Big Bucks: Former VA Secretary Lands Deal With Veterans Affairs

VA Secretary

VA Secretary

CGI Federal, a Canadian owned company headed by former VA Secretary James Peake will use predictive technology as VA’s newest collections company.

CGI Federal will use predictive technology to collect on overpayments for community care. Community care is basically Veterans Choice, and it will be run under a branch of CGI Group, a $20 billion tech company based in Canada. Not the United States but Canada.

Former VA Secretary James Peake heads CGI Federal and has since 2014.

Peake is a retired lieutenant general and West Point alumni who went on to head the Department of Veterans Affairs from 2007 to 2009.

Big Bucks VA Secretary In Government Contracting

Prior to his selection as VA Secretary, he was CEO of QTC Management, one of the leading government contractors providing compensation and pension disability examinations for the agency. Before Peake, QTC employed VA Secretary Anthony Principi. Principi served as VA Secretary under both Clinton and Bush.

After working at VA, Peake was immediately hired by CGI Group and subsequently led its CGI Federal government contracting branch. In 2014, Peake finally took over as head of CGI Federal.

This selection is an example of just how much money is involved at the highest levels of the agency both before and after serving as VA Secretary. Do not feel too bad for former Secretary Bob McDonald. He will get another high paying gig if he wants one.

Irony Of Collections For Veterans Choice

The irony being the most community care providers through Veterans Choice have struggled for months to get payments for services rendered. Instead of hiring an advanced tech company to figure that mystery out, VA has instead hired a company to go after the few community providers who were paid.

What CGI Technology Does

The services will be provided under CGI ProperPay technology. That tech predicts, tracks and identifies improper payments. It then recovers those payments. That tech is sold by CGI Federal Inc, which is solely owned by CGI Group Inc., the fifth largest tech firm in the world.

“We are honored to perform this vital service on behalf of our nation’s veterans,” said Michael Garbus, Vice-President, CGI. “CGI’s healthcare compliance team offers proven experience for large federal and commercial clients with results-oriented technology that provides efficient and effective audit and recovery services. For the VA, the result will be recovered funds available for the ongoing care of those who have served and sacrificed for our country.”

According to the press release, which conveniently leaves out the price of the contract, explains CGI ProperPay as being:

“[A] solution that imports claims data, performs advanced analytics to identify improperly paid claims, tracks progress and performs required communication and reporting. CGI ProperPay is configurable to an organization’s specific business rules and reimbursement methodologies. Its predictive analytics, workflow management, rules management and global best practices operate in a secure cloud environment, offering superior elasticity and power.”

Given how profitable running VA has been, both before and after selection, what exactly do you suspect David Shulkin MD has to gain from his selection?


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  1. Just received an E-mail from US Veterans on LinkdIn regarding plans the VA has for a meeting coming up affecting our VA Health Care System. Check it out since it wants input from those of us who care about how we get ‘screwed’ over at times……

    1. @Gary – Make a comment on LinkedIn that the VA needs to have a system set up during office visits. When things come up that is a problem or off the wall, the PCP can take note of the situation right in front of the Veteran when things happen. Then the PCP can read the information back to the Veteran to make sure the it is correct.

      In this way, there will be less errors, better clarity, and the issues will not be skewed or taken out of proportion. I don’t have a LinkedIn account, and not doing it for the VA, so if your or any one who is going to participated make note of this if you post a comment at LinkedIn?

      1. Anyone can comment, and it’s going to be held in Washington, DC May 15-18 at the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel, the contact phone is 646-378-6022 for more information if a person wants to speak up. Quite a few Vets on this Site have ideas they could share with these people who are going to try and change things. Some are not Veterans and may not give a damn about Vets just their own pockets.

    2. Gary, link in quotes please. If you don’t put quotation marks front and end of link your post will go into a stall.

  2. 02/02/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Peake was over at QTCM/Lockheed and now he is is at CGI in Canada.

    The smell is getting back—-1998 Cox Report is a must read.


    Don Karg

  3. After four months and many hours on the phone, I’ve finally started to get the Veteran’s Choice program working for my husband. After reading this article, though, I feel like it’s the the beginning of the end for Veteran’s Choice. And then I read another of today’s posts, ‘VA Spent Billions Without Denting Doctor Hiring Problem.’ The two seem related, don’t they? As another personal note and one of the main reasons (besides being 63 miles from the nearest full-service VA facility) for using Veteran’s Choice, my husband’s local Community-Based Outpatient Clinic was without a Primary Care Provider for six months in 2016.

    1. I think you are right PJ. Too much greed taken out on the set up. Wasn’t organized and continues corruption. Especially billing VA and Patient. And getting away with it because the VA isn’t sending us copies of Bills they have paid.

      I think some are ACO (Accountable Care Organization) contracts but without adequate controls either. But because it is privatized it may be harder to stop. Just veterans will have to continue to fight every year for that authorization letter.

  4. same here nutter 30 years…………if I would have killed someone I would have been paroled long before that.

    1. @cj – Yeah, you could’ve been married when you went in. And that spouse could’ve said, “you jerk, I’m not putting up with this anymore, your never home.” She gets a divorce, moves on. Then you get out, still a young buck sprouting his horn(s), shootz you find another one. Don’t let you wife see this post. Delete it. I’ll be called “baka” by someone then.

      Really, TAPS this time. Have a good nights sleep. Don’t forget to take your stool softeners.

  5. For your back have you ever received a toradol injection from the V.A.? My personal doctor keeps it in her office incase I need an injection. No side effects, and you can get as many as you need. It’s not like hydrocodone where your limited to only 3 injections a year.

    1. @cj – Yeah, and since I’m not Italian but I have a good friend who is, I talk while waving my hands. I knocked.out my wife because she got in the way. Meds are making my head nod.

      1. @cj – Dang nam Brother, send me some of those muscle relaxers that work good for me. The dealer next door has them. May be I can find a crooked Pharm Tech in the parking lot of the VA. I bet you there are a lot of deals happening there.

      2. @cj – Yeah, I’ve been through 2 trial and errors trying many different types. Only one works for me, called Carisoprodol [Soma]. PCP’s can’t say it let alone spell it.

      3. @cj – Brother, getting close to 4am. Got to rest up for tomorrow. Surprises will be a coming my way. Got some rest. Hey, don’t you got something to make you sleep. Send it with your next post.

      4. Midwest here only 2:46 yeah i like to take an extra dose of Morphine that puts me out. Ok Nutter sleep well talk soon. Goodnight to you and the Mrs.

      5. @cj – Sometimes I watch them to get a different perspective on news that I believe our news is missing something. Yeah, the dam commie propaganda. I better be quiet, they’ll be flagging me as an outsider. I already feel like an outsider. I’m trying to be an insider, so I can slip my hand under the Pharmacy window and grab a big bottle of those dam muscle relaxers that do work. I’ll figure it out.

      6. Same I told the wife, that I have to listen to other countries new to get the real news because all we have here is propaganda. She thinks I’m nutz, I tell here we are at war our country is being invaded, and soon it will be taken over if we don’t stop the takeover.

      7. @cj – I usually sig my coffee. Is that a new humanistic technique that I should know? Licking my coffee?

      8. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I didn’t catch that till you pointed it out. I learned how to do that by watching the dogs have at it.

      9. @cj – Been married for 30 years and the wife still has to watch out for me. LOL Now my mother in law is Japanese. She refers to me as ‘baka.” I thought it was something nice until I looked it up after other older Japanese were giving me flippant eye movements when they heard the word “baka.”

  6. @ANutterVet: Is there a way to pm on this blog? I was also thinking, you think it would be a good idea or a bad idea if Ben was to setup a skype, or some other type of instant messenger, so we could all have group discusions? or, do you think there will be to much fighting, and things getting out of hand?

    1. Nevermind, I can see what a terrible idea that is. Everyone has different typing speeds etc. So some would have a hard time trying to answer before things went in another direction. Then veterans would feel left out, and I wouldn’t want anyone to feel like that. Dumb idea.

      1. cj- I wouldn’t say its a dumb idea. I’d say it’s a dam stupid idea, you asinine fart. LOL Forgive Brother, I stole Dennis’s joint that he left outside, he’s going to be pissed. Ah, the heck with him, he’s got plenty growing in his greenhouse. [LOL again] No I’m only razzing you.

        I just don’t know all of the ins and outs that may apply to setting things up.

      2. cj- I’ve been researching modular vaporizers so that I can bio hack [legally self medicate], because of the muscle spasms that persistently bother me. It distracts me from learning things, concentrating, spending time with my wife, and doing things with my furry 4 legged son. This has been an issue that the VA wants to solve in their own Evidence Based Criteria. I had no problems being treated with muscle relaxers in the past. Then when the VA got into the mix, well, lets say its been a challenge that is all on me.

        R U still up and about? Its 1:55am in my part of the states.

      3. @cj – I forgot to put the “at’ sign on my responses. Check my comments. My wife found a few anti-anxiety meds that was stashed away [VA calls it squirreling]. So I took some tonight. Then when I give my blood test, they will say, you told us that you didn’t have anymore of that medication left. Then I’m going to get accused of squirreling again. That’s our healthcare friends, the vaginal VA.

        Check the other comments I posted.

      4. @cj – What did you do, slip off the throne while holding your laptop? The meds are kicking in a bit. I feel la la land around approaching. R U still awake?

      5. @cj – Brother I’m starting to nod out some. Going to call it a night. I think you idea has merit for certain situations for when others can use personal help or when they want to chat privately. I meant no harm with my joking with you. I’ll most likely get back on sometime tomorrow. Have a good night. Lights out on deck.

      6. @ANutterVet: Bro, I am not thin skinned lol, you can say anything you want to me, I promise I wont get butt hurt. I actually like it when people can speak freely, however they wish to speak. I was writting a post, and in that time you posted many. I was way to slow in getting back at ya. Sleep well, and check my post about toradol.

      7. @cj – I already did see your post on toradol. Got to hit the sack my Brother. Good night. I’ll let you know what happens later tomorrow. Appt in early afternoon. In closing, I must say you did rip J a good one. His anal pathway should have been burning really well. In retro spect, we put up with wayyyyy to much of his bs.

    2. @cj – I’m not well versed in pm and im ing along with social media. Believe it or not, I never have used them. I’ll be looking for a mentor to help me out in the very near future. I think it could be a good idea to use alt [I didn’t offend anyone did I? I want to be sensitive]] ways to communicate.

      To hinder any family feuding, may be signing a off on some sort of simple agreement. You know cj, in my experience, I haven’t come across many individuals like J. I wish he was more sensitive. There are online, but I don’t think there’re as many that participate in Ben’s blog. The sad thing though, is that when one chimes in, you’ll pick up on it as soon as something comes up where they have to push their agenda. If not, they will ridicule, whine, and get out right dirty. I’ve come across worse than J’s behavior.

      I think it was a good thing that Ben picked up on it and did some background checking. Ben gave J the benefit of the doubt. For personal communication, so that individuals can share contact information and to help others, I think your idea is a good one. What can be done on Ben’s blog? I truthfully don’t know.

      All I know [wait for it], is that if someone can digitally send me my muscle relaxer of choice, then I’m all for it even more. LOL Really, like a situation with Lisa or James, it may be a very good idea. Ben would have the final say. May be you might want to think about personally emailing him.

      1. The day I went for my MRi, listening to talk radio, they were talking about the left had a new plan to go to sites, and “shame” President Trump voters into regreting their decision, like little childeren that didn’t get their way. I wonder if J was one of those paid aggitators? I have not been here long enough to know anyone yet. I mean to know how they roll etc. For the most part, about every veteran, and veteran family member, I have seen post here are some of the smartest, and real genuine people I have ever seen post to a blog. I am still feeling my way around, and I expect to get smaked down a few times along the way till I learn the ropes, so to speak. Most sites I visit I never post a single thing, although I will follow it for years. For some reason here, I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut. I think I may just do that for a while. You guys are talking about some serious things here, and my mind can’t keep up. I don’t want to become a distraction. Know what I mean? I have posted more in the last couple of days than I have in my entire life. Maybe I should just listen for a while and learn a thing or two. Most alt ways of communication are pretty simple, free and secure. some have unbelievable encryption point to point. Meaning nothing you say can be copied, intercepted etc.

      2. @cj – May be J was part of them verts. Assholes. It gets on my nerves. Good thing Ben picked up on it. Tried both medications, and the first one don’t work, the other makes my heart race. I want my muscle relaxers. Do you know any relatives in the Pharmacy? Shootz, they [VA employees] get what they want.

  7. @James Allen Smith – For Your Information [FYI] and to save you money; James you many want to consider visiting your local library for help with learning to use your computer. Many have free classes to sign up for, or you can talk to the librarian at the Information Desk.

    Let the person know that you’re a complete nincompoop [no pun intended] when it comes to computers. Plainly, act like you know squat about these things they cal computers. Good librarians will be more that glad to take you under their wings and show you the ropes. If they’re a good instructor, they will get extremely happy by watching you learn and take off on your own. This will give the librarian an ego boost.

    Then you’ve accomplished many things; you learned computers, you made a friend who knows about computers, and you will then have a contact person to ask about other computer related things that you want to learn.

    And, if there aren’t any community libraries close by, check with a local school nearby. This could be a little tricky, because you may not be allowed on property or as a safety measure, they may not allow citizens to interact with students.

    Check your newspapers as well. Sometimes organizations may list free classes. Check the Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, or other organizations. If you find a good mentor, you’ll have fewer hurdles while learning computers. Good luck Brother. I hope this helps

  8. @Seymour; If… there are other contracts out there, and not finalised, can they be found? No more surprises.. POTUS, I was led to believe, was on top of this kind of S..T. Isn’t there a time period after signing? Who requested the check be paid? Seymour, I don’t want any more surprises. @Namnibor, I think you have a very good handle on the VA. @Cj Good to hear you laugh. God Bless the Veterans and their families. @Lisa, Veterans don’t forget about our brothers and sisters.

  9. Do not forget to watch the Shulkin confirmation hearings tomorrow (Wed Feb 1 @ 2:30 Pm) – and remind your Congressional reps to attend – if you want to hear for yourselves what he plans to do. Letting everyone know you will be watching may make Congress ask the tough questions we, ourselves, would ask him directly if we got the chance!

  10. It took Dr. Eric Hannel, former Congressional investigator, to get my husband’s Choice primary care provider paid 1 yr. retro that she had never received. Now they will be investigating her? Has the VA absolutely no shame? (No need to answer that!)

  11. Build a wall. Along the northern border between the U.S. and Canada. Send all other ex-VA Tycoons left in this country to Skull Island as a sacrifice to the Mighty King Kong.

  12. Legionella back at Pittsburgh.

    “Legionella bacteria detected at VA Pittsburgh, system issues water restrictions”, by Brian Zimmerman, January 31, 2017

    “This is not the first time VA Pittsburgh has dealt with Legionella: From 2011 to 2012, 22 veterans across the VA Pittsburgh Health System were infected with Legionnaires’ disease, and six of them died.

    A CDC investigation determined the copper-silver ionization system at the facility had failed to adequately protect the water supply from Legionella. CDC officials then persuaded the VA to switch to a chlorine disinfection system, which the agency preferred. However, a separate internal investigation conducted by the VA’s Office of the Inspector General found the VA’s employees to be at fault for not properly maintaining the copper-silver disinfectant system.

    In December 2016, the CDC launched its own internal probe into the agency’s handling of the outbreak investigation after emails surfaced revealing potential bias on the part of agency investigators.”

    “Routine water testing at Veterans Affairs Pittsburgh Health System identified Legionella bacteria in sinks at its University Drive campus. In an effort to prevent infections, the VA has issued water restrictions at the facility.

    Legionella can cause Legionnaires’ disease, a more virulent form of pneumonia. About one in 10 people who get Legionnaires’ disease will die, according to the CDC; but as of Jan. 28, there have been no cases of hospital-acquired Legionnaires’ disease reported at VA Pittsburgh.

    From Jan. 6 to Jan. 27, nine sinks across the University Drive campus tested positive for Legionella. Additionally, two separate supply lines tested positive for the bacteria. VA Pittsburgh implemented water restrictions on Jan. 28, and the restrictions are scheduled to last 14 days.”


    1. Seymore, What’s the meaning for the acronym in Military jargon of “OOOPS”? Maybe they need to hire Veterans who know how to keep water clean in adverse conditions so their Buddies don’t die?

    2. Seymore,
      Right now on Channel 9 news, WFTV -Orlando, FL., a doctor said “rodent droppings” cannot affect a person’s health unless breathed in. (This is in response to a high school down here that has a large rat infestation.)
      He said the droppings would have to be dry to cause a health concern. I’m paraphrasing his statements.

      The wife just said, “What would happen if the rats piss and shit on/in the foodstuffs at the school? That can’t be healthy!”
      I see a real large law suit getting ready to happen!!!!

      1. Maybe someone should send some rat dropping sprinkles for the Med school cafeteria where this doctor got his degree at. But hell he is working for the department of public health so we can pretty much guess what country he is from so the only real question is how much did he pay for his degree.

      2. That damn fool shouldn’t be anywhere near a health facility.

        Clearly he has never heard of Hantavirus, or many other diseases spread by rodents dating back to the Dark Ages.

    3. Just last year or so at the Marion Ill, VAMC they had a Legionella Outbreak that killed quite a few Veterans and it got SO BAD that the CDC had to come in and take-over that Veteran Retirement Home because the VA could not or would not properly follow protocol, let alone a daily protocol…and that’s before all the deaths from surgical infections there….this shit does not fly and not often at all in the private medical because there’s that thing called accountability.
      At this point, I am thinking the VA must ADD legionella to the water as a feature to keep patients coming back…it happens in a systemic rate of occurrence with the VA way beyond private medical stats. Unacceptable lazy no ethics union employees doing the least required and even less than that to perform their jobs. Meat Loafing at the VA.
      Rant Out…sort of…my butthurt snowflake activist friend was pepper sprayed in a protest last night, called to ask if I knew how to get it off…I suggested more pepper spray… 🙂 🙂

      Cry…or Try again Snowflake.

      1. Remember when it wiped out the leadership of the American Legion? At the convention of the American Legion at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia. Of the 182 reported cases, mostly men, 29 died. That was in July of 1976.

        The American Legion certainly changed immediately after that.

      2. Of course that was back when the American Legion was still running the Pershing Hotel in Paris and using it as a Brothel and for money laundering.

      3. I was thinking the same thing nam, why is it so prevalent at VA hospitals?

        Is it because they have no serious inspection of their facilities? Is it because a director looks on his maintenance budget as discretionary and decides to spend it on art for his office?

      4. Underfunding. Hospitals need to be stripped down and sterilized every 5 to 10 years. Completely new drywall, etc. This hasn’t been done in most VA hospitals for 30 to 40 years.

        This used to be rotated periodically from wing to wing. That is what happened to Tripler during the Bush admin. Just couldn’t handle the build up of disrepair any longer. Moving Tripler to Navy Bethesda hasn’t done a lot of good. And probably the funds were diverted by Sec VA to build new facilities that were rat holes in cost overruns in order to put their name on a cornerstone.

    4. I would really like to know what is so damn hard about the VA keeping things clean enough to prevent Legionaires.

      Why is it this problem is so prevalent at VAs, but is not found nearly as much in other hospitals?

      Is it because the VA has yet to figure out they need to sterilize dental, colonoscopy and other surgical equipment that they’re too stupid to figure out how to keep their water systems clean?

      1. From the VA urinal to the water supplying surgical, it must all form one arched golden flow. 🙂

    1. Why go to Canada and not get a job? You can get the same bad treatment here. Veterans Preference doesn’t exist. Never did never will, and it goes all the way back to the 70’s. It’s Political connections over Preference….

    2. Not at Starbucks, Charles. They only want “unvetted refugees to man the cash registers”.

  13. @cj – Did you purposely set me up with the 1-800-eat-shit number? For curiosity I called it, recording went something like, “Hey there, are you ready to have some fun.” I then checked this outfit out, and it is owned by an ex-VA Secretary. Who you working for Brother? Get out of that hole. LOL

    1. @ANutterVet: LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Best come back of the century……………………….HAHAHAHAAAAAAA

  14. @ANutterVet: So right about not knowing what to expect. You know, it just occured to me WHY they issued me hearing aids, it is because I have been listening to way too many assholes at the V.A. Bring your minesweeper with on your next visit.

    1. @cj – Minesweeper is my wife and my mind. Glad you gotta laugh. The number is real. I want a cut since I know I what’s going on. Using VA’s Mafioso tactics.

      1. @ANutterVet: Whatchu talkin about Willis? The number is real? wtfffff? OMFG…….I just called……….I hope I don’t get a bill for a few hundred dollars I don’t have!!!!! Hey there sexy……………….

      2. @ANutterVet: When I tell the wife what I just did she is gonna be sooooooooooo pisssssssssssed offfffffffffffffffff!!!!!

      3. @cj- You started it. Hide the number. Better have resources to pay for that. Most likely an ex-VA Secretary family or friend on the other end. Their all over the place. This scandal even reaches into the Red District. No wonder they get less for the money they spend.

      4. @cj – I never thought of that. We should’ve at least ask him if he had extra meds. Or, to make sure he moved his chair away from the window. I gotta get off here for a bit. Need to start getting tidy upped for appointment. Chatter with you a bit later. Better give a shout out to Ex va and check on him. He don’t need no more pain.

  15. Hey, namnibor,
    Your gonna love this.
    From: “The Horn News”
    Dated: 31 Jan. 2017
    By way of “The Associated Press”
    “Starbucks SLAMMED by boycott”

    Seems the CEO is wanting to hire “…10,000 refugees over the next five years.”
    He didn’t expect the backlash. The stock dropped significantly.
    There’s also a ‘poll’ one can take.
    So far, as of 4:58 pm est. there was this result—-
    97.45% say, quote; “Yes, I am a patriotic American and I support veterans!”

    Now it’s time to say to VA’s nationwide, Get Starbucks outta all VA’s ASAP!!!!!!!!

    1. Perfect scenario for a potential future act of terror: VA Concessions and Starbucks hires to work at the Starbucks within a large VAMC and brings a potential Trojan Horse right in the heart of American Vets…call me paranoid but last checked, we are still at WAR.

      Starbucks is above my pay-grade, and to be honest, it’s way over-roasted and overpriced…pissed me off when it became the only coffee available at the VAMC and all you saw as customers mostly, were VA employees…go figure.

      On a side note, Pres. Trump has ordered Blackhawk Helicopters to protect the Super Bowl from the butthurt snowflakes still protesting violently. Airports are a mess.

  16. Ohhhhh Gary, that was a HUGEEEEE BURN~~~~~~~~~~~and right on the money. Excellent point.

    Jo3n, I agree completely. If 91 Veteran is correct and this is the same company that got the contract for the aca rollout, only because a friend of Moochell’s works at that company, then this is even more messed up. The rabbit hole is so deep with internal corruption, it’s like a bad movie, where our contry is being run by the same inbred family. No money to anyone but family members. Sickening.

    1. I wonder if these people are related? It’s a family affair; introducing “The Corruptors- We Run Deeper than Any Hole You Can Think Of.”

      These people are so brave and bold. They commit their acts right out there in front and have no shame. And, I’m sure that the top administrators and other snoopers are familiar with Ben and company’s research capabilities. Proudly, I say proudly, sticking it too Veterans, again. And, in our face. It’s really getting old folks.

      I don’t know about the rest of you, but my anxiety has been skyrocketing due to all this frigging bullshit and dirty science. And, for relief, I use no meds but only nootropics. I also had to solve the problem of lazy [sleepy] bowl due to the long term use of a stimulating laxative with sennosides.

      I requested to see a poo specialist, but I was informed that all gastroenterologists were backed up. Joking. But I really did have to solve the problem.

      Question: Is anyone into vaping? If so, can you recommend a good multi-temp mod that is a workhorse with less maintenance?

      1. @ANutterVet: I am sorry ANutterVet, all proctologist are curently helping other customers, due to an overload in Washington D.C. with government officials having their heads stuck up their asses, please press 1 if you would like to schedule an appointment Aug 15th at 1400 hours in the year 2525. Again thank you for your service, and don’t forget, this next veterans day ceremonies will be held outside of the Indian embassy, so veterans in crisis, no longer have to hang up and dial 1-800-eat shit.

      2. @cj – CJ, thanks for getting the blood flowing with highly receptor activating endorphin organic compounds. I needed the russian relieve. I really don’t know what to expect on next doctors visit. They always surprise you with something. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress [IIED]. I’m surprised that we’ve not heard of an case using IIED and setting precedence.

      3. @ ANutterVet, @cj, a gastroenterologist backed up at the va!!!! Oh, the horror!!!! Hate to hear of any of their ibs problems. LOL!!!! Good laugh!!

        This article today kinda freaked me out a little. I do not like the idea even though canada is a friendly nation sometimes, but it is a foreign government having access to ex-military personnel information. I maybe a little paranoid, but i do not like them having any access to any va database, they would have everything about Veterans and i find that very disturbing. Veterans do not need any more issues concerning their rights to health privacy. Isn’t that some kinda law violation a foreign power having access to our records? Just saying???

      4. @Ex va – I agree. I don’t like my information in the hands of others, let alone across the broader up north. It’s strange, wife mentioned how all these identities get our info, but they don’t have to guarantee to protect it. They get the best of both worlds, and its all on us. Nothing has changed. Then we something happens, a breach, we have to take responsibility of cleaning the mess up.

      5. @Ex va: I am whole hardily with you. I don’t even like the V.A. having my information, let alone another country, and it is not being paranoid, your right on target. I don’t think anyone likes the idea of anyone anywhere having access to that kind of information. We entrust the V.A. as a whole to protect it, and we all know they should never have received the blind trust we gave them in the first place, But that was before, we knew they were our enemy and not our friend.

  17. This entire process that leads to 20+ Veterans suicides a day is wrong. Whomever is giving out these contracts is wrong. How did VA do this without anyone hearing about it? What’s next? Who’s driving this bus?

    1. Jo3n,

      A contract like this has to have been put up for competitive bids. Most likely long before the election while McDonald still though he was going to be in control under a Hillary Administration.

      This is a contract that slipped through under the current Obama Cling-On Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert D. Snyder.

      With the current Washington games ongoing Shulkin will not be confirmed for at least several weeks. So you can expect to hear about a few more of these money makers slipping through.

  18. It’s wrong, very wrong for a Canadian to Profit off of Veterans who served in Vietnam, since they accepted Vietnam War Draft-Dodgers.

  19. Listen brothers and sisters. If you have Medicare use it as apposed to going to
    the va for care. Or if you have any other insurance available to you.
    Find a good family doctor affiliated with a good hospital.
    The va medical system is ok for basic things but really for anything major.
    Just saying.

    1. Depends on the director of the facility, Jim. whether VA or Private. If the focus is on money you won’t have good physicians and technicians. Proper vetting won’t be done by human resources in order to hire cheap.

      A private facility 30 miles from my home is an example. wouldn’t recommend it.

    2. Hey Jim,

      You are 100% correct. No VA health care facility is trustworthy enough to provide even the basics.

  20. Every time I think the VA or some greedy contractor has finally outdone themselves with coming up with the dumbest idea on the fucking planet for stealing more money, they shock me in coming up with more.

    Exactly what vital service is a veteran receiving by having their provider treated like the VA treats a veteran and travel pay?

    According to the VAIG report released yesterday on Choice, the problem seems much more to be veterans not getting timely Choice appointments and providers not being paid at all, so they go to after veterans.

    Nowhere in the report did I read about the huge problem of money being wasted because of overcharges or overpayments.

    According to that report, providers are already paid at the Medicare rate or below, which makes it even harder for a veteran willing to provide care using Choice.

    This is nothing more than the latest bullshit excuse for another connected contractor getting their hands on a piece of the $15 billion dollar pie.

    There is NO vital service involved.

    If that were the concern, there would be a lot more emphasis on fixing the problems as noted in the report.

    Veterans not getting appointments. Veterans being given appointments with providers in another state. Veterans having their credit ruined because they can’t figure out how to pay a bill, and providers not wanting to put up with this steaming pile of BS.

    Maybe someone else recalls, but I seem to remember CGI Federal already had their fingers in some other government contract, or had some connection to some shady dealings. Anyone else remember that?

    1. @ 91 Veteran, CGI federal botched the launch of, they are a failure on the billion dollar level. This is a huge failure for va.

      1. THAT’s where I had heard of CGI…it was in the early days of the Obamacare Launch and healthcare dot gov…I KNEW I had heard negative crap about this company in last 8 years. Thanks for that jog of the memory cells.

        @91Veteran — “[Nowhere in the report did I read about the huge problem of money being wasted because of overcharges or overpayments.]” That threw me off with today’s article as well. Seems we Vets needs a firm to ensure the VA pays the freaking bill….not the other way around.

      2. Ex va, I believe you are right. I believe that is where I heard of them before…they couldn’t put together a working web site for a billion dollars.

        In fact, doing a search on CGI Federal and Obama care results in some eye opening reports from 2013, including their federal business ballooning their contracts to $8 billion in one year.

        They have contracts all over the federal goobermint, with the IRS, DISA, GSA, etc.

        They also had contracts with several states to set up their Obama care exchanges which were equally disastrous, and come to find out, they also had a contract with Canada for their health registry, which they also screwed up.

        I guess it really helped that Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate works at CGI.

        …and I expect McDonald will be working for them within 6 months.

        That was likely a secret handshake part of the contract negotiated before he was thrown out on his ass.

      3. Nam, I would like to see a review of this lunacy in 6 months.

        How much did CGI recover in improper payments compared to the cost of the contract?

        Doing a search on CGI Federal veterans brings up a PRNewswire article that has a link to CGIs Properpay program…the name for this scheme.

        CGI is actually 1 of 4 permanent auditing firms for Medicare.

        I just cannot see how this is cost effective given how bad Choice is at paying bills.

        Perhaps the VA also knows this, and this contract is to recover payments sent to the wrong damn provider.

        Hell if Choice makes an appointment for you living in the Midwest with a doctor in California, why wouldn’t they also be sending payments to the wrong doctors.

      1. That’s code for more color changing walls and furniture that seats itself and perhaps another gaggle of interior decorators.

      2. I saw that Nitewish. Almost half 9f anything allocated was spent on administrative stuff.

        Given how badly they screwed that up, CGI should be going after them for improperly paying for such incompetence.

        I didn’t read it more than once so perhaps I missed something, but it seemed shocking to me how little was actually spent in total, compared to the $15 billion given by congress.

        I must have missed something because there were rumors of Choice running out of money, and I’m sure the VA wouldn’t lie to get more.

  21. What happened with keeping the jobs in America? We don’t have enough greedy crooks? How many years will they go back to collect? Is there a way to figure what CLOSING THE VA DOWN WOULD COST IN MONEY AND VETERANS LIVES? Seems every day, the VA (someone in the VA), is asking for money that is not for Veterans. We all have a fairly good picture of what’s going on in the VA. SHUT THE VA DOWN. @Lisa, I can only speak for myself, I truly am sorry you went through what you did. I’m sure, that at this moment, there are many Veterans and their families praying for you and your family. God Bless the Veterans and their families.

  22. Everyone, please realize that some providers are like some care dealers. Some car dealers tell you that a service item is not covered by warranty and bill you the customer as well as the manufacturer for the service, essentially collecting double. Sometimes this is done as a means of (getting old, can’t think of the term for bookkeeper pocketing enterprise income) AKA bank fraud.

    This also happens with Medicare, Medicaid and other health insurance services. Be on your toes.

  23. Here’s some “original” (Patriot) singers of the 60’s and 70’s. It’ll bring back some good memories, maybe some not so good.
    Buffalo Springfield – 1967
    Barry McGuire – “Eve of Destruction”
    The Animals – “We Got to Get Out Of This Place”
    Steppenwolf – “Magic Carpet Ride”
    The Doors – “The End”

    Google any one of these, take a ride back to when “protesting” meant, and stoof, for something worthwhile!
    Enjoy the music.
    For many of you, these songs were for us. For others, it’ll be a new sound…….

  24. We’ve been at constant war now for over 16+ years. The amount of veterans returning disabled is astronomical. The VHA’s are being swamped, according to VA’s upper management (from Secretary of VA down to the lower echelon)!
    So, why isn’t there an outcry of the American People? Where are all the “Country Joe’s” or “anti-war groups”? Where are the “Smother’s Brothers” or the “Rowen and Martin Laugh-In” style shows?
    These were the “voices of patriots” of the 60’s and 70’s! They put a face on what was actually going on. How the government cabal war machine, the big businesses and big pharma was getting richer while the people, protecting their Freedoms, were dying!

    1. I was involved in the “old left” back in the day. It was largely manufactured from the top down. There is no “left” or any anti movement comparable to what was present in the 60″s. It was there as a relief valve and a detour to nay real opposition to the war.
      You can’t find it or anything like the groups you mention because they don’t exist in any real sense, they are created, put on a shelf somewhere and brought out if needed. They are creatures of intel agencies, NGO’S(Soros color movements) Think Tanks,Foundations, etc.
      There are no spontaneous “anti-anything” today. You need to be on the inside to see first hand just how contrived and manufactured they are…

      1. It’s true what you say John, and to top that off, we really haven’t heard any REAL news about the wars in the last eight years. As far as any scandals with veterans, it’s almost never reported anywhere, so the majority of Americans just don’t know what is going on. When you actually have a conversation with a ‘typical” American, they honestly have no clue. I am pretty sure only veterans know about the screw up at the records archive in St Louis, 3000 veterans records found in the woods behind the archives. Workers taking veterans records home and destroying them, workers taking one veterans records and putting them into another veterans record effectively losing them in the 3 million boxed of records, never to be seen again. It truly boggles the mind that not a single person went to jail over that.

  25. Notice it only took -11- days before Obama started poking his nose into President Trump’s policies? I just knew he was going to remain in D.C. for sole purpose of holding onto his ‘Legacy’, by being a constant fly in the ointment and thorn in Trump’s ass.

    1. @namnibor: Your correct, but as history repeats itself, it is ALWAYS the Libtard Presidents that can’t retire and keep out of the mix. Not a single Conservative President has ever chimed in on what another sitting President does, Of course this no class practice was started by no other than the great Jimmy Carter, and continued with all Liberal Presidents there after. Like all Liberals, they just can’t seem to sit down and shut up.

  26. From IBMs website;

    “IBM’s Watson for Genomics technology is expected to help in the department’s precision oncology program by providing information to help physicians identify precision treatment options for almost 30 times more patients than could be previously served.
    The collaboration is expected to greatly speed up the ability of VA doctors to help identify precision treatment options for veterans. Scientists and pathologists will sequence DNA for cancer patients, then feed de-identified genetic alteration files into Watson. Watson will generate a report for physicians that identifies the likely cancer-causing mutations and possible treatment options to target those specific mutations through a comprehensive review of existing medical literature – a data-intensive process that has been time-consuming and difficult to scale in the past.”

    hmmmmm. The permutations of possible angles to comment on this from are disorienting. However, Ben has quoted the following above;

    “[A] solution that imports claims data, performs advanced analytics to identify improperly paid claims, tracks progress and performs required communication and reporting. CGI ProperPay is configurable to an organization’s specific business rules and reimbursement methodologies. Its predictive analytics, workflow management, rules management and global best practices operate in a secure cloud environment, offering superior elasticity and power.”


    Summary – IBM Watson decides what you need. The VA can’t do it so you get Choice referral. The doctor is not a multi-billion dollar operating system and has not been programmed by the great guys at IBM. The doctor disagrees with Watson. Watson tells the new program not to pay for it. The new program takes this state of the art information and denies payment, saving the American taxpayer hundreds of dollars.

    Then, VA sends you the website information on how to restore credit ruined by non-payment. A website is created and programming done to facilitate the restoring of bad credit. Your VA counsellor, via internet conference, informs you that you can appeal Watson’s decision to IBMs shareholders which historically produce more positive outcomes than appealing to VA – the new VA tells the truth under the watchful eye of Watson

    As a bonus the vet gets input into yet another program for homeless and now crippled vets. Home help is authorized but only for assistance with walking. Watson determines you can feed yourself. Perfect.

    Is it 1984 already?

    1. You remember the old term “Garbage in Garbage out”.

      With the bogus medical records at the VA it is sure to be the largest collection of garbage ever packed into a database.

      1. Has anyone actually even seen Watson? Do they still feed him data on punch cards or have they upgraded to the 14″ floppy drive?

      2. I believe in order to “see” Watson, you have to follow a rather long and winding drama-filled yellow brick road path to “see” the “Great Watson”…watch out for those nasty poo throwing flying monkeys along the way because they too, want the Great Watson to grant them a wish or too. Hang with the poppy fields and take a load off…

      3. Not sure, but with the VA going green they might be recycling the shredded claim files for a punch card system.

        Great Photo of the Greenpeace Blip taking pictures of part of the “Cloud” while flying over it.


      4. Dennis, it doesn’t matter if anyone’s ever seen Watson.

        All that matters is their sales pitch was better than Meshkins.

        As long as IBM is attached to the name, it must be good, right?

    2. Big Brother Watson may become self-aware and just decide to recalibrate the codes and launch all tactical nukes to all -0- or -1- Star Rated VAMC’s as incentive for improvements…all Veterans will be texted in advance of launch to ensure all non-human test subjects are clear.

    3. Wa5son saves the taxpayers hundreds, it just cost them billions to do it.

      Much like this scheme with CGI. Pay many millions to a company with a wordy sales pitch to recoup hundreds.

      I mean, what the hell can they collect in overpayments when the bill isn’t paid in the first place?

      Back to Watson. Am I missing something? If de-identified data is fed in and they say Mr. For has cancer, how do they know who to treat?

      Do they just tell Sally Veteran she has prostate cancer and she needs to start chemo?

  27. Seymore,
    Wouldn’t it be hysterical *IF* all healthcare providers at VHA’s were required to take a “Senior Year Medical Exam”!
    I’ll bet at least 80%+ would fail!

  28. Given it is a Canadian company and they are taking all comers for immigrants. Is this going to be a subsided jobs program for immigrants in Canadian?

    Kind like those first year English students the credit card companies hire over in India and Pakistan to handle customer service. So they can learn a little English and start saving up enough money to buy their first bogus medical degrees before coming here to work in the VA.

    1. Not prejudice, just saying, fake degrees are a way of life over there and in the VA.

      “Operation Black: Get fake degrees at Rs. 40 thousand from Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut ”

      “UGC lists 21 fake universities in India”

      “Over 1500 fake teachers in Bihar have quit their jobs following the Patna High Court direction in fake degree cases.”

      1. Can you imagine the Doctor shortage at the VA if they suddenly required all Doctors to take a competency exam? Probably wipe out over half the doctors at the VA and tens of thousands of Visas.

        Not to worry, the nurses and aids are trained in to replace them.

  29. I googled “Veterans Administration Choice Program Billing Issues” and “Veterans Administration Patient Access Data”

    Each land me on a VA page. I trust VA website data as thoroughly as I trust my brown dog not to try to hump the legs of my guests….

    The first one is a VA page set up for veterans whose credit has been ruined because Choice did not pay what they promised. The second one is more intense as a database but the nice folks at NPR (ducking rotten cabbage now) actually tabulated the results that are so very deeply hidden; compared to this time last year there are now 70,000 more appointments taking more than 30 days to obtain. Keep in mind that these numbers are VA numbers….

    For you foreign speaking VHA doctors, VA defines the word “numbers” as “markings on paper that communicate we are doing much better than reality or history proves.”

    My God, and now they want to go after the docs they are screwing over with some programmed concoction from The Great White North??? Take off you hosers!

  30. President Trump is requiring all Sanctuary Cities to publish all crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

    Maybe it’s time for President Trump to require all VA’s, VHA’s AND VBA’s, to publish ALL crimes committed against veterans!
    That might send a message to the taxpayers on how bad veterans are being treated. Plus, where all the taxpayers monies are going.

    1. How about these CEOs wanting to hire refugees over homeless veterans…..Have President Trump investigate all of it!!!
      I absolutely love you Crazy elf!!!!!!

      1. Yeah, Starbucks just announced they will go out of their way now to give preference to hiring refugees. Starbucks not too long ago also ceased sending any free coffee to the troops because they are sympathizers with our enemy…how’s that for Veterans First? Starbucks also was to have already hired many Veterans but nothing like a ticking emotional bomb, how would a Veteran want to work side by side with someone they just came back from fighting?
        Also notice that most of these refugees are abled-bodied younger men…not a majority of woman and children? Sorry to say it but I am afraid they are just populating until the order is given then all-out Revelation Era Biblical War…and trust me, I have had a really open mind up until last 8 years…that’s spent.

        Lastly, now the Democrats decided today to boycott Pres. Trump’s agency confirmation hearings today….WTF?

        I suspect that the swamp beasts do not take kindly to change so it requires no less than complete draining of the swamp and resume sending farmers to congress. Attorneys and Corporations have royally mucked things up.

  31. Damn, sounds like we’re getting screwed AGAIN!
    I wonder how fast CGI will come after veterans compensation pay to fill its coffers. When veterans were stuck with the bill Choice was required to pay?!?!?
    Like namnibor said, “Wait for it!”

    Just like Indiana, we’re also told we aren’t allowed to use Choice here in Florida. They always come up with some excuse against It!

    1. Imagine this future new-improved VA Choice Circle Jerk now with CGI in the mix with Choice Champions and Choice Administrators:
      1) Veteran finally gets authorized to use Choice
      2) Veteran now has to tangle with Healthnet and Choice Authorizations and many follow-up calls
      3) Veteran has to deal with the medical center authorized, waiting on VA and Choice
      4) Veteran finally get to have procedure/medical care but required to sign and acknowledge Choice Authorization is NOT a guarantee to pay nor exempts the Veteran from personal financial responsibility
      5) Veteran gets several bills from medical center that Choice either refused to pay or ignored
      6) Veteran now tangling with Choice Champions and Administrators and the VA
      7) Medical Center sends Veteran to Collections for non-payment since the VA deferred to CGI
      8) Veteran receives onslaught of CGI collection threats to garnish compensation and leans on property
      9) Potential suicidal situations incurred if the VA only had proper accountability in first place
      10) CGI then collects directly off the dead Veteran’s Group Life Insurance
      11) CGI then goes after Veteran’s Surviving Family
      12) In the end, the VA never ever paid anyone but CGI and Choice Champions.

      1. You forgot the regular hole in pocket tax distributed as bonuses for all parties concerned except the Veteran or their family.

      2. Yes, I also decided to not include the circle jerk of having a prescription from a Choice Dr. but the VA not filling it or paying for it until it is looked at and signed-off by the original VA Dr. that now is on paid leave from garnishing from Choice. Wait for it…more spinning than an army of cement trucks.

      3. Connecting the dots…Exactly WHO IS CGI ?. Are there any really BIG European financial institution’s behind this ?
        Banking Families in particular…
        The story has the ring of a contradiction in terms: reimbursement for service’s that no contractor want’s to touch with a a ten foot camouflaged pole.

      4. In this case CGI is CGI Group out of Canada. Although there is the now defunct CGI that is always in the press called the “Clinton Global Initiative”.

        Oh CGI Group is also a global corporation.

      5. To be paid by future generations because the greedy 1% don’t want to pony up the way the greatest generation did for WWII and its debt aftermath during the Eisenhower administration.

    2. That was one of the things the IG looked at, and they supposedly could not substantiate…that veterans were discouraged from using Choice.

      The problem with their report is that they mostly looked at large VA hospitals…where Choice would be much less likely to be used, where a veteran might have more help in using it if they had to, or where there may be more providers participating in it.

      If they looked at smaller VAs across the country, they likely would have gotten a truer picture of Choice.

      If they wanted the truth.

  32. Dear President Trump,

    Please issue a simple order to all cabinet level organizations. They are to immediately identify “clouds”, secure or otherwise, that the United States government is either paying for or plans to pay for. As a veteran Marine training involving clouds was done substantially underneath of them. Sometimes rain came out too but I never saw a binus or nuthin! I have seen lightning come out of clouds too, but the only thing I can think of as a “secure cloud” is called “fog” in this part of the US.

    I urge you to carefully study clouds before sending government $$$ to people in foreign lands who promise to give us fog.

    Thank you in advance,

    1. Sorry for the typo. It is “bonus” not “binus”. For you VA folks from foreign lands reading this, “bonus” is pronounced “bone us”.

      1. That may be further confusing to a VA Witch Dr., as “bones in nose”, “chicken bones thrown on ground”, are way too close phonetically to “bone us”. The universal symbol that transcends all linguistic VA barriers is the almighty $, which is a ‘bone’ to a VA Witch Dr.
        However, we Veteran still get the bone in the end. 🙂

    2. Dennis,
      Have You heard Washington State is suing President Trump over the “90 halt of refugees” from 7 Islamic countries!
      Their saying, liberal Democrat Crybabies, it’s against the Constitution.
      Yet, when Obumer did a 6 month “stay” on the refugees, in 2011, they didn’t say a word.
      Just goes to show you how screwed up the Democratic Party really is!

      1. Correction:
        It should read “90 DAY temporary halt of refugees from 7 Islamic countries!”

      2. @crazyelf. I am referring to your comment on how screwed up the Democratic party is not your correction.
        I agree with you.

      3. It is not just Washington State. Amazon dot com is hrowing big bucks behind Washington state in their lawsuit and issued a statement that they are using all of their legal reaources to “work” with congress to oppose the ban.

        I am secerely limited in mobility and get all my food delivered as well as all my supplies. I just checked online and have placed 116 orders with Amazon since the start of 2016. I also have placed orders to jet dot com which is owned by Walmart and just became available here. So far I hace placed 6 orders with them.

        Want to guess where my next order will go, and the 115 orders after that, and after that? I am not political but if the prices I pay on Amazon are so inflated that the company is comfortable taking on POTUS, then I give Amazon the sound of my feet walking away.

        There are other games in town Amazon.

        Did I just hear Walmart stock tick up?….

      4. @Dennis: Thank you for that information, I am canceling my amazon account, and I will let them know why. Not that they will give a shit. But I will have my say on the phone with an actual customer service rep.

      5. @cj,

        Uh-oh. One opinion in the thick dark woods of the internet goes unnoticed and is of no concern to men of power. Two opinions joined together is a movement. I am now a dissident! Thanks a lot cj!!! I called our new POTUS a jack-ass on this blog and created an anti-super-duper-rich Amazon movement also right here on this blog. God I piss off people as easy as Obama gets
        peace prizes.

        I guess it is what I get for wanting to be the hammer instead of the nail when I post my thoughts? Sigh. I need a joint.

      6. @Dennis – Just a short notice before continuing with doing my hair before going to my appointment. Dennis, I didn’t mean any harm, but I was in need, I took your doobie. I knew you’d understand.

  33. Oh, with President Trump’s FIRING of the acting Attorney General, am thinking there’s a lot of very nervous rats at the VA and generally in the perimeter of the D.C. Swamp…loving it…getting rid of the Obama clink-ons… 🙂

      1. You mean like the current Obama Cling-On Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert D. Snyder.

        The person in charge while this new contract was approved?

        As Acting Chief of Staff of the Veterans Administration Snyder became Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs January 20th when McDonald lost his job. He is Actin Secretary until the new secretary is confirmed by congress.

      2. Would that be VA contracted toilet paper, course grit, garnet strength, spared no expense Klingon removers?

      3. You do know what the starship Enterprise and a roll of toilet paper have in common don’t you?

        They have both circled Uranus with the sole purpose to wipe out cling-ons.

    1. That bitch is an opportunistic headline grabber. The fired Attorney General was due to be terminated the moment that Trump’s nominee was confirmed – a matter of days. All she did was give the middle finger to the United States so the poor wounded dove would land on the front page of every newspaper world wide.

      She did indeed betray America and now wants to suck up the publicity for being fired from a job slated to end in just days anyway. Cunning little trollop. In the Marine Corps if you refuse to follow a lawful order by POTUS they do not fire you until you spend a VERY LONG TIME in the brig, strip you of rank, strip you of pay, then boot you out the goddamn with a dishonorable discharge in shame.

      Madame, I hold my middle finger aloft at your departure only because I am not close enough to put my boot up your ass on the way out. Good riddence to vermin.

      1. You are correct. She was a Loretta Lynch in sheep’s clothing. Pres. Trump needs to put the rest of the trash out on the lawn now.

        This bitch is a butthurt snowflake cling-on.

        (my middle fingers are upward to wave her departure as well and if I had cleats, they surely would be on the swift kick up her ass on way out)

      2. @Dennis — I even will go out on a limb and predict that she will now file a lawsuit against The Administration and USA. Then she will write a series of books on being a butthurt snowflake. Then she will work for the VA’s army of attorneys as a snowflake consultant. Wait for it…

      3. I agree. Its such a sorry commentary on how far our DOJ and the rule of law in this country has fallen that such a person can rise to such a high position, and refuse to follow the law.

  34. So that is VA speak, for they have hired a collection agency to come after Veterans for Co-pays. Along with any bills they don’t want to pay. They will just put it on the backs of Veterans.

    1. Almost like the national guard thing where they wanted to take the reenlistment bonuses back.

      1. Looks like McDonald’s real employer has been buying big in CGI Group leading up to this last minute arrangement. The New York Bank of Mellon. Who also owns major shares of Gilead, Pershing, Proctor & Gamble…

        They have been investing heavily while this deal was being set up.

        “Bank of New York Mellon Corp Has $15,165,000 Position in CGI Group, Inc. (GIB)”,
        Posted by Cynthia Vaughn on Jan 9th, 2017


        Don’t be fooled by the low number they own a much larger percentage of CGI Group.

        So no worries for McDonald he has a major payday coming. Matter of fact he owns a portion of The Bank Of Mellon from the shares he earned while work for them at P&G.

      2. Your comment about Gilead explains the big money paid from Choice for Hep C treatment as reported in the IG report yesterday.

    2. My thoughts exactly. How about this instead, an independent firm that lights a fire under the VA and forces and ensures the VA pays proper compensation to Veterans according to the VA’s own directives Title 38?

      The VA would spend $3000. to collect $2.35, that’s how low the efficiency bar is set at this point.

  35. Again, the VA got this completely ass-backwards. A firm needs to ensure the VA is PAYING THEIR BILLS…there’s no “overpayment with Choice” when they barely and rarely get paid correctly or if at all in first place.
    This reeks of nepotism good ol’ boys ring-knocker club to me…and it is…yet another Ring-Knocking Ex-VA Sec grazing off the wake of damage caused by the VA’s path…this must cease and cease now.

    Maybe Shulkin is saving a little pet garage lab project for when he is ultimately FIRED by Pres. Trump, where Shulkin will have developed a “cure” for incompetence, of which, all of the VA will be naturally immune and resistant to.
    Why CANADA? The VA could not find such a firm in USA or was that too much of a distraction when you have ex-VA Secretaries to feed?
    Again, the VA will have NO $$$$ to “collect” for overpayment on Choice and I am thinking this “deal” is more a cover for collections against Vets FOR the VA….wait for it….wait for your compensation check to be deducted for your Choice Visit when this firm cannot collect from the VA FOR payment….again, wait for it…

    1. I predict Ex-VA Sec. McDonald will be heading a firm that ensures all patrons visiting Disney Parks stay in their tidy long lines since those lines are very akin to any Veteran waiting for an important life-saving medical procedure…and as a side duty at Disney, McDonald will be handling all the “Mouse Ear Hat Contracts” with the VA since it’s indeed a Mickey Mouse Outfit and not to mention that PPG will not rehire McDonald even as a mouse trap tester, having that Disney experience helped him not one bit…

    2. You would like to think that if a federal agency had a properly functioning inspector General office, they would be looking into things like this.
      Contracts over a certain dollar amount must just be ignored since they can comprehend big numbers.

      Again, I saw nothing in the report they released just yesterday that said anything about overpayments to providers.

      This is similar to the Meshkin scam. Create a solution to a non existent problem, then have some politically connected hacks sell it to Uncle Sugar for big money.

      If this is so successful, why not expand it into all areas where the feds make payments? Medicare, Social Security, welfare, student loan payments to diploma mills, Pentagon contracting.

      1. @91Veteran – Just wanted to quickly chime in here for a moment about student loan payments. I’m taking a little break from getting all dolled up. My nails are drying [purchased professional nail polish from a company called, Secretary’s Salon- owned by a group wives of ex-VA Secretary’s]. I purchased the color called, Slick Silver. Sorry, I got sooooo excited there for a moment, let me get back to student loans.

        Lets say you’re having a disagreement with the amount that you own on your student loan(s). On top of this, you’re having financial problems and you defaulted, and your account is in collection status. Banks purchase these notes in a group, then resell them to collection agencies. If a collection agency fails to collect, therefore they make no money off of your note, they then sell off your debt to another collections agency, so on, and so on.

        Here’s the kicker. When your note is sold, most collection agencies don’t let you know before they sell off your note to another collection agency. Because your note was sold, another fee is added to your student loan account. This can go on and on.

        It’s been estimated that the debt to student loans is over $1 Trillion. There is a lot of money that can be make in this industry. The sad thing is that people are getting ripped off because of all the shuffling of the notes to different collectors. And, even though some people are justifiably having a hard time paying, they will sometimes tag an account, and put that account in the selling mix in order to shaft the person who owes student loan money.

        The rip offs and scammers are in many sectors. They could care less how the mess up a person’s financial matters. And, if you get caught in this corrupt behavior, its very hard to get it solved due to not being able to hire an attorney. And, legal aid don’t like to take on such cases. Only if you’re in this country illegally. Don’t get pissed at me for saying something that I know to be true. Back to my second coat of Slick Silver.

      2. I hear what you are saying ANutterVet.

        I included it as an example of hundreds of millions paid out in a program from the feds.

        …yet they pay hundreds of millions to CGI to go after table scraps.

      3. @91Veteran – They are going after the wrong people. Instead, they would rather put additional pressure on those who are trying their best to make ends meet. But, they always go after those that would have a harder time to get representation compared to those that have an easier access to it. Go figure, its the American way.

        A note about microbiological outbreaks- the problem is either a lack of sterilizing or disinfecting on a regular basis, especially if there is an increased probability of exposure. In other words, frigging lazy technicians and their overseers could care less. As a biologist, if I had individuals that were that sloppy in my department, I’d boot them out quicker than a NY second. Stupid jerks. You wonder if they wipe their own butts.

        Joining my wife and K9, where eating saimen noodles. K9 loves em. For those of you who don’t know about these types of noodles, its a meal for college students who are on a strict budget.

  36. Doesn’t this mean that all of my personally identifiable information will be made available for this computer firm in order for their software to make its determinations? Once the data is sent to this company in Canada (ever try suing a Canadian company? LOLZ – it won’t happen), then what to stop them from claiming intellectual rights to the data and repackaging the information for research, insurance companies (life insurance underwriterrs, liability, health insurance), or any other organization anywhere in the world?

    The term “secure cloud” to describe where all his data willbe stored needs some translating. I was a control systems programmer for 13 years. Let me tell you what a “secure cloud” is; it is a disk drive that they own. It exists in some place in the world and you and I have NO POSSIBLE WAY of knowing who has access to,it, who does access it, or how it gets accessed. Am I supposed to feel warm and fuzzy that an old VA chief is in charge??? Didn’t those guys systematically deny any problems at all wihin VA???

    And now the old VA chief says again, “There will be no problem.” Uh huh. This is more disappointing than finding your mom in bed with Santa Clause on Christmas morning and realizing that it isn’t Dad.

    1. And no idea how really secure it is. But a lot of the servers are between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wy just of I80 at 7,000 feet. Saves on cooling.

    2. You have reason to be concerned.

      One of the problems noted in the SEC filings by HealthNet last year was the loss of about 6 hard drives containing a lot of personal information.

      I can’t see this as any different. It will be on a hard drive somewhere, with possibly a system administrator who might be a little short on cash at some point and suddenly data gets sold.

      …and no US law to protect the individuals whose data is lost/sold.

  37. the result will be recovered funds available for the ongoing care of those who have served and sacrificed for our country.”…..WHAT BULLSHIT. THIS DOESN’T PASS THE SMELL TEST, JUST LIKE GEORGE CARLIN SAID ITS A BIG CLUB AND YOU AIN’T IN IT

  38. These positions are definitely filled for the perks before, during and after they take the va secretary positions. Makes me want to puke. This type of predictive analysis is to perform audits to find where the va is over paying for choice???? That is stupid, if the va cannot figure out where they are sending the checks that is an administrators problem at the va medical center. Again where is the accountability??? Talk about wasting taxpayers monies on big corporate benefits, thank you former va secretary james peake for doing a great job of robbing the Veterans.

    1. @ Dennis, you are expecting too much. The va would have to enter the correct words, like incentives, moving expenses and of course bonuses. I do not think they could spell such big words…..

    2. Why not? Then add into it a separate check for employees ripping off relocation payments, and another check for employees ripping off settlements after claiming racism and getting rehired.

      If you add the last one to check for employees who can’t show up for work, come in late or leave early, you could double this contract and fully fund proper health care.

      1. If you come in late you are supposed to leave early to make up for it according to the way the VA rules apply !!!

  39. To all veterans……….. This veterans wife is hurting, please show your love now.

    Lisa a January 31, 2017 at 12:43 am

    My husband did not take the survey because he died waiting on treatment.


    1. LISA : My condolences & best wishes to you and all other dependents/ loved ones, friends, and others!MY ACTUAL BEST WISHES ARE ALL I KNOW THAT I CAN DO. I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT WAIT TIME. {fact}THEY have hung me out to dry more than once. {another fact} IN 09/2009 the va. IT’S too long wa story for me and my three, yep count em 3 fingers to print out at 1:10 am central standard time zone. I have some true stories with documentation on their, o fuck me before I get pissed off just thinking about what our greedy ass politicians & civilian corp’s are doing to us vets., in my case 100% disabled VETERAN.. jasmittysmith@[email protected] Next I’m finished whining, ya’ll have a good one =on me!=1:34 IN THE AM.

      1. @JAMES ALLEN SMITH : Please James, copy that link posted and paste it into your browser and scroll down to find Lisa a’s post. She will not see it on this page, and she sure would appreciate your words. Thank you James.

    2. Lisa, please contact me when you can! I truly care. My husband is still alive but, do not know how much longer. The misdiagnosed him, treated him with a bunch of drugs he did not need, for years.They watch him deteriorate and did nothing, not one test! Finally, he begged fro a MRI, this was granted! It revealed he needed brain and spinal cord surgery. The VA refused, even though he is 100 percent service connected! We had to seek out private neurosurgeon. He had the surgery but it is to late, damage has been done. Sweetie, I feel so badly for you. I have more but not today! Grieve your sweet husband. Remember your wonderful memories, you shared together, they belong to the two of you! My heart cries! I do not know where you live but, if I can help I will be there in a heartbeat! I am for real, I know your pain. Someday, when you can, we will talk! Maybe you I can chance this for other veterans, waiting to long! I truly believe in a higher power and believe you will spend eternity with your husband, on God’s time. Praying for you sweet lady, from Wisconsin. We share a bond!!

      1. @Jane White: Please post this link without the quotaion marks into your browser and scroll down to Lisa a’s comment “”

        Thank you for replying to her, you will have to go to that link, I don’t think she will see the post on this page.

      2. @James Allen Smith: James, if you hold down the left mouse button, and at the same time swipe over the link between the quotaion marks, and highlight the link, then right click the highlighted link and chose copy, then double click on the address bar where it says www. until that is all highlighted, then right click and click on paste. Then all you have to do is hit enter on your keyboard. Then scroll down the posts till you find Lisa a’s post and click on the reply just under that and you can leave a message. Let me know if that is too complicated and I can copy your post here, and insert it there for you, it is really no trouble at all to do it for you. Just let me know if you got it or you need help.

      3. @Janie white: I copied your post and pasted it for you on the correct page. I do not know if Lisa a, will return to see everyones post’s or not. I also just realized I spelled your name as Jane, instead of Janie, but I did copy your entire post including your name, so it is spelled correctly there.

    3. Dennis: This is james smith ;ie; you said to copy that link posted & paste it into my browser & scroll down to find LISA’S POST. I would if I knew how to I am trying to figure out this computer stuff on my on. I payed for a class from ANGELINA college a few years ago for beginners. This so called instructor read from a manual to try to teach a class, the only thing she knew was e-mail & how to create websites to sell.

      1. @JAMES ALLEN SMITH: James, I copied your post and pasted it to the correct page for you, so if Lisa a, returns to where she left her post she will see it.

  40. More NON – USA outsourcing? Canada? None of that makes sense, and doesn’t seem to be a good thing to me. Handing off more tax dollars to (cough cough) ‘socialist’ country who hates us, and wants us to be as fascist and lose freedoms like them?

    Their press release is a mouthful and another joke leaving me with a few questions about Cloud ‘secure,’ to ‘global best’ rhetoric.

    Meanwhile unknown groups of vets here in Indiana were told never to use “Veterans Choice” ever. Not even for emergencies. So what gives with all the propaganda and the refusals from all over refusing to investigate this stuff, along with the threats?

    There must be really big money at the top regardless of who it is. And something smelly when costs and numbers are conveniently side-stepped like with other things happening at the VA and government.

    Did anyone catch some of the signs on the news at some of those airport protests? “SEIU” AFGE, MoveON, AFL-CIO, ACLU, and others I couldn’t make out that fast? The communist come out for ruination of the nation but not for vets, odd. While tax dollars feeds another foreign corporation under a umbrella of betterment (sic).

    Meanwhile Indiana college towns, WFYI, PBS, colleges/college presidents, Chambers of Commerce, etc. are coming out for the illegals and refugees, but don’t want anything to do for ALL vets. Yet refuse to get involved in nefarious veterans affairs and issues unless it’s propaganda and lies. Wanting refugees to come work in our health fields and hospitals/colleges? Nuts.

    Bovine excrement keeps getting deeper, deeper, and shows what it’s eating by the spoors.

    1. We’re are a “endangered species”. Maybe we should be put on a list of some sort…:-)

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