VA Dodges Demands from Senator


VA got flack recently for its refusal to release investigation results into Legionnaire disease scandal. U.S. Senator Bob Casey blasted the agency over its refusal and continued fight against transparency.

“When a federal government agency has information that could shed light on and give information to families searching for answers, but doesn’t release it,” Mr. Casey, D-Pa., said in an interview, “to withhold that is insulting and I don’t think in any way fortifies the confidence that people have in the VA, and, if anything, will undermine that confidence.”

Sen. Casey led the way in demanding Secretary Shinseki investigate the outbreak. While two investigations were conducted almost immediately following the demand, no elected officials were shown the results of the investigations from December 2012.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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  1. Come on people; The VA Doesn’t answer to anybody. They will continue doing what they do best for the Vets (Yea right) according to the rules that don’t apply to them because they have “NO CHECKS OR BALANCES”.

    They only way we are going to get any change to benefit all the Veterans is stay on our Political Leaders to force they hand in changing the current VA System that clearly doesn’t work for the Vets as well as it should.

    Senator Heller (NV) and Senator Casey (PA) can only do so much. We need to wake up the rest of Politicians to start taking care of the ones that took care of us all these years, the Veterans who proudly served.

  2. The VA’s continued lack of responses, lack of transparency and lack of spine regarding the gross malfeasance and misconduct of its employees is sickening. The inability of Congress to authorize DOJ investigations and prosecution is an issue that CAN be resolved. However, as the VA officials regularly commit Congressional Perjury and are not prosecuted for it, they have become a willful child, who knows that their parents threats are empty.

    It is time that the VA be completely overhauled. VeteranWarriors has taken on that mission. To completely realign all the assets, personnel and priorities – while cleaning out the malcontents, miscreants, liars and thieves.

    We Veterans and American taxpayers are finished with waiting for our leadership to actually lead…to take the helm and do what is right for our nation and with our tax dollars.

    Our mission and goals can be found at:

    Very respectfully,

    “One Family, One Fight”

    YN1 Lauren Price USN, (Ret.)
    Founder and Public Affairs Representative
    [email protected]

    Facebook –

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