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Veterans’ Voice of America with co-hosts Benjamin Krause and Susan Knowles on Friday, June 9, 2017 at 10amPT/1pmET

Veterans Voice

Join co-hosts Benjamin Krause and Susan Knowles as we bring you “Veterans’ Voice,” a new weekly LIVE video interactive show where we discuss issues important to our veterans and those who support them. 

You, the LIVE audience will be able to ask questions and comment during the show so make sure you don’t miss a moment.

YES, if you have a question, you should tune into the show to ask it. Ben or Susan will do their best to answer whatever question you have.

The show will be broadcast on the Veterans’ Voice of America Facebook page.

You can click on the Veteran’s Voice of America Logo on this page to be taken there. The show will begin promptly at 10amPT/1pmET. 

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Benjamin Krause is an award-winning veterans rights attorney and journalist who investigates government fraud, waste and abuse within the Department of Veterans Affairs.

He uses advanced cyber advocacy techniques to help disabled veterans access the benefits they deserve while ensuring VA does not misallocate resources. He is considered an authority on veterans’ rights. His work has been featured within various media outlets including NBC, Bloomberg News, Foreign Policy, CBS, Fox News, Washington Times, National Review and Star Tribune.

Benjamin is a disabled veteran of the US Air Force where he served in its Special Operations Command. After receiving an honorable discharge, he fought with the agency for fifteen years to finally win his benefits. After the military, he studied economics at Northwestern University and attended law school at the University of Minnesota, where he graduated magna cum laude.

Benjamin writes about veterans’ issues regularly on the website


Susan Knowles is a licensed psychotherapist, former practicing Family Law attorney, online conservative radio talk show personality and producer at Stand For Truth Radio. Susan comes from a family of Veterans and champions Veterans’ causes.She has appeared as a guest on The Glenn Beck Show, The Pat & Stu Show, The Doc Thompson Show and The Rick Amato Show on One America News Network.

Susan has also been a frequent guest on The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson. In addition, she has made guest appearances on  AM 760 KFMB, 600 KOGO News Radio San Diego, 106.7 WYAY FM in Atlanta, News Radio 610 WIOD in Miami, Fla. and Overnight America with Jon Grayson.

Susan is also a former Contributor to TheBlaze.

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  1. Hi there, the whole thing is going sound here and ofcourse every one is sharing
    facts, that’s truly fine, keep up writing.

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  3. @ cj No problem. Ime getting some of those senior moments myself. (75)
    I have learned a lot just reading the
    great comments on this site. The nice thing I realize is i am not the only one with problems
    With the VA system. It’s very consoling. I guess helping vets would require setting up a blog.
    Then the vets could post questions and vets that have had similar
    experiences could post there responses as the how they handle them. Of course
    no legal advice would be given. In that case the vet should refer to an attorney.
    I’me not tecky I don’t know how to set up something like this either.
    My forte is administration. I wish I was maybe 30 years younger and healthyer.
    Then maybe I could do something.

  4. If there is NO LONGER HOPE in the VA changing its ways and to really stand up for and protect BEBEFICIARY’s (Veterans), then we should all pitch in some monies to advertise to the next generation(s) of enlistees, that they should really think twice before enlisting.

    I love me some USA many bunches, but she shouldn’t tell me what type of medication to take for relief from the debilitating pain issues. And, there are other medications to treat chronic pain, muscle spasms, and PTSD, and associated conditions, and depending on what medications gives the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) the best pain relief, based on the feedback from the BENEFICIARY (Veteran).

    When I deal with the Government, I always have to put myself in loophole mode. I never know what to expect from these Government People [GP], but I do know one thing, that they (Government People) most likely will want to control things or the issue at hand.

    I always love to snoop around especially when things are not just right, and especially when this is a serious problem that can be detrimental to someone’s life. Oh another thing, I’ve been disabled, homebound, and sedentary for about 16 months. I lost an extreme amount of muscle mass (which VA has never measured), to gain strength to obtain more endurance and stamina (which the VA doesn’t believe).

    From a logical thinking point of view, the VA doesn’t want to accept that if a person loses muscle from all over their body; legs, thighs, lower back, thoracic, arms, cervical and neck areas, even around the eye sockets, nose, and forehead, that it is more likely that there was a lot of heart muscle loss.

    VA supposedly cares for our wounded BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) when they’re immobilized and sedentary. But yet, the VA can’t talk to you about, or the VA can’t show you what goes on with your muscles when you’ve been sedentary any length of time. And, keeping in mind, that each person loses body mass as different rates of time.

    CONCLUSION: I smell something against the VA. Done research last couple of days, that it is a far stretch, if I agreed to all this, to treat chronic pain, moderate, and acute pain, plus muscle spasms, and PTSD and other associated conditions that comes along with it (PTSD), treat all these ailments with SSRI’s? I don’t even like to think about this. No one from the VA has called me to inform me on what to expect.

    The treatment is wrong, the process is wrong, the VA has no idea why I need to gain the necessary strength using Physical Therapy exercises, to get my body more fit before I start tapering down (if this is still to be the case), my ex-VA PCP has never contacted me to see how the PT has helped me and where was I at in building my strength up, VA has not even contacted my Primary In-Home Nurse Specialist to find out about my overall health status is, and to possibly determine when I might be able to maintain my strength, to have enough endurance and stamina to go out only with someone assisting me.

    After all of the decades that the VA has been in the pain, muscle, and medication business, and now the VA suggests that SSRI’s are the BIG TREATMENT for almost all types of pains, spasms, and PTSD, and all at once.

    I need to look further. Something smells really bad. Don’t know what it is, but there is something that I haven’t put together here, yet? May be I’m wrong. But if I can find something that is scientifically out of step, I’m going to do my best to bring it to the attention where it is needed.

    All that is required is for a medical order that has been issued, that can show a cause for possible harm in proceeding, due to life issues that should’ve been considered or brought up about, before proceeding with a change of new medicine type (SSRI’s), only if it is agreed upon to use, but at this point, I can’t take SSRI’s.

    Any thought on this mess? Besides me in the ball grounds of the VA, I must be missing something. That’s why I’m putting out on as much as I can. I never know if and when another comrade comes along, and needs to read another story, from ANutterVet.

    Did any of you get the chance to watch the Documentary on RT with those on Anti-Depressants or SSRI’s. I watched as these people would shake all over, pace up and down, wrap their arms around themselves, seen how stressed out that the wife looked. The person on the Anti-Depressants or SSRI’s would have to reduce the amounts over months of time.

    I don’t like the looks of this scenario. Any input. Seymore, yes, I know what to be done if possible right now, but out side of this, there might be something that was missed and someone has something to say. For me, this VA stuffs is not an easy process for BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) to engage in, with, and into the VA’s Networks of Systems. What do you think?

    End of thought. For now. May be. – – – Nutter

  5. @cj ditto for most of what you have stated but one thing I have determined.
    As far as being your own advocate. In many situations it’s not easy being your own
    advocate. Weather you are mentally ill or physiciall Ill it’s not easy making disicions for
    yourself. Because when you are physical Ill it affects your thinking and judgement.
    As well as when you are mentally ill.
    So in many situations one needs a patient advocate. And I don’t mean one from the va.
    Although if you come upon one would be great.
    I’me I mean a friend a spouse or a relative. One who cares about you and is concerned.
    Of course even a folllow vet would be good.
    I wish some of these wise vets that post On this blog would form a help a vet unit.
    I don’t mean for legal stuff necessarily but for simple general stuff. Also I think
    they could deter possible suicide situations by referring vets to a proper organization
    for help or just speaking with and giving them comfort. I didn’t not know if there is
    any legal involvement here but if you can save the life of a fellow vet what’s more
    inportant? Pardon my miss spells on tablet. Thanks

    1. @Jim nose: Jim, yes, that is an excellent point. When I made my comment, I didn’t think of those Veterans that were NOT capable of being their own advocate, thank you for catching that. I have some of those mind issues you speak of. Not sure how you would go about setting up the help a vet unit, but again, a very good idea.

      1. @Seymore Klearly, @Jim nose, @cj – – – Thanks for the input. No worries final decision is on me. For the VA to get away with the things that I bring up, I can’t trust them. Only use what I can from them, and then fight them if they force themselves, like they are right now. The VA needs to prove to me where SSRI’s would take care of all of my pain issues. This is a secondary point, but my primary point is that I don’t like SSRI’s in the first place.

        The VA will have to put up a dam good argument to prove that SSRI’s will solve my pain problems. Which I know that the VA can’t prove this. Plus, VA is not highly rated as supply BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) with good support staff. Don’t worry, thanks folks, I get it. BUT DO THEY, THE VA?

  6. @Ex va: Ex, how is your weekend going? The only acceptable messenger for my operating system is called “Wire”, you can get it in the app store for you tablet, or Iphone, It works on all platforms, windows, linux, IOS, android, etc. My user name is cj59. Once you install it, look for the add friend and put in my username. I will get a notice, and then we can start communicating, without taking up blog space. All bloggers are welcome to add my username, if you chose to download this messenger.

    Later Gators.

  7. You already know the one answer that is going to help you the most.

    You know that you should seek medical attention out side the VA Health Care System. That is if you want proper medical care.

  8. Off Topic – – – To All – – – Who Wants To Help Me To Embarrass The VA – – – I may be wrong, but within my own rational thinking and background, I can’t accept what the VA wants to do to me. And, how the VA wants to treat my CHRONIC LUMBAR BACK PAIN, and THORACI AND CERVICAL MODERATE BACK PAIN, EXTREME MUSCLE SPASMS AND PAIN. I have so much backflow of energy that its very hard to contain. I can get so stirred up easily, especially when someone gives fucking off-the-wall information, and then the VA stands by an alternative to way to at the most treat acute pain.

    I have a hard time believing that a SSRI will most of the time, give excellent relief with Chronic pain in multiple-locations. Let alone Chronic pain in one location. And, I definitely don’t believe that SSRI’s can give excellent relief at most times, when treating Chronic Pain in many areas, Acute Pain in multiple areas, and PTSD, which has its own individual characters and footprints. To treat my medical ailment only by SSRI’s is totally reckless as well.

    Anymore, I can’t get myself to do what the VA wants me to do, is to accept anything the VA says even if my health, recovery, and life is in danger. The VA makes so many mistakes that I can’t settle my mind while receiving medical care from them. And a BENEFICIARY (Veteran) shouldn’t feel this way. Why is this stuff happing @Ben ?

    I want you to comment about what the VA is trying to do me, please I need some sound input, and no offense, I don’t want a riddle, just tell me what you think. I feel like the VA is my enemy. This is what I already know . . .

    – – – already knows the he must take a stand
    – – – knows that he should seek medical attention out side the VA Health Care System
    – – – already knows about most medications, but hey, if your paying $$$$$ to get pertinent drug information, that’s updated by the minute, then Puuuleeese, post what you got
    – – – knows that you can’t trust VA, what Namnibor would state, those “Rat Bastard’s,” and all the Covfefe (ClusterFucks- designated by James Clement on Ben’s blog) [JC- don’t got the date on this so you might want to post it for verification.]
    – – – already knows that the VA will always give you problems. all I want to do is to expose them because of wanting to implement a premature life threatening medical order, and forcing me to only choose SSRI’s for the treatment of Chronic Pain, Spasms, and PTSD.
    – – – realizes that the VA lies and has slick ways when the write.
    – – – understands that people like to joke, so do I, but I want you knowledge on if you know this is legal, or to how you’d personally feel if this is what the VA was planning on doing to you.

    I don’t know, but I’ll tell you right now, I can go along with your code, of incompetence. VA you know so much, but not once have you brought up to me as a BENEFICIARY (Veteran), what would happen if something happened to my wife? VA you have offered no support specifically for my wife.

    Even when my Physical Therapist Discharged HERSELF instead of discharging the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) because how much more exercise is required, to build up enough muscle mass increase, and strength in endurance and stamina for regular outside normal activity.

    Two — State — Licensed Medical Professionals who are engaged in providing In-Home Physical Therapy [PT] Services and the In-Home Specialist Nurse that is provided so that the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) has a professional to talk to because of needing PTSD counseling and treatment.

    Even though I’m not strong enough to go outside, and I still bump into the walls when going to the bathroom, the VA now wants me to do two [2] things, next month, (1) reduce my pain medication to eventually being off of opiates, and then have more do a trial and error to see what SSRI will take can of my CHRONIC Pain (albeit stretching this point), Extreme Spasms, and to help me to recover from PTSD.

    This is a far leap for a medical order, protocol, or modality, what ever YOU [VA] call it. This reminds me in what I read about pertaining to Hitler’s days of power (and I don’t want to get into a side discussion about anything during Hitler’s days in power).

    Why should a Government Agency, the VA, or anyone else have the authority and bodily power to TELL, not just someone, but a BENEFICIARY (Veteran), and that the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) can’t reject a VA medical order, even if it was because a BENEFICIARY (Veteran) being in fear of their health, recovery, life, and family-hood.

    A BENEFICIARY (Veteran) who disagrees, in the way that the VA is distributing multi fields of medical study, and the actual medical treatment that by VA standards, is the best way to provide relief to BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans).

    Bottom line; The VA is fucking dangerous. I can’t roll over with this at all. The VA acts likes there taking care of your life, sends you a letter. Depending on the schooling of who ever wrote the letter for the VA, will reveal their true attitude. If a BENEFICIARY (Veteran) doesn’t feel comfortable about a medical process or a change of medical treatment or protocol, in order to get manageable pain relief. And the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) should be the one to determine how much pain they should endure. It shouldn’t all be the VA’s decision in how a BENEFICIARY (Veteran) is medically treated by any VA Medical (hopefully licensed) Professional.

    No matter where you are in reading my post, and if you have in depth updated experience with the VA, and no matter what our gruffs have been in the past or current; I then would like you to post your comments about the VA making this reckless and life threatening medical orders of tapering, then changing the family’s of medication that NOW is USED to TREAT for CHRONIC, MODERATE, and ACUTE PAIN, EXTREME MUSCLE SPASMS, and SEVERITIES of PTSD, due to the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) starts using the SSRI Family of Drugs.

    Yes, do all of the above to a BENEFICIARY (Veteran), even when two [2] licensed In-Home Registered Nurse and Physical Therapist (and my PT is a Doctor [Dr.], not a regular), both of these professionals who visit the Disabled Public and BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) in their place of residence, have both said that I’m not fit to go outside for more than one [1] hour.

    And this amount of time may be to much, and even if I had an additional assistant to support me, that this help from the assistant should be for exercising, gaining muscle strength, and to work on endurance and stamina, that in some time this then would enable me to go outside of my residence in more of my own ability. But I’m fully not able to do physical abilities outside for ANY lengths of time.

    And, the treatment that is offered by the VA is, at best, and this is stretching it, that SSRI’s MAY HELP to REDUCE PAIN for those with ailments that create chronic pain, and severe muscle spasms.

    Please put your logical input about the above. I want to know how you’d feel if this is what the VA wanted to do to you. If seen people that got officially addicted to a regulated SSRI pharmaceutical, and the person can’t hardly function, and their condition put traumatic stress on the home front, marriage, and family unit as a whole. I have a K9 PTSD-Alert Service Dog that is involved in my family.

    The VA could care less about a BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) home life, and whom else in the family who might need help? Or is affected by someone in the family taking SSRI medications. Using SSRI in full measure for all things, is NOT ACCEPTED by the BENEFICIARY (Veteran).

    I tried to leave out as much emotional mumbo jumbo out, but I feel threatened by the VA because they are NOW ONLY OFFERING SSRI’s for ALL LEVELS OF PAIN along with PTSD. VA says SSRI’s are the best method to treat my specific pain? Will the SSRI’s be guaranteed to give me excellent relief from CHRONIC Back Pain?

    And, then these SSRI’s will additionally give me relief for ACUTE and MODERATE PAIN? And then, after the SSRI gives relief in all the PAIN LEVELS, plus one SSRI can also help with PTSD. NOW the SSRI’s are the best modalities to treat pain up to CHRONIC LEVELS, combined with relief from PTSD symptoms.

    I tried SSRI’s in the past and they aren’t the medication of choice for me to get pain relief. My experiences with SSRI’s were not good. I couldn’t stand how I felt after taking them. And, I’m personally not impressed at all, with SSRI’s being the best medication to treat all pain up to chronic pain, along with helping with PTSD symptoms. I don’t feel comfortable taking SSRI’s. Never really did. Try to avoid them as medication as much as possible.

    Personally, I’d prefer my regular Pain Medication for the treatment of my ailments. What do you think? What would you do? How would you feel if this was you? I really want to know what you think. Its important whether you think so or not. If made up my mind already, but I may have missed something. Do you have any thing you’d like to share?

    Thanks for assisting me in measuring my healthcare services from the VA. I’m done blabbing. But anyway, PEACE be unto all you other son of bitching people at the VA who I value as an enemy. Am I wrong feeling this way? I really need your justified input.

    And if no one posts anything that is outright logical, then @DENNIS will you please comment about my post reading it? Thanks. Really in a push and shove situation at the current time. I have less than 30 days before tapering begins, and also continuing my regular Physical Therapy exercise to build more muscle, to gain endurance and stamina. I’m done writing. Leave your comment.


    1. @ANutterVet: Nutter, what is this all about? I thought you were on track with the VA to get things moving, what changed? If the VA is not going to perform to your liking, then there is only one option left, private health care.

      Even in private health care, you may not get a doctor you like, or that will give you exactly what you want. I picked 5 different doctors, made appointments with all 5, 4 refused to answer questions before requiring me to sign their payment guarantee, and privacy statement. The 5th is now, and always will be my private pcp. I have all other specialist I see, forward all results and reports to her. When she opens my file, there is nothing missing, she has all the information, from all other sources at her finger tips so she can make proper decisions regarding my care.

      Why am I telling you about my heath care? Because YOU need to be your OWN ADVOCATE, nobody else is going to do it for you. You said you didn’t want any puzzles, just straight answers. If you go outside of the VA health care system, your new pcp is going to know shit either, until you tell him/her. Then the process of gathering test results begins, in order to build your file, and to come up with a plan of action that you both are in agreement with. None of this will happen overnight it takes years, and in my case, hundreds of appointments, and tests, and procedures.

      One thing is for certain, you can’t stop moving, you stop, you die.
      If you put your arm in a sling and don’t ever use it again, the muscles will shrink away to nothing, same goes for all other parts of your body. I might add, you stop, they win, and I know damn well you don’t want that.

      The ONLY thing I use the VA for is to keep regular scheduled appointments for my SC injuries, I will not let them treat those injuries, I will only let them look at them. I do this only because I am not about to let them off the hook for those injuries. In my opinion, the VA in not capable of treating roadkill. What does that mean exactly? You treat roadkill by disposing of it, something that is beyond the capabilities of the average VA PCP. Of course the average VA PCP, would try to scribe Morphine to the roadkill, only to follow up by yanking the script away with no warning, and then try to tell you it for your own good.

      I don’t even get my meds from the VA, except Morphine, the VA would charge me 15 dollars per script, per month. Using “” I can usually get a 90 day supply of meds for about 10 dollars, that is a substantial savings. One med Lipitor, I get for free at the pharmacy, as long as I only get a 30 day supply at a time. Another expensive med, ” Ezetimibe” otherwise known as “Zetia” I get free of charge directly from the drug company “Merck” that makes it, using their Patient Assistance Program. Again, you need to be your own advocate. Is this the kind of answer you were looking for?

  9. Excellent Ben.

    Have been able to view the replay even though I do not use Facebook.

    Also was wondering if you and Susan are considering hooking up the broadcast on the Veterans’ Voice of America Facebook page with YouTube. An excellent example of how it works is the Judicial Watch YouTube channel.

    Tom Fitton the President of Judicial Watch, also does a weekly Facebook live broadcast updating followers on weekly actions take by Judicial Watch. The Judicial Watch You Tube Channel that is linked to the Facebook live account can be viewed at the following link.


    Although I know that you are having a major success with Facebook a lot of use have had negative experiences with it and prefer not to join. Just throwing this option out there. I believe it is relatively easy to set up.

    Speaking of Judicial Watch. They were the ones who defended Robert Rose Rock when the Veterans Administration prosecuted him for putting several small American flags on the gates at the Los Angles VA facility. They are now representing Mr. Rock for a FOIA request to obtain all the records on what is ongoing with the misuse of land deeded to Veterans in LA. Mr. Fitton touches on that in this weeks broadcast.

    Again Thank You Ben and Susan for all that you are doing for us Veterans.

    1. “How to #livestream to Facebook and YouTube Live at the same time”


  10. Good show.
    Every Friday too? I’ll have to try to remember that.
    Today is just a bad day for typing, sitting, etc.

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