Top 10 VA Locations Paying Big Buck Bonuses

Bonus Pay

Benjamin KrauseYou will be shocked to learn how much Veterans Affairs paid its top VA executives in bonuses over the past 7 years while veterans were denied due process, killed, and generally neglected across the nation.

Top VA executives pigging out at the bonus trough were outed by USA Today recently. We took their data and created a Top 10 VA Executive Bonus Pay list of executives by location, name and position, so America can see where our tax dollars are going.

Are you curious about what your local VA executive earned in bonuses? Do you think they earned the money?

While I have no problem with people earning bonuses for doing a job well, I have a severe problem with paying VA executives top dollar as they tanked the agency through backlogs, wait lists, death panels, secret hearings, and related crimes against veterans.

Does my logic make sense to you or am I just off base with my expectation that people should get paid well only for a job well done?

Across the country, VA paid out over $22 million in bonuses over the past 7 years to just a handful of executives. The total bonus pool for all VA staff was well over $200 million just last year. In our estimation, $11.8 million of the executives bonuses were paid out to the top 10 piggy troughs (i.e. VA facilities) across the country over the past 7 years.

Washington DC tops out at a staggering $9,257,155, which makes up almost 50% of the entire share of bonuses. Over 200 VA executives receiving substantial bonuses are listed at just that location.

The top 10 bonus paying VA locations are:

  1. Washington, D.C. – $9,257,155
  2. Ann Arbor, Mich. – $390,165
  3. Bay Pines, Fla. – $365,451
  4. Muskogee, Okla. – $331,573
  5. Nashville, Tenn. – $315,900
  6. Cincinnati, Ohio – $288,249
  7. Denver, Colo. – $281,677
  8. Durham, N.C. – $224,975
  9. Mare Island, Calif. – $222,565
  10. St. Louis, Mo. – $221,915

Here is the full listing arranged by location and then bonus pay. You can also download the full list here that I pulled from USA Today and reorganized. Do a quick CNTL+F to search for your favorite VA piggy. The listing starts with the location and total exec bonuses paid followed by individuals and their individual total over the past seven years.

While I have no doubts that many of the employees on this list did a great job, I am equally confident that many of these VA executives earned these bonuses by illegally preventing veterans from receiving their benefits and health care. Do you have an experience with your local VA executive, good or bad?



Washington, D.C.  $9,257,155
Thompson, John H – Position: Deputy General Counsel  $138,524
Murray, Edward J – Position: Dep Asst Secy For Finance  $132,014
Mcgaha, James F – Position: Dep Chief Financial Ofcr  $125,465
Vandenberg, Patricia C – Position: Asst Dep Us For Health  $121,471
Mittelstaedt, Lois M – Position: Chief Of Staff  $116,881
Patterson, Ann C – Position: Dep Dir Ofc Pcc&Ct  $115,692
Hipolit, Richard J – Position: Assistant General Counsel  $115,479
Tucker, Daniel A – Position: Dep Asst Secy/Budget  $114,262
Luigart, Craig B – Position: Chief Health Tech Officer  $109,564
Warren, Stephen W – Position: Principal Das Info & Tech  $108,005
Hall, Walter A – Position: Assistant General Counsel  $106,591
Rubens, Diana M – Position: Assoc Dus For Fld Ops  $105,881
Batres, Alfonso R – Position: Chief Ofc Readj Couns  $103,619
Thomas, Lisa M – Position: Chief Of Staff  $103,351
Garfunkel, Sanford M – Position: VISN Director  $102,100
Sullivan, James M – Position: Director  $101,928
Frye, Jan R – Position: Dep Asst Secy/Aq & Mat Mg  $99,894
Williams, Joseph A Jr – Position: Adus/Hlth For Oper & Mgmt  $99,765
Walters, Ronald E – Position: Dir Ofc Of Finance & Plan  $99,366
Hanretta, Kevin T – Position: A/S For Ops, Sec & Prep  $93,437
Muro, Steve L – Position: Under Secy/Memorial Afrs  $92,603
Vige, Mark S – Position: Financial Manager  $92,059
Tibbits, Paul A – Position: Dep Ch Info Officer  $90,375
Neary, Robert L – Position: As Ch Fac Mgmt Of/Svc Del  $89,257
Wilson, Keith M – Position: Dir Educ Service  $88,668
Szybala, Renee L – Position: Assoc General Counsel  $87,066
Phelan, Leo A – Position: Dir Veterans Rel Mgmt  $86,876
O’Brien, Caitlin A – Position: Director  $85,399
Downs, Frederick Jr – Position: Dir PSAS  $85,376
Reed, Rita A – Position: Financial Management  $85,000
Kearns, W Paul Ii – Position: Chief Financial Officer  $83,000
Shyshka, Jeff L – Position: Adas/Info Tech Operations  $82,209
Anderson, Phillipa L – Position: Assistant General Counsel  $82,007
Greenberg, Kenneth M – Position: Exec Secy To The Dept  $80,539
Mayes, Bradley G – Position: Program Management  $79,770
Yow, Mark W – Position: Assoc Ch Financial Ofcr  $78,880
Van Diepen, Louise R – Position: Miscellaneous Administration And Program  $78,225
Campbell, Robert R – Position: Assistant General Counsel  $77,893
Hunter, Joy W – Position: Chief Learning Officer  $77,100
Mardon, Stephanie Diane – Position: Dep Ch/Bus Ofcr/Revnu Ops  $76,755
Walcoff, Michael – Position: Program Management  $75,820
Bradshaw, Edward D Jr – Position: Assistant General Counsel  $74,946
Keller, Steven L – Position: Deputy General Counsel  $74,467
Jacobs, Janice S – Position: Dep Under Secy/Operations  $73,606
Quicker, Rose K – Position: Assoc Ch/Fac Mgt/Res Mgt  $73,432
Flanz, Meghan K – Position: Assoc General Counsel  $73,262
Orr, Martha Kay – Position: Executive Director  $69,715
Hutter, Paul Jeffrey – Position: General Counsel  $68,700
Torres, Rafael A – Position: Principal Das Hr & Admin  $67,887
Tran, Dat Phat – Position: Dep Assistant Secretary  $67,277
Muellerweiss, Alice – Position:  $64,478
Grams, William T – Position: Dep Chief Financial Ofcr  $63,940
Haggstrom, Glenn D – Position: Executive Director  $63,777
Mascetti, Romano Iii – Position: Das For It Resource Mgmt  $62,437
Strong, Mark R – Position: Acfo For Corefls And Dss  $62,293
Ogrady, Lauralee T – Position: Health System Specialist  $61,776
Wright, Vivieca D – Position: Dir/Network Spt (Central)  $60,611
Matkovsky, I Philip – Position: Adus/Hlth For Oper & Mgmt  $60,395
Graham, Gail L – Position: Asst Dep Us For Health  $60,358
Breakfield, Geraldine V – Position: Program Management  $60,000
Landfried, Lorraine D – Position: Dep Ch Info Officer  $58,638
Verenes, Constantine G – Position: Miscellaneous Administration And Program  $56,750
Heard, Corydon F – Position: Edc For Acquistion Innova  $56,635
Siegel, Lloyd H – Position: As Ch Fac Mgmt Of/St Mgmt  $56,168
Angell, Susan A – Position: Director  $55,560
Chasen, Everett A – Position: Miscellaneous Administration And Program  $55,000
Maginnis, Kathryn S – Position: Program Management  $53,113
Deanes, Tonya M – Position:  $52,983
Coyle, Maureen – Position: Asst Dep Chief Info Off  $51,775
Norris, Jimmy – Position: Chief Financial Officer  $50,850
Franco, Rosa C – Position: Das/Resolution Management  $50,826
Hensley, Willie L Jr – Position: Human Resources Management  $50,000
Hogan, Michael R – Position: Assistant General Counsel  $49,506
Spiczak, Annie H – Position: Asst Dep Us For Health  $46,451
Pamperin, Thomas J – Position: Program Management  $46,357
Fanning, Ruth A – Position: Program Management  $46,339
Jackson, Frederick R – Position: Dir For Securty & Law Enf  $45,751
Manker, James E Jr – Position: Chief Financial Officer  $44,789
Cooper, Iris B – Position:  $43,436
Coffey, Georgia B – Position: Dep Asst Secy/Div Mgt Eeo  $43,400
Martinez, Katherine A – Position: Information Technology Management  $42,000
Lowe, Stanley F – Position:  $40,943
Witkin, Maxanne R – Position: Dir, O/Emp Disc Comp Adj  $40,725
Palmer, Katherine M – Position: Assoc Das/Financial Polcy  $40,137
Orndoff, Donald H – Position: Director CFM  $39,970
Pratt, Shirley S – Position: Adas Fin Imprv Audit Read  $37,980
Caden, Judith A – Position: General Business and Industry  $37,000
Berrios, Wilbert – Position: Asst Dep Chief Info Off  $36,578
Oconnor, Christopher E – Position: Assoc Dep Asst Secretary  $35,284
Meehan, Terence S – Position: Dir/Employee Dev & Trng  $35,055
Bauernfeind, Joseph W – Position: Program Management  $35,000
Snyder, Robert D – Position: Pdas For Policy & Plng  $34,720
Cardarelli, Michael – Position: Miscellaneous Administration And Program  $34,325
Eskenazi, Laura H – Position: Princ Dep Vice Chairman  $34,214
Bradley, Edward L Iii – Position: Dep Dir Asset Entprs Mgmt  $33,060
Abbott, Leslie E – Position: Financial Management  $32,000
Giddens, Gregory L – Position: Staff Director  $31,140
Turner, Hughes – Position: Deputy Chief Of Staff  $30,825
Riggin, E Philip – Position: Miscellaneous Administration And Program  $29,965
Wooditch, Jon A – Position: Miscellaneous Administration And Program  $29,000
Jain, Rajiv – Position: Ass’T Dep Ush  $28,752
Tuchschmidt, James A – Position: Executive Director  $28,752
Elizalde, David A – Position: Dep Chief Logistics Ofc  $28,482
Shalda, Ralph – Position: COO  $28,000
Galloucis, Michael S – Position: Executive Director  $27,900
Agarwal, Madhulika – Position: Ch/Patient Care Svcs Ofcr  $27,854
Cross, Gerald M – Position: Dep Ch/Patnt Care Svc Ofc  $27,854
Tierney, Helen – Position: Chief Financial Officer  $27,850
Andrews, Katheleen B – Position: Deputy Director  $27,776
Hanson, Anita R – Position: Director  $27,697
Wallace, Sally L – Position: Information Technology Management  $27,000
Davis, Jerry L – Position: Deputy Assist Secretary  $26,992
Walsh, Maureen H – Position: Dep Asst Secy/Budget  $26,948
Peters, David J – Position: Asst Dep Chief Info Off  $26,800
Starnes, Albert J – Position: Executive Director  $26,660
Beck, Lucille B – Position: Dir, Audio & Sp Path Svc  $26,448
Biggs-Silvers, C M – Position: Adas For Administration  $26,448
Valentino, Michael A – Position: Chief Consultant  $26,448
Oswalt, John D – Position: Financial Management  $26,105
Devine, Daniel C – Position: Project Executive  $25,630
Pierce, John R – Position: Medical Inspector  $25,607
Delobe, Charles R – Position: General Counsel  $25,500
Muir, Thomas M – Position: Director  $25,376
Roberson, Charles E – Position: Assc Dep Asst Sec for Fin  $25,256
Gunnar, William P – Position: Physician (Regular Ft)  $24,795
Patillo, Jacquelyn R – Position: Dep Chief Information Officer  $24,795
Stewart, Maurice C – Position: Program Management  $24,565
Birdwell, Stephanie E – Position: Director  $24,413
Kearns, William P Iii – Position: Chief Financial Officer  $23,810
Gipe, Bruce P – Position: Director  $23,555
Puglisi, John Thomas – Position: Ch Ofcr/Ofc Of Resch O’St  $23,555
Powers, Glenn R – Position: Deputy Director  $23,490
O’Leary, Timothy J – Position: Ch/Research And Dev Ofcr  $23,436
Cox, Malcolm – Position: Ch Academic Affil Ofcr  $23,361
Hayes, Patricia M – Position: Chf Conlt Wmn Vet Hlth  $23,248
Mackay, Dorothy M – Position: Program Management  $23,000
Regan, Maureen T – Position: General Attorney  $23,000
Fink, Lawrence E Jr – Position:  $22,871
Batten, Sonja V – Position: Ad Chf Pcs Off Men Hth  $22,498
Burgess, Thomas A – Position: Assoc Dep Asst Secretary  $22,330
Pummill, Danny Gi – Position: Program Management  $22,091
Culpepper, Michael V – Position: Ch Off Wkforce Mgt & Cons  $22,013
Fox, Ellen E – Position: Executive Director  $22,013
Trinka, James A – Position: Executive Director  $22,013
Mccallum, Deborah K – Position: General Counsel  $22,000
Murray, Patricia D – Position: Director  $21,785
Crump, Regan L – Position: Dir/Ofc Of Strategic Plng  $21,708
Doyle, Norbert S – Position: Chf Procur & Log Officer  $21,525
Pape, Lisa M – Position: National Director  $21,373
Dolan, Nancy J – Position: Das For Policy  $21,325
Leney, Thomas J – Position: Director  $21,115
Hume, Charles C – Position: Director  $21,076
Simmons, Stephen C – Position: Program Management  $21,000
Daniels, Stanlie M – Position: Asst Dep Under Secretary  $20,832
Bosley, Ellen M – Position: Nat’L Dir Nutr & Food Svc  $20,357
Milsten, Dennis – Position: Director  $20,273
Lloyd, Susan S – Position: Director  $20,249
Jesse, Robert L – Position: Deputy Under Secy/Health  $20,216
Hogan, Thomas J – Position: Miscellaneous Administration And Program  $20,000
Murphy, Thomas J – Position: Dir, Comp & Pension Svc  $19,882
Macdonald, Edna M – Position: Program Management  $19,826
Lenox, Lindee L – Position: Assc Dir NCA Field Prog  $19,716
Birdsall, Holly H – Position: Physician (Regular Ft)  $19,530
Czarnecki, Tammy L – Position: Deputy Director  $19,308
Coy, Curtis L – Position: Dep Under Secretary(Dus)  $18,869
Flemming, Duane C – Position: Dir Pol Anly & Forecast  $18,662
Insley, Marcia L – Position: Director  $18,579
Francis, Joseph Jr – Position: Ch Ofcr, Of Qual/Perform  $18,183
Garvin, Ron H – Position: General Attorney  $18,000
Lawrence, Mary Gilbert – Position: Deputy Director  $17,770
Panther, Barbara P – Position: Human Resources Management  $17,593
Arola, Patricia E – Position: Asst Under Secy/Hlth/Dent  $17,357
Hawkins, Brian A – Position: Medical Center Director  $17,000
Wiggins, Leslie B – Position:  $16,530
Bilosz, Mark M – Position: Deputy Director  $16,469
Miranda, Bonnie Jean – Position: Program Management  $16,200
Ross, Terry A – Position: Program Manager  $16,123
Herbers, Jerome E – Position: Medical Officer  $16,000
Mchugh, Susan C – Position: Equal Employment Opportunity  $16,000
Jones, Luwanda F – Position: Executive Director  $15,974
Furlow, Clarenton W – Position: Financial Management  $15,251
Ehrlichman, Richard – Position: Program Management  $15,000
Zeiss, Antonette – Position: Dep Ch Consul Mt Hlth Shg  $14,877
Campbell, Charles M – Position: Deputy CIO  $14,000
Graham, Bonnie – Position: Chief Officer  $13,905
Schettler, David K – Position:  $13,513
Rick, Catherine J – Position: Chief Nursing Officer  $13,152
Finn, Belinda J – Position: Auditing  $13,000
Ross, David B – Position: Medical Director  $12,811
Turco, Kathleen M – Position: Chief Financial Officer  $12,579
Hans, Sherrie – Position: Sr Hlth Policy Prog Dir  $12,386
Kupersmith, Joel – Position: Ch/Research And Dev Ofcr  $12,130
Dischner, Catherine U – Position: Ast Dep Undr Sec For Hlth  $12,011
Amdur, Deborah – Position: Supv Social Worker (Vaco)  $11,999
Hamlett-Berry Kim W – Position: Dir, Hiv/Hcv Prevent Svc  $11,847
Tsan, Min-Fu – Position: Physician, Deputy Chief Officer  $11,718
Darkins, Adam – Position: Ch Consul, Ofc/Care Coord  $11,571
Eisen, Seth – Position: Director HSR&D  $11,571
Gaudet, Tracy W – Position: Medical Director  $11,571
Davey, Victoria J – Position: Chief Officer  $11,030
Moore, Dana L – Position: Health System Specialist  $11,000
Mclenachen, David R – Position: Director  $10,801
Cramer, Sheree L – Position: Chf Conlt Wmn Vet Hlth  $10,777
Vallowe, Joseph M – Position: Administrative Officer  $10,000
Peterson, Michael R – Position: Ch Cons Envi Sta Health C  $9,918
Kluh, Christine L – Position: Das For Corp Sr Exec Mgmt  $9,548
Cragg, Scott P – Position: Information Technology Management  $9,100
Buck, Andrea C – Position: Dir, Ctr For Patient Sfty  $9,092
Malebranche, Karen T – Position: Deputy Director  $9,092
Ozben, Esra – Position: Adas For Hrm Operations  $9,092
Lynch, Thomas G – Position: Ass’t Dep Ush  $8,985
Warner, Volney J – Position: Chief Learning Officer  $8,985
Mccarthy, Maureen F – Position: Deputy Chief Officer  $8,680
Zlowe, David – Position:  $8,680
Griese, Dwayne L – Position: Assoc Dep Asst Sec  $8,572
Frueh, Michael J – Position: Director  $8,553
Hurndon, Leroy O Jr – Position: Executive Director  $8,553
Worley, Robert W Ii – Position: Director  $8,445
Mitrano, Catherine C – Position: Adas Resolution Managmt  $8,319
Darkins, Adam W – Position: Ch Consul, Ofc/Care Coord  $8,265
Seastrom, Mark R – Position: Dir/Perf Analysis & Integ  $8,164
Reynolds, Robert T – Position: Director  $7,941
Markey, Vincent E – Position: Director  $7,786
Wagner, Kenneth W – Position: Director  $7,575
Pearson, Ervin – Position: Dep Chief Financial Ofcr  $7,550
Medve, John P – Position: Executive Director  $7,450
Hyduke, Barbara L – Position: Assoc Ch Pt Care Svs Ofcr  $6,751
Woodmansee, Denni J – Position: Dir, Physician Asst Svc  $6,396
Ann Arbor, Mich.  $390,165
Belton, Linda W – Position: Health Systems Admin  $88,451
Mcdivitt, Robert P – Position: Medical Center Director  $80,802
Finegan, Michael S – Position: VISN Director  $75,892
Walcoff, Kimberly A – Position: Program Management  $39,160
Whitson, James A – Position: Director  $31,000
Atkins, Lou Ann – Position: Medical Center Director  $29,402
Hemphill, Robin R – Position: Physician  $24,382
Gross, Milton D – Position: Medical Director  $21,076
Bay Pines, Fla.  $365,451
Clark, Joleen M – Position: VISN Director  $82,795
Weaver, Nevin M – Position: Health System Administration  $81,549
Hopkins, Wallace Mason – Position: Medical Center Director  $59,000
Klinker, Suzanne M – Position: Medical Center Director  $41,073
Slemmens, Gary R – Position: Regional Counsel  $32,979
Shorter, Christopher M – Position: Executive Director  $18,451
Zbogar, Michela M – Position: Physician (Regular Ft)  $18,228
Meyer, Karen Sue – Position: General Counsel  $17,000
Hopkins, Wallace M – Position: Director  $14,376
Muskogee, Okla.  $331,573
Floyd, James R – Position: Medical Center Director  $97,448
Mcclellan, Christopher J – Position: Director  $71,125
Jarvis, Samuel D – Position: Program Management  $67,000
Washko, Albert B – Position: Health System Administration  $65,000
Fillman, William D Jr – Position: Program Management  $31,000
Nashville, Tenn.  $315,900
Thompson, Keith J – Position: Director, Vba Area Office  $95,929
Dandridge, John Jr – Position: VISN Director  $83,884
Dusenbery, Michael A – Position: Program Management  $62,651
Corley, Brian T – Position: Program Management  $36,000
Alvarez, Vincent L – Position: Physician (Regular Ft)  $21,266
Kennedy, Tammy L – Position: Regional Counsel  $16,170
Cincinnati, Ohio  $288,249
Hetrick, Jack G – Position: VISN Director  $134,298
Smith, Linda D – Position: Medical Center Director  $115,840
Gelman, Sheila C – Position: Physician (Regular Ft)  $27,776
Dyrenforth, Sue R – Position: Psychology  $10,335
Denver, Colo.  $281,677
Roff, Lynette A – Position: Health Care System Dir  $109,751
Grippen, Glen W – Position: VISN Director  $87,619
Kane, William J – Position: Director  $49,334
Gheen, Patricia J – Position: Deputy Chf Bus Officer  $34,973
Durham, N.C.  $224,975
Hoffmann, Daniel F – Position: VISN Director  $133,704
Seekins, Deanne M – Position: Medical Center Director  $32,089
Anderson, Charles M – Position: Medical Director  $22,729
Shelhorse, Mark E – Position: Physician (Regular Ft)  $19,096
Kinsinger, Linda S – Position: Chief Consultant  $17,357
Mare Island, Calif.  $222,565
Cullen, Sheila M – Position: VISN Director  $131,634
Barnes, Sharon K – Position: Director Special Projects  $82,251
Johnson, Mary Anne G – Position: Physician (Regular Ft)  $8,680
St. Louis, Mo.  $221,915
Iverson, Marilyn A – Position: Director Canteen Services  $117,719
Tober, Joseph (Ray) – Position: Chief Operating Officer  $60,413
Unterwagner, James D – Position: Director  $29,245
Mccoy, Beth A – Position: Program Management  $14,538
Grand Total  $11,899,625

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  2. No wonder there is no money for veterans who have put their butt on the line in combat. All the dirt bag government officials take it all. This is a disgrace, they have no shame.

    1. No matter how much wrong the FUBAR VA does, they still maintain that pompous and degrading posture that is negative to Veterans. The Dental Clinic at Mare Island, California used to be very good, now the dentist that were supposed to be great are nothing more than lying scum which matches the last in their class in Martinez, California. They hired as a team leader that was a lowly VSO that destroyed hundred’s of Veterans record’s! What a pay raise for such a scum bag…FTVA! When I see certain people that are employee’s that through Veterans under the bus every day and knowing some of the carnage they have caused but still stay employed at the VA even get promotions I want to throw up, actually I have…

  3. Tip of the iceburg, Now they were given 92 billion by congress. I bet they are at their adding machine dividing it up, Yea now I will have enough money for vegas. Those amounts are just outragious. There needs to be a cap on those bonus’s Like $500 accrost the board. The bonus is set by the rank of the officer or employee, say you have been with the v.a. 20 years and at the top gs-15 step 20, and making over 100k they make out like a bandit and do not even have to use a gun to rob the citizens and veterans out of those tax paying dollars. I watched v.a. employees get bonus awards and some deserved them, others not. The amounts shown here are a slap in the face of the veterans, I am schocked. I received a superior performance while working for the v.a. and the most I received was $500 and worked my butt off. I had to take a medical retirement after 24 years, was given a date to leave and told not to come back. How could I do that, I am a veteran. Well I did go back as a veteran and the same people that I worked for and with made my life a living hell, telling lies about me and when confronted and asked where their evedence was to support their allagations. Their response there is no evidence but collabrated, collabrated by whom. I told them I wanted my civil and constitutional rights to a fair hearing to clear my good name. I was told no way and if we ever hear that you become disruptive or do not follow the v.a. staff instructions for care, you will be arrested by federal authorities and banished from v.a. care. I have writted to Senators Bennets office in colorado and his assistant made an inquiry into the matter twice and both times the v.a. let the same person who attacked me answer the senators inquiry. Her response Mr. …… Has been disruptive on many ocassions and another reason he can not return to this facility is that he refused to admit that he had been disruptive. I may have P.T.S.D., but that does not make me stupid, who in their right mind would admit to some thing they never did. Not me. This has been going on for the last 10 years and has not stopped as of today. I have written to different v.a. agencies and it seems they must have about 20 offices to help the veteran, but it seems it always the other agency that handles those matters. It like the joke you know between me and my brothers we know ever thing and when asked a question they reply Oh that’s one that my brother knows but he not here right now. The Denver Director should have never received a bonus, She told the senator Mr. ….. medical records were never coded for disruptive behavior, nor were his records red flagged and no investigation was ever completed. She was right about one thing there was never an investigation and my records were flagged and disruptive behavior is coded all over the place by different people at the v.a. and anyone who had acess to a computer could see this and therefore treat me as if I had done something wrong when I never did. The senators office closed the case in their office and returned all the documents to me. I do not want to go to the v.a. unless I really need medical help. They set me up an appt with a mental health social worker the other day, never received a letter of the appt, nor did I request to be seen, so I called the social worker and asked her why was an appt made with her, I did not request an appt. Left 2 messages, she returned my call and told me she did not know why the appt was made. I asked her to find out who requested the appt and she told me her computer was down and that she would contact me in the early A.M. next day. she never called back. what do you think could be going on.

    1. All they do is sight regulation after regulation and never even try to correct the wrong they do or have done! I believe that the Martinez, California VA Medical Clinic should be closed and turned into a parking lot or put a new sign saying enter at your own risk.
      I have had one failed doctor tell me I have no rights and he is the one that along with my work got me let go of a job I had for 13 year’s. I see in old records that were lost that I wasted my time and I feel so fortunate that those last in their class didn’t kill me.

    2. James, I feel your pain. No one at the Ann Arbor VA deserves a bonus for doing their job. Doing it well should be expected, and going above and beyond the call of duty may warrant some compensation, but not the values shown here. Everyone should be upset by this as it is ultimately taxpayers who provide the funds for these bonuses. This money should continue to be put back into the respective CBOC or Hospital to continue to improve the care to veterans. We need more staff and more equipment, but we constantly lose staff and use antiquated equipment.

      On another note, I am an 18 year veteran and an employee. I served in 8 separate combat tours from 1988 to 2005. I have a bronze star and 2 Purple Hearts. I was a corpsman and I take the care to other veterans very personally. Administration, including management and supervisors, are very corrupt at VAMC Ann Arbor. I too am getting the ‘disruptive’ tag for standing up form myself. I do my job flawlessly, my Evans have always been “fully successful” or “exceeded expectations”. I have never received a written counseling or any disciplinary action. Now, I do have ptsd, and a dislike towards middle eastern people due to the trauma I faced there for so long. My supervisor is a female who is middle eastern and very incompetent. Recently she told one of my coworkers that “I pissed her off for the last time, she was sick of me, and she was coming after me”. I contacted the AFGE immediately, ORM, and a personal letter to the Secretary of the VA. I am trying to figure a way to get congress to press OIG to covertly investigate the facilities again since I believe that employee satisfaction and quality managers are paramount to providing the best quality service to my fellow veterans. I’d love to talk to you more about your experiences email me @ [email protected] if you’d like to discuss further.

      The Navy Corpsman

  4. I think every dime of those bonuses should be repaid directly to a reputable agency who directly assists veterans and their caregivers. The VA already proved that they can’t handle it properly once, don’t give them another chance. Quite often our legal system makes abusers contribute to agencies who assist the class of victims the abuser harmed. Let’s apply that in this case, too. $22 million could help a lot of people….maybe save some houses from foreclosure, compensate a spouse who had to leave a career to handle the new normal at home, send a kid to camp to mingle with others who “get it”, pay off the debt from trying to keep lives on track while waiting years for benefits to finally get settled, pay contractors to fix all the things falling apart on the house because there is no time or energy to get to it, pay the copays that now pop up through Tricare for combat related injuries just because you are retired instead of active duty, oh…and how about compensating the families who lost their warrior due to death by wait list. Yep…there were plenty of places that money could have been used. I hope those VA employees enjoyed the vacations and other stuff they got as a result…. it directly correlates to everything veterans and their families sacrificed.

  5. Bonus’s for what reason? All I know is we have to wait years for our just due.
    Not a bonus but what is due us. If anyone deserves a bonus it’s those that
    put their lives on the line for our country. Those who protected the interests of
    large US corporations.
    Maybe the spouses of those who lost their lives should received the bonus
    the vets are no longer able to receive?

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