What Veterans Think: Comments This Week

Here are a few comments from veterans from the blog with my brief responses. Things were a little slower this week. Lots of vacations no doubt.

How to Get a Higher Disability Rating

I was living near Atlanta, GA last year and went in to have my service connected disabilities case reevaluated as my back has gotten worse. After standing in line for an hour to get checked in, I did my paperwork and was seen about half hour to 45 min later… when I told the representative that i waned to reopen my claim for my back he denied me. At that time I stated I thought I was suppose to see medical personnel to be reeval’d, he told me they would be going by his recommendation an I did not bring any criteria in for him to evaluate..!!!  I was pissed… a yr later I moved back to Wisconsin an went in to see my old rep, I explained what had transpired an he explained to me that Atlanta is not following “” Federally mandated guidelines.“”  so if you know anyone in this area please let them know they are allowed to be seen by medical personnel to be reevaluated not a desk jockey…So thank you for your story on how to file for disability.

Wow. I have never even heard of that happening to any other veteran. However, it doesn’t mean that it does not happen. Always check with your Veteran Service Officer after an appointment with VA.



Disabled Veterans Get Full Student Loan Discharge

One person writes:

Can I get bad credit for doing this?  I’ve already gotten bad credit, although I am a 100% disabled veteran. Is there US Code I can quote to get this off my credit report.

The Department of Education allows veterans with 100% disability ratings to discharge their student loans. This should not impact your credit score.



Suicides Outnumber Combat Deaths in Afghanistan

From David Castaneda:

Hey! What the hell is this all about?

David is referring to a recent AP article about suicide rates.

Suicides of military servicemembers in Afghanistan now outnumber combat deaths by over half. Over 150 active duty servicemembers in Afghanistan have committed suicide this year.

It is apparent that the longest war in United States history is taking its toll on our military. Let’s hope the Dept of Veterans Affairs pulls its act together. Thousands of military will be entering the ranks of disabled veterans applying for disability benefits this year.


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  1. Is all this just a link in the never ending chain of vets that get eaten by the system year after year? New soldier signs on the dotted line and an old one gets to stand in line for his benefits once he is discharged. I hate to see this happen to these kids. There has got to be a better way!?

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