VA Hiring Setaside Farce, Veterans Only Guaranteed Janitor Jobs

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Benjamin KrauseAn analysis of hiring practices by the Department of Veterans revealed the agency is only explicitly reserving janitor type jobs for veterans called “housekeeping aides”.

The Daily Caller performed an analysis of job vacancies on, which revealed the farce of veteran hiring initiatives at the agency. The number of janitor jobs reserved exclusively for veterans helps VA meet its mandatory hiring quota.

The effect is that the more lucrative union jobs remain open, and are considered “lucrative union giveaway” gigs that favor current government employees over anyone else including many veterans not currently employed by the agency.


According to the Daily Caller:

The VA is currently advertising for 3,000 positions, some seeking multiple people each. Only about 50 job ads, seeking an estimated few hundred workers, are accepting applications exclusively from veterans. And of those, all but a handful would have a returning hero trade a rifle for a mop and $13 an hour. At the same time, more than a thousand vacancies, many with no highly specialized skills required, were being advertised as open only to current civil servants.

Housekeeper is also the most frequent job being advertised for, so it goes a long way to helping the department pump up its numbers with vets. Meanwhile, job postings that are often better paid and less dirty but have similarly low educational requirements, like “motor vehicle operator,”  $67,000 secretary, and $40,000 supply clerk, are for current union members.

I wonder if Secretary Bob will attempt to now redefine “lucrative” to include janitor jobs. I can’t wait to see him spin his way out of this hiring farce.

Of all places one would assume veterans will be received with open arms, one would certainly assume VA would be on the top of the list. But that just is not the case.

I get emails from veterans on a regular basis who were either forced out of employment or denied the opportunity without explanation.

Personally, I applied for an internship with the local VA OGC in Minneapolis during the summer months while in law school. They never bothered to even conduct an interview even though I had high marks and was a disabled veteran in VocRehab.

I later heard through grapevine that they failed to select any veterans who applied but instead picked a young woman who was brushing her hair while staring off into space during a mediation between VA and opposing counsel (this is highly inappropriate).

While I did not lose any sleep over my exclusion, many veterans are going without quality work and quality training and the agency charged to reverse the trend is not doing enough.

Do you have a hiring story to share?


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  1. Dear Mr. Krause:

    Notwithstanding, that my comment will raise some eyebrows, I will offer it to try to uplift the spirit of all my fellow servicemen and women who are serving in the armed forces to continue where we left off.

    I will start by saying fellow veterans do not back down from the task and challenges we now face not only for our sake but for all young men and women who will serve to continue thee struggle we faced and face, first with the “enemy,” now with our own countrymen you will note I enclosed the adjective, enemy,because believe it or not they have been duped, to be used as cannon fodder to please an enemy we are or haven’t been aware of what is going on, I learned that after studying past history and asked myself, what has our so called enemy done and or will do to improve their living if they normally are people who are struggling to make a decent living for their own family just as we have.

    From my research and deep reflection I learned nothing, they gain nothing from going to war.

    Well all I can say is this, we,Americans, must not falter in our goal of letting the world see what Americans are made of and what kind of mettle we are made of, and what has
    made us the number country in the world,and why, sure I know it will not be easy but we have no time to waste what is, we must set the example of what makes us what we are, that from the establishing of our republic we were successful because of our faith in GOD, now we must show it, we must show the world what makes us the brave, and compassionate people are are still looked up to, we are a people with an abundance of Faith, in what we believe; in the Bible we have example after example of what made the Jewish people just what we can be an example of how to become great not in earthly riches but spiritual.

    In closing I have two wonderful poems that describe exactly what I mean: the first poem is titled; Footprints

    It goes One night a man had a dream
    He dreamed he was walking along the
    beach with the Lord.
    Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.

    For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints
    in the sand.
    One belonged to him the other to the Lord.

    When the last scene of his life flashed before him,
    he looked back at his footprints in the sand. He noticed
    that many times along the path of his life there was
    only one set of footprints.
    He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest
    and saddest times in his life.

    This really bothered him and he questioned the Lord about
    it. “Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you
    you’d walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that
    during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only
    one set of footprints. I don’t understand why when I needed
    you most, you would leave me.

    The Lord replied, “My precious, precious child, I love you and
    I would never leave you, “During your time of trial and suffering,
    when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I
    carried, you.”

    This beautiful poem explains how GOD never leaves us.

    Poem #2 is titled Life’s weaving, this one explains what the purpose of our sorrows
    and all we endure and the purpose for that is, and teaches us the reason which we go
    through what we go through nd that GOD does not think and see things the way would

    Life’s Weaving

    My life is but a weaving
    Between my God and me;
    I may not choose the colors
    He knows what they should be,
    For He can view the pattern.
    Upon the upper side, While i can
    see it only On, this, the under side.

    Sometimes He weaveth sorrow,
    Which seemeth strange to me;
    But I will trust His judgement,
    And work on faithfully;
    Tis He who fills the shuttle,He
    knows just what is best; so I
    shall weave in earnest
    And leave with Him the rest.

    At last, when life is ended,
    With Him I shall abide,
    Then I may view the pattern
    Upon the upper side,
    then I shall know the reason
    Why pain with joy entwined,
    Was woven in the fabric
    Of life that God designed.

    When I first saw these poems I realized that with patience and fortitude we can over come every problem, that doesn’t say we should just sit and take it but to fight with faith in
    God we will accomplish the impossible; another example I can offer the Battle of Lepanto in Europe, please google that Battle and you will be amazed, I am not saying but with the courage and Faith, Hope and Charity we can tackle anything and win like the true warriors we are.

    Yours for GOD and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

  2. Dear Mr. Krause:

    All I can say is that, without politicizing, just using my freedom of speech right in the second amendment; there is no longer any doubt that I see the need for Donald Trump, I already switched party from Democrat to Republican to do what I feel may be in the best interest of our country, for which I was ready to pay the ultimate price , next to GOD I reiterate, that of course is my own opinion seeing what our servicemen and women; have and are enduring under the the present, unconscionable government.

    Yours for GOD and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

    1. Freedom of Speech is the First Amendment. The Second amendment is the right to bear arms.

  3. As long as humanities and ethics aren’t being taught and respect for each other, no matter your place in life, is seen as weakness, these problems will never be solved.

  4. My career at the VA started out as a WG-4 Cemetery Caretaker. I had my Bachelor’s degree in Management and earned my MBA while I was with the VA for 5 years. I applied every year for the Director’s Internship with the NCA and was denied. I applied around 100 times on USAJOBS just to leave that corrupt place. Management came after me because I obstructed their plot to fire a Vietnam Veteran who trained the Director and Foreman when they were temps. Both equally incompetent to lead somehow rose to the ranks over people with tenure because of their relationships with management. After I warned the Chain of Command that the Cemetery was hostile work environment numerous times, the Vietnam Veteran retired early and one of my co-workers who was a marine took his life. I found out later that he and the Foreman use to smoke marijuana together illegally and he had alcoholism issues that were never addressed when he showed up to work late. I reported this all the way up to the UnderSecretary of Memorial Affairs who was caught giving preferential treatment to his friends for the Director’s positions and ignored my warnings. My punishment for reporting issues was that I was isolated and put on crap jobs. The NCA purposely kept me from getting promoted. I finished out my career at the Cemetery as an entry level grave digger with an MBA. My director and foreman only had highschool degrees and talked down to me like I was dumb. The only reason why I was promoted is because I blew the whistle on the hiring practices and the hostile work environment at the Cemetery. After my co-worker committed suicide, I took it hard because the situation at the Cemetery took it’s stole on my marriage and I was depressed about my co-worker killing himself. I was admitted for a couple of days at the VA. I told the pyschologist that I was depressed about my co-workers death and I was struggling with my wife being physically abusive. I didn’t think about it at the time, but realized I probably shouldn’t have said anything about my wife being abusive since she was a social worker there. I needed help and just need someone too talk to.

    After I was released, my wife and I slept in separate beds that night. The next morning my wife busted through the door and started hitting me and told me that her supervisor said I threw her under the bus. I found out that all of her co-workers accessed my medical files and shared what I said to the pyschologist. None of her co-workers were even on my treatment. That lead to my divorce and onslaught by the VA to fire me and they even tried pressing criminal charges against me. They said I had severe PTSD and even admitted that privacy violations were committed, but only my wife committed because she was my social before we dated, but it was ok for her supervisor to access my records and ruin my marriage.

    Long Story short, I said lets go to court. As soon as I showed I had a \spine. Miraculously after 5 years I was promoted to a Contract Specialist position in another state and rated 70 percent for PTSD. The VA even transferred me to the Cemetery near where my wife was. She miraculously was transferred to another VA after I went for treatment. Looking back at the situation, I realized that the VA transferred her back to her hometown and asked her to leave me because of the issues caused by me being a patient of hers before our relationship started. The VA is a bunch of messed up psychopaths who do not have compassion for others and are only concerned about there own well-being. When I had to go get a fit for duty statement, the pyshciatrist that I had to see at the VA was scared and said, I feel like we are both being setup because whatever I say will be sent to a Congressmen and Senator of my home state.

    Bottom Line the hiring practices in the government in general are terrible. Even with an MBA I could not get promoted in the VA. The dumbest thing the did was to try to pursue criminal charges against me in a civil court when I clearly had evidence against them violating federal laws. Amazing how quick there planned backfired when I get a chance to defend myself under oath that they are quick to avoid testifying in court. Funny how I was rewarded for supposedly bad behavior.

    While working at the VA, I saw management go after an innocent Vietnam Veteram, I saw my co-worker take his life, I had my privacy violated and I lost my wife. The only reason why I got my MBA was because I wanted to get promoted so I would be able to make enough money so my ex could go part time so we could have kids. The VA destroys lives of good people and promotes bad behavior. Even though I make great money now, I just haven’t recovered from losing my wife and I don’t easily trust people anymore.

    I have never despised or hated a person or thing until I met the VA. A bunch of low life’s and Sloan Gibson should be fired for allowing this crap. If low level employees know about the crap that goes on within management. He can’t be that ignorant to it.

    1. Hang in there brother.
      I doubt Gibson is ignorant of how corrupt the VA is. His actions give me the impression he is the type of snake that gathers dirt on everyone, and isn’t afraid to tell those around him that he’s more than willing to use it.

    2. What you saying is true.middle and higher management are so power hungry.they act like cannibas and will eat their own.

      They would rather lie about veterans than to help them and lower grade employees.have no say.they are told to mind their own business when they see something wrong.

      The VA mentality is all screwed up.protect the bad employee and punish anyone who questions them on anything.

      The disruptive committee will take care of Veterans.who ask questions or get upset

      The VA as a whole.has to be delt with from top to bottom and start new. Make new regulations about their hiring more good old boys club.

    3. Thank you for sharing it’s always nice hear something from someone who has been on the front line.

    1. @Frank P. Calderon
      I have a “feeling” VA employees are digging in to figure out how their going to keep their jobs. Especially since, by all accounts, Mr. Trump just may be our next POTUS.
      If he is voted in. I do believe their will be a major reassignment of a lot of employees. Many might not be so lucky. Many might hear those two little words Mr. Trump likes;
      ie: “Your Fired!”

  5. Dear Mr. Krause:

    Ultimately, I would suggest that the VA be disbanded, and fill those housekeeping aide jobs with all VA former employees, and those guilty of serious transgressions against veterans, be tried and convicted of their felonies and used as housekeeping aides in Federal Penitentiaries where they belong and eaarn there keep that way thereby savin g the tax payer money.

    Yours for GOD and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

  6. In 1969, 4 months after my discharge from the USAF, I was offered and I accepted a GS1 Step 1 VRA job as a janitor at the NPRC in St. Louis. The job required I also go back to college full time as a condition of employment. This was a great starting point for me to re-establish myself in my hometown. I resigned/moved on some 17 months later. In 2000, I was again hired by the feds as an SES where I spent 12 years designing and implementing the federal sectors veteran entrepreneurship programs and resources. I must say, I take some offense at the notion that being a janitor for the gov (VA) was such a bad thing. It worked well for me and should work for most/many vets as a starting point in their new civilian career.

    1. You are missing the point. I don’t know what you did the Air Force, but believe it or not many veterans have schooling and work experience that qualifies them for more than janitorial duties.

    2. It is a starting point.but people like me needed to be trained hands on.I tried school and was not successful.

      It took me forty years to find out why. Traumatic brain injury from the service.

      You know that no matter what job you advance to you are going to have to be trained.

      In order to get these veterans better jobs.they need to post some jobs as training slots.where if the employee can’t learn the slot.they don’t that slot.

      Hard work works in any won’t know who’s going to do well until you give them a chance to prove it.

    3. @Bill Elmore
      Seems your ETS dates are 3 years off. I can remember every date from beginning to end. I even remember my “Service No.” and my SS#.

      When my ETS came, my hometown was extremely antiwar. There was no VA in my small midwestern TOWN. No chance for employment other than railroad. I grabbed at that. A small group of men doing great work. Just like in Nam. Only instead of destroying, we were building.
      There were no other options for me. As I know other Nam vets who had simular problems.

      So I take offense to your unwillingness to read what’s going on today with VA’s unaccountability and lack of transparency towards the millions of vets who served proudly. Then returned to be treated like subhuman animals! Many being treated like that by so-called alleged veterans.

      1. Yeah; That was my screw up, I joined in 1969 (yes I remember the date and the day of the week), and got an early out in 1972 with an unexpected hardship discharge, and yes I remember the date and the day of the week. I had a service number (they were just switching over to SSNs then) that I still remember. My only point was that while my initial VRA janitor job was low pay, it pushed me back into college and back into the work force at a time when there was little job assistance for Viet Era Vets. When I quit that job (in 1973), I started working with a group of Viet Vets as we created our own self help “Veterans Service Center” where we helped thousands of mostly Viet Era Vets find jobs and get started in their careers, we did that for 21 years. Most of those entry level federal jobs are no longer available as JWOD has taken them. For me and the other Viet Era Vets that (re) started our careers as janitors, we all did OK as we moved on in life, one of those other vet former janitors is now my mortgage broker, and I enjoyed a great career working with vets and their families.

    4. I think you are missing the point here Bill. Nobody is saying a janitorial position is bad for a young veteran getting out after a first hitch. What the article and many commenters here are saying is that for those who easily qualify for higher graded positions are immediately locked out from applying for them. They are being locked out from positions where they could raise a family on, but offered positions that may not prevent them from being homeless. People that qualify for those positions may have more that one enlistment, and their experience supports their qualification. Hell I’ve seen many veterans who qualify for higher grades just on one enlistment.
      Question for you, did you happen to become an SES in the VA? It appears you work for the Small Business Administration.
      You also have to keep in mind the reasons for veterans hiring authority. To provide veterans jobs that they may not get because they did not stay home and go to college. As an SES, you should know this. That you defend this says to me you have an “I got mine, the hell with you” attitude.

      1. @91Veteran
        Thanks brother, I do believe you hit this one out of the park.
        This guy evidently doesn’t know the feelings we real “VIETNAM VETERANS”, not “era veterans”, have toward VA employees.

        Here’s a fact some of y’all have heard me say. About 10 to 11 years ago I had a VA psychologist actually inform me she had “demonstrated against the Vietnam War!”
        As I sat there, dumbfounded and angry, I asked if she had demonstrated against the veterans? Her answer was a resounding “YES!” She was loud and clear over that answer. It took every ounce of my being to get up and walk out.
        That shit does not, and will not, fly with me!
        Especially since our planefull of vets just arriving at Seatac had “Urine Balloons” thrown at us from protesters. I’ve got other true and factual stories about things I, and many other veterans, were forced to endure because of these pitiful maggots!!!
        I have not, nor will not, ever forget.

        Sorry bout the rant. Only people who defend VA -need not apply HERE!

      2. Never worked for VA. I ended up at SBA as an outside hire after 21 years of volunteer advocacy trying to get Congress to pass legislation to level federal resources for vets at least equal to other non vet groups. we got that done in 1999 then I competed for the job with 71 other candidates. On the Feds job front what I learned helping vets get jobs and competing my self was that fed hiring processes are managed by and large by non vets and many of them generally want to hire folks that look like them. We need more vets in hiring positions. BTW, there is no vets preference in SES selection process

      3. Good for you in helping veterans over the years. From what I’ve seen with federal jobs, there are a number who want to hire those who look like them, but there are just as many who want to hire those who went to the same college as they did, and if that can’t be done, hire someone from a protected group other than veterans, so they can look good for higher management, regardless of qualifications. I’ve also seen absolutely worthless people hired in to jobs in bad locations such as Washington, DC simply because they can’t get better people who want to live and raise a family in that hole. As for veterans preference, I am well aware there is no veterans preference in SES selection. In fact, veterans preference is only allowed in getting initially hired, which makes hiring into higher graded positions even more important. If a veteran with 6 years in the service hired into a GS-7 position the same day as someone who just got out of college with a degree, who do you think they will hire first into a GS-8 or 9 position? With the way the VA operates, a veteran with 6 years experience as a lab tech is better suited as a janitor than some ditz who got a degree from a local community college, but got hired fresh out of school because she knew someone.

  7. A bit off topic but did anyone catch the article in the daily caller on Japhet Rivera. They interviewed him and he told them he was paid $86,000 to quit the VA. He also claimed they paid his attorney fees from his appeal.

    A link to the article is : “”

    1. I received that little tidbit last night in my email.
      If you’ll notice that was the same VAMC, Illiana, Illinois, where that puke pain management doctor was picked-up (arrested) and extradited back to Indiana in 3 counts of murder!
      Here’s another little tidbit. The puke who was arrested, (July 2015), was hired there in April 2015.

  8. I applied for many for many VA positions. Mostly after graduating with a BS in Information Science and Technology from Penn State University. I even spoke to the HR who posted it. I told him this was a good college I graduated from and this degree was not some sort of degree that librarians take!! I still never got the job and got an interview and thought it went well. I looked on Linkedin and this person who interviewed me had no degree in computers and a MA in English only. I think this person had a crony to get in?? He wasn’t a vet even? Now I know why the VA has computer and data problems as they don’t have qualified educated people.I don’t know if this person has IT certifications but still can’t seem to understand how an English major is the head of several VA IT facilities?? No wonder the RBA and C File is missing data?? No wonder they don’t have a database or a table of contents as needed to identify page numbers? Now from a VA Congressional hearing the VA is stalling on data technology till 2018. Congressman Dr. Ruiz pointed out that vets desire and want a resolution and it affects and causes stress in veterans lives. Ms. McCoy was speechless and admitted the system is broken. Dr. Ruiz pointed his index finger to her and asked for resolution. The VA seems to keep wanting to cheat us veterans in every way possible and myself and other vets are sick of this. The VA don’t listen to Congress? Congress is still letting VA get away with harming and abusing and killing veterans.When do veterans get a bonus for waiting and being abused?? The triangle should have vets at the top and not at the bottom. When will the VA change??

    1. Ernie write to your congressmen and senators and govener.with all that education and a veteran you should have been hired.

      Maybe with their will be hired.if your service connected tell them.

      They have people who know better.but sometimes get lazy.but a fire under their butts.

  9. Applied for licensed practical nurse position at Dayton VA . Jumped through all the hoops , even had disabled vet special consideration . Interviewed , flunked physical due to service connected knees , PA had me squat and I was slow to straighten up , he told me he could not give me a passing on the physical .Funny twenty five years later and VA fighting my unemployability claim bow that both knees are bad and have not been able to nurse since 2006 .Vocal rehab said I have sere handy cap to employment 8 writing prior to right knee cartilage tear .

    1. Sounds like your a smart person.why not try medical administration service. A desk job you already know medical terminology.

      Who knows your condition may get better and you will already be in the system.

      I started as a janitor and trained as a file clerk and before I retired was promoted to medical administrative assistant GS 7.

      Please don’t give up.your a smart person.

  10. Dear Mr. Krause:

    How about giving the illegal immigrants the housekeeping aides jobs and the jobs, our servicemen and women who risked their lives and everything that goes with a meaningful life be awarded to those who gave up so much to save our freedoms, our servicemen and women.

    Although I am a 100% disabled veteran and grateful that I feel blessed compared to the young men and women who must be on wheelchairs who returned from the Middle East without their limbs, and / or suffering far worse who can be trained to perform clerical and other duties using their wheelchairs, who are capable of performing better paying duties without performing manual, tasks that can aggravate their condition.

    The government apparently has not heard the old saying that goes like this: charity begins at, home, first show veterans that we appreciate the tremendous sacrifice involved in serving our country.

    And a degree of consideration would not hurt to show for the great sacrifice involved, this is not to say that others do not count as human beings, but all I ask to see is that the government show some degree of consideration for the tremendous sacrifice involved.

    Yours for GOD and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

    1. Youre right about that im in Lost Wages,NV referred to as Las Vegas and i go to the new VA facility here and all you see is filipino workers at the Main facility and at the other smaller offices seems like thats the only people they are hiring now and the Vets i do see get the Glorified Janitorial jobs woooopeee…..

  11. 91 Veteran can help me find a lawyer who would take on Veteran Primary Care Doctor Medical Negligence case in Arizona i will help you……Thanks. ….SEMPER Fi.

    1. I don’t know of attorneys that would help, but the VA is Lying Facebook page has mentioned there are attorneys listed on that page that will help. If you have Facebook, go to the VA is Lying page and look around, or ask the question there.

      1. Here’s another website which is for veterans.

        VAWatchdog dot org.

        This one is based out of California. It has many VA attorneys listed to help veterans.
        Hope this helps.

  12. You might want to do some more digging related to their Union “mob” at facilities. What an outrage……………….can’t fire them and wish they knew what “having your back” really means………..Not all but start at the top.
    What an expose that would be…….

    1. I’ve noticed a few veterans working at my small clinic. It seems after talking to them, I’ve reached the conclusion they were hired because they knew someone.
      I believe this may be the norm. One Marine who has been there for a long time, had been married to someone who is high up.

  13. Off Topic but somewhat related:

    As awful and terrible as the lead-in-water situation in Flint, Michigan is, and our President declaring a FEDERAL EMERGENCY, you can BET that if it were a Military Installation or a VA Medical Center with lead in water, Legionnaires Outbreak, et al, this President would NOT have declared a FEDERAL EMERGENCY.

    Why was not such a “declaration” made and closing down of Phoenix VAMC when the Wait List Scandal surfaced or various medical centers and veteran medical living homes with over a dozen Veteran DEATHS made to be “Federal Emergencies”?

    I am NOT discounting the severity of Flint, MI lead in water problem, am just placing some emphasis on how this POTUS cares very LITTLE about Veterans. Obama is now even talking about reparations and FREE COLLEGE for “certain Flint residents”…you do the math.


    1. I wonder why he is declaring that an emergency all of a sudden. Is it because some politicians are trying to make it a political issue with the governor, only to find out Obama’s EPA has known about this problem since last April?

      1. The Michigan Governor whom they are trying to vilify and call for his resignation is stating he CONTACTED the POTUS EPA but his requests were ignored according to the Governor and the Governor went as far as the EPA simply just wanted Flint to get all their water from Detroit’s water system and IGNORE the lead problem. WTF?!!

        Now, this is going to be something that is going to cost tax payers for generation or two, at best because Obama is talking about setting-up some huge “reparations fund” and “free college for ALL in Flint for a few generations”…this is going to be milked beyond belief while ignoring or blanketing the primary problem and how and why it was ignored.

        It’s of mine and many other vet’s opinion that POTUS should have decalred a FEDERAL EMERGENCY when the deaths of vets and huge secret wait list scandal surfaced, as well as many Vet’s deaths scattered around USA in just last couple years that have died of Legionnaires Disease…the POTUS definitely has his bias and it’s not positive towards Veterans…but if you are a minority, it seems to be carte’ blanche’…

        The EPA seriously screwed-up out in California with that mine that was allowed to release millions of gallons of toxic waste and now there’s another EPA disaster in California with all that natural gas and particulates being released massively by a huge leak. This POTUS’ Administration has done so much damage from simply neglecting safety and infrastructure shoring-up. One more year of this BS.

      2. Actually Nam, that river pollution happened here in Colorado. The EPA acted like absolute buffoons in this case. A mining engineer warned exactly what would happen if the EPA dug in to that mine a week before it happened. He wrote a letter to the editor that was published in the Silverton newspaper. The EPA didn’t bother to warn anyone down river for 2 days. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of the river being completely orange. Anyway, the Governor, Hickenstupid made a big show of supposedly drinking water out of the river in a show to indicate the water was safe. In reality, he was getting significant pressure from businesses in that area to re-open the river. Never mind the number of down stream water users such as farmers or ranchers irrigating their land and spreading heavy metal contamination all over.
        Does it shock me to see politicians screw over veterans? No. I’ve seen them first hand screwing over the general public to avoid responsibility.

  14. When I moved back to IN, I tried to get a job at the Indy VAMC and the only job I could apply for was a janitor. I would get minimum wage and I could not work more than 20 hours a week. That was if they decided to hire me. I said no as it would not be worth it to work that little for nothing. I tried to see about other types of jobs and I was told to apply but it was still up to them to chose who they hired. I took that as they hired other people and not veterans, unless you want to benefit them by working for pennies a day.

    1. While employeed.the VA hired this pretty blond gal right out of high school. This was just before they closed down the VA facility.

      She was hired as a Secretary and a short time later promoted.I questioned personnel about that hiring.

      Personnel management stated that she volunteered so much and did extra curricular activities.that it qualified her over veterans and currently employees.

      Yes.her dad was a manager of a different service. Smell anything wrong with that picture.

      Enough people spoke up.she was not kept.

    2. My Vet buddy is right there in Indy working even less than 20 hours a week at minimum wage through some Homelessness Program. He *is* able to take ancillary training courses that are paid for but that means he has to miss those few hours of work/unpaid, and risk being thrown out on streets.
      He actually applied for and interviewed for what was *supposed to be* a VA job but it did not make sense as it was in some warehouse office building way across town, NOT at the VAMC, and get this, according to his, it was around a GS-5 position that was scanning-in medical authorizations for care outside the VA.
      He never heard back from them probably because he was armed with plenty of questions because I informed him with links on how the VA supposedly CONTRACTS all that scanning of documents out and I also sent him stuff from here on Veteran Hiring Preferences, and also VA Contract Info on how supposedly (according to OIG reports) that those very authorizations for outside the VA care through CHOICE was indeed an outside contractor, not the VA, that the VA utilizes.
      Whomever was actually “interviewing” at Indy VAMC, was apparently not keen on him asking questions about why such a menial job as scanning documents starts out at GS-5 with feigned promises of near-future promotion to GS-7…and probably reason no call back.
      Something very shifty is going on particularly with that Indy VAMC and VARO…they are all almost within same block downtown Indy. However, this is a VA-wide issue in not following Veteran Hiring Preferences and the VA is “scolded” by Congress time and time again and it keeps being ignored….this is a larger scandal than it may appear and the root will be found to be Nepotism within the WHOLE of the VA System Septic Tank.
      My Vet Buddy is a single father as well, further complicating matters but he is no slacker like the VA employees he has spoken about that work there…management all way down to janitorial staff…lazy and noisy.

      1. nam,
        do you know what program he is in. I am dealing with the HVAF (Hoosier Veterans And Families) they deal with homeless vets like myself. They have some good things as well as the transitional housing I am currently in. I don’t know about the job that was offered but I do know of the other work things they offer. They guy that was supposed to be an “employment specialists” showed me how to look on the Internet for the job search places and then tried to get me to take a temporary job in a ware house doing a job I could not do. He told me to try it out and if I decided to stay, he would be done with me as he could not monitor me after I took a job (another “helped a vet find a job” so he could check the box). I told him he was worthless and left. He sent me 56 jobs e-mails from Indeed, Monster, ETC… and they were from another name so I could not complain about him sending (harassing) me with job opportunities. I finally got him to admit he did it (verbally) but I have no way to prove he did it.
        I think that most of the time the organizations here are a numbers based organizations. They do what they can to get people jobs that go nowhere so they can check the box that they “helped a vet become employed”. Even if the vet quits or get fired, they get to put another plus in their statistics box. It makes them look better so they can continue to get funding. They do not look at it as helping someone in need, they look at it as “how can we make it seem that we are helping more vets than we really are.
        I know that if I had not stood my ground on some of the “jobs” that were offered, I would have been completely homeless again, as they kinda push you to leave the housing as soon as you can so they can get another vet in here, once again to up their “helped” count.
        Higher numbers mean more dollars and a better job security.

      2. @f8f

        I do not know the name of the program he is in and I do not really pry that much because I know he’s doing the best he can do for this time in his life and to be honest, since he has started working very part time at the Indy VAMC, I feel it has somewhat strained our friendship because he knows I am all about Advocacy for Veterans and am sure he is just feeling “lucky” to have a roof over his head as it is.
        However, I get the sense that whatever programs that the VA takes advantage of such Homeless Veterans such and he and yourself, that the VA implants some type of “…be lucky we even threw the scraps out on the dirty ground for you…”, so yeah, am thinking the VA is playing mind games with Vets in those situations while someone’s inbred cousin thrice removed gets hired to do something they are entirely unqualified for save from being related to another VA employee worthless sack of flesh.

        I want to even go as far as proposing that the VA does this with even their full time employees that happen to also be Veterans: making them feel “lucky” to have even that, and effectively keeping those Veteran Employees from spilling their guts from what they know and see every day.
        That’s how I see the VA using Vets….as a form of leverage and a numbers game on funding, nothing more or less.

      3. I think you friend is lucky.he should not be pushed to take the fight to them right off the bat.

        He must be able to stay his job and learn the ropes. The higher he goes the better chance he will have to change things or do the right thing.

        No one likes new employees to rock the boat.unless the actually know what’s happening all around him.

        Collecting information is a maybe he should be careful.not to get fired before he gets himself in a position to help others and food and shelter for his kids is number one prioritority right now.

        If he works hard.he will be promoted.that’s where veterans need good people.too few right now.

        Don’t be hard on giving step at a time.

      4. Your comment just made me think…over just the past 2 years, how many VA whistle blowers have there been? How many were veterans? A good many if not all of them were, and it clearly shows why the VA does not want to hire veterans into upper level jobs unless they are forced too.
        Too many refuse to put up with the abuse, maltreatment, corruption and other thug behavior, and are more than willing to stand up for their fellow vets and blow the whistle.

  15. If anyone has some serious pull with a Congressman or a Senator, they should provide this article to them and ask them to request a Government Accountability Office investigation into the VAs hiring practices. The GAO used to be the premiere investigative agency that the House or Senate used when they wanted a thorough investigation into a federal agency. The GAO would crawl up the VAs ass for a few months, and I bet it would be seriously embarrassing for them.

  16. I am not surprised at any of this, but it happens because congressional oversight committees allow it to happen. For years it has been well known that hiring veterans in the federal government is a problem because managers of agencies refuse to follow the law when hiring veterans. Congress has said as much, and often whoever is in the WH signs a letter encouraging agencies to hire veterans, then a few years later they can repeat the whole process.
    Congress should ask, why does agency X hire so many more veterans than agency Y? They will find agency X follows the law much better than agency Y.
    The problem behind this is when the agency decides how to advertise the job opening.
    You Ben, or the DailyCaller can study various agencies on USAjobs. You will see 1 job for 1 location listed under 2 or 3 different job announcements. 1 announcement may be for veterans, 1 announcement may be for anyone outside the federal government, and the 3rd may be for only those already inside the agency.
    A veteran SHOULD APPLY TO ALL 3. It is up to an agencies personnel office to determine if that veteran is qualified for any OR ALL 3 of those announcements, but they have to apply to all 3. If they meet the minimum requirements and qualify for any of the 3, federal law states they must be put at the top of the list for selection.
    The problem becomes when a manager doing the hiring rejects the entire certificate of applicants because they see a veteran is at the top. They will re-advertise the job hoping that veteran will not apply again.
    The other problem is when they have those 3 job announcements, 1 for current employees, 1 for outside the government and 1 for veterans is that hiring officials can hire off the 1 for current employees, and ignore the other 2 announcements and applications, and still be within the law. Congress has known about this loophole for years, but they refuse to fix it.
    Also, veterans preference for hiring only applies for a veteran getting hired into the federal government. Once hired in, if that veteran applies for a better job in the same agency, veterans preference no longer applies. The veteran used their preference to get in, but now has to compete with union cronies without that preference.
    If a veteran applies for a job where veteran preference applies, and that veteran preference is ignored, the veteran can appeal that hiring decision and the agency has to respond in writing with what their decision was. If the decision shows it ignored the law, the veteran must be hired.
    If you are a veteran looking to be hired into the federal government, I would suggest studying veterans preference law, and the different veteran hiring authorities agencies have. A veteran with an expeditionary medal is one preferance, veterans of certain era’s is another. A disabled veteran is a higher category, and a veteran disabled at 30% or more is the highest. In the case of the VA, veterans could likely appeal a hiring decision by showing the VA should have advertised some of these jobs under veterans preference, and chose not to.
    For example, if the VA only chooses to hire nurses, and they only advertise to other VA employees, there are a number of veteran nurses that would have their preference automatically ignored. The other problem with the VA and hiring is likely a bigger scandal, and that is contractors. If the VA hired a contract doctor or contract nurse, then federal hiring law, including veterans preference goes right out the window. There are many more contractors like this being hired than I ever knew, and it is shocking. In addition, if the VA says they have 5000 nurse employees, that number does not include 3000 nurse contractors. This has been a federal scam since Al Gores reinventing government schtick in the 90’s.

    Finally, Ben, I think your VocRehab guide is good. I think if you wrote a veterans hiring guide, it would be even better, and I would be happy to help with it.

    To all my fellow Gulf War veterans, it’s hard to believe it was 25 years ago when the war started.

    1. I should add, in the example above where a single job could be advertised on 3 different job announcements, the VA is likely ignoring the law, and only advertising on 1 job announcement to VA employees only. By doing this, they can ignore veterans preference laws completely.

    2. Thanks for your are right about everything you mentioned here.

      Seems every government agency attached to the department of Veterans ignoring the law by making things up as they go.

      We can pass laws all day.but when there not followed by everyone.they become Neil and void.not worth the paper their written on.

  17. It’s not the case that these entry-level “position guarantees” hurt Veterans. It’s the inability for most to get respect in, or advance from those positions. Housekeeping is one of the most demanding and difficult positions in the VA…and no one wants to do it. Outside contractors get huge amounts of money to do the job when no one else can be found. Veterans (and staff) get the lowest WG pay available. I suspect that the idea was to hire Veterans in a position that the VA knew they would perform well in because of their past training and knowledge in the military: Do well, and you would be promoted. That isn’t the case today. Veterans (et al) in those positions are treated unlike other employees. Advancement is a brass ring that rarely gets pulled by them, regardless of the level or quality of service. Succession is important, but fairness and honorable treatment is a huge part of that equation. I’ve only seen a handful of my brother or sisters climb out of the low WG positions because incumbents would rather hire a buddy or family member into their elite “club” positions. Until an actual Program is in place that HELPS the Veteran who takes a chance on the VA and begins work with a truly honest and trusting foundation from the VA that helps them advance, it will always be a rotating door, filled with unfair obstacles and a built-in bias against a deserving Veteran. You can’t just hire a Veteran in a tough position and expect them to go it alone. Every other VA position has training and opportunities to advance (supplied by the VA!). What do Housekeeping staff have?

    1. Under the VRA hiring authority, the VA can directly hire a veteran into a position, then train them until they reach the full grade level of that position. Question is, does the VA use this authority.
      For example, using the VRA, a veteran can be hired in to an Information Technology position. If that position is a GS-11, and the veteran only qualified as a GS-9, the VA can still hire the veteran, provide training, and if the veteran meets those training requirements, they will be promoted 1 grade higher each year until they reach GS-11.
      It would be interesting to see how many, if any at all, positions the VA is using this authority. I doubt they use it much at all.
      I knew a couple of guys that were trained as Biomedical Technicians in the Army Reserves who were hired by the VA as Biomedical Technicians. Those are guys who have considerable training on maintaining electronic medical equipment. I see no reason why veterans could not be hired for those or many other positions.
      I’m Ben’s example above about being rejected for an Intern position, he could have appealed their decision to hire a non veteran, and very likely would have won. Problem is, they likely would have tried offering a similar position… in Alaska.

      1. Again you are right.I bet most veterans don’t known this and the VA is surely not going to give them this information.

        Do you happen to know if the soon to be veterans thus type of information.

        Maybe the military should be helping active duty prepare for federal jobs and help them make a resume and have contacts with different federal agencies and post those opening so they can have a headstart.

      2. Having seen many resumes, I can tell you all of the services have some kind of job assistance, but the Air Force by far does the best in helping their members before they get out. The Navy is next, followed by the Army. With all things though, it is up to the individual to really look at what the requirements are, gather as much information as they can on their own, and do what they can to help themselves.
        That is why I think having a written veterans hiring guide would really help.
        There are also many states and counties that have veterans preference laws or ordinances. Veterans should be aware of them, or ask questions about them.

  18. Ben.I know for a fact that the VA has been doing this for a very long time.

    After discharged from the military in 1973 I applied for work at my local VA hospital and wanted to work in the medical administrative department.

    I was told the only thing I was qualified for a janitors position.and I took other jobs in my rural area. I asked if they could train me as a file clerk. No

    I worked a short time and left the VA and about three months later I was called in and told that the IRS had a training slot as a gs 1 file clerk. 200 miles away.I took the training slot.

    In four months I was promoted to mail clerk gs 4.left the IRS and was hired at another a gs 2 file clerk.

    Wanted to work in other positions in the administrative department.kept being by passed.

    I had to become inventive.many employees would call in sick and that would mean there was no coverage for that position and veterans would not be taken care of concerning what that employee did for them.

    I approached management with my concerns and advised them they needed a Rover position.where employees could train in each position and cover that position when someone was ill.

    Management agreed and employees were offered the chance to obtain this training.

    Only one person signed up for the training.Myself. I trained in every position and within five years.I was promoted to a GS 7 Medical administrative assistant in charge of administrative operations after hours. I held this position for 17 years.

    After ten years.I transferred back to my home town and was hired as a travel clerk and later back to the administrative position.

    Remember that facility stated I was only qualified as a janitor.

    This made a lot of the good old boys mad and they were not happy about my success and I made enemy’s and when I had to take a medical retirement.

    And they closed the local VA and opened a clinic two blocks from me.

    And one of those employees who did not like my success and was now lead administrator.told lies about me.

    And she was able to retaliate against me and stated to the disruptive committee that I would come into the clinic.At Least twice a month and become disruptive.

    They punished me for disruptive behavior and the disruptive committee never required proof of the disruptive behavior at all.

    I guess the moral of the story can be done to get ahead.but there is still a price to pay.when you have venditive people working for the VA.

    The good old boys system is alive and well.until employees are held accountable veterans will not get a fair shake.

    They need more training positions.imagine what I may have accomplished.if they would have treated my ptsd and traumatic brain injury.

    I’m still being perscuted by that employee and no one cares!

  19. whatever happened to their VRA program the government has during the Vietnam era I got on that as a WG 3 which was a labor and then I became a WG 5 tree trimmer which I knew nothing about I was going to college then I became a WG 7 truck driver and then I got on the air conditioning program went to school for that and then I retired as a pipefitter for the government DoD so why don’t they come back with that program where you get hired maybe you start off slow but then you will get somewhere

    1. Federal agencies still have the VRA and other hiring authorities. The problem is they often do not advertise the job opening under that authority so they can avoid veterans preference. There is no extra work involved in hiring under those authorities, and it is often faster to hire someone using those, but the agency has to choose to use them.
      It should be mandatory that every federal agency evaluate every single position and determine in writing why a position SHOULD NOT use veterans preference.
      I mentioned above about Congress knowing about federal hiring managers not using these authorities. In the past, whenever Congress has tried to fix this, federal officials whine about flexibility and getting the best qualified candidate.
      It’s a bullshit excuse that allows them flexibility in ignoring the intent of the law.

  20. This is funny you mention this story, I worked for the Wilmington VA Medical center as a health technician. I was a US Navy Corpsman assigned to an amphibious unit who held “sick call” on a daily basis.

    Ihave has extensive medical training that is not accepted by the VA, even though I was trained by this very government to take care of our Marines and Sailors alike.
    My take on this is that they prefer licensed personnel such as Lpn’s and RNs to do the job, because it equates to VA ascertaining more money because of the salaries they can associate with the money. I worked with many nurses, who just took vital signs in the clinic and literally did nothing.
    They didn’t like the fact that I knew my stuff. There are probably many VA facilities and clinics that are using these titles to get more money. My point is, is that while you do need RNs and Lpns to do the job, the Md has the overall responsibility of reviewing critical labs, tests etc.
    I was removed from service because I reported a doctor not washing his hands, delayed appointment scheduling for hearing aids, improper notification of Legionella samples that were found in the facility. (patients and visitors were not notified) . This was during Michael Morelands leadership at Pittsburgh who oversaw Wilmington and the current Director Robin Warren was on the Action Team of the OIG report, who claimed no knowledge.

    I was accused of flushing a patient’s ear out, when in fact I was cleaining his hearing aids and fixing them.
    The funny part is that the nurse manager called the patient at his house to verify that I did this. Mind you, the guy was 85 with a hearing problem and they never investigated.

    The OIG , Chris Algeri at the New Jersey field office , access my medical record and the CAPRI system and made a prosecution request based on a false allegation of a threat.

    Straight fraud and corruption, period!

    Note Ben, to warn you, the VA is sending out 1095-B forms to veterans that are not enrolled in VA care. I got one in the mail stating I was covered for the year 2015. I haven’t been to the VA since November 2013 and the Secretary is directly aware that I disenrolled in VA care. I have direct proof.

    You are better off doing Sally Field style commericials stating that for only 10 cents a day you can feed a starving veteran, before recieving a death penalty of healthcare at VA. Better yet, do what Don Lapre did, put ads and public notices in your local paper about the wrongs that have been comitted against you to publicly shame them. They cannot do nothing to you if you have the direct evidence.

    1. @CorpsmanuP! (@Tang1967)-

      Hey! Interestingly, I ALSO got in mail last week the 10-95B VA Form showing I was “enrolled” for 2015, and I also got same thing each year since 2010, when I got my 100% Svc. Connected Disability Claim awarded, and was also fully vested with Social Security and won my SSDI Claim, so I qualify for Medicare, but have to pay for all Premiums, Pt. D. Drug Premiums, and I told the VA I was only using Medicare and my private civilian none-VA Dr.’s for my healthcare from hereon. Yet, they still consider me “enrolled” for no doubt monetary budgeting “metrics”, am sure.
      Even if I wanted to risk my life with my scary medical crap with the VAMC, because I have Medicare, I still would be paying what I pay now and the VA is only the second payer and according to many on hadit dot com, the VA rarely will pay what Medicare will not so I chose to avoid more gasoline being thrown on my PTSD as well and stay away from the VA.
      I am glad you brought this up about the 10-95B. It even states on form it’s not a tax form. VA Svc. Connection Comp. and even SSDI are not taxable income.
      What contractor is making huge buck$ sending out these 10-95B’s to Vets not using VA but still considered enrolled?
      Is it because we may be Priority 1 Group, so always automatically enrolled?
      Hopefully Ben or others may know about this on here or look into it.

      I also wanted to add to my prior post that it’s clear the VA is benefiting from these “community homeless social service programs” and even “Half-Way Houses” and Vets with kids that are a new pair of shoes away from homelessness, as very part time employees at VAMC’s and even give them those cheap laminated construction paper name tags that are akin to what grocery stores do with their handi-abled adults bagging groceries, further demeaning Vets needing a helping hand, not the scraps the VA employees do not want to do.
      I also know a 20+ year USAF Officer Dr. that went into private practice in Gastro Specialty, that after 9/11 wanted to go work at VAMC that was hiring so he could help Vets knowing he would be taking a pay cut and guess what? The VA told a retired/Pensioned Military Dr. that he was OVER QUALIFIED. That’s jacked-up!

      1. This is the first year I ever got that 10-95B form. I too believe it is a scam just to show numbers enrolled. They don’t give a damn if you get treatment, just that they can claim you are enrolled.

  21. I have a Vet buddy in another State that has a very menial part time job through a County Homeless Program in a basement of a VA…he is only allowed a few hours or he will lose his housing completely, so the VA is taking advantage of such Vets and KEEPING THEM POOR and at the very precipice of Homelessness.

    He also has around 5 years of college and has applied to those USA Today VA Job Listings even at the VA he is kept starving at by only allowed to work very part time. No dice.
    He has said what we all know on here and that is, “The VA will hire a cousin three times removed of a current VA employee before they ever hire Veterans…and YES, he is pretty much doing menial janitorial stocking duties FOR THE JANITORS….the VA does not even have the decency to hire Vets as janitors…WHY? Because that lazy employee acting as an intake medical desk person…you know, LaTeeesjha? The one that cannot type anything because of her 4 inch nails? The one nobody can understand? The really rude one that has many clones at the VA? She has about 6 “cousins” that will get hired for Janitor Positions at very LEAST…some will be hired and called “medical assistants”….some will even play Dr…..but NONE are truly qualified, aside from being somewhat related to yet another lazy sack of flesh.

    My Veteran buddy whom is educated, is doing the work that the VA Janitors DO NOT WANT TO DO. He has to listen for the few hours he is allowed to work each day to people that are making $50,000+ minimum a year that cannot form a sentence structure and he reports regularly that even when he has tried to “outperform” in order to show SOMEONE that he can do more, is intelligent, so he can be considered for full time hire….get this: he has been regularly CHASTISED for being too “motivated” and “making THEM look bad by showing them up”, and he has been told regularly to ONLY do what his job is and nothing more!!!!
    That’s the work ethics of these VA employees….Nepotism On Steroids.

    Oh…and the last thing a Vet wants to see, esp. from current wars, is VA employees in Muslim Garb…and I cannot verify this but my Vet buddy told me that the VA Employees Union (AFGE) has or is trying to get an amendment to hiring guidelines that removes ANY English or “Understandability” of that person for ***discrimination reasons*** from the VA hiring process!!! So, as if it were not already hard enough to understand “Aboo”,you know, your Dr. you cannot understand? The Union is trying to allow hiring of even MORE foreigners at the VA….NOT Veterans!!!!!!

    The USA VA Jobs Listings are a complete “ALL SHOW” type of thing. A Vet would be lucky to even get a Janitor Job….no, he is stocking the crap FOR the janitors…the work the incompetent VA employees do not want to do!!!

    This pisses me off to no end and thanks for picking-up this story from The Daily Caller.

    Oh…expect Martin Luther King Jr. vacations and holiday to last through rest of January and part of February at all your local VAMC’s…if you need medical attention, contact your local Haitian Witch Dr. because you will be in much better medical care, zombie dust and all.

    Rant out!

    1. If your friend really wanted to turn the heat up on them, he should apply for a job he is clearly qualified for, then appeal their decision when he is not selected. They will have to answer in writing why your friend did not get hired, and will have to respond in writing with what they plan to do to fix it.
      Problem is, if they are forced to hire you, how long will it be before you are fired on some trumped up bullshit.
      Your friend, given the education, should be applying at other federal agencies if possible.

      1. I don’t plan on giving up.

        Some might complain about the number of my comments.

        My intent is to help veterans as much as I can.

      2. Information is power and sites like this of nothing veterans such as myself to at least get these injustics off my chest.

        And to let other veterans know they are not the only one.the VA has children and grandchildren are taught.if your right.your right and if your are wrong.

        You eather fight for justice and when wrong fix it.don’t keep a lie going because in the end it will come back to bite you in the butt.sooner or later.

        God is greater that anything and anyone.sooner or later those that hurt other people out of spite will be dealt with by someone in a higher position.

  22. The VA doesn’t want to hire qualified vets to do skilled jobs because the non-veteran GS Union types don’t want the competition.

    They also tend hire cannibal veterans and let them wear the stupid “veteran” card under their ID tag. This makes other veterans look stupid and underskilled.

    Sadly a lot of the house keepers hired are what I call cannibal veterans.

    The Cannibal Vets conduct is disgusting. Cannibals don’t care about doing their job properly, they just care about a union protected gig where they can’t get fired for their veteran status. The others vets endure filthy living conditions as they languish away in those bastions we call hospitals and extended care facilities while the cannibal vet screws off and smokes and jokes.

    EX: I had a Cannibal Vet push me into a coat rack and leave me during transportation for a surgery, I was left under coats strapped in a wheel chair facing a wall as if I was trash or an object. If you don’t believe me, come to St.Louis and walk through JC, its sick and nasty and obvious. Later after I was supposed to be put in a clean bed, I put my hands in the sheets and discovered someone else’s bloody penile catheter in my bed. Luckily a VA nurse who grew up with me witnessed it in case I caught something from exposure. That same Nurse relates to me that she has to clean rooms herself often because house keeping and other nursing staff just don’t care.

    The Cannibal Vets allow the VA to say “Hey veterans aren’t professional enough to take care of themselves… we have to hire from without.”

    1. Sorry for your experience at that facility.while attending the PTSD program in Topeka Kansas.We veterans were impressed with a janitor.that we wrote a letter to the director.where he was rewarded.

      Those employees who take advantage of the system will one day have everything crumble around them.

      I believe very strongly about the saying.what goes around comes around and they might not like the end results.

      Just biding my time and know in the end.I will get justice and will not have to do anything for it to happen.just wait.

      Those employees who hurt veterans or another person will pay one way or the other.

      We will see who is laughing at veterans then.

  23. 01/18/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    When I was shaking VA Secretary Bob McDonald’s hand in the Basement of the Phoenix VA, I told him I would take that job he was offering at the time, apparently all show.

    I bet they do not even have an opening for the janitors.

    It has to go through the approved channels


    Don Karg

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