Burial Payments

Over 25 Percent Of VA Burial Payments Improper, To Cost Taxpayers $28 Million

Burial Payments

A watchdog investigation found that improper funding of VA burial payments will cost taxpayers $28 million over the next five years.

The investigation started by VA Office of Inspector General (IG) in 2014. It found 4,525 payments of 16,406 automated burial payments from August 2014 to January 2015 were improper.

That investigation revealed VA failed to implement adequate payment controls to ensure funds were allocated properly to bury dead veterans. Annually, improper death benefits including payment so living veterans not yet dead amount to $5.6 million.

The report also found the Veterans Benefits Administration cut off disability compensation benefits to at least 68 veterans who are still alive and who deserve the benefits cut off.

VA Burial Payments Investigation

The VA OIG executive summary states:

“In October 2014, OIG received an allegation that VBA’s automated burial benefits system was authorizing improper burial payments. We evaluated the effectiveness of VBA controls ensuring proper automated burial payments. VBA controls ensured that the majority of automated burial payments were made to living spouses for deceased veterans in accordance with the CFR. However, controls did not consistently ensure proper automated burial payments. We found VBA improperly authorized 4,525 of 16,406 automated burial payments (about $2.8 million) from August 2014 through January 2015, including payments to spouses who weren’t on veterans’ records at the date of death or who were deceased, multiple payments, and payments to veterans who were still living. This occurred because VBA lacked controls, policies, procedures, and sufficient quality assurance reviews. If VBA does not implement adequate controls, we estimated VBA will continue authorizing improper automated burial payments of about $5.6 million annually and approximately $28 million over the next five years. VBA improperly discontinued 68 living veterans’ monthly disability benefit payments totaling $190,267 because VBA had erroneously recorded the veterans as deceased, possibly causing financial hardship to veterans and their families. We recommended the Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Benefits, Performing the Duties of Under Secretary for Benefits, review the improper payments identified during our audit, take appropriate corrective actions when warranted and strengthen burial payment controls. We also recommended he initiate actions to ensure policies and procedures are consistent with CFR and perform quality assurance reviews. The Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Benefits concurred with four of five recommendations and provided acceptable corrective actions plans, but didn’t agree to enforce the requirement that proof of death be submitted prior to the release of automated burial payments. He also provided additional comments, which we addressed in this report.”

Why The Deception?

It is interesting how improper payments exist in the most sensitive areas of VA benefit payments like death benefits, disability compensation and healthcare misallocations.

The areas with the biggest problems are also the most impervious to massive reform measures in part because they affect Americans at their most desperate points in life. It would be near impossible to garner support from voters to cut back on these benefit areas.

Could it be that these obvious and repetitive problems still exist only by design because no sane-minded lawmaker would dare reform those areas because one misstep would spell political suicide?

I refuse to believe we, as an industrialized nation with an abundance of smart leaders, cannot figure out how to establish a Department of Veterans Affairs that follows the written intent of the American People as enacted by Congress while cutting out fraudulent actors.

Instead, do we, the American taxpayer, lack the will to make it happen? I will never believe a system can be so corrupt that reformers cannot repair the damage caused by bad actors.

Source: https://www.va.gov/oig/publications/report-summary.asp?id=3831

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  1. VA’s National Cemeteries lead nation in satisfaction survey
    Ranking tops private firms, federal agencies

    WASHINGTON – For the sixth consecutive time, the Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration (NCA) was ranked first in customer satisfaction among the nation’s top corporations and federal agencies in an independent survey conducted by the CFI Group utilizing the science of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)…..what bullshit …you can’t complain if your dead

    1. Yeah, you’re right, how many members of those corporations or federal agencies get buried in a national cemetery.

      FFS this is like surveying the plumber on how good the proctologist does his job.

  2. @ANutterVet: Just when you thought you heard about every kind of fuckery from the va, another comes along even more unbeleivable then the last. They are truly a criminal enterprise.

    1. @cj – May be you meant Hood Arrest? I don’t know. It was a different kind of post. And, yes, that is my conclusion as well pertaining to the VA. I know to expect something that is not positive when dealing with them. And, it shouldn’t be this way. Ok, fuck them. I hope that Ben keeps on digging, searching, and plowing through the BS in order to scrape them up pretty good. They deserve to slapped the fuck around quite a bit.

      1. @ANutterVet, @Ex va: Hood if it were at the va where he was being held, They sure do deserve an old fashioned ass kicking.

  3. @ANutterVet: Dennis posted some info that is in line with the opiates info you posted. I thanked him and you in response to his post.

      1. @cj – Dennis post some good stuff. I’ll have to search for the info he posted. Is it under this article? When you read Dennis’s stories, he gets your mind to think from another perspective. Like us and others, he can get the science sicko mind a going. Humor is very important. Got to laugh, even if someone gets on your nerves. You can either tell them nicely or rudely to go fuck off. And, still laugh about it. Hiding behind the screen.

      2. @ANutterVet: Dennis was replying to a person that was forced into withdrawls, just a terrible story. Look for that, in a post.

      3. @cj – I seen that post. I was so upset cj, that I couldn’t write. The VA screwed that Brother over. I wonder what he was talking about with the Obama and DEA stuff? And, I think he mentioned that he couldn’t leave the house. I hope he is doing better. Not that I don’t care, but I have to watch my emotions some times.

      4. @ANutterVet: Yes that was the post. I was wondering the same damn thing. It almost sounded like he was on houde arrest. It sure didn’t sound good whatever it meant. I was about to leave a comment when you posted. then Dennis left his. Mine wouldn’t have made sence after that post.

    1. @cj – I’m up for a bit, watching last part of live boxing on Bounce TV. Sorry to hear about your circle jerk today. But then again, what’s new with these assholes. If noticed that every time I have an appointment, that my anxiety goes off the charts, pain flairs up more, have to take more meds, and then I’m like a hawk and a dam fox. Watching and listening to their every move and words. I wouldn’t let these dumb asses treat my dead dog.

      1. @cj – Lets talk about something else. We need to let our minds simmer down. Anything else going on?

      2. @ANutterVet: I bookmarked all those links from yesterday. I took that online test on the one. I know to take it with a grain of salt since they are also pushing their own cure, but here is the results that it showed.

        Score 254
        Condition: SEVERE
        Yeast Infection Probability: 94% or Higher

        Based on your age as well as the frequency and severity of your symptoms, you are in a high risk category for yeast infection.
        Additionally, your health history suggests you are strongly predisposed to experience ongoing chronic yeast infection-related problems. Proper treatment is essential.

        Your Key Indicators

        Past medication & treatment history
        Multiple positive symptom matches
        Food cravings
        Digestive conditions
        Emotional, mental and physical warning signs

      3. @cj – When you get a chance, go through the different tests to see which one is the most accurate. Then tell your PCP to give you the test. If you have candida, it will take some time to get it in balance. Every one is different. With the information in the links, you’ll most likely know more than them.

      4. @ANutterVet: A good friend, also a veteran, Bronze star, Silver star Valor medal of honor. Just retired, and is having a kind of a hard time adjusting to doing nothing lol. We had a good talk tonight, and will get together Sunday. That is about it in the great exciting midwest.

      5. @cj – Its good to help another Brother out. Nothing on this end, trying to keep my pain down. I’m finally having regular colored stools ever since I weaned myself off of sennosides [like senokot]. VA don’t know shit about poo either. At leas you’d think they would know about waste since they create so much of it. Sorry, being sarcastic, can’t help it.

      6. @ANutterVet: Maybe sarcastic, but it was still good lol. If you indulge in this crap for too much it drains the energy right out of you. Sometimes you just have to get away from the compute for a couple of days to re=energize. Most times you come back with a better perspective. Or just a little less time each day.

      7. @cj – Yeah, that’s why I decided to watch the live boxing on Bounce TV. Good fights, a lot of action. My K9 just got all ticked off because someone was going up the steps. Wife left for work about an hour ago, so he gets touchy. His orders for the night, Boy your watching daddy tonight. Listen for the door. And guess what, that’s exactly what he does. The thing that hurt me a lot, is that he is more emotionally connected to my wife. I deal with it the best that I can. I had no back up when training him from the VA. A thought just came to my mind, their [VA’s] tentacles are far reaching into a Veterans life. Bastards. Seems like, no matter which way I turn, they’re involved. I’ve got to work on better methods besides meditation to mentally break away. Oh shit, I think I’ll be a bird, and jump of the top of something. LOL

      8. @ANutterVet: Here is a couple utubes for you to take your mind off things:


      9. @cj – Thanks I’ll save the email notice and check out the videos later tonight. Wife just called. I’m doing both, chat and talk. How does a part Polish person do such things? LOL

      10. @ANutterVet: I hear ya, it gets to that point at times. Whenever something consumes you that much, you know you need anything else to get your mind off shit.

        Dogs can be funny, they will chose who they attach to. I got a rotty from the shelter, but when they brought him out the first person he saw was the wife, he followed her everywhere, that dog bit so many people. It was so hard to put him down. That tore us both up for many weeks.

      11. @ANutterVet: Jun 11, 2014. He was fine, launching 5ft in the air for frisbees, the next day he looked a little wobbly. I told the wife something was wrong, and took him in. By the time we got there he couldn’t walk, I had to carry him in. They took an ultrasound and found he was loaded with tumors, and had internal bleeding. They said they could operate and give him another month, but I couldn’t put him through all that for just a month, it would have been selfish. They had a private room set up like a living room where you could say good bye. and then they inject him while you hold him till he is gone. Just tears u up inside when it is unexpected. he was only 9.

      12. @cj – Man too young your was. Our Boy passed away on August 18, 2014. I was devastated. Couldn’t sleep, weeping at any time he would come into my thought, and would call the help line. Our Boy was 14, fully trained in detecting drugs, peoples scent, and anything that I would put to his nose. He watched me every step. And, was very protective of my wife, myself, and he thought it was his car that he was in. He would sit in the front seat and scan like he was looking for something out of place. Wife brought him home to me in a brown supermarket bag.

      13. @ANutterVet: I hate to say this, but it hurts even more than losing a person. Everytime I say no more dogs, I can’t take another loss. A few months later we have another. Can’t keep doing this. It is also why I don’t travel anymore. I can’t trust anyone to watch them. Either the wife gets to go visit her family in Mn. or she stays home and I go. We can’t take them with.

      14. @ANutterVet: Too much trouble traveling, The pitbull she is 12 now and stresses out anytime she is away from her home. The dogo wouldn’t be any trouble at all, he likes a good adventure lol. We got him and he was heartworm positive, then cancer twice. We call him the dogo with the golden balls. lol

      15. @cj – So you have two dogs? Dang nam vet bills can be expensive. Its hard for us to keep up with only having one. When I got out of the Navy, I had 3 Alaskan Malamutes. I had the only white female in the state at the time. She would howl all night as soon as the sun went down. Boy those dogs could put away some food. And with having pits, they eat as a lot as well.

        I just took a bunch of supplements for sleep and 1/2 of pain med. I’m going to be nodding here really soon. Plus, I’m laying on my right side, the laptop is laying on a chair next to my bed. Therefore, achy gonads from inflammation. I’m hoping this pain calms down.

      16. @ANutterVet: I need to say goodnight, I am starting to nod off as well. Will talk tomorrow. Sleep well.

      17. @ANutterVet: Yes two, with the rotty it three and when my sone was living here we had all four, pit rott dogo and amstaff. last week alone the vet bills were over 300. But? what the hell we love em. Yes long day here too getting tired as well.

      18. @cj – Yeah, I know how it goes when it comes to loving animals. I remember one time when my other boy was living, we went to the county park for training. This lady had 4 unleashed dogs and they were coming towards us with teeth showing. I pulled out my knife, and yelled to the lady, if they at an arms reach from me, I will gut someone right here. At the same time, I yelling, leash up your dogs. When she saw my knife out, and I suppose my facial expressions and body language, she knew that I meant it. If I did have to do that for protection, I wouldn’t have like it, but no choice. How old is your 2 legged son? LOL

      19. @cj – ok Brother. Good night. Get some rest, and hope your pain level subsides. What is that? We’ll try to talk tomorrow night. As Namnibor would say, Rant Out. Peace. LOL

      20. @ANutterVet: My son is a wiseguy, he calls and asks can I take his dog in cause he has to work, I pay the bill and he forgets to pay back lol

      21. @cj – Its that time Brother. I’m getting a nodding head, starting to mess up typing, and mind slippage. The night clutch is going out. I’m going to hit the sack. You have a good night, get some rest [yeah right]. We’ll take later. I hope Ex va is doing ok. From what he posted, I know that Brother has many painful days.

  4. I don’t use a VSO.. frankly I don’t put much stock in there opinions since many of them are part of the problem

    1. I have also given up on the VSOs for the same reason, rick, but I do recognize few and far between there are good individuals that do good work for the veterans they represent. Problem is you don’t now until they have all ready damaged your case that they are incompetent.

    2. @rick b: See if there is a Veterans Assistance Commision in your county. They are payed by the taxpayers of the county not the va or any vso’s, they are accountable to the people of the county to represent veterans of that county. If not I would look for an amvets, the only vso no beholding to the va. All the other vso’s hate amvets, that in of itself is reason to go there first. I hope this helps. Also, and I can’t stress this enough, never give up, that is what they are hoping you will do.

  5. This has nothing to do with the above article, but here goes..
    Recently had c/p exam for my knee.. ended up with same examiner that did 1st c/p exam for my heart. The C/p exam for heart was done without me present and examiner said she interviewed me over phone, after my written complaint, a new c/p exam was completed by a different doctor. When Temple, Temple VA sends out notices for C/P exams they do not include the reason for the exam, Ie: knee, heart, TBi.. and the do not include the name of the examiner. I called for one exam and asked what was the exam for since I had 4 pending issues, I was told, oh that is for your TBI, when I asked for the examiners name, they said that for the examiners safety they could not give out the name. My last exam was for my knee, when I called they refused to tell me it was for my knee citing HIPA crap. I went to the exam, it was for my knee. When I finally got a copy of the exam I discovered it was completed by the same examiner that had lied and said she interviewed me over the phone for my heart c/p. Does any one know if it is legal for the VA to withhold the name of the c/p examiner? If I had know the name of my examiner I would have requested a different examiner……. thanks

    (didn’t know where else to ask the question)

    1. This may not answer your question, but when I last had a C&P after knee replacement, the letter I was sent said it was for sleep apnea. I had never put in a claim for that.
      Somehow after calling around, I ended up getting the person at the VARO that does the scheduling for C&P exams. I explained sleep apnea should not be on the exam. He said he made a mistake and corrected it.

      When I went to the exam, the examiner asked about sleep apnea, and I explained what I was there for…my knee. He performed a half assed exam for my knee, did not fill out a DBQ, and did not require I indicate whether I could perform certain movements, which I found out after the exam is what he should have done.

      I don’t recall if I found out his name ahead of time, but I did when I got his report. He is an Internal Med doc rather than an Ortho doc, and is the same quack that signed off on a prescription for Gabapentin without ever examining me for the prescription. I was called by a nurse and told I could come in and pick it up.

      I didn’t fight the C&P since it didn’t reduce the percentage it was rated for before the surgery.

      Not sure this helps at all, but claiming it is a violation of HIPAA is BS. Claiming you can’t get the docs name because its for the docs safety is also BS.

      Call the hospital Privacy Officer. Explain that you want the name of the examining doc, explain it’s because you were lied to before by one of them and you want to be sure they are not examining you.

      Ask what is required to make that happen.
      Also ask what the Privacy Officers email address is so you can email them what you told them on the phone, and so you can put the request in writing.
      If they claim they can’t give you their email address, explain that time is important, and you will go to the director of needed.

    2. If you have a VSO representing you, you should be able to ask them that. They have access to that information.

  6. Today is Friday, 10 Feb. 2017.
    I wonder what kind of “dump” VA will spring on us!?

    Has anyone had any communication from “Seymore Klearly”? Last thing I read was he was helping a friend/veteran!

    Concerning that “illegal immigrant” being detained/deported out in Phoenix, Az. Here’s the current information on her.
    “Next News Network”, Gary Franci reporting. Dated: Feb. 10, 2017 (8:30 minutes long)!

    “AZ Deport Drama: Created to Show “Evil of Trumpish”!”

    Seems she has a “class 6 felony” over identify theft. Using someone else’s Social Security Card/Number is indeed a no-no!
    As Gary Franci reports, “What about the person who’s identity was fraudulently used by this illegal immigrant?”

    How many others have had their identity stolen by illegal immigrants?

    How does this tie into veterans? Here’s the answer!

    1.) A veteran is receiving “IU”, “Individual Unemployability”, through VA.
    2.) An illegal immigrant gains access to the veterans social security identity.
    3.) The veteran is then contacted by VA to fill out the “mandatory yearly document” claiming he/she has not worked for the past year.
    4.) When it’s discovered, the VA, without verifying the authenticity, stops the veterans compensation.
    5.) The veteran contacts the VA. The VA explains criminal charges will be brought, due to the false information.
    6.) The veteran explains he/she did not work during the disputed time frame.
    7.) VA, in their usual STUPIDITY, doesn’t believe the veteran.
    8.) The veteran is then picked up by Federal Marshalls, on charges of “committing fraud” against VA!

    Now, do y’all see how this will affect/effect how things could get really sticky for all veterans!!!!!!!!

    1. Yep, can see how that all rolls downhill, Crazy elf.

      Did anyone catch that Army top General Lewis was only demoted to Brigadier General for using Gov’t. charge cards to pay for strippers, parties, and all that goes with it? This was one of Obama’s favorite buddies and I expect this rather padded “punishment” directly reflected that.
      The discipline in the Military was being eroded by last 8 years of lackadaisical attention to our Troops by our ex-POTUS Obama. Entitlement has no place in the military…this General should be stripped of rank down to a 1st Lieutenant, or whatever the Army equiv. of entry level Officer (O-1) is right out of OTS. Instead, this fraudster General still will retire with a still very generous pension, and will likely go off to work for Gov’t, contractors making $ 500,000+ a year…while being a sexist womanizer, drunk, and thief of taxpayer $$$.
      Rant Out….this was something in the pipes in last year, so not a direct fallout of Pres. Trump’s Admn., but rather another Golden Obama Turd Caught Hiring Ass (GOTCHA)

      “Retiring General Demoted for Spending at Strip Clubs ”

      1. A “0-1” in the Army is a “Second Lt.” or what we call “Butter Bar”!
        In the Navy, they’re called an “Ensign”, or “Almost an Officer”!

        Yep, gotta agree, that “General” definitely needs a wake-up call. As does everyone in government. Commit a crime, go to jail.
        In my opinion, *IF* Mr. Sessions is diligent and actually going to follow the law, as he is demanding of everyone, then maybe we’ll see some actual retribution against all law breakers! At least that’s my hope!
        Also, in my opinion, *IF* the DOJ is truly wanting to change course, then prosecuting individuals COMES BEFORE AND AFTER they’re allowed to retire! Meaning, even if a person retires, they can and should be prosecuted!

  7. @ cj, my ra and other diseases they treat with immosuppresants because the body attacks joints, organs and any system. So, they try to stop the body from causing inflammation and pain. Rhematory diseases, they don’t have cures, just treatments that are suppose to help. Immune system is over active.

    1. @Ex va:I see, that is terrible. and sounds very painfull. Not the kind of pain I have, mine is controllable, yours is the kind that feels like a knife is being twisted into your bones……..geez the the thought makes me cringe.

      1. @ cj, the bone erosion and pain can get really bad at times. I would like to get into some kind of remission. I don’t know but i think your back is the worse. I can’t imagine how awful that feels. I get back pain and it is really bad at times. Does the weather affect you? The weather can really mess me up, i feel it before it rains. It is weird. Feels like an ice pick. I drop all kind of things, hand joints are unstable. It’s embarrassing at times. They swell up too. I am glad you have pain under control. I will try to get there too. Need to talk to doctors next week. Not va. No way.

      2. @Ex va: I am 59 now? Have had this since I was 17, so yes very much use to it. It may be painful, if it just happened yesterday. The body is an amazing thing, it is able, over time to block things out. I know they are dumbfounded when they look at x-rays or MRI’s, and then they see me walk in like nothing is wrong at all. On more than one occasion they have insinuated that those were not my x-rays or MRI’s, that it would be impossible for me to not be in a wheel chair. What the hell do they know? I would be in a wheel chair if I were to ever let them try to “fix” me…………..NOT A FUCKING CHANCE………….If God wanted me to have wheels I would have been a bike.

      3. @Ex va: Ex va, I better get some rest. I have an appointment today at the va. Hope you sleep well. talk soon. God Bless you, and everyone one Bens world.

      4. EX. Have you tried Curcumin supplements? I have DISH Syndrome – Diffuse Ideopathic Spinal Hyper-Ostosis. All the nasty gaps I used to have L5 S1 are now fused with brand new bone and a handfull more vertebra have been fused/ossified. All the extra ossification along the spine is painful. Very painful. No surgeries – too much mass to remove. NSAIDs fragged my esophagus. Pain meds make me drool. My mainstay has been acupuncture. I recently got on a regimen of Turmeric – Curcumin extract. Six weeks ago I couldn’t roll over in bed in the morning without full chest cavity convulsive spasms. Now – nothing. I won’t join the rodeo anytime soon, but it has made a world of difference. I am convinced that it significantly slams inflammation. Especially considering the season I started. Holidays could be a beast – extra wine, an occasional Irish Coffee, more sweets and rich stuff sneak into the diet and really boost inflammation (alcohol, sugars, caffeine are biggies). Disclaimer – I don’t know diddly about RA. DISH is not RA. DISH is ideopathic, which is Dr.-Speak for “we don’t have a friggin clue”. So, your mileage may vary. But I’m giving it a pair of thumbs-up.

      5. Forgot to mention – look for curcumin – turmeric – that has bioperine or black pepper extract in combination. The bioperine quadruples the bio availability of the turmeric.

      6. @Windguy , @Ex va – Windguy, good info in your post to Ex va. Ex va, the active compound in turmeric is called, curcumin. which is in the curcuminoids family. Curcumin has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, and is a very strong antioxidant.

        Along with the supplement that Windguy suggested, you can also put turmeric in your daily foods as well. Many people make turmeric teas, add it to sauces, gravies, dressings, and put it on sandwiches. Google, “what are the best ways to eat turmeric.” You also can add black pepper in or on your foods as well.

        Since is an oil soluble compound, and even though it is somewhat controversial, you may want to consider some intake of coconut oil, ghee, extra virgin olive oil [EVOO] as well. When making a turmeric tea, some people add heavy cream and a tad of coconut oil. This will extract the active compound, curcumin, from the powdered tumeric, and it will bind with the oil in the tea. Therefore, helping to make the curcumin more bioavailable to your body.

        Oil soluble compounds or supplemental extracts, usually will take a little more time to notice the benefits. Please visit and read the below referenced websites. Hope this information is additionally helpful.



        *The above statements are not medical advice. Before taking any vitamins, extracts, herbs, nootropics, or supplements, please speak with your physician pertaining to any contraindications.

    1. @ cj, you are far from being out of league with anyone of them. I usually like to read the article and everyone’s posts but i know it is a blog and not everyone can explain themselves adequately because of disability, or ability, to me it is about sincerity and a little humor sometimes is great. I know you get a little emotional too when you hear how wrong a Veteran is being treated.

      It hurts me too and if i was a wealthy person i would be writing checks to help these Vets and their families. All i can do is pray and offer some words of kindness. I believe in God and people will have to answer for their criminal deeds someday for this pain they inflict on others. And when you are battling with the va it is so draining. I am still battling don’t know if i am going to get thru all of it. It is awful and just so damn tired of it all.

      1. @Ex va: I hear what your saying, I would do the exact same thing if I ever won the lottery or some extremely lucky event happened as that. Your right, it does get me angry when I read how veterans are getting screwed over. We just can’t give up…..that is exactly what they want…then they win. I refuse to lose a battle with them, so far I have won every single fight I have waged against them, and will continue to do so. Keep the faith and do not give in. Remember the old adage? The squeeky wheel gets the grease? Don’t ever stop squeeking.

      2. @ cj, well that makes me happy. I love it when a Veteran wins what he earned in the first place. I won’t stop squeeking. Lol!! That is true. I am putting together another group of letters and i hope i can get healthy enough to start visiting some offices again. I guess i do need to start playing the lottery too. LOL!

      3. @Ex va. Oh hell yeah, you can’t win if you don’t play. I know the odds are astonomical, but even if I never win? At least I know I am contributing to making someone else achieveing their dream……….a win win. It is fun to dream about what you would do if you won. Sure takes your mind off things for a little while anyway.

      4. @ cj, you are making me want to play the lottery. LOL! You are right you are helping someone else with their dream too. Hadn’t thought of it that way. I am going to start doing it. LOL! Maybe get an rv and see the country. Go somewhere warm in winter time. That sounds great!

      5. @ cj, I believe that the body can block pain out. I haven’t experienced it but i have heard of stories like yours. Miracles do happen, people don;t want to believe in them. I would say that your body has adapted somehow and i would say it is a miracle.

        A friend at where i was employed dad had problems with blocked arteries, every artery was like 75-95 percent blockage. A vein grew around these blocked arteries and inserted itself back into the blocked artery. These doctors took pictures and showed their colleagues that the heart created arteries to go around the blockages. This happened to 4 arteries. 1 could have killed him. His dad said that God fixed his arteries. My aunt works hard and she has fractured vertebrae and the dr. Said she was too old to do surgery. He said the back would fuse and it did and she is doing a lot better and no painl

      6. @Ex va: That sounds like it would be fun, travel the country, and have time to enjoy your surroundings. I know they have those rv clubs, You could join one of those and meet at different places, and get to know a lot of new friends, that enjoy the same things.

      7. @Ex va: That is true, my brother in law, same thing a new vein grew around the blocked artery. Also true about the spine fusing itslef. I have seen some really great neurosurgeons and they have all said the same thing. There is noway to fix the damage in my back, but over time the pain will be less and less as the bones start to fuse themselves. Meanwhile, the va has been trying to convince me for many years to let them try and fix it? I will take the advice from the real surgeons and let nature take it’s course.

      1. @cj, still got the flu. Glad your having a good one. Haven’t seen much of ANutterVet, he sounded busy today.

      2. @Ex va: Sorry to hear, I didn’t know you were battling the flue, that sux. ANutterVet probably needs some time away from the computer. I know he mentioned a need to get some other things done.

      3. @ cj, immusuppresants, i hate them. ANutterVet, trying to do a lot with building a website. I think it will be great. Not a lot of talk today on Ben’s blog. I did get some sleep last night. Tonight can’t hardly breathe with this flu bug.

      4. @Ex va: The flue is tough enough for a person who is in great shape. Not so good for people with disabilities, it only adds to the extreme discomfort they already have.
        I don’t want to comment on Bens Blog about the topics at hand. All the veterans here are out of my league, I feel like an idiot coplared to everyone else here. I don’t have the capacity to think like they do. That is fine, I still read the comments, and learn a lot from them. I think that is the bigger picture anyway, to learn.

        I feel more comfortable late at night just chatting about everyday stuff.

      5. Cj, don’t sell yourself short.

        You have an insight into some things that cuts right to the heart of the matter.

        As do many others here. Its best to always see what someone else thinks on a topic.

        You also have the perspective of a service connected non combat vet if I recall correctly. Your experience for other veterans in the same situation is important.

      6. @cj – Hey Brother, I want to let you know that you offer and share with your experience in life; wit, insight, comfort, and fantastic humor. And, you show that you know when to apply it. Like others on Ben’s Blog, I consider you a Veteran that has great compassion for your Brothers and Sisters. I want to personally thank you, and to cheer you, and others, to keep sharing. Don’t give up or toss your special gifts aside. Veterans helping Veterans. That’s what it is all about!

        I been dealing with a lot of inflammation the past couple of days. Don’t know for sure, but I may have what is called Epididymitis. It’s very painful, and forces you to lay flat on your back, with your knees bent outwards [like the bottom of an hour glass]. Hopefully, I may be able to chat for a tad tonight. Don’t know.

      7. @91Veteran, @ANutterVet? Hey guys, thanks for your words of encouragement, I hear what your saying. You know, somedays I’m in a fog, can’t think cleary, etc. On days like that, when I read the post’s , I do feel like a kid amongst adults. Residuals of a TBI is all.

        Today, I put 2 1/2 hours going back and forth to the va for an appointment, because they called and said there was a significant change in my MRI compared to the last one. This new pcp looks like he is from the West Bank, and has a similar accent. He looks at the MRI report, and I shit you not, he stands up, holds his arms out, and sayst to me, “there is nothing that can be done, it’s all in Gods hands now” I was waiting for the remote to be pulled out of his pocket and for him to yell “Alluah Akbar” I woulda snapped his neck. What the hell kind mind fuckery is this? Thanks for the complete waste of time.

        ANutterVet: Man it sounds like your system is getting attacked by all kinds of crazy crap. I sure hope you get better soon. If not I will send you to my va pcp………..just watch his hands…………he is probably from the west bank.

        Just got home so I need to rest a bit and have dinner. Will talk later.

      8. Cj, why were they doing the MRI? Did he say what they can’t fix? Are they admitting things are so bad they are giving up?

        I would be rather POd if I went in for an MRI and some quack did that to me.

        Really doc? So, you won’t mind if I immediately go to the patient advocate and tell them I want a 2nd opinion by the chief of the clinic, and will then go to the directors office to find out what kind of damn fools they are hiring?

      9. @91Veteran: This new pcp wanted another MRI of my back to justify rx’ing Morphine.
        The day of the MRI the nurse calls and says “there is a SIGNIFICANT change since the last MRI and the doctor wants you to make an appointment right away” Today was that appointment. He tries to explaing to me what I have known since I was 17, I had to correct him twice in the pronunciation of the injury. Then when he tried to explain the damage, I said “you mean the completely fractured all the way through vertabrae?” Then he looks closer at the MRI and says “wow, I didn’t see that” then he does the Johnny Jihad on me. Throwing his hands in the air and claiming there is nothing that can be done, it’s all in Gods hands now. LOL, you can’t make this shit up. Just before getting called in I was in an arguement with a guy who was trying to tell me how good the medical care there has gotten. LMAOOOO They should charge admition, and hand out popcorn to watch that show. I even told the guy “I wouldn’t make an appointment to have my dog seen here” An older vet sitting close by says “you must love your dog” hahaha, the other vet walked away. The answer of course is yes the damage is beyond repair, I have known this for many,many years. That is why ssdi rubber stamped me through.

      10. @cj , @Ex va , @91Veteran , @Crazy elf , @Namnibor , @Lem

        To All Veterans- If you’ve been on any type of opiate [opioid] medication [Percocet, Oxycodone, Morphine, Methadone, etc.], for a long period of time, you need to visit and read the webpage listed below;


        I have been arguing and fighting with my VA PCP on many fronts and issues. Supplementation while on an opiate medication is one such issue.

        From a Veteran that is a well trained Investigative Research Biologist, I can honestly share with you, that many VA medical providers are dingbats practicing dirty science. NO IF AND OR BUTS !!!

        Therefore, I believe that my health is in jeopardy, and I actually fear for my life. And, if I feel this way, I suspect that many of you, my Brothers and Sisters, feel the same way.

        I encourage you to challenge your VA medical provider to give you prescriptions of the supplements that are listed in the above link. And, if they don’t, this information should help you to appeal a negative response.

        *Note- If you’re being prescribed any medications from the VA, Google this phrase, “what supplements should I take when prescribed —> add the name of each medication one by one <—."

        You'll be surprised what your searches reveal. You can't trust these Asinine Buttfarting Baboons.

      11. @cj – Don’t forget to check out your other medications besides the morphine. I discovered that the information in the link, that the VA doesn’t share with Veterans. They are leading us to believe that they are helping us, and at the same time not helping us. Treating us like a fool.

  8. I did watch the video of supposedly the United States Attorney General. He didn’t mention anything Trump didn’t want him to. He did good. He’s still the same bigot there that he is in Alabama. Hope he can pull off what Trump wants. Otherwise, he’ll be facing the charges against him that he left in Alabama.

  9. Don’t you just love Google? Google proved to me just now that the Veterans Affairs folks see “deception” as a higher “art” form. I can prove it but the effect is better to see it yourself.

    Google “Veterans Administration deception”. On my results it returns as the top hit an actual VA web page courtesy of their Office of Public Affairs that talks about this very thing! The article itself ivolves fishing, (not a typo) but it is the headline choice that really tells of the author’s admiration for deception.

    Is anyone now going to argue that VA does not view lieing as an art form?

    1. Dennis,
      Did you read the article dated January 2015 over “Veterans Administration deception” in VA?
      It’s what took place in Aurora Colorado VHA vs. a couple of females who brought unwanted sexual assault complaints. They were intimidated into changing their stories. They weren’t even allowed to bring their attorneys to the meeting. Which is a violation of law.
      There’s a couple of other stories in the article as well!

      The VA upper management went after the author of the article.

  10. Sanctuary Cities are still refusing to reinstate the travel bans put in-place by Pres. Trump. Was just announced a San Francisco Judge ruled again against the travel ban…these snowflakes are really testing the patience of this Nation.

    1. namnibor,
      If you can find it, there’s a “female illegal immigrant” being detained by ICE out in Phoenix, Az. since last night.
      She had been deported three or four times, according to the news article.
      There was about 200 protesters. Until the local law enforcement showed up.
      I can’t remember which news source I saw this on. I saw it this morning.

      I’m still waiting for something to take place so I can put it on here. “It’s” supposed to take place within a week to ten days after Jeff Sessions confirmation and swearing in!
      The reason I’m not reporting it yet, is due to it’s “volume of criminal activity nationally and internationally!”
      I also want to confirm it as well!!!!!
      By the way, “IT’S” really bad!!!

      1. @namnibor,
        I forgot, the female illegal immigrant’s husband and children are “ALLEGEDLY” U.S. Citizens!
        That’s why the protesters were out!

      1. I always loved the pretty lightshow while floating-up to the zapper when everyone must undergo the ritual of Carrousel when they reach the age of 30. Well-worth the trip to the zapper to live in utopia until recycled into protein drink or whatever the zapper did after Carrousel…they were admittedly quite light-lipped about that stuff my creative mind still wonders about.
        Congress Critters and ALL Federal Employees at the upper levels should also have their own form of Carrousel and of course, the zapper, to limit the terms of these dinosaur runners with tax-payer $$$ and so many unsatisfied and not so positive outcomes.
        Everyone needs a zapper. However, to cut costs, we need not place the blinky lights in their hands. Let the zapper have some fun.

    2. Right after Jeff Sessions was sworn in as the new DOJ Director, he said, (paraphrasing) There was nothing wrong with the “pause” not allowing unvetted refugees in our country!
      Watch the video of his swearing in!

  11. Does anyone else get the sense the VAIG is jumpng over dollars to save pennies here? That they are going after some easy pickings while ignoring the billions shoveled at favored contractors?

    Yes, it’s good to see waste or incompetence corrected or insuring proper benefits are provided when they should be, and not paid when they shouldnt, but when was the last time the IG took a serious look at some high dollar items?

    Yes, $2.8 million is some serious ching to you and I. Yes it is difficult to see how that much can be paid out erroneously, but where are the investigations of more expensive waste, fraud or corruption?

    I do find it curious that the VA refused to wait for proof of death first, which is strange. With the way the VA requires 14 kinds of proof in triplicate for other issues, why not here?

    Is it easy to issue a duplicate or erroneous payment and someone other than the intended recipient receive it?

    Finally, with the list of things that have to be corrected to fix this, it should cause one to wonder what other programs the VA operates in such a grab-ass manner.

    1. “Finally, with the list of things that have to be corrected to fix this, it should cause one to wonder what other programs the VA operates in such a grab-ass manner.”

      I would guess the fiduciary program would be right at or near top of that list. Did we ever really hear an itemized, detailed OIG report into the insane overages at the new Denver, VAMC Black Hole Project, other than “oopsy”?

    2. You want to see the VA OIG going after fractions of a cent vs. the internal cost of VA corruption? Google on over to the VA OIG homepage. Count the number of individual vets or families of vets that the sought prosecution over and brag about. Now count the number of VA crimes committed by VA folks they sought prosecution over and brag about. Even if fully prosecuted and all money recovered from individual fraudulent vets/families, it is still less than 1/1000 of the massive cost overruns and deceptions and other devices used to bilk American taxpayers courtesy of the caring folk at VA for the benefit of those same caring folk.

      Then scroll down and read their press release lambasting the press for critisizing VA OIG as being the puppet used to produce scripted results by VA. They say this just is not true! I bet there are some LONG noses in the OIG…

      1. “I bet there are some LONG noses in the OIG…”– Seeing how their heads are always seemingly up their own asses they should be anal retentively quite sore after these last 8 years of self-imposed lambasting themselves.
        Now I’m hungry for a good Gyro.

      2. @Dennis,
        As Batman’s side-kick Robin would exclaim, “Shade’s under Pinocchio’s nose, Batman!”

  12. @Don Karg, does discretionary mean the VA can spend the taxpayers money any way they want? So I don’t have to die to get death benefits? May 1st will be 100 days in office.

  13. 02/09/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    “The President’s 2017 Budget includes $182.3 billion for VA in 2017. This includes $78.7 billion in discretionary resources and $103.6 billion in mandatory funding. Our discretionary budget request represents an increase of $3.6 billion, or 4.9 percent, over the 2016 enacted level.Feb 12, 2016”…Google

    That is………………………… 182,300,000,000
    And the area of concern is………….28,000,000

    Or .00015 % of the problem at hand.

    Incompetent Personnel and their corrupt spending is always a concern and at $28 Million; it is a “fire” that needs to be addressed, and thank you for pointing that out. We, all of us, know the VA has corrected very little over the last 17 years, if not longer—going back to Senator Daschle in 1987, or further back to the 1960s.

    As 300,000 Veterans die every year, many are victims of wanton neglect, 30,000, and others in suicides “8,000”—this should be the main focus of the argument. If the past Administrations’ mis-dealings did not go on we, all of us, could spend more time with correcting the issues of the day.

    Again it will take years to under earth the real damage caused by Poor Management.

    Crazy elf February 9, 2017 at 7:47 am
    I say, screw that “corrective action plan”! Start prosecuting individuals asap. Make an example out of a bunch of these employees.
    Follow the damn money trail.
    Something is definitely stinking at VBA!

    How many times must I tell you what is stinking up the place?

    In manufacturing the problem is not the employee—in the medical industry it is not the nurses—It is 99.9999% a Management Problem.—Pilot Error!


    Don Karg

    1. Senator Daschle is the one that called the FBI on me and were coming to arrest me for asking for help in getting my disability that was exactly ONE WEEK before 9/11 The sheriff Rob stopped them ,,,to this day I can’t imagine what I would of done if they showed up,,, I will never forget that day HE CALLED me a Terriost a Viet Naum Vet fighting for my Disability,,, no apology or anything from him,,, I was totally devastated for months after that,,,

    2. Don, that is 500,000.00 for every single citizen of the U S. I don’t think even 25% are veterans. We could get $2,000,000.00 each to take care of ourselves except care for a small percentage runs that much per year.

      Shows how much is spent on contracts that have executives like Health Net that take over $1,500,000.00 per year for each of the top 5 executive compensation totaling over $25,000,000.00 for the top 5 executives and averaging over $5,000,000.00 per year per top 5 executives. Our Choice program at work. The way privatization works to save Uncle Sam money.

      How many good physicians at say $150,000.00 per yearcould be hired by the VA and put in near home clinics to serve veterans with the amount spent in total on the privatized Choice program paying fee based health care plus Health Net and Triwest claims processing?

      Go back and look at Ross Perot’s charts on his Health Care Program recommendation of 1992. Consider it for all fee based health care and provide performance bonuses that are audited to get better service and better health care outcomes.

      I hope Shulkin can, as VA Sec., fix the VA’s bonus roll out so that it is audited and serves its purpose. I know he has Accountable Care Organization experience but I don’t know how good that experience was and how well he can apply it if he is in full charge.

      Will he change Choice to Accountable Care contracts? Hope so.

    3. As a former commercial pilot who let me tell you what “pilot error” means. It means the government does not have a clue. It means that the official response to a tragedy of aviation nature is, “We have no idea so we are gonna pin the problem on somebody.”

      Let me ask you about management. In the Nazi war trials the most often used defense was “just following orders”. Surely, the logic goes we must focus our attention on management, right? Pilot error must yave been to blame for all those dead Jews? hmmmm. It turns out that the war tribunals didn’t buy it then either.

      I suppose in a den of thieves and liars there is bound to be some honor found somewhere, but my Grandma sure did not see it that way. She made hella good venison roast gravy too so she must have been right. Now sit up straight and eat before it gets cold!

  14. Okay I’m going to add a fact story My Mother took care of my Dad who was 100 % disabled after the Korea war WHICH left him paralyzed since then,,, She got not one cent even though She was spose to under the Law ,,, Not one cent,,, feeding him dressing him,,, taking him places,,, etc etc,,, life,,, and because she did this she couldn’t work which she couldn’t build up a social security check either,,, She is owed a lot of money but big deal,,, hardship,, is all over the place in this VA,,, no different then the VA not paying back correctly to the day they gave me my disablility but skipped several years ahead even though Social Security Disability both started at same time didn’t do that to me,,,, tell me about it,,, Proof yes I have proof big deal,,,,

  15. McCain is getting a verbal spanking from Pres. Trump. Loving it. Pres. Trump was reacting to McCain knocking the recent Yemen Attack in which one Soldier died and others injured. Pres. Trump defended the now-Deceased Veteran, then proceeded to tell McCain that he’s been too long, too far outside the ‘game’ and did not know what he was talking about. (paraphrased)

    McCain is so far up Democrats ass crack it’s becoming apparent McCain is an opportunistic political chameleon.

    1. One would think that senile old Soros puppet would finally retire.

      In the two articles I read, McCain always commented about it not being a successful mission by mentioning the loss of a $75 million aircraft, and then the death.

      As if remembering the death of the Seal was an afterthought.

      1. That’s McCain ‘code’ for: “One of his heavy donors, aircraft manufacturers in AZ, were upset they lost some of McCain’s Capital Gains…oh, and then that death.

        The old turtle needs to retire already. Perhaps he should be so vocal about Rome Burning in his own State of AZ with the VA Scandal…you think?

      2. Bull, the lost aircraft will be replaced for a profit by the manufacturer. Your logic is adrift. Anything to take down a Vietnam Hero?

      3. Come to think of it, I would just LOVE for Benjamin to have the opportunity in his “Bad VA Art’ to have McCain playing a fiddle while the VA burns behind him…but please, NOT in a toga. 🙂

      4. You are not looking at the whole statement. He equated the loss of the CPO’s life with the failed attempt to rescue prisoners in Vietnam. The fact that they tried and didn’t get the job done because the prisoners had been moved didn’t make the effort any less heroic. Same with this Seal Team Operation. The fact they tried to catch the Head of Al-Qaida in Yemen and didn’t get him but ran into an ambush is not on the Seal Team. It is on the intelligence that got them there in the ambush.

        So they got a hard drive with 10 year old information? Was it really worth it? Did intelligence get it wrong? Probably from what we hear. Not all missions are successful. Kick back, learn from the mistakes if there are any and give it another go. We haven’t even heard any of the after reports. John McCain has and has every right to his assessment.

      5. Lem, I too have every right to my assessment, and I assess McCain as a senile old jackass for saying what he did.

  16. It’s now history. The “criminal elements” of the United States of America, Beware! The Department of Justice is now run by a man “Sworn to Uphold the Constitution from Enemies, Both Foreign and Domestic!”
    “Golden State Time News”
    Feb. 9, 2017 (11:51 minutes long)

    “Amazing: Jeff Sessions Swore-in and Speech as Attorney General”

    Check out the three executive orders President Trump signed, immediately after the swearing in of DOJ Jeff Sessions!
    All hell will be breaking SOON on those criminal cartels! No matter who they are!

    1. There’s a new sheriff in town. I think the National Guard need some urban exercises in this US of A. 🙂

  17. Maybe we have an opportunity here to expand the VA telehealth concept to death benefits. After all most folks nowadays carry a cell phone with a camera, right? We can call it Teledeath. The actual concept, and ultimate stakeholder outcomes, are so substantially similar to the VA idea of Telehealth that it can easily be adopted to also alleviate patient wait times in the body bags.

    Heck in all likelihood the exact same call could even serve the functions of both programs! Of course, VHA would have to agree that vets need to prove they are alive to use Telehealth first but using Telehealth could be considered prima facia evidence that the Teledeath program was warranted. Just click “Allow” when the app wants to use the camera. Face recognition technology can be upgraded to recognize dead vets which can substantially improve the diagnostic accuracy of the VHA doctors.

    Just throw an app up on the App Store and kill two birds with one stone. The ENTIRE life cycle of our preciois veterans can be tended to this way so long as the user upgrades to iOS 10.1. Maybe we can reduce even the OIG workload with the right app? I have seen those guys in suits. We can call it Teletubbies. Is that name available?

    1. @Dennis — There’s a slight glitch or bug in the newly proposed joint app ‘TeleDeath/Telemedicine’ with the VA in which VA employees have already begun contracted construction of VA TeleDeath/Telemedicine booths built upon the framework of a really modern and powerful catapult…spared no expense…

      VA OIG realizes that the VA took ‘TeleDeath’ to mean utilizing living Veteran’s body’s as catapult fodder when the VA Telemedicine Witch Dr. does not particularly care for their answer in India and these were not considered to be “positive outcomes” for VA Public Relations as we had to explain the catapults. RAND agrees that Veterans indeed fly far when locked in a Telemedicine Booth built upon a catapult.

      1. @ Dennis, @ namnibor, and or it is suppose to contracted out to spain or Cuba or some kid living in their parents basement on a computer or down in a van by the river for billions and billions of dollars!!!! Just joking!!

      2. Update from VA Public Relations: “We unfortunately had some of our non-English-speaking VA TeleDeath Operators & Engineers interpret ‘Teledeath’ in their native tongues as “flinging Veterans very far away with big red button”, and that’s how the wires got crossed and the catapult came into play with VA TeleDeath, where we are sad to state that many VA crows were injured in the testing phase…we are still searching for the catapulted Veteran’s bodies. It’s a fine work of art, this catapult.

        No worries, we at the VA care and want to put at rest all worried Veterans that step into our TeleDeath/Telemedicine Booths that the big red button has indeed been disconnected unless of course, it is completely warranted. The VA CARES.

        Now, anyone that spots the 22 Veterans that did not make it today, please call your TeleDeath Hotline and we will send some vindictive crows to take care of it.
        The VA CARES about crows.

  18. Here’s an article from “Military.com/Daily News”, via “Associated Press”.

    “New Mexico May Allow Medical Marijuana for All Veterans”
    9 Feb. 2017

    It’s gone through the first process of becoming law?

  19. Off-Topic, warm and fuzzy public announcement:

    “Pets For Vets” is a non-profit group helping Vets acquire service dogs *or* cats in either collaboration with the VA or when the VA has failed to accommodate the Veteran and is expanding but the link below will show the States in which there’s already chapters of Pets For Vets.

    The Pets… 3 to 4 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year. These animals can make excellent companion animals but never have that chance. Our dedicated animal trainers will evaluate and rescue the shelter animals and provide additional training to ensure that they are able to assimilate into a home, which is quite different from a shelter environment.

    The Vets… Sadly, there are alarming statistics of suicide, family abuse and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder facing veterans returning to civilian life after military duty. This can cause a downward spiral of apathy, unemployment, broken relationships, addiction and depression. It is our belief that companion animals can be the life saving therapy or friend that many returning service men and women need.

    Medical studies have shown that companion animals significantly improve mental and physical health, including reducing stress, depression and anxiety, symptoms experienced by many serving in the military.

    The Pets for Vets team interviews each veteran to ascertain what he or she is looking for in a companion animal; we pair this with his or her personality and lifestyle to make the perfect veteran-pet match. Once the perfect pet is selected for the veteran, the pet spends time in the home of one of our trainers who teaches the pet basic obedience and other valuable behaviors needed to live with his/her new owner. This can include becoming comfortable with wheel chairs or behaviors needed to help with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
    Veterans in our chapter areas who could benefit from having a companion animal and who are also able to care for an animal are eligible to receive a Pets for Vets companion animal.”

    There’s links on how to apply, volunteer, start your own chapter, or even donate in other ways. I know I have greatly benefited from having a therapy pet last 9 years when about all my friends have died by hands or negligence of the VA in same amount of time and the rest I let-go as friends because they were assholes. This is a great alternative or augmentation to crazy meds the VA dishes-out or fails to…

    Only a friendly service reminder to Vets that there’s options to you and I in no way have anything to do with Pets For Vets other than donating to them. Maybe this will spawn some Vet to get help or even start their very own chapter.

    1. Maybe having a service animal that can growl, bark, and chew on the legs of a VA Patient Advocate to alert them that the Veteran IS STILL VERY MUCH ALIVE would assist the asses at the VA in determining timely death and appropriate payments made or not? G-r-r-r-r-r-

      1. Like Lassie did when Timmy fell down into the well and Lassie got help…maybe a service animal could be trained to call the damn VA alerting them that a given Veteran is *still alive* and *well* for all it’s worth since the VA cannot be bothered to be linked or communicate with Social Security…and guess what any proper morgue does as protocol? Alerts SSA of a confirmed death because of….a damn DEATH CERTIFICATE!!!

        I need to now watch my cat sitting by my living room window on back of couch as he is preying upon the seemingly 100’s of crows in the trees as it snows out…I hope each of those crows were not responsible for guiding a Veteran to Choice Path today as they may find themselves driving into a large water-filled marble quarry in my parts today.
        A ‘Murder Of Crows’ is coincidentally what the proper name is for a large amount of crows flying and the VA chose crows…coincidence? Maybe they should drag my marble quarry for unreported bodies by the VA? 🙂

      2. @ namnibor, My rescue dog is very protective of me. She snaps at people she doesn’t know. Someone dumped her at a warehouse and she was very young and negligected. She tries to be by my side all the time too. When i am really sick she won’t leave my side. Does your cat try to protect you? I knew of some mean cats that would protect their owners. Hilarious!

      3. @Ex va — Not so much a protective cat but one that’s highly observant of my health and moods and times to take meds and naps…and of course, stalking flying crows from the window.
        He’s a Maine Coon-mix and has all of that higher intelligence of that breed and picks-up on patterns easily and adopts them as his duty to remind me. He’s as aloof as cats usually are but he’s also incredibly loyal in his reminders and alerts and unlike most cats, he has always had an affinity to water…almost a water fetish. Drinks using only his paws and cannot wait to jump in bathtub, even before all the water is drained from shower…and believe it or not, if I should drop some medicine on floor, he’s been known to bring it to me and drop it at my feet and beg for conditioned treat. Very smart cat. Was raised on a farm and have had other cats in life, but have never seen one as smart and helpful as this one.
        It’s becoming very rare to find apartments in which a dog is permissible and that’s why 9 years ago I chose to adopt this weaned too early runt of the litter that grew-up to be 26 LBs. Not fat. Just steroids.

      4. @ namnibor, sounds like he is a cool cat. My dog doesn’t do any tricks except the paw. Pickup your meds, that is cool. Sounds like he cares about your well being. Those Maine coon cats are beautiful creatures and are suppose to be very intelligent. I had a cat that was a runt. Turned out to be the best cat i ever had. That cat is bigger than my dog. Lol! 26lbs! My dog is half that weight. He acts like a tiger liking water that way. I have seen cats drink water with their only their paws.

      5. @Ex va– I forgot to mention that he’s an unusually vocal cat in everything BUT your typical meowing cat. He makes quasi-raccoon chattering sounds and one other thing, much like a dog, he has from a kitten to now been one to play a cat’s version of ‘fetch’. I have this beanie lizard that was given to me by a student I was mentoring in college and I gave that to my cat when he was a wee, way too-early weaned kitten, and the beanie lizard was three and half times his size. To date, he will walk around with that in his mouth around 9 pm each evening wanting to play, making raccoon chatter type sounds while the beanie lizard still in his mouth…if I were a slave to social media (am not, do not even use FB), this cat would have gone viral in videos a few times. Not a lap cat either, never has. Plays a bit rough at times and I have various wounds weekly that attest to that fact. LOL.

        What kind of dog do you have? My ID Specialist told me that she always recommends pets for patients with chronic health issues and in her lifetime of experience, those patients always faired better or at least coped with situation better than non-pet owners. That’s why I posted that about Pets For Vets…great organization and am betting the VA does not volunteer this info because it *may* infringe upon TelePsychMedicine Contracts, wouldn’t it? 🙂

      6. @ namnibor, he is trying to talk to you if he is vocalizing. My dog almost does this purring thing when she is happy. It is a border terrier mix. Now she does push on door to open and closes it. I forget that trick. She sits and stares at me a lot. YouTube pays you for filming you might be able not to show yourself just your friend and some do that patreon thing too. I don’t do the Facebook. I have a lot of va enemies and don’t want them to know details of where i live or about my life. Not much of a life anyways. I believe that when i was sick she acts like she is sick and will not eat unless i am eating. I believe she has helped me with my chronic illnesses and my mental state as well. When i was bedridden she wouldn’t leave my side. I knew then she cared about me.

      7. @Ex va — Really cool stuff. Yeah, familiar with the vocalizing/communicating, as he also has about 15 minutes of separation anxiety and HOWLS when I leave but to be clear, he does not do this if I am just going down to check my mail…like a damn dog, he actually firstly looks down to see if I have the telltale shoes on my feet…that launches the separation anxiety phase when walking out with shoes on. LOL.
        When I have come back from being hospitalized or a procedure, and I still feel badly, that also is when I know he cares about me and will sit closer on bed and watch.

        Sounds like you have a great dog there. I am not into the filming of self, not even my music stuff…am way too private for that and after having identity theft last year, I am even more cautious than before…almost hermetic. People can unfortunately suck…animals love unconditionally.

      8. @ namnibor, i understand the separation anxiety, she does that if i take a shower, she thinks i am leaving. She goes to her bed. Most of the time she sleeps next to me. That is funny the howling. He looks at your shoes! Smart cat!

        My dog sometimes will have a fit of barking when i come home and just goes crazy because i am back. Now she did go crazy when they took me by ambulance i heard her howling.

    2. Seriously, pets for vets sounds like a great organization. Pets can add a lot to your life. They love and care about you and sometimes more loyal than your human friends. I do have some good friends, just don’t see them that often because of health issues. My dog really helps me in a lot of ways. If you ask ANutterVet, he can help you with the diet and care of your k-9. He is going to have a website to help people with their pets. He is an expert and would help you.

  20. We waited for “it”, and “it” was done late last night.
    Check out this from;
    “End Times Prophecy News”, “brother Jim reporting”.
    “Look What Jeff Sessions Said Immediately After He Was Confirmed”

    Feb. 8, 2017 (6:22 minutes long) with a video of his appointment and confirmation! We got a new DOJ/Sheriff!

    1. Here’s another video I hope y’all watch.
      From; “High Impact Flix”
      Posted: 8 Feb 2017 (2:40 minutes long)

      “What If Super Bowl Commercials Aired SHAKING TRUTHS Like This?!?”

      The Federal Reserve is just like the VA! Or, is the VA just like the Federal Reserve?

  21. “The Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Benefits concurred with four of five recommendations and provided acceptable corrective actions plans, but didn’t agree to enforce the requirement that proof of death be submitted prior to the release of automated burial payments. ”

    Does POTUS still employ a man who does not agree to enforce a requirement that dead vets prove they are dead before burial? hmmm. The absolute absurdity of VA seeps out every pore and creeps out from under every stone. OIG tells them six ways from Sunday they are breaking the law and ahould not break the law anymore, and VA response; “VBA agrees 80% (4 of 5 recommendations) with OIG that we should not break the law…”

    And America buys this as just the cost of doing business with VA. Tell me again, why did we vote Trump in? Surely it wasn’t just to clean pidgeon droppings out of the OIG glass conference room, right?

    1. That all glass conference room with pigeon droppings covered glass has been made into an ‘Art Installation” by our former “peas flies” President. Loads of work went into annexing that glass conference room as a new wing at the Museum Of Modern Art Sex Addict Den (MOMA SAD). Pigeons state that the exhibit has gone to the crows.

      1. What could one expect from “Former” idiot in charge. The first place he/she went to was “…a married gay couple’s house in Palm Springs, CA.!”
        Then it was “rumored” Michelle/Michael wasn’t “… getting enough attention…” so, He/She, by herself/himself, “…flew off to a millionaires island…” without the two brats!

  22. I say, screw that “corrective action plan”! Start prosecuting individuals asap. Make an example out of a bunch of these employees.
    Follow the damn money trail.
    Something is definitely stinking at VBA!

  23. Damn, now VBA can’t even get veterans buried correctly!

    Last year, here in Florida, on WFTV, Channel 9, Orlando, a veteran and wife reported the husband had been declared dead by VA.
    Even when they went to their nearest VHA, along with all the paperwork, the VA wouldn’t correct the FUBAR. He had been going to that VHA for about 10+ years. So, some of the employees knew him and his wife personally!
    It wouldn’t be until the local news station got involved, the VBA would reverse the decision and begin paying him.

    We also had another lady, who had been screwed over by VBA down here. Same basic scenario as what Ben discussed on survivors benefits. They said she had remarried, therefore, she wasn’t eligible. Problem was, she never remarried.

    It seems VBA, down here in Florida, continually screws up.

    What’s it going to take to put the fear of GOD in these asswipes?

    1. @Crazy elf — Maybe a giant sinkhole swallowing-up the brand new VAMC down there in Florida would make the VA get their death tally in order by counting how many AFGE Dues are no longer being paid?

      Or…The VA should take remedial Math and Counting Classes from none other than ‘The Count” from Sesame Street? Wait, that won’t work either because ex-VA Sec McDuck is filling-in for ‘The Count” while he finds a place for his lead parachute to land…but you can BET the VA can “count” when it’s $$$$ OWED to the VA such as $1.20 overage on Travel Pay Claim or when the VA chooses to illegally bill your Medicare for Service Connected Medical Issues…they can ‘count’, just when it’s beneficial to the VA rat bastards.

    2. “What’s it going to take to put the fear of GOD in these asswipes?”

      Tell them all that the candy machines are being removed from the break room, OR
      pledge to take away their cell phones for an hour each time they screw up. Result? Panic at first, then compliance.

    3. What’s it going to take?
      When these clowns making these “mistakes” are held responsible and fired.

      And prosecuted if negligence is found.

  24. As terrible as this is, and I hate to be a cynic here but, I am reading this as the VA prepping for their first money grab under President Trump.

    “[The Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Benefits concurred with four of five recommendations and provided acceptable corrective actions plans, but didn’t agree to enforce the requirement that proof of death be submitted prior to the release of automated burial payments.]” — WHY doesn’t the freakin’ VA just TALK TO Social Security for confirmation? WTF?
    Just maybe, BVA Murphy has taste-tested too many Agent Orange Poo-Bars. How the f^ck does the the VA get SO MUCH consistently wrong? Rat Bastards! If it’s not this, it’s desecrating Veteran’s remains by allowing them to liquefy in body bags on the shelves such as at the Chicago VAMC last year or dragging a deceased Veteran’s body to a shower stall…WAHT THE F^CK VA?

    1. For some reason I recall the IG looking at this once before, some years ago. I recall some comment then about SS computers not talking to VA computers.

      As if the number of vets dying are so great that someone can’t match a printout from SS with VA records.

  25. Failure to monitor privatization. Open door to fraud. Bet the veterans who were alive never received a check for burial. Someone else got it as well as their compensation when it was cut off. Embezzlement fraud hides in mistakes.

    1. Right-on, Lem. I was also thinking what a perfect smokescreen for embezzlement of benefits when fraudulent fiduciaries is not enough to f^ck with Veterans and their families while alive.

  26. “We also recommended he initiate actions to ensure policies and procedures are consistent with CFR…”

    Well golly, I think that ensuring that heir actions are consistant with the Code Of Federal Regulations (also known as The Law) would be a Jim Dandy good idea to try. Just think, if a policy like obeying the law were to be implemented the cultural change at VA could potentially reap the enormous cultural benefits associated with accountability! As a pilot project, implementing policies that obeyed the law would likely lead eventually to the telling of truth, the dissemination of fact vs. fiction, and an increase in positive stakeholder outcomes overall (like reducing the need for burial services).

    I wonder who will guide the new VA in such a radical departure from standard operating procedure? I hate to be critical but maybe asking the VA to implement policies consistant with the CFR (The Law) might not go far enough? As a next step, OIG can advise VA to implement policies consistant with medical competance and ethics as well. I realize that OIG must be authorized to do these investigations and the AFGE office staff is still realing over the current proposal, but with persuasion perhaps AFGE leadership can authorize another foray into uncharted territories by OIG.

    Things are indeed better now with OIG on the job!

    The VA OIG once again proves their true worth to America! Job well done OIG!

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