Benjamin Krause Is Off To Washington DC

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“I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again…”

That classic John Denver song was humming through my head as I packed up my ‘ol Briggs and Riley for a nine day trip to Washington DC.

Here is what is on the agenda thus far:

Weekend: have beers with my buddies. Shoot some film and get pictures for the blog.

Monday: research Agent Orange history.

Tuesday: meet with some VA executives about the backlog, including Under Secretary Allison Hickey. Later in the day meet with a staff member from the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs about the VA’s Spina Bifida Program and Honey Sue Newby.

Wednesday: meet with Ruth Fanning. Ruth just transitioned to a new job within the VA as liaison between DoD and VA for the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). She used to be the Director of VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment up until February 2013. We will explore different ideas on how Vietnam Veterans can utilize Voc Rehab.

Thursday: Join Vietnam Veterans of America and Rick Weidman on Capitol Hill.

Friday: Attend the Vietnam Veterans of America committee meeting. Then swing over to the seminar for the National Organization for Veterans Advocates (NOVA). This is a group for veterans advocates and veterans lawyers to get caught up on changes within the law of veterans benefits.

Weekend: Wrap up the NOVA conference. Get home by midnight in time for law school Monday morning.

Anyone in Washington DC around this time is welcome to send me a note to meet for happy hour. My night schedule is rather open beyond writing and research.

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  1. Wish I could be there with you to put in my 2 cents with Ms. Fanning on how Voc Rehab ILP isn’t working very well for just about all vets using it. I will always feel face to face meetings work SO much better than phone and email! We all very much appreciate you taking the time and expense to go to DC in person!

  2. ASK why HUD /VASH MSWS DO NOTget trained or asked to advocate for disabled vets needs in housing and is Knowingly placing more higher income vets in temporarily affordable housing – And why has the VA not developed programs and supports to place lowest income Disabled vets in housing moving security and utility deposit assist etc. Im to become homeless again due to landlord taking back promise on bond rate and Not helping me get to the larger unit so i can get the livein aide as old manager promised And the first housing program MSW my PHd referred me to not my job he referred me to a 2nd MSW who drives people around and actually sounded disgusted about my needs and said not his job, i need to talk to other people who do that. . He also said hes helping to place many vets here and knows its only affordable till first ease is up. County HA is participant in using perm section8 as temp affordable helping landlord profit by fiiling in until all faulland rates can be raised. Placing in at movein unaffordable using HUD/VASH and Section8 too.
    Again best helping landlord profit at the expense of the vets and HUD and any non profits that do assist.

    That they will do this to me just before finals May1 so i become homeless lose all and fail school using VRAP too is just icing on the cake for all those who hate the lowest income cripples and all our problems and needs . More than punching a time card required and they have to be willing to learn new things and like helping people they think don’t deserve getting special needs met.

    AMvets Chapman does not provide actual legal assistance students negotiate on only very basic landlord tenant law and after as much delay as possible i found out they had NO intention of negoitiating based onteh main ISSUE FHEO violations or other contract issues I found out weeks later theythought failing out of VRAP school was an acceptable outcome and while saying he dint represnt repersented to agrtree I should accept a less accesible unit to far fromneeds and school i wiht no physical of rfimanacncil meand =s to move couldnt never move into. This seemed worse than meere incompetence. also duing due to the lackof acces i dropped and broke my computer screen buying a screen so i can try ot get help instead of food another acceptable loss to Chapman Law.
    Another nonprofit using vets only as reason to get funding for the agency focus of training law students ?

    After that “work” telephone call to Not even the manager only benefited the landlord to continue to discriminate costing me no repair of past loses and now soon EVERYTHING , I did some looking up. The HUGE conflict of Interest that my landlord donates millions to Chapman Law school was never disclosed.

    Helping me to be able to eventually be able enough to help others is too much effort and whats the big deal aiding with destruction of a life that’s considered not worth much to begin with, saves tax dollars and makes for an easier day OTJ and if the bad acts helps the local land baron who has 70% of local rentals to profit mega bucks more so long as he donates big…. 🙁 .

  3. Ruth Fanning? You don’t say! If America supports overweight people with sentimental shows such as “The Biggest Loser”; request that equivocal, ambivalent, unopen to debate, unopen to argument, arguable, debatable, Delphic, cryptic, enigmatic, gnomic, paradoxical, misleading,obscure, , ambivalent, open to debate, open to argument, arguable, debatable, unclear, vague, abstruse, puzzling, perplexing, riddling, doubtful, dubious, uncertain, double-edged, backhanded.r, vague, abstruse, puzzling, perplexing, riddling, ambiguous woman [Ruth Fanning]if the public watches healthy people root for “fat” people on shows … why does America – and those around the globe think Eric Shinkseki down to Ruth Fanning are not just slobs but basically running the VA so far into the ground, thus inspiring a similar show “The Biggest Prodigious Scam Artists” which each season tracks the phonies who represent the VA? We could also ask for the networks [in a proposed show] to track the shittiest treated veterans with respect to outstanding benefits and title the show “Biggest Sad Sack”, “Biggest Sucker”, “Biggest Tumbril Cart”.

    One quick question when coming to DC, are you meeting with any human beings?

    1. To read “request some feedback from that equivocal, ambivalent, unopen to debate, unopen to …”

      I did pull this and this you should share it with Ruth Fanning: [Logically Proper Name]

      In Russell’s writings of the period between 1905 and 1918, a logically proper name is a term whose true logical role is to refer to an object. A cluster of considerations led Russell to believe that ordinary names function differently, as definite descriptions in disguise, and that only items with which we are directly acquainted could strictly be named. These would be items presented in current experience. A logically proper name is a tag for such an item. There are, however, not many kinds of them, since relatively few types of item qualify as elements of immediate experience. They include the self (perhaps), the present time, sense data, and universals. See also logical atomism.

      Niggling Brummagemian unveracitor, or “economist with the truth” would be the logical proper names of Eric Shinseki and his side kick “Ruthless Ruse Ruling” Ruth Fanning.

      Invest in a Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy, rather than having to refer to Eric Shinseki as “overpaid repulsive bulllshit artist” and “brainwashed military fantasist”, we can call the gentleman an inauthenticist or an incompatibilist for the job he pretends to perform.

      When you do meet with “Ruthless” Ruth Fanning, seriously, can you ask her to stop saying “shit happens” and start using the saying “we’ve been told to blame the issue on quantum mechanics [shit happens]” …

  4. I think it’s great that you’re meeting with all the people in DC. After talking to our VA regional office about VocRehab and the run around that I’m getting, he told me that the counselors are acting like it’s their money versus doing what is right for the veterans. I realize it’s going to be an appeal process and I’m sure it’s going to be difficult. I found your website after searching for other veterans’ experience and lo and behold many of us are dealing with this problem. I’m thankful in finding your blog, and perhaps you can speak with Ruth about the problems that veterans are having with their VocRehab educational goals process. In my case, it is more cost effective and time effective to utilize the MSW program at USC. Instead I am being told it’s too expensive and I can use the state school. That means for two years I’m driving 4 hours once a week or more. A cost analysis shows that it comes out pretty even, considering the wear and tear on my car, and the possibility of having to stay in a hotel each week. Good luck and thank you for your advocacy for veterans.

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