Texas Veteran Admits Death Threats

An Army veteran living in Texas admitted to making death threats to federal employees working for the Department of Veterans Affairs as part of a plea deal.

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According to a DOJ press release:

Mark Williams Jr. was a U.S. Army veteran receiving treatment at VA facilities. Today, he admitted to making a series of threatening statements via interstate communications.

Beginning in June 2021, Williams began sending threats towards the staff at various VA facilities. These included calls to the Lake Jackson VA Outpatient Clinic, White House VA Hotline and Veterans Crisis Line.

As part of his plea, he admitted that during a call on Oct. 25, 2021, he made repeated threats to kill employees at the Lake Jackson VA clinic.

The veteran is out on bond until his sentencing hearing on September 6. Williams faces up to five years in federal prison and a possible fine up to $250,000.

Avoid Jail Like A Boss

Stories like Williams serve as an important reminder that no matter how upset you may get at a VA employee, it is never a good idea to lose your cool.

And it is an especially bad idea to make threats much less death threats directed at anyone, especially federal employees. Don’t ever do that. It’s a horrible idea. VA investigators will get you if you do it.

There are three steps a veteran can take to avoid run-ins with the law when trying to get help from the Veterans Crisis Line, White House VA Hotline, or other VA call centers:

  • Avoid making death threats to federal employees
  • Remember that your call to VA may be recorded
  • Be professional, to the best of your ability, when on the phone

I cover these in more detail within the video above.

More To Williams’ Case

While I don’t condone bad behavior, especially making death threats multiple times over a four-month period, I am left wondering what the context is for the Williams case.

Was he just disgruntled, or was he delusional due to an aggravated service-connected disability or illness? Was VA not providing Williams with the health care he needed? What trigged him?

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Peculiar here is the repeated threats over a four-month period where threats were allegedly leveled during calls to the Veterans Crisis Line – which is the suicide hotline for veterans – and the White House VA Hotline.

Think Williams was trying to get help?

Here is what I suspect happened based on the three VA organizations referenced in the DOJ presser.

The veteran tried to get care, possibly mental health care, from Lake Jackson VA Outpatient Clinic. He did not timely receive access to appropriate health care and was triggered by an employee there when trying to get help.

Williams called the Veterans Crisis Line due to suicidal ideations caused by a lack of access to appropriate health care that could have mitigated his aggravated state. He did not get the help he needed after calling the suicide hotline and called the White House VA Hotline.

At least one death threat was made that VA recorded on a telephone hotline. The veteran admitted to that death threat since it was recorded.

People generally do not make death threats over a four-month period unless something is very, very wrong. Unless Williams has a unique case of turrets or a bad sense of humor, I would bet my money on him receiving poor treatment from VA that triggered his unlawful reaction.

It would be beneficial if DOJ would also provide more context about the escalation and confrontation leading up to the threats, don’t you think?

Source: Department of Justice

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  1. Few people here mention “the Obama administration” this and that. However, I had much better experiences during the Obama years than during the recent TRUMP years…when VA went WILD with civil rights violations, (privacy rights and 4th amendment rights violations) as mentioned by the poster from NE Florida. As soon as Obama became a lame duck, they started a campaign of intimidation, provocation, and harassment of whoever they deemed an enemy. Trump’s term was bonkers with no real leadership in these agencies. People were getting fired left and right during his administration, and if you notice most VA doctor’s pay was cut almost in half for the time he was in office. Some quit…now the place is really full of pissed off yahoos. Really just a dangerous joke. I personally have serious spinal pain issues. I asked the doctor if I could get surgery because I REALLY need it or I can’t do shit. He said, “Come back when you have pissed yourself.” The dude is really a good guy but he was just being real. The mother fuckers just aren’t going to do a thing for you period. And if you push it, then comes the gaslighting and abuse… accusations of malingering…you name it. Just throw everything at you. I went to VA for ten years…but around 2017 I called it quits. No mas. Just a scam from hell. Rather shoot my fuckin self than walk through the door. I’ve seen it all….

  2. Power of attorney third party is your best bet to work the va for you

    and paying therapy anyway you can 50 to 200 dollars an hour to certified vocational or certified practitioners to protect greater evidence that federal medicine can’t contribute or match even if it’s one hour

    .to get the va not to throw lawyers or gas lighting tactics to warrant or cause controversy in there medical agenda this is an important step when your power of attorney discloses to the VA she or he is willing to step aside and let a lawyer lock and load.

    This is what you do if you can pull out a loan for alternative medical expenses submit medical evidence to regional and tell them you mean business any lies or alternative diagnosis from the VA is a:1151 right on the head administrators desk. Give them also a 3000 of the 6000 loam slip copy you pulled out of the retainer contract law office your about to sign when they take you to court.

    Lawyers closer to d.c is faster to the consideration and judgment of congressional powers dealing with your case .worked for me didn’t have to fly my lawyers out when I put another paper and a thousand dollars on the regional office desk telling them I want a federal court hearing not a va one.this scares them because medical employees are subpoena which means they will turn on there federal contract if the federal finds the liable for any wrong doing va court does not use due process in terms how federal uses them.

    Veterans are not professional bureaucrats.we are not professionals in the regards of making health consideration in bias healthcare that uses unionized practices as to manipulate impunity by using va tolerance agenda that disregards veterans transition to civilian adjustment

    veterans are over looked because va employees consider judicial powers as planing social health care to cover any medical incompetency by state medical insurance planing such low grade community care or such as long delay out sourcing medical discretion.

    . Va is not health care it is a legal battle there curtain and drapes to cover such amenities to federal employment nots to be account for not in there department in court but federal court.

    meaning when you signed up for veteran benefits you also in preemptive legal terms signed up for the legality as a so called undeclared va employee read your law statement regarding admission to veteran benefits and you will see the equal opportunity act that every lawyer inversely challenges in legal term that you are by legislative law a federal asset just as a federal employee and carry same rights as a worker to so called tolerant discretion so the law makers and congressional powers Can cover such terms . Don’t go to big six go to a lawyer get a go fund me site started making crayon drawings to family and friends make yourself know . Get that credit score up that is the only way your going to win

    1. Benjamin,
      Yes they provoke veterans to get them locked up and they block me from school to employment when they were not even paying for it. What is wrong with this picture? The federal government needs to be half sized and most of it eliminated. Benjamin I do have not an updated skill set because they have been blocking it. I am referring to having to constantly straighten out behind a failing system caused by the federal government and woke companies. All these employment opportunities that I could be qualified for I am NOT. Because they have been putting themselves in the way. Although Benjamin, they never bothered former Senator John McCain who always voted against veterans legislation. Remember?

  3. Another disabled Veteran kicked to the curb. Why not get him into a Veteran’s court program and get him treatment? Now they will send him to federal prison without treatment and he will be much worse when he gets out

    1. If they don’t like a certain veteran..or don’t want to deal with them… they would even facilitate that person being jailed. The VA is bonkers. Any angle they can get on you..they use it. It’s an adversarial system. Get benefits..move to Europe. That’s what I tell everyone… even civilians. Get money..get out.

  4. I know the va would send the gestapo out to us if we say just about anything… but i definterly understand why people and especially vets get so outraged at the B.S. the VA does to us! The VA is so corrupt! Inept, so bad!

    1. Why is there a VAOIG honestly Ben? They are part of the problem. Ben I know the VA intentionally create situations that do not exist. I know because they have in relation to me. Only way this system will ever be changed for the better is for the Congress and the Senate to be forced to have their healthcare under this system.

  5. You can’t stop using proper mental health screenings of past eras of war and think it’s going to work out well

    Post 9/11 have the highest PTSD, OTH, Active Duty suicides and rape cases (nearly half are men raped by men)

    Majority of cases go directly back to pre-existing mental illness and or substance abuse. It’s a nightmare for the VA and past Eras of War

    1. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24011883/

      “Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious, multisystem disorder with multiple medical comorbidities. This article reviews the current literature on the endocrine aspects of PTSD, specifically hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis alterations indicative of low cortisol and increased glucocorticoid sensitivity, and the proposed mechanisms whereby these alterations increase risk or reflect pathophysiology. Discussion includes novel treatment innovations and directions for future research.”

      1. Hi, Ronnie. It is just an abstract. That link, anyway. More importantly, it’s a primer. It hits the one key fact that I promise no VA doctors have addressed with any of us: PTSD = Endocrine Dysfunction. Specifically, the hypothalamus-pituitary axis which sends instructions to produce cortisol. Cortisol is the body’s natural defense against stress. Our glands are broken so we don’t produce near enough cortisol to help us get down from the adrenaline spike also controlled by the HPA. The contemporary health care approach to treating this endocrine disorder is to attack other endocrine glands with Fluoride. The first of these glands to show damage from Fluoride is the thyroid. Sleep apnea, weight gain, lethargy sound familiar? All strong indicators of thyroid dysfunction.

        Googling the “right” “magic words” is key to success. Good keywords to string together in a search may include: pathophysiology of ptsd and link to endocrine dysfunction +HPA +pituitary

        How did I get that specific?

        A buddy of mine that I served in Iraq with and I have nearly identical symptoms. Tumors in the same places, anxiety, weight gain, yada yada yada. He’d gotten out and went to law school. No, this is not Benjamin I’m referring to. Another guy. Anyway, my lawyer buddy went to his civilian doctor that his lawyer salary affords and the diagnosis after an MRI was pituitary adenoma.

        Who we are in this economy plays a huge role in how we are diagnosed and treated.

    2. No sympathy for the VA, friend. The National Institute of Health is a .gov site that collects medical journal articles and reviews. There is a veritable treasure trove of info on PTSD and its links to endocrine dysfunction and autoimmune diseases. This physiological aspect is IGNORED by the VA and PTSD is treated only as a behavioral problem to be addressed with docility drugs containing Fluoride. The information is out there, friends. It’s literally all over the place.

    1. Of course they did. You got some sick puppies working at the VA and many times behind the scenes..the doctors are on some political bullshit and infighting is happening within the system. And guess who gets the blame in the end…who gets the shit end of the stick.

  6. Yessir all. They are just as bad on the text line. They only want to get you to say three things and their tactics are designed to corner you into commenting on them: Are you thinking of hurting yourself? Where are you? What are you wearing?

    They will trace your IP and send armed goons if you hang up on them or terminate the text chat. They did it to me. I kept my door closed, repeated that I did not feel safe with them there and asked them to leave. I recorded the entire interaction.

    My strongest recommendation to all is to record your interactions with them. When possible, invoke your rights as a disabled American and request alternate communication means as an accommodation. Texting and emailing gives us time to evaluate what they are saying to us and step back before we respond to them Here’s the fourth tip my veterans here will undoubtedly agree with: They will provoke you. They will deliberately change the subject and ignore things you try to tell them. It’s not about you. It’s about getting you into a concentration camp where they coerce you to take fluoride and suffer. Do it in silence or you’re gonna be there a while. Maybe for the rest of your life.

    If you’re like me and can’t hold down employment anymore, and you’re too impaired to have out loud conversations with strangers and confrontational humans like those employed by the VA, safest avenue is likely one that doesn’t involve voice communication. We’re disadvantaged in that medium. They know it. They abuse that advantage.

    I threatened the Cheyenne VAMC with a Congressional Inquiry. That’s as far as I allow myself to engage with those folks.

  7. Jim,
    You just spelled out what would happen with a vet, when they receive crappy healthcare by VA!
    Been there numerous times! Only I never “lost my cool” and threatened anyone – at least to their face!
    Look at what transpired up at the VA at Ft. McPherson, Ga.. Where a VA employee beat a elderly Vietnam veteran so bad, they had to transfer him to a civilian hospital. If the video hadn’t been “leaked to the public”, betcha that VA employee would still be employed!
    This was just one more horrendous incident by VA employees! It needs to stop. And all the money thrown at it won’t stop it!

    1. Benjamin let me tell you this story. They play the game very well. The system needs to be shutdown. Or the lawmakers need to transform it into another type agency. Let me share what Alachua county did in my situation at the end of last spring. See Benjamin they love to keep veterans wallowing. The answer to mental health issues is environment. A pill does nothing if nothing else around the veterans have changed. I left and I do not why I continue to respond on your blog except maybe what I say can help someone else. They do play the game. It is all about control. It is not about helping veterans period in my opinion. That time has come and gone. The veterans who have been treated with the most respect have been the WWII veterans. But back to me, end of last spring I had to move out of Alachua county. I could not pay 1900 rent until I could find another place to rent. The system has failed and I had to move so I could better help family. The whole country is in the south. People moving out of south Florida and taking jobs in south GA. Unfortunately not even housing in south ga. I wound up living in off campus housing for about 6 months but there was a wait list behind me of around 13 students and I was not a student at this university. Besides why would I be? My undergraduate degree prior to the Navy was earned in the state of Florida. Ben I am getting to something here. Around the time I had just transitioned from the apartment complex that I was living in located in Gainesville, the apartment complex manager called me and told me I had some visitors. I asked who? He mentioned two Alachua county sheriffs. The complex manager was perplexed. They claimed they were doing a wellness check. At the same time he said a lady from the VA had called with trying to get the manager to give out my information. Ben the VA has my information and always has had my information. The apartment manager would not give out my contact information because it he has rules to follow and plus I told the apartment manager they already have my contact information. Benjamin I know they did because before the apartment manager contacted me the nurse from the VA in Jacksonville had called my mother at my parents home looking for me. Ben this is tyranny. You should see what I have had to deal with from this agency. The apartment complex manager knows me and knew me and knew that I was squared away. So why did they need to do a wellness check? These people are not concerned about veterans. They are about provoking them to lock them up and including me. So they showed up that day and I had almost closed out my account but I was waiting for my final bill for my water sewer and trash. I was not there. I am just saying what I had left to complete. So tell me what do I have to do with the VA? I left in 2016. And even out here I have been slammed and I am not even under them. But my bottom line is Benjamin the VA employees provoke the veterans in many situations. Of course they are monitoring everything I say in your blogs. These people are sick. We have a United States Constitution and we have the Bill of Rights. I guarantee you people who work in the VA today are Constitutional illiterate. So my message to the veterans is try to seek help in the community. Stay out of the VA. Veterans contact Gary Sinise Foundation for guidance and resources. Although I don’t know. I say maybe one day they will wake up and do what is right. Benjamin they have blocked everything. You mention Chapter 31. Benjamin they will block it. I am not sick today but they want all veterans to be sick. We need a change of power in DC. You should honestly see what I have had been doing in at least the last 7 years. What a mess brought on by the Obama administration.

      1. Oh I fall to mention. The VA nurse was trying to influence the Apartment property manager to break HIPPA laws. I am not sure about the sheriff but from what was spoken to me it was surely the VA Nurse. Although I am not so sure she was truly aware of what she was doing or paying attention to any laws. She just wanted contact information that they already have had for years. Benjamin the problem is the federal government. They are so large they do not or act like they have no idea what is going on. No one ever knows anything. Also, how is it okay for VA employees to threaten or beat up veteran patients and it is not okay for veterans to speak up when they are not being treated fairly? Or when they cannot get anything done? This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and is against the law. If veterans cannot receive necessary care, then why does the VA need to remain open? Finally no one should be threatening anyone regardless of their status. Hello VA OIG.

      2. Sharing the Gary Sinese Foundation name with us was big, A. I’d never heard of it. Thank you.

    2. Hey Elf! Sorry so long to get back to you. Yes, we all know that the VA is pretty much irretrievably broken beyond redemption. Veterans are nothing to the VA except job security, data points, and people to take their ‘workplace frustrations’ out on through continued demeaning treatment.

      I seriously have to reign myself in to keep from physically assaulting these smiley faced turds who never fail to thank me for my service while denying me decent healthcare, and treating me like an insect to be squashed. I find it extremely difficult to express gratitude to the VA when they intentionally use all these automated systems to distance themselves from effective communication with the veterans they are supposed to be serving.

      Everyone has seen my plan as to what I think should be done to ‘reboot’ the VA. No need to reiterate it. To be fair, there are occasional, infrequent, bright spots with some individual workers. But those are very few and far between.

      Were I POTUS, I would immediately disband the VA/AFGE by Presidential fiat. I would roll the VBA into the social security system. I would then issue all veterans a card that would allow them to walk into any medical facility in America and get the medical treatment they deserve.

      All lives are important. Having said that, veterans who have given back to their nation without complaint in some of the cruelest and worst circumstances possible – – – and have had their lives changed irrevocably in a very negative manner from those experiences – – – should rate a higher degree of concern, and positioning in the line when it comes to Uncle Sammy doling out benefits.

    1. There’s some software issue that started last week w/ the comment section. It’s nothing personal about any commenters. The system is running slower than normal. If it makes you feel any better, my own comments are also being delayed. And, it’s my own website…

      1. Thanks for that update.
        Did you see where that elderly veteran was beaten by a VA employee at the VA hospital at Ft. McPherson, GA and if someone hadn’t leaked the video – nothing would have happened. They had to transfer him to a civilian hospital to get proper healthcare!
        That VA Secretary, after learning about it, was not very upset.

      2. The commenting system (automated) is not allowing normal approvals, not sure why. See my comment to Elf.

  8. So, no investigation into the ‘bitchy, rude and disrespectful’ employees who treated the guy like crap. Or, the rotten medical people who didn’t help him with legitimate health concerns. Or, were too stupid or corrupt (not helping due to neglectful attitude of the effing v.a. on purpose) day to day business!

    Corruption at its’ finest!

    I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN PAID FOR LAST OCTOBER TRAVEL!!! Probably won’t get paid for April 2022 travel either!!!

  9. Always the extremes get publicity, it seems, because an attorney specializes in this particular field. Yet, I suspect the greater crime is that VA employees among themselves discuss using the VA rules, especially the DBC, as the means of a cathartic release in the form of revenge upon a veteran who vocalizes a lack of medical care. A male nurse, Chico CA Outpatient Clinic, Chico CA, upon entering the consultation room, began telling me that nurses will withhold medical care to a veteran who complains. That is to say, then, the question: 1. How is it possible that this nurse remains in the VA environment? 2. How far up the Chain of Command does this kind of abuse of combat veterans go? Did the nurse’s doctor order him to issue a threat to withhold medical care? These two questions are enough to get an investigation, don’t you think, without listing other abuses that I have witnessed.

    1. I have witnessed VA employees provoke veterans intentionally. This has a lot to do with why many veterans are in jails. Why does the VA exist?

      1. A. you accurately describe how VA employees of routine primary care environment abuse VA rules protecting employees. These same VA rules officially have become legal loopholes for VA employee abuse of veteran patients. The most mundane, the most minor expression can be manipulated by the VA employee in order to charge the veteran. Security guard, VA Clearlake Clinic, Clearlake, CA, certainly, was assigned to provoke a veteran into violence. The security guard’s actions were the result of Dr. Westphal’s Plan to ambush the veteran. As you stated, A., Westphal’s Plan was designed to provoke. The security guard rushed the veteran, pushed up against him, verbally abuse the veteran by calling him “mentally sick” and threatened him by challenging the veteran to step outside, and be beat up. 1. Security guards are among low class uneducated and untrained people to deal with VA veteran patients. The Chief Administrator of the Clearlake Clinic should be fired for hiring untrained inexperienced guards. The people of the Clinic did not intervene at all as this guard abused this veteran. Not one word defended the veteran. The rumor mill says the Clearlake Clinic has been investigated for abuse of prescription drugs. When I went there to get my prescriptions, I noticed one male working there. All the remaining employees were women. In my view, that is a serious violation of law. Hire a few more men for Clearlake Clinic. Further, looking at Clearlake vicinity, I agree with the rumor mill. I empathize with the good and decent people of Clearlake CA for suffering under these kinds of people who abuse drugs both legal and illegal. Contact me if anyone wishes to join me in revealing how the VA uses DBC as a disciplinary mechanism to silence veterans who have legitimate complaints. Clearlake Clinic has brought all the worst to the surface. Let’s do something about a Clinic that is a fraud and that is a wasteful mess of our beloved VA. The State Representative got a few votes for opening the Clearlake Clinic knowing full well the population did not support a Clinic financially. A waste of money, of course, is not the concern of our State Representative.

      2. It’s America’s lame attempt at a public sector. But with politics being so rotten and no accountability or anyone taking responsibility these days..it’s dangerous to go. This just my opinion. That and it’s possible that people within VA sabotage the place because after all it’s “socialized medicine.”

    2. The patient advocates do not work on behalf of the veterans it seems. VA employees have VA attorneys, patient advocates and AFGE union. Veterans have zero support.

      1. A, you are correct about patient advocates. I have had one good experience with a patient advocate. She earned her way when she nurtured me through an early morning panic attack. I was beating up myself and describing myself as being totally at fault. She listened and helped in her own way.

        Remember, though, patient advocate is being phased out of use. Why? Because the patient advocate works for the doctor – the same doctor who committed the abuse of a veteran.

        Proof: Notice now that the term to use is “Patient Experience”. See? Advocate means for the veteran. Within the few previous years, we veterans have proven patient advocate is a booddoggle job. The so called advocate works for the doctor. Who do you think the advocate will favor? The doctor, of course.

        So, use a euphemism: Use the phrase “patient experience”. Naturally that person still works for the doctor. And for the DBC.

        Now, look at DBC, Discretionary Behavior Committee. That one word tells veterans that discretionary means arbitrarily deciding in favor of the doctor and the Committee. Remember too that this person is a member of the Committee, which means that their testimony will favor the doctor. I represented a veteran and read the Notes. Yep, sure enough, all statements were derogatory against the veteran.

        Veterans, we must unite against this kind of abuse by the DBC. Remember too doctors are members and ruling decision makers. Thus, decisions will be in favor of doctors. Ever hear of the “blue line of defense” for police people? Well, the same principle works in the VA. Doctors will commit a crime before they will rat on another doctor.

        Everyone, be a whistleblower. Contact me to add your story to others that I am collecting into one full submission to those who will investigate and decide in accordance with the principles of law.

        Remember, the book and the film: Ron Kovic, Born on the Fourth of July, 1976? It was a memoir that exposed the VA for what it was then and remains mostly today, 2022, a moribund institution. Ron Kovic addressed physical disabilities. Our Submission from whistleblowers will address mental health coverage. The DBC is the end of the line of a long series of abuses of veterans who suffer from mental health issues service connected that our beloved VA refuses to address by hiring abusive oriented people who are uneducated and untrained to encounter combat veterans especially with PTSD. You know, the reason the VA claims as its reason to exist: For the special needs of a veteran.

  10. Yes, it would be beneficial if DOJ provided more amplifying info in this case. Your theorem about this case thus far has a high probability of being spot on due the sustained (sarcasm intended) stellar performance of the AFGE fueled Department of Veterans Advesaries.

    VA healthcare is among the worst in our nation. If the VA had to show a profit (like most businesses do) they would be bankrupt within two years. Many reasons for this. Improper top-level management. Incompetent administrative personnel. Over-investing in defective technology. Doctors without proper medical licenses. Zero commitment to the veterans they serve. No critical thinking skills within the workforce. No motivation to change the status quo. The list goes on . . .

    1. Jim,
      You just spelled out what would happen with a vet, when they receive crappy healthcare by VA!
      Been there numerous times! Only I never “lost my cool” and threatened anyone – at least to their face!
      Look at what transpired up at the VA at Ft. McPherson, Ga.. Where a VA employee beat a elderly Vietnam veteran so bad, they had to transfer him to a civilian hospital. If the video hadn’t been “leaked to the public”, betcha that VA employee would still be employed!
      This was just one more horrendous incident by VA employees! It needs to stop. And all the money thrown at it won’t stop it!

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