Tye Reedy

Army Strips Iraq War Veteran Of Benefits For Working At Marijuana Company

One Army major just lost his ability to retire with a pension because he works for a medical marijuana company in his day job.

Citing “values,” a West Point JAG stripped Tye Reedy, a father of two, of his ability to earn his retirement pension by stripping him of his part-time military academy liaison officer role. The move precludes the veteran of reaching his 20 years’ service to receive his pension.

The JAG said Reedy’s full-time employment at a marijuana manufacturer brought “discredit upon the U.S. Military Academy and the Army” despite his decorated service in Iraq and Afghanistan after an honorable discharge.

Reedy, a West Point alumni, previously advocated for changing the illogical law mandating marijuana be treated as a Schedule I substance. The decision to terminate his position as liaison officer seems more like a move in retaliation of his marijuana advocacy.

“A military officer working in the cannabis industry runs contrary to Army values,” the Army said.

“[D]espite legalization by several states, marijuana remains a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law. The most current DoD and federal guidance states that all federal laws regarding marijuana remain in effect,” the Army statement reportedly said.

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The JAG did not evaluate whether Reedy actually used marijuana, which is precluded by the UCMJ. Instead, the penalty appears solely focused on the type of employment of the officer when he is not in uniform.

Other Schedule I substances include heroin, LSD, and MDMA.

Ironically, the US military was caught patrolling and possibly cultivating poppy fields in Afghanistan as recently as 2012. Photos released on a variety of websites contradict the official story that our troops only destroyed the fields.

Poppy’s are used to create heroin.

Reedy is employed by Acreage Holdings as director of operations, a publicly traded Canadian company with at least two former US politicians on its board of advisors including former speaker of the US House of Representatives John Boehner.

It will be interesting to see if Reedy takes steps to appeal the decision given that no evidence was presented to support whether the individual actually used marijuana or other prohibited substances.

As for marijuana, it would be nice to see President Donald Trump follow through with his promises about this plant making it legal, at least for medical purposes, nationwide.

The rift between state laws and the federal schedule is resulting in a great deal of confusion, and veterans are one of many groups suffering by not being allowed access to the plant to help address post-traumatic stress or pain.

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  1. “https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/d_is_for_dictatorship_while_america_feuds_the_police_state_shifts_into_high_gear”

    OT, applicable. But good article about the selective punishments, collective punishments which is a war crime, and more. This is why the VA, Congress, the attacks, JAG’s selective punishments, having zero real representation or media will never change unless the more healthy of us and a major portion of the public wakes up and floods DC and local officials with protests. I think Mr. Whitehead hit many nails on the head regardless of the game of politics, unions, the “professionals,” to special interest groups. And why those being attacked or encompassed by pissed off psychos.

  2. 05/07/2019

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    This is all too real in America, on one side they tell you everything is all so perfect, and on the other side it is a disaster.

    “Most” Lawyers love to pretend.

    They are not going to dive deep into the subject matters–too afraid of the outcomes [Judge McKee and Judge O’Neil in Torrance found out how hard it is to be on the right side of the law].

    I am sure this Guy [Reedy] will get justice in the end; as for the West Point JAG he too might get justice—stick him doing the Mueller’s/ Bill Barr’s Follow ups.


    Don Karg
    PS: Senator McSally and Senator Sinema received their letters & 57 books on the VA Scandal

  3. A little history lesson – – – During hearings on marijuana law in the 1930’s, claims were made about marijuana’s ability to cause men of color to become violent and solicit sex from white women. This imagery became the backdrop for the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 which effectively banned its use and sales.

    While the Act was ruled unconstitutional years later, it was replaced with the Controlled Substances Act in the 1970’s which established Schedules for ranking substances according to their dangerousness and potential for addiction. Cannabis was placed in the most restrictive category, Schedule I, supposedly as a place holder while then President Nixon commissioned a report to give a final recommendation.

    The Schafer Commission, as it was called, declared that marijuana should not be in Schedule I and even doubted its designation as an illicit substance. However, Nixon discounted the recommendations of the commission, and marijuana remains a Schedule I substance.

    In 1996, California became the first state to approve the use of marijuana for medical purposes, ending its 59 year reign as an illicit substance with no medical value. Prior to 1937, cannabis had enjoyed a 5000 year history as a therapeutic agent across many cultures. In this context, its blip as an illicit and dangerous drug was dwarfed by its role as a medicine.

  4. The spokesman is full of feces, an enlisted soldier’s observation, since West Point has quite a few West Pointers still on active Duty, who’ve violated the West Point Code of Honor. That is not addressed in this singling out of this man for Punishment. The Code of Honor is meant to provide regulations for an Officer’s behavior as a Student at USMA. Since a well known West Pointer accepted $50,000.00 from Vladimir Putin as a way to enhance that Communist Dictator’s appearance to the World, he should be Court-Martialed and denied his Retirement and Benefits. That was Treason from an enlisted perspective. Two other well known West Pointers were whoring around on Duty, while both were Married, in Afghanistan. One was the Commander of US Troops. He’s not been Court-Martialed and neither has the woman West-Pointer who both violated USMA’s Code of Honor. Since the Army is still in Afghanistan and Iraq, possibly the quality of West Point Graduates is impacting the fact the United States is still shedding blood. Screwing this man over as vengeance, is meant to distract from the utter incompetence of West Point’s leaders to complete their Mission, which is to defeat our enemies. How many West Pointers are “Wounded Warriors”?

  5. This action has opened a can of worms for the services… A court will wonder why the services aren’t looking at all jobs and companies that reserves work therefor. If a person is working for a pharmaceutical company that produces birth control or RU 486, will they be discharged from service and denied a pension? If a person is working for a company that is an arms company dealing with Arab countries or Russia, will they be discharged from service, if such dealing is against state law? If a person is working for a political figure who is found guilty of violating a state or federal law, will they be discharged from service?

    1. How about the West Poiner who willingly took $50,000.00 from Vladimir Putin, and was then made the United States National Security Adviser? He’s still collecting his pension.

  6. @ Windguy, My father was a fighter pilot, B52 pilot and a West Pointer. So please tell me why…? Just curious.

  7. Meanwhile, the former House Majority Leader John Boehner who had been opposed to any pot legalization efforts is now on the board of a cannabis firm… Another fine upstanding citizen leader who served his country – for eight weeks until his discharge due to a bad back …. back spurs?

    1. Oh, for the record. Do NOT ever get into an Army fixed wing aircraft with a West Pointer sitting left seat.

    2. Boehner has chronic ass spurs of the hypocrite cranium region, like many Congress critters of the do as I say but not as I do school of thought.

  8. The Army protects the poppy fields in Afghanistan but this guy can’t work where marijuana is sold. The inmates are running the asylum.

  9. First I would like to see Trump and all of Congress drug tested and those that are + should lose their Jobs, fired or jailed. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.
    Now as far as this officer losing his job. What a stupid thing he did. He should of notified his commander of his intent. Not doing so placed him in the line of fire. If it was approved by his commander then he should fight it.
    It’s sad that the law for MJ has not been changed in and through the federal government as they are with some States
    Until that time if you are in the service stay away from any and all sales and production of MJ.

  10. Just one more way the Army, VA, and other government agencies are screwing Veterans. Does this surprise anyone? When is Trump going to follow through with this promise? Probably never, as the Big Pharma Industry has him by the balls!!!! I can’t realize the benefits of medical marijuana because the VA gives me a piss test every other month. VA: Oh, you have acute and chronic pain? Here are some opioids to help…. And while you’re getting addicted, we’ll send you to anger management classes!!!
    The VA is run by criminals, supported by criminals. If, and when the Feds change the medical marijuana laws, they’ll probably put a tax on it so high (no pun), that Vets and people who need it, won’t be able to afford it!!! Maybe if the marijuana growers would provide secret kickbacks they might have a chance. The gov is too busy growing opium plants to kill people with heroin… What better way to reduce the population?

    1. Ok GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD! Trump CANT MAKE A LAW, only Congress can. So he can promise all he wants but until Congress gets off their butts and changes the law then there is nothing anyone can do about it

      1. Except it’s not actually a law. Marijuana is illegal by regulation, specifically determined to be schedule 1 by the DEA, an executive agency.

  11. What an idiot. He knows the rules. Don’t feel sorry for him. If he was enlisted he’d be doing time.

  12. Veterans and People bug your Senators or Representative contract the Veteran Affairs Committee your belief how to improve Veterans Health Care not just here no excuse and Spread my belief….Semper Fi especially if you went to War….Semper Fi Don’t Surrender

  13. Sadly, as the daughter of a West pointer class of 1959 (KIA 1968), and also the proud aunt of a nephew of West Point class of 2012, I am familiar with the culture and values of West Point. I am also familiar with that my sister’s stage four breast cancer in 2008 (double mastectomy, 2yr chemo) and my stage four malignant melanoma in 2016 (2 surgeries, 2chemo). Had either one of us needed medical marijuana would we have used it? I can’t speak for her but I never did and I doubt she did either. But if she had felt she needed it, I wouldn’t have hesitated for her to have used it to manage her pain. Medical marijuana is legal in my state now. I voted for it to be legal for those that medically need it with physicians certification. Did I disgrace the values my father and mother raised me with by doing so? No absolutely not, Although others might disagree. Times have changed perhaps this herb relieves pain, PTSD symptoms, anxiety, seizures for people& helps them sleep. I am extremely law abiding -to a fault. And it disturbs me greatly that state law is in conflict with federal law. I am opposed to drugs and drug use. And raised my 2 children very very strictly as I was raised being anti drug. However as Ben says, marijuana is classified as a schedule one controlled substance and is illegal under federal law and I also agree with Rosie that there are certain jobs and businesses that active-duty personnel are not allowed to engage in or there will be direct consequences. In this case the consequence was the loss of his pension. It’s also highly likely that it was retaliation for his involvement and advocacy in the marijuana industry. I hate to say it but that proactive stance and his business activity is a conflict of interest and embarrassment with respect to the duty and values of a West Point officer. Simply put, he’s 10 years ahead of his time. Times will change and this will not be an issue but for now it’s against the law, period. He has my sympathy. Rather than be on the cutting edge unfortunately he’s on the bleeding edge. WPAOG are you listening? Be woke! My mother my sister, my aunt and I are! We donate!

    1. you say you are anti-drug, but cannabis is a plant, not a drug.
      are you brainwashed by propaganda?
      you speak of matters you have no personal experience in; and you have not researched. at all.
      you parrot lies and misinformation so casually and with authority b/c west point family?
      did you teach your children that plants growing in the ground are drugs?
      does that mean your rulers can say any plant is a drug and you will believe it?
      you are a disgrace and the reason america is lost.

    © 1992 by Eiichi Shimomissé

  15. Ok. ” ” were used around this link two times above, and this is not working. Does anyone have a clue what I’m missing?

    The link I’m attempting to share is:

    www5 DOT csudh DOT edu/phenom_studies/crisis DOT htm

  16. Bah! The referenced link above is at:

    I forgot the ” “. Apologies.

  17. Ha. Methinks the federal government doth protest too much.

    Immediately after the preface, is a fair discussion of how crises have been historically managed and how a Hegelian crisis has become a tool in governance’s tool box. A synopsis of “hegelian crisis” shared from long ago, echoes loudly in my thinking now. Call me a conspiricist or whatever. But we’ve been informed across time, that how our federal government and its extremities function in near-synchronization. Carl Schmitt, who wrote “Political Theology”, also comes to mind. “Sovereign is he who decides on the exception.”

    Applied to us, a short version is when a crisis is expected, plan the control and outcome. Others might allude to certain crises being deliberately setup so the beginning, middle, and outcome can be profited from by allowing legislation time to be put in place.

    Side note: Lysander Spooner could not have known how his elaborations would echo, with his detailed accounts about how government and privateer sycophants – or is it the other way around – worked to monopolize profits that should have gone to “the people”. Then, as now, his words ring loud and clear.

    /end digression

    Consider for a moment, the countries that already legalized MJ for medical or recreational use. Could the U.S. merely be a slow comer to the charade parade because it wasn’t sufficiently organized to profit? State-by-state, perhaps that organization is being established. Since we’re over the half way mark in number of states who legalized MJ, with a single hard shove to acknowledge then forcefully and legally quell resistance, we will definitively join the ranks of now-legal MJ profiteers.

    My call: There will be a pretend tug-of-war with some politicians feigning resistance. In short time, with profiteers chomping at the bit and no doubt lining pockets to scoot things along, MJ will be legalized at the federal level, allowing states to exercise their ability to enforce more strict laws, but not less strict, specific to profiteering from MJ. In my humble opinion, this is not really a story, as much as part of the implementation of a plan.

    I do wonder how long it will take for military to catch up so veterans can benefit. I also wonder how the cost will be handled. Will veterans who can benefit from MJ be charged for prescriptions? At my age, the idea of a military pharmacy selling medical marijuana is a riot. I love the vision dancing in my head, and though I haven’t tried MJ in a long time because it never did much for me, maybe pharmaceutical grade would make a difference. I strongly feel that legalization has only been held in check because there was not a means for government to legally profit from MJ after its stance with the “war on drugs” drama. More accurately, military/government theater.

    What will be next? I think a percentage of the government’s profits from legalizing MJ should be directed at quickly overhauling the system of how VA claims are managed, redress VA care, and start being a government working for its people. I can dream and I am.

  18. Until the laws are charged, I can’t see him being reinstated.
    On a side note; if I remember correctly, hasn’t the U.S. paid Afghan farmers to grow poppies? Or, was it we paid them once we destroyed their fields? Which gave them the money to replant/replace the fields?

  19. I am sorry but I have to bring the hammer down on this. As long as the US Government considers Pot a class 1 drug then there is nothing this officer can do. If you sell this or help in selling it you are considered a dealer and that is against the UCMJ and it WILL get you court martialed. From what I can see they just removed him or stopped him from obtaining his pension because of it when they could have placed him in Ft. Leavenworth at 20 years hard labor and a BCD so he got off easy. It does not matter if you understand the law or not, if it is a law and not an illegal order, then you are REQUIRED to follow it no matter if you like it or not. Dont like it then change the law, but until you do its the law. here in my city, the city law director contacted all the stores and told them if they were selling CBD products-oils or edibles, they were in violation of federal law and would be charged unless they stopped. makes no difference what the States say as federal law trumps them and the DOJ can go into any pot shop anywhere and shut them down-confiscate everything including the cars in the parking lot, and then charge the employees as drug dealers and the customers for purchasing it and they have no defense.

    You want stuff like this changed, then get the law changed as President Trump cant do it, only Congress can as per Article 1 of the US Constitution.

    1. It’s not that simple. There is always a period during which laws are clearly perceived as unjust and when they are actually changed. It’s during this period when the exercise of discretion in their enforcement should be encouraged.

      1. Sorry but thats not the way it works. A law is pass and then if the people dont like the law they get it changed. Complaining about it being unjust is a waste of breath and effort

      2. Sorry but my post should have read “a law is passed” my fat fingers are too large for the keyboard keys.

    2. True enough Dan, but LAWS should be enforced equally across the board then. Not one set of laws for them and one set of LAWS/expectations/demands for others, or allowances, or being above the laws. No perks, no special privilege (which we have all seen happen from the white house, above, and down), immunity, loop-hole semantics, no professional courtesies, courtesies of rank, etc.

      They made this dude an example in the phony war on drugs and bowing to the UN in it’s global anti-drug agendas. But damn funny living in a open air prison camp called the USA third worlders and others have access to herbs, meds, alternatives, whatever, but we can’t. Hell, we are breaking laws/ordinances just sitting in our homes typing with new laws passed casually and daily. More fascism and police state activities to keep us all under the thumb. Plus there being big money making deals in this … war. Being the most corrupt under the police state with da laws with high incarceration rates and jails full of mental health patients forced on head meds. Plus all the other crap to deal with in the ‘land of the free home of the brave.’

      It also seems JAG offs would have more serious issues to deal with. Ie, black marketing that has ruined many hopes of military careers, DoD reports of over eighty thousand or so reported rapes (men too), sexual assaults, etc. They sure didn’t, are not, doing much for the sailors aboard the USS Liberty and others. But they also have those agendas to abide by and those “orders from the top.” JAG or those from some academia or elite academia does not make them special, above us in ways, or in ways perfect or incorruptible. Like marriages no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

      Yeah, he got off easy. Leavenworth is probably full. JAG is no shining example of perfection, ethics, justice either.

      1. Following, fun days again dealing with the ‘information age’ of computing.

    3. Well Dan as Retired MP with 23 years of Honorable service including Combat in War On Terror and a Civilian Police Officer with 21 years of service can you explain to me why the United States Constitution had to be Changed to outlaw Alcohol. The reason was the Federal Government had no right to Regulate it.

      Then they had to amend the US Constitution again to then legalize it and Regulate and Tax it.

      So just Curious how can they Legaly Regulate Marijuana or Heroin for that matter. Remember Herion and all the other drugs were legal because the Government had no Authority to Regulate it. Just because they say they can does not mean that is legal. It does not say in the United States Constitution any where they have the power to regulate Marijuana or any drug. And if it dosen’t give them the authority it is a State issue.

      I think the Government is scared to take that to Federal court Remember Colorado, California, Washington and other States said they will fight them in Court if they tried to enforce the Marijuana laws in their States. The States are making so much money and they do not have to share that money with the Federal Government.

      So they will fight and I think they will win!

      1. Mark, it would open up a bigger can of worms than just the MJ issue with the Feds or some state’s tyrants and regimes. Who are and can be far worse than can be imagined. Ol’ Tye better have some damn good Constitutional expert attorneys and a ton of cash, or friends in high places.

        At least he hit the news over the issue, and more. God given rights vs. “UNITED STATES being supreme law.” SCOTUS has already heard cases and gave warnings about ignorance of real laws or rights being waived or ignored, stolen, coerced into waiving by cunning actions and wrong doing. Too much can be debated or discussed. Plus all the “codes.”

        This is just another story or issue that should be followed up on and reported but probably won’t be. While some of us out here are shown constantly that we don’t have big big C or Bill of Rights, etc., protections under da laws. Nor anyone to stand up to all or any of the tyrants and fascist, protected professional groups or unions. And why some states are said to be ‘hands off states.’ “Big Club States” allowing the corrupt to run rampant, locals too. Thus their need for “No recording or video devices allowed.” In the court house, hospitals now and police stations. And having zero real media or VSOs to give aid. In some locales it’s gone far beyond 1984, with leaders, churches, drug war profiteers, medical boards, etc., our enemy.

  20. Love to see the entire House of Representatives be subject to random urine and blood tests. I do not partake in the herb, but I dislike the “Do as I say not as I do”, rule. I would be willing to wager what ever, and I do not gamble either, that over half of the hypocrates are stoned each day.

  21. If the intent of this article posting, is anything outside of a warning to not skirt federal laws, than excuse me for cracking the whip on it!
    I can’t speak for all post/base orders to all servicemembers but, I know full well that we were told from the start, that there were certain businesses (including housing) that we were not allowed to engage, or we’d have to face the consequences. Along with that, was the common sense suggestion of asking through the chain if we had any desire for outside engagements… before committing! Real plain. Real simple.
    Additionally, make CBD federally legal and stop all of the pervasive under thumb overlording of veterans’ free-will to live their choices in their own lives! JUST STOP JACKING US AROUND!!


  22. I am a Marine with a lot of pain. I have 100% Parkinson’s and just had a knee replacement. For my Parkinson’s my Neurologist suggestested I go on Medical Marijuana for my Tremors.
    With all the new laws for different States it is very confusing, to say the least, when you add the Federal Government into the mix. Now I put up with the pain but it has me at the end of my rope. Can’t sleep even with small doses of OxyContin, and Tylonal. Have Pain all the time. Been trying to deal with it but making lawful decisions around drugs is becoming difficult.
    Thank You, DJS

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