Final Ride Rolling Thunder

Last Rolling Thunder Event To Highlight Medical Marijuana

The last Rolling Thunder event in history will highlight the medical marijuana hypocrisy before its final Memorial Day run this coming weekend after 32 years.

Artie Muller, the founder of Rolling Thunder, Inc, said his group will no longer hold the annual Memorial Day ride.


Because, according to Muller, the Pentagon, and metropolitan police are not cooperating as in the past with organizing the event. And, there is much more red tape than in the past.

Medical Marijuana Rolling Thunder

So, going out with a bang, the Rolling Thunder crew plans to highlight the consistent refusal of Washington DC bureaucrats to move the needle toward a common sense approach to medical marijuana.

Veterans are growing weary of Washington DC bureaucratic gridlock holding up veterans’ access to medical marijuana. So much so, veterans of the Rolling Thunder ride this Memorial Day will be highlighting the issue.

Veterans Cannabis Project is partnering with Harley-Davidson to sponsor the event in Washington DC – – a day of Harleys, free BBQ, and a concert to show support for what is being called marijuana advocacy.

The whole goal of the movement is to change how marijuana is currently classified to allow access for medical reseasons by veterans. Presently, the plant is on the list of Schedule 1 drugs, which is reserved for the most severe drugs like cocaine or heroin.

As a consequence of the classification, the Department of Veterans Affairs refuses to recommend or prescribe the use of medical marijuana to veterans. President Donald Trump promised to resolve this issue specifically but his Administration has yet to do so.

“We know that chronic pain and [post-traumatic stress disorder] are two major contributing factors to veteran suicides, and we know that medical cannabis can be a much safer and even more effective treatment than the cocktail of pills the VA often prescribes us,” Doug Distaso, director of Veterans Cannabis Project, said in a news release.

About Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder is an organization focused on honoring prisoners of war and military members who went missing in action.

For veterans wanting to attend, on Saturday, the concert will run from 11 am to 8 pm. On the Sunday ride, thousands of motorcyclists plan to ride through Washington to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The “Ride for Freedom” event is Sunday starting at around 1:30 pm.



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  1. “”

    26 May, 2019 Rolling Thunder Organizer explains it ALL —–

    1. TY KKat,

      Got an arm issue going on however. Same old stuff really over any kind of patriot or veteran’s dealings, or any group the leaders/tyrants or activist don’t like. Same issues and more with the trucker/vet convoy years back and there didn’t seem to be any friendlies in high places or the Pentagon. Not with all the agents the alphabet soup of LEOs and high ranking military/leader types to congress critters in their lofty positions being two-faced destroying things from on high and inside. Especially over debatable/controversial issues or historical ones many want to re-write or destroy today. Like us many just want us to go away and be erased from history, mind, sight, never heard of or about. Locally we have the permit issues too. Gonna have a pig roast, party, dance, get together for local vets or attempts to “network” with other kindreds? They’ve created the permit issues, security issues, open flames, using ‘their people’ and unions for security, etc. And don’t upset any cliques or special interest groups and many others which is near impossible. Fliers are illegal and if tried don’t dare let anyone drop one cause it’s littering and more fines. Anyone with half a brain knows what is going on in this country especially in college towns top-down. It’s nothing new and the real enemies and screw-balls just keep digging their heels in creating more barriers from truth, justice, ethics and freedoms to be found. Kind like “no recordings videos, cell phones” in Police stations, hospitals, or a courthouse or in courtroom by the peasants? To our media refusing to report on many issues and everything being so covered up and protected any more it’s akin to USSR living. Censoring, banning of books for years, no questions allowed, can’t trust anyone who handles our files or info, to ad barfum, et al. All of it, no escaping the NWO and corruption.

      Confuse to control, create chaos and division, make everything too pricey like for some simple justice to prevail, and on it goes using the Marx or Communist play books. Joe and Sally Sixpack on race day or anytime really simply doesn’t give a damn. Party on Kardashians, media, SJWs, thugs, and Hollyweird. Sure didn’t make all those flag burning illegals and other assorted idiots get permits, got fined, jailed, or their groups ceased out of existence or censored to death.

  2. Rare coverage I reckon of the last ride.

    Good ol America. V-Vet memorial damaged. Local idiots think M day is all about a 500 mile race to bringing activities in to some damn communities so their businesses can prosper, and the activist to congregate to hate on others while demanding harsh hate speech laws. Giving a thumbs up and wearing a POW/MIA cap “is racist” now. Stop the world I want off. Any aliens reading this post???

  3. 82 therapeutic compounds have been identified in Cannabis. thats 82 isolates that could be turned into concentrates and compounds producing effective remedies with good pharma methods. Can anybody else see the writing on the wall here? An Endocannabinoid system exists within us. This is not the opiate channels. The system exists in animals too. Humm, looks like another lie has been pushed for centuries especially when yoou consider the National archives have photographs of Civil War Soldiers picking hemp leaves to make bandages for their wounds which also provided analgesic effects. Fresh Cannabis leaves make a good dressing in lieu of NOTHING. And probably can replace most of the prescription crap the VA is pushing into you . BTW: the most dangerous labor union in the US is the AMA; they own the hospitals, the medical schools, the insurance companies and big pharma not to mention everything else like Liquor stores. Have a safe week guys.

  4. In my opinion, everyone of our elected officials in Washington D.C. should be forced to use that VHA!

    1. Mr. Speaker, I second that motion. I further move for a floor vote from the house . . .

  5. Google veteran affairs news employee hiding camera in bathroom perverts think ive had enough that place

  6. This from a tv news article up in ohio.
    “V.A. Employee charged with hiding a camera in the women’s restroom!”

    While watching another video this morning, I happened to see another “story” which affects female veterans. This was up in Ohio!

    1. From NBC.
      “Employee Accused of Hiding Cameras in Women’s Restroom”
      By: Gina Cook
      Published; May 23, 2019 at 12:33 AM | Updated 2 hours ago

      An employee at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, D.C., has been arrested after authorities say he recorded women in the bathroom at work with two hidden cameras.

      Alex Greenlee, 24, was arrested Wednesday and charged with five counts of misdemenaor voyeurism.

      According to court documents, authorities went to the VA office building on I Street NW in January after a woman discovered a “micro camera” hidden underneath the stall next to her with a recording screen.

      The woman said she then saw Greenlee outside the women’s bathroom on his cellphone and he told her he needed to go inside the women’s bathroom to get paper towels.

      Get Breaking News Alerts With the NBC Washington App
      Another woman found a second micro camera three days later attached to the underside of a toilet, court documents said.

      Five women were recorded on the cameras, one of them multiple times, according to the documents. One of the victims hasn’t been identified yet.

      Investigators interviewed Greenlee, who denied knowing anything about the cameras.

      Probe Can’t Determine If Va. Governor Was in Blackface Photo
      Federal Protective Services said Greenlee was spotted placing the cameras in the stall when they reviewed the memory cards from the cameras.

      View on NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

    2. This Greenlee kid needs a good old fashioned boot stomping ass kicking. “Could face . . . if convicted”. Way too many loopholes in our modern day society for this kid to slip through without proper punishment to ensure that he walks the straight and narrow from this point forward.

      Of course, we all know that ‘repeat offenders’ are a big money making industry of its’ own. N’est ce pas?

      1. Jim,
        You did notice this was in the most corrupt city in the United States!
        That VHA had/has been known to be one of the worst corrupt VHA’s going!

      2. Elf,

        I surely did notice that. Not too surprising, I guess. Given the stellar ‘leadership’ the majority of children that have been elected to represent us continually display in front of the ever present television cameras . . .

        A sad commentary on modern day America.

      3. Elf, I’d put my sick corrupt city and the state of Indiana up against any comparisons to those in DC. I think I have shown just how sick and corrupt my locale is over the years.

        Local news report claimed the RT riders last ride was due to ‘conflicts of interests with law makers and friction with authorities.’ One, as usual, very short report, end of story for them. Memorial Day coming up all about races and pissing on the dead or more pee for veterans.

        Jim, that is all we get locally. Children, family of congress critters and etc. Those claiming no moderates, conservatives, or right of their politics or college campuses will be allowed to speak on campus… or in our leftist college towns. To we old timers, parents, grand-parents are to be ‘re-trained,’ informed, taught, by the youth today who are better qualified or educated to show us the right way to think and live. Heard that crap from the early eighties and beyond.

        Nutter, good to see you still kicking. Hope Dennis’ info may have helped you too before being scrubbed from Instagram like all my stuff was from friendly Latinos in Brazil and Californee.

        Dave H. Now to you bubba. Stop watching “Reefer Madness.” Even watching detective shows and others they like all others seem to insert subliminal messages or words to promote some agenda or brain-wash. IE, this rapist, baby raper, murderer smoked MJ and turned them into evil demons to do their dirty deeds. BS.

        Those syringes? What kind/size? Don’t assume what was in them all. Meth, Coke, MJ seeds, banana peel, anything other than the jokes that could be broke-down, HGH… human growth hormone, testosterone or replacements for black market fat injections to steroids, Insulin, Botox and the like is cheaper on the Black Markets and used frequently that goes un-reported. Used in alleys and fancy suburb parties along with their Tupperware meets. Oh some gotta keep things on the down-low… use it in alley ways or cubby holes around town… or motels, parks, and throw evidence out. How many stories do you want to know about or hear??? I think I’ve about seen it all. At least been far enough around life’s tea cup to have found the handle.

        Gate way drug? That’s like the word the CIA and others came out with to pigeon hole “Conspiracy” Theorist if someone asked too many questions, wanted to know some truth or to label real whistle blowers about the dark secrets of USA culture and sick ass governments true agendas and more.

        I’ve also worn a lot of hats through life. Construction, whore-house factories, contractor, ditch digger, hay baling, industrial maint, bar tender, security of all kinds, corrupt union shit jobs, non union employment, mine top foreman, and more. To countless hours of volunteer work. Care-giver for many, death bed sitting too. Being around those in recovery circles, in those circles and helping run a recover club for years and everything that comes with it. And tried my best to keep it open during the days and nights as long as I could before dropping. Man do I ever have some stories I could share.

        Gateway drugs? Depending on location and availability of substances I’d have to report using that PC language, and expected use to pacify LEOs list of words… Booze. College towns and colleges ruined many lives just over… the drink and it didn’t have to involve any thing else. Homecoming parades, their college town “drunk-walks” what cover every bar along the main drags of town, makes the cliques and bar owners along the way very happy all the way to the bank. Oh and don’t report much criminal activity and problems… it must all look good and appetizing for the public, families, Frats and Sorority types. Don’t report on all the ER visits needed after or during, all the sex, stomach pumping, alcohol poisoning… oh their parents and academia must be so proud while appeasing sick Alumni with some of their own perverted parties (pedophilia, out of town hookers, dope, etc., included) and requirements to throw more money at the university compounds of lies and social engineering. Oh that sweet sound of all those donation giving back to the academic jokers.

  7. US & State Gov’ts and VA fuck your crimes against humanity CannaLaws. Need to go back to Pre-Prohibition Days.

    A Gateway Drug? Far stretch. Peer pressure is the gateway to drugs. Cannabis isn’t a drug. Its a plant with active compounds in it. No scientific proof that Cannabis is a gateway plant to drugs.

    And don’t forget the US has had a Patient on Cannabinoids for about 20yrs. The Gov’t knows the value of the organic compounds in Cannabis.

    And I believe if Civilians would help to put pressure on the Trump Administration, Congress & VA so to allow Vets to consume the best forms of CannaProduct for their pain relief, that it can cause a trickle down effect.

    And it has been proven that Cannabis is safer than Alcohol. Most Police are more concerned & worried about those that are drunk, on meth, cocaine & those on opioids compared to those using Cannabis.

    I see that the 100+ yrs of lies, propaganda & stigma about Cannabis still has a hold.

    VA Dr told me that she’s concerned about Cannabis because the plants organic compounds react with the same pain receptors.

    I said to her, “no shit.”

    Plus my outside Pain Management Dr said that they’re still trying to figure out on how to solve the epidemic. An epidemic that the VA has played a large role in creating.

    Therefore the DoJ should be investigating the VA leadership. And there hasn’t been one reported death due to the PRIMARY use of Cannabis.

    I hate dirty & non-science passed as facts & truth.

    And the VA should add to their formulary for those on longterm use of medications and for muscle loss by including; L-Glutathione, NAC, L- Methionine, L-Glycine, Pre-biotics (food 4 Pro-biotics), a balanced Pro-biotic formula, just for starters.

    Recently VA made a switch from prescribing D2 to now scripting D3.

    As an Investigative Research Biologist and using Nutraceuticals, Nootropics, other specialized supplementation since 1975, plus juicing & dietary changes, I have completely eliminated osmotic or stimulative laxatives, and reduced intake of stool softeners by more then half.

    Do you think the VA cared that I accomplished this? Hell no!

    Wife and I are working on tweaking up this formula through a Private Label Company. So the formulary is proprietary.

    Sorry I don’t do follow-ups I’m too busy with protecting my health from VA. Very time consuming and emotionally stirring. Been escourted out of VA several times with more to come.

    Remember this is our VA & VA employees are an after thought.

    Did VA announce their new name change; VA = Veteran Assassinators.

    1. Glad to hear you are doing better these days, BB. When your product is ready for market, send me an email. Might want to give it a try.

      1. Sure thing JC. Having a few minimum order issues due to multiple ingredients and one company caring some ingredients while another carrying the others.

        Plus with unresolved PTSD styptoms flaring up due to VA’s negligent behavior. Everytime its always something.

        Oh and those fluctuating sleeping patterns. Put in a tad of energy and exhaustion comes quick.

        I’ll keep you updated. And hopefully we can get these issues resolved. Didn’t realize that we’d run into these overlooked challenges.

        Take care of yourself Brother.

  8. I do a lot of repairs for rentals. Usually when MJ is being used, a needle with meth, heroin or other
    drug of choice will be nearby. Sorry, but I don’t buy the BS about pot being the end all to cure all pain problems. It is a gateway drug for abuse of other drugs.
    P.S. I have CHRONIC pain from my C2-C5 being collapsed.

    1. A loaded firearm sitting on a table never killed anyone. Takes a human being for that to occur.
      A bag of marijuana never got anyone addicted to heroin. Takes a human being for that to occur.

      Notice any similarities?

    2. And you Dave H. Are brainwashed, Nothing leads to other drugs except yourself.

    3. “MJ is a gateway drug”… What a bunch of bible thumping, LE paranoia. I smoke MJ in HS and NEVER have a desire to drink alcohol or any other drug. MJ does work for pain in some people. How many thousands of lives were destroyed by the VA pushing pills? How many would been alive if they could use MJ responsibly? I spent 20 years as a police officer and the most selfish people in the world are street drug addicts. They have ruined any sensible treatment for chronic pain patients. Suicide among pain patients is up 38%. Many of those are Vets. So spare the bullcrap about MJ. If it saves just one life…

  9. T – – – I pretty much agree with your entire post that had this as its’ closing paragraph:

    “At least these “RT riders” are attempting to do something rather than ride for the local animal shelters, to support censoring and attacks on some of us or supporting some of the sickest of people among us and in leadership positions. Or supporting to poison off crows and pigeons so they don’t have to take chances walking in bird poo around town or in the parks. Or in support of the freaks of the United Way or some other phony group.”

    I was quite serious with regards to my suggestion as to how I thought the final Rolling Thunder rally should go. Imagine the shock (feigned, I’m sure) of our ‘exalted leaders’ as the stench of Washington (along the RT route) smelled sweet for an hour or so . . .

    I remember the protesters of the ’60’s shouting “Hell No. We won’t go!” while some stepped forward to serve their nation at a time when it was difficult to do so . . .

    Perhaps for the final Rolling Thunder rally the cry could be: “VA Medicines a Joke. We wanna’ toke!”

    1. Local groups or vet bikers don’t seem to want to get involved in anything other than what the PC crowd and college cliques demand. Sad stuff really.

      I don’t know how many RT riders there are but it will take a lot to make those in DC perk up and really listen.


      Anyone remember that movement or event? Truckers and Veterans. I do. Had my sign and standing on a over-pass until told to move along for fear I might throw a brick or something off the over-pass since here in Hooter’s-ville they don’t like protest or showing signs of support like that unless it benefits the local PC herds, like with questions.

      Pity that ‘convoy’ on DC back then was ruined cause they were going to totally shut DC down and for a long time. The LEOs came out against them, so did DC suits, the insider agent provocateurs, Feds, even the two-faced members in the so-called movement, in the vet orgs or groups helped ruin things too. Talk about a show.

      I was watching what there was of it on MSM TV and trying to keep up on it all on alternative news radio sites committed to covering in all from start to finish. Talk about listening to people trying to herd cats! Started out seemingly good until all the agents, anti-activist, and players began with their stuff. Plus all the threats flying around from all over to those chancing losing their jobs and on it all went. The public didn’t seem to care about high gas prices for truckers or for POW/MIAs and vet who thought some were still being kept or lost… were “crazy” cause our gubberment and media heads said so. Or who was going to do the fines and jail time over it all. All kinds of reports were flying around, or if and when the guard would be called out, or if they were. I can’t remember and the sites I am trying to get to is “malicious” and freezing my stuff up. And don’t recall just how many actually did show up whether or not it was a million like others can easily draw.

      Yep, get a million or well over and toke em out. LOL. How many can they all actually arrest and hold? Hell they don’t arrest those littering up or tearing up the monuments or bathing in one veteran’s memorial fountain cause so many do it… with soap. That was on a public TV documentary until they were told to stop video taping the scene being tourist or is that video taking terrorist being pissed off Americans.

      Need millions upon millions to show up and present a list for DC to read and acknowledge, really. MJ for one, VA shit for another plus their ending their retaliation games, the censoring and attacking of veterans or whistle-blowers, the scum MSM media, and more. And not budge until there were real changes instead of lip service or politician promises. Oops, pipe dreaming with an empty pipe.

      Give em hell RT riders and do a toke for me. Hell, I’ll probably be arrested now just for the thought crime.

      1. T – – – Yeah, I remember that event. Emailed the organizers because along with the march there were going to be rallies staged in many cities nationwide. We had a large number of vets (over 500) in Honolulu that could not afford to get to Washington, but who would have surely shown up at the State Capitol Building to protest.

        I had volunteered to serve as the local coordinator/point of contact.

        Never heard a word back from them.

  10. Angela, thanks! Been on both of those too for quite a while now. Name it I got it in my kitchen or med cabinets. Including all kinds of teas. NAFLD or with some saying NASH too was because of Triglycerides, over-weight, not obese, LDL stuff, borderline Diabetic, etc. Then the VA put me on the cholesterol dope then got a call at midnight after a day of tests telling me to get off of two of those and all the new prescriptions they had me on creating more kinds of issues and negative liver issues. Then it’s because I have a “strange abnormal metabolism or metabolic disorders.” Not much of anything reported to me like that is in my files like all the contradictions and back and forth chatter or varying opinions. But then I am supposed to be treated like all others?? And forced to use meds or OTCs at times that can create problems with no other options. As with many others like me as well.

    Kinda sucks to take years to get on a level playing field and do what really helps. What to do, what not to do or eat, then have the carpet jerked out from under us plus the dealing with the corruption, educated idiots, incompetence, liars to the psycho and sociopaths. Then have some idiot like MD Harold or the P team say to drop it all and start everything and testing over again like day one. Pure insanity and intentional abuse at some of our ages when sailing along, or trudging, should be a lot smoother. Then have to deal with civilians not being much better but more about the $$$ and spreading it around to their associates.

  11. I had posted many other helpful options. But just canceled my additional reply because Benjamin’s website was locking me up. Do not have time to fight with Benjamin’s website.

  12. If the VA only knew, Do they know how much good there is in the use of the product? Let me tell you about all the drugs they prescribe that cause serious side effects: anti-psychoctics, anti-convulsives, anti-hypertensives, anti-anxiety…on and on. Yesterday’s post regarding a $300K settlement for Sepsis is a reminder of what the classical forms of medication can do to a person. BTW: Tegretol can cause Bone Marrow Suppression- that means your immune system is wiped out, Dilantin effects your bones so much your teeth rot in your head. Last time I checked I did not see anybody dying from CBD oil or the use of Medical grade marijuana. Can it help people get off opioids and other things? YES, I know that it can. The Wall as a part of this is just a reminder to me that our troops who used the weed in Vietnam were prosecuted if caught with it. Reagan sprayed poison on Mexican pot feilds and then allowed it to be sold in the U.S.. It was called Paraquat. Reagan and his others were against the Wall as the “Shame and Stigma” were supposed to be lifetime wounds on this generation ( thank you Richard Nixon and John Kerry- you a-holes). I haven’t forgotten the kind of crap THAT generation foisted upon us. And I’m not going to apologize for NOT being an alcoholic as so many of THAT generation was and still are. Do we have a difference of opinion on the subject? Probably, but that doesn’t change the fact that I was an enlisted man and came out an E-5 with decorations. So here is where I stand, legalize it and let it be what help it is to all who can benefit from it. Less dependence and less central control over Veterans and there families by the VA et al is the right thing. Many of the drugs the VAMC’s prescribed can be cut back or eliminated with the use of these products; balms, salves, ointments, edibles, tinctures and concentrates. It’s time the medical community officially interacted with and paid attention to the fact that humans have an endocannabinoid system for a reason. Can I say ‘DUH” ? Nurse out…

    1. “Tegretol can cause Bone Marrow Suppression- that means your immune system is wiped out, Dilantin effects your bones so much your teeth rot in your head.”

      All true. Plus when the VA is not doing the required frequent blood monitoring for patients on Dilantin (as happened to me back in the ’90’s) other ‘bad juju’ happens as well. Not stuff I would wish upon my worst enemy . . .

      Fortunately for me, the teeth rotting was taken care of OUTSIDE the VA. But the financial cost was staggering – – – more than a new mid-sized car.

    2. RJ, I agree with you about how damaging the medications are. VA loves it because it is part of their one way ticket to hospice. This makes me retract to HHS Alex Azar about his Imported Socialized Drug plan. His so called drugs that he mentioned that he will be importing from Canada more than likely will just be coming thru Canada from other countries should all of this go into law. He is not telling the truth. Many of the medications prescribed in this country are already substandard as in FDA Black Box Listed Medications that are banned in other countries. Yep, VA prescribes them. But, he claims we will just be turning to Socialized Medications. He is not honest. American Medical Community already has been prescribing Medications that are below par of third world countries. Prescribed here but banned in other countries. I do not agree with most of these meds full of life threatening chemicals. If no other option, just use temporarily then work to transition from and off the meds. Government has gone insane. Take honey for example, Honey coming from China does not show the producer. But American citizens will not see this. Honey coming from China is labeled so that it cannot be traced back to China. On real true honey will show it’s UMF factor. Clean and healthy honey. Another example, fish from certain countries contain formaldehyde. Yes, some countries use this in place of ice during transport. Put it like this veterans as best that we can, the only way to see about oneself is almost try to do what we can ourselves. VA, some companies, and government have lost their purpose of goodwill. Life is not of value to them unless it is them. All about a dollar bill.

      1. HHS Alex Azar flipped. When he worked for Eli Lilly, he was about assisting the American citizens. This was few years ago. I remember. Assist American citizens while in private sector then when get into government turn against them. This is what most of them do. All they care about is votes.

  13. REALLY want to have the Rolling Thunder Run ‘go out with a bang’ and ‘advocate for medical marijuana for veterans’ ???

    Let’s have all riders tokin’ on them doobies as they roll past the Capitol Building. Should help to alleviate some Chronic Pain on the part of some of the Hardtail riders of my generation, and the sweet smell of burning haystacks plus the brown cloud – – – should send a nice message.

    At the very least, it ought to give William P. Barr and POTUS Trump a short mental break from their current troubles . . .

    And give the MSM something different to report for a news cycle or two. Can’t turn on ANY electronic informational device nor pick up a paper these days without being bombarded 24/7 with Trump, Pelosi, Subpoenas, Ignore Subpoenas, It’s a Dem Plot, The Repubs Conspiracy . . . .

    FUCK! VA will never get fixed as long as the above is all that dominates the news cycles.

    Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and promoted by a sick mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end . . .

    Tired of ALL of it.

    1. You forgot one. Democrat Elijah Cummings and his wife also need to be investigated. He should step down from Judiciary Committee. Watchdog went to ask for their tax returns. Cummings wife shut door in face. Cummings wife operating a for-profit and non-profit rolling in millions. Cummings wife ran as 2017 Gubernational Candidate. She is Chairman of Democrat party in Maryland. Oops, she did not report her salary. Oops. Democrats just do not want to be exposed. What they are accusing Trump and Republicans of they are actually guilty of.

      1. I meant Gubertorial candidate for Elijah Cummings’ wife. Typo in my last post.

      2. Angela,
        Cummings AND his wife are being investigated over his non-profit raking in $6.2 million between 2013 and 2016! It’s considered a “pay for play scheme”!
        It was just released today or yesterday. If I can find it, I’ll leave a link!

      3. @T, this might could help your liver status to what you have spoken to. Combine prebiotic with probiotic. Prebiotic is insoluble fiber and passes onto the liver and colon. Contributes to good bacteria for the liver. Probotic is soluble fiber and is digestible. Feeds off of prebiotic and the probiotic contributes to healthy environment in the intestines and gut area.
        As for President Trump’s tax returns, he should seal them as the ones in the state of New York just like Obama sealed his Harvard College Transcripts. Yep. We never saw Obama’s college transcripts. See the Double Standard.

    2. American people need to take over the American government after all it belongs to the American people anyway. Get rid of useless government officials. All they want to do is wallow in sexual misconduct with their slush taxpayer funds, wallow in fake bullshit and wallow in corruption.

      1. One point, American citizens get slam dunked all the time. If President Trump had committed crimes with his taxes, the IRS would have already taken him out well before now. Government officials rarely get held accountable for anything. I believe the supenoaes issued to Trump should reverse course with being issued to Spreaker Nancy Pelosi, Elijah Cummings and all government officials who have been in government from cradle to grave.

    3. “Tired of ALL of it.”

      Me too … and following. I have really upset the social media cliques and operators. Ha ha. Good!

    4. Reality teevee Amerika dude. Programmatic competition, drama and conflict, and titiwating Tweets fwum Twump. Perfectly scripted. Keeping up with the Trumpdashians. In “our” day it was “film at 11” or “tune in next week”, or wait for a friggin magazine. Now it’s 24/7 horsehit that knows no party, debases decorum, defies the reality of truth, and putrifies character and integrity.

      1. Yessirfuckinreebob !!! Goebbels be giglin’ . . . and Putin still be the most honest playah of the bunch.

  14. I support CBD use, but most medical marijuana advocates just want to get high on THC. It’s an embarrassment that this ride has been degraded to representing such nonsense. Artie and his cronies have destroyed a great pastime for self serving bs.

      1. Yeah we noticed. I have PTSD like a lot of us here. If I didn’t use it I’d probably take out people like you with out a 2nd thought. I’ve also been using it for over 50 years and I’ve done pretty good over those years even having to listen to dicks like you. STFU.

      2. Angela, i agree with you. I do not support cbd use at all. it’s just another pharmaceutical drug. It’s not the plant. Research clearly shows that high THC whole-plant cannabis … smoked, vaped, oral, anal, vaginal, eye, ear, nose application is most effective. HIGH THC WHOLE PLANT CANNABIS is the cure. that’s why we don’t like another pharmaceutical half- measure poison.

      3. Otto Skorzeny, yes, I agree with you too. And, because people have different perspectives or different opinions are not reasons to take anyone out. Everyone has their own individuality and people should respect that. Because I mentioned that I disagree with the CBD use does not in anyway direct disrespect to those who use it. This is why I have always mentioned one size never fits all. This is true; but, the government officials want to make it one size fits all. And, this can never be. Which leads me to further discuss the proposed Importation Socialized Medication plan put forth by HHS Alex Azar. See this is another reason why this plan will be throwing many American citizens under the bus. Because every American citizen is an individual. What may work for one person may not work for another. Sometimes, people even have to do blood work to actually find the correct medication that works for them individually. Medicine is a Trial in / by Error profession anyway along with evidence based research. At the present time, there are different classifications or groups of drugs. Well, with the Importation Socialized Medication plan proposed by HHS Alex Azar, this plan will eliminate the Freedom to choose. All will have to take the same drug for whatever the issue is. See how the government tries to force the one size fits all modality onto the veterans as well as all of the American people. Now, do you see where I am coming from? If CBD use works for some, then, do what works. Each to his own. I do not take that away from anyone honestly if they need it for a serious medical condition. I just do not care to use it. My decision and my body.

    1. Pretty broad swipe with the brush, Todd. Facts? Statistics?

      I support my Brothers/Sisters right to be free of their Chronic Pain by WHATEVER method works for them, provided it causes zero harm to any other human being.

      Personally, if they legalized Medi-Jane nationwide – – – I would stick to CBD Oil in my vape. I do not enjoy getting high, or drunk for that matter. Has to do with how it affects my judgement/control.

      But far be it from me to wish for ANYONE to deny even ONE of our nation’s combat veterans an herbal substance that historically has proven to be less harmful than long-term usage of prescription strength (800 mg and above) Ibuprofen.

      1. Increased protein acts as an anti- inflammatory veterans. You do not have to use Ibuprofen. What do you think bodybuilders consume? Extra protein. You can even purchase a type of yogurt that has over 20 grams of protein that people can consume. Yes protein is healthy. Tumeric is too. Research it veterans.

      2. Correct. Whey protein is beneficial for producing glutathione, a big antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in the body. Glutathione keeps inflammation under control. The higher the antioxidant status, the lower the inflammation is going to be. So whey protein is a good option. However, it’s not such a great option if you’re an individual who has concerns about dairy allergies or you have some type of dairy sensitivity.

        Another option that’s out in the marketplace that’s really good, and has some of the similar benefits of whey protein such as high branched-chain amino acid content to promote good muscle tissue development is beef protein.

        Most people, when they think about beef protein, scoff. “Oh my goodness, does that taste like a steak or a hamburger?” The answer to that is no. It will just have a chocolate or vanilla flavor.

        What is great about beef protein is that it’s going to have not only a high amount of branched-chain amino acids, it also will have higher nitrogen content. The higher nitrogen, the higher protein development, the higher muscle tissue development capacity and the regeneration capacity you have.

        Also, because most of these beef proteins don’t simply come from just the meat portion of beef, but also from bone and cartilage, you’re also going to get the benefit in helping to regenerate some of the cartilaginous tissue in your body.

      3. Jim, I have tried it all and still doing homeopathic treatments for inflammation, Amino acid stuff, B-protein/gelatin, Turmeric/black pepper, MCT oil, and on it goes. Not too much or needed relief from the pains from too many issues I deal with from tippy toe to top of the head. Tried all the various types of CBD oil and no help there either. I doubt if MJ would help with my pain issues but know what was taken from me after years (opioids/M-relaxers, etc.) of trial and error finally did work or was acceptable and gave me more mobility and better sleep. Then after years of continual testing and none of the tyrants finding me doing anything wrong for thirty or so years they still had to jerk mine to make the masters and stats look good on paper, and from those “orders from the top.” While others are still getting theirs and claim to know nothing or have not had anything change in the pain meds and still getting them by mail, which our group was told had been all stopped. Liars.

        So against liver MDs orders and others I have to resort to killer over the counter pain meds, Ibuprofen, Aleive, Bayer the cure for migraine joke commercials, and they still don’t work well enough. I was told over and over to stay on narcs and stay away from a list of others. If not my enzymes go nuts, the big Pharma dope and OTC crap already gave me Non-Alcoholic fatty liver disease while the PCPs and others stated that’s okay we don’t need to listen to those specialty clinics or outside MDs. But I do feel the negative effects from the OTC use after a short while. Very obvious changes occur. Yet told by idiots once the enzymes level out to do it all over again now minus proper pain meds. And now the medical societies, justice jokers, media clowns, religions, and others claiming MJ turns people violent and not an “HERB.” “Not God Given.” Hmmm.

        We’ve gone long past as a nation of laws but turned into a totalitarian police state ruled by we all know who and what corporations, or complexes. I agree with Ron Paul, decriminalize all of it, period. If people don’t care or like the word ‘free’ or real freedom tough. Too many want to control other’s lives full circle and over every issue out there and what to tolerate and accept or shoved down our necks. If people can’t accept some responsibility, learn, be mature, etc., then let the natural order of things happen. If they kill themselves due to them selves, no personal constitution or willingness to over-come whatever… so be it. Collective Punishments, a war crime, has not worked and will never work when others suffer and die due to others control issues or being brain-washed or socially engineered into bowing to authoritarian rules and those at the top living by different rules and allowances. But there is too much money and grants to be had by the ‘war on drugs.’ Cops get their bucks/game toys/tools, lawyers make billions of dollars, jails and prisons are full, United Way/affiliates and other phony ‘want to control it all’ organizations/special interest groups, are sucking up on that grant or anti-drug money too. Oh and all those phony recovery joints and scum sucking insurance companies make their bucks too while knowing they aren’t really helping but creating a recovery circle with countless returns to make the bucks. It’s all a game to them.

        Plus they are still running commercials and warning MDs about pain med prescriptions when no MDs are doing so. More propaganda while only certain pain clinics are allowed to hand them out after you sign your life over to them and sign special agreements with them that also locally allow them to sue you if you don’t comply with whatever they demand or a pain med is NOT found in your system at the amount they want or expect. Oh and after six to more hours of waiting room experiences right up there with some VA clinics and their all day waiting games. All while the healthy and others who think we should not be treated as individuals simply don’t give a damn, they just want things their way. Oh but stay out of their lives.

        At least these “RT riders” are attempting to do something rather than ride for the local animal shelters, to support censoring and attacks on some of us or supporting some of the sickest of people among us and in leadership positions. Or supporting to poison off crows and pigeons so they don’t have to take chances walking in bird poo around town or in the parks. Or in support of the freaks of the United Way or some other phony group.

      4. I’ve tried the whey P, turmeric, ginger.. you name it. NSAIDs are essentially an immediate poison – I can ulcerate my esophagus in a week. I’m stuck with Humira – I hate it that it crashes my immune system and will trash kidneys eventually. But, it works. I’ve regained the ability to do stuff. Currently building a deck and a greenhouse and getting away with it. I’d thought that I might not need it, or that it wasn’t that effective. Wrong. I got an infection, and had to get off the biological and within a week I was pretty useless and reaching for pain killers. For me, pain killers include THC and CBD combo. CBD by itself has not been effective. THC by itself used to be fun but that ship sailed. The combo works a treat. I could give a rat’s ass if it’s placebo effect or otherwise clinically proven. It’s “Me” proven. I could do without the stoner stupor, but I try to hold off until settled in for the evenings.

        Pig Pharma isn’t going to let their puppets in DC give up on Class I. Not even for vets. They’re too far up the ass of institutional VA to crawl out willingly.

        My version of Rolling Thunder would include an all out assault on every available law/lobbyist office in DC, with extreme medieval prejudice and absolutely no mercy….OK… that would be the creative aspect of the THC running away with reality. So what.

      5. Windguy – – – I am glad that you have found a solution that woks for you more often than not. I agree with your statement “I could give a rat’s ass if it’s placebo effect or otherwise clinically proven. It’s “Me” proven”.

        Damn straight. That is ALL that should matter. For each one of us. As I have said before, we each experienced the military differently – – – but their exists a lot of common overlap.

        The same with our Chronic Pain, but inversely. The experience is mostly the same. It sucks. We hate it. Most, if not all of us would not wish such a cruel thing on anyone we know, and we are ALL searching for solutions to minimize that pain to prevent it from interfering with our daily lives as much as we possibly can.

        Our solutions however, is where our differences lie. What works for one may not work for another. For (at 64) myself, I have found that regular, moderate (5 mile walk, 200 flight stair climb, + strength resistance) exercise 4 or 5 X weekly helps – – – along with a few dietary changes, and my CBD vape. I still have my pain, it will NEVER be gone – – – but I am now able to much more effectively manage it than before. And that has made a huge difference in the quality of my life.

        I am well aware that Pig Pharma will most likely never give up on Class 1. Not until they find a way to make $$$$$$$ off of Medi-Jane. Hellfire, I used vaping to quit a 42 year, 1.5 to 2 or more pack a day of Camel Non-filters. Wasn’t a big thing when I was an ‘early adopter’ building my own coils, etc. Then, because of the cost (and control) factors involved in production – – – I learned to mix my own juice. No government harassment 5 years ago.

        Now they want to regulate every damn thing concerning vaping. As the assholes do with everything else under the sun. Former Speaker Boehner who for years preached against ‘devil weed’ has recently invested in a big way in the cannabis industry in states that have deemed it legal. Why the sudden ‘come to Acapulco Gold’ moment? $$$$$$$. Hypocrisy? Nope, not much! Cough, cough! Hack, hack!

        For my spinal stenosis, I took just under 5gm daily of Ibuprofen for an extended period of time. After a while, it began causing some other (Nephrology) problems, so I discontinued it’s usage. Fortunately, those other problems resolved on their own.

        I think that we all seek (and hopefully we will all find) solutions that will allow us to master our chronic pain. I certainly do not think that what is working for me is ‘the golden key’ for anyone else – – – but for those who are still seeking their answer, and have not found it yet – – – it is just one more ‘tool for the toolbox’ that MIGHT just be the one to spin your sprocket. Only the individual veteran can decide that for themselves.

        Never hurts to share ideas and experiences. YOU, T, Angela, Elf, and a host of others have helped me with things you have posted here that I have read. I’m an Information Whore, you see. I’ll take from anybody – – – use what fits, discard what don’t.

        Slow typing day. Time to feed the dogs.


      6. JC – DAMN YOU! I just got a major jones for a Camel Straight. I only choked those down about 8 years, quit all of it in 1990, save for the occasional beg and subsequent self loathing. At 66, I careful manage my combustables. Edibles just give me headaches. So, peace-pipe it is.

        I just finished a few rim joists and a twelve-pack of joists – (deck) four hours on my feet. I’ll paid for it, but one little bump did the trick. I’d love to do more walking, but, arm swinging agitates thoracic and, more recently, cervical …regions. Balance grasshopper.

        Bright side – vertical and ventilating.

      7. Windguy – – – Seems we have more (chuckle) in common than I suspected. Hope the jonesing period passed rather quickly for you. Vertical and ventilating is always good in my experience.

        Somewhat envious of your ability to build that deck. Glad that you are able to do it. Alas, for me there exists a disconnect between the Brain and Hand – – – which I have always found curios to say the least. It does not exist when doing micro-miniature electronic repair work that requires precision soldering, or working on motorcycle engines. But place a hammer or saw into my hands, tell me to build a doghouse and calamity pretty much ensues. Never understood that. Never will. One of the great mysteries of life.

        I still ingest a real combustable 3 or 4 times a year. I just hand the person that I ask for it a dollar bill when they give it to me. That eliminates the self-loathing that I would otherwise feel. I also note down the date/time I did it. Patterns, you see.

      8. Jim, add weights to your workout routine. I did not read this in your post is why I am writing it. The weights add the necessary resistance that is needed to strengthen the muscles. The skeletal system of the human body which is of course our bones and we all know this, is aligned or is held in line with the muscle groups. The stronger the muscles ? the more apt the bones will be held in place. Also, the higher degree of muscle flexibility one has will help reduce tears and prevent injuries. Here is an example, a guy who is an active runner and soccer player starts to experience severe knee pain. The condition was diagnosed as runners knee. What happened was the knee cartilage had started wearing in one area. Which ultimately what had happened was his walking became unaligned. His knee cartilage was wearing on one side instead of centrally and balanced. The knee joint and the bones of the leg had shifted which resulted in him not walking with both feet forward and with the legs being of the same length. One foot was sort of turned outward when he walked and not pointing straight forward when he walked. So to help the situation, he strengthened his quadriceps and his hamstrings with weights. He also applied lots of stretching. A physical therapist assisted him to modify his stance and stride when walking. Corrected his walking. By applying movement exercises in the correct manner to correct his walking and while strengthing the upper and lower leg muscles at the same time eliminated the pain from his knee. This was preventative care. Physical medicine. Now, the guy will not have to have a knee joint replacement because the cartilage is now wearing evenly surrounding the knee cap. All due to correcting the biomechanics of his body. Now, does government run healthcare do this? Government run healthcare only acts well after the fact. In other words, after all the shit has hit the fan. Although, the VA could save a hell of a lot of money while igniting health and recovery if it could focus more on preventive care. In regards to PTSD, use intensive therapy instead of pumping life threatening pills for a lifetime. There are many ways the VA could improve if they really wanted to. So far it has been about which veterans they can sabotage next. And it does not take a rocket scientist to promote quality health and healing. Stem Cells and Immuniology. Using translational catheters to replace arteries in the heart instead of the total traditional heart surgery. Edwards LIFE Sciences innovates and manufactures the new medical products such as the translational catheters. Best.

  15. The Run has too many ‘tag-alongs’ who do not respect the reason for the Run. It was started to remind Americans of the Wall and the men and women on it. It began with Vietnam Vets and some invited family to go along. The Wall was blocked from being built under Reagan and his flunkies who opposed any Memorial to Vietnam veterans and their Brothers lost in battle. Jan Scruggs stood up against them, and with his and other supporters, help we built it with our own money donated by Vets and other Americans. The US Park Service ‘director’ was also doing the blocking, just a political hack of course. Remember it’s only Draft-Dodgers who still oppose The Wall, due to their being Cowards. Maybe instead of any “military parade” for Draft-Dodgers to swagger along to, an “Occupation of the Mall” by Vietnam Vets and families to be recognition of how they’ve all born the cost of that War, and do live with it daily.

  16. And I thought this administration was deregulating. I guess only in the wrong places. Places that help goofing, excuse me, golfing partners.

    1. Yes, I have noticed this too. Need to deregulate the golfers from the wrong places to then include the right places for all. I see this happening too; but, I am not with anyone who allows marijuana to become legal or be prescribed. Other options.

  17. Next year consider doing the the run with the help of volunteers and Veterans who cannot ride but can organize and plan the festivities afterwards, get volunteer police riders for traffic, the idiots up in Washington just don’t give a rats @$$ of the sacrifice our military and Veterans gave to this country and those who continue to need our assistance, RIDE ON, DON’T GIVE UP, thank you and to those who participate

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