Dr Dale Klein Whistleblower

Why Is This VA Doctor Paid $250k To Literally Do Nothing?

Dr Dale Klein Whistleblower
Dr. Klein’s Office Pre-Retaliation

One Missouri VA doctor may be the highest paid VA employee tasked to do nothing day in and day out. So why is this doctor not doing anything?

Dr. Dale Klein, a dual credentials medical doctor and Yale Fellow (this means you are a really smart doctor), has not seen a patient in over one year after blowing the whistle as a pain management specialist. Klein was penalized for reporting secret wait lists and illegal sale of prescription drugs.

The reason Klein now does literally nothing at work is because he was penalized for reporting secret wait lists and illegal sale of prescription drugs. He now sits in an empty cube each day and does nothing, which impacts his ability to find work elsewhere because he is not allowed to practice medicine within the VA system.

At a time when veterans are desperately fighting for help with pain management, VA sidelines one of its leading clinicians to get back at him for telling the truth.

Senator Ron Johnson wrote the former VA secretary to cease all forms of retaliation against Klein. But despite the persistent assertion that VA will not support retaliation, the Southeast Missouri John J Pershing VA continues in a retaliatory scheme.

Each day, Klein reports to work and sits in a cube with no computer and no patients.

Dr Klein Office After Retaliation
Dr. Klein’s Office After Retaliation

Some Background On Dr. Dale Klein VA Retaliation

Once VA learned Klein reported wrongdoing as a whistleblower, they tried to fire him.

According to court documents, they termination attempt was “not based on substandard care or lack of clinical competence” but instead for “consistent acceleration of trivial matters through his chain of command.

About the allegations, Klein said, “I do not consider secret wait-lists and manipulations of wait times to be trivial matters.”

Do you agree?

I think the superiors who retaliated against Klein should be terminated for harassment and fraud against the taxpayer for misuse of resources.

Compounding matters, once the Office of Special Counsel told VA Klein could not be fired, his superiors set out to damage his ability to pursue his medical career by stripping him of his privileges.

“It could set a bad precedent for other whistleblowers because they’re going to say, ‘I don’t want to risk my livelihood, my career, my security because I see what happened to Dr. Klein and I don’t want that to happen to me or my family’,” said Klein’s attorney, Natalie Khawam, founder of the aptly named law firm Whistleblower Law Firm.

What Can Veterans Do?

I know, this is one of the questions many of us have been wondering.

We as veterans cannot sit back while doctors like Klein get penalized for stepping forward. The reason criminal corruption is allowed to persist at VA is because of how VA uses its authority to shame and harass those brave enough to blow the whistle.

VA is a walking RICO violation… so why has the DOJ nor large law firms gone after those responsible?

We know Trump green lighted DOJ and law enforcement’s rounding up of pedophile rings, which is incredibly important.


Once that operation is sufficiently resolved, President Trump, could you have your DOJ investigators start ripping into the corruption at VA?

It is a small but important ask.

In the meantime, while we wait for the DOJ to do something, the best thing we can do is use social media by spreading reports like this one to legislators and key decisionmakers around the country.

Source: https://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/03/30/va-retaliation-against-whistleblower-doctor-kept-in-empty-room.html

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  1. This story is bogus! There is another side of this story that when it comes out y’all will be after the good dr.

  2. Great read everyone, count me in on any rebelious shit in front of ANY VA facility. these shitbirds have gotten away with to goddamn much and it’s time to end. I’m dealing with a fucktard CNP whom I just fired and I demanded a real Dr and got it. Will be seeing him for the first time May 1. We’ll see this goes. I also see my psychiatrist May 1 also as he has played a part in falsifying my medical reports and I’m putting up with it anymore. When they do this shit then my quality of care goes to shit because the right hand doesn’t know what the goddamn left hand is doin. Don’t give a fuck if security has to escort me to each appt. I’ll still hold my fucking head up high. piss on these rat bastards and there decendants graves.

    Action needs to take place around that damn country, not just in one place. JMHO

  3. This doctor probably has about 100, 000 dollars in legal debt by now. Hey Dr. Shulkin where are you while your colleague languishes in an office alone, not seeing patients ?

  4. This was on the evening news the other night.. If this doctor had any sense he would sue the government so that he could work again….. I can tell you by personal experience very few people like sitting on there ass even if they are drawing a check.. most people want meaningful work in their life… VA should not be screwing with him but he should be doing more to make sure that don’t….

  5. @Ben: Once that operation is sufficiently resolved, President Trump, could you have your DOJ investigators start ripping into the corruption at VA?

    count my vote in for this too. you viewing this President Trump? can you hear us now President Trump?

    @Ben: It is a small but important ask.

    not small at all especially when put with President’s said tasks, to clean up the swamp, to upgrade our mil & thus to intervene into more hot spots around the world, only to ignore the VA/VBA RICO outfits the veterans get trampled under? no, it is not a small task to ask at all.

    @Ben: In the meantime, while we wait for the DOJ to do something, the best thing we can do is use social media by spreading reports like this one to legislators and key decisionmakers around the country.

    spread them far and wide. though countless veterans and websites & media, lawyers, journalists, whistleblowers, etc., have been doing so for years. but can’t hurt. we all know words go only so far. think anyone in these swamps is leery of “words”? just sayin from a historical contextual comparison. keep spreading the word…

    however, if our words can find an open path into the political capital bank in D.C., watch and see how powerful those words grow. our words need a favorable entry into the political capital bank like Dr Farkas just opened, that is, depending on what side of the fence one is on. 😉

  6. All, a suggestion or two. Hold the protest in Jefferson City Missouri when Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill are on senate break and back in Missouri. As long as it’s peaceful, the capital grounds are fair game for public assembly. There may need to be a permit obtained by the state for a planned peaceful protest but that’s easily obtained. Also, if you get the word out to the Patriot Guard, VFW, AMVETS etc.. you will have even more participation. Do it near, not necessarily on a patriotic holiday i.e. Memorial Day, Flag Day or 4th of July. That’s when news stations are all about patriotic stories and this Dr. is a Patriot. If you contact a VFW or AMVETS near this VA hospital they could do the ground logistics for parking, public place to assemble etc. Perhaps hold multiple location protests on the same day – one in Jeff City and one outside the VA hospital? Just some ideas.

    1. @141FE- The major VSO Groups are in their “Save The VA” modes, not so much wanting to help we lowly vets hold the VA accountable.
      All the VSO’s are bedfellows with the VA and would alert the VA of any of our plans. Best to not even wake the piggies from their mud swallow naps. The VSO’s would help alright. They would provide a list of names and vehicles and license plates to the VA of all protesting. Wait for it…

      1. Good to know @namnibor. I have not had a lot of dealing with VSO’s, yet. Although I can say, I’m not terribly impressed, there is a lot of inconsistency in answers to questions.
        I’m actually still in service, just hit 37 yrs and I can tell you, it’s become just as corrupt on the inside. I’m fighting tooth and nail to get my 20AD Year retirement or a medical retirement. Both of which the system tries to preclude, it’s shameful! Have to fight for referrals to specialists. Base Drs don’t tell you when you labs are abnormal – it’s just incredible and then I have more crap waiting for me with the VA! We could start a whole other blog board on this craziness! It’s not like the old days. Thanks for the info!

      2. @141FE: Godspeed, and get your ass home in one piece. Copy that, just as bad on the inside. The only VSO to trust when your finally free, is either AMVETS, because they recieve nothing from the VA, and the VA hates them, so they must be doing something right. And any Veterans Assistance Commisions, if you have them in your state, and county. They are paid by the taxpayers of that county, and answerable to the same, to HELP veterans. The VA hates them as well.

      3. @141FE- Also check-out another very informative website in which I pretty much learned all I needed to on my own at same time file VA and SSDI Claims, and is Veteran run called ‘HADIT dot com’…you can search database of past cases, specific health conditions, service connection, regs, and all free. Hope it helps.

      4. Thanks for the tips namnibor and cj. There is another site too PEBforum for those still in. DOD claimed that they created the IDES (integrated Disability Eval System) to speed things up for the vets but, it seems really dicey to me. They now have a VA guy at the MTF to help you develop your claim but guess who they are employed by? – the VA. So now for a medical retirement your exam is no longer done by a military doc, it’s done via the contract C&P exams so, if you don’t hit 30% on one item presented as unfitting you will not be medically retired but, you could be found unfit for service so, like in my case…..19.5 Active Duty years and they could kick me out. Fortunately, I’ve met a reserve retirement and they can’t take that away but, there are a lot of guys who haven’t met that threshold. It’s crap. Who knows if I’ll hit the 30% on one item? I could hit 80% but if one item is not 30% no med retirement.
        So, you might be wondering why not take the reserve retirement – well when Congress acted to reduce the retirement age down below age 60 for qualifying contingency time (which I have many years of)…….they didn’t tie health care to it. So, Tricare saw an opening to create a product to SELL to those vets……$960.00 per month !!! But the same coverage for medical or AD retirement is only $50 a month. That’s why I’m hanging on and fighting but, I swear they hope I’ll die from the stress. It the most crazy broken system I’ve ever seen so no wonder the VA is just as screwed up. By the way the only Federal pension that doesn’t come with health care is the reduced retirement age reserve retirement – but Congress gets theirs for less.

        I could fill a book with the ineptitude that I’ve endured not to mention the how AFI’s try to override US code and how the AFI’s circle around thru 3 or 4 without ever providing guidance. I’ve had to become my own lawyer in all of this. Absolute madness – I’m so glad I’ve given up 37 years of missing most holidays and family events to be thanked with this fiasco.

      5. @141FE: I hear you my friend. Just get through in one piece. You have done your time, and you should be allowed to complete. These bastards are NOT honorable men, that are wishing you I’ll. You can do it, your better than they are, by miles. I hope you make it, and get away from that entire scene asap. Life is too short, and you deserve to smell the roses for a change. I’ll be sending you some kryptonite mojo. I know a good voodoo doctor that can cast spells against your enemies. His entire bloodline are voodoo doctors, I will email at once to put the hex on them. Best wishes.

  7. @Ex va Hey Ex, read Ben’s new article and let me know what you think. You may, like me, stop when the dude talks about accountability. I stopped right there and didn’t read any further. And its after 2am on my end. You guys have an hour behind me and its not as late compared to me. Time to hit the sack. Ex God bless you and your family. Good night, hope you get more good rest and deep sleep, of course, without pain. Later

  8. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

    @Ex va,@ANutterVet: You guys have a great night. Hope you sleep well. God Bless you both and your families.
    ∩ │◥███◣ ╱◥███◣
    ╱◥◣ ◥████◣▓∩▓│∩ ║
    │╱◥█◣║∩∩∩ ║◥█▓ ▓█◣
    ││∩│ ▓ ║∩田│║▓ ▓ ▓∩ ║
    Goodnight Ben’s World

  9. @ANutterVet,@Ex va: Ben just posted another article that is right up your alley Nutter. I am too tired to comment on another article. All I know is it is awfull hillarious that they seem to be able to waste millions and millions of dollars, and yet a veteran can’t seem to ever get a damn penny. And if a veteran owes the VA a fucking penny………..look out……they will garnish anything they can get their hands on to get that fucking penny back. And they are there for veterans? LMAOOOOOOOOOOO yeah and I’ll sell you the Brooklyn bridge. ASSHOLES. No money for you. but here is 250g to sit on your ass. WTF. I better get some sleep before i get a brain hernia.

  10. @cj That’s the problem with these big digital outfits, they think they have a right to everything. Lets get their personal info and see how they cry, cry, cry. Typical libs.

    cj, you got wrecked in thought from viewing Sketch Burgers? Don’t know what to see Bro, but all I know is that I really hope that those brain docs help you out. No pun intended, I’m serious.

    @Ex va Where you stay. Try not to get upset or embarrassed about my post. Only joking.

  11. @cj I’ll keep that in mind. Suspicious, don’t want to have crashes like you’ve been experiencing. By switching, I might be asking for trouble because of using MS platform that is already on my system. Make sense or not? Shootz, I’ve really been having a hard time remembering words that I should be able to recall in order to write. I’m concerned —> Marginal Cognitive Impairments [MCI] which leads to the final Dementia. Don’t like that.

      1. And, what if I can’t remember where I put them? Eggs stink when day one go bad. @Ex va, chek in where you stay. cj do you know where he stay?

    1. ANutterVet, i don’t think you have MCI, you are having a lot of anxiety and unnecessary stress. I have had bad cognitive impairment from anxiety and stress. But i get better when there is less anxiety. Dementia is total confusion at times.

  12. @ANutterVet,@Ex va: I finally figured out what was fucking up my computer. My security settings won’t let anything outbound unless I say so. Fucking google was trying to send tracking info out, and my system shut them down, crashing my browser. Fucking fucked up fucktarded fuchtards. Bastards.

  13. @ANutterVet: My mind is blank @ sketch-burger. See you should switch over to Opera browser, it’s fast, has vpn. and auto fills what you want. And it’s free.

  14. cj Yeah, Bill O is a (_T_) and then when he is called on the carpet he’s a (_o_). I haven’t had a good relationship with the PA at my local VA.

    They were supposed to contact me about the PTSD services that was promised to me, but never did. Rat bastards. You know, there’ll be no more mercy on my end ANYMORE. And, forget the trust, that’s all nothing but a smoke screen. Speaking of such, Legislators are seriously discussing about making Marijuana recreation in my State. Now you all know what State I reside in. My State has been in the news lately pertaining to the issue of either Sativa or Indica types of Marijuana.

    And I wish there was some type of secure program [verified] that could enter my handle and eMail address each time that I post. Doing this over and over is a pain.

    cj, I like that you tube av. That boy thought all was well, then he one get slapped on the head by his mom’s. It brings back memories. In HS we had a guy put one on his head and covered only his temple area. Then we encouraged him to go see our Food Service instructor, and to tell the instructor that he wanted to wear this at May Day. This guy was quite slow. We laughed about this for years.

    Chek out ‘https://www.sketch-burger.com’ Those Philly citizens can be very creative. Don’t forget to take your special color of crayons or markers with you. I do think it is a good idea, people want to be interactive. Sketch Burger’s method is very reasonable.

  15. And now I just took some supplements that kinda kicks in a bit for relieve. Bill O’Reilly settled for $10 million for sexual harassment that took place over 10 years, according to ABC News Nightline. Sometimes FOX is on the same level as the other 5 MSM outlets [ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC]. What the hell is going on with our Nation nowadays? Can’t trust anyone, that’s why I don’t say anything to the both of you assholes. LMAO

    Ex or cj, instead of letting my PCP know that I want a Medical Provider with a license in my State, who should I contact in the VA’s hierarchy? Wow, I spelt the last word without correction.

      1. @ANutterVet, sometime a patient advocate can help. I have heard they help Veterans. I wish you could go choice and see old primary care doctor. This nation is going to ??!!!!!! we have to straighten it out!!!!

      2. @cj, i don’t think his books are much value either. It is all about his view on history. Not accuracy about history. Not too impressed.

      3. @Ex va: I never read any of his books, all I know is he is a Teacher that thinks he is better than everyone else, typical libtard, although he won’t admitt to being one. He has been on the wrong sife of right way too many times. Typical pompus ass.

      4. @Ex va Your leaving a blank space in your posts. What’s the difference in not putting the words in, you’re thinking and saying the words in your mind. LOL I have some reservations about seeing VA PA. The problem with seeing anyone is that they all work for the VA, so why are they going to agree with you without giving you a hassle or questioning you. Then they take what you say back to the other party. Know what I mean?

      5. @cj BO does act like he is better than others. Just listen to what and how he talks, and especially his body language. I like reading about BL, you get a lot of information about a person whey you observe their change of positions [sounds like sex doesn’t it?].

      6. @ANutterVet: Remember always be on top durring sex, that way you will never fuck up.

      7. @ANutterVet, I guess i was trying to be polite or respectful. I am thinking it so i am screwed anyway. Lol. Damn it. I dunno. I don’t go to the va anymore and i could get meds free, i just can’t handle their bs. i don’t trust any of them, i see my providers in the private sector and trust their opinion concerning my health problems.
        ANutterVet if there is anyway you can go to a doctor in the private sector do it. Can you get on soc. Sec. disability? Or are you in the waiting mode of the process?

  16. Hey People, just stopping in for a bit. Another one of those back of the neck up and over to my forehead headaches. Took meds about 1.5 hrs ago. Nothing powerful though, no fucking Soma, da Rat bastards. Its a shame Ex that we think things will change because a doctor is involved. What he has more credibility or something? They must have some sort of believing scale of who is more likely to tell the truth. I wonder were I fit in even though I give them sound arguments plus the research behind it. LOL

    Glad you got some rest Ex, sounds like you really needed it. cj you’ve been quite active today on the blog. Ben told me that you’ve been upgraded to the “almost” monitor. LOL Ain’t nothing like having a couple of Brothers to blow off a little frustration via small tidbits of humor. Your turn . . .

    1. @ANutterVet, well, a doctor is one of their colleagues and that is different than someone just working in administration. I would say he had an ethical or moral conflict. Or a possible set up may have caused him to blow the whistle. He could have said no i am not risking my license for this ?. The va can send them home and get paid for it and this is what the va will normally do. Took computer and everything away from him. Because he probably had the evidence of their corruption on the computer. I hope he made copies.
      ANutterVet, you already gave them sound arguments. They are being the a$$______. Someday this cruelty will be recognized for what it is denial of care. Rat bastards.
      Glad to see you both was a quiet weekend. Today i couldn’t keep up with posts. LOL!!!

    1. @cj, that is great today. I hope something good comes out of all of this. I still feel kinda wired today. I don’t know all what is going on. Lack of sleep is one. We had a down pour of rain today. It is suppose to be rain the next few days. Good you got your tilling done. I have been on you tube a lot lately too.

      1. @Ex va: Your wired as in anxiety? Lotta stuff on Bens blog latlely, hard to decipher it all, and it can build up.
        Sometimes you need to step back a bit, and re energize.

      2. @Ex va: Don’t know how long I will stay awake, took a benzy, and it is kikin my butt. Hart to keep me eyes open, and can’t type.lol

      3. @cj, yes my anxiety is up. Usually health and the va does trigger it. The va is an anxiety producer?????. if you need to crash go for it. i wish i was that sleepy?.

      4. @cj Send me some Clonzies, I need them and i’ll take Ex’s too, I no shame in doing that. Sorry Ex that’s just the way things go for desperate Vets who get mistreated by the VA.

      5. @ANutterVet: here is some clonazepam for you “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2F33hksTfek”

      6. @ANutterVet, you go ahead i have meds for everything. Unfortunately because i am too sick most of the time. What i wouldn’t give to be a normal healthy person.

    1. @cj, feeling better. i slept a little last night. i am glad for it. busy chatting on blog today. i think this is a positive move forward. I lived thru that retaliation ????! i should say i survived it. Maybe something will change because a doctor is involved. people do not understand how bad things are at the va.

      1. @Ex va: It’s good you finally got some rest. yes a very busy blog today. I emailed it everywhere I could think of. Tomorrow I will start over again.

  17. *Off Topic* Mr. T was on Larry King tonight on RT. He told Larry that he covers his mohawk over for respect to Veterans. Mr. T told Larry King that Veterans have not been treated right. And then there are those that say don’t watch RT Television. I say to you, “fuck off.” The dam liberal lefties of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC doesn’t cover the issues of the VA. When was the last time that you’ve heard anything on these networks. I bet that the only time they will report on anything that deals with the VA, is when another network finds and reports on a particular problem that was discovered within the VA.

    1. @ANutterVet,@Ex va: This entire issue can be sumed up in .07 seconds:

  18. Daddy isn’t asking much. No one person has tackled the VA and come out whole yet. Godspeed to Jarrod…..

  19. Just now on “ABC WORLD NEWS” channel 9, WFTV ORLANDO, Fl.

    Jarod Kushner, President Trump’s son-in- law, is receiving one of many jobs connected to the State Department.
    One job is to “reform the VA”! Another job is to “tackle the opioid addiction” in America.
    He’s also going to be tackling “Peace in the Middle East!”

    I say, “GOOD LUCK JAROD!”

    1. @Crazy elf- Jarod may get overwhelmed due to the complexity of these issues. I hope that he actually does his own research by going into the areas to see what really what the problems are, instead of taking the information from other advisors. This has been a problem in the past with previous administrations. They didn’t do all the necessary homework, and many people were negatively effected by a program that was supposedly designed to help them [Obama Care].

      I wish Jarod the best in reforming and reorganizing these issues that have been dragging on and on, leaving it to fester in todays society. I’m extremely happy that POTUS is finally building a task force to clean up the VA.

      VA employees, you’d best get your act together, because POTUS will have no problem saying, ‘”VA employee, your fired. Go on, get out of here.” Woo whoo, the clean up troops are a coming. VA employees, you’ve fucked around for to long, and jeopardized the lives of Veterans. Fuck you, you fucking pricks. I hope when you get busted that the MSM sings the right tune and plasters you name all over the media outlets.

      I didn’t mean to Rant, but I can’t help it. May be I’m emotional, but WTF this shit has been going on for to long. I hope that POTUS keeps guard of the Sanctuary Cities, because that’s where these dirt bags many run too [grammer?]. Since a team will be created to investigate and tackle the issues within the VA, may be I’ll get some restful sleep tonight. Catch you later, crazy Nutter.

  20. I just sent this article to my local VA hospital name address phone # the whole works. I will let everyone know what comes out of it

    1. The Department of Veterans Affairs has received your Inquiry. You should expect a response from us within 5 business days.

      If you wish to update your inquiry, please reply to this email. Click Reply, type the additional information you wish to provide, and then click Send. Please note that we do not accept attachments via this system.

      Thank you………………………………………..I ASKED THEM WHY IS THIS GOING ON

  21. @DisgruntledVeteran, after finding more, I am curious as to why all the VSO’S aren’t actively engaged with his issues. What are they for? Bet I have an idea as to why. Perhaps, they side with the VA’s treatment of him, and the VA’s illegal excuse for their actions. Otherwise, where are they? What a system…..

  22. Not the first time I have stumbled upon Dr. Klein’s in relation to “VA troubles”.

    Dr. Klein is PRECISELY the DOCTOR THAT ALL VETERANS NEED. Competent, Professional, Caring, and not afraid to call things as he sees them to protect his patients. Even to the point of putting his career at risk.

    If the VA employed 3000 doctors as good as this man, Veterans actually would have good, if not stellar healthcare. This is EXACTLY the kind of guy that should be running the VHA, instead of Shulkin.

    Dr. Klein, I appreciate what you are attempting to do. It is a damn shame that the VA system is so corrupt that they have chosen to hurt you through retaliation for pointing out major deficiencies at your facility. Secret Wait-Lists, and Manipulations of Wait Times are quite serious matters indeed. Not “Trivial” as some would like to suggest.

    Your Administrators need to be fired, and you need to be placed in charge of that facility.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Doc. I hope you win your legal battle.

    Now, on to read my fellow veterans comments.

    1. And you noticed “Shithead Shulkin” is still screaming his faggot head off – telling everyone he – “NEEDS MORE DOCTORS!”
      I have even more disgust for Shulkin over this!

    2. Spent about twenty minutes typing up this addendum to my original posting to this article. Broke one of my and 91Veteran’s cardinal rules, by using Ben’s “comment block” vice my word processor for drafting. Crapola!

      91Veteran and I should have a good “beating about the head and shoulders party” as I am quite sure we have both done some good work – – – only to see it go into a Black Hole on the Net . . .

      Just as I was about to post it . . . . . POOF!

      Enough. Here is my retype, followed by some answers to a few questions asked me by fellow veterans.

      This debacle involving the good Dr. Klein highlights the VA policy of trying to make a mountain into a molehill. The VA is TRYING to send the message to the good doctor that THOU SHALT TOW THE PARTY LINE as the price for employment.

      HOW MANY VETERANS WILL DIE, OR ALREADY HAVE DIED as a DIRECT RESULT of some shit-brained bean counting Office HMFIC wanting to play fuck-fuck in areas they have no business wandering into? Riddle me that.

      To properly “care for him who has borne the battle”, it seems to me that “Shithead Shulkin” who has been on his rant about needing more doctors – – – should IMMEDIATELY restore this fine doctor’s medical privileges with an “EXPEDITE” stamp on the paperwork in big, bold red letters. EXPEDITE is a very polite Naval and Marine term that specifically translates to the “DAY BEFORE FUCKING YESTERDAY, ASSHOLE”. Leaves zero room for misunderstanding or error on the timeline involved.

      Shithead Shulkin needs more doctors? I just happen to know where there is a very fine VA doctor available, who would love to practice his art. Poplar Bluff, MO. Guy by the name of Klein. You should look him up Mr. SucVA.

      It is oft said that history repeats itself. How similar this whole situation is to what Doctors Garth and Nancy Nicolson experienced back in the mid-nineties. Garth was a researcher at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center down in Texas. One of the first to conduct substantive research in to what was being termed “Gulf War Illness” at the time.

      The Mycoplasma incognitus found by Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicolson contained a piece of the HIV envelope, but HIV is not found inside the envelope. Instead, a mix of different bacteria from other illnesses was present. This is not something that could happen in the natural course of evolution and was proof, Dr. Nicolson believed, of biological warfare. It is something that must have been man-made.

      Once he “opened his mouth” about that – – – things began to happen. Research Grants were cut off. The “Men In Black” raided the Nicolson’s house a few times. Many attempts were made to discredit their work. When the U.S. Government goes after individuals who try to get the truth out, they go HARD.

      I corresponded with Dr. Nicolson via e-mail during this period. I was just a little nobody veteran on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I had many of the symptoms of being infected with GWS. The VA was not helping me in the least. That was during the time that the VA was denying that I was a veteran.

      Long story short: Dr. Nicolson sent me a package with very specific instructions for getting treatment. I paid out of pocket to a doctor – – – got the treatment involving antibiotic courses – – – and got considerably better.

      No doubt in my mind that Garth and Nancy Nicolson saved my life. None.

      Today of course – – – after years of harassing them – – – our Government now honors them for their vision and research. Sound like a familiar story?

      @Crazy elf – – – Yes, Shithead Shulkin needs more doctors, while not being able to fully utilize the good ones he already has. What a faggot!

      @Jo3n – – – One would hope if passed, the law would be retroactive. But that remains to be seen. As for your follow-on regarding why the VSO’s are not actively engaged with Dr. Klein’s issues – – – your idea is probably correct. The VSO’s have gotten WAY TOO COZY with the DAMN VA. Time to sever that relationship completely. VSO’s need to be working for the veterans, period.

      What a dysfunctional system indeed. Brought to you by the Government that seized control of one of the most famous whorehouses in Nevada – – – then ran it into bankruptcy . . .

  23. In the name of exposing fraud and corruption, I am seeking a copy of the inter-office memo, directing records personel, to not include a veterans Induction and Discharge Physicals Records, when a request for “Complete Military and Medical Records” is made, “UNLESS SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED.” I had on numerous occasions requested my complete military and medical records but never received my induction and discharge physicals until I received the heads up to this fraud from an annonimous conscientous VA records person. Upon receipt of this last request, there it was my my Induction and Discharge which proved the Service Connection of my 100% debilitating broken back. 42 years living uncompensated, in poverty. Knowing that my compensation, when I finally got my rating was retroactive to the date of filing, I was confident that the proof would eventually be found and the retro was a form of savings account that I would receive one day. However, when my retro was finally awarded, it only went back 2 years. Is that the truth or is that just another load of dead sea black water?

    1. @J.F., the va records should have a copy of the physical, if they don’t contact the your last duty station where you were discharged. Possibly the department of defense may have a copy of you physical prior to discharge.

    2. I bet if they would have to pay the full amount they wouldn’t of waited so long unless some one else got that money in there pocket

  24. @Ben, could you reach out to Dr Klein and ask for any views he may have on His story, and comments made? Then, could you ask him if he would allow you to print his reply? What would be the harm? Thanks for all you do for all of us.

  25. OK – pretty clear case of government stupidity, e.g. paying someone a quarter mil to sit on his ass and do nothing. I get that – it’s sucks. One nagging aspect to the story is that if this guy is a Yale Fellow, and is tired of picking his nose for only $250k, why isn’t the Hale Yale Fellow earning a likely $600k elsewhere – like anywhere else – where…? Jus sayin. Remember – it’s the Ivy League that gave us Bushobamarama.

    1. That kind of makes me wonder too.


      I wonder if he’s patriotic?

      Is it because he’s in some program to pay back student loans?

      Or could it be because he didn’t like the idea of working under a screwed up Obamacare health care system?

  26. This is all just so damn strange! After POTUS put into place a Marine intelligence officer AND a beer mogul to aid in Shulkin in realigning VA with a sense of kindness and integrity that this is still going on? Ben said it was damn fine beer too, so what gives here?

    Who would have thought such a thing? Hmmmmm. Of course this means just ONE thing! We just have not gone far enough! POTUS has not yet attacked the problem with ambition!

    The team needs a fourth member to round it all out like the A-Team; somebody that can invest VA onto a path of integrity and chaste behavior. I personally think that Larry Flynt would be the only real valid pick here since we already have an intelligent Marine officer and a beer maker tasked with making it all better. We need a man who believes in complete transparency and openness and who can relate to the VA business model as currently practiced. Flynt is the man if POTUS is to remain consistent here, right?

    1. @Dennis – Do you want to drink a brewskie out your front door? Hey, got any green medicine on you?

    2. All due respect to Ben’s taste in beer, Leinie’s went downhill after being sold to Miller/Coors.

      It’s probably too early for Jake Leinenkugel and the other jarhead Intel guy to saunter back to Trump with any bullet-proof observations and recommendations. By then, Trump probably won’t have enough credibility to order out for pizza let alone change the VA.

    3. @Dennis- Kind of like that saying, “Remember the Alamo”, with the VA and transparency attempts, “Remember the VAOIG Chief and Transparent Conference Room Incessant Masturbation Salutation” to that thing called transparency. They simply do not care. The pigeons care. They shall never forget.

  27. @y’all, that was what I needed to get it. Truly sad. The VA says they can’t find Dr’s, and this is what they do with them, when they have them. Wonder why they can’t get any, good ones. @Ben, Lately, I only sometimes, get your post. Today, I received it twice; so far. Thanks again to ALL the Veterans who posted. Let’s pass that Bill, in the Senate..

  28. Ben, I agree with your suggestion of what veterans can do by spreading this information. It will help pressure congress to do their jobs.

    Another thing veterans can do is contact their Senators and demand they act on passing the VA Accountability First Act. This gives the Secretary the authority to suspend, demote or terminate an employee for misconduct at will.

    The House has already passed it and the Senate needs to quit fooling around and pass it.

    According to this Daily Caller article at, “https://dailycaller.com/2017/04/02/va-secretary-backs-major-legislation-to-fire-incompetent-corrupt-employees-in-historic-move/”

    Shulkin is calling for the Senate to act quickly to pass it…after a VA employee was caught watching porn with a patient.

    Something lit a fire under Shulkin since he released a press release Friday on this, and appeared on some Sunday news show calling on the Senate to pass it.

    I see no reason why Shulkin could not use this to fire any employee caught retaliating since it is already against the law, and more so because wait lists are nothing more than fraud to obtain a bonus.

    Should the DOJ be turned loose on this? Absolutely. I don’t think they have yet because the payouts in Whistle blower cases have not gotten the attention of congress yet. I think if the public found out how much is being paid out yearly because of whistle blower retaliation, they would be demanding somebodies head on a platter.

    As it is, it shows what an extreme joke accountability at the VA has become when a Yale educated doctor is retaliated against while nothing is done about illegal sales of pain medicine.

    Is somebody making a pile of money off these sales? How does a Chief of Staff and hospital director allow this retaliation?

    Hey Isakson! Get off your Stairmaster before you get launched!

  29. As an Investigative Research Biologist, the matter of Dr. Klein is of utmost importance. I suggest that all Veterans that have any sort of pain issues, to keep abreast of this matter. Why? Due to Dr. Klein’s expertise in Pain Management Practices and his whistleblowing [revealing the truth] the pertains to the VA, if he loses his complaint, this will seal everything and show exactly how much power that the VA actually has. Just sayin, again.

    1. My grammar has been atrocious. Sorry about this. I still miss the mistakes even though I review the post before I press the “post comment” button. Now this is a problem, for me to resolve. I’ll get this taken care of in a flash. I need to make an appointment with my PCP.

      Oh, I forgot to mention, that I’m first requesting a new PCP to treat me. If the VA doesn’t honor this in a appropriate manner, then my request will be morphed into a demanding phase. And, the way that I’ve changed lately, I really don’t know if the VA will be able to handle my caring, loving, and fucking trustful attitude.

      Taking a break for a bit. “I know, its about time.” And I reply, “Dam, give me a break, I’m trying to do my best. Veteran to Veteran, where’s the trust?”

    2. ANutterVet, I agree.

      In fact, I would like to hear Klein testify as to exactly what the VA is doing on pain management.

      I commented before on another article that vets are being forced to take the blame for any perceived opioid abuse. Klein’s comment about illegal drug sales makes me wonder if that claimed opioid abuse is as bad as it looks, or only looks bad because the VA is diverting so many drugs for illegal sales.

      If a VA normally goes through 10000 Oxycontin per month, but only 3000 goes to vets while the rest is sold illegally, what better way to deflect attention away from drug sales than to blame vets as drug addicts?

      I seriously suspect this is a massive problem at every VA in the country.

      …and vets are being blamed.

      1. @91Veteran – Thanks 91. I get so pissed off at the way the VA diverts everything onto the Veteran. This is also true on an individual basis. I know because I’m calling the VA on their shots. I’m starting a process of change, and don’t know what their response is going to be. But no matter what, these mother fuckers are going to have a big fight on their hands, until they can prove to me that their current medical care is in my best interest of getting well. To many things have happened that negatively effected my life. I can’t go along with the VA’s process. It goes against almost everything that I was taught in college, by my parents, and by my own personal experiences. The VA is fucking dangerous because they look at Veterans as numbers [experimental guinea pigs].

      2. @ANutterVet, you are exactly right the va is dangerous to your health and many, many other unexpecting Veterans. You have to have some trust in the person or persons prescribing you pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals can help heal or stable your disease or can also kill you if not prescribed correctly. That is the power these physicians have and if they are not ethical or moral, how can one trust them?

  30. I know there is Child Traffic corruption in TampaBay, Fl. I will gladly furnish all the facts.
    Marla Lyon (PCP) Health Care Industry
    marlalyon@ yahoo.com

    1. @Harold Berndt Gross – Thank you for your post, though its a little confusing per the title of this article. Or, were you replying to a comment that was posted by @Jo3n, today at 12:25 pm? Thank you.

    2. I didn’t disagree with you. Although this type of disgraceful criminal activity needs to be stopped, like yesterday. I wish I had the authority to do something about this matter. But, what the VA does is they tie you up with matters that can be changed easily. Therefore, you don’t have the time to participate in other issues. The corrupt mother fuckers. I’m pissed.

  31. Since Dr. Klein confronted the VA about improper Pain Management issues, and this is his field of study, plus his honorable credentials are at stake, Dr. Klein is actually forced by principle, to stay at the VA until the matter is resolved. From my perspective, not that it means much to some people [I absolutely don’t give a fucking shit whether they like what I post or not], but with Dr. Klein’s background and experience, I’m sure that he has a solid case and the VA’s Leadership is totally scared what is going to happen if things come to fruition. Just sayin.

  32. @Cj, I know America pretty well. I have already talked with several Veterans. It’s a go. Just let me know WHEN. One question though about Dr. Klein. Why does he stay?

    1. @Jo3n- “[One question though about Dr. Klein. Why does he stay?]”

      1) The principle of doing what’s right. As long as he’s still actively a VA Whistleblower and he’s obviously holding the VA to the fire, in spite of retaliation. If he were to quit/leave, his Whistleblower Investigation into VA wrongdoing would also go away. It’s the principle, which also leads to #2…

      2) Dr. Klein’s medical career and reputation is at stake until the VA clears the crappy retaliation techniques.

      3) I would LOVE to see Dr. Klein testify to Congress on the waste and abuse ongoing at the VA.

      4) Rats generally avoid daylight, and Dr. Klein is shining that bright light of accountability onto the VA by remaining.

      5) He also took an oath, The Hippocratic Oath, and obviously is one of the ‘good guys’ amongst the rats.

      1. @namnibor: Why can’t I look at “Hippocratic” without seeing hungry hungry hippo’s?
        You have ruined this poor boy for life.

      2. The rule was the first thing House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) railed against in a floor speech Tuesday.

        “Republicans have consistently made our hard-working federal employees scapegoats, in my opinion, for lack of performance of the federal government itself,” he said. “And this rule change will allow them to make shortsighted and ideologically driven changes to our civil service………….more like our hard-working federal employees screwing vet’s over. you know this asshole has shit in his shorts

      3. @cj- Now you are starting to see how the VA tends to distort reality by redefining everything to the ‘VA Way’?

        Hippocratic Oath- redefined to Hungry, Hungry Hippos

        Holman Rule- Hellman’s Mayo only.

        Veteran- Nonhuman Test Subject.

        Accountability- VA Kryptonite.

    2. @Jo3n, the doctors and providers that were doing the right things to treat Veterans get caught in the system because it would be most likely be career suicide to just quit if you were considered a whistleblower at the last medical center you worked for. That is why they go along with the majority concerning corruption, waitlists, etc. Until he is able to go back to practicing medicine he probably could not transfer or leave the va.
      He probably has spent the majority of his life getting to a career he worked hard for and ended up in a corrupt institution who would love to destroy his career because he brought attention to their corruption.

      1. @cj – Your right, @Ex va puts that graphic design in front of his name like the rest of us do. Tend to your garden, we need to build up trust here in Ben’s World. Didn’t you read the previous article, how the VA is going to use trust as a tool to create better relationships with us Veterans. Don’t kill the messenger, do it to them, their the criminals. LMAO How U doing cj?

      2. @ANutterVet: All good here, first day of the tapering, will see how it goes. Mind and body no so sound lol.

      3. @cj – I didn’t know that you started the tapering process. Transfer over to primary email account.

  33. My wife just sent this article off to President Trump, Eric Trump and anyone else she could think of.
    I myself don’t know how to do that. That’s why CALL my Rep. His office up in Washington was, in my opinion, a wasted call.
    I hope y’all can send this off to your Representatives ASAP. Let them know you ain’t happy one fucking bit!

  34. Posted on three Facebook accounts with over 10k followers on all. That is not all I can do though, it is just the only legal thing I can do is all.

  35. The va system has been corrupt for years The Marion Illinois system has been allowed to give them proper medical service and nothings been done for years it still keeps going on and on in all reality it’s not it’s the Beth VA system overall does not care about veterans healthcare

    1. @Joe — Did they ever clean-up things from last year’s Marion, Ill. Veteran’s Living Home or Hospital where that really terrible ongoing Legionnaires outbreak was so flubbed by the VA, Veterans kept dying, then the CDC had to come in and all news went silent? Still a mess?

  36. Dammit, I just got my parrot back from the vet. He said my parrot has twerpies, and it’s untweetabe.

    1. @cj – When you sacrifice you parrot for food, don’t forget to cook it at a high temperature to kill the pathogens. Sorry about your parrot, but to survive you’ve got to eat.

  37. Such a waste of valuable knowledge and resources in keeping this brave Dr. from assisting Veterans with Pain Management. Kudos to you, Dr. Klein. Thank you for coming forward and standing your ground and doing the right thing.
    Really, it’s appreciated!

    As rabid as the mainstream media is on Pres. Trump and anyone in his administration team, perhaps using the bad-mouthing media to hold Pres. Trump to his own words of draining the VA swamp and helping Veterans?
    Also, those congress critters that will be coming-up for reelection pretty soon…we need to tell them ship-up or we shall ship you out. It’s sad we have to use their own greed as a type of leverage against these bureaucrat rats to get them to even think about keeping the promise they made to Vets for defending the very freedoms they enjoy in rat city. Sad.
    Sending emails and calling critters in my state, regardless of party, and working outward like a plague from Ohio Valley region.
    On it.

    1. Speaking of rat bastards, I bet the local union agrees with retaliation against Klein.

      They wouldn’t want a competent doctor showing how pathetic the rest of their staff is.

      Or an honest doctor stopping the gravy train funded through illegal drug sales.

  38. To Not Reinstate Dr. Klein would be asinine! To Not Reinstate Dr. Klein would be asinine! To Not Reinstate Dr. Klein would be asinine!

    That was three times. Just like the good witch of north said.

    I think these ruby red slippers are duds or are just worn-out.

    Maybe these slippers have no power over the VA’s Disruptive Behavior Committee of The West?

    Lots of flying monkeys at the VA as well.

    AFGE employees are obviously abusing the poppies again.

    Sleep. S-l-e-e-p!

    1. @Namnibor- Oh, those poppies say you. They [VA employees] are raiding the Pharmacy and stealing pain meds from patients. Then they make their deals in the Metropolitan Hallways of the VA’s Hospitals, which aren’t monitored or effectively patrolled by the VA’s Federales [Federal Police].

      And, since there are labs in the VA Hospitals, and most likely the labs are in an area where there are less people [usually you want lab areas to be quiet as much as possible]. Therefore, this is a golden opportunity to chemically freebase certain molecular compounds that are in demand in the streets of the US. Or, amongst other VA employees.

      Oh, those poppies are sprouting up all over the place. You [VA] mother fuckers, aren’t fooling us. Your a fucking criminal and corrupt mobster hiding underneath the Federal umbrella. Not for long though. All that needs to be done, is for a Legislator that has enough balls to use the Holman Rule. Now that the Holman Rule is in effect, it all sits in the laps of our Legislators.

      Let’s see who wants to play now. Get ready while you wait for it.”Hey Legislators, now is the time to do something to help fix the Veterans Administration. Do you have enough balls to stand up and fight against these reprobates, or to fucking remove those from the Federal Payroll because of their incompetency or corruption.”

      Legislators, Veterans are watching you now that you can use the Holman Rule. Actually, you have a golden opportunity to make some necessary changes. Don’t blow it like many of your colleagues do.

      1. @Namnibor – Thank you for the analogy of the Holman Rule in relation to Hellman’s Mayo and the Clinic. I understand what you’re saying, but in reality, if a Legislator would stand firm and use the Holman Rule, some issues pertaining to the VA can be worked on to start some sort of problem solving. The main factor is having a Legislator that is willing to clean the zoo by removing certain undesirable animals [raccoons]. Question is, does any Legislator have the balls to use the Holman Rule.

        Vets, don’t get your hopes up until you see a Legislator that is actually using the Holman Rule for what is was intended for in the first place.

        What we need to do is to write to Senator Ron Johnson and to demand him to use the Holman Rule. Shootz, that’s a given. Dam!!!

      2. Question is, does any Legislator have the balls to use the Holman Rule….. I don’t think its a Question OF BALLS its how much dirt some one has on them. loose lips sink ships and careers. just look at this DOCTOR HE PROBABLY DOESN’T HAVE ANY SKELETONS IN HIS CLOSET AND THATS THE ONLY WAY TO GET BACK AT HIM

      3. IF we determine through humane testing methods that raccoons love mayo, I really think the raccoons could clean the VA’s house of all the fat.

        Again, after it is all done, we would have to contend with a 2 ton raccoon in the buildings. 🙂

        (yeah, I am entirely not right)

      4. @Namnibor You’re not only right, you’re a sick puppy. You need to make an appointment at your local Veterinary Administration.

      5. @ANuttervet– I am okay being violently happy.

        “Anxiety (Get Nervous)”, by Pat Benatar

        “Get nervous, get nervous
        Get nervous, get nervous
        Get nervous, get nervous
        Get nervous, get nervous
        Get nervous, get nervous
        I feel a little shaky, I can’t control my nerves
        I know you think I’m fakin’, but can’t you feel the curves?
        I swear to you I feel it, it scares me half to death
        It gathers in my throat and it gathers up my breath

        Anxiety, got me on the run
        Anxiety, yeah, I just need someone
        Anxiety, can’t get nothin’ done
        Anxiety, spoils all the fun

        I’m picking up the telephone, there’s no one I can call
        I need somebody bad tonight, can’t find no sleep at all
        I wish I could relax, I just can’t stop my mind
        I wish I could collapse but my body’s not that kind

        Anxiety, got me on the run
        Anxiety, yeah, I just need someone”

      6. @Namnibor – Song describes all the Vets that are on Ben’s blog. Including you and me. Right on.LOL

  39. @Cj, I was kidding about Missouri, I am in Alabama. You aren’t that far. I am yours to be part of the Veterans saying, “We’ve had enough”. I agree with the long weekend. Wouldn’t it be more humane just to give Veterans the Choice Card? I’m tired of going to VA hospitals and clinics. The anxiety of going, and the anger issues when I leave. Sick of all of it. Go Cj Go….

    1. @Jo3n: LOL you got me good that time.

      I hear you loud and clear with the anxiety of going to the va, and being angry when we leave.

      And to think their way of squaring all of this shit up with veterans is to “just be kind” ? Are you fucking kidding me? How about this you fucking VA fucktatds.”Just say NO” to your idiotic shit you pull on veterans every single day.

      Just be kinder,,,,,,, no words have ever infuriated me more……….infact, remember “The Cronicles of Riddick”? Well I am not only infuriated, they have turned my into a Furyan, and the Necromongers (administrators), at Helion Prime (VA) need to feel our wrath.

      ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃==========O>——-(+)V.A.B.S.

  40. FYI – The Holman Rule – To learn more about the Holman Rule, visit the web page below;

    Visit “https://www.thenation.com/article/the-holman-rule-once-allowed-congress-to-purge-leftists-from-government-agencies-now-its-back/”

    1. i have read that already i am talking about a official form to fill out. now that would get us all somewhere

      1. @OLDMARINE – The Holman Rule is not for Veterans or the American Public to use. It if for the use of our Legislators. Therefore, there isn’t a form for us to fill out. What needs to be done, is to find a Legislator that is willing to use the Holman Rule.

        Quote about the Holman Rule from the article that you read, “It reinstates the so-called Holman Rule and gives any legislator the power to amend fiscal appropriations so as to reduce the salary of certain federal employees to $1. In other words, it allows members of Congress to get rid of individual civil servants who are not to their taste.”

      2. It means we are back, with the Holman rule, to the Congressman of the district of the VA picking its Directors.

      3. @ANutterVet– The problem with the actual Holman Rule ever being implemented by a congress critter is because the very first thing it brings to mind is that elder relative that had a very strict rule about her potato salad, and it was Hellman’s Only.

        Sacks of mayo and congress critters is also easily confused, making the very name Holman Rule nothing but a gross condiment and mockery of all the other cool things like The Holman Rule, that would allow we Vets to have no mayo and all the beef of proper healthcare, claims, and benefits.

        Congress critters just can’t get past the mental image of mayonnaise when reading Holman Rule. Every time. That also makes The Mayo Clinic highly suspicious.

        Myself, I prefer Horseradish and blue cheese. Hold the mayo please.

  41. Are these pedophiles related to the VA? All 100’s of them? If the AFGE has anything to do with covering this up, then Cj is right. Then what’s left to Veterans. This is far beyond what’s acceptable. @Cj, where’s Missouri?

    1. @Jo3n: Missouri is at the southern tip of Illinois, under Iowa,above Arkansas, at the western tip of Tennesee and Kentucky, east of Kansas Is that what you meant?

      1. Learn the geography of the US. No more dumbing down of America. Jo3n, you’re smart. All US citizens have no excuse for not knowing where certain States are located. Jo3nm, no offense or disrespect, but I get tired of dealing with this issue even with my own family members. Do yourself a favor, please get a map and review it.

    2. Jo3n,
      A “Rand McNally Road Atlas” of the United States, is a great way of learning where all the states are located!
      It’s cheap too.

    3. @Jo3n – – – I can see that Seymore Klearly is not the only one being shadowed/impersonated/trolled on this site. TOR is NOT infallible, Kiddies. You ought to know that.

      I did not post the April 29, 2017 14:06 comment to you, Jo3n. With the exception of this comment, I am away from here until Monday. Beach time in Hawaii!

      A Hui Hou!

  42. Director
    Patricia L. Hall, RN, MSN, PhD | (573) 778-4690

    Associate Director
    Seth W. Barlage | 573-778-4533

    Interim Associate Director
    Libby Johnson | 573-778-4533

    Chief of Staff
    Vijayachandran K. Nair, MD | 573-778-4691

    1. This Seth W. Barlage worked at the marion va medical center as a scheduling manager. Now he is an associate director???

    1. Repost correctly. I am in for a massive show of force, at the Southeast Missouri John J Pershing VA.
      Anyone else? Let’s do this and force the use of the “new Holman Rule” Then these damn administrators will see what happens when they fuck with the wrong people. Now is as good a time as any. Let’s roll!!!

      1. @OLDMARINE: I would drive down, from Chicago and pick anyone up along the way that I could. I would make out signs like, “Use the Holman Rule, fire the AFGE DROOL” or “Reinstate Dr. Klein” or “Use the Holman Rule on LIL COX too” Pick a date, like a long weekend, so we have time to spread the word. Call all the local news stations, and newspapers, and those that have twitters to POTUS, let him know as well. I would even call all the local news stations in Chicago as well. I would also email, Mark Levine, Rush Limbaugh, and any other popular radio host I could find, weather I agreed with their views or not. We can do this, I’s not as smart as the rest of you, and I know you guys can coordinate this even better. Once we do this, they will know we have had it, and there is now a group of veterans, that isn’t afraid to push back. Those that aren’t mobile because of their disability can help plan this. We can do it all right here on Ben’s blog.

      2. @OLDMARINE: I am sure we won’t be allowed onto the VA property, and they would definately be waiting for us. Maybe across the street or somewhere? It isn’t far for me, only 6 hours. I would think there is enough people in the area to get it done. St Louis is about as center of the country you can get. I know I can fill my SUV with local veterans, no trouble at all, or even a few cars from the little town I live in. Just thinking out loud here.

      3. i sent my local news ben’s article and will see what happens. going to find some others

      4. @OLDMARINE: Good idea, I will do the same here. And I like the idea of an “Official form”…..I’d need and entire stack lol.

      5. @cj, when would you plan to go to John J. Pershing VA? How much time do we have to plan to do this???

      6. @Ex va: Right now I am like sgt Shultz…….I know nuthhhhhinng. I have so far been doing what OLDMARINE suggested, and emailing this article to all the news stations. Crazy elf has been tweeting to POTUS and others. namnibor has been emailing and calling congress critters, Nicky has been posting to social media. Hopefully someone will pick up on it, and then action will be taken. If that doesn’t work then I would say we need to plan everything right here on Ben’s blog. Those that can’t do this because of their disability, can help plan, others are too far away and it would be too expensive. The rest of us just need to chose a day, or a 3 day weekend, or even a week. Time is needed to get organized. So………….not tomorrow..

      7. @cj, we need to break down what needs to be done and who we are to contact what media? People can volunteer if we know what to do.

      8. Cj, sounds like everyone is already been quite busy today. ? Thanks for the info and for taking action. we need to go after these ?. Maybe some of the local Veterans would help too.

      9. @Ex va: I think also a link to this article should be emailed to the damn VA in question. But in typical V.A. fasion, there is no email to “contact” their sorry asses. Jusy think of that for a second, an apologetic sphincter. How’s that for flexing a muscle? Brings a whole new meaning to LMAO.

        I have no idea what I just said.

      10. I would rather the Senate pass the VA Accountability First Act and use that.

        As I understand the Holmen rule, it takes congress to get rid of an employee under the Holmen Rule by zeroing out the funding for that employee.

        It would seem getting rid of them by having Shulkin fire them under the VA Accountability Act would be faster.

        No need for Isakson to get up off the floor.

      11. Cj, I would suggest Memorial Day weekend, or that first day after. Employees would be gone over the weekend and for that holiday, and most people are at a BBQ over that weekend.

        The first day after would be best.

        Find local vets who have had their pain medicine cut off. Contact local media and arrange for vets to be interviewed. Contact some national media like USA Today.

        Arrange to have it in a nearby public space, with a march to that VA.

      12. @91Veteran: Your right, “after” the holiday would be better. Didn’t think of that. Thank you. Not kidding when I say this, I knew you guys were better at planning this. I will always miss something. I have a hard enough time figuring out why I walked into a room.

      13. It just comes from having been there and done that.

        Some years ago we had a veterans conference in DC, with a planned day to lobby congress.

        We didn’t remember it was around a Jewish holiday, and the Hill was like a ghost town.

        They will use any excuse to be absent, or claim they are not available.

      14. @cj, all va medical centers have a Facebook page. Do you think they monitor their posts? If we put a post on their Facebook page?

      15. @Ex va: I think if they saw todays blog they would shit, like a hippo, with it’s tail spinning.

      16. They likely do monitor their FB pages, and will likely remove any comment they don’t like, along with blocking any commenter.

        It would be fun though to flood their page.

        Along with sending to their Twitter accounts while copying the local media.

      17. ????. ?. ???? as close a i could get to the hungry, hungry hippo ??? this thing may accelerate at warp speed. ?. ?.

      18. There is a sight where you can reach professionals by e-mail like cbs, nbc, pbs and others. It tells you how their name most likely would be set up for e-mail. The va for John Smith would be ([email protected]) first initial, dot, last name, @, va, dot, gov, no dot. Does that make any sense? Hope that helps someone. Again i will try to locate that website so it can be used for other institutions addresses.

      19. We set-loose firstly, well-trained shit seeking raccoons, then use the raccoon diversion to plow through while the raccoons do their thing.

      20. I have been fighting the Prescott VA for over 2 years due to having 3 letters of Medical Necessity for an item that has allowed me to cut back on a 240mg’s of Oxycodine 3 times daily, stops my massive spasticity, and Pain. The Medical Director here, Dr Piatt, and the head of Prosthetics, David Blount, has lied to Senator McCain and Congressman Gosar, in writing, that I have Proff of. My PVA rep. Even had a face to face with him, because I have all proof including the Patient Advocate, Nissa’s notes, stating these lies. The ex-Information officer had put in 3 FOIA REQUEST, that we never received. She confided in me that this VA has more issues of illegal activity that is probably worse than Phoenix, Arizona. Due to them deleting corospondences dealing with mine and lots of other Veterans here, which she said was illegal, due to it being active.
        She and I also waited 2 months for those items requested, which never came, with the exception of the Patient Advocate records I have. I had even got called by the Quality Medical Doctor here, who found my file after 6 month on Piatt’s desk. He stated I’m the poster child for what’s wrong with this VA. There is even a note stating that they contacted me to say he ordered the device for me which never came. So he requested a written reason for denial from Blount, which never came. so I had contacted the manager at FOIA there about 6 months ago, and they said they were looking into it, and sent me to another FOIA rep by the name of Michael, who Said he will be looking into it, which never happened.
        For the last 5 months the Patient Advocate has been telling me that my appeal was in Washington DC. But, when my PVA Rep Michael, from Phoenix came to have that face to face with Piatt, he found that my appeal never left the VA, let alone gone to Regional, then Washington. This is cruel. The last 1 or 2, I have been taken to ER approximately 20 times, due to my body locking up in a spasm, that they have given me High Dose IV Valuim of 20mg’s, including last night. Please I need help. I’ve lost about 35 lbs in 2 months, and think they are going to OD me before long. Even the VA Pain Management Doctor here, Dr Hochman, has noted I’m not a seaker, but a person trying to get off these pain meds. I don’t know how much longer I can take this. If someone can help me please let me know. I already filed the Claim for Damages that was denied, and I need to file lawsuit now. Please. Desperate for help. Also have letter from my VA Neurologist, who stated by them not providing this device for me, they are causing my disability and home life to worsen. Understatment, because I can’t go on much more.

      21. Timothy, I believe your situation is such a disaster, made worse by those at the VA who have determined there is no consequences to any illegal actions they take against you.

        I can only suggest 2 things. 1 is to contact the VA IG hotline, explain what Prescott is doing including document destruction and the fact you have proof, and hope they open an investigation.
        2. Contact the media in your area and tell them the VA is destroying your records and causing you to go to the ER, and that they are ignoring your FOIA requests. Both should be easy for the media to understand. Mention to the media that the VA lied to McCain’s office.

        Any resulting news reports should be enough to get some serious attention.

        What have you got to lose at this point?

        On your FOIA request, if you filed it at your local VA, you should find out who the Regional FOIA officer is and send them a letter appealing the decision to not respond. It might force your local FOIA officer to do their job.

        The only other option you have is to sue for their lack of response under FOIA.

  43. I have to say in defense of one VA Dr who recognized I was in AF and started some medical procedures on me. That was at the VA clinic in Wyoming, MI. Also their dental and Physical Rehab set up is great

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