Hines VA Raw Food

Chow Time? Veterans Affairs Serving Dangerously Raw, Expired Food To Veterans

Hines VA Raw Food

One Veterans Affairs hospital previously plagued with repeated scandals is in the news again today for serving raw and expired food to veterans and staff.

Hines VA Hospital, located just outside Chicago, is noted have problems ranging from whistleblower retaliation to illegal surgeries killing veterans to allowing veterans to melt after death rather than be buried. The new scandal at the facility focuses on the dangerously poor quality of the food it serves to staff and veterans.

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An anonymous whistleblower provided photos to The Daily Caller (TheDC) of raw chicken allegedly served to at least one of the diners at Hines VA. The whistleblower reports the food is often served still raw and that many other meals are also expired when served to veterans.

When chicken is served raw and eaten, veterans are at risk of getting ill from a bacteria called Salmonella. Eating such chicken can result in gastrointestinal distress and similar problems.

The conditions complained of there have been plaguing the facility for at least a year but have gone substantively unaddressed during that time.

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Hines VA Documentation Of Unsafe Conditions

The whistleblower provided numerous photographs to TheDC reposted here that confirm the extent of the conditions in the kitchen and dining area at Hines VA.

You will notice in one photo, a dead mouse was left to rot in a bucket of water. In another photo, a hole was left in the ceiling, exposing food and diners to unsafe dust particles in the building. And in the other, you will see food products set for use after their respective expiration dates.

Hines VA Mouse

Hines VA Expired Food

Head Of Nutrition Selling Handbags?

Starting at the beginning of the year, Valerie Adegunleye, the Hines VA staff responsible for nutrition, has been selling handbags from her side business during work hours at the facility.

So it sounds like the fox is guarding the hen house on this one. Complaints by VA employees to Adegunleye have fallen on deaf ears as she has failed to take any action.

Germaine Clarno, a known whistleblower at the facility, had this to say about the conditions and actions of Adegunleye:

Apparently, Mrs. Adegunleye is spending time working on a side business during duty time here at Hines.  I will be forwarding a few snapshots of her Facebook page with time stamps.  She is communicating with her clients and there is a picture of her merchandise taken from her office. Not only is this abuse of government paid duty status it is dishonorable that she is spending time away from her service at a period in which the kitchen is under scrutiny and in crisis.

VA Public Affairs Comment

Rick Fox, public affairs officer for the Hines VA, declined to address the conditions directly while saying the hospital is dedicated to maintaining sanitary working conditions.

“Providing a safe environment and quality care for our Veterans is our top priority at Hines VA Hospital. That includes serving quality, nutritious food that is prepared and delivered under sanitary conditions. Facility leadership is actively involved in improvements and staff monitor all aspects of food preparation daily, remediating any issues as they arise,” Fox stated.  “We have made dramatic improvements at our facility and expect to begin a total remodel of the kitchen later this summer. We take all allegations regarding employee misconduct seriously. While we will not comment on any proposed disciplinary action or performance reviews, we hold our employees accountable for their actions.”

Clarno had this to say in response to Fox’s evasive answer:

This statement does not reflect the experiences of the staff or our veterans. No veteran should ever have to threat to go on a hunger strike due to the poor quality of food and lack of customer service. Leadership of the food service is aware of the ongoing problems and continue to avoid taking the necessary steps to resolve issues. Just about a year ago cockroaches were found on veteran’s food trays and the crisis in the kitchen continues with no one in kitchen leadership being held accountable. I am not sure which kitchen is getting a ‘total remodel’ but the last employees were told only a section of the flooring and ceiling will be replaced in the main kitchen.

It’s chow time folks. Just head straight west of Chicago a few minutes and you can get the most interesting dining experience at Hines VA Hospital.

Chicken, anyone… anyone?

Source: https://dailycaller.com/2017/05/11/va-hospital-serves-raw-food-to-vets/

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  1. This has to stop. I’m absolutely appalled at the treatment vets are getting these days. It seems more and more of this shit is coming to the surface and I just want to slap the piss out of others who would do this to people who were ready to give their lives for this country and our freedoms. I’ve never served, but I have family who has and I watch them struggle every day to cope.

    God help your soul if I ever have to deal with this kind of crap directly.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It is very important that veterans hear from citizens caring about our nation’s veterans.

      It is for people like you that people join the military to try and ensure you or your kids will not have to.

      It’s called freedom, freedom is not free and many have given everything So other can live a better life.

      It’s to bad that we have some citizen’s that do not care what we have done.

      Many VA employees should be in jail for what they have done to veterans.

      1 % serve in the military and the other 99% should honor their service and sacrifice.

      Yet we have VA employees who would rather treat them with disreapect and in some cases let the veterans Die, instead of treating them and for what to save a fee dollars for yearly bonus.

      I thank your family members for defending this country. Citizens should use these freedoms to make America better for all citizens and stop hurting the very people who defended this country.

  2. Off topic. I just received a BVA decision of TDIU from July 10, 2009 and a remand that may take it back to 1989. Wasn’t expecting it for another 2 years.


    1. @Lem: Excellent work Lem!! Glad you are finally getting some justice. I think that is really great news.

      1. Finely some good news. Now take a deep breath and live a good life. !

        I hope other veterans can one day come on here and share the good news.

        Have a wonderful day and ? !

      1. Not over. But a big part complete. Still open is TDIU from 1989 to 2009, 20 years. Plus an SF-95 claim for failure to treat partial and complex partial seizures for over 50 years. In Discussion with a Wyoming attorney to take the SF-95 case which is in reconsideration. Have a Rhode Island attorney working on the VA claims side.

        Will keep you all posted.

      2. Lem, can you share what you have learned going through the process.

        How did you find the people helping you.

        Your story maybe able to help other veterans going through what you have went through.

      3. To find an attorney, I searched VA attorneys and then sent an email listing my problem briefly asking for assistance. After no response on the first couple I copied the email and mailed out to over 100 which resulted in getting enough email complaints that I got a spam block which I had to appeal to get my email back and the responses. I had only one response from an attorney married to a Navy Officer.

        It took 2 years to get the “sensitivity 7” block on my VA Compensation and Pension file broken to get a copy of my file. Numerous correspondences to my Congressman, then in CA to no avail. Finally I returned from Japan to Wyoming and contacted Congresswoman Loomis. She was able to get my file transferred from Pittsburg VARO, a totally dysfunctional VARO to Cheyenne and get us a copy of my file. Over 2,000 pages.

        I received a hard copy and she received a CD after contacting the VA OIG.

        My claim was backlogged from 1992 appeal of a 1989 claim that was added to in 1991 for a secondary injury to my spine. Mixed in my record was a note on another veteran who had been injured in the service after I had been discharged. Since his date of injury was before my secondary MVA from a partial seizure the adjudicators looked for a history in my record before 1974 instead of deciding upon the secondary MVA of 1990.

        I had requested the MRI films of my spine and brain as well as EEG tracings to get second opinions which would have clarified my claim to seizures and spinal disc disease. They were never provided by the Medical Division and consequently I had nothing to submit a “substantive appeal”.

        So follow ups were never done. The case was re-opened in 2001, 2003 and 2005 while I was in Japan and could not get a qualified neuropsychological examination. Finally, in 2009, the TBI mail out from the VA asking me to put in for a TBI based on my medical history. Before that I had a 30% rating for “organic personality disorder.” (actually renamed under the same diagnostic code several times.)

        So the former issues are in the process on remand. The appeal of the 70% combined rating for TDIU has been granted back to July 10, 2009, the date I submitted the response to the Central Offices recommendation to file for TBI under the new law.

        So because the award was granted by the BVA without having to go to the CAVA I will have to pay my attorney (actually the 20% will be deducted from my award and sent directly to my attorney.)

        Still under fire is CUE claims and a SF-95 tort claim dating back to my discharge in 1974.

      4. Thank you for sharing how or what you had to do to win your case.

        Posts like this can give hope to some veterans.

        It’s terrable that veterans have to hire an attorney to get approved.

        But it works. ! Without people like Ben I, you would still be without our deserved disability!

        This should be proof that unless a veteran has access to an attorney to fight for us we would still be getting denial letters.

        With all the bright minds in our congress and Senate, why can’t they see through the VA’s shrade or scam or illegal act.

        Your post may help someone else. ! Tks

      5. I didn’t mention, the extreme difficulty is getting an attorney who will take it on a contingency. Usually you get a start up attorney who doesn’t have much to do. But now there are the online “ask an attorney” sites that charge you $50.00 or more to talk to an attorney for 10 minutes. The newbies are advised to tell you that you are wasting your time. Shut up and suck it up. So I advise against paying them anything for an attorney referral.

        The best referrals comes from your local Bar Association. The attorneys who take your case will probably be an attorney who has all ready made it and can afford to give you some time even if you get shut down by the BVA or the CAVA.

        If your local bar doesn’t provide you someone who will take your case try a neighboring state. For example I could have gone to Colorado (Denver) for a larger base than Wyoming. But I am talking to someone admitted to the Wyoming Bar from Cheyenne. And you can file an SF-95 case in the state you are in or any state your attorney is admitted to the Bar in.

    2. @Lem, is is really good to hear a Veteran finally receiving the benefits that they are entitled to. Congratulations to you and your family. I hope this helps you to improve the quality of your life. God Bless you and all the Veterans.

  3. They had me on folic acid, I think that is what is was called. Read a report from one of my doctor’s it was to high of a dose.

    Trial and error on medication given to veterans. !

    Sometimes of these medications when first started will make one really lethargic to the point you can not stay awake, bounce off walls.

    Trial and error, until they find the right combanition. I believe these veterans are prime candidates for the disruptive behavior committee.

    All drugged out talking to themselves or speaking out loud and say thing’s they would not normally say.

    They can be reported as being disruptive or could become disruptive in the future and punished for something out of their ability to realize what they are saying.

    PTSD and traumatic brain injury, I believe maybe even worse. Dementia caused by these medications.

    Is this going to be considered a precondition. !
    Veteran’s with traumatic brain injuries. Have this problem with out medication.

    Since this has been proven to effect veteran’s with PTSD, will these veterans qualify for a higher rating.?

    I’m just asking I don’t expect you to know the answer. Thanks for the information, veterans taking these medications may now know they are not crazy.

    But the effects due to the medication. !

    One of the strongest medications I see used is thorizine ! I can understand how this does make one act as if they have dementia.

    Every patient I seen on it, drual and are in space and do what is called the thorizine shuffle. !

    ? !

  4. “Hillary Clinton Lobbied Bangladesh PM on Behalf of Clinton Foundation Donor”
    A clear example of ‘pay to play’ while Clinton was secretary of state
    By Michael Sainato • 05/11/17 3:00pm

    “Another Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scheme has been revealed by a foreign government. On May 11, Circa reported, “The Office of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina confirmed to Circa that Mrs. Clinton called her office in March 2011 to demand that Dr. Muhammed Yunus, a 2006 Nobel Peace prize winner, be restored to his role as chairman of the country’s most famous microcredit bank, Grameen Bank.” Yunus’ nonprofit through the bank Grameen America donated between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation and Grameen Research donated an additional $25,000 to $50,000. The exposure is one of the most overt examples of “pay to play” by the Clinton Foundation. The deputy press secretary of the Bangladesh prime minister’s office told Circa that Hillary Clinton, while serving as U.S. secretary of state, phoned Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in March 2011 insisting she not remove Clinton Foundation donor Dr. Muhammad Yunus from his position as managing director of Grameen Bank.”

    Full article at: “https://observer.com/2017/05/hillary-clinton-lobbied-bangladesh-prime-minister-clinton-foundation-donor/”

  5. “PTSD medications may increase dementia risk”
    MNT Knowledge Center
    Written by Honor Whiteman
    Published: Sunday 14 May 2017

    “Patients with post-traumatic stress disorder may be at increased risk of dementia, particularly if they are taking psychotropic medications, a new study finds.”

    “Researchers from the University of Iowa came to their conclusions by analyzing the data of more than 3 million veterans.

    They found that veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) were at much higher risk of developing dementia than those without the condition, but that the risk varied depending on the medications they were using.

    Study co-author Dr. Thad Abrams, of the Department of Epidemiology at Iowa, and colleagues recently reported their findings in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.”

    “According to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, around 7 to 8 percent of people in the U.S. will experience PTSD at some point in their lives.

    The condition is more common among people in the military, who have greater exposure to traumatic and life-threatening experiences. Statistics suggest that around 15 percent of veterans who served in the Vietnam War were diagnosed with PTSD, while around 12 percent of Gulf War veterans have the condition in any given year.

    Previous studies have suggested that individuals with PTSD may be at greater risk of cognitive decline and dementia. For their study, Dr. Abrams and colleagues set out to explore this further, as well as to investigate how medications used to treat PTSD might impact dementia risk.”

    “Psychoactive medications may influence how PTSD affects dementia risk

    To reach their findings, the researchers reviewed the health data of 3,139,780 U.S. veterans with an average age of 68 years, including 417,172 in their final analysis.

    At study baseline in 2002-2003, a total of 22,674 participants had a diagnosis of PTSD, but all subjects were free of cognitive impairment and dementia.

    Over 9 years of follow-up, 25,639 of the participants received a dementia diagnosis.

    Overall, among veterans who were not using any medications at study baseline, those with PTSD were much more likely to develop dementia during follow-up.

    However, the use of certain medications appeared to influence the risk of dementia significantly.

    Veterans with PTSD who used selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, novel antidepressants, and atypical antipsychotics were found to have a greater dementia risk than those with and without PTSD who were not taking these medications.”

    Full article at: “https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317391.php”

    1. PubMed link to the full study at:


      Also an additional study of interest considering the spread of Iraqibactor:

      ” Systemic and localized extra-central nervous system bacterial infections and the risk of dementia among US veterans: A retrospective cohort study.”

      PubMed access to full article at: “https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/pmid/27752534/”

    2. You know what’s interesting about your post Seymore is the question it raises.

      We have all heard the VA claim that they are so good at medical research and PTSD. The VA has certainly pissed away a boatload of money blaming anything they don’t understand on PTSD…particularly in Gulf War veterans.

      My question is, if the VA is so good at medical research and PTSD, why did it take a research study outside the VA to determine this?

      Does the VA know this already and just continue feeding vets fistsful of meds? Or are they so incompetent they just didn’t look? Or they just don’t care? Or all of the above?

  6. “Operators of Trucking School Charged with Defrauding VA by Collecting Tuition for Veterans who Never Attended Classes”

    “LOS ANGELES – An operator of a San Fernando Valley trucking school was arrested this morning by federal authorities after he and the owner were indicted on federal charges that allege they bilked the Department of Veterans Affairs out of well over $4 million in tuition and other payments after falsely certifying that veterans had attended classes, when they never had.

    Robert Waggoner, 54, of Canyon Country, was arrested this morning at his residence by special agents with the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Office of Inspector General.

    The second defendant named in a nine-count indictment returned by a federal grand jury on April 6 – Emmit Marshall, 50, of Woodland Hills – has agreed to self-surrender on Tuesday.”


    1. @Seymore Klearly- THAT trucking school is one but a few “war profiteering” colleges taking full advantage of the flow of $$$$ from DoD, DOE, and VHA for Veteran’s educational benefits….yes, War Profiteering is what I said because the VA sure does not want to go out of their way to assist Veterans and clean-up their act, but sure as shit any shyster learning ways to milk and squeeze $$$$ from the benefits that are supposed to GO TO Veterans….well, the VA even helps these War Profiteering Leeches gain access to that $$$$.

      My prediction is in Los Angeles and elsewhere, you can BET some VA Vocational Rehab Counselor or some other VA HACK or HACKS also have their ratty claws inside that cookie jar.
      If $4 Million was found not going to Veterans actually attending courses but pockets instead, you can BET some VA HACK had 60% of the take sitting in his or her driveway in form of a new car, boat, or a house that’s shaped like a root beer float.
      Or…some VSO Piggy Chapter in Los Angeles all have brand new hats that double as drones that go and fundraise.
      USA easily forgets about these wars we are still in but the WAR PROFITEERS never stop looking for more ways to milk the VHA Teats.

      Last night’s “60 Minutes” program let the cat out that USA and the World has to be prepared for guess who?……….Osama Bin Laden’s son…who’s ready to destroy USA and has recently said as much.

      Will Bin Laden’s son be recognized as a scary assed threat or will popular culture simply take a look at what he’s wearing in videos then reproduce it, package it, and sell it to squeeze yet more blood from these wars while the very Veterans from these and past wars are suffering and dying?

      Stealing Federal $$$ and Veteran Educational $$$ would be a serious Federal Crime….one would think.

      1. just what they needed another boogie man I guess the other one’s they made up don’t scare the sheeple enough. war for profit is all it is

      2. Namnibor,

        Here is a link to court papers filed by the Attorney General for Ohio that describes the money laundering operation AMVETs used in their sham Educational Career Centers. They used them to make sure no Veteran was helped.

        What fricken thieves they are.

        Definitely a must read for everyone.


      3. @Seymore Klearly- Yeah, the VSO’s are really greedy assed piggies. AMVETS are assholes. They all are assholes.

        Rant Out.

    2. Anything happen to the VA employees responsible for over seeing this program.?

      Now long did this go on before the employees caught on. Were any VA employees connected to the scam.?

      Now about any veterans, were they caught doing anything wrong.?

  7. @@SeymoreKlearly, I regret using any political party. I’m having trouble with many on both sides. Agreed, Shulkin’s shown himself. So who’s left? Kushner? @Seymour, You do great work. I sense the frustration. Obviously, every thing Trump is doing is getting ripped apart. Even the President can’t reach the VA Swamp. His Senators, the other Senators are crap. All of them. I’m sorry to have taken anything away from what the real problems are.

    1. I too agree about your posts. You do your home work. If one really wants to find something out and do the needed research they will find the answer.

      Problem is too many people do not !
      And wing it ! That’s dangerous !

      Thanks and keep up the good work !

      Guess our elected officials wing it. !

      To much work to do research !

      Ben and other’s on here make my day. !

      VA employees coming on here trying to defend the VA. ! Wing it ! If they would type in a few words about the VA. !

      They would think different or not !

    2. What makes this site so important is that we can ask the tough questions and state what is bothering us. While also we can present the truth about what is going on at the Veterans Administration.

      Without a doubt our system is filled with corruption, greed and total incompetence. But occasionally a ray of light shines through and things get done properly. That disinfecting ray of light is growing and more people are being exposed to the truth.

      That is why Ben’s work and our comments are important.

      Always ask the tough questions and always look behind the news releases. Also always share what you find to be the truth.

      As far as Shulkin goes. He is fired before September and will likely be facing some very serious criminal charges.

    3. Jo3n, I don’t think you have anything to apologize for. In fact, I applaud you for being willing to recognize truth.

      Far too many refuse to believe anything other than what the media claims, and they never realize they are being lied to when the media is pushing an alternate agenda.

      I find it interesting that they pushed these articles in either scientific or medical journals, with the exception of the Atlantic. The Atlantic is knowingly pushing a false agenda.

  8. I spend 7 weeks at North Chicago at the Great Lakes Naval for inpatient PTSD treatment and the food was total rash. All sorts of problems after eating there.

  9. @Seymore, The Republicans have been running things for a while. Hilary and Ohbama are gone. Cannot POTUS and Shulkin change it? They appear to be changing anything they WANT. I haven’t heard much about Dr.’s, or any substantial changes. Accountability is now up for grabs. Thanks for the answers. Guess we just have too many hungry hippos in the VA swamp.

    1. Potus has taken steps to change things regarding the H1b J1 Waiver program and is running into all kinds of opposition. Primarily from the states and medical schools that use these programs. While the fake news reports on limiting immigration are trying to make it seem the President’s Travel ban is going to deprive everyone of medical care or that they are concerned about immigration for everyone. They are only concerned about keeping the H1b J1 visas flowing. Each state is allowed 30 of these visas to be issued to Health care professionals in their state. But the Universities are also using them through the Veterans Administration unlimited ability to sponsor these Visas.

      The truth is he is trying to block immigration of unverified applicants to the H1b J1 waiver program. Note the following articles. Also note that they are all hyperbulshit and just part of a campaign against Trump that is untruthful. They all claim that it is students educated in a US medical School that are at risk but the truth is the J1 status only applies to graduates of foreign medical schools. Not foreigners educated in US medical schools. Also note they claim it is to complete residency requirements but in fact the J1 visa wavier allows foreign medical school grads to work as doctors without the residency requirements.

      So, the articles and bad information being published in the fake news leaders is all hyper bullshit.

      “Trump’s Proposed H-1B Visa Reforms Could Be Bad For Doctors, Hospitals and Patients”
      By Michelle Andrews, The Physicians News Digest


      “Trump Immigration Ban Can Worsen U.S. Doctor Shortage, Hurt Hospitals”
      “Thousands of U.S. physicians and medical students from banned countries may leave hospitals without staff”
      By Seema Yasmin Scientific America on February 1, 2017

      “After future doctors finish medical school, they go on to residency programs to wrap up their training in hospitals. Both American and foreign medical-school graduates can apply to American residency slots, and among this year’s foreign applicants, there are currently 260 people from the seven nations—Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen—banned from coming to the U.S. for 90 days under President Trump’s executive order, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.

      Because the total number of residency slots are limited, many of these individuals might not become American doctors. The typical primary-care doctor sees 3,000 patients, so the AAMC is estimating those 260 future doctors would have been able to take care of more than three-quarters of a million American patients.

      Foreign medical students typically come to the U.S. under J1 or H1 visitors’ visas, which are subject to Trump’s 90-day ban.”


      “Trump’s Immigration Order Might Cost Thousands of Americans Access to a Doctor”
      “Medical students from the seven banned nations may never get to practice in the U.S., where many would have worked in underserved areas.”
      Olga Khazan The Atlantic | Jan 30, 2017


      “Trump’s Immigration Ban Fuels Fear For Young Doctors Whose Jobs May Be In Limbo”
      By Carmen Heredia Rodriguez Kaiser Health News | February 2, 2017

      “President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, which sparked protests abroad and in the U.S., is also raising fears about the impact on international medical students vying for training programs at U.S. hospitals, as well as young doctors in training from affected countries who are already working here.

      1. One more worth adding:

        “17 Attorneys General Say Trump Travel Ban Harms Universities, Medical Institutions, Tourism”, by Phil Helsel, NBC News April 19,2017


        “The attorneys general of 16 states and the District of Columbia on Wednesday filed a brief asking the 4th U.S. Court of Appeals to uphold a ruling that blocked a major part of President Donald Trump’s so-called “travel ban.”

        The attorneys general argue Trump’s revised executive order would negatively impact universities and medical institutions”

        “Trump’s revised March 6 executive order would restrict for 90 days the issuance of visas to nationals from six predominantly Muslim countries, and also suspend for 120 days the entry to the United States by refugees.”

    2. As far as Shulkin’s actions. His recent action make it very clear where he stands. The day before President Trump signed his executive order to create the VA office of accountability and whistleblower protection he suspended Dr. Barbara Temeck.

      Dr. Temeck blew the whistle on the relationship that exist Between the University of Cincinnati Medical School and the VAMC Cincinnati that is creating a doctor shortage at the VAMC which is very profitable for the school. She also blew the whistle on the abuses of the H1b J1 Visa program being committed by the school and the VAMC.
      I will post more on Dr. Temeck Latter it is important.

      1. A statement by Dr. Barbara Temeck’s is posted on line at:


      2. Also a comment I made some time ago about the relationship of the VAMC, the Medical School and Dr. Barbara Temeck is at:


  10. Below is a link for the video called, “Nomadic Veterans,” sold on Amazon. This is an non-Affiliated link, I make no monies from posting. – – – Nutter


  11. Challenging Patients – – – PRF = Patient Record Flagged – – – “A PRF alert, VHA employees to patients whose behavior, medical status, or characteristics may pose an immediate threat either to that patient’s safety, the safety of other patients or employees, or may otherwise compromise the delivery of safe health care in the initial moments of the patient encounter. PRF enhance both the right of all patients to receive confidential, safe, and appropriate health care, as well as the right of employees to a safe work environment. PRF permit employees to develop strategies for offering health care to even the most behaviorally challenging patients who, in an earlier era, might have been excluded from receiving VHA health care.”

    “Because some of the most challenging patients may be nomadic, and because a patient’s electronic health record is increasingly available to other facilities, it is essential that conventions for creating, supporting, and maintaining computerized advisories be made uniform throughout VA’s health care system.”

    *Search for this document, you’ll find where CHALLENGING PATIENTS is referred to – – -> Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration, Washington, DC 20420
    VHA DIRECTIVE 2010-053, December 3, 2010, PATIENT RECORD FLAGS [PRF] – – – Nutter

    1. This is all veterans Then ! At one time or another they have said something negative about their care or how employees are treating other veterans.

      They use the term could or may in the future become disruptive. So this defination includes all veterans, their family members.

      This is totally illegal to let VA employees have such authority to use this to punish veterans and the veterans have no say so about it.

      Why are the veterans rights taken away from them. What other Americans have this done to them. Being accused of something and not have the right to face their accuser or to provide proof or to seek council.

      What other government agency has the authority to punish their customers with out being able to defend themselves.

      How about federal employees, thousands of employees meet this criteria. Veteran’s should be able to form their own committee to hold VA employees accountable.

      And given the same rights they give the veterans ! None !

      This is nothing more than a rouse to justify punishing veteran’s at will.

      If so many veteran’s are such a threat to VA employees shut it down and let veterans seek care on the outside.

      Problem solved ! Billion saved and employees can forever be safe !

      I call B.S. on this !

      Nothing more than a legal or illegal way of retaliation against veteran’s !

    2. The VA should answer exactly what is challenging about providing care to a flagged veteran when they completely cut off care.

      As for the policy, if I were flagged I would become very familiar with their policy and see if they follow it half assed like they do every other VA policy…and only then to the extent it benefits the VA.

      1. I have reviewed the policy and they do not follow the regulations. It calls for anyone that have been disruptive, that it be recorded in some way to cover the VA.

        The Denver director wrote to senator Bennett’s office and told him it is required to inform higher management via written incident report or noted by the staff that whitnessed the event.

        She also told the senator that due to the reporting of Mr Gallegos being disruptive !

        His official medical record’s were never coded for disruptive behavior Nor did we ever Red Flag his official medical record’s !

        Not only did they in my case not request that the employee making the allegations furnish the written incidents.

        Plus they let the employee making the allegations, answer and all inquiries herself !

        The story changed from he wanted to shoot the rater, to he wanted to shoot staff at the Denver vamc, then this employee at my local clinic told them that I wanted to murder staff at the local clinic.

        She has been in administration for a long time and she knew that any incident be it veterans or employees that have done something notable, that it is required that she or any other employee, Must complete a report of contact.

        Anyone with half a brain would have made a report of contact, especially if they knew the veteran wanted to murder someone.

        But no she told them I would come into the clinic at least twice a month and become disruptive.

        I would have not only made a report I would have called the police. Twice a month, did not say how many month’s this was to have happened.

        One must remember that I was a former VA employee, as an administrative assistant in charge of the facility after hours and did so for 17 year’s.

        3 year’s active duty and 6 year’s in the nation guard, where I was offered training to become an officer.

        Placed in the VA Van Guard as a hero by my boss for saving some one’s life, who was hanging from a tree.

        Said something about her work ethic concerning the hispanic committee and that pissed her off so much, that after i had to retire medically !

        She retaliated against me, by lying to upper management and they took her word and did not ask for anything to prove her allegations.

        Higher management knew they punished me wrongly, but they hate admitting their mistakes and decided it was easier to punish me, than to admit they made a big mistake.

        When a citizen falsely acusses another citizen to make people think badly about the person and only doing so to cause harm to the other person and that person publishes the lie for all to see and makes them to hate the other person is considered ” Criminal libel !
        Criminal libel is a class 6 felony and can involve jail time 18 month’s.

        This is proof to me, that if the VA would do this to me, with out any written evidence they would do it to you or you father or you mother.

        This investigation has been going on since 2004 and recorded by me via hospital record’s and letters from the VA to the senator’s office and the DAV.

        This has been sent to the Secretary of veterans affairs and to the Senate committee on veterans affairs and to the white house !

        This employee can not produce any evidence of me ever doing anything wrong ever and I hope she gets what she deserves for criminal libel !

      2. I am extremely familiar with DBC and outed them in the press.

        They are absolutely untouchable. The federal law establishing this idea of a kangaroo court called DBC was to allow an outlet for folks who are being threatened i their personal safety. The threat must 1) be verifiable, 2) be a threat against personal safety of the person reporting it who must further have GOOD reason to believe it can be carried out it, and 3) must be a threat the veteran is capable of carrying out.

        This was the idea. Then VA pounced upon the vague wording and the clearly unconstitutional nature of the law and expanded it to mean ANYTHING that ANY VA facility chooses to define as a threat. It is so bad that a 2013 VAOIG report said flatly that many facilities are in direct violation of the law because “..facility policies have not been updated to comply with federal law.” No shit.

        They even cited at least on vet who had been flagged as violent over 400 days after the alleged act of violence inwhich no substantiated proof was produced!

        The VA DBC process has flagged so many vets as violent, that according to that same 2013 OIG report the VA has lost track of how many vets have been actually flagged as a Cat One Violent And Disruptive Patient! On one of my appeals, VA Director Frank Marr wrote in his decision to upholf the bogus flag out on me with the following words, “…I am afraid that even casual comments like the one you made are taken very seriously at VISN-20. I therefor uphold the Cat One PRF.”

        In at fuckers OWN WORDS I was flagged as a Violent and Disruptive Patient for a “casual comment”! Sure the paper teported this bullshit, but within two days of the paper publishing the first story VA retaliated again and placed yet another flag on me!!!

        VA spits out the vets it doesn’t like and they are completely out of control. Make no mistake – terminating care from the DBC has killed vets. This is a ruthless organization and your rights do not mean shit on VA property.

      3. That oig report, told the readers that the VA can abuse this by using the wording as a catch all.

        Any veteran they want to punish what ever reason by any VA employee can be done with a stroke of a key on the computer.

        I copied this report and underlined many parts so the Secretary could see the problems that exist with this illegal committee.

        Yes some were not reported for over 100 day’s and the majority are catagory 1, that is the higest level they can use.

        I don’t understand how educated minds could write such garbage. !

        Everyone on this site qualifies as being disruptive against the VA. ! Since you posted something about the VA you are a threat or could sometime in the future possibly become a threat. !

        Your grandmothers can qualify as being disruptive if they post anything negative. !

        So all of the Senate committee on veterans affairs qualify as being disruptive and the president.

        I think a third grader could have done a better job on this or at least as good. !

        I think whom ever wrote this directive was on Crack cocaine or LSD. !

        OIG, tells everyone they are only monitor’s and have no authority. !

      4. What I find interesting about this OIG report is that they did it at all.

        The IG claims they only investigate fraud, waste or abuse, issues that affect patient safety in a significant way, significant corruption, or serious violations of policies by high ranking VA employees.

        Out of that description, why would they investigate DBCs?

        Is someone committing a crime? Fraud, waste or abuse? Significant patient safety issues? Serious violations of policies by an upper flunky?

        Either the IG lies about what they investigate to make for an easy job, or they will investigate (and do their job) when forced to.

      5. DoD you notice over and over it reports the disruptive behavior must be written documation.

        DoD you notice how they wrote it So that the VA change use anything they wish to report a veteran or anyone else.

        They did not cover now many employees were reported as being disruptive or anyone else. !

        Of also stated they can not ban veterans from all care and those reported are refered to outside doctor’s.

        DoD it see anything where the veterans can disagree with their accusations. This is nothing more than a rouse to justify punishing veteran’s. !

        None would think that if someone would become disruptive, they would make some type of report especially if they felt the veterans wanted to murder staff. !

        In my case as a former employee and I had dealings with the person reporting me and I gave them the evidence of how this started.

        This employee wanted me to be arrested for attempted murder. ! By stating he wants to shoot certain staff at the clinic. !

        The VA admitting they had not one single report of me ever being disruptive Ever. !

        They can look at my personnel file and would find nothing about me, ever doing anything wrong. !

        My section chief of the busniess office wrote a letter to OPM, stating that during the closure procedure that he could not understand how the VA, could transfer me from one position to another to another and make me in the end a glorified file clerk. !

        He advised them that he seen what they were doing to me and that as a layman, the actions taken were adverse and effected my mental health.

        They closed the facility and I was medically retired due to my PTSD, they said it was my memory !

        No it was other employees that pushed my buttons and my PTSD kicked in full force due to the mistreatment.

        They made this employee manager of my local clinic and she only reported me as being disruptive as a retaliatory act.

        I hold not only the employee who falsely acussing me of disruptive behavior. I also accuse the Denver director, chief of staff all members of the disruptive committee and her friends of letting this happen. !

        They should have required the reporting of the disruptive behavior documents. !

        Even after they admitted they had no written proof, they went forward with notifying the OIG, who did not request any written proof.

        They notified the FBI and never provided them with any written evidence of disruptive behavior.

        She called my local police department and told them I wanted to murder staff at the clinic without providing them with written evidence.

        My local police department never contacted me about the matter. But a lawyer relayed to my son, that she was told by the police department that I wanted to murder staff. !

        Director, telling senator Bennett’s office that they never punished me and that they never coded my official medical record’s for disruptive behavior, nor did they ever Red flagged my official medical record’s due to the disruptive reporting.

        The chief of staff stated he did not even know or meet the employee making the allegations.

        Medical record’s show she was part of the disruptive committee or attended a disruptive committee meeting !

        Does this make sense why I know she lied and higher management did not do their due digulance in trying to find the truth.

        Hearsay is not proof. ! I hold them all responsibe for rushing to judgement with out having one piece of evidence.

        Veteran’s are being rail roared, with no checks or balances. !

        I just hope I will get justice through the Secretary office and my good name restored.

        They must change the policy so veterans have a way to defend themselves. !

        Syria built a huge crematorium and taking people, placing a hood on them, transport them to the crematorium and hang them and then cremated.

        No difference when VA employees falsely acuse veterans of disruptive behavior. !

        And why Just because their feeling were hurt. !

        How would any of you feel if a VA employee accused you of wanting to commit murder and not have to provide any proof at all. !

        Can you See where I am coming from. !

        Again if they would do this to me and not require proof of the allegations, this is telling me that they don’t care If they have no proof and that is very. Very dangerous.

        Oh yea, they placed into my official medical record’s ” if the VA “EVER” “HEARS” that you again become disruptive !

        “You Will have Federal charges placed upon you, You will be Arrested and Banished from all VA care.!

        All because a disgruntled employees wanted revenge. !

      6. Dennis, I figured you would have detailed experience with this.

        Imagine the outrage if you were black and were denied health care because of your skin color.

        In fact, that would be interesting information to request under FOIA…what the ethnic make up is of those flagged.

      7. Oh yea forgot they don’t have to prove anything, employees word is good enough !

        Must be nice to have control of every veteran, hell you don’t even have to be at the facility and blamed.

        I requested any and all evidence they used to punish me. !

        Their reply was there is no proof of you ever being disruptive !

        I am of hispanic decent and the reporting employee is also of hispanic origin. !

        So they don’t care If they have proof or not !

        Hearsay is all the evidence they need. !

        The director even told my congressman that they never punished me and that they never coded my official medical record’s and that they never red flagged my official medical record’s !
        Sorry director but I have all the real proof of you and your staff, believing a disgruntled VA employee !

        Who is a felon and you willingly assisted in her criminal activity. !

        I have requested that anyone who accused me of disruptive behavior to take a polygraph and I will also take one.

        But it has to be done by a private enity and not the VA. ! That would be foolish of me.

        They would have the very employee acussing me to complete the polygraph, with her fingers on the needle going back and forth running off the paper. !

        Saying see I told you so. ! LOL

      8. You know James, Bennett should be asked why he thinks the VA is telling the truth regarding your DBC flag.

        They claimed there were no wait lists and lied to get bonuses.

        What you should do is buy a $20 hidden camera off Amazon, then schedule an appointment. If that employee freaks out on you, you will have proof for Bennett’s office.

      9. Bennett’s office stated they can do nothing for veterans that have been accused and they have no authority to make the VA do anything.

        Yet they post on their site are you having problems with a government agency, we can Help. !

        I have tried to meet with Bennett himself and his staff handles everything. So citizens do not elect a senator to help.

        They hired other people who are not qualified to assist in such matters.
        .this country is in big trouble. !

  12. “VA manufactured its own doctor shortage: Column”
    Greg Siskind, USA Today 5:17 p.m. ET July 10, 2014

    *** An Opinion piece by an immigration lawyer, who sees the problem from a different angle. ***

    “Why was the situation so dire that veterans faced months-long waits to see Veterans Affairs physicians? It’s not exactly a secret that the VA faces a severe shortage of physicians. More than 800 job openings are listed on the VA website.

    There are many reasons why it is so hard to recruit physicians to work for the VA, including challenging patients, dwindling financial resources and uncompetitive salaries.

    As an immigration lawyer, I’ve seen the problem from a different angle. International physicians represent 26% of the doctors training in America’s teaching hospitals. These doctors fill leftover teaching hospital slots not used by doctors educated in American medical schools.”

    “Most of these foreign doctors come to the U.S. on J-1 visas and must get a state health agency or a federal agency waiver in order to remain in the U.S. after they complete their training. Every state and four federal agencies have programs to sponsor these doctors to work in medically underserved communities and populations. One of those federal agencies is the VA, which has sponsored J-1 physicians for many years.

    Given that more than one-third of America’s internal medicine physicians are international physicians (and close to half of geriatricians serving older veterans), you might presume that the VA places a high priority on its J-1 waiver program. But the VA is perceived by most lawyers as being one of the riskiest immigration bets a doctor can make.

    There are a number of reasons the program is so unpopular, including:

    The VA will not file a J-1 waiver until the last six months of a doctor’s training. By that point, most J-1 doctors have found jobs. For those doctors willing to wait on the VA, if something goes wrong in the process, there is no time to find an alternative job.”

    “The VA requires re-advertising a position every three years until a doctor gets to the point of becoming a U.S. citizen. But obtaining citizenship can take more than 10 years, and if a U.S. citizen applies for the job, the foreign-trained physician can be out of a job.

    The VA’s internal J-1 approval process is extremely cumbersome, requiring approvals from multiple offices and months of waiting.

    The VA should decentralize its waiver program and allow each hospital to manage its own application process. Hospitals should be able to decide how they document recruiting, when they will file J-1 waivers and if they will re-advertise positions after a doctor has been hired. The VA Central Office should then sign off if the VA medical center’s director has certified that it has followed federal requirements.”

    Full article at: “https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2014/07/10/va-doctor-shortage-immigration-law-physicians-column/12494295/”


      1. The one that wrote the post is the one I want to answer the question.

        Show many employees feel this way, are we just a problems for VA employees.

        Seems to say this. How about treating veteran’s with respect and do everything the VA can to help and care for the veterans.

        Then the veterans would not a reason to complain about how they are being treated

      2. James Gallegos,

        Please note that what is being quoted from the article is verbatim. Personally I do not see Veterans as challenging patients. It was the author of the opinion piece that I quoted that chose that term.

      3. What I am saying is just because someone says something, it in itself does not make it True.

        What I am saying is true and the evidence is there to prove my case. But in order for the real truth to come out, someone has to Read it.

        Someone other that the people involved.

        Hearsay is just that Hearsay ! How many people would be in jail if only hearsay was allowed as the only evidence needed.

        I am not picking on you, I know your just repeating something someone else said and just because someone says something does not make it So !
        We are to be a nation of law’s that must be followed, that goes for everyone.

        What they going to do next to veterans. ? Accuse them of something and decide that the veterans should be taken out back and shot, who know maybe it has already happened.

        The more employees get away with illegal act’s, they will become more bold and that’s really Dangerous !

  13. Jo3n

    J-1 Veteran’s Administration Waiver
    Interested U.S. Government Agencies (IGA) – Veterans Administration J1 Waiver

    Veterans Administration J1 Waivers for Physicians

    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is authorized to request waiver of the two-year home residency requirements for J1 foreign medical graduates (FMG) when a VA facility can demonstrate overwhelming need.

    This particular waiver option is appealing to J1 FMGs with specialized training, as a sponsoring VA facility may request a waiver for the J1 FMG to be employed in patient care, research or teaching. Moreover, physicians are not required to work in a medically underserved area.

    1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      While Hillary Clinton was the United States Secretary of State. She approved and oversaw the implementation of changes to the H1b visa program. Including the addition of the J1 waiver program for foreign medical graduates employed at the VA and hired by the VA.

      According to VHA Hand Book Transmittal Sheet dated February 28, 2011 Titled:


      Not only was the 2-year residency requirement removed but also several other major changes were implanted.


      1.) Rescinding the requirement to submit certain credentialing and privileging information.

      2.) Expanding the use of private counsel for H1b applicants for a J1 waiver.

      3.) Expanding the process for withdrawing sponsorship and VA obligation in the event of
      employment termination. Making it more difficult and costly for the Veterans Administration to with draw a Visa and requiring the permission of the State Department and the Department of labor.

      Full VHA Hand Book Transmittal Sheet At:



  14. Here is how the VA describes the 2017 budget. This portion, copy and pasted ONLY shows what they intend to admit to spending on research. Why? Answer – to advance…the quality life…

    “Invests $536 million in 2017, within the Medical Care accounts, to support medical and prosthetic research efforts to advance the care and quality of life for Veterans, such as the Million Veteran Program (MVP), a genomic medicine program that seeks to collect genetic samples and general health information; and post-deployment mental health studies.”


    This figure DOES NOT include money allocated for the feeding of vet patients while seeking a better quality of life. The expense is already huge, but why did I post about research?

    Because I went online and saw that VA claims about 6 million vets utilized VA healthcare in a year (2014 data from VA). Doing the math, if the research budget was used instead to feed each patient then each patient would get about $90 worth of food. Considering the VAST majority of patients are not inpatient types and do not get fed by VA and the umber skyrockets. Anectdotal math shows that if you add in the vast resource already committed to food service plus the research money that VA could provide catered steak and lobster dinners to every inpatient, complete with a four string quartet to lul them to sleep after.

    So my suggest, Dr. Shulkin, is to learn to walk before you try to run. Instead of these grand nebulous ideas that spend grand dubious research dollars, why not first demonstrate with the money the that VA is committed and capable of feeding patients well? Do see how back asswards this all is?

    Research how to get the godamn chikcen cooked.

    VA cannot get healthy food in front of patients but asks for the wealth of Avalon to research the DNA of those same vets! I have noticed myriad proposals from VA about how to spend The People’s money and not one has to do with how to get a decent meal to every single human they serve every single time.

  15. Goodnight and Happy Mother’s Day, to all of you Mom’s out there. God Bless every one of you.

  16. Strange day of events. Hope that Veteran’s self surgery went well. So, if an AFGE member walks by, and let’s say, passes out. Let’s say I have one of those three hundred dollar Medical certificates. Am I obligated to treat in case of emergency? Can I operate on him/her? The look of hatred I received from my last visit still haunts me. He could be a terrorist, but, the VA said he was well vetted. They’ve never lied to me before. God Bless the Veterans and their families.J

    1. Regarding the past out AFGE member. I think it depends on whether or not you are on federal property at the time.

      Even then you can always claim you did not know you needed to.

      Interesting note is that if they supply papers that state they graduated from a foreign medical school they do not need to complete a residency program due to the J-1 Veterans Administration Wavier program.

    1. I remember back in basic training. A fellow trainee was caught talking in the chow line outside of the mess hall. A drill sergeant made the trainee, stand in front of the mess hall sign, and yell ” Sign ! I will not talk in the mess hall line” over and over again. This has the same effect as going to a VAMC for healthcare. You can go over and over again but really, exactly what do they get done? I can’t think of a single fucking thing, over the last 40+ years of going to the VA, that has made my life better. In fact, I would be better off standing out front yelling “VA! I will not shut the fuck up”

  17. Are all VAMCs located in the ghetto? They have one in my County and it’s in a bad area. Shouldn’t the VAMCs be in safe areas?

    1. @Lily: There sure are enough of them located in bad area’s. Not sure what came first. Did they build them in crap locations? Or did the crap follow them looking for government jobs? I suspect the latter. Now you know who’s taking care of you. Don’t you feel special?

    2. The brand new VAMC in Columbus, OH could not be in worse part of the city. Smack-dab in middle of gunshot alley hoodville. Now, there’s obviously already Federal land where it was built a few years ago because there’s not too far away linked with massive railroad tracks, a Defense Supply Contracting megacomplex….but where that VAMC is located Veterans that drive there have had their vehicles tampered with because where only we Veterans are allowed to park in the massive lots on North and South side is Veterans ONLY can park on South side lot…smack on the edge of smack alley and gunshot alley…the North Parking Lot is reserved for ONLY VA EMPLOYEES…and it’s a well-protected area, even by landscape…from the hood….and the ONLY time the VA Barney Cops come out on their new golf carts….even if for only 1/4 a block away, is to go out and harass ANYONE that dares park in the VA EMPLOYEES ONLY SIDE…you could be self-inflicted gunshot dead for a week on South side of VAMC and during that time your tires, rims, and anything of remote value stripped down and only way it would alert the VA Barney Cops is if one of those thieves were straying into VA EMPLOYEES ONLY PARKING LOT and happened to drop something of value in that lot to be noticed, then it would lead to the self-inflicted gunshot Veteran in their stripped clean vehicle….so YEAH…the VA builds these over budgeted ostrich egg palaces in the pubic hair thatch neighborhood of your local smack dealer and prostitutes….but the VA fucking CARES….right!

      Rant Out and Happy Mother’s Day….and FUCK OFF VA, you MF’s!!!! 🙂

      1. BTW- Mother’s Day only a couple weeks after your own father’s recent funeral and family fall-out is one huge mind-fuck but we are dealing one day at a time by the Grace of God.

      2. @namnibor: I am sorry these holidays are painful, due to your recent loss. Hope you find a way to make peace with it all.

    3. It does not matter where you put an agency.

      You can put in the Emeral city, if the same employees who are harming veterans where working there it would be the if you had in in a swamp.

      Worh bad employees and them having people in the union running the VA. Defending thiefs, murders and other corrupt employees and manager’s throwing up their hands and ignoring the problems.

      Because they figure why bother. Many imbrace this as a get out of jail free card.

      Management then does their own thing and retaliate.

      So it’s just a vicious cycle. Employees know if they file complaints against the VA. Management will be held accountable by the union and the employees will get a settlement.

      Managers figure since they can not do anything about bad employees, they give up and the employees run amuck.

      What you going to do about it, kiss my royal ###.

      Employees that try and do the right thing are retaliated against by management or their flunkies.

      So, there is no safe place. While employees play games with each other. The veterans pay the price, as they are stuck in the middle.

      When veterans see this disfunction and get upset and say anything about it, they are retaliated against by the employees and manager’s as veterans have no one to defend them.

      Veteran’s are a pawn and mean nothing to employees who’s ego gets hurt and no one seems to care what happens to the veterans stuck in the middle.

  18. I remember reading the disgusting article about cockroaches being in the plates of veterans who were in that hospital last year. It was mentioned only once, saying that Chicago Sanitation Depts. were appalled and insisted the VA end it immediately…take care of this now. I showed a non-veteran friend the piece and he almost threw up about it in disbelief and discuss – wondering how this happened at a “VA hospital” or any hospital in fact. The “Shulk” was in his position at the time, and I am sure he got hit over the head about this “Bad Publicity” — you know — feeding hospitalized veterans plates with live cockroaches crawling on it – and crawling around the kitchen too everyday for who knows how long — years.
    So I guess it got worse with chicken and stuff, to add to the cockroaches crawling around town.
    Still nothing done. Haven’t heard a peep from The Shulk about this – ever. Haven’t seen a photo of him with his 100 – 0 winky-dink smile holding a spoon to his lips with mr. cock-er-rrroach on it winking at him — to show everyone it’s OK to crrrunch a cock-er-rrroach from the plates there.
    If anyone thinks the VA is going to get it’s act together in any respect – ever – well then ………
    When an organization is this putrid it should be shut down in a day’s time. Out-sky, On your ass-sky. Any organization that implements a program the like of “Choice” should be shut-down for gross incompetence. Any government that lets it go on another day is a government I rather not call mine.

  19. This came out today from:
    “Patriot Videos”
    Maybe 13, 2017

    “Veteran to attempt own surgery after VA refuses to pay!”

    It originally was out from;
    “Conservative Tribune”

    And received attention from “WFXT-TV”
    Y’all might want to read this article and watch the video.
    This veteran “live streamed” his battle with the VA!
    It has to do with the “failing choice program”!
    Have fun with this one!

  20. With the migrant crisis hitting Europe heavy and hard. Though that I would point out how easy it is for migrants in Europe to obtain jobs such as Doctors at VA health care facilities here in the US. Due to the only requirement to work as a Doctor from a foreign is documentation show they completed med school there. So for anyone who is receiving VA care don’t forget to say hello to the local jihadist practicing at your VA health Care facility.

    Fake degrees and transcripts from Sweden by Price and you can order right now online.

    $199.00 “https://www.diplomacompany.com/order-fake-diploma-sweden.html”

    $275.00 “https://www.phonydiploma.com/Fake-Diploma-From-Sweden-University.aspx”

    $379.00 “https://www.diplomacompany.com/order-fake-sweden-diplomas-and-transcripts-university-college.html”

    1. Kind of butchered that paragraph but I am sure you get my drift.

      Also I would like to point out that the degrees can be bought online from most any country. One accredited medical school in the Dominican Republic sold more than 10,000 bogus medical degrees and transcripts.

      The fake degrees are noting new and have been around for quite a while.


      While regular hospitals don’t like being sued for the actions of fake doctors state and federal facilities don’t care. We all know the VA don’t give a shit.

  21. To VA Leadership and Managing Personnel – – – I have never heard of an Agency that has went so low in integrity, and one that has no pure thoughts of doing what they were created to do in the first place . . . “taking care of and helping Veterans, and their love ones, to obtain better health and a better way of life than what they had before they entered into the VA system.”

    You see that you VA dumb fucks, from scratch, I just wrote out a good mission statement. You’ve got more monies than to know what to do with, so there is no excuse for any Veteran to lose their life while on your watch. Keep digging holes in the lives of Veterans, and causing their love ones intentional pain. One day, the hole that you dig will be for yourself.

    A fucking disgrace. That’s what you are VA, a fucking disgrace. You asinine butthurt snowflake mother fuckers need your fucking ass kicked. Just wait, one day your going to slip up, say or do something, and someone is going to come along, and beat the living shit out of your ass.

    VA, you’re a fucking coward. Take away the Federal umbrella power that our fucking pussy ass Elected President(s), Senate, and Congress Members allows you to have, and you ain’t shit. Keep hurting our Brothers and Sisters. One day, your going to meet your match, and it will be all over. And the homegrown enemy of Veterans will be no more. See ya. – – – Nutter

  22. Looking for a date. A couple of not so hot honeys.

    “Tucson VA one of four in nation to offer service for transgender vets”
    By Kendra Penningroth | Cronkite News
    Friday, May 12, 2017


    1. @Seymore Klearly – – – We’ve seen it all now. If I recall, did someone post something about a LGBT party a while back? What’s next? Seymore, thanks for posting your articles. – – – Nutter.

      1. Here is a link to the former openly gay Secretary of Defense Ash Carter holding the tranny ball pic at the Pentagon.


      2. @Seymore Klearly – – – They love cream pie facials – – – Nutter.

  23. The money Pit in Aurora is getting more backdoor funding to help the still growing costs of the money pit. Here is another $48 million through the back door. To study not brain injuries or PTSD but to aid veterans manage the lingering effects of service-related concussions.

    “2 new initiatives for US veterans’ care coming to CU Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora”
    By DAN ELLIOTT , Associated Press
    May 12, 2017

    “A five-year, $38 million gift from the Marcus Foundation will create the Marcus Institute for Brain Health, helping veterans manage the lingering effects of service-related concussions. The university also announced it will work with the Cohen Veterans Network has committed $9.8 million over three years to establish a mental health clinic for metro-area veterans and their families.”

    Full article at: “https://www.aurorasentinel.com/news/2-new-initiatives-us-veterans-care-coming-cu-anschutz-medical-campus-aurora/”

    1. So it sounds like they once again want to change a disability from tbi to concussion.

      Sounds less harmful. you only had a concussion. No matter how many treatments they come up with, if the veterans can not get the treatment because their claims are being denied by VBA.

      Any employee doing wrong should be forced to face president trump, to determine their fate.

  24. Hey a brand new scam by the VSOs to use the term Veterans to make even more money.

    “Sales from license plates benefit veterans”
    Allied News service

    “”More people are hitting the roads enroute to outdoor activities and vacation destinations. The Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs suggests that while personal vehicle travel is picking up, now is a good time to purchase an Honoring Our Veterans license plate to show patriotism, while also supporting veterans in need.

    “You do not have to be a veteran or active military to purchase one of these license plates and proudly honor veterans while traveling Pennsylvania’s scenic roadways, or when driving to other states throughout the country,” said Brig. Gen. Tony Carrelli, Pennsylvania’s adjutant general.”

    “Available for passenger cars, motorcycles and light duty trucks up to 10,000 pounds, an Honoring Our Veterans license plate costs $35, with $15 dollars benefitting Pennsylvania’s Veterans’ Trust Fund. The VTF issues grants to statewide charitable organizations that aid veterans service organizations”

  25. Doctors packing pieces to handle disgruntled Veterans. No charges for this murdering Doctor.

    “Mother of slain combat veteran taking on mission of her own ”

    “A young combat veteran was laid to rest before his time Friday.

    But his mother swears her son’s life did not end in vain. And a powerful local congressman has promised to help.

    David Cole Lang, 33, a 2002 graduate of Highland High School and a former lance corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps, survived two combat tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, including two roadside bomb explosions.

    But the married father of two, who according to his family suffered horribly from traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder and other combat-related injuries, died April 25 when Dr. Edwin Zong, the owner of Garden Oasis Medical, shot and killed Lang at Zong’s Goodman Street office after he said the younger man attacked him.

    Bakersfield police determined Zong, who could not be reached Friday, shot Lang in self-defense.”

    ***** Also note, the Garden Oasis Medical isn’t that the one connected to the Meshkin brothers and their scam? *****

    1. Link to the article: “https://www.bakersfield.com/news/mother-of-slain-combat-veteran-taking-on-mission-of-her/article_e49c6376-21ba-5445-91dc-f1da27d2087d.html”

    2. … isn’t that the one connected to the (((Meshkin))) brothers and their scam?

      1. Us anyone keeping track of all these VA employees that’s WE know about.

        Maybe we should complile all the names and the problems and send them to the Secretary.

        Secretary should send out a memo to all VA employees explaining what they should do or who to write to with their concerns.

        We know it can not be the VA at their facility.

        Investigations need to be to the point and the investigators leave their two cents out of the report. Just get the facts and deliver those facts and let someone with authority to decide what should be done.

        If during the final determination it is discovered that the investigators omitted evidence that or those investigators be relieved of their job.

        VA manager’s are unable or unwilling to do their jobs and fire their friend’s or other relationships.

        Criminals use the expression see something say nothing.

        VA employees if you See something say something and say it to the Secretary !

        Cut the middle man out !
        One must remember you must have evidence or proof of the allegations.

        VA employees can hide hearsay, the rest of us have to provide proof !

        Of you do not speak up and you think it’s better to stay quite. You just might be signing your own dismissal and the VA shut down and you will only have yourselves to blame.

        See something, say something. ! Make that your new moto !

      2. Employees can use hearsay the rest of us need to provide proof. Is anyone keeping track of all the employees names that have been involved in wrongdoing.

        A list should be kept and at the end of the year send it to the Secretary and the VA committee on veterans affairs, so they can compair it to what the VA has given them.

        The VA should post how many employees were held accountable and their punishmen and what facilities they worked at.

        Name’s do not have to be used or should they. ?

    3. @Seymore Klearly – – – They got it backwards. Veterans should be allowed to carry pieces on VA’s Property if they feel that they aren’t getting proper medical care or that their life is in jeopardy.

      1. That or they should provide funding for each Veteran to hire their own private security, their own doctor and stenographer to escort them during each and every Visit to a VHC provider or facility.

  26. More Veterans murdered at VAMC.

    “Issues found at Peru VA clinic Opioid doses, ‘fake appointments’ cited
    BRIAN FRANCISCO | The Journal Gazette
    Wednesday, May 10, 2017

    “The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs found patient care and access improprieties at a Peru outpatient clinic operated by the Fort Wayne-based VA Medical Center.

    A VA on-site investigation conducted in December determined that a clinic employee had reduced doses of opioid pain medications for at least six patients without examining or meeting with them.

    A veteran died “shortly after the (employee) began tapering his medications,” according to a Veterans Health Administration report obtained by The Journal Gazette. The March 22 report said VA could not substantiate that the death was the result of the dosage change and noted that an autopsy found the veteran had died from severe coronary artery disease.

    VA also discovered that another Peru clinic employee was scheduling appointments for veterans without their knowledge and canceling them on the day of the appointment. The employee allegedly was “padding her schedule with fake appointments to fill her clinic schedule,” the report said.

    A review of records from Oct. 1, 2014, through Dec. 21, 2016, uncovered 56 such “placeholder” appointments made by clinic staff, VA said. The practice could have denied veterans the opportunity to receive medical treatment, according to the report.

    The report redacted the names of the employees in question.

    Michael Hershman, director of the VA Northern Indiana Health Care System, which oversees the Fort Wayne medical center and the Peru outpatient clinic, said Tuesday in a telephone interview he has not received a copy of the report.

    Hershman said he became aware of “scheduling irregularities” in Peru within a month after he joined the Northern Indiana system in September and appointed an administrative investigation board.

    After receiving findings from the internal investigation, “we are taking administrative actions as a result of the AIB, but they’re still a work in progress right now. … It’s a quite lengthy process,” Hershman said.

    Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-2nd, who said she sought the VA investigation after receiving complaints from patients, called the scheduling and opioid prescribing infractions “reprehensible.” She said veterans across the nation “are still dealing with this stuff” despite federal laws, VA leadership shake-ups and media scrutiny related to patient treatment delays and manipulated appointment records at VA hospitals and clinics in recent years.

    “The VA system is broken, and it really cannot help itself internally. … It really takes a lot of outside interference and a lot of outside pressure to get change,” Walorski said Tuesday in a phone interview.

    VA has recommended that the Fort Wayne medical center determine educational, administrative or disciplinary remedies at the Peru clinic. VA directed the center to ensure “sufficient qualified provider staffing” at the clinic for opioid management and implement training for staff on patient appointment scheduling.”

    Full article at: “https://www.journalgazette.net/news/local/indiana/20170510/issues-found-at-peru-va-clinic”

    1. Thanks for all your hard work. They say it’s a long process.

      I disagree. They have the ability to see who entered these appointments and who canceled them.

      Someone taught these employees how to enter these. As said before I watched an employee make me an appointment and when I told her it was the wrong date

      She in front of me put into the computer canceled by veteran.

      How many employees are doing this. Thus means that they denied some veterans an appointment.

      They can ask for more money to hire more employees due to a back log.

      ? ? ? or close the doors. Employees are being paid good money to drop their claims or given big money for being retaliated against.

      Where is this money coming from they by law not close any clinic or do a purge of employees to cover for the loss.

      Maybe that’s why claim after claim of veterans are being denied. That money diverted to keep those facilities above water.

      Manager’s could care less if they are making the facilities pay for retaliation, their bank account will always be full with tax payer dollar’s.

    2. (((Michael Hershman))), director of the VA Northern Indiana Health Care System, which oversees the Fort Wayne medical center and the Peru outpatient clinic …

  27. I take it that the new phone center in Hot Springs may have gone operational.

    “What a scam: Veterans Choice phone imposter asking for money”
    By David Anderson Today at 9:03 a.m.

    “It has come to VA’s attention that a phone line has been set up by an unknown party to potentially “mimic” the Veterans Choice Program phone line. This imposter phone line may be intended to reach veterans who inadvertently dial the Veterans Choice Program number incorrectly.

    We want you to know that we are taking this seriously and to keep you aware of the steps we are taking. Veterans Health Administration Office of Community Care (VHA CC) has reported the “mimic” line to the VA Office of Inspector General for a possible civil or criminal investigation.

    “Mimic” Phone Line. The phone line established to “mimic” the Veterans Choice Program phone line is (800) 606-8198. You know you have reached the wrong Veterans Choice Program phone line when:

    • The phone line offers callers a $100 rebate if the caller provides a credit card.

    • The phone line does not state the caller has reached U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or the Veterans Choice Program phone line.

    Full article at: “https://www.wadenapj.com/opinion/commentary/4264668-what-scam-veterans-choice-phone-imposter-asking-money”

    1. DID it state the FBI was going after them. Or is someone trying to divert their error and are trying to blame someone else.

      Maybe it’s a VA employees starting up a not for profit site.

    2. Other “tells” ?

      There’s always the ubiquitous phone messages, “If this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911”, or, “If you giving noggin to your Glock, please don’t do it in a VA parking lot….”

  28. To All Veterans – – – If you believe that the VA Medical System is treating you well, you’re being deceived. I’m an Investigative Research Biologist and have encountered many problems with the VA pertaining to many medical issues. The VA Medical System isn’t designed to proactively maintain or to support Veteran’s Health Care. The National Advertisement Campaign that the VA has rolled out is a joke. When I watch those commercials, I’d like to shoot my LED television. You currently may think you’re getting good medical care from the VA, but give it time, hopefully you’ll notice that it is a sham before something serious happens with your health.

    Advice: [1] If you’re receiving health care services from the VA, try your best to obtain your health care elsewhere, [2] Only use the VA to perform simple medical services, [3] Medical Testing (blood, urine, etc.); Get the name of the test that the VA used or is going to use, and then Google to find out if there are other medical tests that have better accuracy, [4] Ask the VA Medical Professional that is treating you, if they specialize in your particular medical condition, problem, or issue, [5] Always watch you six; Don’t trust these people, they see you as a number; how do you think they get bonuses?, [6] Stay safe and good luck.

    @Disgruntled Veteran – – – Delivery finalized yesterday May 12, 2017; no breakage, will update later. Thank you so very much. I feel like doing male hula dancing.

    1. There was an artical advising veterans to get copies of their VA medical record’s, to ensure that they are not rail roaded.

      They were saying employees will go into the official medical record’s and change or add into progress notes.

      Insurance if they find out they made a mistake and try and cover it up.

      Who has access to your record’s everyone but the janitor. Who is going to know the difference.

      Entries can be acceded by almost anyone and can add or detract a few words.

      So make sure you get copies often. There are employees that will do what ever they feel they need or want to do.

      1. @James Gallegos – – – Its pretty bad when you have to protect yourself from the ones that are supposed to protect and care for you. A fucking disgrace.

      2. I know and we can’t let them get to you. I feel bad for all veterans and you too. Watch your blood pressure, don’t want you to have a heart attack.

        I know a lot of veterans want to say something about the VA, like you did.

        When they make you mad, step back and take a breath and say to yourself they are not worth a stroke or heart attack.

        Just think of Big Bubba taking care of them when they get arrested. Someone soon will make Big Bubba’s Day !

        Then the employees will feel what we feel !

    2. I second this, strongly second this.
      I swear to God, unless you are absolutely on your ass desperate, do not go to the VA for surgery!
      The VA has good to me for mental health, but thats about it. Forget about general medicine and surgery…forget it. Even the prescriptions I can get cheaper at an outside pharmacy (I am 40%, so I have to pay for non-service connected meds).
      The few times tried to use VA Family practice/internal medicine docs, they ordered the wrong tests..they misdiagnosed me, and I ended up getting very sick and had to be briefly hospitalized. I am not making this up folks, I have all the records.

      Good luck!

      1. I always read my own labs and imaging reports on line. Ditto for the PCP reports. VA docs aren’t the only ones prone to transcription screw ups. But, listening seems to be a skill lost on VA practitioners. Right at the top of my “conditions” list is Ankylosing Spondylitis. That requires a genetic market that I do not have. I have DISH syndrome. I’ve had radiologists report Ankylosing Spon. I write them via secure message. The ARGUE. I leave memos to my PCP – tell them the conditions list is wrong. Met the dickhead doctor face to face – pointed to it – told him to order up the blood work to prove I don’t have AS – nope – but he said “OK, I get it now” and nothing has changed. Recently went to Pain Clinic for trigger point injections. In pre-procedure consult – doc says, “I see you have AS”. Noooooo, I don’t. I have DISH. Two weeks later I’m back at the pain clinic for the procedure – face down – and she’s recording the procedure and lecturing an intern. “Patient has AS”. “Nooooooo, I don’t have AS”. Then shit hit the fan. She didn’t quite rise to Kavorkian, but she nailed Mengele or Jekyll. OK – so misdiagnosis didn’t cause the errant injections – and excruciating pain – quite the scene actually. I wrote my PCP – to let him know what had happened. I was polite. Factual. I didn’t accuse her (Dr. Pain) of anything. I merely pointed out where things went wrong and asked about advanced imaging and possible next steps. Dude says, “so, is there something you want or are you just memorializing the event”. Fargin Icehole. Two weeks have gone by and the usual – and requisite notes from the Pain Doc have not shown up in my file. So, all I can do is drop another memo into my file and leave documentation of the truth. Not that it’ll do any good.

  29. Have you ever noticed what is missing from all the VA corruption stories we read about? I have.

    I worked as a journalist from time to time in life, starting in high shcool on the newspaper. It’s a handy skill if you like pissing people off without meaning too… We learned as journalists that there are essential questions that need be answered before a writer has enough material to write a good story. They are, who, what, when, where, why, and how. One of these is consistently only halfway addressed; the question of “who”.

    By “halfway” I mean this; these stories of filthy conditions and corruption ALWAYS describe the “who” part as being the VA official in charge, right? This is only 50% of the truth yet it is often left at 50% and the reader is often oblivious to this. In this case the stories tend focus on who did these things that harm vets, but nearly always leaves out just who those vets are. The stories do not change the hearts of Americans because somehow I don’t think that God allows a change of heart withhout knowing the whole truth. The stories about feeding filth to vets focus on who within VA is responsible.

    Here is a story about a vet that fills in the other half of the story. From Wikipedia, this is the story that desribes 14 helicopter flights. These are the men that VA serves filth to – this is the other half of the equation to the story;

    When We The People awarded The Congressional Medal Of Honor to this man, We explained why –

    “Captain Ed W. Freeman, United States Army, distinguished himself by numerous acts of conspicuous gallantry and extraordinary intrepidity on 14 November 1965 while serving with Company A, 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). As a flight leader and second in command of a 16-helicopter lift unit, he supported a heavily engaged American infantry battalion at Landing Zone X-Ray in the Ia Drang Valley, Republic of Vietnam. The unit was almost out of ammunition after taking some of the heaviest casualties of the war, fighting off a relentless attack from a highly motivated, heavily armed enemy force. When the infantry commander closed the helicopter landing zone due to intense direct enemy fire, Captain Freeman risked his own life by flying his unarmed helicopter through a gauntlet of enemy fire time after time, delivering critically needed ammunition, water and medical supplies to the besieged battalion. His flights had a direct impact on the battle’s outcome by providing the engaged units with timely supplies of ammunition critical to their survival, without which they would almost surely have gone down, with much greater loss of life. After medical evacuation helicopters refused to fly into the area due to intense enemy fire, Captain Freeman flew 14 separate rescue missions, providing life-saving evacuation of an estimated 30 seriously wounded soldiers — some of whom would not have survived had he not acted. All flights were made into a small emergency landing zone within 100 to 200 meters of the defensive perimeter where heavily committed units were perilously holding off the attacking elements. Captain Freeman’s selfless acts of great valor, extraordinary perseverance and intrepidity were far above and beyond the call of duty or mission and set a superb example of leadership and courage for all of his peers. Captain Freeman’s extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army.”

    This is who VA serves.

  30. Oh, by the way, if you are an inpatient at a VA hospital, stick to the ensure/shakes/milks/bars and other packaged foods (puddings, crackers, etc.) if you can. HINT…AVOID THE SANDWICHES, especially: mince meats, tuna fish, chicken salad, anything ground (we call these “mash mouth” sandwiches). Insist on a ham or bologna slice with slice of cheese. Don’t just bite into it, CHECK IT!

    And remember, as long its cooked, its protein (think bootcamp).


  31. I am a disabled Veteran employee (work very part-time to help pay school loans and increase my federal retirement/TSP) at a local VA Nursing Home Facility. I am a former municipal police detective who specialized in white collar crime, 1801/1811 Special Agent (same thing as FBI) and other special this and that. I am a licensed private investigator who works only Federal cases and court certified expert witness in organizational fraud, program fraud and economic/white-collar crime. I have dual masters degrees in Public Administration and Health Care Administration from a decent not-for-profit brick and mortar school. I am curently a PhD candidate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I know what I am talking about, you’ll have to trust me.

    I have called the VAOIG 3 times and reported serious, dangerous problems at my facility, including everything from roaches in food, to licensed staff (registered nurses) acting sexually inappropriately on duty around patients, to coercing patients to not report being overdosed on meds because nurses are lazy and sloppy to negligent death cover ups. They did nothing. I called the local congress people, they deferred to the VAOIG. I called the state board of nursing, because I thought they could at least yank the nurses licenses. They (The state nurse investigators) said they couldn’t do anything because the VA is a federal facility (Supremacy Clause). Each time they refused to do anything and told me to just tell my Director and let them handle it. I did this. The Director tells the Chief of the service to do a dog and pony show. And then I get harassed and they begin to do any little thing they can to start to remove me from the Federal service. Nothing changes. Nothing will. Sorry to say this.

    There are many good people at the VA/VHA/NCA/VACO. But the only that will change the VA…is the VA. And the VA is not going to change, ever. Pres. T needs to defund this beast like the Congress did Vietnam, they need to man up!

    I have had good care from the VHA, and I have had bad care. Overall though, I hate to say it has been/sub-par. Stay at a VHA facility at your own risk brothers and sisters. And if you have a loved one or a friend at a facility, WATCH THEM CLOSE!


    1. @Nik Mach: Nik, your right on point. Sorry for the way these rat bastards have treated you, and thank you for trying to make a difference, and not turning a blind eye to wrong doings. Correct again, nothing will ever change. Too much money at stake. Sad but true. Goodnight.

      1. Flood the SecretarSecretaries office with everything we see or read about the VA, that way he will get the memo.

        Mr Secretary did you know about this NO !

        If these are forwared to him, he can’t say NO.

    2. @Nik Mach, sorry you have had to be a witness to criminal activities at a local va nursing home facility. All i can say is thank you for the heads up, we try to educate each other’s on the dangers of the va health care system. My best advice to you is this.

      Make copies of all e-mails, make yourself a personal log on your computer. If called into a meeting keep any copies of paperwork generated and keep a log of individuals involved. If they find you a threat they will retaliate against you. They can set you up on the job, lie about your performance and make your life a living hell. They can threaten you and try to harm you. Be careful.

      The vaoig is a worthless agency as far as i am concerned they did nothing and i blame them for the scheduling scam and protecting doctors/providers who would otherwise be negligent in the care and treatment of Veterans. I knew of a woman who killed herself from the treatment she received from a supervisor in the va system who was corrupt and did his best to hide the corruption.

      You are a moral individual and that will cause you problems working in a facility were negligence is not a problem to the point of death. I understand that issue well unfortunately. I also talked to medical center directors and above and could not get anyone to respond except in the form of threatening me and retaliating against me. You are correct the va has to change and that is what i see is the problem. I worked in a specialized clinic and the va medical center abused that special funding for the clinic converting that money into regular medical center funding. Every kind of fraud, waste and abuse occurs at the va medical centers and clinics. Sorry again and watch your six my friend.

    3. Thank you for trying to do the right thing Nik Mach, but I am starting to believe the only thing that gets VAs attention, and politicians, is pictures or video in the media, and even then that is only short term.

      There has been no sustained pressure on a facility for these problems from anyone, because the VA can control it all. If an outside entity had continuous oversight…then maybe a single facility could be cleaned up.

      The last time any facility had sustained pressure on them to fix a problem was either Phoenix or Tomah, and we see how the scandals and problems continued there.

      If you look at many other issues, the state or the feds have no problem stepping in and performing oversight.

      Look at various police departments around the country that now have federal oversight. The police department may or may not be bad, but the feds have no problem stepping in and doing oversight from the DOJ. The police department has to comply with whatever plan the DOJ comes up with.

      Look at state voting processes or similar state functions. There have been some areas that have been under federal or court oversight for years, and any changes to those processes have to be approved by the feds or the courts.

      Both fed oversight of police and voting have violation of civil rights claimed as a reason for the oversight.

      Our problem is that our civil rights are ignored, simply because we do not have the organization’s and deep pocket donors behind us to sue for those violations, and force some kind of oversight.

      We also are caught in a political no-mans land where politicians of both parties don’t have much interest in protecting our civil rights for various reasons.

      I cannot see anything changing given our political leadership just not having the guts or interest in cleaning up the VA mess.

      I truly wish things would have been much further along as far as improvements for vets under Trump, but I don’t see much happening soon because of the childish games played by so many in both parties in DC.

      1. But this a major part of the problem. The government did step in to do something, it was called “The Inspector General Act.”
        There is a watch dog by default, and this watch dog is asleep and impotent. The so called criminal investigators at the OIGs, and the VA OIG in particular, are considered in the “law enforcement community” to be a total joke. The VA Police (the guys you see at the hospital) they do not have the statutory authority to investigate these crimes/acts, they are not allowed to investigate felony level crimes, fraud waste or abuse, and the the Chiefs of the VA Police at each facility are under the direction of the individual facility director. So essentially, the Director of a VA Facility is the de facto chief of VA police, so why would he investigate himself, or do something that could hurt his career or getting a bonus?

        By the way, FYI Ben, see what putting a photo of disgusting food in your posts does for your marketing 😉

      2. Nik, I’m aware of the purpose of the IGs office and what they are supposed to be doing.

        In Obama’s first term, he not only blatantly fired 4 of them for investigating corruption involving his friends, but his administration went out of their way to smear at least one of them to keep him quiet.

        Do a search on Obama firing those 4. You will find congress did nothing about it. They should have been demanding the law be upheld and the independence of IG offices kept. Instead, congress did nothing, and the rest of the IGs got the message.

        With the IGs out of the picture and no oversight from committees of jurisdiction in congress, it was a free-for-all for corruption at any level in any federal agency. I believe many in congress like it this way because there is less oversight of the money flowing to their cronies, which include the VSOs that want on that gravy train.

        How to fix that? Well, I thought Trump would greatly improve things by draining that swamp, but I am starting to think there are far too many in DC that liked the money flowing how and where they wanted, and they would rather have the chaos going on now in order to preserve that flow.

        This isn’t government we have now. Its political theater designed to distract to preserve self interests.

    4. Ok no one wants to listen to you. Gather up everything you have and write a letter to the Secretary and give him everything he needs to help you.

      He said in public ” those that should not be working at the VA, will not be working for the VA Watch US !

      Let him handle it and ask for whistle blowers status.

      1. I did all that,
        The last whistleblower complain I reported, I actually got proof to show the VAOIG. I got emails and witnesses willing to come forward.

        In one email I have, the Medical Director (The boss Medical Doctor) of the Nursing Home is freaking out on the staff. This doctor is relatively new (= naive) in the VA. She recently got promoted to the top job, from the outside, because nobody on the inside wanted the responsibility because they know what a train wreck and huge liability it is if anyone found out, or chose to do something about it, at the facility (I am told this by other licensed practitioners off the record). She openly complained to staff and admitted that doctors orders were not being followed, she did a review that this had been going on for several years, and she was not going to put up with it anymore. She states if this does not change immediately she is going to start holding staff accountable and their is going to be employee discipline. She goes on to state that if nursing supervisors don’t make sure nursing assistants follow orders, she is going to discipline the nurses who supervise them as well. THIS IS ALL IN WRITING, ON A VA GOVERNMENT EMAIL ACCOUNT, SENT OUT TO 100 OR SO STAFF!

        Due to my knowledge about how conniving, dishonest and unethical VA supervisors are, and government bureaucrats can be in general, I print off the email and I forward a copy to a special account I set up to save VA emails as evidence.

        Within a couple of day, there is follow-up email from other “VA Supervisors,” more “Seasoned” employees, stating that the discipline policy that the doctor wrote about is hereby suspended pending a further review. The original email is removed from the email system, it was scrubbed. But its too late, I forwarded a copy to myself, too late, RIGHT?

        I wait a couple of weeks, and see nothing is changing. I go to the Nurse director and ask her, what is going on, why aren’t you making staff follow orders? She says “The Union” had something to say about it and the policy is under review. The I press her, she says, the union got ahold of the email and they were very upset that this policy wasn’t “run through them first.”

        I wrote all this up (and a whole lot more, let me tell you), got copies of all emails and other “evidence.” Sent it to VAOIG, Congressmen (multiple), facility Director, state nursing board, state nursing home/elder abuse ombudsman (Governors appointed rep, an attorney by the way)…THE DO NOT DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!

        Your on your own folks, so sorry to say it.

        Good luck!

      2. Do it again, send it to the Secretary and the Senate veterans affairs committee and to the white house.

        I have been fighting since 2004 where a disgruntled employees who had a grudge against me and former coworker tell the VA higher management that I would come into the clinic at least twice a month and become disruptive.

        Then she told them I wanted to murder staff at the clinic. I know this is all bull shit and the manager can not produce a single date of when this was to have happened.

        Not one written incident of this ever happening. I have kept fighting and it produced real evidence, not hearsay.

        If you keep fighting year after year, they forget what they said before and step in their own shit and spill the beans.

        I sent everything including the regulations, laws etc. I asked the Secretary to do a proper investigation and if that is done, I will be vindicated and my good name restored.

        IF the Secretary should not adress my concerns and send this back to the very employee they are to investigate to answer herself.

        I will continue till the day I die or they kill me.

        A lie is a lie even if you tell it a million times.

        Since you have communications with the boss, let her know she is not alone and that she should also write the Secretary.

        She, has the ability to make sure her employees are helping veterans and the new law or EO by the president, the Secretary said in public he will use that authority.

        The union will be set straight by the Secretary. If the employees have committed a felony the Secretary has the authority to fire them and the union will have no say !

        Seems bad employees have back up, good employees need us and employees like you to stay strong and not give in to the union or anyone else.

      3. Nik, this is like Tomah all over again.

        Everybody knew what was going on, several politicians and many VA employees knew, hell even the IG investigated and said, nothing to see here.

        Until a veteran died and the media got involved.

  32. I know this VAMC, this is the same VA that performs unrequested C+P exams by quack shrinks, that make decisions based on “feelings” instead of facts, in order to deny TBI claims. This is also the same VA that treats it’s psychiatric patients as “trained killers”. Nothing this VAMC does, surprises me. Debating at the moment whether to file malpractice against the quack since the stupid bitch is also licensed in the state of IL……..only not to determine TBI’s. Sound familiar? Yeah, sure Dick Fox, your making changes alright, go sell that to your lackey Duckworth.

    1. @cj, what the hell is wrong in the state of illinois va medical centers??? It is a disgrace!!!

      1. @Ex va: They sure are, same old bs, delay, deny, and hope they die. If not kill them with unnecessary surgeries, and uncooked chicken.

      2. @cj, what the hell, salmonella poisoning.. They don’t give a damn about the Veterans serving them food like that. They are sick bastards…

      3. @Ex va: Not to worry, Dicksucker Fox assures us changes are being made. NO firings, just changes, like…………..a new guy is in charge of throwing out the trash.

      4. @cj, i heard that new changes were/are coming. It is a bs excuse. They don’t do things by procedures because if they did this kinda results would not be happening. Always changing things or new changes such bs!!!!!!

      5. @Ex va: Yes typical bs. The Chicago VARO is who is calling the shots. Infested with rat bastards. Criminals.

  33. And now we add dangerous and deadly spoiled rotten bacteria infused food products to the list below;

    What a disgrace. There’s no more integrity, no more trust, while our Veteran Brothers and Sisters;

    [1] are committing suicide at a reported rate of about 22 lives a day [personally, I think this is low], [2] Veteran’s claims are held up for double-digit years due to no streamlining during processing, [3] the granting of compensation and pension have been reneged, [4] unnecessary stress has been put on Veterans to repay monies that were previously granted to Veterans, [5] Veterans are shortchanged due to VA using Evidence/Experienced-Based Medicine (EBM) to diagnose and treat medical conditions, [6] VA Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Clinical Pharmacologists are prescribing Generic Medications that have less efficacy compared to Brand Name Medications (this frequently occurs, VA does nothing about it, I know because I informed my PCP and Pharmacy), [7] Veterans are given poor quality medical supplies (band aids slide on you skin, lidocaine patch falls off your back, containers break during shipment), [8] when VA does prescribe Vitamins, Minerals, or other Supplements, they are of low quality, and they’re inadequately assimilated in the body, [9] dangerous and deadly spoiled rotten bacteria infused VA cafeteria food products, . . .

    and [10] – – -> If I missed some areas where the VA is lacking, please list them below, under my post. <- – –

    I would like to keep a current running list of VA problems. – – – Nutter

    1. 10). Wait list time scandal, fraud and negligence. 11). Negligence is covered up. 12). Over prescribing of medications. 13). Non-sterile equipment and bandages 14). CREDENTIALING AND PRIVELEDGING doctors/providers…… I know i am missing a lot of issues.

  34. I had to take a big dump after reading this article. Haven’t had a bowel movement for a few days. Thanks Ben, good article, it was a read that was quite moving. – – – Nutter.

    1. ANutterVet, I think if you eat the kind of food pictured here “cooked” by the wonderful staff at Hines, you could shit through a screen door.

      1. @91Veteran, @Namnibor, @Ex va – – – If I ate that food, I’d be able to squirt and wash those screens really clean. I can’t stop laughing. Shootz, I peed. Dam it, that’s embarrassing, and the Dominos is delivering the pizza.

    1. Surely you only mean to suggest so they can ensure the food is no longer alive and kicking before serving it to Veterans?
      What if they really needed to pinch pennies in order to buy new color-changing conference room furniture and the Hines VA ran out of meat to prepare in their ‘Green Mile’ Cafeteria?
      Would the likely food source be later to be all those unaccountable Veterans that once entered Hines VA but never seen again?
      Would the ‘Green Mile Cafeteria’ be serving-up green melba crackers along the lines of movie ‘Soylent Green’? Remember, this is same Hines where exploding Veteran body bags were found along with an experimental lab animal operation close-by.
      With all the above taken into consideration, the VA employees certainly do not require a gun to kill Veterans, but it’s bad enough the VA Barney Cops do…let’s not give a VA Witch Dr. an excuse to shorten his daily workload so as he can go play golf?

      1. @Namnibor – – – Wasn’t there a movie called the Green Mile? Tom Hanks, and actor called Tiny. Bout death row inmates, and electric chair.

      2. ANutterVet, there was a movie as you described, with a little weasel named Percy that stomped on a pet mouse named Mr. Jingles.

        Percy reminds me of AFGE thugs.

      3. Yeah, and I was referencing 91Veteran’s comment calling Hines Cafeteria the Green Mile Café.
        Sickly demented humor, I know. Have to cope somehow.

      4. What I was saying if management would give them guns and told them to use them many employees would if it meant a bonus.

        I known they don’t need them as they are doing pretty good without them.

        I don’t know if employees pay attention to the news or look up what’s going on and or don’t care.

        I do know until it effects them personally They will look the other way !

        Proven time and time again. At the same time I must thank those who have made it personal and took action.

        That landed them with Retalation.

        Anyone that turns their back is just as guilty as the one harming other employees or veterans.

  35. This is disgusting…If you are seriously suffering from illness and in the hospital, you have to eat this? This is outrageous and just disgusting…why don’t they serve this up in the cafeteria where staff and visitors eat when visiting their families at the va medical center?? that would be to obvious….

  36. Mr. Fox copied his response and is standard response from anyone at the VA.

    Who advised the Secretary of veterans affairs. This must be brought to his attention.

    If someone is not held accountable, then Mr. Fox is responsible and he should have to eat every piece of chicken himself in front of all the patients and staff.

    Really someone should have federal charges placed on them.

    No one is listening to the veterans. Maybe veteran’s should be allowed to report directly to the Secretary and or be able to be considered whistle blowers.

    I have always thought these employees will pay when they meet their maker !

    We can’t wait that long, they are making Hell sound good compair to the VA.

    Mr Secretary please hear our plea and fire these employees, they are killing us and don’t give a shit who they are harming.

    You have the authority please use it. Until VA employees see you mean business they will blow you off and laugh at you and will tell you where to go.

    Why are the veterans having to pay the price for incompetent employees. I’ll bet if someone would give VA employees and told them it’s ok to kill veterans, they would !
    And then laugh !

  37. True story, Tucson VA don’t feed inpatients very well, I witnessed being served small portions, cold food, no second helpings, and veterans trading food widespread to get by. I was hungry and everyone else too. For 182 billion, somebody is eating shrimp and steak. Just saying.

  38. I see the VA is in full on file scrubbing mode. Say good by to any documents that support an old claim.

    “VA digitizing old paper records to speed veteran disability claims”
    By Greg Slabodkin
    Published May 12 2017

    “The Department of Veterans Affairs is undertaking a major modernization effort to digitize millions of old inactive paper records with the goal of reducing processing times for disability claims.

    Among its compensation programs, the Veterans Benefits Administration provides direct payments to veterans with disabilities that are the result of a disease or injury incurred or aggravated during active military service. In fact, the VBA pays about $6 billion per month in disability benefits.

    Previously, if a veteran’s medical condition worsened and they filed a new or supplemental claim, retired paper files had to be boxed up and shipped from one of 33 regional offices to a centralized intake site to be scanned into the VA’s computer systems for claim processing to begin.

    However, because of the VBA’s ongoing digitization efforts, veteran records are now being made electronically available so that when a claim is filed, the information is readily accessible and the processing time for claims is reduced.”

    Full article at: “https://www.healthdatamanagement.com/news/va-digitizing-old-paper-records-to-speed-veteran-disability-claims”

    1. So the VA is transiting from analog industrial shredders to digital industrial shredders?

  39. *WTF…?!*

    How did this uncooked chicken get inside my ‘Rodent Surprise Soup’?

    I *clearly ordered* from Tomah VA Cafeteria the ‘Rodent Soup Surprise’ with a broth made by Tomah’s own legendary Dr. Candyman Houlihan.
    This soup was even guaranteed to keep a Veteran griming ear to ear for a week. Will I be grinning because my mouse in my soup is not quite dead and is now eating the uncooked chicken I did not order right before me like a demented wild kingdom series?

    Were her ‘purses’ just a smokescreen for bringing-in the mice & cockroaches or were they completely indigenous to Hines VA?

    Now, does anyone have any questions why the VA Psych Dept. should never be allowed to use those new electronic lobotomy brain scramblers for very experimental activations of areas of the brain? They can’t properly cook chicken nor follow long established food and sanitary rules, and the VA cannot even apply those same rules in the medical operations.

    These idiots should not even be allowed to operate an Etch-N-Sketch.

    Oh….I also did not order the side of ptomaine, which is stored uncomfortably close to the Ebola Gravy Mix by the loafing meat at the VA.

    *WTF VA?*

    1. Leave it to the Rat Bastards to put out a hit on poor little Mr. Jingles on the Green Mile known as the Hines chow hall.

      That’ll teach em to be snacking on their raw chicken!

      1. To get an understanding of the scope of VA corruption, I suggest we take all the individual stories like this and place them geographically. Then begining wih the eatliest date and proceeding forward in time we connect a line on the map from the first report, to the next, to the next. This would create a line that connectect each scandal in order with a line across a map.

        Then measure the line and translate it into miles. Any guesses how long the line would be. Hines would be connected several times back and forth as would most other facilities, but my hunch is that when we stepped back all that we would see is a spider web.

        A very old and tangled web of treachery, profiteering, racketeering, malfeasance, misconduct, malpractice, and misappropriation. The web just never stops getting bigger.

      2. Dennis, I bet one thing that web of deceit would show is that problems followed bad employees as they were moved around.

  40. What goods and services do you expect from government employees who cannot be fired and are guaranteed a raise every year or so….
    I wouldn’t feed VA food to my dog!!

  41. Thought I saw one of my Congress Critters frolicking in that bucket of water . . . She weren’t wearing her swimsuit neither!

    The winner of the “Maryland Young Dietitian of the Year” for 2010, is now hoping to help veterans using the Vomitus Salmonella Nutritional program. Yippy! Quickest way to lose weight. Eat three ounces. Chunder your guts. Hey, you just lost two pounds! See you for lunch tomorrow. We’re having Sushi!

    After you guys lose 200 lbs – – – I get a VA Bonus!

    Mother’s Day is this Sunday. We are having a 5% Veterans Discount on these fine Handbags. Just go to “www.IPoisonVeterans.com” and enter the code “tastychicken” at the checkout . . .your wife and your girlfriend will love them . . .


    1. But then the nasty people would shoot at me and call me bad names.

      Are there mice in prison?

    2. OK @LUVMY4LEGGEDKIDZ, who are you? Are you an undercover agent for the Veteran Militia Army? Veteran’s Love Ones of AMerica? Confederate Army? Nixon, Clinton, Obama Administrations?

  43. That poor mouse. I bet the “kitchen ogre” water boarded that poor little fucker cause he was also a whistle blower. Looks like an AFGE “hit” that’s been exposed.

    1. water boarding a Russian mouse how cruel can they get .. I,LL pass on the rice also

      1. @OLDMARINE, @Dennis – – – They’re fresh la maggotoes with out tomato sauce, but with a garlicky clear sauce. Try’m, once you get by their looks, their in your mouth.

  44. CONGRSS RATS WILL DO NOTHING ABOUT THIS VA SEWAGE HECK GIVE CONGRESS A PAY RAISE @$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BONOUS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ FOR NOT DOING NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I decided to offer some constructive input;

      Are they still serving ice cream for the VA folks? I am betting the whole crew at Hines calls in sick that day. Ever wonder why VA folks bring sack lunches and pockets of change for the vending machines to work? Or maybe this is why they only serve Thousand Island dressing in VA salad bars? Maybe those aren’t pickle chunks after all…

      I suggest we commision the supercomputers at DOE to simulate what flies look like in the salad dressing just to make sure. With all the artificial intelligence going around in VA it is just so hard to tell what is real intelligence and what is artificial, right? Maybe the DOE can glean cooking ideas from the HAL-2000 for the VA based on the genomic data of what they find in the food served? Let’s run some DNA samples from the food pronto! If it aint beef, pork, poultry, fish, rodent, or tofu, then there might be another whole issue involved!

      Do you suppose AFGE gets a commision off of snack machine sales? Kickbacks from the snack cake industry could be huge! (the asses on some of those VA folks tell the whole story)

      This concludes my constructive input.

  45. VA DEATHCARE ONE BIG BIG FEDRAL RICO XCRIME RACKET VA DEATHCARE DOES KILL VETS FOR THE BONOUS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ CONGRESS COWARDS SHUT VA DEATHCARE UNDER FEDERAL RICO CRIME LAWS ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Adegunleye when to school in Stevens Point, then looks like she went right to work for the VA out of college in Maryland.

    She currently makes $111,000 a year and has to sell friggin handbags while on duty?

    If you do a little research on that lazy bimbo, you find out not only was Senator Mark Kirk calling for her firing for cockroaches served to vets, but Isakson managed to get off his Stairmaster long enough to mention the cockroaches on the Senate floor.

    Last year. Mayy 2016.

    And clearly nothing has been done since.

    What’s laughable is one internet article from 2011 on the Maryland VA web page says she was a certified serve-safe instructor while there, with the article offering summer food safety tips.

    What the fuck is safe about serving raw chicken? Cockroaches and dead mice in your kitchen?

    Oh, but she won Maryland’s Dietetic Association’s Young Dietician of the year in 2010. I wonder if they want their award back?

    According to a listing of VA good service expenditures from 2014, Hines, under this ditz had a $1.6 million budget…yet they can’t cook their food? I guess the cockroaches and mice are garnishes?

    Her salary went from $57, 564 in 2007, with bonuses between $500 and $4000 until 2013, but in 2015 her salary was $111,688 with no bonuses for 2014 or 2016.

    I can see why she had to resort to selling cheap shit while on duty.

    1. I do not see how anyone making over 100000 thousand dollars a year needs to sell damn handbags. I guess with that college degree from Maryland she did not learn how to count her pennies and she has no math skills whatsoever. Probably a basket weaving degree and bogus food service or nutrition certifications. On a daily basis, I notice that standards are rarely even honored or followed anymore. We are gradually edging towards Socialism. Take a look at Venezuela today. A damn mess. Maternal deaths 60% increase in Venezuela due to Socialism. And, the issues with the bad chicken and bad VA food service shows we are headed that way. Socialism is not about taking care of people. It is about taking away the rights from everyone. President Trump is doing what he can do. He can’t do it all by himself. Though, I wonder who handled the U.S. – China deal with the chicken. China does not have the health safety regulations that we have here in the United States. Avian Flu comes from bad and raw chicken. We do not need to be buying chicken from China. I believe they are buying our beef. The VA needs to be shut down with every function transitioned to outside services. Although, there is lack of accountability and lack of ethicallity everywhere. The private sector, though, seems to have more legal measures to enforce accountability than the VA does. And too, most civilian employees who have jobs would not be running a side business with their primary job particularly if the primary job was not being done. The civilian employee would be fired. Best.

      1. What a Slapper . I bet that these purses were complete garbage anyways. The VA makes people strive to do the exact opposite of what is normal and correct. The food at the V.A. is already scum, no need to use expired or old anything. Also, the Hines VA is close to Ground zero of a black race war in Chicago and I wonder how many African Americans are currently employed at the Hines VA and if said employment would have any impact on statistics. The purse selling bitch is white which surprised me but at the same time didn’t. Surprised me that she worked there but no surprise that she was selling her bags. She is probably raping male veterans as well. Everyday is another story of some scum cunts getting away with whatever they want while some one legged kid is waiting 15 hours for the Fat Clerk to get off their W.O.W. game and inform them that the appointment was cancelled due to a training conference.

  47. Valerie is not a hungry hippo.
    From the only photo i could find, it looks like she’s a very very well fed hippo.
    did she gain all that weight by eating in the VA kitchen?

  48. That looks like a Communist mouse!!!

    The Russians have indeed infiltrated the system….

      1. Are you speaking of the bugs working in the loafing meat canteen or the insects or electronic surveillance? Maybe they are all one and the same in care of VA Genomic Labs in a ‘Pinky and The Brain’ kind of way?

  49. May 20, 2017 Veterans March On America

    I remember reading the dates on hotdogs during working parties bringing supplies onto the ship 1957 some said.

  50. “Providing a safe environment and quality care for our Veterans is our top priority at Hines VA Hospital…… same old bullshit different hospital and i will take a pass on the chicken.. BEN

    1. VA DEATHCARE SAME OLD VA SHIT DIFFERENT HOSPITAL NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE BUT VA WORKERS DONT FORGET TO WEAR YOUR I CARE PIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. These vets would have been better off if this VA gave them C rats and a P 38.

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