit of work. The law doesn’t say anything about how to collect if you win. Other Countries are creating a similar law. Have we committed any terrorist acts in other Countries? I don’t believe so. Besides, if we did get sued for whatever reason, I am sure that suit would spend the remainder of my life in Court. It’s a good law, just don’t think the World will think so.

    1. It is all about “pimping Veterans” Jo. Just look at the exclusively wealthy private Brentwood School expansion on the gift-land for disabled Veterans in West Los Angeles, CA. They are about to drive another nail in the coffin of the crown jewel of the promise of sacred trust to care for disabled Veterans. They are about to run diesel trucks by the buildings that house Veterans. Ask any Vietnam Veteran what the sound of popping Huey blades and diesel truck traffic reminds them of. After the construction, the parents will more than likely be given permission to continue to travel through the VA to drop off an pick up their children. Politicians, carpet bag bureaucrats and dogs crapping in the dog park that has also been allowed by McDonald’s VA, what do they have in common?
      I’ll tell you.
      You can dip a dog turd in frosting and give it to the go-along-to-get-along Veteran and it tastes good.
      If this administration does not impose a moratorium upon all special interest activity within the DVA, that will show you that it is no different than the previous, just a lot of show. DVA is the deepest and most polluted “swamp” to be drained and we have yet to see some “tough talk” action to take place (other than keeping the VSO’s out of the swearing in ceremony of the new Secretary)

      1. Turd dipping? Frosting? What color frosting? Would you consider one of those chocolate fountains?

      2. That analogy struck home with other advocates.
        It is what the power and prestige of the West Los Angeles political machine has been feeding anyone who wants to listen to their lies.
        They paint this grandiose picture of the disabled Veterans who have managed to get some bed and roof at the “HOME” getting better, sitting and living great.
        Nothing is further from the truth and the conspiracy to shrink the promised land out of extinction is not far from being accomplished.
        Thus, a turd covered with white cake frosting and presented under glass.

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