Is There a VA Cover-up of Veteran Deaths?

Five veteran deaths are at the center of a potential VA cover-up in Marion, Illinois.

Two weeks ago, the VA Office of Inspector General released a report of their investigation into the deaths of five veterans. These veteran deaths were linked to care provided by a doctor who had not practice medicine for “a number of years.”

Senator Richard Durbin initiated the investigation after reports of veteran mistreatment from Illinois veterans. According to complaints, the veteran deaths occurred from October 2011 to March 2012. Veterans seen in the Marion VA Medical Center’s ICU were at risk during this time.

The VA OIG report describes a work environment at the hospital like the TV show Scrubs as opposed to a functional hospital. The report discloses that ICU medical professionals at the facility thought Physician A was in charge when, according to management, he was not.

This sounds ridiculous since the doctor had not practiced medicine for many years, but the OIG report concludes the fact. Investigation into Veteran Deaths

We are investigating the issue to prevent further veteran deaths. Here is what we know thus far.

The report states:

“A physician who had not been in clinical practice for many years was hired by the facility. His clinical privileges were granted with the understanding that his competence would be confirmed by direct observation. However, competence was never documented for invasive procedures that he subsequently performed.”

The VA OIG report does not state the name of the doctor, but instead refers to the person as “Physician A.” In the report, “Physician A” is the doctor linked to the five deaths. We have a request in with VA OIG to release further information, including the physician’s identity.

Should the VA OIG refuse, we have begun an outside investigation. As of today, we learned the identity of one of the doctors on staff who does fit the description of Physician A.

This doctor in question did retire in 2003. Later, in 2011, this same doctor came out of retirement to work at the Marion VA Medical Center. It is possible that this is the doctor referred to in the report as “Physician A.” However, at this point in time, our hypothesis on “Physician A’s” identity is purely speculation.

As to the question, is there a VA cover-up of the veteran deaths, we do not yet know. It does look suspicious, especially since the doctor in question is unnamed and did not practice medicine for a number of years. This is amplified by the VA Medical Center’s failure to supervise this same doctor, despite an arrangement to do so.

Further information will be released as sources are verified.

As to this issue, we would like to ask for your help. Anyone with information about the veteran deaths should contact us by email immediately. Thank you.



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  1. With respect to the Marion facility – I needed to go there and had emergency procedures done. The doctor who did the operation, and all of the rest of the VA personnel down to the folks cleaning the rooms were terrific. I know there were issues prior to me being there, but I only have good things to say about my experience.

  2. Veterans beware that Jyoti Sahni
    MD. Infectious Disease is now practicing in Saginaw MI. VA. I have had only one meeting with this “god”. She suggested that I let the internet cure me as I corrected her that the VA did not pay $1000 for the wonder pill. I hope to never see her again.

  3. Many Veterans are not getting their claims processed to Congressional Research Services / Statutory Presumptions (by law clerk Nichols Oct. 2010) and The Nehmer Court Order: The Nehmer Training Guide (211) Feb. 2011 Revised. There doesn’t seem to be any “TOP COPS” to arrest those of The DVA for contempt of ( : ) the Nehmer Court Order ( ; ) Congressional Research Services / Statutory Presumptions ( ; ) DVA’s Compensation & Pension Bulletin January 2010 Information on Vietnam Naval Operations provides…presumption of exposure to herbicides…to the crew of ships that operated on “rivers” and “deltas” …without further development. The history of the USS Newport News CA-148 includes operations in the Vinh Binh Province in then Mekong “DELTA December 1968. And, the June 2010 Compensation & Pension Bulletin provides ADDITIONAL Information on Vietnam Naval Operations, ships lists, RECEIVED BY THE SENATE COMMITTEE ON VETERANS AFFAIRS, lists the USS Newport News CA-148 for operations: Cua Viet “RIVER” April 1969. The June 2010 Compensation & Pension Bulletin includes itself as part of Jan. 2010 Compensation & Pension Bulletin. The Jan. 2010 C&P Bulletin clearly states: The DVA has no reason to hold the claims of anyone who served aboard the above listed vessels during the indicated time frames. I was released from active-duty July 3, 1969. 44 years later, July 2013, the USS Newport News was finally, again, put on the DVA’s (so-called) up-to-date ships list; however for only the Mekong “DELTA” December 1968. What happened to Cua Viet “RIVER” April 1969 ? ( ; ) Yet, December 2013, the Buffalo DVA claimed that they could not find of government records, to include their own inTRAnet , of my service in Vietnam exposed to herbicides. Such is of many of the Buffalo DVA works ( TORTS). The Buffalo DVA Decision June 05, 2014 includes that the DVA Examiner diagnosed my ischemic heart disease as early as 2000. Of Congressional Research Services / Statutory Presumption, the INCUBATION PERIOD to my ischemic heart disease is established to as early as 2000. The Nehmer Court Order gives the Buffalo DVA 21 days to pay Retro Compensation. Instead of payment, of The Buffalo DVA and of DVA Attn: Nehmer Working Group (211A),my claim has been sent to The Board of Veterans Appeal (board); “the Board” is back-logged to 2012. Tort, Tort, Tort : The Nehmer Court Order gives Nehmer claims Priority. Yet, the operator at the Board of Veterans Appeals (board) indicates that my claim isn’t listed a Nehmer claim. TORT, TORT, TORT ( : ) I filed the Board of Veterans Affairs Form 9 ( : ) to take my claim(s) out of the hands of the Buffalo DVA; and, have my claim processed to The Nehmer Court Order: The Nehmer Training Guide. I told the Nehmer Working Group: that, I should not have to get a lawyer (or group of lawyers) to enforce an already laid down (and laid out) Court Order. Yes, Nehmer states: VA compensates class counsel for it’s work on Nehmer claims.

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