This Weekend In History: 60th Anniversary Of CIA MK Ultra Mind Control Program

CIA MK Ultra 60th Anniversary

Do not believe the conspiracy hype. This actually happened… and may still be happening in new and scary ways.

I usually avoid posting things straight from the VA but their list this morning of things in history caught my attention.

Specifically, that today marks the 60th Anniversary of the CIA’s program to control the minds of Americans and other groups.

I used to think the MK Ultra thing was just a cookie conspiracy theory until I stumbled across hearing into the CIA by former Senator Church. The Committee on Human Resources held the hearing. NY Times posted a PDF of the hearing notes.

It is an interesting read for those with some time on their hands. The documents are extremely long.

This impacts veterans because military members were targeted for experimentation in these programs and others like it.

For many veterans, they were unable to get access to disability benefits because the experiments on their bodies were considered classified information.

Therefore, to reveal the information about what experiments were conducted would have been a security breach.

Many veterans are still caught behind the veil of secrecy and prevented from receiving medical care. Vietnam Veterans of America has a pending lawsuit with the VA and DoD to get access to files still classified that are necessary to award proper disability benefits.

The suit aims to release the veterans from their gag order of secrecy.

For those interested in this and other “important” events that happened this weekend, I have included the list I get from the VA every weekend.

Let me know if you would like me to start posting this on a regular basis.



From the VA:



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