Sharon Helman

Fired VA Director Keeps Bonus Despite ‘Blatant Ineptitude’

VA Director Sharon Helman

Benjamin KrauseFormer Phoenix VA boss Sharon Helman will be able to keep the $9,080 bonus she received prior to being fired despite massive fraud, mismanagement and scandal she allowed at the facility.

Helman was terminated last year after whistleblowers exposed a massive wait list scandal at Phoenix VA that resulted in bonus fraud and veteran deaths. During her termination appeal, VA failed to provide evidence to support the claim that she wrongfully received her bonus.

Instead, VA only provided evidence that Helman accepted inappropriate gifts from a lobbyist without disclosing the gifts, which was the reason for her termination. She accepted an $11,000 trip to Disney from a lobbyist and tickets to a music concert.

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According to The Republic:

The VA had moved to take back $9,080 awarded to Helman, claiming the bonus and a pay raise were issued by mistake. But judge Alan Caramella, in a Sept. 16 decision, sanctioned the VA for failing to produce key evidence and ruled Helman may keep the extra cash she received for meeting fiscal 2013 performance goals.

Chairman Jeff Miller (R-FL) lashed out at the result of VA’s failure to provide evidence to ensure the agency regained the bonus paid to Helman. He described the bonus program that paid Helman as displaying, “blatant ineptitude and fiscal irresponsibility.”

Earlier this week, Secretary Bob McDonald tried to explain VA”s bonus program as essential to attract top talent to the scandal-plagued agency. Chairman Miller spoke out against this claim, “While touting its bonus program as a way to attract and retain the best and brightest, VA continually pays thousands in taxpayer-funded bonuses to employees with proven records of incompetence and corruption year after year.”

Helman received top marks even though her facility had more scandals than most. Come to find out the high rating was given in error, which was the basis for the call to claw back her bonus. Since VA failed to provide evidence supporting the claim against her, American taxpayers can kiss the money goodbye.

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  1. @carzyelf and all. Here’s how we misspend $$ on these Political Refugees in Tennessee…this is also going on currently in my State and others. I will say that although Obama has been doing this on steroids, the previous POTUS is proof the problem lays with both Parties. This article will tell you at bottom that the Rep. in TN did nothing, even though an informant videotaped the atrocities going on in the space ship sized muslim mosque our $$ built.


    1. For every action, is a reaction! Our government bunches up people into massive reservations called ghettos!

      This only Pitts each group against each other! That’s not freedom that’s a distraction and does nothing to make this country safer or better!

  2. VA employees may be immune from wrong doing and we can’t legally hold them accountable, but public acknowledgement of who they are their position and how much money they make could make for personal embarrassment and humiliation. If you go to Federal Employees Search you can look up each employee by state, job title, salary, and bonus. They’re protected by the government from wrong doing and our freedom of speech is protected by that same government. Each time a veteran posts on this site another site the media or contacts their representative about something a VA employee has done or said that is wrong, refer to that employee by name, position, salary and bonus.

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t want my name position in life and information about my finances made public……..especially if it’s for negative reasons.

    I’m not an attorney so if this is legal or not I can’t say, but because they’re public employees that information is public and if you don’t threaten them I can’t see how it would be.

    I’ve always been told as long as you just ask a question you can’t get in trouble, so state their name, job title, salary and bonus then ask a question or make a statement i.e. According to John Doe/Sally Doe, job title, salary, bonus, I was told this or, this happened,

    Public humility the weapon of choice……….

    1. Correction, I’m not an attorney so if this is ILLEGAL or not I can’t say………………………sorry about that.

      1. @Fred,
        I’ve been told the same thing. As long as everything you state is factual, and no threat is made, it’s perfectly legal under the First Amendment of our Constitution. Just make sure you have those factual documents handy in case of whatever….

        Look up the name, “Sir Edmond Burke!” Our own Continental Congress used his very words against (FAT) King James when exploring ways to DECLARE Independence from Great Britain in 1776!

    2. This is the same bitch that caused the deaths,of now about 400 vets, all so she could collect her bonuses, while collecting about a $90,000.00 yearly salary! She kept duplicitous lists and initimidated veterans and employees alike, with RED FLAGS and the like. I should know, she had a RED FLAG place in my VA chart, for writing a letter of support for a fellow vet and VA employee she was persecuting and harassing!

      1. I know exactly what you mean! It just amazes me how many others are exactly like her!

        And again I say, if our elected officials keep letting it happen and not make the employees held accountable they will continue to harm many veterans using this tactic to retaliate if the veterans question them!

        Many have forgotten the department of veterans affairs was made so are veterans are cared for!

        Not for employees to think it was made for themselves!

        I’m (very disappointed that this country is being treated with such disrespect to our veterans and the tax payer!

  3. Morning to y’all.
    I get a website called “Above the Fold”. I learned of it from a “FDLE” (Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement) spokesman. It gives me ALL the major newspaper “Headlines” each day. Then I can ‘click onto a story’ and read the whole article. Maybe y’all have a similar ‘site’ in your state? I bet it’s worth checking on!

    Now, this AM, I finally got around to looking at the many articles that came out this past week. What i found in the November 17th “Miami Herald” newspaper is something of a disgrace about VA.
    The ‘title’ basically says it all.
    “Florida Hospitals: VA owes $134 million in unpaid claims”
    by Daniel Chang

    There’s three (3) “main highlights” in addition to the main article.

    From the Florida Hospital Association survey, “…which was conducted in September and October, 95 percent of the 89 FHA member hospitals reported having unpaid claims with the VA, some outstanding for more than two years.”

    Of course the VA has disputed this “claim”! Why wouldn’t they. That’s their M/O! Deny until it somehow magically disappears.

    Now, here’s my question to y’all.

    If the VA owes the FLORIDA HOSPITALS this kind of money, $134 million. How much is owed to hospitals across this nation?


    Here another article I heard about from a relative who lives in the Yuma, Az. area. She told me about it last night. It was late, so I waited till this AM to put it on here. This article was on numerous news stations out there. KWMA-11, KSWT-13 and ABC-5 NEWS.
    It has to do with a “Former Marine”! Who was wounded in the leg in Afghanistan, I believe.
    The ‘title’ is;
    “Veteran says VA failed to properly care for him”

    The Marine’s father, an Army Veteran, also had some choice words over how his son, and other veterans, are NOT being cared for properly by VA!

    So, I googled the title this morning and low and behold, there it was. There’s also a video. It’s the same ol b/s by VA!!!

    1. Now the VA isn’t allowing “Christmas Trees” in their reception lobbies.
      I read it from Twitter.
      More B/S from VA….

      1. What are they allowing then…a Muslim Themed Sand Castle Christmas? I am thinking you take that dollar amount that the VA owes Florida Hospitals and easily multiply that by 50 States as a rough estimate.

        This is why I do not see CHOICE working on a much larger scale because I have already heard of the problems with reimbursement with CHAMPVA and can only imagine the bag of snakes it becomes if the VA does not or takes forever to pay via CHOICE…I am betting the VA has made it so the Veteran is the one that has their potential credit school ruined and sent to collections…and also remember that the VA could always arbitrarily just decide to say an already authorized procedure/visit was in-fact now NOT authorized and not pay that way.
        It’s set-up without that thing called accountability…go figure. It’s nothing BUT a HUGE cookie jar of cash to the VA.

    2. Crazyelf, I get the impression the VA is madly scrambling to cut costs anywhere possible, and has been doing so for at least the past year.
      First, they are trying all kinds of tricks to get the Choice funds, but that hasn’t been working. Second, and this is anecdotal, but VAs across the nation have been cutting various kinds of medications, including pain meds for a long time, regardless of how long that veteran has been on those meds, and regardless of what their medical records show for need. Third. Again, anecdotal, but there are many veterans commenting that their claims are being denied, nothing new, but what was shocking is reading a comment of a vet whose claim was denied who received a Purple Heart for his wounds. In addition, there are many reporting their rating percentage is being reduced , and their comments suggest it is an arbitrary decision rather than a medical decision. Fourth. There are many commenting they cannot get aid and attendence, regardless of what the veterans medical records show.
      The only thing that did not appear to be cut was travel expenses for a select few, and bonuses. Both support the bureaucracy. There have been lots of other reports like what you mention…the VA stuffing the providers. Unfortunately veterans are being caught up in that mess using the Choice program when the VA refuses to pay.

      1. 91Veteran,
        I have been told many of the Newest (War)Veterans are the ones which are getting their ‘compensations’ lowered. Some even having it completely taken away. I wonder if it’s due to a possible LARGE influx of veterans due to where Obama, in reality, IS sending lots of troops around the world. I saw a report today where one more “hot spot” is Somolia.
        There’s a report where “Hundreds of Somoli refugees are in Shelbyville, Tenn.!” And the “Good Ol Boys” ain’t liking it. Seems the Somolis are rude and vindictive, pushing the citizens out of their way. They go into the stores and act very rude to customers. Try to haggle over price. It’s like a powder keg getting ready to blow.
        Why this administration put these people in that little town is beyond me!
        Look up the “namesake” of “who” that town is named after. Then you might understand more!

        I’ve also heard the same on medications being taken away. Or vets being put on something like an over the counter med. I’ve also heard where vets are receiving outdated meds and/or meds that are not for what the vet was diagnosed with, etc., etc..

        I’ve also heard this, but can’t confirm, there will be NO bonuses this year. Of course, we may not hear about this until late next year. Like we did this year on Veterans Day….

        I’ve also heard the same on lots of claims denials. But, we all knew, or suspected, this was goig to happen. Remember when I told everyone on here, a long time ago, that a Service Officer said, “Now was not the time to put in for anything!” Or even to make update “claims for disability compensation”!

        But, haven’t heard that much on VA trying to gut more money from Choice Program. Of course, they were probably doing it on the “sly”!

        Brother, in my opinion, something BIG is on the horizon. Maybe it’s that “HORRENDOUS ACT” I’ve been saying needs to happen to get people’s attention. Right now there are three’super powers’ involved in combating ISIS. They are, France, Russia, and just within the past week, China joined in…
        Obama’s administration is still sitting on the sidelines, for now!

      2. Veterans must do something soon, some sort of pation out side of stores?

        I would really like it if Ben would go on CNN, Fox, etc and announce that veterans will march on Washington this summer!

        Contact the VSOs to spread the word!

        This is a must or we all should stop complaining and just set back and let every veteran suffer!

        I and many other veterans would be willing to assist!

        The public are fed up with our government and the way everyone is being treated! As if we as citizens don’t matter!

        What do you say Ben, don’t you agree that the masses be heard and given an opportunity to show this government the veterans and citizens are serious about getting our country back!

        If we don’t do this, we have no one to blame but our selves! I’m sure once the word is out!

        Many legal minded entities would join the movement in support!

        What are we men or mice!

        Our Active Duty military members, deserve nothing less!

        Bob McDonald and the VA must be held accountable for there outrageous act’s against humanity!

      3. @James,
        I wonder just how many would be willing to March on Washington?
        It’s a great deal of work putting something like this together.
        Like you said, something has to be done…

        On a side note, I have read something off of Twitter (there’s a link to another site) where ISIS is contemplating an attack on a football stadium, while a game is being played, in Georgia (USA)! Yep, they plan to do it on the 22nd, Tomorrow…,

        I believe this issue a “false flag”! Because, militarily it’s not sound to state a where and when something will be done!

      4. The first thing is Ben announcing that veterans and the public will demonstrate in Washington and announcing volunteers and sponsors are needed!

        Any thing worth while takes work! I have no doubt that the American people would finance this movement with generous donations!

        Once it’s announced the media would spread the word!

        Lets not underestimate our veterans, their families and the public in general!

        The American dream is in jeopardy! Do we veterans ready want to leave this mess to our children!

        Every American that is well enough to serve, they should have to, then all of American citizens would speak up, since their children will be effected!

      5. @James,
        Correction, it isn’t a football game ISIS is going after. It’s the WWE Survivors Series in Atlanta, Georgia at a football stadium.
        I do believe, they might want to reconsider that. Have you ever been to one of these “attractions” put on by the WWE? I’m not going to say anything. I’ll let things run through your mind on what an outcome could be!?

      6. @crazyelf- There’s NO LESS than 65,000 Somali ‘Political Refugees’ in just Columbus, Ohio alone.
        Other ‘Minorities’ do not get along with them nor with them, so our USA spent tons of $$$ for separate huge closed neighborhoods Housing Developments there and even built them a HUGE Muslim Mosque…yep, you read the #’s and all right. Only other place with THIS many and MORE is Minneapolis/St. Paul area…and both locations have had the MOST trying to help the very terrorists…and WE paid for it!
        I do have empathy for those down and out but these people still have the same damn attitudes from “Blackhawk Down”, and are indeed incredibly rude and god forbid you need a taxi because they seem to OWN all the cab companies and even people have complained using that App called Uber (sp?) because they will manhandle woman customers…a weird ass time we are living in currently.

        It’s SAD, really SAD that there’s even -1- Homeless Veteran or Tax-Paying American Homeless when meanwhile we give every freebie govt entitlement to people that have never paid a dime in taxes and then have audacity to be rude to us! Damn!

        Political Correctness may just kill us.

    1. nope. The VA careers dot gov site lists under insurance benefits that “…the US government accepts full responsibility for any wrongdoing…” on the part of their employees.

      Here is how the idea works: The power of a citizen to sue for wrongdoing comes from the government (the King). Since the employee is part of the government, it is the same thing as suing the King. Since the power to sue in the first place comes from the King, the King has to agree to be sued. They won’t. This is normally referred to as “sovereign immunity”.

      For a VHA employee, the Federal Government essentially grants every employee a full pardon for any future wrongdoing as part of their employment benefits. Since the Federal Govt. legally assumes all responsibility for wrongdoing on VHA employees part, this person is legally not responsible for the wrongdoing she did. The US government on their own recruiting page claims that the government is.

      Understand that every single worker is acutely aware that they will not, under contract, be responsible for any wrongdoing so long as they can point to a paragraph in ANY VA literature that suggests their actions are part of a policy. If something is not part of a policy, they convene a meeting of the Disruptive Behavior Committee, create a new policy, and behold! The employee has acted according to policy. There is no provision in the law that forbids post wrongdoing policy making to cover the butts of employees – remember, the King makes the rules, and the King in our case is the federal government. So long as an employee can prove they followed a policy written on a napkin, they are immune.

  4. Dear Mr. Krause:

    Revision to the first sentence:

    It should read: I can’t believe the government would reward a criminal for stealing from the veterans.

    I mean our CHOSEN OFFICIALS at the polls and hearing them talk constantly about not tolerating fraude conversion of funds etc.erc.


      “BI–TCH! SHUT THE ??? UP!”
      I CAN WAIT OR ???

  5. Dear Mr.Krause:

    I can’t believe the government would reward a criminal for stealing from the veterans, I mean Sharon Helman, after hearing our chone officials at the polls and listening talk constantly, about them tolerating fraud, conversion of funds, and every thing else that would normally send the ordinary citizen to prison to prison for decades.

    These politicians should be the first to go impeached, tried and convicted, along with the politicians who aid and abet them in their criminal behavior, no wonder the world no longer respects our government: and our politicians have the nerve to complain about this or that country violating their citizen’s rights.

    Yours for God and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

  6. OT, but 2 articles at the Daily Caller. In one, a veteran in Philadelphia committed suicide by jumping off a parking structure. In the other, a woman in the mental health clinic in Puerto Rico ran a private business out of her office selling jewelry and vitamins. This is the second time she has been investigated, but wasn’t fired although she admitted it and admitted lying to investigators. A Whistleblower says she likely wasn’t fired having sold jewelry to the Deputy Director.
    Meanwhile another whistleblower there was harassed after reporting patient care problems.

  7. Well, y’all might want to get ready for many American Citizens to get rilled up over an issue that’s been brewing for a short time now.
    “United Healthcare Wants Out of Obamacare, Program Begins Implosion”.

    This is an article that has been brought out in many news sources in the past few days.
    I got it through “Infowars . com” today. Written by Kit Daniels on 19 Nov. 2015. He received a lot of information through USA Today and other sources.
    I would suggest y’all goggle this, because the article states, it’s going to be a “single payer…” insurance plan “…like the Veterans Administration healthcare system…”, “…with NO accountability!”
    Maybe now Americans who never served in the military will see just how broken our government really is on healthcare. Deserves them right for not standing up for those who stood up for them!

    1. Yep. Read about this yesterday, United Healthcare alone has already lost just shy of an old National Deficit $#. UH is BAILING…it still amazes me that people thought this could exist without substantial increase in tax revenue. Why we did not model it over a rather surprisingly efficient system already in-place; Medicare. I have no complaints thus far, six years deep in it.
      I JUST HEARD an United Healthcare AARP commercial in background TV noise…I am serious!
      UNTIL all Gov’t. employees are forced to use the VAMC’s, those same self-serving a$$e$ are Eyes Wide Shut.

      Still liking Trump on this end, so what do I know?

  8. The VA didn’t produce the evidence because to do so would have exposed significant fraud that involved many others. If you read the text, it says she received the award because she met performance goals. Those goals were met based on fraud. If that evidence of fraud were produced, it would show exactly how many were knowledgeable of the fraud, and how many also received bonuses based on that fraud. It is a can of worms nobody in upper management wants opened.

    1. ^Agree!
      However, I think it’s more akin to a ‘Barrel Of Snakes’ rather than a single helping of ‘can of worms’ at this point…and they’re still multiplying!
      But God Forbid any Vet owes the VA *any* $, as they are quick to take action…but not so much quick in all the rather more important areas.

      Skewed Priorities. No Accountability and no Ethos to speak of. What do we or can we do when the VA even taints the Legal System?

    2. Many Others is right! Martinez, California and Mare Island if the total Northern Californian VA Health System including the Concord, California Vet Center Team Leader…FUBAR and what happens? They keep on and on putting most veterans on hold while they lie, cheat and are basically going through motions and report that they do this and that but in reality they do nothing and when the Veterans object to this poor, treatment by the last in their class doctors (not all, mind you just 98%) what is written in your “file” says nothing of the poor “bed side manner,” that some of those petulant and arrogant condescending doctors or others that work at the VA…crap, I said work!

  9. redturtle 984……….

    Good one, here’s how it works in med school. They have a 6 week course for the bottom 1/3 of each class. At the beginning of the course students are told if they agree to work at the VA they are guaranteed a bonus each year, are held harmless, pay no liability insurance, are protected by the union (membership required), there is no HYPOTHETICAL OATH to live by and english isn’t required…………Don’t you just love the VA………..

  10. They VA don’t need to provide proof of anything!

    I have been contacted three times from McDonald’s office about me being reported to the disruptive committee and they didn’t require any proof!

    The last two times, I’ve been contacted his office employee! Told me twice that the employee who reported me! NO longer works for the VA!

    Someone is lying Bob McDonald’s office or the higher management at the Denver vamc!

    This is a very small town and an employee that works there told, she is still on the job!

    They are just covering up for this employee or not fully looking into the matter or just don’t care if veterans are being falsely accused!

    I’m waiting again for an answer to my email, where I advice McDonald’s office that his employees are being misled by someone in my local area!

    They need a full investigation and not just ask about an employees work status!

    McDonald’s office should be very mad at whom every told his office the employee no longer works for the VA!

    They lyed about me and they are lying again! How can a veteran get any justice, when the VA does not do a complete investigation and keep taking hearsay as proof!

    They need to quit calling the veterans lyiers and do their job to get to the truth!

    Ten years of punishing me is enough, all they have to do is make the employee provide the proof!

    This employee under her are friends of hers and would lye for her and if they should!

    The employee or employees that do, they need to provide proof and if they can not! They need to be held accountable as part of the conspiracy!

    As people put on the stand under oath, I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth! Under penalty of perjury!

    1. James, in researching other issues pertaining to Colorado VA doctors that hopefully will hit the news soon, I found that while VA staff may be listed as employed at one location, they may actually be assigned to work at another location. I have found people listed as staff at Grand Junction, but they may be assigned to Denver. There may be people assigned to Denver, but actually working at another location. I found one doctor listed as staff at one VA, but is also listed as staff at another VA out of state. Her license to practice in one state has been expired since 2003.
      I don’t know if she works at a CBOC, but it may be possible she is actually assigned elsewhere, but working in your clinic. Without knowing a name or position (nurse, doctor, surgeon) it would be tough to track them down.
      Are you talking Denver VA or a CBOC somewhere? If you go to their web page, you can view their “Our Doctors” listing, and she should be there if she’s a doctor or certain nurse. Not all staff are listed on those pages.
      The better question for McDonald is if she is working anywhere in the VA.

      1. McDonald has the name and the employee works at a very small cboc!

        This is a situation where everyone knows everyone and those close to her are her friends and coworkers!

        When I first got out of the Army, I applied at our local VA and was hired as a janitor!

        I advice them, I would like to work in administration and was told I did not qualify to work in Administration!

        So I left the VA here, worked as a file room clerk for awhile with the IRS as a GS1 trainee!

        Left there and was hired at another VA in the file room as a GS2 and in five years was promoted to a GS7, Administrative Assistant!

        Stayed there for fifteen years and transferred back and was in charge of all Administrative duties after hours!

        I trained in every position in Medical Administrative Service!

        Some Employees thought I was hired as a janitor! Some did not like the fact, that I was able to raise in the ranks the way I did!

        And now in charge of the hospital after hours and some employees became jealous!

        I did not flaunt it, but I did make sure, that employees knew that if I seen an employee hurting a veteran wrong, I would not stand for it and they would be reported!

        This employee was one that held animosity of anyone whom she didn’t like!

        I’m proof of that!

      2. A quick check didn’t show any separate staff listings for CBOCs, so I wonder if they are listed under their main VA.
        Regardless, one would think McDonald would be able to find 1 person working for the VA.

      3. That might be too much like ‘counting’ and ‘work’…but you are correct, if anyone were to be able to find -1- VA Employee, it surely would be those at the very top but maybe they cannot see through their own myopic corruption.

      4. @James, 91Veteran & namnibor.

        It seems trying to find anyone in VA, VHA, VBA or CBOC is a very hard thing to do. Because McDonald has been asked by the Veterans Committee to do just that at least twice now in over a year. When it concerned how many employees were sitting at home collecting paychecks while on administrative leave.
        I have been informed there are 17 employees at my local SMALL clinic. I can see that! Yet, because of the large turn over, I wonder just how trained there, then moved on. I wonder, like y’all, if they are still employed or just sitting at home. I wonder lots of things about VA?!

        I hope I’m making sense, my brain and body ain’t doing so good right now.

      5. If you went to your VAs staff listing at their web site, then compared who was on the USA Today bonus list, you would find LOTS of discrepancies. Granted the USA Today list is based on older data, but you would think it would be close.

      6. @crazyelf-

        Hang-in there!! I have been almost living in the bathroom today as it is as well…must be the corruption at the VA driving this urge to violently defecate. LOL!
        That’s one thing about me; almost without exception, regardless of situation, am always able to at least laugh at myself. Even if it’s maniacal laughter, the endorphins are there all the same…LOL!

        Heal up! We have another full week of fresh corruption dished-up for next week and probably a more concentrated form of corruption as it’s a shorter holiday week and cannot tell me the VA has not been taking advantage of the media’s attention on France this week…the ‘fog of war’…

      7. @91Veteran-

        The fact that a VA Employee can be listed in multiple localities to include different States, and no guarantee THAT is even really ‘current’, it has me wondering just how many “Double-Dipping-Bonuses” take place at the VA, seeing how the VA and proper technology/record-keeping is not something they do very well or at all??!
        It also begs the question of whether VA Employees, namely those with M.D.’s, if they are properly licensed in each of the States they are listed at.

        I know you found one that had expired in 2003 but still listed. Betting there’s much more to find in that tangled mess.

        A close relative of mine has decided to use Private Medical via his work’s insurance rather than the VAMC’s…the VA has been failing miserably for him for years and recently, a civilian Dr. saw what was RX’d for a particular condition and was told to not only throw it out, but advised how many decades OLD that tech and knowledge was. Sad. Like me, it will cost him more $ to use civilian medical but you cannot really place a price on life itself…unless you are the VA.

      8. If you do a search using “medical license lookup in all 50 states”, you will find an AMA web page with links to the medical license boards in every state. From there, you can lookup your favorite VA doctor or nurse or nail technician.

  11. Let’s see. Helman gets to keep her “bonus”! A judge confirmed it.
    I’ll bet she’ll get to keep her job also. Why?
    I read yesterday, where the Clintons got to “…amend their tax 990’s from the Clinton Foundation (from 2009-13)…”! This concerns millions of dollars received from countries that were impoverished. Or some such B/S!
    I’ll bet, Helman gets to amend her tax returns, also. Then is rehired. She may not return to Phoenix. But who knows.

    Ol Bagdad Bobbie is one smart cookie. He’s learned how to manipulate the system, and done it in record time. Now he blames Congress and the Congressional Veterans Committee on why he can’t get things done. He’s no better than that inept potus we got running around the world. As we sit here wondering if we’ll be alive after our next VHA visit!?

    1. Oh, and let’s not forget Dennis Lewis, who gave Helman all those “free gifts”! While he was a “Lobbyist in Washington D.C.!”
      I wonder how many other VA upper management received gifts from him or his “firm”? That might be an interesting read!?
      Since that ‘firm’ is located in our Nation’s Capital, —do y’all see a possible ($$$) connection here with a whole bunch of people?

      1. @namnibor,
        I just got this in today by email. It’s from “The Tea Party Bulletin”. I guess that’s an ‘online news rag’. The title is;
        “Guess Which Obama Administration Screw-Up Keeps Getting Worse?”
        by John Thomas | November 15, 2015.

        If y’all guessed the Veterans Administration, y’all would be correct!
        Even though it’s a few days old, it tells it like it is. I guess the Tea Party is calling a spade a spade. No pun intended.

  12. AND remember…THE DEVIL definitely WEARS PRADA in this instance. Many “Devils here. Enabled Demons, from Administrative Demons to M.D.’s, aka Medical Demons!

    Where’s VA Sec. McDonald’s promise of a new VA TRANSPARENCY? Is that just referring to the shrink wrap on the pallets of Tax Payer Dollars, all wrapped in shiny transparent plastic?
    See, the VA can mince words AND The Legal System…like a disease, all that they touch.
    Bonus’s do the OPPOSITE and attract in a BEGGING WAY that brings the torn and weathered last in class Medical Demons, those with Malpractice Suits in Private Practice so highly stacked, no other place would accept the responsibility and that thing that’s ALIEN to the VA called ACCOUNTABILITY.

    Yeah, this is nothing BUT a motivator at end of year that loudly tells all at VA to continue what you are doing, meet those goals AT ANY COST, and you will be rewarded. We only eat our own if you tell.

    1. It may not surprise you if you found that even with 1 or 2 malpractice suits, some still got a bonus.

      1. Probably a ‘Badge of Honor’ or something to them; so no, it would not surprise me one least bit.
        In fact, I would almost flippantly EXPECT the VA to actually ‘reward’ medical staff for such incursions; past and present. Sick ba$tard$.

  13. So……this serves as nothing BUT a motivator for VA Evildoers to just continue to meet their yearly goals (never mind the deaths) and you will still get your yearly “performance bonus” and we will even let you try to sue to get your job back!

    What this teaches the VA is: MAKE SURE to NEVER PROVIDE EVIDENCE to Judge in order to get what you want…(Appeals? More?)…cannot tell me there was NOT an inside deal with that Judge, VA, and AFGE Union?! WHO does not come prepared to Court with their Evidence if they are really, really SERIOUS?! Come on!

    To be in tune with the Season: “Could I have MORE please, Sir?!” (as she holds a very large soup bowl to the judge with words printed on bottom of bowl, D-i-c-k-ens, and Soup Of The Day is Alphabet Soup, brought to you by ‘The Count’, Sec. McD.)

    Great “Bad VA Art”, Benjamin!!! Corruption is at the ROOTS of the problem and I am not even talking so much about Helman’s Hair Color Roots…hair bleached at the expense of The U.S. Tax Payer.

    Helman’s next gig will be as “Madam Mim at Disney’s Haunted Mansion”.

    1. That Disney no.toriety about VA is hilarious. I think Walt got a kick out of making a mockery out of the government in how rumors that how he turned the red cross upside down in his office when he drove ambulances in France was rumored to be a dishonorable discharge for many years.
      I think you would recieve better care at Disney hotels than at any VA clinic, which is sad.
      She can keep her bonus, it is going to her lawyer regardless anyway.

      This whole VA scandal after further review, made me go back to the gym. It should be a motivator for any vet.
      The truth is, now that we all know what the scheme is, you need to be physically prepared to protect yourself or get carried off like a 6 pack by this corrupt system.
      They want you on meds that will make you weep away, they are not of good quality, especially when there so many laxed controls.

      1. I am betting that the AFGE Union or some other entity is paying for all her legal fees.
        The Disney Connection is also specifically from very earl-on in VA Sec. McDonald’s Tenure, he suggested Contracting Disney to teach the VA “Customer Service”…far as all know, this did not happen but probably ensured the next job for McD at an Administrative Office at McDuck Enterprises.

    2. You are right, the Secretary actually should have been a pigeon because he ducks so well. Unfortunately he is 16th in line for succession to be President if there were a major assault in the US, by law and is a direct threat to National Security if he is the last one standing in their group meetings they attend.

      They logistically are not ready on a security standpoint, the way that these foreign threats are being dealt with. Too many meetings and no action and not spaced out. Look what happened at the Pentagon during 9/11.

      1. You just insulted all the good standing pigeons out there in the wild! LOL!
        An untrained pigeon is just a flying $h!t-ordinance.

        It IS a rather scary wake-up call when you think that this worthless lackey appointee to VA Sec. is even at position #16 in Presidential Leadership if the sh!t were to really hit the fan.
        Unfortunately, that ‘fan’ is already so encased with $h!t, no one will be the wiser until any such potential attack on U.S. Soil were to happen…they are asleep at the wheel and have forgotten ENTIRELY everything we learned in all those DECADES in The Cold War.
        Now, this POTUS announces to the WORLD, hence, also our enemies, what ALL of our “strategies” may be and we wonder how and why Iraq fell back into these savages hands as soon as we left?

        Hell…they even have not only ALL the salvageable equipment that Former USSR left when THEY high-tailed out of there, but ALSO MUCH of our OWN military equipment/logistics/weapons.


        Does the VA have ANY concept of being prepared for possible influx of more Vets if the $h!t really hits the fan as it sure looks like it may? I guess they feel their employees take precedence over Veterans and their safety and health.

      2. You are absolutely right, and I formally apologize to the outstanding pigeons who are responsible for inconspicuous shitting on politicians headswho have sat in DC reading the paper near their office.

        A real issue is the inner city and the breed of lawlessness within it. It is a platform for these secret cells to take over the main structure of big cities that have these high power assault weapons such as the Norinco and Albanian sks type weapons that are known to be seized during drug raids and that that trail of where they came from are not being announced publicly. The DOJ is putting our country at risk on the basis of public disclosure of these offenses and seizures of banned weapons.

        As far as ethics go, more veterans should be made aware, when there are new laws in place, the would be able to make public comments on them through the Federal Register. The government wants people to post there objections on social media and have no part in the public comments of legislation.

  14. The Devil hides in plain sight. I have no idea who Bob is as a man. I don’t villify him, but look at what he said just like so many others: If we don’t allow these “bonuses” (and federal immunity from wrongdoing) then we cannot attract top medical pros.

    Well, Mr. Secretary, these bonuses have been in place for a very long time. Let us review who we have attracted with them shall we? I doubt with all sincerity that there is a single doctor within VHA that is considered top in their field. On the contrary, anectdotal evidence suggests massive incompetance, which of course the S government takes full responsibility for. Why? Because if they didn’t cover for wrongdoing, then we couldn’t attract top doctors.

    What????? Say that again! All of the “cream of the crop” has already been attracted by your bonuses and federal immunity. We have already learned as a nation EXACTLY what kind of doctor we attract with these bonuses and federal immunity, and many of us believe we have been mutilated, hurt, oppressed, retaliated against, lied to, and case after case after case of veterans that die needlesslly, because these bonuses have attracted, “Quality” doctors and pros.

    What???? Doctors use a term called “Evidence Based Protocol”. My take on it is that the eveidence for a particular procedure becomes so strong that a model is formed called a “protocol” that is then applied to treatment.

    Ask Bob, what is the evidence that bonuses and federal immunity has the desired result in attracting pros that don’t end up defrauding the system or killing patients needlessly. EBP’s are what makes medicine safer and helps the culture progress. Bob’s and others who tout what he did, have not yet produced ANY evidence that the EBP of offering these perks attracts anything but trashy people.

    Think about it: What kind of people would you expect to attract to a major corporation which deals with billions of dollars by promising that if you come to wok the Federal government will reward you by accepting all responsibility for wrongdoing?

    Didn’t Al Capone promise his workers they were immune from wrongdoing? Seems to me his organization also treated patients with a drug, though much more efficiently than VHA. Efficiency must no count though – he only rakes in millions. VHA rakes in billions. Maybe there is an EBP in place after all – just not the one that keeps vets alive.

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