Veteran Sues VA

Veteran Sues VA Over Faulty TBI Disability Diagnosis

Veteran Sues VA

One of the 24,000 veterans who received faulty TBI examinations from VA for their disability compensation claims is suing the agency.

Veteran Rick Brody, a decorated Army officer reportedly filed suit over a faulty TBI examination conducted by a psychology intern. The intern said there was no TBI. One senior neurologist looked over the intern’s work and concluded the opposite.

Dr. David Brody, a professor and neurologist, said:

“I’m as sure as I need to be. I mean, his history of traumatic brain injury and signs and symptoms and all the collateral sources information is as good as anybody that we have.”


For Radford, he wants to be whole again after his TBI. According to NBC 5 On Your Side, Radford is taking it to the next level:

“I want to be whole. I want to be where I was before,” he said.

He’s unable to work, fighting daily to regain some of his former self.

“I can hurt for myself, but to know that this has happened to other people, it’s very disheartening,” he said.

Radford is suing the VA system alleging, among other things, medical negligence and malpractice.

The VA had no comment, citing the pending lawsuit and patient privacy.

This story is an extension from the work we did here with KARE 11 News to expose the fact that Minneapolis VA was using unqualified doctors to assess veterans for TBI disabilities. One of my clients was “patient zero” for unraveling the scandal here.

It took over a year to fully expose, but in the end, VA acknowledged 24,000 veterans’ claims were implicated in the scandal. Secretary Bob McDonald made a decision under equitable relief to allow all veterans impacted to receive new exams if the veteran wants. It was the biggest scandal of the decade.

Veterans who received faulty diagnosis by VA clinicians for their traumatic brain injury may have grounds to file suit and should do so immediately.

In many states, you only have two years from the date you had knowledge of the wrongdoing to file an SF-95 claim against the agency to initiate a tort claim.

Get the show on the road; it would be great to see VA pay a bigger price for the harm caused by allowing unqualified doctors to assess TBI.


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  1. Bogus C&P exams happen all the time. The real truth is that these examiners might be qualified to do the exams (probably not opinions though) but they dont take the time to properly do the C&P examination properly. I went to 2 exams, it was obvious that the examiner didnt even review my current VAMC records. Facts that were documented by 9 MD’s, to include specialists, were completely ignored as if they did not exist in the VA Form that was submitted to the VBA. That form was used by the examiner, who also failed to review my medical records, to make an error in my claim.

    The fact is that it is not just the TBI examinations that should be at issue here. It should be about the competence of the entire C&P program.

    1. I agree. I have a left thumb ankyloses that won’t permit the tip within 2 inches of the center line but because of the way the surgeon repaired the joint I can close it to the index finger’s first phalange. It has never been properly measured and compensated for loss of movement because the instruments to do so have never been employed.

      A chief of psychiatry negated a diagnosis of PTSD because “numbing” was not stated in the C&P examiner’s report but was mentioned several times in the psychologists progress notes. Numbing is not given enough weight in the rating schedule. It impairs significantly social functioning.

    2. It’s a racket and they do it on purpose. Hoping you will give up.

      A person can be qualified at a100 percent with evidence and the regional office will issue. A 10 or 20 percent

      Send the veterans a letter if They disagree to furnish note proof. Hoping nice again they will give up.

      Many. Veterans will not reapply because they sent all the evidence and don’t know they are being lied to.

      Remember. The employees get bonous money to dely those fund’s.

      Remember. They lose. Shread and even falsely put in for disabilities the veterans never applied for.

      Example.: Vietnam veteran was told his request for frost bite in Vietnam was disallowed. The veteran found out someone at the regional office forged the paperwork and forged his signature.

      Again they deny claims even when they have all the proof needed.

      Veterans are being told their record’s were destroyed. When the regional office had them ALL along. !

      I have proof. They want the veterans to let their claims lapse and thousands let it lapse. Because they get Fed up and they wait year’s and apply again. Same result.

      They don’t research you VA file. Have proof. No one cares. !

  2. Just a heads up to anyone who is receiving Veterans Benefits.

    With escalating number of articles on hacks and leaks of Veterans information it is important to understand there are people out there that are targeting Veterans. Here is one new scam just discovered in Texas and likely to continue all over the country.

    From a news article titled: “New veteran affairs scam surfaces in Central Texas”, By Brandon Marshall at 10 KWTX, Posted: Sun 12:44 PM, Aug 21, 2016 at 10

    “KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) The Killeen Police Department is warning residents about a fraud scam happening in the community.

    Police said they believe Killeen and Copperas Cove elderly residents, who are receiving benefits from the Veterans Affairs, are being targeted in a fraud scheme.

    In the scheme, those responsible contact victims by phone pretending to be a Veterans Affair representative and Social-engineer, police spokeswoman Carroll Smith said.

    The perpetrators then use the identifying information gained to commit further fraud with the victim’s bank, in an attempt to drain their accounts of funds and order credit cards in the victim’s names.

    Full article at: “”

  3. And people were duped into believing the Nazi’s lost WWII!
    They just changed geographical time zones!

  4. I posted on here a couple of weeks ago. Last year after I became so fed up with VA in Houston I created an e-mail account. [email protected], in hopes of gathering up numbers to strengthen our pleas for help. After many posts across the internet, and after creating VAsucks channel on Youtube, (non-funded, meaning I don’t sell ads, or ask for donations) I have received not one contact. If we cannot come together we will never get help, because no one else gives a damn. Someone else start a list and tell me how to contact you and I will join your group. Every time you go the VA carry a sign with the email address so that others can join. It is not easy, but I feel it is the only way to start a movement. We can hold local protest days several time a year. I don’t know but I do not want to die from the neglect that is killing me, and I know from other posts, the same things are happening to you, or your loved ones, or has already resulted in the deaths of our comrades. One set himself on fire at the VA… another shot himself in the parking lot… This must stop, and those accountable must be brought to stand for these crimes of fraud, waste, and abuse killing our brothers and sisters. Individually you are not going to get past staff case workers at you congressman office or newspaper editors, or secretaries at the many nonprofits supposed to be helping. I spoke with the Houston Chronicle months before the scheduling issues broke in a San Antonio paper… even after my complaints were corroborated by this story, the reported still did a one and done.. few paragraphs. I tried to show it to my PCP and she was not the least bit interested. We much come together, or our brothers and sisters will continue to be neglected by this horrible system.

  5. The lawsuit will net him very little if historical and wildly innacurate anecdotal Perry Mason legal facts prevail.

    This man suing the government is doing so (as our honored host eluded to in the time limits) only because the Federal Government essentially is giving him permission to do so. There are a few tested ways to go about this but my point is that when you or I sue a non VA doctor for this outrageous molestation like this man received one set of rules apply. If the exact same person behaved in exactly the same way to exactly the same veteran but did so as a VA employee then the rules are different to recover the damages done.

    Vets play by the rules they once pledged their lives to protect, but those charged wih caring for the humans who have borne the brunt of battle do not play by these rules. They get a pass on it and the warriors who have gifted them these freedoms pay the price.

    It really gets down to what they discoverd in Nazi Germany when they had their own Universal Care policies implemented. History records that when a doctor practices their profession for their own interests then the focus becomes satisfying the patient. The focus is necessarily on the personal doctor/patient relationship that is important to treating illness which has the economic benefit of producing a return customer. The Nazis discovered that when a doctor practices their profession for the benefit of the state then the focus becomes the interests of the state, and the only real relationship that can be formed is between the government and the doctor. Doctors need to pay rent too and when the gocernment is cutting the checks, it is the boss that become the priority to please.

    The Nazis did not create monsters, they created a system that dispensed with ethical accountability in favor of promoting the machine that promised good care for all. That is, for all worthy humans. They had Akton T4 committees nearly identical to the VA DBC committee. They too had committee votes deciding who had a life worth living and who did not. The Nazis discovered that creating a monster is not necessary when people with the title of “doctor” unleashed upon others while the state assumes all responsibility for wrongdoing. Sound familiar?

    The VA and the Nazi medical establishment are cut from precisely the same cloth. It is not the cloth that the American Flag is made of and as I recall a lot of good men died to snuff out the idea a long time ago.

    1. Speaking about the Nazi. Tatic watch on you tube

      Edwin h Crosby the third a Vietnam veteran fighting the VA. He explains how the Nazi used to tattoo numbers on the jews

      He shows now our military and VA have issued numbers or codes that they put on our dd 214. The code us sent to DAV etc and to major companies. Warning them not to hire

      The VA uses these codes to deny veterans their disabilities

      Ben Should contact this guy. He knows s lot of the ins and outs. Went all the way to the supreme court

      Every veteran and military personnel should see this and we veterans tell any enlisted kids about it.

      Nazi’s tactics are being used. Veteran’s hand the civilian population better wake up.

  6. Hey Elf,

    That reminds me of the September 10th, 2001 news conference by then recently appointed Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Announce that a Pentagon audit, ordered by Undersecretary Dov Zakheim and conducted by a Halliburton subsidiary, had discovered that the Defense Department can no longer account for $2.3 trillion in past transactions.

    “Transactions that occurred during the Clinton Administration.”

    Of course the story kind of got lost in the news within 24 hours. Because 19 individuals all from countries who were our current Frenemies in the middle east started planting planes in buildings.

    “CBS News: $2.3 TRILLION missing from PENTAGON”

    Does Ash Cater have any upcoming news conferences regarding the missing money?


    1. Also Elf,

      With the “DOD’s “misplaced or lost” $6 TRILLION!”. Ash Carter Secretary of Defense who is ultimately responsible. Hasn’t held any press confesses since he held the tranny ball at the pentagon. Where he was photographed grinning from ear to ear while surrounded by service members who are trannies dressed up as there new gender of choice.

      I guess the missing $6 Trillion isn’t as important as spending time with his trannies.

      Source: with photo.

      “Transgender Service Members Discuss Military Life Post-Ban”, by Fiona Dawson, ABC News, July 19, 2016


      But if he does do a news conference on the $6 Trillion in missing money it might be wise to get close to home and have a bug out bag ready.

      1. Seymore and namnibor.
        I read an article this morning about a movie, titled: “War Dogs”
        It’s supposed to be a comedy/drama based on a true story.
        The two main characters, ‘drug users and wise-guys’, are ‘legal gun runners’ to the Middle East. Only the ‘not so funny part’ is they have “multi million dollar contracts” with the U.S.!
        According to the article, they weren’t satisfied with having made something like $300 million!


      2. @crazyelf- That movie will only touch the tip of the huge turd called ‘War Profiteers’ and DoD Contracts, to include formerly known as “Black Water” (private mercenaries/USA), and all the contractors at the very first full half of these wars were shipping shoddy flak vests, helmets, armored vehicles, you name it…at the expense of our Active Duty Military’s LIVES.
        I am also betting this movie “War Dogs” will NOT even mention Depleted Uranium/Spent Shells, or the BURN PITS. I will be surprised and you know what? It pisses me off they have made a COMEDY to make light of the corrupt DoD contractors because it’s still going on.

        It’s almost like everyone has become mentally numb to fact we have been in constant WAR for 15+ years. I do not get it. I will not watch this movie when it’s out because I kind of view it as propaganda. Following some steps of Nazi Germany where those the Nazi’s despised were made jokes of in media at the time to convert the thoughts of the masses to complacency.

      3. Tonight’s ’60 Minutes’ documents how for a few years the U.S. Gov. purchased surgical gowns and protective equipment that a solid 77% of that equipment did NOT prevent blood pass-through for protection and this is a multi hundred million+ scandal that the DOJ is “looking into” because many of those surgical supplies went for CDC and to areas actively working on EBLOLA and HIV and all the Hep’s and other things and yes, the name of the well-known company is….KIMBERY-CLARK. Guess where the VA gets much of these things or subcontractors obtain from? Kimberbly-Clark.

        Just shows how GREED is truly the root of all evil. Every culture, no matter the ethos or cultural religious anthropology; Greed is the soul’s fly in the ointment.

  7. @Cantigny, 91Veteran, Seymore, namnibor and others!

    I agree. A majority of “so-called” healthcare professionals and others, (those below the directors), at VA are as brain dead as those which are elected and/or appointed.
    Maybe that’s what they want us to believe!
    What IF, this is only a “scam” on their part?
    What IF, this is what they want us to believe?
    What IF, this is their way to garner as much of the taxpayers monies as possible, then skip out?

    The DOD “misplaced or lost” $6 TRILLION! How much has the VA “misplaced or lost”? Hell, Hillary “misplaced or lost”, approximately $6 Billion, while Secretary of State? Where’d that tidy little sum wander off to, her “Foundation” or other entities?

    I can see the “lower totum pole people”, those below the directors, etc., being coerced on almost a daily basis. They screw the Whistleblowers all the time. Mostly, we never really hear about a majority of what happens to them! All they might be thinking about is; keep their jobs, to feed their families, etc., etc.!
    Maybe this is what we are dealing with!?!?

    I’d like you to watch a video.
    “Veterans Giving Up on the VA Healthcare System”

    Although it was published on Feb. 24, 2015.
    A “Veterans Advocate”, Jack Rowing, gives a powerful argument on WHAT VA really is!
    If it’s true, which due to certain things happening in a few of the states right now, “Tomah”, “Louisiana” and some more, then we need to fight harder to receive what is really ours!

    1. Hey Elf,

      That reminds me of the September 10th, 2001 news conference by then recently appointed Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Announce that a Pentagon audit, ordered by Undersecretary Dov Zakheim and conducted by a Halliburton subsidiary, had discovered that the Defense Department can no longer account for $2.3 trillion in past transactions.

      “Transactions that occurred during the Clinton Administration.”

      Of course the story kind of got lost in the news within 24 hours. Because 19 individuals all from countries who were our current Frenemies in the middle east started planting planes in buildings.

      “CBS News: $2.3 TRILLION missing from PENTAGON”

      Does Ash Cater have any upcoming news conferences regarding the missing money?

    2. A good article on the $6 Billion that disappeared under Hillary Clinton is:

      “State Dept. misplaced $6B under Hillary Clinton: IG report”, by Adam Kredo, The Washington Free Beacon, April 4, 2014


      Unfortunately also missing is the State Department IG report. A former link to the report leads to the IG website which post the following message.

      Page not found
      The requested page could not be found.


      A quote from the article:

      “The State Department misplaced and lost some $6 billion due to the improper filing of contracts during the past six years, mainly during the tenure of former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, according to a newly released Inspector General report.

      The $6 billion in unaccounted funds poses a “significant financial risk and demonstrates a lack of internal control over the Department’s contract actions,” according to the report.

      The alert, originally sent on March 20 and just released this week, warns that the missing contracting funds “could expose the department to substantial financial losses.”

      The report centered on State Department contracts worth “more than $6 billion in which contract files were incomplete or could not be located at all,” according to the alert.

      “The failure to maintain contract files adequately creates significant financial risk and demonstrates a lack of internal control over the Department’s contract actions,” the alert states.

      The situation “creates conditions conducive to fraud, as corrupt individuals may attempt to conceal evidence of illicit behavior by omitting key documents from the contract file,” the report concluded.”


      I am sure there is a logical explanation of why the IG’s office no-longer makes the report available on their website. Something like we were hacked and the Russian’s must be hiding it. Just ask Hillary!

      1. That money is probably in the middle east. Weapons so they can kill each other and then us.

        We. Gave them all the weapons. They day it us cheaper to leave them behind. Than to transport them home.

        Were in big trouble

      2. If you search on just the document number, 224580 dot pdf, you can download it from other sites.

  8. Hey Crazy Elf, Naminbor, all

    One of those VA Friday Releases type of articles. Imagine the nightmare of being a disabled Amy Ranger Veteran. When your overbearing mother works for the VA and makes it a mission to control every aspect of your life. Being controlled by a family member employed by the VA in a position of power so powerful that they can override the VA’s own decision that you are competent to manage your own affairs.

    How sick and twisted is that?

    $175,000 later the disabled Vet gets his life back.

    “Former Army Ranger claims forced guardianship”, by Michael Volpe – Aug 19, 2016

    1. THAT is messed-up, See, I KNEW the VA Fiduciary Program, specifically out of Indianapolis, has been blatantly appointing individuals that have even been convicted of THEFT. That whole story of Patterson is so messed-up, yet he is but one of many being financially taken advantage of by such appointed VA Fiduciaries.

      This has been ongoing for a while and was wondering when a story would finally break-out. Thanks for sharing that Seymore Klearly. The VA Meat Grinder’s Friday Special, served cold.

      1. How about, “Revenge is best served cold!”

        I can’t hardly wait for the boom to fall on VA!

    2. Seymore,
      That fiduciary and both of his parents should be sitting in prison.
      Question, what the hell was that judge thinking.
      He served a tour in Afghanistan AFTER he was struck by lighting. Evidently his mind was working perfectly to go back to war. Yet, wasn’t good enough to take care of himself – asswipe parents!
      I hope he brings criminal charges against them. He definitely has cause!!!!!

  9. Ben who is representing this veteran in his suit vs. VA?

    Anna – what specifically did they do to Van Boven????

  10. I am happy to see there is someone with the ability to follow through and file a lawsuit, unfortunately, no matter what the outcome, the VA will treat this as only affecting this single veteran, and will still try minimize the other 23,999.
    I really wish KARE11 would have the ability to follow through on this particular story because there are huge problems with it that are not being addressed.
    Why the hell is a psych intern conducting an exam affecting a diagnosis or disability? What weight does an interns opinion carry? Given the VA response to this, how common is it to use such interns for such opinions? The VA seems so nonchalant about that intern that I bet it is common practice for many things other than just TBI.

    Ben, in your post at the top, you refer to veteran Ricky Brody, then as Bradford further down, and to a Dr. Brody. I assume just a typo.

    1. The VA only admitted to using such unqualified personnel 24,000 times, a nice even number, which tells me it’s more likely than not, more around 96,000 times or more interns, LPN/RN/CPN’s were used or Residents in first few years of Psych or M.D. or glanced at a Power Point Presentation on Neurology…whatever was the cheapest, made people wait, deny….

      1. I agree, it’s likely much higher. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the thinking it takes to believe having an intern do this kind of evaluation is OK.

        I mean, why not have the admin clerk fill in for that open heart surgery next Tuesday? Or the librarian perform that amputation that resulted from the surgery that veteran had by the security guard. Or have that patient advocate treat that festering, infected wound that just won’t heal up after that nurse passed out drunk while handing the cafeteria worker the scalpel and sliced that poor bastards arm open.

        WTF is wrong with these people that cannot understand unqualified is unqualified?

        I think Ron Nessler posted on VA is Lying something about McDonald saying he was ungrateful for what McDonald has done for veterans.

        That ignorant bastard McDonald needs to take a few minutes and investigate why veterans might be unhappy with being treated like dogshit.

      2. Bob McDonald. Had done nothing for the veterans. He lied one veteran at a time.

        The time I needed him. He abandoned me like a hot potato. He had his employee send the packet I sent him that proved the VA was lieing about me being disruptive right back to the people hurting me.

        His employee Stephanie told me twice. That the employee Who reported me as being disruptive

        Does not work for the VA anymore and when I told her that the employee was still working for the VA and in charge of the cboc

        Stephanie. Cut off communication. Shy should a veteran be ungrateful with Bob. When Bob continued to let the VA harm that veteran.

        No. I feel that Bob deserves a big Thank you for letting the VA employee to slander my name

        And letting management. Punish me Without any evidence. !

        Way to go Bob McDonald for nothing. Maybe he will feel better now! Thanks for nothing Bob McDonald.

        I would still like someone to tell me how to join this guy in the law suit or how ? Who to contact to do it.

        Someone needs to be fired or put into jail.

      3. @91Veteran-
        “…WTF is wrong with these people that cannot understand unqualified is unqualified?

        I think Ron Nessler posted on VA is Lying something about McDonald saying he was ungrateful for what McDonald has done for veterans.

        That ignorant bastard McDonald needs to take a few minutes and investigate why veterans might be unhappy with being treated like dogshit.”

        They do not get it because those with ‘God Syndrome’ usually are at the very top exit point of the dogshit machine so they do not have to deal with what gravity does for them. 🙂

      4. @91Veteran & @namnbor & others:

        >>I agree, it’s likely much higher. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the thinking it takes to believe having an intern do this kind of evaluation is OK

        agree! yet the VA so called board certified specialists do the same mis-diagnosis and medical deflection tactics at most VA’s to all kinds of veteran patients. so i’m not surprised VA did this to TBI veterans. Korean and Vietnam veterans know this tactic well, as do more recent mil conflicts veterans.

        anything to ensure minimal service connection injury/illness treatments and disability payouts. cheaper for VA to pay bonuses to their employees. prove us veterans wrong, VA & Congress…we’re waiting…

      5. Nope. The regional office is telling veterans claim denied and there were at least 3 lawyer’s caught.

        They tell the veterans your record’s were lost. Distroyed and then authorize the disability and send the money to a secret accounts.

        They found s box full in the directors suite. With evidence of the checks.

        Whistle blower was fired for finding veterans record’s were being stored without action and then sent letters to veterans 10 year’s later thanking them for applying for their disabilities

        Many of the veterans had died because VA refused treatment because they did not have a service connected disability from regional office

        I am but one of many. Were they pulled this illegal stunt.

    2. The real story is that this is just another in a list that stretches back decades and generations of veterans and has touched hundreds of thousands. The story is that there is no end in sighht. Generations more will suffer if VA continues.

  11. Also I took the hurt for others to DC from 1995 to 2003. The VA sent me to my home of record, Japan instead of my temporary address DC for exams that couldn’t be done for TBI because there were no English speaking care givers qualified to give the Exams. The VA wouldn’t send me to Tripler or give me the exams when I was temporarily in the States. Told me to pay my own way and then wanted me to live homeless for a few years while they took their time to schedule and then sent me back to Japan?

    1. And because of that I wasn’t treated for the partial and complex partial seizures that were causing my unemployability until 2015 the date I can finally prove I wasn’t being treated for the condition I had diagnosed 25 years earlier because some disagreed with the diagnosis in spite of abnormal epileptiform EEGs in my medical record.

  12. I’ve also filed a SF95 alleging years of miss diagnosis. Fortunately we don’t have to prove maleficence, just we were worse off for the treatment. In this case financially from loss of income also.

    I like having the full drug testing. Now a physician looking at me coming in from the street homeless can’t automatically enter a diagnosis of substance abuse because of my appearance as happened at the San Diego, VA.

  13. I agree 100%, every veteran should file suit.
    As a matter of fact, all 24,000+ should file suit. That will/would bring VA’s egregious acts against veterans out nationwide!
    It could also bring attention to other malpractice VA is known for, ie: not checking for any thing other than cholesterol and high sugar levels. When having blood work done. Even when the veteran has other health concerns!

    1. Don’t forget about the urine drug testing. Even if you have an Urological Disease, the VA will only test the urine for drugs, never mind the Urological System Disorder.
      I learned this when the VA gave me a chronic case of C-DIFF and MRSA. Had many so-called ‘follow-ups’ and each and every time the VA’s Lab *never* even tested for presence of aforementioned in blood or urine, the VA was more concerned about testing urine/blood for recreational drug use. Screw the ‘real’ health issues.

      I agree in that ALL 24,000 should be filing together in a Class Action against VA. However, I can only see the VA acting like a petulant child and playing passive-aggressive with such Veterans that decide to file a Tort Claim. That would include delays in official “retesting” under McDonald’s “Equitable Relief”, and the VA potentially taking away any and all Service Connection in process, *just* as the VA stated they would potentially do IF any of these Veterans go through with the “Equitable Relief Retesting”. I think that last statement says it all as far as what to expect from the VA.

      I wish this Veteran luck in his process and likely, long journey down this road. I really think it would be remarkably more effective if ALL stick together and file as a Group. But what do I really know? I just fear that the VA will continue to NOT do the right thing with all this.

      1. Check on what happened to former VA neurologist Robert Van Boven when he blew the whistle on the millions of dollars designated for Brain Imaging research in Waco TX were diverted to pay an allegedly favored contractor for something else. Not one iota of the money went to TBI, not one veteran was seen at the Waco facility, ultimately the money was reported to have been transferred to Ft. Hood. Van Boven was hounded from pillar to post. The Chief of staff and Director of the WACO facility got away scot-free to the Lala Land of the VA where this type of individual retires on their fat pensions with no consequences. Follow the same happy ending for former VISN 4 director Michael Moreland,former chief of staff at Pittsburgh VA and Associate Chief of Staff at the Pittsburgh VA.
        I wonder if more veterans die at the hands of the VA due to medical; and prosecutorial negligence than die in conflict.
        Instead of the grand words of Abraham Lincoln – the VA should have Dante Alighieri’s words emblazoned on the entrances of VA facilities where veterans have been abandoned – SPES OMNES RELIQUITE O VOS INTRANTES. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

      2. count me in as one whose VA doc was supposed to check on liver stats due to injections to slow neuro spine disease. when looking at blood test copies we see “drug tests”, not live function stats tests. and not just for meds VA rx’d. happened more than once and at diff VA’s too. what would VA do if those tests had been pos for street drugs or drugs not on my rx list? yeah, that’s right, i suspect calling me names and disrupting treatment and meds. i’ve written about this before many times and tired of beating that horse. though if it helps another veteran i’ll gladly keep ranting about it.

        surprise, the VA’s purpose isn’t to accurately diagnose veterans and provide treatment along with helping with disability ratings per Title 38 rules.

        i hope Mr.Brody fairs well in his suit and that his suit finds light of day for other veterans. also to educate, once again, the American population, of this type of nefarious medical activity at VA. as I and many other veterans have written and spoken of, the wait list is just the tip of the corrupt iceberg at VA/VBA. the American public, generally speaking, seems to only know/remember the “wait list” scandal.

        other posters here today on this thread and all across the blog landscape have written of their personal experience of the widespread VA mis-diagnosis tactic. years ago, many of us just thought it was “us”, that no way could this be done on purpose. but on purpose is exactly what they are doing and have been doing for decades. Mr Brody’s case and KARE/@Ben’s investigative reporting brings it right in our face once again.

        well wishes to Mr Brody and his family and friends affected by his VA plight/fight. trust me, these type situations affect those around the veteran too.

      3. VA is contracting the blood work… and the blood testing is just to create busy worker for phlebotomist. Labcorp was suing last year over contracts for blood testing… it’s big money. LIke 55 dollars an hour for home health care. It is just a cash cow for these people… and I would bet the ownership of these testing labs is connected to federal and VA employees some how. They waste money on gov contracts and fighting veterans over benefits. Seems they could pay every veteran in the VA system 20k a year, and allow them to go and get private health care… shut all of these places down. Lot’s of cushy jobs, props up employment via government jobs program in the “service sector” or GDP as we are now a service economy.

      4. The VA has become so corrupt. The regional office is shreading. Misplacing and just ignoring veterans claims.

        Thus I’d done on purpose and the lawyer’s and higher management are denying the claims and deverting the veterans funds into their own secret bank accounts.

        They found a box full of these veterans. With the proof and at least 3 lawyer’s were caught.

        It’s so easy for these people like Diana rubins and Graves to contribute to the scheme.

        The deny the disability in writing and each time they reapply. The VETERANS get the same letter. We need more proof.

        When In fact they granted the veterans their disabilities and those funds are hidden.

        This. Will come out pretty soon and it’s been advised that every veteran. That had their claims denyed or obtained a disability after many denial letters to Run to you local VA and have a new card made and have them take your finger prints.

        So. When this hits the fan. The veterans will have proof that they are who they say they are. When it’s time to get your back pay.

        You must be careful. Those that keep fighting. The VA regional has even forged claims. One veteran who kept fighting and a Vietnam veteran. Had hid record’s forged and someone forged his signature

        They said this applied for s service connected disability for frost bite due to his time in Vietnam.

        He. Fought so hard. They tried to frame him. By saying he was making false claims.

        Your right THE department of veterans affairs is incapable of being fixed. They have gotton so use to our money. They will lie and hurt veterans for those disability funds.

        They say 22 veterans commit suicide every day and VA revised it to 20 a day. Strange on how they know now many veterans commit suicide each day. ?

        Did you know that if it was found out that if genocide was discovered and it was found out that the veterans did not kill themselves. But the VA systemically murdered these veterans.

        The most that any employee would get if found guilty. They would receive 10 ten year’s in prison and that’s all.

        No matter how many veterans were killed.

        10 year’s

        How. Many Veterans would that make a year. Let’s see this veteran has all the proof he needs to prove his claim. Shit he’s one that I’m making money off of. Take him out. They will never know the difference

        The citizens will be ok with it. Became it’s only another crazy veteran. !

        Nazi. Germany tattooed numbers on people and our military did the same thing. Except they put the numbers on our dd 214s.

        This let’s emplyeers know not to hire this veteran or the regional office the code to turn the veterans claims down.

        Secret code.

    2. Ben. I’m one of these veterans. With this TBI. I have no clue how to file suit

      What do veterans like me. Have to do. Have to know. Joe do we find help

      I just obtained all my mri record’s

      1. THE VA DEATHCARE IS A FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY AFGE UNION CONTRACTS FROM HELL VA KILLS VETS FOR THE BONOUS @$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4

    3. Now im 63 years old and im a disabled vet. My last kid is 15, he stay with me and also disabled. The umc hospital messed up two surgeries on him and get paid a dime. The city police made me messed up my last car. For over 30 years the va and bva been messing over my case. Every time i when the case the va and bva will root back. They even pay a private lawyer on last end of the game from Ohio name Michael j mooney 5,480 and still want pay me or the kids. Every time you turn around what makes things so bad me and my son on a fix income, social security messing with us trying to cut of the lil check we is getting dolphuscollins Jackson ms x veteran and civil right person for all people rights. (fight of a veteran is the name of my video on YouTube )check it out I NEED A ATTORNEY TO FILE A WRIT MANDAMUS AGAINST THE VA
      P.s.this is dolphus collins again jks ms from benton ms country .black xarmy man e2 rank stay now jks ms 63 age no bad record no drugs no drunk love god .love people .civil rights for vets and people .two all people on facebook and people that love god and love all people and my friends onfacebook ..look up dolphus collins on facebook. And cha 16 teen and cnn news report onfacebook about my self and the va bva .help me help vets .help me keep the va bva in the spot light .this could be you are your wife kids are people .thanks dolphus collins news 16 teen cnn news va story on facebook thanks share it

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