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Senator Seeks Investigation Of ALL Veterans Affairs Execs

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Benjamin KrauseSenator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) called for an investigation into the apparent fraud committed by high-level Veterans Affairs executives to orchestrate unlawful bonuses.

Sen. Blumenthal claims high-level executives were engaged in a “scheme to defraud taxpayers and manipulate the system…” by awarding themselves excessive moving bonuses.

So will he ensure prosecution or a lot of hot air?

The bonuses came in the form of $1.8 million in moving bonuses for 23 Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) executives to take demotions across the country. VBA executive Diana Rubens was given a $270,000 moving incentive to relocate from DC to Philadelphia. Kim Graves was given $125,000 in a similar scheme.

What corporations pay that kind of money for anyone to move for a demotion? Perhaps the mafia or similar forms of organized crime?

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Sen. Blumenthal demands an investigation by Department of Justice into examples where VA clearly put their greed ahead of the needs of veterans. He wants employees like Kim Graves and Diana Rubens to explain why American taxpayers collectively paid over $400,000 for them to move to take demotions in one year.

The likely real answer is that VA was limited in its ability to provide pay raises or traditional bonuses to these longtime bureaucrats who participated in the gum up of the disability backlog. To reward their efforts, only a demotion and move could result in lining their pockets for dedication to perpetuating the system as it existed.

Sen. Blumenthal had this to say:

“Veterans deserve the accountability that can only come from DOJ acting upon the evidence and information it has now received. This scheme to defraud taxpayers and manipulate the system is, unfortunately, only the latest example of unacceptable misconduct by VA employees. Although VAOIG has found evidence indicating criminal activity in a number of their recent investigations, federal prosecutors have declined to pursue the vast majority of cases.”

Do you think VA should avoid such obvious shams moving forward?

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  1. Dear Mr.:Krause

    We veterans need more like Senator Blumenthal, with the intestinal fortitude to do what is right rather then what is politically correct, if we had more like the Senator this world would really be what the founding fathers meant it to be.

    We could very well do without those that are afraid of their shadow.

    Yours for God and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

  2. Dear Mr.Krause:

    All I can say is good for Senator Richard Blumenthal, I would like to see the rest have his courage we wouldn’t have to deal with what we now have; Kudos to senator Blumenthal.

  3. Sorry, I read again and see where he called on the DOJ to investigate. Referring it to them without a Congressional investigation that gathers the evidence just bottles this up, with no report at the end explaining why they declined to prosecute.

  4. I didn’t see who Blumenthal was asking to do the investigation. It matters. If its the VA IG, it gets swept under the rug. If it’s the House or Senate VA committee, it might not get swept under the rug. The key here is if the VA pays relocation expenses as some feral agencies do. Some do, many don’t. If they do, they have to comply with the Federal Travel Record which is the law governing federal travel…even Congress. If the VA does not pay relocation expenses, then this was blatant corruption. The investigation should include whether she paid taxes on any moving expenses as is required by law since it is considered a form of income. Congress will not give up any perks they have to go after these hacks if they can justify the expenses. Question is, can they justify it. A move and payments like this have to be documented 9 ways to Sunday, with policies in place as to how this reimbursement works, who approved it, etc. They cannot just decide one day to pay to move an employee, and I have never heard of any employee being given any money as an incentive to move anywhere, particularly to a position she created then volunteered for.
    The documentation is key to this. It will prove who paid who and how much, and whether it was proper. If not, then it provides evidence for the DOJ to prosecute. Read Annual IG reports to Congress from any agency, and many contain at the end any referrals they had to the DOJ for prosecution for misconduct.

    Next. Every time you go to the VA, look for the sign warning veterans about travel fraud. The VA signs suggests every veteran is a thief. Ask yourself why veterans are hammered by the DOJ for travel fraud under $500.00, and how these hacks can avoid prosecution for fraud involving over $100,000.00.

  5. “ALL” – VA management needs to be investigated because it looks more like the fraud was conducted at what appears to be at “ALL” levels of management not just at the executive level of management. This in all likelihood will not be independently conducted effectively and unbiased in all fairness towards the Veteran(s) by the new VA Inspector General who is an obummer appointee like bob mcdonald is – why not an appointee that has a true independent history not another Washington insider – pro democrat/republican leaning!! Once again in the end it is the innocent Veteran(s) who will end up suffering due to bipartisan incompetence – past – present and future starting from mcdonald and progressing down the so called chain of command/management!!! If mcdonald was truely interested in overcoming the VA scandals then he would truly move proverbial mountains – he is just in lock-step with obummer and his administration!! What no word from joltin joe bidden and hill about the flagrant and proven facts of fraud, waste and abuse?!! Where are the silent shouts of the liberal democrats and the rino’s to be heard by one and all?!

    1. I agree. I believe that the VA should be charged with “Theft By Taking” when they continually deny valid claims and keep the money they should have been giving to Veterans. WHY??? Why don’t they approve the claims and why do Veterans have to keep resubmitting or appeal their claims? What would happen if they approved all the claims? It would cost a lot less than what is wasted every year by the VA to the tune of $4 Billion. Why can’t they pay the claims and why can’t they be retroactive to when they first filed??? This needs to be investigated as I believe they are told to deny them several times until they escalate the issues. Completely unacceptable and that’s what needs to be investigated. Where does the claim money go when a Veteran’s claim is denied? Are they told to deny them? What is going on? This problem is what needs to be focused on not getting Disney to help them with their magical customer service. I would rather have crappy service from claims examiners and have them do my claims right the first time. There are ways to get people to do their jobs, but the VA is lazy and people won’t do the evaluations or other things needed to either motivate or get rid of a VA employee. I know how to do this, but supervisors are not capable of doing the paperwork or just flat out won’t do it. I can fix this problem easily. Why can’t I be the VA Director? I would volunteer and not take a salary, just need a place to stay in DC and I would make the VA work…..not that hard people, not that hard,

    2. @ Louis Bailey—–I can clearly hear the “silent shouts of the liberal democrats and the rinos and that is “we don’t give a shit.”

  6. Mismanagement, abuse — even fraud — from the VA — must be a day that ends in “y”.

    This is clearly racketeering. If you don’t prosecute the people who pulled this shit under RICO statutes, it’s time to take them off the books. I guess there’s a separate set of rules for union crooks when their pet Democrats are in power. Good for Blumenthal for taking on the party power structure. It’ll be interesting to see if this gains any traction, or if he is called into a come-to-Jesus meeting by his bought-and-paid-for party leadership.

    BTW — this is off the subject, but I discovered this week that I can leverage HIPAA to retrieve medical records that the VA has been illegally withholding. Just a little note to my fellow vets. HHS seems like it will stand up to its fellow bureaucrats — at least until someone tells them to call off their dogs.

  7. CALL THE FBI DAMMIT… A citizen can report a crime right? 200 or 300 or 1000 calls from privet citizens should elicit SOME reaction…..

  8. I don’t THINK! I KNOW this is just one more mess to deal with AND it’s only the TIP of the ICEBERG! Wait until we start on the crooked VBA’S across the country! And the bullshit they are pulling. I live WITH IT EVERY DAY and have been fighting the fight for
    2 1/2 years ever since the Special Agent from OIG came to my home and took my husbands (who was with cancer) DD 214 with him! That was after he was called a LIAR, a CHEAT & was going to JAIL for FRAUD! And he was asked “Where did you get those Air Force Wings, from a YARD SALE!
    Next they “created” a 2nd DD 214 and used it to cut off his BENEFITS. IF YOU CAN PROVE WHAT THEY DID TO YOU, THEN STOP BITCHING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! IAM! After hassling the “OIGhotline” for a year or so, the guy who took it called me and sent it back. Was my 100% disabled former POW ever charged with FRAUD? NO! After 2 Hearings I am waiting to hear from the
    Board of Appeals – – – -tune in later.
    NO matter what, I’m going try to help Sen. Blumenthal in any way I can.

    1. Had a similar situation at our home with my husband who is 82 and a Vietnam Veteran and was in Korea as well. They tried to push him out of the system. I’m fighting too. Maybe we can get together and make a stand together. I’m willing to do what ever it takes. We’re now awaiting the CAVC after first filing in 2010 and denials, denials, and more denials. I have pictures of the poor service that was provided while he was in a VAMC. Drugs that were labeled by FDA, “DO NOT GIVE TO ELDERLY PATIENTS WITH DEMENTIA.” Caused him to have a stroke and kept it from me for 3 years. So many things happened. I’m compiling everything and will put all in a book with art.

      IV put in his arm that was ordered for another patient and when my husband pulled it out, it was re-inserted with him telling them don’t. When asked if the other patient was given IV, the answer was yes. I could go on and on. I keep fighting for my husband and I too am a disabled veteran. My husband needs around the clock care, VA knows but provides 3 hours per day and pay the person that comes to our home $25 for 3 hours and the executives can write themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars relocation pay.

      Something is very wrong here.

      Took me from 1982 to 2011 and had a CUE claim and got like 20k. Then another BVA appeal and a 100% ratings but they still didn’t go back to 1982 to 2015 and nickel and dimed..another CUE. I honestly believe the funds are being embezzled and the people at the top are aware. Thoughts…


      1. Carolyn, I did not know the age of your husband or you prior to this comment by you. What you describe is just shocking, and I apologize to you for not doing better as a younger veteran to help our older veterans survive the VA. I have never heard of any veteran older than me EVER having any VA benefit they have been awarded because of their disability being taken away for any reason. It sure as hell did not cure itself. I implore you to contact your Congressman and local media. I cannot fathom any other reason the VA would do this other than to divert any disabiity paid to your husband to other purposes,, such as construction at hospitals. This is truly shocking, and I am sure any other citizens would find it as shocking to hear he has had his life long disability declared cured as I do. PLEASE contact your Congressman and local media on this.

  9. It is all hot air. Nothing will happen. Hickey should be replaced. Even if that happens, nothing will change. The VA is too large . It is a huge Govt. jobs program.

    1. Allison Hickey? Are we talking about the same General Allison A. Hickey…? I’ve read from a couple dozen vets that she’s the best thing that’s happened to vets in the VA in decades… someone who not only really WANTS to help but also DOES. THAT’s why she’s got a powerful group of anti-reformers arrayed against her – to quell the insurrection… So go ahead with your bad attitude and your negative waves, man… but leave our heroes be, please. Let them finish the job you don’t seem to want done, sir…

      1. Let me guess…VA Employee or someone that gleefully drinks and believes what the VA Kool-Aid wants you to believe?

        I say this because it seems you are not realizing the upper management of the VA is adversarial rather than trying to clean-up corruption.

        Knowledge is power. Wearing blinders is no different than “Ignorance Is Bliss”.

      2. Maybe you’re right. But, it would be a big stretch of the overwhelming facts. You imply that she follows the Army officer creed of “Courage and Candor”. If that is true, why does she not call a press conference, which she could do, and tell us what she PERSONALLY thinks about, and has DONE about, two or three of the top VA controversies. Like, unlawful bonuses given via HUGE bogus bonuses for grossly inflated moving expenses. Or, how about one of my personal favorites: The Orwellian, Nazi-like, Tippy-Top Secret, Double-Secret Probation (yes, I borrowed that from the movie Animal House), Disruptive Behavior List. And then there’s the new one: NO CELLPHONES ALLOWED. Let’s not forget about the multi-billion dollar Aurora Hospital scandal that is still unfolding. What does General Hickey have to ‘courageously, and candidly’ say about these continuing scandals, embezzlements, organized crimes, wrong-death causing, travesties of how vets are treated? Answer: virtually nothing. So, Roger, unless you have something realistic to say, and can cite why your opinion on Hickey’s greatness is a fair assessment, please make it easy on us and yourself. Which leads me to this: Why don’t you tell us all here who you really are and what your ‘apple for the teacher’ observations and support of this Army Dragon Lady is really about? Seriously, do you work for the VA? Is she your friend, what is it? My guess is you felt compelled to stand up for her, and that you work for the VA. You can always come over from the Dark Side. Wild guess is, you would make a great whistleblower and know things that could make some real, positive, significant changes for vets at the VA. Tell us who you are and what you are truly up to. Otherwise, you will be a passing bump in the night that gets written off as just one more VA troll. We’re waiting.

  10. Diana Rubens Is the one caught in the lie by writing a note to “Ignore” Congress Oversight committee staff members suggestions on improvements. She went to Rep Jeff Miller`s (Committee Chairman) office & Lied Again, Saying she meant something else, Asst Sec Hickey Stood up for her and TOLD Another LIE under oath. Congressman Miller Asked Hickey, “And Miss Rubens, Is STILL Employed at the V.A.?? After she had been caught lying Under oath with Congress`s oversight Committee. So YEP, Congressman Miller, Rubens is STILL There.But, WORSE Yet they Circumvented congress`s new law that would have ended her carrier, PLUS Got the (Forbidden) “NO Bonuses” calling it a reassignment reimbursement. So, ALL The Top execs. down have ALL LIED Under oath to the Oversight Committee. Bonuses are Alive & Well at the V.A.

    The only way to get rid of all the Rats, Is to Burn down the barn and Start over. BUT Then only the Vets will suffer. The V.A. Is corrupt, AS IS Our Congress & Senate, To the White House. We Serve, We pay & We die, Nothing changes Sameie-Same.

    But, I do think is should be noted. The “Boots on the Ground” The Dr`s & Nurses, The ones that work every day at the Hospital;s Should`nt be mixed in with this High Level “Den of Thieves” , MOST do Care & Work hard for the Vets. I Know, Because I`ve been in The V.A.`s Healthcare System over 40 years. Think it`s bad now, You should have been around in the early 70`s. Now they`re desperately trying to save my life. For These, That “I” Know personally, I`m Eternally Grateful. But there are Thousands across the Country just like them that do Care.

  11. What is Bob McDonald saying about this? He’s sure keeping quiet about all of it isn’t he? It may be he’s still in Disneyland cavorting around with Snow White alongside Goofy and Mickey.

    1. Bergdal, was called a traitor, what should Bob McDonald be called. Don’t know can’t find him!

      Federal retirement money is what’s on his mind and nothing else!

      Do your job Bob McDonald, where are you? The ship is sinking!

  12. Dear Mr. Krause:

    I think it is overdue, that is what I have been waiting for, it is about time

  13. Can anyone explain to me, “What power, if any, does the VA-OIG have over the VA? Can it bring any form of “legal charges” against anyone in the VA? Or, do they have to remand their findings over to a “law enforcement agency” who then brings “charges”?
    I’m asking these questions, because I’m unsure of VA-OIG’s actual legal aspects.

    1. Yes to your answer or part of it, they do have special Federal Officers that can arrest people, Can they Charge them and go to trial. I do not think but unclear on that. I think they have to hand it over to the D.A. for prosecution.
      I know they can do administrative hearings. Judicial hearings I am interested in if they can do that and sentence.
      Would it make a difference though, I would think they would only prosecute a few and leave the other thousands alone, just to show they did something.

    2. The VAOIG, like all government IG’s has no legal authority to bring criminal charges. They can refer cases to the DOJ. It is up to the DOJ to launch the investigation and prosecution. In a recent case, the DOJ refused to act and said for the VA to handle the issue administratively. However, the VAOIG did refer the case to the IRS and the Pennsylvania Department of Taxation as there was unreported income involved by the participants that were the focus of the investigation.

    3. If the IG of any agency finds misconduct that violates the law, they generally refer it to the DOJ for prosecution. It is then up to the DOJ whether they choose to prosecute. There have been cases where they decline.

      1. The oig has backed up the VA on veterans They claim have been disruptive and they don’t require the VA to provide any proof, other than hearsay!

        The OIG will not do anything to the VA, if they choose to falsely accuse you of disruptive behavior!

        The OIG does send out negative letters, telling the veteran we are not here to help you and DO not write anymore!

        And they will not sign the letter or tell you why, they won’t help when it comes to the department of veterans affairs!

        Veterans have no rights, If they tell you different, they are lying!

        I have the letter to prove my allegation of failure to assist, its easier to not help!

        If the OIG really cared about the veterans, They would do something to make the VA provide them with any and all evidence they used to prove the veteran actually did something wrong!

        Russia’s president know this country is falling apart and knows he can do anything he wants, as our officials are more concerned with themselves and if it’s not going to make them a buck they will look the other way!

        The people of these here United States, has said loud and clear that they are sick and tired of our elected officials, running just to run!

        They think AMERICANS are not worth fighting for! But they are more than willing to send dedicated AMERICANS into harms way and if they get hurt so what, we didn’t force you into joining the military so IT’S your fault for getting hurt and don’t come crying to us after you get hurt.

        Americans when is enough, ENOUGH! STOP hurting the very same people whom put their lives on the line to keep you free!

        Veterans did not fight for you to have freedom to break the law and hurt and lye to veterans and the American public!

      2. I agree the VA IG under Griffin was useless. I called them a year ago and was told they only investigate financial mismanagement or fraud involving finance. I figured the interim IG after Griffin was better, but we shall see. The incoming IG has his work cut out for him. I do get the sense that this rearranging of the IG deck chairs is just a delaying tactic.

  14. It’s amazing how blatant the fraud has become within our entire federal government (and state and local government too). Senators like Blumenthal and many, many other people in Congress and the VA system and in all the departments that compose the “government” are fully aware of what’s going on, but no justice is being carried out at all. All the allegations with factual proof hit a wall and just fizzle out – never to be talked about again. Isn’t that how Rome collapsed? Isn’t that how every nation collapsed? Isn’t that how the U.S. will collapse?
    That is an extraordinary amount of money just to move two people. That money is tax free to them too.
    Is there enough manpower in the system to investigate all the wrongdoers and cheaters? I think not.
    On another subject, my provider in the choice program I am on has had it with dealing with the Vet Choice program because it is costing too much resource time to handle each veteran in getting permission to do every single thing every single time something is needed “request for additional services” has to be authorized for everything and it takes weeks. So, the provider is asking it’s corporate parent, a large healthcare hospital system, to refuse using Veterans Choice because it sucks terribly and is costing too much manpower and follow-up on their part. I told them that it was designed to fail, and I told them why. They were astounded to hear how the department shifted money out of choice for other purposes (debt) and were making it cumbersome and aggravating for every to use on purpose. They just couldn’t believe their ears when I spoke to them about VA’s tactics on that.
    I think every citizen should learn what the gov is letting their departments get away with. And how all their tax money is really being used insread. How do we get the lazy citizens of this country to become aware?

    1. These employees bonus is larger than the amount they paid me, after waiting fourty years and after the VA hid my records for those fourty years!

      People may say how do I know this? Because they told me over and over that my records were burned in the st Louis fire!

      I was discharged after the fire and after hiring an attorney, that fights for veterans, my records suddenly appears! Something fishy, you bet!

      How can the VA do this to veterans and then get rewarded and the veteran having to suffer without care and treatment!

      They should give me a Bonus for surviving those fourty years!
      That was a major accomplishment and then after getting my disability the VA tried to have me arrest and banished from all VA care by falsely accusing me of disruptive behavior!

      Disruptive behavior, what should they call, what these employees are doing every day!

      What they have done and continue to do to us veterans, goes way beyond Disruptive. IT IS CRIMINAL! And has to be stopped, Are our elected officials without backbones or are they as corrupt as these VA employees!

    2. To “a vet says”,
      The “lazy citizens of this country” are going to get everything they deserve IF they don’t wake up and use their power (voting privileges) against this corrupt government!

  15. I read today on “military dot com”, where the President is going to veto any bill that has to do with funding the military and VA.
    Here we go again. Congress, the President and the Senate are playing with our lives.

  16. After years of catching employees doing the wrong thing and not being held accountable is only making management laugh, they know nothing will be done to them. They have lawyers paid for by us veterans.

    You know VA employees have constitutional and civil rights!

    Veterans do not have the same rights!

    They hand out bonus like candy and commit fraud. You know the higher ups hold seminars were they all get together and figure ways to benefit them selves and after the meeting a meal fit for a king!

    And the booze flows and that’s when they come up with ways to siphon monies!

    No body in power give two cents if these crimes are being committed!

  17. To everyone, I’m going to say this as an “IF”!
    “IF” these Congresspersons and Senators ARE serious about holding these “VA Executives” accountable for these monies given to them. And, “IF” they force a criminal investigation, with a trial, where ALL are found guilty of fraud against the taxpayers and they receive serious jail time. Then “IF” they go after McDonald for “complicity”! AND “IF” they find him, and the ones right below him, GUILTY, and they receive serious jail time.
    Only then will I, as I’m sure many of you here, will start to trust VA a LITTLE BIT! Not completely, just a little bit.

    1. I agree except that I would still trust a team of Haitian Witch Doctors over anyone at the VA until proven otherwise. My trust has more than wore thin. It’s become so brittle that it shattered many years ago and flushed those shattered pieces down my toilet along with a blast from my intestinal past. LOL!

  18. Is this just another ‘dog and pony show’? Or will DOJ actually do something?
    Back in the 1930’s, the FBI couldn’t catch Al Capone. It was the Treasury Dept. that finally got him on tax evasion.
    I wonder, these ‘executives’, are they required to pay taxes on these monies received?
    I do agree, Ol McD will probably throw those executives under the bus to save his own ass. Only, I see a lot more bulls#!t coming out against VA before December 11, 2015.

    1. Do a search on Relocation Income Tax Allowance. Military dot com has a good explanation of it.

  19. What’s even more of an outrage is the VA will pay these **outrageous** demotion “moving expenses” for criminal behavior but YET the VA goes WAY out of their way to try to NOT pay Veterans Travel Pay for appointments, let alone doing everything to deny or short-change veteran’s Disability Claims.

    That $270,000. for her to move JUST FROM D.C. to Philly MUST include purchasing a modest home/property…it’s not THAT far between D.C. and Philly, so HOW does the VA actually justify such an OUTRAGEOUS $$$$$$$ amount, never mind the fact this is a DEMOTION, which is by definition a “punishment”…sure sounds more like padding wallets as a workaround for raises.

    I really hope this Congressman is serious about demanding that the DOJ gets involved with investigating ALL the VA’s GS-10’s and up as at least a start and pray that this is not political grandstanding for re-election time.

    This unfortunately, is yet another “wait and see” type of thing. These huge $$$$ relocation payouts seem more like “Demotion Golden Parachutes”…but nowhere what I would remotely even consider a real “demotion”.

    F*cking weasels.

    1. I just thought of this: If she is been given $270,000. just for her “Demotion Relocation Expenses”, which SHOULD include purchasing modest home or let’s think sensibly and consider she is just moving to an APARTMENT in Philly, and let’s say she OWNS a home in D.C., if she SELLS that D.C. home, would she not be “double dipping” here?

      I will assume since cost of living is so high in D.C. she is only moving from an apartment in D.C. to an apartment in Philly…a MOVING COMPANY with a large truck doing all the work and mileage, should NOT cost more than a few thousand at most.

      “Something smells rotten in the woodpile”, as my Grandfather used to say!!!!!

      Anyone else finding this simply highway robbery of tax-dollars, not to mention $$$ that COULD and SHOULD be going toward taking care of veterans?

      Yep, this has really raised the hair on my neck and back and raised my anxiety levels.

      The VA Way: FUCK-UP, MOVE-UP! BasTURDS!!!!

      1. namnibor, I’ve still not received travel pay for two appointments. Of course someone could have rerouted it to a girlfriend’s account. Like that puke that was just caught in Illinois, who used to work in St. Louis, did.
        These executives need to go to jail, along with McDonald, for fraud.

      2. And let’s not forget those “free (veterans) phones” that were given away illegally in 39 states. Which bilked the taxpayers out of BILLIONS of taxpayers monies, allegedly.

  20. The Miller, and company, constantly looking for the next media hyped, for his popularity, ‘scandal’, instead of doing the job his and their staffs are supposed to be doing!! If he isn’t getting help from the politics brought across the entrances from the inside, much for their personal gains as well, he’ll create his own!! In this case, like never talking about the huge problems in the cash rich private sector facilities, as they continue seeking to privatize the VA for corporate profit with little regulation, doing what the peoples responsibility, the VA, does! And their lack of Sacrifice, never mentioning most of these ‘art’ works are done by Veterans who live off of being ‘artists’ in those innovated professions!!!

    DeJa-Vu: “With no shared sacrifices being asked of civilians after Sept. 11″, Decades and War From, All Over Again!! And that covers much more in the Deficits then just the, grossly under funded thus not built as promised and Not conservative Obstructionists pols concern, VA budgets!!

    Talk about wasteful government spending: Like our long time, us Vietnam and frankly all Combat Theaters, Veterans Conservative, one of their experts(?), used to shape their policies, very highly compensated Nemesis: * * Sally Satel Still Selling Care for PTSD Veterans is Waste of Money * * There are plenty of others, they’ve got a ready stable full of {experts?}, and plenty of ignored and denied issues!!

    Chris Hayes : “If you can run a deficit to go to war, you can run a deficit to take care of the people who fought it” In response to Republican, long ago lost as the party of Lincoln and not just as to us Veterans, opposition to expanding Veterans’ benefits on fiscal grounds

    Sen. Bernie Sanders told Conservatives: “If you can’t afford to take care of your veterans, than don’t go war. These people are bearing the brunt of what war is about, We have a moral obligation to support them.” February, 26th, 2014

    “With no shared sacrifices being asked of civilians after Sept. 11″

    Neither of these recent wars have yet been paid for, nor the continued blowback from the spread and growth from the policies implemented!

    Neither the long term results from, including the long ignored or outright denied existence of, till this Administrations Cabinet and Gen Shinseki, only Government branch consistent for the past six years, Veterans issues from!

    As well as under deficits most of the, grossly under funded for decades and the wars from now, VA budget is still borrowed, with interest, thus added problem creating costs, with representative who control the purse strings blaming the mostly dedicated VA personal within, that shouldn’t exist!

    USN All Shore ’67-’71 GMG3 Vietnam In Country ’70-’71 – Independent**

  21. They should just what other hospitals do, threaten their employees with having to wear a mask for the entire flu season.

  22. If a very powerful and senior US Senator calls for McDonald’s resignation, and is backed up by several other very prominent senators, from both sides of the isle, McD will throw these executives under the bus to try to save his own hide. Not likely to happen. DOJ won’t prosecute anyone in situations like this because the current admin says not to. It is part of DC deal making to reduce the fallout and retaliation by repubs shoud they take the White House in the 2016 election. On a separate note, it will be an absolute strange act of God if McD is not thrown under a bus or two before the election next year. He really should resign now, to “spend more time with his family”, before he becomes political fodder. I don’t get it as to why he doesn’t bail and take the huge retirement he will get. At some point he will no longer convince anyone that what is going on the VA right now was caused by activities before he got into office, and that he is not directly responsible for outright criminal activity and major, deadly, medical malpractice due to the fact that virtually nothing is ever done to stop the continuing and increasing VA downslide. He should bail, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to.

  23. Ben, thanks for keeping us current on the fraud and abuse of authority by these people. It is a shame that Veterans have to be subjected to denials, appeals and remands that takes years but the executives can write themselves a check for a demotion at will. Wow!

    Maybe we need to start a petition to make sure Congress and the Justice Department get it together this time. We’re put on wait list again and again but with a demotion, people get increases in pay for thousands of dollars. Veterans can’t even receive retroactive pay for claims taking 5 years to process.

    It is very clear that the VA have people who are working to make it look like they are entitled to taxpayers and Veterans funds but the Veterans aren’t.

  24. Why do these people get bonuses for doing nothing more than their job, assuming they actually do their job? And to pay someone a bonus for a fucking demotion? You have to be kidding. Let’s hope the Justice Department actually conducts an investigation and this doesn’t turn out just to be another member of Congress blowing hot air. Sen. Blumenthal should have the Senate conduct its own investigation since the Justice Department cannot be trusted to actually prosecute white collar criminals who hold high-level government positions, just as they failed to prosecute a single Wall Street scumbag who was involved in the 2008 crash. Even Ben Bernanke is now saying that members of the firms whom the Justice Department let slide out of prosecution in exchange for a corporate guilty plea. Problem is, you can’t put a corporation in prison.

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