Upcoming Veterans Events and Issues: June 9 – 16

Every Sunday, we are trying to give you a forecast of what to expect during the coming week. We have a week full of investigative issues and oversight relating to Veterans Affairs.

Child with Spina Bifida: Freedom of Information Act Update

I have been helping a friend for the past few months in his battle with the VA. Ron has been trying to encourage the VA to follow the law, as written.

In a recent exchange of FOIA requests, Chief Business Officer Stephanie Mardon assumed control of the request. She spun the question around and assigned Ron’s daughter to a VA social worker at the Marion VA Medical Facility.

This facility has been rife with problems over the past year. These problems include the death of 5 veterans at the hands of an improperly hired doctor. This doctor had not practice medicine in numerous years.

Over this week, I will investigate the background of the individuals involved and get back to you.

The program for children with Spina Bifida is supposed to be straightforward. If the child is approved as a Level III child of a Vietnam Veteran, they get all the benefits written in §1803. Unfortunately, the VA has not read the law. Or, if they have, they don’t want to follow it.

Hearings: Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs

June 13, 2012: Economic Opportunity and Transition Legislation

Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General

Statement before Congress on Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor

Preview: To cut costs for storing and distributing medicine, VA implemented a vendor program. Since then, the VA has begun misusing the program to purchase medicine on the open market.

Become an Activist Shareholder

We are going to buy shares in certain for-profit companies whose policies are anti-veteran. Some for-profit colleges are on the list, as are some government contractors. We will use this story as a case study for other veterans to use their disability compensation to help change corporations from the inside out. We are not powerless.

Increasing your LinkedIn Presence for Veterans Advocacy

I’ve figured out a couple techniques to increase your social media presence on LinkedIn. After getting a sizeable social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I have some input for readers on how to increase their influence.

Volunteering to help DisabledVeterans.org

Veterans are encouraged to write in and volunteer to help us help other veterans. We are working to use journalism tools to help veterans fight back against the VA and other companies. If you’re interested, please write us.

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