Vet Org Facebook Ban Big Brother

Facebook, Big Brother And Vet Org ‘Protecting’ Veterans From ‘Fake News’

Vet Org Facebook Ban Big Brother
Image from Stars and Stripes

A vet organization, unhappy with a competing Facebook page publishing “politically divisive posts,” successfully called on Big Brother (VA) to shut it down.

On Tuesday, Facebook shut down a page at the request of Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), VA and DoD for supposedly violating the rights of the congressional charged veterans service organization. The other page had over 200,000 followers, which was almost twice the following of VVA, and it published political posts VVA did not agree with.

VVA initially filed a complaint with Facebook about the page, called Vietnam Vets of America, claiming the page was deceiving veterans with propaganda similar to the alleged propaganda or “false perspectives” that Hillary Clinton now says cost her the 2016 election.

The important word being “vets” versus “veterans” in the name, and of course, VVA does not agree with the messaging used by the page dubbed an “imposter” group.

Jumping on the Russian “fake news” boogieman, VVA called on VA and DoD to take action to protect troops and veterans as thought police. Shortly after calling on Big Brother for help, Facebook reversed its previous refusal to shut down the competing page.

Facebook initially said the page was different enough to not infringe on any terms of use, but it later reversed after VVA upped its game.

Despite VVA throwing around the fake news Russian narrative, based on the Stars and Stripes report, it was not known whether the Vietnam Vets of America Facebook page was actually run by a foreign government.

Think this move might have broader implications down the road as leadership in the veteran community runs faster and faster toward the paternalism and thought control of 1984?

Process Of Facebook Investigation

At first, Facebook refused to shut down the page asserting the two pages were different and the different name of the offending page was in fact different enough to not violate its policies. Facebook instead suggested VVA educate its members about “false perspectives” on the other page.

Unhappy, VVA then enlisted the help of Big Brother, aka the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs, asserting troops and veterans need the federal government to protect us from fake news, false perspectives and propaganda on social media.

VVA essentially called on the agencies “to get involved in stopping foreign entities from targeting veterans and servicemembers online.” Nothing in the Stars and Stripes news article suggests the page was run by a foreign entity.

Regardless, the absurdity of this position, however, is that many veterans were trained to create propaganda and fake news of the same ilk we supposedly now need protection from. Is VVA basically saying those once entrusted with the highest secrets of the nation can no longer be trusted to successfully discern between fake news, real news, and propaganda while looking at memes of kittens on social media?

I think it’s a bit absurd and insulting to my intelligence, but since when has absurdity or insulting the intelligence of veterans stopped a veterans service organization from marching blindly into the abyss?

The more familiar I become with VSOs and their relationship with VA, the more apparent it becomes that these organizations work together to corrale veterans by controlling the narrative through media.

VVA Calls On Big Brother To Lean On Facebook

Once DoD and VA got involved, Facebook suddenly reversed its position and shut down the offending Facebook page. It claimed the page violated community standards for not “protecting other people’s rights.”

In an interview, organization president John Rowan indicated VVA was concerned the offending Facebook group was targeting veterans with “junk news,” propaganda, conspiracies and hyper-partisan political content. His complaint comes on the back of an Oxford University study published earlier this month that addresses the role of such media in the 2016 election.

Thanks John for saving me from being beguiled.

VVA apparently wants to protect veterans from the Russian operatives many of us used to combat during the Cold War. And, it wants to do this by calling on Big Brother to save us.

It is noteworthy that more veterans signed up for the offending page, with a membership over 200,000, than signed up for VVA’s actual page.

VVA Now Wants VA To Police Social Media To Protect Vets

VVA celebrated its big win on Tuesday, but voiced its dissatisfaction with using its own resources to contact Facebook, DoD and VA to get the matter resolved. Instead, VVA wants DoD and VA to take on a more paternalistic role by politicking social media to protect veterans.

“We can’t afford to dedicate staff time and funds to play whack-a-troll on the internet to protect our members from deception,” Rowan said. “We’re encouraged by Facebook’s action this week but want to re-emphasize that we believe the VA and DOD have a role to play in protecting troops and veterans from influence and deception by foreign actors.”

What exactly does this mean to protect troops and veterans in a way the government has not already been doing? Isn’t our government already doing this? We already know Big Brother is good at using such tactics against the public to trick us into going to war – – like in Iraq with the whole yellow cake nonsense. Or, maybe Big Brother was involved in the same fake news tactics used during the 2016 election?

Instead of the status quo, whatever that is behind closed doors that we are presently unaware of, VVA wants VA, an agency presently unable to hire and fire bad employees or reign in malfeasance, to also police social media, too.

Sound like a good idea?

Is This Paternalism An Overstep?

Personally, I think VVA is overstepping.

In this instance, copyright law seems like the best avenue to resolve this kind of issue rather than using the strong arm of the federal government to weigh in using an extra-legal process behind closed doors.

As you know, VA has labeled this website as being “anti-VA” rather than “pro-veteran.”

Should VA take up the mantle of policing 1st Amendment issues on social media, I guarantee all veterans will be worse off than before.

VA is already using its massive budget to push out competing ideas like what you get here on using paid advertising and SEO vendors to chew up page rankings.

That’s right. VA is literally using your taxpayer dollars to compete against private citizens and service disabled veteran owned businesses like mine with their massive propaganda budget to push my “speech” out of Google searches.

On Facebook, VA is also rolling out disclaimers that include an indemnification clause. That clause forces veterans to accept responsibility for “attorneys’ fees” if VA gets sued related to any content posted by a user:

Further, by posting comments, the user agrees to indemnify VA against any damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, costs, or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) arising out of a claim relating to any material the user has posted.

What if a whistleblower uses that VA Facebook page to expose a scandal where veterans die as a result of malfeasance or refusal to provide timely health care? Will the whistleblower be liable to VA’s attorneys’ fees or the judgment?

So yeah, how do you feel about VVA’s proposal?

If I wrote a pro-Trump article in 2016, would that article be called “fake news” or hyper-partisan by VVA? What if VA starts policing speech and social media messaging organizations by pressuring Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis?

Another problem here is the right of a person to think for herself.

Let’s not forget that over 200,000 people joined Vietnam Vets of America and kept following that page despite the “hyper-partisan” nature of the messaging of the page.

If any person following the page did not like the page, they could’ve quit the page. So what was the motivation of VVA?

No Evidence Presented Suggesting Page Foreign Run

Curiously, the Stars and Stripes article addressing this VVA win repeatedly mentioned the Russian operative social media conspiracy theory without actually confirming whether the Vietnam Vets of America Facebook page was actually operated by Russian operatives or some other foreign entity.

Nonetheless, that did not stop anyone from tying in that page with the Russian “fake news” hype to justify shutting the page down.

I’ve personally not seen the page, and now the page is gone.

Maybe it was run by the Russians, but I would like to see verification of that fact rather than VVA calling on Big Brother to pressure Facebook to shut it down.

Will veterans organizations stop there from silencing divergent views using Big Brother, or will this serve as a test run to start marching against dissenters and contrarians like me?


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  1. I can barely tolerate to read news about my very own VSOs day in and day out. Fighting uphill battles against my own country to get the treatment ive already earned is exhausting, demeaning and extremely traumatizing. Being forced, literally forced to jump through the equivalent of rings of fire to prove to the very people i signed my life over to is so beliytling and yet its never even enough for them. They further reach into my home and take my personal enjoyment, entertainment and comradery from me. They have such a bruised ego and self righteous attitude that the fact i want to be anti-politics on my “SOCIAL” (NOT FLIPPING SOCIALIST) “NETWORK” (NOT AT WORK, IN WORK, AT YOUR WORK, FROM WORK AND IF THEY WERENT SUCH ‘SOFTIES’ THEY WOULDNT HAVE CREATED THEMSELVES MORE WORK) its not the Gestapo, its not the Soviet, not communist Cuba, not the jihadist television or illegal ignoring of law such as each veteran and civilian sees happening. We arent sheep to be herded, we arent robots and we arent all mentally ill to a degree of acceptance when told to drink the effing koolaid. Opiod addiction, solve that. Veteran suicides, solve it or at least stop pulling triggers. Healthcare that counts as care, work on that. How about getting my claim from 2013 off your desk? No? Then stay the f!&/# out of the way i use my time not being served by the very organization thats paid to serve me.

    So, yeah, thats how i feel about it.

  2. “U. S. judge bars Pentagon from blocking citizenship applications by immigrant recruits”
    By Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post, October 26

    “A federal judge has ordered the Defense Department not to block fast-tracked citizenship applications that it promised to about 2,000 foreign-born U.S. Army Reserve soldiers under their enlistment contracts.

    The order Wednesday came in an ongoing lawsuit over the department’s year-old effort to kill a program designed to attract foreign-born military recruits who possess medical or language skills urgently needed in U.S. military operations. In exchange for serving, those recruits were promised a quicker route to citizenship.”

    1. Guess that means all the out of work moderate rebels from Syria are coming to a town near you.

  3. Get off of FB and use the phone or emails. Why in hell would anybody put their personal lives out there. Got to admit Zuckerberg knew what he was doing. Most VSOs are scammers just like sly police organizations wanting us to pay for their vests,

  4. I call it Fakebook Fake lives and Fake Friends, should be used as a bad experiment on the sheeple to see how they will act with Social-Media??? Well we have our Results the Dumber is only get Dumber…Kinda like this Fake Vet Organization..VVA.

    1. Mark Swagerty, Director of VA Benefits Education and Assistance Program 22 Warrior Foundation.

      The People v. Mark Swagerty
      September 12, 2011


      1. “A jury convicted defendant Mark Swagerty of causing, inducing, persuading, or encouraging L.F., a person under age 16, to become a prostitute (Pen. Code, § 266i, subd. (b)(2); count one; hereafter “pandering”)*fn1 and attempting to derive support from the earnings of a prostitute under age 16 (§§ 266h, subd. (b)(2), 664; count two; hereafter “attempted pimping”).*fn2 The trial court found that defendant had served two prior prison terms. (§ 667.5, subd. (b).) He was sentenced to state prison for 10 years, consisting of the upper term of eight years on count one plus two years for the prior prison terms. A concurrent upper term of four years was imposed on count two. Defendant was ordered to register as a sexual offender for the rest of his life. (§ 290 et seq.)”

      2. Elf, OldMarine, ANutterVet

        Do you all remember a conversation about July 3rd when Elf responded to a racist Troll. Then OldMarine did also and he used the trolls real name. AnNutterVet then asked “@OLDMARINE Who is Mark Swagerty . . . can’t remember seeing the name, but then again, can’t remember.

        OldMarine responded; “ ANutterVet …To the left of every one’s name like MK there’s a box that pops up sometimes, and that was written in there and it gave his full name.”

        At: “”

      3. Something like that happened again here last week where all the boxes where all yellow and it showed all the thumbs up and thumbs down A person had from all the times they ever posted on this sight…..

      4. @Seymore Klearly – – – October 28, 2017 – – – I don’t have email notices sent to me from Ben’s site because of heavy incoming (emails). I posted below in what made me ask @OLDMARINE about mark swagerty. Below is Olds remark. I didn’t recognize the name again, until I read the Olds reply.

        Question – In your original post about this matter, you never mentioned anything about why? Can you fill me in? If reread, and can’t see the interest in the name, other than trolling aspect.

        Please post a reply on Ben’s latest article page. I don’t use email notification. Sorry, I already said that. – – – Nutter.

        i do alot of marketing and research on or in the internet marketing area, also promote and sell products in that industry

      5. ANutterVet,

        When Swagerty says “i do alot of marketing and research on or in the internet marketing area, also promote and sell products in that industry”.

        What he means is that he was arrested and convicted for using the internet to advertise and pimp out a 13 year girl to other pedophiles like himself. In other words he is a predator.

      6. About Mark Swagerty
        Birthday: 02/05/1967
        Income: 30 – 39,999
        Current Net Worth: $100,000 – $249,999
        Political Affiliation: Democrat Party
        Ethnicity: Caucasian
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        WARNING! Criminal & Court Records found on Mark’s Background Report!
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        Where does this information come from?

        MyLife gathers publically available information from government records, public sources, social networks & profiles, even from friends & others to create the most accurate Background Reports, Reputation Scores, & contact details possible.

  5. Ok. Now Who is going to “protect” Vet’s from “fake news” (lies) from WITHIN the VA? The VA wants to protect us from imposters OUTSIDE the VA, but what about imposters INSIDE the VA that only pretend to help Vets, while really they are there to quarter us and hang us out to dry.

  6. Seems like someone was upset because they had more followers. Ridiculous because will just start a new page with a different title. There is so much crap on Facebook and they picked this? There are far more inappropriate pages than that. The VA spies on veterans pages. A couple years ago I made some stupid comment about suicide and the suicide prevention line called the police and EMTs and dragged me out of my house because I was endangering myself. Would be all fine and good, but they came a week after my comment. Had to yell at a supervisor not to troll me, he said he would alert his team to stay away.

  7. The next word that they will want to totally claim will be “Veteran.” I wouldn’t put it past them. You know how it is when a precedence is set. Opens the doors to much more interpretation(s), and the offshoots of more controlled and manipulative measures. The more that the VA is exposed, the more squirmy they will become. Fight, fight, fight, for your own basic rights. The more they take, the more that they’re in control. – – – Nutter.

  8. OK, I’ll say the daily phrases; Fuck you VA, Fuck you VVA, and Fuck you DoD. A bunch of pussy ass mother fuckers afraid of speaking up for TRULY what is right. These pukes will pull out everything that they have to protect cushy business and corrupted powers. Can’t manage their own affairs, but they sure will force themselves onto others to control their lives. What a fucking waste. Evidence Based Medicine in its most corrupted form. – – – Nutter.

  9. I could possibly understand the complaint if there were some way of showing the FB group used images or language to suggest they were the VVA, but without that evidence, and its clear that was absent given Facebook’s response, then VVA looks like whiny little partisan bitches themselves.

    Its despicable that they would go to the VA or DOD and whine, or that they would come up with some bullshit story for Stripes to run with, and appalling that the VA and/or DOD would go along with doing anything about it.

    FFS this is like a couple of high school girls complaining that the mean girl posted something bad about them.


    I am so damn tired of hearing about fake news and Russian fake news as some excuse for somebody being butthurt. Its getting to the point where anyone complaining about fake news causes all kinds of panic. Jesus H if people are too stupid to figure out the difference, then perhaps they should stay off the internet.

    If only the VVA gave a shit about the fake news being shoveled daily at veterans by the VA.

    If only the VVA gave a damn about a veteran who burned himself alive, or any other suicide, and VA managers high-fiving each other over keeping it out of the news.

  10. 10/26/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    How did former Rep. Steven Buyer slip back into the picture?

    Meet the scandal-scarred transition team charged with revamping the VA
    By Ben Leonard / October 24, 2017


    Don Karg

    1. 10/26/2017


      Great job—Hope you did not mind that I used you in my letter to the Owner of Newsweek. Jane has always been fair and kind to us [Heinz and I] going through the difficulties in Torrance [1998 Cox Report] the Sabotage of a F-16 Radar component factory on the County Strip in LA County in 1988.

      Again, thank you for the hard work.


      Don Karg

    2. Good for you Ben. I would like to hear what authority the VA claimed as justification for doing this, who was involved and what evidence was provided by VVA to justify them getting involved.

  11. 10/26/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    It is all about Control.

    Yesterday I received a “violent” phone call from a recruiter from CES Staffing [Not found in the MA State Secretary’s Corporations listings] telling me he was Veteran and telling me I was “Wasting Arizonians Time” running for Congress [5 x times in Arizona 2002-2010] against Rep. Ed Pastor and the care I gave my buddy assisting at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ was False.

    Maybe they heard I was running for U.S. Senator—I do not know.


    Don Karg

  12. Off Topic But Spot On the Mark – – – Since I’ve been involved with the fondling claims and health services from the VA, my suspicions of others have now become extremely heightened to a point where trust has become non-existent. The only person and being that I trust is my wife, and my K9.

    After many continuous months of weekday articles, additional hyperlinks posted by a few dedicated Vets, and the personal stories of our Veteran’s tragedies in life, I’ve become so uncomfortable to believe that the VA will ever change. To be completely upfront, since I don’t receive ANY in person PTSD counseling, there’re many provoking thoughts that run through my mind. And, I can’t explain it.

    I’m flabbergasted that after all this time containing tens of thousands of posts, that there hasn’t been declared an all out DEDICATED WAR for VA REFORMATIONS. It bothers me that no influential Politician has picked up the banner, and kept the pole close to the butt of the leadership of our Country.

    And, it doesn’t take a Sociology or PolySci Degree, or any degree for that matter, to be able to come to the conclusion of, “that the VA is full of corruption, fraud, theft, and other illegal activities, and has led to a Veteran Security Issue (VSI).”

    That’s right, the security of Veterans are in jeopardy, and this has been going on in multiple forms of another for decades. Perform the research on the VA’s scandal history.

    Call it what you like, but it’s still the same, a security issue that DIRETLY effects, in all aspects, the lives of Veteran’s, their love one’s, their service animals, and any thing that a Veteran is or has to rely on the VA for whatever type of assistance or help. Short or long term, it doesn’t matter.

    *AtTeNtIoN – – – Veteran’s security has been negatively breached. This is NOT a drill. Homeland (your place) General Quarters – – – Nutter.

    1. They’ve got those poles UP their butts like a Monty Python Flying Circus cartoon where the trumpeters are asses. Except the congress critters just leave the American Flag sticking out of their asses enough to appear patriotic and keep that gravy train flowing while marching over dead veterans to get to the next pole to ram inside and wave another flag, fart on a baby, and keep that gravy train flowing….it’s ALL about that brown gravy.

      1. And, it gets deeper than what I’ve described above. I’ve found that no matter what, per any seasoned VA Medical Provider (or employee), whether an AOK VA Vetted and Licensed Physician (MD, DO), Physician Assistant (PA), Nurse Practitioner (NP), and yes, a Clinical Pharmacologist (CP), that neither one will admit to a wrong doing even though they know that they were wrong in the first place.

        They’ll not admit to nothing. In this manner, then the VA is not responsible, and the incident(s) of disagreement in care is never properly addressed, or solved, nor do these VA workers flip the switch to properly think in finding out how to treat your symptoms.

        These same individuals will scratch their think tank (head), in utter amazement of why I don’t trust them. Even though I’ve told them straight-up that I don’t trust them, because I have to keep bringing up all of the same symptoms in which I had mentioned to them before. – – – Nutter.

    2. an all out dedicated war for VA reform? hahaha nutter. you would not even be able to stop these all-lies from using facebook. how you gonna have a war? they won’t even get mad enough to ditch the (((russian))) who runs facebook and either go somewhere else, go “nowhere” or start something different.

      try it. you want war? then organize for veteran boycott of facebook. that will start your war. kapitulieren werden wir nicht.

      1. Yes, I could bet that if a movement of a small group of Veterans standing side by side, that you’d be the one to sit back and watch to see if something happened out of it. Then when the movement grew much larger, you’d jump right in, then later claim you had a big part in it all. And Sepp, you got a stick up your ass about me, bring it on. And, I’m not a War monger. The only person that you’d stand by is your self. Fuck off with you stinking attitude. You don’t offer any sensible or possible solutions. – – – Nutter.

  13. Off-Topic: The POTUS made declaration we have a National Opioid Epidemic today because around 140 Americans die daily from O.D. on opioids or heroin…BUT…it must be entirely okay that approx. 22 vets kill themselves daily in USA? Help me understand why Veteran Suicide is not a Nat’l Emerg.? Please?

    1. It isn’t a national emergency because it hits too close to home with a lot of folks. In this regard folks fall into two categories.

      The first category of people do not understand precisely how a person is changed by rape, witnessing death, severe grief, or off the charts lightning bolt pain and utter desperation in life. The second category of people do.

      The first category figures since the choice of “life” is a simple matter to them that the second category lack moral courage to make that choice today. The second category don’t like being reminded that “life” is a choice that they find tough to make on a day by day basis.

  14. This is someone else’s comment but how true it is…

    They already have a back door to your Computer [AND PHONE]…put in place at the factory by the CIA/NSA. Why are they listening to your conversation inside your home on SAMSUNG HD TVS,and your iphone or smart phone. The reason we went to DIGITAL TV with a CABLE BOX was to come into your living room. If you have a security camera of any kind watching your children or the house..YOU ARE BEING MONITORED BY PERVERTS as they do in HOTEL CASINO’S many people go to HOTEL CASINO’S and have no idea that they are being watched while having sex,by the big HD TV in front of the bed and as the TSA does in AIRPORTS while looking for THE TERRRRRORIST!!
    Amazon and Walmart are owned by the filth that has destroyed this country. Now Amazon can deliver your tainted GMO FOOD(FOOD MODIFICATION)right in your own home especially for the MORONS that have the latest expensive FRIDGES that can tell you that you need EGGS and MILK…MIND PROGRAMMED SHEEPLE

    1. The govt has also been known to intercept delivery of electronics to modify equipment enroute to address. Funny I joined up to protect the land of the free…seems we all lost that fight…

      1. Your right WyldeChylde I bought a kit from Newegg and it made a 3 day pit stop in TN and it was shipped UPS, Now if it was fedx I could understand the delay…..

      2. Nah, that pit stop in TN was so a newly huge Somali Village could aggressively shake each package, looking for uh, contraband, yeah! Thanks again, Obama!

  15. At its core the reality of Facebook is that it is a clever program that solicits personal information and presents it to the world in a way that generates revenue for the clever folks who did all this. Facebook is a portable billboard for whatever you wish to put up in public. Ironically Apetube can very precisely be described the same way but trust me, if your eyes are still virgin and you go to Apetube then they wont be anymore.

    I am not privy to Facebook’s (or Apetubes) corporate charter or bylaws but you can bet that people with bank accounts in the Cayman Islands smoking some down and dank shit certainly are. This is just how it is.

    Facebook recently deleted many very high traffic sites about legal marjuanna operations impacting hundreds of thousands of patients and providers who all operated under license. I can get bent up about it but then again State License to operate a marijuanna business IS NOT the same as Federal Approval. Arguably in a Republic like ours license should win every time, but Facebook isn’t responsible for idiots in charge – they just have to suck up to them according to their corporate bylaws.

    True also about something that should seem obvious here: if Facebook is offered a trade of cash for deleting a user account then in the business world it is a good decision. Cash could also mean any sort of exchange of favor. We are capatalist and embrace this in the private sector. We do not embrace it because it is fair, we embrace it in the hopes that we too as individuals can someday rise above the rest of the exploited and become of the exploiters instead. This is the American Dream!

    VA follows a similar model but in the federal government world we call this corruption, and we tell people not to do it…

    1. Facebook doesn’t need cash, but they do need something to point to when congressional show hearings are held soon on the BS notion that Russia influenced the election by buying Facebook ads.

  16. OK…This is a little weird ! ! ! When I first clicked on the link above to read the article in S&S, it went to a 404 page not found…So I went the the S&S website and did a search on the page and found the article. I checked the URL and the address was the same. Then I cane back and clicked the link here and suddenly it’s working again ? ? ? Think some black hat folks are futzing around with links trying to Keep us from getting intel ? ? ? That”s happened more than once to me here, especially with S&S articles. You’re not paranoid if they’re really out to get ya…

    1. Donald,
      Have you subscribed to “ news”?
      It’s a great site for articles coming out from a very wide spectrum of vetcentric sites!
      Find it and subscribe. You’ll not be sorry!

    2. “Stars & Stripes” is slowly becoming “Stars of Tripe”, and I ceased going to their website after my security program kept ONLY freaking-out saying identified virus/Trojans…only on “Stars of Tripe”, I wrote to them about it over a year or so ago and ~~crickets~~…

      1. Same here. And the not being able to subscribe to some news sites like Stars and “Tripes.” Since being banned on the Miitary dot com chat forum for bashing the VA I no longer can get their news or log in to that site either. The moderator made it clear at the time that those complaining about Indiana or anything about the VA would not be tolerated, and thus my banning and all posts were deleted. That was years ago and still can’t get their news side of their site. So to hell with those behind the scene traitorous commies too.

        There is news on the web about Mozilla, FireFox joining Soros against “fake news.” Been having fits with their browser too, along with my email providers… all at once.

        Have had to go to using multiple browsers for various reasons and for some sites. News sites like RT is not listed on Opera’s news list for me, and can’t get logged into their site using that browser.

  17. This is to prevent the RUSSIANS from breaking into your home The NSA will be there first….

    Corporatocratic Surveillance Just Got One Step More Invasive …

    Corporatocratic surveillance

    (i.e. the broad spread surveillance of the public by the corporatocracy) has become even more creepy and invasive with the advent of new programs by Amazon and Walmart which allow these corporations to enter your home when you are not there. That’s right: Amazon is rolling out a new program called Amazon Key which will launch on November 8th, 2017. Amazon wants you to not only set up equipment to monitor yourself and your home, but also to pay $250 for their kit which includes an Amazon security camera (the Cloud Cam) and a “smart” lock for the privilege of doing so. This is an obvious continuation of the smart deception and smart invasion. As usual, this corporatocratic surveillance is being sold as trendy, useful and convenient; none of the grave privacy concerns of literally handing over the keys of your house or apartment to giant corporations are addressed.


    This shit is out of con-trol

    1. Amazon Key: When you do not want the thugs robbing you to break the windows or locks and just let them right in. In 2019 we will also launch Amazon Car Key so car thief rings can then use Amazon Shipping Container to ship their Amazon Chop Shop Prime to Arabia… Wait for it…Madder Than A Hatter, Humans are.

    2. those dirty russians. finally you all-lies are seeing the truth about those evil russians.

  18. “…VVA basically saying those once entrusted with the highest secrets of the nation can no longer be trusted to successfully discern between fake news, real news, and propaganda while looking at memes of kittens on social media?”
    Well, this looks like the goat ropin-est example of joe-dumbass being butt hurt about someone seemingly better than them at Anything.

    WE do Not need an outside entity or entities to police content on/in Any medium for our perceptual ‘protection’.

    Maybe the P.O.G. in charge of that group does, but they sure don’t speak for me or any other Veteran I know.

  19. “[…What if a whistleblower uses that VA Facebook page to expose a scandal where veterans die as a result of malfeasance or refusal to provide timely health care? Will the whistleblower be liable to VA’s attorneys’ fees or the judgment?…]”

    What about a Disabled Veteran that posts something egregious to the VA about the VA that’s true and the Veteran is trying to bring public attention to it? Will the VA next use FB and GPS with the Disruptive Behavior Committee or just send out a powerful pin-point electronic pulse to kill your phone or Veteran dead? Slippery slope, indeed.

  20. I joined this facespook sight awhile ago
    “US Marine Corps Veterans”
    The sight administrator posted this…

    FB seems to have stopped allowing people to Join altogether now..

    Sound’s like free speech is out the window now….
    Those DAMN Russians…..LOL

    1. Certain “powers that be” have essentially disregarded America’s First Amendment Rights of Free Speech!
      And as Sam Adams (?) said once, “The Tree of Liberty MUST bleed from time to time!”
      Well, maybe it’s time!

  21. The mode. VSOs get contributions in addition to dues. The contributions come from lobbyists for government contractors who want more of the budget pie with less going to spilt blood compensation. Thus, in Ben’s article he explains the Director of the Phoenix VA received a car and a trip to Disney land in addition to the bonuses in the crisis that lead to the 13+ billion each contracts for Tri Care and Health Net to do Choice. So you only get Choice approved Drs and obvious controls from the VA purse strings on those huge contracts instead of each District getting multiple bid contracts and the contracts dependent upon the approval of those served by letting the veteran sign up for the service that gives him what he wants.

    Complaints dropped Health Nets contract some but the balance went to Tri Care probably through Tri Care’s lobbyists. And both Health Net and Tri Care find every way possible to avoid the payment of claims for Choice and ChampVA. And veterans are no better off than private insurance because that is the way the game is run with regulations that support it rather than create competition so that better service could be provided.

    The Veteran can’t choose between Health Net and Tri Care. Or the provider of ChampVA for his spouse. They are assigned. Period. And what is needed is a dozen choices at least with the ability to change twice a year if the provider doesn’t provide.

    1. Finally someone else voices the same thing I’ve been bitching about to the VA staff.

      Oh, off topic, have you an opinion on Freedom Equity Group

    2. Lem, I don’t recall for a fact, but I believe the VVA, as a congressionally chartered VSO like others, actually get a certain amount of financial support every year from Congress.

      1. We are talking about two VVA’s. Vietnam Veterans of America and the johnny come lately horning in on that VVA’s reputation, spouting a lot of fake news, etc. Vietnam Vets of America. Same reason Bank of America goes after anyone that uses the initials of BofA.

        Yes the first VVA is a VSO. The second I’m not sure about but I doubt it.

  22. Years ago there was an “attempt by the federal government to shut down a publisher for pornography”! Many of you may, or may not have read about it. It made ALL the news medias of the time! It even went through all of the court systems, including “The Supreme Court” of America! Where the publication won its right to publish!
    The name of the publication – “Hustler” run by Larry Flint!
    I see a “1st Amendment Right” being abused in this case.
    Although I’ve never “viewed” “Vietnam Vets of America”, I do believe we’re going to see a law suit in the making!
    And, since there IS multiple examples, by the Supreme Court, which can be utilized to aid “Vietnam Vets ofAmerica” to reopen their page. I can only imagine what may happen to those entities which caused it to be shut down!
    IF there wasn’t a “foreign national” involved, just like it’s now being revealed [concerning the Clinton’s excuse], then Vietnam Vets of America has a good chance of winning!
    I believe there’s more to this issue than what “We the People” are being told by the VSO – “Vietnam Veterans of America “!
    Could it be, “Vietnam Veterans of America”, VA and DOD are becoming like “Antifa” and other “left leaning fruit loops”? As in, IF they don’t like an opposing viewpoint, Shut Them Down?!
    As I type this comment, there’s a [alleged] push by the White House to have the FCC involved in taking away licenses of news outlets, if they continue to propogandize news! In essence, IF they continue to LIE, their license to broadcast could be revoked!
    Of course, there’s been numerous occasions where certain MSM news outlets have been caught in down right FALSE statements against the current administration. Whereas, their “narrative” lead right back to the prior administration: ie; Russia, Russia, Russia!!!!!!!

    I think we’re going to see something come of this egregious act against the other vet group??????
    Like I said, I never knew the “Vietnam Vets of America” existed until today. I do, on the other hand, wish I could have visited it. So I could have formed my own personal opinion, as Ben has opined!!!!!

    1. What’s to say that DAV for example or any VSO or the VA complains about Benjamin’s website because it brings uncomfortable disinfecting qualities of daylight on VA corruption and they shut Ben down based upon this case? I hated from the inception of ‘The Patriot Act’, where FB and other social media caved-in and gave-into Big Brother’s wishes. Face Book is nothing more than an extension of it’s mother software created by the NSA…it makes it really handy for each and every American to have a tracking device also called a phone…Zuckerberg Zeitgeist Utopia. Wait for it…

    2. Hate to be the one to say this but no 1st Amendment Rights were violated here. As much as we think that the 1st gives us broad abilities to say what we want, where we want, it’s just not so…The 1st applies to the Gvmt efforts to suppress unpopular speech. FB is Zunkerbergs’ and you even give them the ability to censor everything there when you agree to their policies…They can control anything they want to in FB…much the same as Ben has the right to control anything that happens on DVO…As much as I agree with your position Elf FB may be a “public forum” but it’s still privately owned…

      1. Donald,
        I understand, the only problem with your thinking is; Facebook lost their first go around on barring them. It wasn’t until the VA and DOD got involved, with Facebook’s pleading, did they get removed!
        Thereby making it, not only a possible first amendment argument, also an argument over “a big brother issue!”
        I go back to my original statement of; It should be up to the viewer whether or NOT to believe what’s written. We on here always like to “fact check” sources! Facebook used “unnamed sources”! Just as many of our left wing fake news outlets, government agencies and so forth do! Then when caught spewing lies, they can (And usually do) PLEAD ignorance!

        That’s my opinion, Donald!

      2. I try, Donald. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes, one HAS TO look at all the angles! If we allow individuals to snooker us, where would we be?
        I really do think this Vietnam Vets group, because it had 200,000 followers, has a legitimate “reason” to bring about a “1st Amendment law suit”!
        Here’s something Ben alluded to, in which I agree with is;
        Could it be, “Vietnam Veterans of America” “was jealous”, because they “were outnumbered In membership”, by a rival group with “ALMOST” the same name?”

      3. Crazy Elf and Donald, VVA might have a case if they could point to evidence where members of the FB group misled other members into thinking they were the actual VVA, but I still think they lost the case when FB said no. I doubt sufficient evidence was provided by VVA to FB.

        As you point out Elf, it’s pretty disgusting that a private entity can turn to government agencies to help squash a group like this. If the friggin media were not so biased, it would be interesting to see whether VVA took any steps to convince the group to change it’s name before whining to FB. Or if they took steps prior to getting Uncle Sugar involved. Even if they attempted to get the FB group to change their name, what kind of evidence did they use?

        Without knowing more, I have to say I am shocked at what VVA has done. In the early 1990’s, they were very helpful to returning Gulf vets…but then that was many years ago when it may have been fresh in many members minds how they were treated by the VFW and others. Now they are doing similar things to their own potential members.

      4. 91Veteran,
        For some reason I’m starting to believe the MSM’s are going to have to change their “biased reporting”.
        Especially over certain facts coming to light; ie: The fake dossier on President Trump! AND the “illegal Uranium One Deal”! Brought about by a whole lot of Washington D.C. bureaucratic traitors!
        Right now, quote: “Lawmakers are calling the fake dossier TREASON!” (Look it up!)
        If they believe the dossier is treason, what the HELL do they think giving 20%+ of OUR enriched uranium to Russia would be considered?
        Right now is a great time to be alive! We’re seeing massive history being played out. Which, in my opinion, is even more insidious than Watergate, Kennedy’s assassination, TeaPot Scandal of the 1920’s, etc., etc., etc.!
        Just wait! We’re going to see MORE scandals being played out in the near future!
        ALL this is now happening, and President Trump has only been in office FOR less than one year! And,
        Lastly, look at everything he’s accomplished in these few months!!!!!! President Trump is playing four dimensional chess, while his apponents are stuck in the 1970’s or 1980’s playing checkers!

    3. Here’s a P.S. to my comment.
      It was “Hustler Magazine” which broke the story on how veterans were getting fucked up by Agent Orange!
      Maybe that’s the WHY they were really targeted by ??????????!!!!!!

      1. windguy,
        Nope, it was Hustler Magazine which broke the story on the Agent Orange scandal, during the early 1980’s, back when Flint was being sued for pornography!

      2. Yeah, I remember it well. Also that they, the enemy, didn’t go after Penthouse, Playboy (John Kerry’s distant cousin – Hef, married to the ketchup queen Heinz was it, the swift boat Congressman) or other mags at the time.

  23. I’ve loathed the idea of FB from it’s inception. Why? Beyond my own privacy & safety, it’s human fucking behavior that makes me stay clear of Big Brother under guise of social media. Oh, and FUCK ALL YOU (so-called) ‘VSO’s’. They’re as useful as large tits on a bull and as helpful in-practice as a really bad case of herpes AND crabs at same time while fighting-off fire ants.
    Hey VSO’s of all variety of funny hat: How about fighting to eliminate Veteran Suicide? Or how about this novel idea, HELP/ASSIST Veterans instead of having your heads up the asses of VA Public Relations. Makes you the ass in crowd of mules. DICKS! (This was not fake news but the fake VSO’s knew that)

    1. My friends at time laughed at me when I suggested that FB would be used to steal identities, thugs would use it to post their crimes to their homies and get caught repeatedly, and the one that surprised even me was my Dad’s funeral this year and FB is used by again, thugs, to see when families will be away for funerals, church, what have you and rob them blind… can FB be used for good? Hell yes, but I value my privacy way too much and I could give a rat’s ass about a like/thumbs-up/or down…I simply do not fucking care. George Orwell 101. Stay analog.

      1. Another ugly human FB example in my own city earlier this year a mother used FB Live repeatedly showing her duct-taped to the wall infant like a spiderweb of duct tape with a little boy inside…the monster mother thought it was funny and would get her more “likes”…child protective svcs. were called and she did it again. Yet, did Facebook go after the duct tape company? Nope. No censorship unless it BENEFITS Zuckerberg. I wonder how much the VA Public Relations funnels $$$ to FB?

      2. namnibor,
        How about that really, really Fat broad who went to the Wall Mart liquor store and stole LOTS of liquid refreshments. Then posted her crime on Facebook, laughing at everyone!
        Have you seen that one?

      3. I think that was the same intercontinental wide-screen human ass that stole many LBs of raw meat from same Wally World all stuffed in her vagina. Ooops! The Zunkerburger Disruptive Behavior Committee is coming after me… LOL

      4. Actually, as do I. I firmly believe the entire social media platform can be traced right back to Bell Labs and I have a now-deceased relative that attested to as much and he worked for….Bell Labs.

      5. I’m writing-in George Carlin now for each and every election, regardless of his chilling in the big weed patch in space…out of principle. Chappelle can be vice president.

      6. There’s a very good theory about that and the deregulation of Ms Bell. The NSA goons discovered that central node harvesting of data (who is talking to whom – not actual content (supposedly)) was far more difficult than inserting their Crays into multiple hubs that would be independently controlled. Think copper wire comms, not digital volume. Bells available “entry” bandwidth became a choke point. Ten years later, the pre-digital system was served up on a platter.

      7. @Wiindguy – – – Off Topic – – – At this time I can’t recall, so maybe you can help. In the past, did you post that you’re prescribed Soma (Carisoprodol) from a VA Medical Provider? I can’t recall whether it was you or NiteWish that may have mentioned about Soma’s for severe muscle spasms.

        IF you did, or you are currently being prescribed Soma, can you post what VA Pharmacy prescribes it to you? The reason that I’m asking, is because I have an issue that seems to be a DEEPLY ROOTED SORE SPOT with the VA.

        For what reason, I can’t say for sure, but I do have multiple tracts of hypothesizing reasons, but hey, we’re dealing with the VA so understanding goes right on out the door. No compute, entering the floating zone of no make sense (dealings with VA).

        For others, I’m letting you know ahead of time, that I’ll be posting this same question on a later date. Future posts are in no way a means of trolling. It’s just that the VA has me in a fighting mood, which then requires me to do a low ass run of Search and Discovery since I don’t have the means to infiltrate VA Controlled Substance’s Prescribing Records.

        I’m not even sure that the VA has tallying protocol methods that’re already in practice per each VA Medical Center’s (VAMC’s) Pharmacies. At this juncture, I’m hitting crossroads that I don’t know is up ahead until I’m right on top of the intersection(s) that exposes the VA’s madness.

        * Is anyone being prescribed Soma (Carisoprodol) from a VA Pharmacy? Soma isn’t on the VA’s approved formulary, but I’ve heard recently and in the past, that there’re Veterans that are being prescribed Soma by the VA. If you’re obtaining Soma’s from the VA, please provide the VA Pharmacy location. Many thanks. – – – Nutter.

      8. First thing to know. SOMA is not part of the VA regular formulary. Period. But, I had prior adverse reactions to other relaxants. The pharmacy is Roseburg, Oregon. Whether they had to get it from Portland or ??? I do not know. Here’s how the conversation went with my PCP.

        Me: I’d like a muscle relaxant – I used to take Soma/Carisop for it. Here’s my old scrip bottle from my former doc (civilian).

        Him: We can get you Flexaril (and one other).

        Me: My doc put me on Soma because of the other stuff (Flex) gave me some pretty screwy dreams (true) and night sweats, or it just jacks me up and I don’t sleep – like a pot of coffee before bed jacked up.

        Him: Soma is not part of our formulary.

        Me: Can ya try?

        Him: Sure, I’ll try.

        And I got it.

        My PCP was in Brookings, OR

      9. @Windguy – – – Hey Brother, thanks for sharing. I realize that Soma isn’t on the VA’s Regular Formulary. In the past, my ex-VA PCP put in at least 7 requests for Carisoprodol. No such luck. My PCP got so frustrated with the VA system, and the Pain Management Team, that he cut a script from his own private pad for Soma. He relocated, so no help now.

        I was prescribed Soma for over 5 years before going into VA health care. Later on, the Pharmacy contacted one of the Nurses to let her know that Soma was now going to be prescribed to me. The Nurse contacted me before the script was cut, because the Nurse knew that I was going to scout out a new puppy if and when Soma was approved.

        By golly, it was a approved, the Nurse contacted me, and I found a puppy. As soon as I got the script, I was able to take my puppy outside for training and desensitizing from moving objects. Pharmacy prescribed the Soma for 21 days, and then wouldn’t approve any refills. Never. Not even to closely monitor me. They will not prescribe Soma anymore.

        Bottom line, I couldn’t finish properly training my puppy, and now he’s more emotionally attached to my wife, due to me not being able to go outside because of severe unbalancing muscle spasms. So, I lose, and everything is my fault.

        BTW, are you still being prescribed the Soma? Thanks. – – – Nutter.

      10. Off Topic mention: That was one of my many issues with the VA and their game playing with meds. I have issues of burning nerve pain down the legs, back spasms, and constant cramps, etc. I used to get Flex and a combo for spasms which was constantly changed and dropped. I don’t recall the names of others that worked in combination with the others but at one time I found the cocktail that worked. But with all the back and forth along with the local CBOC not doing what civilian MDs or specialist VA clinics ordered, I ended up with …. nothing. I think one was Soma but called something else. The name changes between the makers, generic, to the other name brand stuff just confuses the hell out of me. Like them giving me Gabapentin again while calling it something else until the pharmacy called it by the name Gaba. Neurotin I think some called it that I was unaware of at the time.

        Away from the VA or nearly three years and still without proper meds and care. Local civilian PCP and so-called pain clinic “can’t remember our discussions or plans to deal with my many health issues.” “So much to deal with and will take time.” They claim. And of course the other common excuses… misplaced physical folder, due to new nurses or techs that info was not put into the computer, etc. Just like the VA, or more repercussions?

        Wow, I can get my inhalers and gout meds though. And aspirin for migraines or go to the hospital for shots that cost hundreds or thousands. What fun.

  24. I would think that Veterans have a free will to determine right from wrong and bullshit from facts. Getting the government involved in yet another issue is a slippery slope that is destined to bite Veterans in the ass. Beware what you wish for or ask for

    1. I had a friend, who passed a few years ago, who always said he could distinguish between “Bull and Shit!”
      Which, in my opinion, is what we’re discussing today.
      As I said in my earlier post, I would have liked to have the opportunity to make up my own mind between these two organizations!

      1. When I discover deceptive naming I’m all ready suspicious of evil intent. I just got a phone call from “United States Government” which wasn’t. Why should this kind of deception be allowed?

        Organizations have a right to protect their good name by challenging infringements upon it. It an organization purporting to spout truth can’t make it on its own merits then it can’t make it.

      2. And as stated previously, addressed as such: copyright infringement but not a frivilous use of the resources we earned, worked for, became veterans with beside and because of.

  25. Facespook! Social media giant becomes an arm of US intel
    As Bloomberg reports: “Workers with such [national security] clearances can access information classified by the US government. Facebook plans to use these people – and their ability to receive government information about potential threats – in the company’s attempt to search more proactively for questionable social media campaigns ahead of elections.”


    I tried posting this article to facespook yesterday, Of course they would’t let me……

      1. I have been bitching and squawking about censoring and corruption for years but few seem to think censoring is an issue until recently and it seems a bit too late. Even if the mulitudes “wake up.” Personally I won’t stop bitching until I give up my last croak. Censoring should be a top and hot topic full circle but isn’t. A world with the internet and we are worse off than they were in 1776 or 1863.

        All this censoring is what communist, fascist Germany does today, what the UK does, what Israel does, what Canada, etc., does. All the while claiming to be free or the citizens supposedly having a voice and opions. Yeah, right, and go to prison for speaking your mind. Happening in the states too now through PC-ness, hate crime crap, though crimes, phony media, and the rest. Few care when it happens to others and wait for it to hit too close to home to acknowledge censoring and news black outs to propaganda has ruined this country.

        Social media and tech giants are not for America or about freedom. Treason and propaganda laws should cover this, plus, RICO, loss of privacy espeinoge, so the activist, special interest, foreigners, to government agents can attacks us in any way they can imagine. With all the laws on the books there are surely laws against attacks on private citizens, veterans, white people, whistle-blowers, ets.

        Censoring of books, info, articles, journals, people’s personal journals, news papers, about anything from Germany about WW2 aside from some coins/stamps, etc. Ebay, Amazon, local libraries, shcool teachings, issues, items, people, countries, religions, etc., we are not allowed to discuss or mention. While many dissenters in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc., are imprisoned for challenging the “official narratives” or phony revised historical events. Historical scholars to preachers who fail to toe-the-line and spread usual propaganda and lies are imprisoned and tortured?? Out-right lies in our generations old history books the kiddies are brain-washed to believe in and have numerous knee-jerk reactions to certain unmentionables we are never to challenge or dare question. That includes the mainstream church atmospheres. Those we are not or never to question or discuss should be the big eye-opener for all to see but too many are already brain-washed. Or someone is offended and play victim when they are the brain-dead and enemy.

        That said after my many many years of volunteer work, my own little truth ministry trying to expose all the filth and corruption, to aid people stuck in various addictions/issues, dealt with a lot of dying, sitting by death beds, lost track of the suicides, etc., none is harder to try to help than those stuck in some cult or clique, been brain-washed from birth, afraid to read or research what they have been led to believe is a sin or against the grain of acceptable society to fit in, or be accepted. I don’t give a flying F if I am accepted or not.

        Myself and others have bought books to donate to local libraries only to have them thrown out by staff because they offended our so-called allies, controllers, too controversial by the liars, propagandist, or the shadow government. Or, with local schools and colleges were not part of the reading curriculum or could not be discussed in some classroom or event. Revised history and lies totally acceptable. Freedom my ass. More like social engineering and tyranny. This is going back forty or more years I know of personally, with some retired old timey school teachers included that wanted to see some change/truth in colleges and public schools returned. Change is not possible. Same thing went for some in the medical fields that seen to much negative change in that field they could not tolerate then retired early to get away from it all.

        Some think we are supposed to just accept the fact we are between a rock and hard spot. No. I am the last one alive out of a small group of veterans here that met for coffee to discuss matters and try to network with others who have been attacked or wronged. Indiana doesn’t like dissenters or those who refuse to “assimilate.” Like a underground group sort of. One paralegal friend of that group spent his last days, day before his death, contacting politicians and raising hell with those in his “profession.” He had a very good website up kinda like Ben’s site here, but his (I’ll call him Old Yeller” family feared more retaliation since his passing years back and took it down. Hence, we/I are not going to bow in doing what all the enemies and thugs want us to do…. remain silent, or be fearful of all the shit they throw at us.


        “The collection also includes scripts from every episode of the original series, and The Next Generation. Jeri Taylor – an IU alum who co-created the Star Trek: Voyager series – donated a lot of it.

        Voyager Captain Kathryn Janeway is even from Bloomington.

        Baumann says the values of IU and the Lilly Library are mirrored in Star Trek.

        “The show really encourages curiosity and exploration and that is what we want to do as well,” she says. “One of the Vulcan sayings is ‘Infinite diversity in infinite combination’ and I feel like that could be a pretty good motto for the Lilly Library because we have such rich diversity of collections and stories that they have to tell.”

        Just an example of how Hollywood in total is an enemy. Their pedophiles too. Our medical students are trained by these college freaks and why so many of them at the VA don’t give a damn about reality or the intentional abuse and ill treatment of veterans. And why, along with the sports fanatics, etc, don’t want us speaking negatively about one of their idols, beloved distractions. Some of us who have been harmed and attacked…”refuse to assimilate.” Well the Borg, like the VA and others, can keep acting like it’s “futile to resist the Borg” or the VA, corrupt government, activist, can kiss my big white arse.

      2. T
        Here is your not so shadow GOV.
        Former Ohio Rep. Jim Traficant “Israel Controls America”


      3. Great link. Paul Craig Roberts and many are trying to warn us, have been, but too many fear the truth.

        “” He also blew the cover off many things on the program “Caravan to Midnight.” Site down for moving and change processes.

        Field McConnell
        “” This guy goes deep too.

        Paul Craig Roberts, etc., many have been trying to warn the public but shopping, sports, Hollowwood, etc., is more important.

        I should/could write a book about Indiana and that subject from wearing many hats and angles. Would probably need about a thousand or more pages. In great part it’s the reason why Indiana is so off topic over many issues. It’s why happenings here never make the news let alone heard by anyone out-of-state. It’s why even hospital staff here can use their ‘professional’ work phones to harass and threaten me while nothing is done, no-one is fired, but all cover-up and defending their agendas and games. Big thanks to man hating Marx-feminist who demand men be silent and bow. Why anyone outside of the state and my town don’t want anything to do with legal, medical, or Constitutional issues here. Why our so-called BAR complaints fall into the corrupt laps of our Supreme Courts decision making, which makes everything for them legal. Even catching my attorney with my soon to be X-wife doing the nasty forty years ago was excused by them and again he got to rule over Terre Haute, IN. I’ve been told outright by legal beagles and others they don’t want anything to do with Indiana’s corrupt regimes and corrupt politics or all the special interest groups here. Some citing “Professional Courtesy.”

        Why I am putting off surgery as along as I can because I know from experience if they F me up there isn’t one damn thing I can do about it. They are all protected in the courts too unless some of the corrupt can make major bucks off of something.

        It’s also why local attorneys, bankruptcy courts, refuse to accept VA disability exempt from bankruptcies too. Claiming they can take it all, plus upcoming back pay while Washington DC and other claim it’s illegal and can’t be done. But happens here all the time, plus more shenanigans deemed legal or proper.

        It is also why some so-called “Veteran Groups” or websites that are supposedly for us ban us, tell us to leave, refuse to help or hear us, due to those connections in some small way. We can’t play in their sand box unless we brown nose and kiss lots of asses. Sorry but I don’t play that game like I never took pay-offs or perks for silence or go sit in a quiet corner. I also don’t play well when others threaten me in some fashion. There isn’t that much booze or martinis in the nation that would ever get the ass kissing taste out of my mouth if I ever bowed to the enemies. Besides I don’t drink and Listerine by the gallons wouldn’t do the job either.

        (Five hundred bucks for eye glasses that should postpone eye surgeries a few months more, and they only work well for a period of time then I gotta cease things for hours or days. Not a good time in America to be going blind, a white disabled vet, a male, WASP, need proper decent medical care, be out-spoken, a Constitutionalist for the Republic, “too old to rock and roll and too young (yet) to die.”)

        I will try to get back on “Wire” this evening and see how that goes with my new glasses and zooming in processes.

    1. Facebook – Google – Apple – and before all others – Microsoft. Anyone who didn’t think that these untouchable companies haven’t complicit with the NSA and all other spookdom needs to change their diaper.

      As we used to say back in the ASA days, “In God We Trust, Everyone Else We Monitor”.

      1. Yep. Morons like Zuckerberg aren’t geniuses. They are getting paid for sharing our information with Big Brother.

        So of course, when Big Brother tells them to shut someone’s 1st Amendment Rights down, Google, Fakebook, and all of them will comply.

      2. Elon Musk and SpaceX another joke besides The ZUCK, I’d like to sit down with both of them and have a conversation ….SPACEX That’s entertainment ….LOL

    1. While I admire your spunk and directness, pretty sure I only loathe deadbeat VSO’s, as I am sure many Veterans are being helped or maybe just enough to keep that tax exemption; either way, a deadbeat VSO is nothing more than a self-serving one and when they abbreviate Veteran for Vet…it raises the hair on my back.

      1. I think at this point that the whole concept of VSO’s is so horribly inept and hamstrung by corruption and incompetence that the entire social experiment needs to be thrown out completely, good with bad, at least, until, a standardized coast to coast program is implemented and STRICTLY ADHERED TO, with serious punative damages for VSO’s who either willfully or through incompetence manage to fuck up a veterans claim. We allow attorneys to be sued for incompetent representation or willfull violation of powers but any 2 pump chump can walk into a VSO and start representing vets. Disgusting.

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