Secretary Bob McDonald Dereliction of Duty

Scheming VA Executives Demoted, Not Fired

Secretary Bob McDonald Dereliction of Duty

Benjamin KrauseSecretary Bob McDonald was in complete dereliction of duty by failing to hold senior executive employees accountable for fraud – they will still earn $100,000 per year.

Two VA executives were caught in a fraud scheme earlier this year. VA announced it will not fire the fraudsters after a full IG investigation that confirmed allegations that taxpayers were ripped off by the duo.

Earlier this year, SES executives Diana Rubens and Kim Graves will not be terminated for defrauding taxpayers and bullying subordinates. They received $400,000 in moving bonus money while manipulating the system to dislocate others in those positions. Instead of real accountability, VA slapped the duo on the wrist by forcing a slight demotion to “Assistant Director” and relocation to different facilities.

Think they dislocated other employees to allow the move? What negotiations behind the scenes resulted in no one would be held accountable.

Adding salt to the wound, Rubens and Graves will continue to earn well over $100,000 per year. They will also retain all ill-gotten gains through the scheme.

Doesn’t this sound like the kind of a deal a Wall Street suit might receive after rolling over on colleagues? Who do you think Rubens and Graves ratted out?

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American Legion head Dale Barnet said the decision proved VA will never understand the need “to hold people accountable.” Barnett believes the failure to hold Graves and Rubens accountable “is an insult and disgrace to all veterans.”

House Committee on Veterans Affairs chairman Jeff Miller said, “Because of the department’s failure to adequately hold employees accountable in this and many other situations, VA is being forced to tolerate corruption, malfeasance and incompetence within its ranks. As a result it remains under the shadow of perpetual scandal.”

Nowhere else in America other than the Federal Government can a person show such disregard for the law and still retain employment. Have you ever heard of someone getting caught ripping off their boss by over six figures and still keep their job?


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  1. Letting the VA get away with screwing the veterans and getting away with unethical behavior is no one fault but the Veterans themselves. We as veterans have enormous power and that power needs to be displayed right away. All veterans need to organize in the millions and march mainly on Washington, DC and for those who cannot travel march onto their local VA Medical Centers and VA Affair Departments. In the millions, we can close down DC for weeks. March in front of the White House, Congress, and the Veterans Department. Tell the President, Congress and Secretary McDonald (the green berate who served in Nam and O’Bama’s yes man) to immediately fix the VA to perform its functions in favor of veterans. Fire unethical bureaucrats immediately, fire leave with pay bureaucrats who have been on paid leave for an unexplained extended time, fire bureaucrats who have retaliated against whistleblowers, make good on whistleblowers, no pensions for bureaucrats who have resigned but had unethical issues, fire those bureaucrats who have plead the fifth in front of Congress or at the minimum put them on leave without pay and reduction in benefits and many other actions against the VA to numerous to mention. If the President, Congress and the VA Secretary do not enforce the changes, we should give them 16 hours to get out of town or million of veterans will physically throw them out. If the police or federal agents get in our way, they will also be thrown out. Enough of this B***S***.

  2. Dear Mr. Krause:

    I suggest if those in government who should put an end to all the fraud, found guilty of aiding and abetting else the criminals in all this wrong doing on in the VA and do nothing their case should be forwarded with the culprits they shield, to this email
    [email protected].

    I reiterate as in other occasions I may appear to be a cranky old, disabled veteran, but since my tour of duty in the military, I feel compelled to follow instructions to a T so when I am told in our CITY or any other government entity, ” If you see something, say something,” that is what I do.

  3. No one in Houston had to relocate to make room, the assistant director position was vacant prior to this decision.

  4. The VA has failed veterans, and Congress has failed veterans. It is never going to change. Term limits would be a step in the right direction, then maybe congress would do the right thing. The VA should be dismantled.

    1. I truly believe the VA can change and improve- and that this bohemoth is slowly doing that. I also believe we need term limits and need to let go most all in Congress. Politics is killing us.

  5. Personally I have taken all I can. The sole reason for deaths of Vets falls in the hands of that lying, thieving, murderring leader of the most corrupt Gov. Organization in history of America. He passes down directates to hurt every vet who comes through the VA’s doors. He strajght out lies to congressmen, senators, and the media. If this is an example of our leaders in DC., then no doubt is leftt that they are ALL a bunch of lying thieves. This is truly anexample of Greed running rampant. The result will be disasterous. Mr. President, you have failed our Veterans big time. McDonald is, to Veterans, a straight up TERRORIST. He should be treated accordingly.

  6. The VA is turning me away for healthcare other than a physical so I go to my private healthcare for more intense healthcare but they are shunning me because they figure I am getting healthcare from the VA. SO, now I have some issues that are going to wear down my overall health but can’t do a damn thing about it. What a great country and all the broken promises. Wish me luck. I sure hope those who have life threatening issues will be shown some care.

  7. Hold on guys this is going to be a LONG comment…

    It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the VA WILL NOT CHANGE UNTIL IT IS FORCED TO DO SO..

    The VA has for years wasted billions trying to get the Aurora campus built. Now they are refusing to tell congress where the money went…

    The VA wasted millions on solar panels…

    Millions for ad agencies…

    While VA keeps Vets waiting for months for care…

    While Vets die…

    Then has the audacity to go to congress claiming they’re out of money after wasting billions…

    Even with scandals breaking out all over the place, numerous reports on TV and in newspapers, and congressional hearings, and VA is lying, Vets are dying billboards going up around the country, the VA continues to lie, delay and deny, stonewalling, and squirming furiously to hide the truth and maintain the status quo…all the while finding every legal, and many times illegal, way to delay and deny Vets benefits of all kinds…continuously ignoring or subverting clear directions from the VA Director , the President and even Laws passed by congress…

    Whether It’s the incompetent or unqualified care providers, the clerks trying to shoehorn too many patients into too few slots and finding ways to hide their enormous waitlists by gaming the system or simply shit canning requests for appointments, their middle level bosses conniving with them and each other to maintain their bonuses. or upper level management conniving with them all to maintain their little fiefdoms…all protected by the Union, the clause in their contract the says the Government ( read that as TAXPAYERS ) will assume all liability ( even though tort laws protect the gvmt from doing so cutting of all recourse for those Vets damaged, killed and cheated by the system ), and finally by the VA itself which lies before Congress, continuously denyies access to information, and continuous stonewalls from bottom to top…

    And we’re still just talking about the VA’s PRIMARY MISSION…medical care of Vets. I haven’t even started on Benefits or Voc Rehab yet, both of which are just as riddled with corruption and ineptitude…


    Actually there are LOTS of answers, lots of things that need to be done…

    Remove incompetent or unqualified care providers…

    Get rid of all the doctors from outside the US who can’t or won’t obtain the training needed to supplement the inferior training they received in their native countries, such as those from India and Pakistan who can’t get a real license here without going through school again…

    Get rid of the American doctors that can’t get malpractice insurance because they’ve been sued so many times for incompetence…

    Stop using unqualified NPs instead of Doctors to provide primary care..

    Hire qualified doctors to replace them, maybe by forgiving school loans in return for a 6 year stint at the VA, like a 6 year stint in the military…

    Remove civil service protections…

    Between civil service protections and the union, it’s almost impossible to remove an incompetent lazy or dishonest employee…resulting in these employees being shifted from place to place to hurt another group of Vets.

    Get rid of incompetent or ineffective clerks and middle and upper management…

    Especially ANYONE who has been involved in shredding documents or manipulating wait lists.

    Fire them, prosecute them for wrong doings and sue them to recover all wages and bonuses paid them while employed at the VA…PUT THEM IN JAIL…

    Hire and train Unemployed Vets to take their place…Who better to care and advocate for Vets than Vets ?

    Protect whistle blowers…

    Immediately suspend without pay anyone who is accused of retaliating against whistleblowers and investigate the allegation immediately with a investigating body completely outside the VA and free from VA influence…

    Reward whistleblowers financially for confirmed allegations and punish them for unsupported allegations just as severely…


    I can’t take credit for these ideas…I’ve seen them in forums and comments on many sites…but all have been sent to the VA and congress at various times…WE KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE…but so far no-one in congress has had the gumption to stand up to the VA and its’ contractors and employee unions, which lobby congress furiously to protect their money piles…

    And only congress has the power to effect real change…they control the money…

    And there’s only one way to control congress.

    The thing any congressman cares about most…getting re-elected.

    There are 21.8 million veterans of the U.S. armed forces as of 2014, according the Census Bureau. But we’re not just talking about the Vets only. They have mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers and wives and children…so multiply that 21.8 million by one mother and one father, one sister and one brother, one wife and 2.5 children and you have 165.3 million potential voters…out of 319.2 million Americans…More than half the people in America. Actually, according to Population Clock – The United States population on July 4, 2015 was: 321,216,397…Still…

    So here’s what I’m proposing…


    Organized along city, county, state and national lines…

    I’m not talking about a traditional PAC that gathers together billions of dollars and then uses that money to bribe politicians with junkets and campaign contributions and promises of future consulting jobs and exorbitant speaker fees…

    We would only do three things…Organize… Provide information to politicians on matters that concern us (No campaign contribution, no information junket to Bermuda, not even lunch)…and VOTE…

    1. Have to tell you I agree with almost everything you say, however, “unqualified NP’s”? My provider is a NP at the VA and I would put her up against any MD. You see…C=MD!

      1. Agree, if examination states MD with specific qualifications than it means just that. I am a retired qualified VA NP! And I go to the VA to see an NP who takes great care of me! I know good care and I wouldn’t trade her for any MD.

    2. Some good points however most VA doctors aren’t covered with malpractice insurance. When a doctor is sued it gets paid by the Agency, not insurance. The doctor then, if serious enough, is reported to the medical board.

      1. In fact, licensing board(s) tells you that you do not need malpractice insurance if you are employed by the Federal Govt., and I think even State. Malpractice Insurance is extremely expensive, so this is a benefit to the employee.

  8. “American Legion head Dale Barnet said the decision proved VA will never understand the need “to hold people accountable.” Barnett believes the failure to hold Graves and Rubens accountable “is an insult and disgrace to all veterans.'”

    Actually, VA *already* understands the need “to hold people accountable.”

    Just try – as a veteran – to keep your disability benefit, and all your back payments, if VA decides you’ve defrauded *them*.

  9. If you send the message that there is not true accountability for unethical actions (assuming the wrong doing is proven), then how can anything change?

  10. My wife and relatives seem to be wrapped up in everyday life I think they think I’m crazy, hell I know I’m crazy iv’e got it in writing and they know that. But what they don’t see is what happening, my father in law passed away last year we were real good friends he’s a former 12 years Texas State senator bob Mcfarland Texas monthly said he was one of the 10 best senators Texas ever had, he was for the people. I never ever asked him to pull strings for me. Here’s the deal I can already see everybody here knows what going on some things happening we veterans are very aware that nothing’s gonna change I mean you have to be pretty stupid not to see this, brothers and sisters arm yourself at least it might buy you some time.

    1. Anybody who uses VA Healthcare or any medical professionals trained or connect to the VA is truly Foolish and putting their own life’s at risk.

      Maybe everyone needs to reconsider VA Health care.

      Especially when you consider the amount of Human Subject Research that is ongoing at VA Facilities.

      Truly it is time to take a closer look at the Institutional Review Boards (IRB) and their connections to big Pharma.

      1. Kirk R-

        *Many Veterans* do not have any choice in that matter and have to use the VA and then when retirement age kicks-in they can use Medicare and Private Dr.’s more easily.
        It all comes down to the almighty dollar, unfortunately.

      2. Namnibor,

        I know that many Veterans are without medical insurance and need medical care but in a lot of cases there are safer alternatives to VA Health Care.

        There are alternatives that are much safer for Veterans who need care including Medicaid medical assistance programs sponsored by many states and counties. Where the Veteran would not only receive better care but they would also be better protected by the same laws and courts that civilians receive.

        While I feel that we should be able to trust VA Health Care that is clearly not the case. The VA has proven time and again to not only be harmful but also deadly in many cases for Veterans.

        The VA is demonstrating just how rotten to the core it truly is with it’s failure to hold Rubens and Graves accountable. With just a demotion and transfer and you know they will now be paid even more money for another relocation.

  11. They must have some heavy evidence against those who would take appropriate action against them. To be reduced from Special Executive Status to General Schedule Worker (GS-15 and below) is a smack on the hand compared to the criminal fraud charges and subsequent prison time these people should be looking at for the many individual cases of misuse of government funds, defrauding the Veterans they have taken an oath to serve, and literally stealing government funds for their own use (the basic cause of not having adequate resources to execute real responsibilities within projected time lines). We are seeing many cases of diversion of public and legal attention by handing out minor punishments rather than filing appropriate charges and conducting open investigations which would reveal much more extensive criminal activities; not only by the accused, but by the accusers (who would already be in the accused box for complicity (yes RICO) in those very same, but also much larger, frauds which have resulted in the deaths and suffering of many veterans. This could be examined under the general heading of “mass murder”. It might even be considered intentional. (1st Degree Homicide with multiple victims for the purpose of personal enrichment). Send THAT to the IG in the GSA and see how much feces gets spit out by the HVAC.

  12. Bob can’t change anything, he’s just a figure head filling a hole on the cabinet, a yes man. If congress can’t clean house why would you think one person can. When the Secretary of VA was made a cabinet position they created a Court Jester. That’s all the Secretary of VA is, a political clown.

    Boys and girls it isn’t going to do any good, other then to vent your frustration, bad mouthing the clown, he’s doing what he’s paid to do, NOTHING.

    As a group, if we concentrate on our elected officials, the media, bill boards, radio, letters to the editor and pressure on veterans organizations, changes will happen……….

    Name names get bad employees out in the open, keep up the pressure.

    1. I fully believe Rep. Miller is nothing but a “jester in the court” as well. Otherwise we would not have this crap if we actually had an “oversight committee” but as it stands, we have enough hot air to run many wind turbines, but absolutely no horsepower in actually DOING SOMETHING.

      Congress enables their behavior. Our President has full faith in the VA and Sec. McDonald to “always do the right thing”…well, that ‘right thing’ must be from Satan’s perspective.

    2. The GAO, Government Accounting Office has the last word. Don’t be fooled. You have to do something which is to file a formal complaint at: [email protected]


      Quancidine for President

      1. I tried to file a complaint with the GAO about 5 years ago because the congress person wasn’t doing his job to get to the Ways and Means committee on an issue of fraud & corruption in the Workers compensation debacle and they, the GAO said to get anything done, I HAD to get about 300 people’s signatures to get in front of the Ways & Means Committee to get a hearing since my congress person would not, whereas a congress person doesn’t need 300 signatures. So maybe you will all have better luck unless the GAO changed it’s own rules again. just like all of the many other agencies & legislators I’ve tried to call upon. I cannot even get a complaint form the SSA which as I found out is in cahoots with the Congress. the DOL to short change the injured workers not only their comp benefits except for a pithy award but their SSA benefits too which the disabled workers get SSI amount rather than SSDI amount and it is all to benefit the employer which involves the DOD/VA & and other federal agency.. The SSA’s heavily spanish accented clerk stated there is no such thing as a complaint form. So something is horribly wrong and why we are to only be able to go to the internet for help. The internet is the biggest detriment in getting anything done, anymore, besides from some unknown on the phone in any American agency and forget going to a congress staffer, they act real nice but never get anyone a resolve, not to my knowledge anyway.
        It ‘s all smoke and mirrors and we’re paying for all of it and we’re getting the biggest shaft because as I’m aware of, the tax payers such as you all and others and the disabled like me paid for all of these programs, every single one of the programs and we cannot get our real benefits much less a person out of our government to solve a problem. Again something is horribly wrong when you all served our country with your life, limbs, minds and the rest who worked and we have to beg congress, the senate & others in the govt for what we paid for, for so many decades???

        I believe we do not have real Americans working in these departments. By that I mean, no one with an allegiance to our government but to whoever has the biggest bucks, favors. The oath they all take has been forgotten & we’ve all been betrayed for corporations including the DOD & VA who are employers first.

  13. Did anyone actually see this ending any other way?
    With all the negative reports coming out about VA, VHA, VBA, (and other government entities) in the past year and a half, concerning the misuse, (or possibly theft) of taxpayers monies, does it surprise anyone?

    The one brother may be right, the government may be keeping all government agencies from doing anything with $$$$, right now. Because look at what this administration (Obamy) has been getting away with for seven years….

    Like I’ve said. Something’s going to happen. And it ain’t gonna be pretty. There’s numerous articles coming out over the way our government is getting away with murder, literally, each week. One day the “straw that broke the camel’s back” will happen.
    Trump said the other week, because he wasn’t in the political arena as a “voted in politician”, yet, he couldn’t do much to help the American Citizens.

    I’ve also read where many law enforcement “heads” are breaking tradition and telling citizens “…to arm themselves!” Why would these high ranking law enforcement officials say such things? The newest one was the Chief of Police in Washington D.C.!
    Is it because they see our “Constitutional Republic” being flushed down the toilet? Do they, or are they, privy to something the average American is unaware of?

    I don’t know the answer to much of what is transpireing nationwide. But I do believe it’s going to get interesting in the coming months!!!

    1. We the People are going to have to take over the VA by contacting the GAO, Government Accounting Office and filing a formal complaint. This is the e-mail address: [email protected]

      1. Good luck with that. You can file all the proper forms you may like and feel really good about doing so but what good is it when the VA sees that as free toilet paper they will wipe and smear in your face upon return?

        It’s all a ruse. I am convinced of it at this point. All that’s missing is The Big Top and Circus Music.

        The inmates are running the asylum.

  14. I read the news release this past Saturday and like all here was stunned in disbelief and angry.

    I gave it some thought and realized one of two things, or both were at work. The first is the total and complete lack of a moral compass by our government hierarchy as demonstrated by the actions of the two targeted and the ultimate “punishment” by management. My second thought is these two scoundrels must have a lot of dirt on others and their silence is being bought.

    Whatever is the case, this decision cries out for investigation. I want to know who was involved in the decision, what they considered mitigating circumstances and how they arrived at the punishment.

    After all, the two subjects refused to go before congress to testify saying they were relying on their 5th Amendment rights. Not just veterans but, all American taxpayers are entitled to an exhaustive investigation and learn the whole truth.

    I will be sending a letter to Rep Miller and ask him to continue his inquiry into this situation.

    1. Rep. Miller has ALREADY passed the buck on this with nothing BUT hot air. No teeth. All the letters in the world will do nothing but give Veterans a few feel-good-endorphins, nothing else. Deaf ears.

      Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is one of the definitions of insanity.

    2. We the People are going to have to take over the VA by reporting their actions concerning Fraud and Theft to the GAO, Government Accounting Office. This is the e-mail address: [email protected]


      Quancidine for President

  15. I remember how it was back in the 60’s- 70’s and how proud I was to do my service for this country I loved. When I was overseas I couldn’t wait to get back and get on with my life. Now I can’t wait to leave it. When the gov’t won’t listen to her people screaming for help and change to correct a problem, it’s time to go. I’ve grown ashamed of this country and I’ve lost that patriotic feeling I use to get whenever I saw the flag. I’m not leaving this country yet, but I’m digging in because I see whats coming when cries for help fall on deaf ears. You still have a little hope America, don’t disappoint me.

    1. Nex, I understand what you are saying. I love my country, I love the flag but, I despise the government for which it stands. We all need to stand up and fight for what she is supposed to be.

  16. These two will retire at their high three. That means their high 3 yrs. Of SES pay not that of an assistant director of a RO.

  17. You want COLA for VETS or Seniors? No way! The govt needs the money for
    the incoming immigrants.

    1. Illegal and legal immigrants is what this is all about. because it is about cheap labor.
      Under the reagan admin, came the amnesty for illegal immigrants where they could now receive SSI/ low interest loans for business & homes. Then older workers with the highest paid/benefits we’re being targeted & forced to go out on workers compensation, which was WITH NO union help. Then after being labeled a nut & slut, we were then foisted to the SSA/Medicare, which was in union contracts. ALL WITH THE UNIONS, AFLO-CIO’S, HELP
      We as disabled workers got SSI after waiting years of being disabled, NOT SSDI. This was all worked out with congress, alfcio & the federal Dept of labor, which is what this is all about.. (WITH state agencies of the same kind helping out like the state DO; helping out the Fed DOL)) giving the SSA benefits to illegal or legal immigrants and also less in labor costs
      We lost it all, our jobs, our health, our homes, our families and still as of 1972,
      NO federal oversight of workers comp, It is all run independently by states, all thanks TO CONGRESS. This was all RIGGED BY CONGRESS which does include the senate.

      The ones , congress/state with all the passing of laws that will negatively affect us and it does, and with congress/senate, has complete control of our tax money.
      I don’t know ONE state or federal agency that does its job for Americans whether they be our vets or disabled workers, because this is all about giving it to someone other than Americans. I understand there is a refugee benefit package and that would be because of congress/senate to aid & assist all self-insured employers, the DOD/VA too.
      I’ve seen this since 1989 and it started during the reagan administration that approved it all and since. Not until the fraud & corruption in state & federal agencies all because of CONGRESS which includes the Senate and that goes for the VA/DOD & unions, is addressed, we will not see our rightful benefits.
      God help & bless us all.

  18. “[Miller noted that the VA will not even recoup the $8,000 bonus Graves received this year.]”

    I am sorry, but this shows in it’s ugly truth that the House Veterans Committee is NOTHING BUT a dog and pony show. As long as our government continues to allow the VA to totally police itself, absolutely NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE. Period. Nada.

    Re. Miller and all others on that committee are JUST AS CORRUPT by proxy and only ENABLE these crooks to continue their bad behavior. Dysfunction Junction 101.


    The VA has done what I predicted and USED the very “fog of war” world terror events to hide behind and the so-called press also has their eyes EYES WIDE SHUT.

    You can poop out as many Freedom Of Information Act Requests as you can muster, and these VA Employees (regardless of GS-Level) will continue playing violin while Rome Burns around them and claim that the fire was not THAT HOT.

    This IS a phenomenally FAT SLAP in the FACE of all Veterans and a huge wet fart in the Tax Payer’s faces. Meanwhile, it’s not looking great for Military/Veterans receiving a COLA this year, let alone all on Social Security.

    Not to worry if you are a VA Employee, though. They will probably get a special extra bonus for not showing-up initially to House Veterans Committee and another special bonus for being good bitches and all Pleading THE FIFTH!


  20. When Benjamin Franklin emerged on to the street after the Second Drafting, a woman approached him and asked him what manner of government that he and the others had given us. “A Republic, Ma’am, If you can keep it.”

    The duty to report a broken traffic light, or the duty to report a broken agency in the government falls to us. The citizen. We have a Republic, if we can keep it. If the damn traffic light isn’t fixed, then DO something about it! VA is broken – DO something! Continually and without fear keep asking VA to explain itself by using Privacy Act complaints, OIG complaints, Letters to the Doctors licensing boards, Use the Freedom Of Information Act to ASK THOSE QUESTIONS!!!!

    Ask yourself honestly as a veteran; “Do you know how to make a Freedom Of Information Act request?” We as veterans are led to believe we have fought for the freedom to do this. Have you used it?

    The VHA can hide behind the veterans like terrorists hide behind civilians. The truth is, that here is truly on only ONE group that can expose the truth better than any other. It is us. They can bar almost everyone from their property – but us? They must hold out their arms in their well polished part they play.

    Do something! If something isn’t right, walk into the release of information office, and file a FOIA request and ask. Before you know it you will have your first refusal to honor a legitimate request and you too then might get the fire lit. Once you see for yourself how it works, use that information to take action. Sitting in front of a computer and complaining is venting. This is good.

    We have a Republic, if we can keep it. There is one thing the VA cannot withstand forever; when veterans stop being afraid to lose their treatment (you will) and stand up to the corruption in their local clinics and hospital by filing those complaints. The will fight back, but let me tell you from experience; we have an ally. The Press.

    Take a reporter with you. Tell them he/she is your good friend. Fill out the online VHA Healthcare Power of Attorney so that reporter can speak for you. Take them into the clinic with you. The rats will become unnerved.

    My duty as a citizen is clear.

    1. Well said, but when the press is reluctant, there is something fishy going on in that matter. VA honors your request but they redact the information so bad that you think they had a contract with clorox. They also obscure your request by citing the Privacy Act.

      1. Make a FOIA request asking for all Evidence Based Practices offered in your clinic. Ask for a list of the EBP’s. They cannot redact that. No way. When you get it, ask your doctor via secure messaging what EBP is most appropriate for your condition. This puts them on the spot. VHA docs are undertrained and probably (according to a Rand study) are not following any published protocol like VHA claims.

        When you find this out, file a Civil Rights complaint against the doctor. File a complaint regarding EBP not being offered in your case to patient advocate via Secure Messaging.

        This is how these tools can work. It creates a trail that scares the heck out of them when they see what is going on.

  21. The problem here is that it is political. The parties in this election are not mentioning anything specific about the scandal at VA, they generalize “VA Scandal” the moderators in the debates are silent as well, not a peep regarding these instances. No one is calling for the Secretary to resign or even subpoena him, so that he can explain himself from his previous testimony about accountability.

  22. Only at the VA can this sort of thing go on. But if you’re a disabled veteran and if you fudged just a little bit on your travel distance from the VA, whether intentionally or unintentionally; and you get overpaid on your travel pay. Then the VA will garnish any over payment’s to you from your monthly compensation checks until the over payment is paid in full and send you a nasty letter threatening you with jail time and prosecution. I’ve heard of this happening to veterans…..But it appears that the same set of rules don’t apply to the people working at the VA and that they can commit fraud, and steal, and everything else without fear of any consequences……Baghdad Bob still hasn’t done very much nor changed anything at the VA. He’s never will!

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