VA Attorney

BUSTED: Baller VA Attorney Misused NVVF Charity Funds, VA Resources

VA Attorney

VA OIG finally confirmed allegations focusing on abuse of authority of the worst rated NVVF veterans charity founder and VA attorney following a CNN investigation.

My readers and I have followed this story for many months about the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation and its founder, VA attorney J Thomas Burch Jr. Our concerns were not only that Burch misused charity funds intended to Vietnam veterans but also that he may be abusing his authority within the agency. We now know Burch enjoyed a high-level position within VA OGC and that he improperly used agency resources and charity donations for his own financial gain.

Burch Rolls RoyceWe now know Burch enjoyed a high-level position within VA OGC and that he improperly used agency resources and charity donations for his own financial gain to live like a baller. He even owned a Rolls Royce with a license plate “MY ROLLS”.

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VA Attorney Investigation Background

Earlier this year, CNN investigated the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation (NVVF) for its ranking as the “worst” veterans charity. The NVVF received millions each year in donations from Americans earned through using robot callers. Practically all of the funds were misallocated rather than going to the veterans his donors intended to support.

Despite this finding addressed below, Burch is still employed at VA, but he will likely exit stage right very soon.

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When the story first broke last spring, VA and the press downplayed Burch’s role at the agency, stating he was a mere attorney. VA even denied knowledge of Burch’s charity scheme despite numerous photos with senior VA leaders.

VA Lied To CNN McDonald BurchBut my investigation suggested he was more than a mere attorney, and the newest IG investigation report revealed as much about Burch:

“Currently, Mr. Burch is serving as the Deputy Director of OGC’s Homeland Security, Operations, Legislation, and Docket Division within OGC’s Office of Management, Planning and Analysis. Mr. Burch’s official duties have consisted of serving as OGC’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer, National Alternative Dispute Resolution Officer, VA’s Integrated Operations Center Representative, and VA’s Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (CFBNP) Steering Committee Representative.”

Did you know VA even has a deputy director for Homeland Security inside the agency? What exactly do you think a person does in that capacity?

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Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim NicholsonThis attorney who we now know abused his authority and ripped off generous Americans was working as a high-level attorney within VA. Once the allegations surfaced, Burch had his top-secret security clearance pulled.

Do we think he accessed personal information of certain veterans for purposes other than official VA business while deputy director?

I would love to get my hands on the description for that position within VA.

J Thomas Burch Apology To New Yorkers

IG reviewed the findings of New York Attorney General (AG) into Burch’s lavish lifestyle and spending habits while he purported worked at VA, using agency resources to further his nonprofit’s agenda. Burch agreed with the findings and even issued an apology to the people of New York including “the Veterans of the Vietnam War.”

In the letter, Burch acknowledged that he basically ripped off generous Americans:

“Those checks added up, and in 2014 we had a record year for donations reaching nearly $9 million. About 90% of your money went to our fundraisers; that is unacceptable. Much of the rest was not spent in the manner we described when we solicited money from you. This letter is also my apology to the people that we used as a prop in order for our fundraisers to collect money – the veterans of the Vietnam War.”

Charity Funds To Wine And Dine Women

The findings of the NY AG included that he used charity funds to wine and dine women that had little to nothing to do with veterans and everything to do with his “expensive lifestyle and tastes”:

“Burch could not justify the hundreds of thousands of dollars of [NVVF] money that he spent since at least 2010 to support his expensive lifestyle and tastes. This included using [NVVF] funds to pay for foreign and domestic travel, frequenting night clubs in the Baltimore area on a nearly weekly basis, ordering excessive and expensive food and drink at meals at the country’s top restaurants and lavishing gifts (both monetary and otherwise), on women that had either no or only a tangential relationship to a veteran.”

VA OIG Conclusion

The report is worth a look. The agency watchdog concluded:

“The evidence developed during the course of the investigation indicated that Mr. Burch engaged in conduct prejudicial to the Government. Mr. Burch also used his official VA position for private gain by using his membership on the CFBNP committee to identify and participate in various veteran events in which he dispersed the NVVF guidebooks that included a solicitation for donations. Participation in these events also elevated the stature and exposure of NVVF, which were seen as important considerations that were reflected in his NVVF compensation. Furthermore, the evidence reflected that Mr. Burch misused Government resources and official time by participating in a significant number of NVVF related telephone calls, NVVF related text messages, and sending NVVF related emails during on-duty hours.

“Mr. Burch is an attorney for VA with ethical and professional obligations. Additionally, evidence developed by the OIG and shared with the Office of the Attorney General of the State of New York, contributed to Mr. Burch admitting he breached his fiduciary duties to NVVF, and he used NVVF funds for his personal benefit. As an attorney and supervisor with the VA OGC, Mr. Burch is expected to adhere to a higher standard of conduct, both on-duty and off, and put the interest of the VA and veterans first. However, his behavior, as described in this report, only served to tarnish the reputation of VA and diminish the trust of veterans. His actions were indeed prejudicial to the United States Government.”

It sounds like Burch will be terminated from the agency for his actions. Let’s hope it sends a sharp message to other senior employees engaged in similar conduct.

In addition to the report, VA OIG also issued this press release on the matter which is posted below in its entirety:

VA Office of Inspector General Releases Administrative Investigation Report Concerning John Thomas Burch, Jr.

WASHINGTON – The VA Office of Inspector General (VA OIG) issued an administrative investigation report that found that John Thomas Burch, Jr., who is employed as an attorney in the VA Office of General Counsel (OGC), engaged in conduct prejudicial to the Government, misused his VA position for his private gain and misused government resources in connection with his outside employment as Chairman of the Board and President of the veterans’ charity, National Vietnam Veterans Foundation, Inc. (NVVF). The Department of Veterans Affairs requested that VA OIG investigate Burch’s activity with the charity after media stories questioned his relationship with the veterans’ charity and exposed the charity’s poor record of helping veterans and financial mismanagement. Mr. Burch’s conduct, as described in this report, served to tarnish VA’s reputation and diminish the trust of veterans, which is paramount to the success of the Department.

“VA employees are held to high standards and are afforded a special public trust to execute their duties properly for the benefit of veterans and the American people,” said Michael Missal, Inspector General, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General. “The VA OIG’s investigation found that Mr. Burch engaged in conduct prejudicial to the Government, and misused his position and government equipment for his own personal enrichment. As a lawyer for VA with ethical, fiduciary, and professional obligations, his conduct is particularly disturbing and repugnant.”

The OIG report contained three recommendations. VA concurred in all of them. In addition, VA notified OIG that it initiated the process for Mr. Burch’s removal from federal service after reviewing the OIG’s evidence.

The VA OIG also worked in collaboration with the New York Office of the Attorney General Charities Bureau (NYAGCB), sharing evidence that resulted in Mr. Burch admitting he breached his fiduciary duties to NVVF and used Foundation funds for his personal benefit. The NYAG issued an Assurance of Discontinuance against Mr. Burch. In that Assurance, Mr. Burch agreed to findings that he breached his fiduciary duties to the NVVF by, among other things, engaging in a pattern of abuse, mismanagement, and misspending of NVVF’s revenues. Aside from paying fund raisers the great majority of the donations collected, Mr. Burch used the NVVF funds to pay for his foreign and domestic travel, frequent visits to nightclubs, and lavishing gifts and money on women who either had no, or only a tangential, relationship to a veteran.

“There is nothing more shameless than exploiting military veterans in order to enrich oneself. The actions of this charity and its founder are appalling,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “This organization took advantage of the good will of millions, yet failed to fulfill nearly all of its promises to help those who have sacrificed for our nation. This settlement sends a clear message that charities will not get away with fleecing donors in New York.”

Under the terms of the Assurance, Mr. Burch has agreed to pay $100,000 to the N.Y. Department of Law, and repay $5,331 to the charity. Mr. Burch has also issued an apology to the People of New York and the Veterans of the Vietnam War. He also agreed to never again handle charitable funds, refrain from serving in any non-profit, religious or other charitable organizations, and to cooperate with NYAG’s ongoing investigation.

The VA OIG conducts oversight of VA and its programs and operations, providing independent and objective reporting to the VA Secretary and the Congress for the purpose of preventing and detecting fraud and abuse, and bringing about positive change in the integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness of VA. To report potential criminal activity, fraud, waste, mismanagement, or other abuse, contact the VA OIG hotline at [email protected] or



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  1. From; “NEWSMAX”
    “Trump Vows to Begin Criminal Deportations Immediately”
    Sunday, 13 Nov. 2016

    There’s 136 comments. Mostly from conservative viewers.

    Don’t forget Mr. Trump on “60 minutes” tonight.

  2. Here’s something I just remembered from a (special) news report from the CDC last night.
    Seems the CDC wants all “baby boomers”, those born between 1945 & 65, to have their primary care physicians to check for “Hep C”!
    They claim “…1 out of 30 have [it] and don’t know [it]!”
    They also state, regular “…blood work will not detect it!” It would have to be requested.
    I wonder if the VHAs’ physicians will be willing to do this?! If not, then those who won’t, should resign before Jan 21, 2017.
    I also believe there will be a mass migration from VA early next year!!!!

    1. Our luck as Veterans would be that “mass migration of rats from the V.A. Titanic” would all jump to HealthNet and then somehow Veterans actually are allowed full ‘Choice’ and have to deal with the same cupcakes all over again working at HealthNet…rats are keen survivors.

      1. namnibor, looks like “George Soros Ups the Ante” to $35/hr to the “crybabies” to protest. Plus they must be willing to protest “…for 10 hours!”
        Also, if a protester just shows up, “dressed appropriately”, (in a red shirt), they will be paid $50.

        How’s that for DEMOCRACY at work?

      2. Today, on Fox, Trump is looking for 4,000 new replacements (for) positions in the government.
        I’ve got a real good feeling Mr. Trump will drain that corrupt swamp!

    2. I’ve been hepC tested 3X by the VA. All negative. I asked for the tests due to them using the air gun for immunizations.
      I read this the other day: I know my son ate fish in S. Korea. Men who served in the Vietnam War and ate raw or poorly cooked fish, sometimes while on patrol in the jungle after their rations ran out, could have been infected by liver flukes. Left untreated, they can experience symptoms related to bile duct cancer decades later.
      Rare bile duct cancer that may be linked to time served in the Vietnam War is quietly killing some former soldiers. The disease can be caused by liver flukes, a parasite found in raw or under cooked fish that is common in parts of Asia. Some veterans are fighting for the Department of Veterans Affairs to recognize their disease as service-related so they can receive benefits, but most claims are denied. Liver flukes are parasites ingested in raw or under cooked freshwater fish. They are endemic in parts of Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, along with other areas, mainly in China and South Korea.

  3. Here’s a few “Fox News” articles out today, 13 Nov. 2016.
    “Full Newt Gingrich Interview: Trump Works to Assemble Members Of Administration”
    (11:47 minutes)
    “Jason Chaffetz Full Interview Today 11/13/16 Trump and Congress & Tax, H.R.C fbi…”
    (05:49 minutes)

    “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!”

  4. Now, let’s talk about this.
    From: “GOP The Daily Dose”

    “Clinton Family Preparing Chelsea for a Congressional Campaign”

    Nov. 12, 2016
    By; Harry Gibbs
    This writer is definitely not a Hillary supporter!
    Those damn Clinton “undead” just won’t stay “undead”! Maybe it’s time for that ‘proverbial steak through the heart’!

    Oh, and here’s another little juicy story coming out. Y’all have probably heard the Clinton’s were caught remodeling their Chapaqua, N.Y., home “…without building permits”!
    Here’s another little twist to that. Seems they not only used campaign monies, they used foundation monies as well. They ‘claim’ they were going to “repay the monies…” once Hillary was ‘Anointed as Queen of America’!
    The wife read this online yesterday. She can’t remember where.

  5. Now Michael Moore is weighing in. He even states the ‘electoral college’ “…is the law.” And, “…if the law is wrong, it needs to be changed!” Well, if the law is wrong, Michael, it should have been changed long ago. If you believe the Congress will, within the next 60+ days, change it – think again!!!!!!!
    So, all I’ve got to say about this is; “Suck it up, buttercup!” Trump won, get over it! Just as Obama said when he first won the presidency, with the electoral college, back in ’08!

    Here’s the Utube video which proclaims Mr. Trump won!

    “Final Election 2016 Numbers: Trump Won Both!”
    published Nov. 12, 2016
    (10:29 minutes)
    By; “The Samuel Ezerzer Channel”
    Trump = 62,972,226 votes
    Clinton= 62,277,750
    Electoral College ——–
    Trump = 306
    Clinton = 232
    This doesn’t even include all the massive amounts of voter fraud committed against Mr. Trump by the “leftist radical Dumbocrats!”

    There’s a few ‘links’ given.

  6. To Dennis and namnibor,

    First, it’s out today. Trump actually won the popular vote by, just shy of, 700,000 votes. This does not include the “massive voter fraud” Hillary’s people committed.

    Secondly, here’s a couple Utube videos worth watching.
    1.) “We Found It! The ’60 minutes’ Interview George Soros Tried To Bury!”
    (13:27 minutes)
    published November 12, 2016
    Category – “People and Blogs”

    2.) From “Fox News Live”
    “Judge Jeanine Pirro 11/12/16 | Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – President Elect Trump”
    (35:54 minutes)
    In the case of the election, “There was a Revolution! Without firing a shot!”

    As far as the “little spoiled brats” getting their way with the ‘electoral college’, they might not want to hold their breath. Ain’t gonna happen!

    1. Well now doesn’t that just take the old butt heart cupcake and gurk it up!

      (told you I could work it in)

  7. Admittedly, my Jungian Collective Unconscious has a good share of sour grapes in that I sure wished all these protestors were actually all we Vets protesting the corruption and fraud at the VA. Had to say it. Kind of shows where either our level of integrity lays or we Vets are just gluttons for punishment…maybe a bit of both. Thanks for that session, Dr. Jung. Your couch is much less scary than Dr. Freud’s. 🙂

  8. Oh, if you own a vehicle, and have insurance on your vehicle, check your policy because MOST policies will NOT cover damage from “Civil Protesting or Rioting”, so if you caught in these butt hurt cupcake marches in a highway blockage or an inner city thing, be careful out there, esp. if you have any military identifiers on your vehicle. (came from a neighbor whom is a law enforcement officer in my village)
    I checked my full coverage Geico insurance policy this morning and sure enough, no coverage for such acts and we Vets do not generally have the $$ for emergency repairs such as windows busted out. Be careful out there.

    1. Namnibor,
      I have USAA for my auto insurance. I believe I’ll call tomorrow to see what they say.
      Thanks for the tip, brother!

    2. My home insurance only covers Riots IF the governor calls for a state of emergency. Protesting going on in my town too. We’ve played out the “What if” games & feel prepared for civil unrest. My home is secured, emergency rations, bullets, water etc all stored. Locked&loaded.

      The Political and Social revolutionary cycle occurs about every 250 yrs.
      What we have to ask ourselves is who gains while America is in chaos, civil unrest?
      Why are the people being enticed to fight among ourselves?
      What else is going on they want to draw attention away from?

  9. Here’s what’s happening: Some of these organizations in the States that are out there with Black Lives Matter and all the Soros funded dissenters, are actually International Org’s such as gay right groups…these groups with international ties have got their sister orgs in Germany and other parts of Europe ramped-up to protest Pres. Elect Trump…and they have no idea or wherewithal to realize they have been hijacked by all the Soros butt hurt cupcakes.
    From an article I coped portion from before it went poof, so no link:
    “The demonstrations have mostly been organized on the fly by local activist groups, although national organizations like Showing Up for Racial Justice and the National Action Network(Al Sharpton and NAACP) have supported the protest efforts. The calls to participate have come largely through Facebook and other social media.”

    Al Sharpton, whom OWES the U.S. Gov. IRS a boatload of $$ is helping org. the collective of groups to protest not only in USA but they are spreading to Europe.
    There’s evidence out there that *many* of these protestors did not even cast a vote this election.

    1. Over 3 million people signed a petition to try and persuade the electoral college to overturn the vote on December 19th and elect Hillary the next president. Are you kidding me? I guarantee half of them didn’t even vote in the first place (or couldn’t). If half of these people used their voice for an actual worthy cause, maybe this country wouldn’t be in the shape it’s in now. All this time they’ve been yelling that Trumps a racist and “xenophobe” (I guarantee they don’t eve know the meaning of the word), but have these people even looked in the mirror lately? These liberals are the most intolerant bunch of people I’ve ever seen, it’s so pathetic. They have this mentality that if you pitch a big enough fit you’ll eventually get your way. They’re all a bunch of overgrown spoiled children who need a good spanking to snap them back to reality. Trump won! Deal with it!! Cupcakes lost their sprinkles.

      1. This is why I fear any attempt to vote online.
        Most people take their civic duty seriously, research the ballot measures and candidates and vote according to their beliefs.
        Voting online would mean a number of people too lazy to vote otherwise would simply click a button based on feelings, like they did with this petition.
        I suspect that will be the next big push by the left. Online voting in which they claim it will make it easier for the elderly and the disabled for their voices to be heard.
        Not to mention those ineligible or too lazy to do it now.

    2. Butt hurt cupcakes lolz!!!

      A new addition to my own witty and disparaging comment arsenal! At least Hillary did not put us through the Gore-a-thon tantrum. Before Gore I thtought “Hanging Chads” was something Islamic nations did to gay men. Do you remember the first time Bill sent Hillary away on an international jaunt? By sheer coincidence it was within 48 hours of her media interview in which she talked about her discussions with Elenore Roosevelt’s ghost which were facilitated by a psychic woking at the White House (no word on Ted or Elvis).

      Before that I didn’t know a person got a world tour by speaking with Elenore. Who knew?

      It just goes to show you that this dog can still learn something new – now…I just have to wait for the right moment to bringup the phrase “butt hurt cupcakes” in casual conversation. Thanks bro!

  10. I just read on the internet (so it is true) that Hillary won the popular vote! Yay!

    This does not surprise me though in hindsight. After all, out of all the women that Former President Clinton played post office with, she was so popular with him personally that he married her. Even when his Oval Office duties enriched the local dry cleaning establishments (Monica was TOLD to get the damn dress cleaned!), Hillary was always kept close (until she spoke and then the sent her overseas) proving how popular she was with the most popular President in history – Bill.

    Bill, I miss you more than herpes and I will miss Hillary too.

    1. Does it strike anyone else at all, that ANYONE who has been a part of Bill Clinton’s White House that has ever run a primary election for President has won the majority of votes but has been sent packing instead?

      Slick Willy’s legancy lives on!

    2. Dennis,
      I would bet, if one were to take away all the voter fraud being done for Hillary, Mr. Trump would have the “popular vote” by a landslide.
      There was fraud being committed in just about all of the “battle ground states”, and the “swing states”!

      1. I will take that bet but you have to agree to abide by the decision of RAND in the matter…

        How much $$$ do you have?

  11. Seymore, check out these two Utube videos.
    “Trump Is Mad As Hell: Newt Gingrich Just Exposed The Real Reason Why James Comey Let Hillary Go!”
    by; Conservative Army Nov. 12, 2016

    “Special Report: Trump Not Breaking Promises, Media Lies Again!”

    Dated; 12 Nov 2016
    On #2. If I put “who” this Utube video is from, it will disappear. Let me just say it’s from a conservative news organization out of Texas. Run by many Patriotic Americans.

    BTW, I haven’t been able to watch the “Fox 7 Austin video. It must have been removed. Yet, I can imagine how McDuck feels. His job is probably going to be gone on Jan 20, 2017.

    1. P.S.
      It’s like Newt Gingrich says, “Corruption is like a cancer. It continues to grow and spread!”
      Our government is/has been like a cancer. It keeps growing and spreading. Where it’s going to be hard to cut out the “bad” and replace with “good”!
      Yet, I believe the American People have made the greatest decision possible. Just as was tried years ago. When Mr. Ross Perot, a wealthy business man, tried to become POTUS.
      I also believe it’s going to take time. As when a patient is wheeled into the operating room to have major surgery. It’s a long time until one knows all the cancer has been removed, and the patient is back to normal.

  12. I understand your anger. My wife and I are under going hardships because we have life insurance, so they cancelled her medical here in Calif. because we have life insurance. Now she has no medical coverage at all, but I have the VA still, (what that’s worth). I’M SO MAD RIGHT NOW (I CAN KILL)! The gov’t in this state nickel and dimes us for the most stupid shit! Fire insurance! What the hell is that!!! Just because I live on a mountain they charge me about $120 a year for insurance? WHAT????? They gonna pay me if my house burns down? I don’t think so. Somebody tried to collect. The State said, WHAT? Next time the payment comes around I’m going to tell the state to go fuck themselves. On their websites, and I will tell them all my info to where they can find me! They won’t even make it thru the front gate cause I’m always watching for these sonzabitchs. Jahova witness, your included.

    1. Nexdeseptus,
      Doesn’t your misses have Champva?
      It’s like that nationwide on insurance. Especially, home insurance. They’ve tried to say we have to have “flood insurance” here where we live. I asked why? They had no answer. So I said, “Is it because of global warming?” “Because maybe the ocean is rising?” “Or, maybe it’s because Florida is sinking?”
      I then showed them out past my front gate!
      Asswipes. Everyone of them!

      1. CHAMPVA Eligibility:
        1.The spouse or child of a veteran who has been rated permanently and totally disabled for a service-connected disability by a VA regional office, or
        2.The surviving spouse or child of a veteran who died from a VA-rated service-connected disability, or
        3.The surviving spouse or child of a veteran who was at the time death rated permanently and totally disabled, or
        4.The surviving spouse or child of a military member who died in the line of duty, not due to misconduct (in most of these cases, these family members are eligible for TRICARE, not CHAMPVA).

        Not many of us fit that criteria! I’m not dead and only 70% service connected. So no, the misses gets nothing.

  13. Ha-Ha-Ha….This is getting insane!
    Just spoke with a Veteran friend of mine in another State whom happens to be a die-hard Hillary supporter and get this…because of MY support for President-Elect Trump, he is now having to “rethink” our friendship!! WTF!? That liberal Kool-Aid must be wicked strong. No loss on my part here. Had no idea he was such the whiney type because he told me this at the very end of our phone conversation; “Organizers for these protests against Trump say that anyone that supports Trump is no longer your friends”….Ha-ha-ha…so sad when people cannot think for themselves. Strong Kool-Aid, indeed.

    When I asked him just WHO were these “organizers” he is listening to, he said it’s a “homogenized BLM”…that’s all I needed for a confirmation of where their funding is coming from and I guess goodbye to a brainwashed friend. Sorry bud, I thought you were stronger than that!

    Homogenized BLM.

    1. Have y’all noticed, all these “radical violent protests” are happening in the most Liberal Democratic cities around the USA.
      The ones where the most stringent gun control laws are!
      The ones where the police have been “neutered by politicians”!
      The ones where the educational systems have denied our young people a real honest education!
      The ones where our politicians have lied, cheated and stolen from the hard working men AND women. By raising taxes and not utilizing those taxes for what they were intended!
      It’s time for all these punks to be held accountable for their actions. It’s time for all the Dumbocrats to be held accountable for allowing this to continue!

      1. I forgot this. Remember when Obama was first elected? Remember what he said to everyone?
        If not, here it is. Quote;
        “I won, get over it!”

        Well, to all you ‘Snot nosed, crybaby, liberal, intolerable, anti-American, antidemocratic, anti-Constitutional Republic, pro war, antagonist punk ass children’ out there –
        “Mr. Trump won, get over it!”

        How about putting that negative attitude into a positive attitude. Help our country be mended and strong again!

  14. Personally the fact that there are no criminal charges being pursued against Bruch shows how incompetent the VAOIGs office is. No accountability again, means no meaningful changes at the VA.

    Hey Elf,

    Want to see what the face of defeat looks like on Robert McDonald.

    “Changes at the VA”


    I guess he knows that he is going to hear that great old show named the Apprentice. You know the line, “You’re Fired”.

    1. Bob was once quoted as saying about the VA, “You can’t fire your way to accountability.” when defending his lack of leadership as VA Sec. I vote to see if Bob was right.

    2. Think of the savings in the domestic water supply in VA facility towns! The honest employees will stop taking so many showers after work to feel clean again.

  15. I have been reading now another Grand Deception by the media since the day Trump was elected; I keep reading over and over that it was the veteran vote that got Trump elected.

    I believe that the devil hides in plain sight and causes the most damage that way because the obvious is ignored. There is only one thing that is true with the statement, “It was veteran voters who elected Trump.” The only real truth to that is that he got elected.

    The media is making up the rest alhoughit sounds perfectly plausible. It is not true. Namnibor was approached by a punk who challenged him in this regard, but it was really a lie.

    It WAS not the veterans of America that got Trump elected. It was the VA. If VA was staffed and run as an honest organization that provided an honest benefit to America, right now the Lincoln bedroom would be dusted of again and let out to the higjest bidder.

    If VA had never engaged in DBC committees Trump would have failed.
    If VA doctors did not maim wihout consequence, Trump woild have failed.
    If VA administrators showed up for work every day, Trump would have failed.
    If VA employees had not been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, Trump would have failed.
    If VA was not a culture of deceit, Trump would have failed.
    If VA executives had not plead the Fifth Ammendment to every single question posed,
    Trump would have failed.

    Trump is no failure.

    The Department Of Veterans affairs accomplished for Trump what could not possibly be otherwise accomplished by a candidate that had been abandoned and foresaken of ALL political help – the VA got Trump elected

  16. These fragile cupcakes protesting President-Elect Trump’s election out of what’s been painted as “fear” needs to be looked at a bit more closely because I highly doubt a one of them have ever feared for their life any time going to a Dr., nor do these fragile cupcakes use their own hijacked logic of “respect” on Veteran’s Day/Weekend, but instead block traffic, where no doubt countless Vets and Spouses were caught across USA in last night, esp. that mess down in Florida.
    These fragile butt-hurt cupcakes protesting do not see we Veterans out there violently protesting and pillaging outside every VA and every street leading to one do they? We have every right and reason to have been that upset for generations, but no, we Vets respect our “system”, even when VA Boss Hogg Burch screwed-over so many Vets that could have USED those funds he appropriated for his love of opulence and strippers.

    Veterans take the higher road, most of the time. Be careful out there. The cupcakes have lost their sprinkles and are acting-out like bipolar petulant children. Watch your six. These cupcakes are being bussed-in and funded by someone…? Soros? BLM?
    Lastly, since none of these protesting cupcakes have had high school civics to even understand the way our system works and have the ignorance in my city to be chanting for “impeachment” of Trump and they want to hold another election…a “DO-OVER”….sorry Cupcakes, this is not one of your video games, it’s the US of A.
    Rant Out. In for day, cupcakes are more violent than they appear, even without the sprinkles. 🙂

    1. Namnibor, have you noticed all the “protests” have taken place within large metropolitan areas, and not in the rural areas? The news sources have already admitted it was the rural areas which put Trump way above the 270 mark.
      I wonder why these “Little Cry Baby Punks” don’t come into the rural areas? Oh, wait, that might be a Very Bad Idea!
      And, yes, I do believe there’s been reports that these ‘sub-human asswipes are being paid to disrupt our cities. Plus, I also believe, they were “well organized” BEFORE the election was ever finished!
      If that’s the case, whoever is responsible should be arrested!

  17. I hope all of my fellow veteran brothers and sisters found peace on this Veterans Day.
    As for Burch, I wonder why the IG didn’t refer this investigation to the DOJ and Homeland Security for further investigation.
    Since he held a TS clearance, did he leak anything for personal gain? Since he spent money on women, was he blackmailed at any point? Why is the NY AG handling this investigation rather than the DOJ?
    How could someone who operated this sham charity rise so high in the VA?

    He’s going to be terminated, but will this be persued for prosecution? Or have his law license impacted in any way?

    I recall questioning before if he used official government resources and time for his sham charity. Perhaps if the VA has leaders, they would have known of the scams he was pulling long ago rather than ripping off so many people. His scam went on for years.

    1. I am thinking Burch spent about as much official VA time running his sham charity as it would take a VA Dr. to develop an expensive Hep C Drug as a little ‘hobby’ on the side. See how that works? All different paths but they all lead to that cookie jar on the back of Vets, alive and dead.

      I wonder if Burch already pre-purchased a POTUS Pardon?

    2. 91Veteran,
      You raised some interesting questions. Except, all one has to do is see the correlation between his rise to power plus his fake corrupt charity vs. the Corrupt Clinton Crime Family.
      Do you see anything similar?
      Right now there are multiple investigations going on against the Clinton’s. One happens to be in New York City. (There are three others also.)
      Into the Foundations possible criminal activities.
      The DOJ, and the FBI, has been “compromised by politics”! Sad, but true.

  18. Hey Elf,

    Did you catch Trey Gowdy’s tweet.

    Trey Gowdy Verified account 

    Thank you to all of our veterans, past and present, for your service and sacrifice to our country. May God bless you.

    Also he tweeted.

    Trey Gowdy Verified account 

    There will never be enough words to adequately express our gratitude for the brave men and women who have selflessly fought for our freedom.

    With talk of Gowdy being in the running for Attorney General of the United States I am sure that knowing Hillary is sleeping better at night knowing that Gowdy might be the next Attorney General.

  19. I totally agree. The job Ben is been doing for us is been wonderful. I have a feeling a lot of us would lose something if Ben were to get a VA Position. I like him where he is. My question is; Ben, what do you want? You’ve earned something. I believe you should benefit from the countless hours you have put in, and I have to think there were many headaches.God Bless you, and all Veterans.

  20. Happy Veterans Day to you all. About Burch Jr., once the OIG fined him $100,000 to pay to the law , and $25,000 to pay to his charity , does that mean he can’t be tried ? I think this whole thing sucks. Ben, do you really want a position in the Veterans Administration ? I believe there are a lot of veterans out there that would pull for you , do you want it ?

    1. I would imagine that decision would be even harder to make than downing a vomit milkshake. I almost think Benjamin currently possesses more freedom and leeway than if he found himself contained by the perimeters of the very corruption trying to fight. A true Catch 22 and then some. I would only want to see Ben at the very head and helm of the VA if anything at all but I sure would back whatever happens.

      To be honest, Trump/Pence is still a boatload of “wait and see”. I am remaining positive, but this new Admin. still needs to be approached with healthy measure of caution or at best, trepidation. Benjamin may be much better suited to actually hold Trump to his words about cleaning-up the corruption at VA from where he is exactly right now.

  21. A giant SALUTE to all of our veterans including those who have passed on.
    Mike Pence in charge of Trump’s transition team.
    Sure hope that they do the job right or the whole country on both sides will revolt the next time.

  22. I had a great day at “Texas Roadhouse”! Met some great vets. Even let some know of this website. Plus, I let some ‘American Legion’ vets know about “” latest article concerning the VA employee who spoke to the AP, (Associated Press), over his/her download of veterans personal info to debunk VHA’s wait time in Colorado and Kansas.
    This might be VA’s next big scandal. As if they don’t need any more! Lmao!!!!!

    1. I too went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. It gives me a great feeling to be among so many veterans, and the entire staff really do seem to know what Veterans Day is about.

  23. Wow! That Burch guy is just luck he doesn’t visit the great white north! For there are many of us PatSD disabled veterans who actually suffer every minute of the day & to be remained about this trash on Veterans Day doesn’t help me much at all. I am lhankful my wife just sent me flowers for she knows what I go through waking up at the middle of the night searching for my xm-16 & worse. It seems that he should not be able to have an weapon for he is truly messed up to do that to us who suffer every minute of the day. And we worry that we will do something stupid but keep it in & hurt even more. This is just again another reason why so many vets take their lives for they can not handle the grief any longer. But laughter & music has helped me somewhat! And my duty to my country and others keeps me from doing something stupid . Besides it would hurt our loved ones who are left to suffer the pain! Keep up the good work! Thank you

  24. I have to share my vet day story! Yayaaaaa!

    I just got a message from the reporter that has now written three full features in the regional and very liberal paper called The Register Guard, Eugene Oregon.

    I had sent her message inquiring about her general welfare. She told me that I must have ESP. She is a thirty year veteran reporter who has broken significant government changing stories here in Oregon. She is on first name basis with anybody in Oregon who alwo lives in D.C.

    She said I must have ESP because she had just gotten out of a lecture that she had given to the University Of Oregon yesterday to the journalism students the subject of which was me. She also said she had a cold.

    I told her that chicken soup and hot showers are the best thing. I did not ask about the lecture because I know precisely what she knows about me. There is only ONE possible reason that she was talking to journalism students about a Marine who she wrote about in an article that she titled “PTSD Marine Battles For Care”. heheheeeeeeeheeeeeee (maniacal cackling)

    The most liberal state,
    and the most liberal town,
    and the most liberal paper,
    The Register Guard
    and a young university crowd,
    The day after the Donald won –

    and University children are learning about how harmful the VA is to America from one of he most respected and published heroes to their chosen field. A field that is in desperate need of truth and the souls who are afraid to look truth right in the eyes. Right in our own mirrors.

    My gift was learning that I made a difference.
    God Bless America.

  25. Here’s an article out from “The Daily Sheeple”, 11 Nov. 2016.

    “Shock: It’s Not Over, Hillary “Trying to Steal Election” – Electoral College & to Ignore Will of the People”

    If true, this could literally start a conflagration of civil war. I hope it’s not true.
    Google this;

    “The Clinton Chronicles”

    It’s all about their illegal acts, starting in Arkansas. Before Clinton was Attorneys General!

  26. Have y’all heard. Obama went to “Arlington National Cemetery” today to “praise veterans”!
    Huh, I guess he wants to “make a show of FINALLY being Presidential!”

    1. Nah…he thought it was a put-put golf obstacle course, all those headstone in rows and all. 🙂

  27. And as a typical con man of this type he is laughing all the way to the bank. He’ll end up very well paid for even a maximum prison term when compared even to his high paid VA position.

  28. Namnibor,
    Here’s an article out today, @ 7:02 AM, from “League of Power”
    “Breaking News; Obama’s Scary Plan For His Last 60 Days as President Revealed”
    You were completely correct on your comment the other day. His “agenda” is out in the open.

    BTW, you did good not confronting that punk in the store. I’m definitely going to be very aware of my surroundings today.
    There’s a bunch of cry babies just wanting to disrupt our day of gratitude!
    Of course, I live in a county which is extremely pro Trump, conservative and will not abide stupidity from liberal idiots!

  29. I just had a very unsettling Veterans Day morning!! Went to my regular large retail grocery store and was at the self-checkout, and mind you, I am wearing camo long underwear long sleeve with a camouflage cap and had not yet heard -1- person say happy Veteran’s Day, and this college student was impatient waiting behind me and was suggesting I “hurry-up”.
    I have some chronic things going on where “hurry-up” is not an option when I know if I bagged my 5 bags haphazardly, I would be picking them up after the bags broke in parking lot so I *politely* informed the college student that I happen to be a disabled veteran and I require a bit more time than others.

    This ass (Hillary supporter) then went OFF on me telling me that all you Vets are the reason Trump got elected…F U Veterans!! WTF?!!! I was already paying for my order at this point and I cared not to make the local news so I just did not fuel his caustic attitude but I DID say, “Your freedom to feel that way was borne by the blood of many Veterans and blood has no political party…”!!!
    By this time a manager came over to assist the college student to another open terminal…not -1- “Happy Veteran’s Day”
    I am no longer stepping one foot in Kroger Marketplace again…ever. That college kid was a graduate student by look of his age and telltale attire…he is a student at the LAW SCHOOL…how do I know?
    I waited in parking lot to see where the ASS went to and his vehicle was plastered with all the evidence needed.
    I am a Cold War Era Vet, so I never experienced the vitriol hate the Vietnam Veterans experienced coming home but this morning’s events, along with the violent protestors, made me think again of what gratitude we receive…and apparently we are hated now because of Trump??? WTF?
    These entitled hipsters need a reality check…THE DRAFT and a nice sandy desert retreat somewhere near Syria.
    Rant out. Be careful out there today is my take on things. Lots of hate.

    1. I would have slugged the punk in the gut hard enough to knock some of that hot wind out of him lolz. Absolutely not a single instance of hesitation. It is absolutely amazing how developed my lateral muscles have become using crutches now for years and walking a minimum of three miles a day. Folks say I am barrel chested because I use my arms and chest to walk this 230 pound frame around. Plus as chance would have it, the Marine Corps taught me the proper way to deal with a flapping jaw.

      Ask yourself, what are the chance that the local police, many of them vets themselves, are gonna arrest a crippled Marine on Vets Day for slugging a punk who started berating him in a grocery store for being a vet? I only pledged to uphold and defend the Constitution so I would not slug him into the third isle over until he was finished with the First Ammendment…I have a hunch the cops would appreciate my consideration of his rights. Just saying.

    2. Everyone hates the warrior except when the enemy is at the gate.

      This young “man” has never done anything for this country except run his vile mouth.

      Good for you for taking the high road. Adults have have the “con” now

      1. I indeed took the ‘high road’ and no worries of me acting on demented thoughts of going around and lighting hipster beards and man buns on fire. 🙂

        Had I “acted-out” this would have immediately been wrongly taken as a “racial discrimination thing”…nevermind I was the Veteran being verbally assaulted, no, it would have immediately made me to look as the “bad guy” because the manager was also a minority. Not even going to fan their sorry flames of dissent. Nope.

    3. I am sorry you went through that scene at Kroger.

      I very rarely wear my ‘Nam cap, but today before going to the supermarket I attended our small towns service for veterans. There, I was heartened to see Iraqi and Afghanistan vets as well as two WWII vets.

      I had a completely different experience later today at my supermarket. At the fish counter I was wished a Happy Veterans Day, at the meat counter, the same, the store manager was at the front of the store and thanked me for my service as did the check out clerk.

      I left smiling and in a better place than I have been in a long time. A few kind words can mean a positive difference and a few ignorant words, or silence, can hurt worse than a bullet.

      To my brothers and sisters, I hope your experiences today are positive, there are many who have not served, although may not understand the sacrifice, they do appreciate it.

  30. Here’s three Utube videos to watch.
    I’m only putting the titles on. Because, I’ve tried three times to post the complete video info, only to have them disappear.
    “DNC Collapse! Staffer Publicly Berates Donna Brazile in Front of Hundreds”

    “Obama Prepares Pardons For Hillary”

    “Is Civil War Brewing in the USA”

    Check them out!

    1. Here’s something interesting. Whenever I put a certain Utube stations’ name on a comment, it never gets put on! Why? Is someone moderating this site, disallowing information from a certain website?
      That’s considered “censorship” or “channel” on the web!

      1. P.S. This is why my last comment, without “titles” was, I believe, went through without a hitch!

  31. Thought I saw in another thread on this site that Pres. Elect Trump had set up a website…Can someone post the link please…

    1. Don, I believe the “link” was put in the comment section yesterday by Mary. You might want to check it out.

  32. It’s Veteran’s Day and Mr. Ash Carter is on all the morning news talk shows for Veteran’s Day.

    My question again is: Where’s VA Secretary McDonald? Avoiding embarrassing questions? In the Disney Lounge under a barstool?
    This has been like having The Invisible Man, Claude Rains, as VA Secretary these years. Wonder how much $$$$$ McDuck garnered from Burch’s fake charity?

    Where’s Bob? Not even on Veteran’s Day does Bob get it.

    1. I saw Bob down the street behind Burger King (ironic?) pinning a purple heart on the night manager. He is busy today.

    2. Naaa, old McDuck is still standing in that long ass line at Disneyland. Or, he’s a coward! He’s too afraid to show his face. Because, he knows the veterans, active duty, retired and disabled vets, have spoken LOUDLY against him and all of the rest of the asswipes in VA.
      Y’all can bet McDuck made out like a bandit from that fake ass charity.
      Now would be the time to gather all the information possible on all the other VSO’s. Let’s put them on notice as well. They’re just as crooked as the Clinton Foundation and Burch’s fake ass veterans charity!

      1. Jesting aside you have hit the point with a SLEDGE HAMMER. Now is precisely the time to OUR part to drain the swamp. Each of us Americans has the right to file FOIA requests asking for ANYTHING we want.

        I challenge my brothers to each start asking EVERYTHING. Let’s give the Donald some trump cards.

    3. I heard on the radio a few hours ago McDonald making a statement about the VA improving. He said the VA has completed a “meeyun” more appointments than last year, and 3 “meeyun” since 2014.

      He didn’t define what the VA means by “completed”, and it wasn’t said where he was.

      1. I heard him say he is an out-of-touch dodo bird, on all the media. Nobody knew who he was ’cause he didn’t mention his name. That’s his new tactic – his way to release his poops – tell the fuck’in truth on veterans day, but don’t identify yourself. It’s the same as lying under his real name and title. He’s a fuck’in genius. I always said that. He also uses “meeyun” as an ongoing joke between him and Shulkin-doodles and honorable Gibson clown. Those three clowns have their own language now that they have “worked” together for over 3 years. Now it’s time to fire them and the rest of the crew. Always remember them.

  33. Did y’all see where Rep. Warren. (Dumbocrat), spoke in front of the “AFL-CIO” yesterday? She said there “…would be NO concessions…” made! She was extremely violent in her speech. She was acting just like all the other “spoiled little children” out in the streets for the past few days.
    Oh, and by the way, the AFGE is a subsidiary of the AFL-CIO union!

    I wonder if “LITTLE” COX will threaten President Elect Donald Trump like he did “McDuck”?

      1. Yes, but in the untold alternative ending of Animal Farm the pigs ended-up a side order next to the chicken’s eggs. 🙂

      2. I guess sitting down with the Farmer isn’t all that cool when you are the chicken…or the pig after all.

        But I think your real point is about investment. The pigs in your scenario clearly have a deeper investment in breakfast than the chickens do … I suggest we all act on your point and invest in America.

  34. Ben, I forgot to ask.
    Does this mean the VA-OIG will start to cover more criminal acts committed by VA employees. As they were supposed to do in the first place?
    Or, will we have to wait until the NEW administration takes over?

    Question to y’all.
    How about we start a “letter campaign” to President Elect Trump, to put Mr. Ben Krause in charge as Secretary of VA?!?!?!

    1. I doubt the IG has any significant change until the next administration.

      I recall when Missal first came in. His first couple actions suggested he would act like an IG, then his next few actions showed it was business as usual.

      The single reason the IG did this report was because he was forced to by the NYAG. The media reports could have been ignored or spun, but that NYAG forced their hand.

      Which greatly surprised me. He must have shown McDonald some clear evidence for the VA not to tell him to piss off since they are a federal entity.
      You know, like they tell vets and states all the time.

  35. Ben,

    As a very young child my brother once counfounded me with the question, “What color was Paul Rever’s white horse?” I rememeber thinking as hard as I could to everything Ms. Anderson said about Paul Revere but for the life of me I just could not come,up with the answer…

    You brought back to childhood today with the following passage from you article;

    “Did you know VA even has a deputy director for Homeland Security inside the agency? What exactly do you think a person does in that capacity?”

    True, this question lacks the supreme subtleties of my brother’s riddle but I am pretty sure the answer is right here in front of me… So today I will comolete my life circle and answer ALL of the questions. Besides, my brother lives in Bend now and cannot sock me anymore…

    Question # 1 – it was white.
    Question # 2 – No.
    Question # 3 – to enrich J Thomas Burch

    Dad says I have to wash up for dinner now.

    1. It’s my turn to ask a riddle;
      If the Secretary of VA decided to pin a medal on J Thomas Burch, but nobody was around to hear it would we still here an enormous sucking sound?

    2. “You cannot have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat”- Pink Floyd, “Another Brick In The Wall”.

      1. I am thinking that to be fair we need a rating system for the untold number of Presidential pardons that might potentially be backlogged for years unless we establish guidelines.

        To avoid prolonged decision periods let’s define the presumptive conditions that will automatically grant pardon (this list has yet to be approved by Office Of Homeland Security);

        1) A last name of Clinton.
        2) Veterans Affairs telecommuters.
        3) Hungry, Hungry, Hippos.
        4) Senior Cabinet Secretary types who pin medals of unknown type, unearned nature, and doubtlessly taken from one of the corpses (this point may be waived), and any other Secretary who has spent their official time defining the flight path of crows.
        5) Congress

        Anyone that falls into the presumptive pardon catagory will have their applications expedited.

        Now, this should lay to rest the idea that I only post negative comments. This idea will streamline the outgoing government. I just wanted to help.

  36. From “” today. (The article is from 10 November 2016!)
    “VA Employee Emailed Veterans’ Personal Data to Himself”

    According to the article, he personally spoke to the AP, (Associated Press), claiming “Whistleblower Status”! He emailed around 2,100 veterans personal info in “…Colorado and parts of Kansas…” to show the bogus wait times veterans have suffered. The ‘info’ includes names, last four etc.. Wisconsin is also mentioned in the article.

    IF this VA employee is being truthful, then we might have another scandal in the making. Just like the one back in 2014 concerning Phoenix, Az.

  37. This guy should be suspended from lady liberty’s(? doesn’t look right) torch by his meat and two veggies (if they exist) by a meat hook and let the crows feast on his eyeballs.

  38. First,
    This asswipe got off REAL FUC#ING LIGHT.
    He should be heading to prison, not this ‘retirement’!
    As a Vietnam Combat Veteran, I say;
    Fuck You, J. Thomas Burch! Your apology is NOT accepted!
    The “Clinton Crime Family’s” foundation has been found to “redistribute” donations for many more “personal gains”, than what Burch had done. For example; the foundations monies paid for Chelsie’s wedding AND paid Chelsie’s living expenses, ($6 million/year for her New York City apartment), for one decade! These two ‘lavish expenses’ totaled into the millions of “donated dollars”. Then, there is that “Bank in Qatar”, a Muslim Nation, which recently received $1.8 Billion of donated monies. And no one would have known, if Wikileaks hadn’t let it out.
    Of course, one cannot leave out the $14 Billion, raised worldwide, for the “Haitian Relief Fund”! Which less than 2% went to the Haitians.
    There’s more. But, I think y’all get where I’m going!
    Lastly, it’s time for Washington DC to be “drained”!

  39. “[Under the terms of the Assurance, Mr. Burch has agreed to pay $100,000 to the N.Y. Department of Law, and repay $5,331 to the charity. Mr. Burch has also issued an apology to the People of New York and the Veterans of the Vietnam War. He also agreed to never again handle charitable funds, refrain from serving in any non-profit, religious or other charitable organizations, and to cooperate with NYAG’s ongoing investigation.]”

    If this was a Veteran claiming $43. in Travel Pay and only $23. was authorized, not only would the Veteran have to pay back entire amount, but would be threatened with charges as well as threatened to have their VA Healthcare revoked…AND…be placed on Disruptive Behavior Committee for rest of life., whereas Burch seems to be only required to pay back his stolen ill-gotten gains at the same rate he actually contributed to his faux charity…pennies on the hundred dollar bill.

    Why would the VA have a VA Deputy of Homeland Security? Is this part of the rank & file VA Storm Troopers? Did the VA’s Disruptive Behavior Committee take it’s marching orders from Burch? What about his influence on FOIA Requests?

    Try all, to have a great Veteran’s Day.

    1. Yes, namnibor, Burch got off light.

      You have a great “Veterans Day” also.
      If you have a “Texas Roadhouse” near you, they’re giving away free meals today! Enjoy!!!!!!

  40. Burch should be brought up on charges and made to repay the entire 9 MILLION he collected. Don’t guess that’s going to happen. All those around him had to know what he was doing. They too should be brought to justice. You know his “friends” shared in the spoils of this despicable scam. This is just UN-

  41. Deeper pockets have the Clintons, methinks, they can afford long term rental of officials (I am informed they can’t be bought)

  42. Oh, I agree but Clinton was a draft dodger, this guy is an SF poser. So, yeah I agree he IS just as bad

    1. @Iratevet24601,
      Did you know, when Bill Clinton was attending Cambridge, he was “kicked out” due “…to RAPING a female student!”
      That information is factual. It was reported on, in the college newspaper!
      It’s also been reported he “…gloated…” over not having to serve in the military.

      1. Bill Clinton’s “factual” rape of a Cambridge coed, may well *be* factual, but it doesn’t seem to be fact-*checkable*. How about some sources?

      2. OK Frank, I tried to be nice, and a gentleman. Guess you aren’t!
        So, Here we go.
        “Juanita isn’t the only one: Bill Clinton’s long history of sexual violence against women dates back some 30 years!”
        by, Daniel J. Harris & Teresa Hampton, from: “Capital Hill Blue”

        “Debunk this: In 1969, Bill Clinton was expelled from Oxford for raping nineteen-year-old Eileen Well stone!”
        from; “reddit”

  43. Burch seems to be getting off pretty light considering, bet he appeals and gets to keep his cushy AFGE position. Just like the others. They won’t fasttrack his removal (unconstitutional) even though they should and require him to return ALL the money.

    1. RED ALERT RED ALERT THIS RAT BURCH WILL RETIRE WITH FULL PENSION BENIFITS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ THIS NASTY SEWAGE RAT WILL FLIP THE BIRED ON VETS @ TAX PAYERS @ FAKE RANGE BOB MCDUCK WILL LET IT HAPPEN VETS SCREWED ASGIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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