VA Launches New Benefits Website new website

There is a new look on the old website; we’ll call it eBenefits 2.0. Let’s hope this one works better than the old one, which had a whole host of usability problems.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense can now brag it up after spending billions on systems that up to this point have largely been unsuccessful.

This is one of a few VA websites that have recently gone live.

As most of us may know, is a place where veterans, servicemembers and families can access a whole host of information about their benefits and documentation relating to them.

Veterans who attempt to sign up but are told they have no DEERS record will need to first register through their local regional office.

Once they take care of those steps, veterans can access their disability compensation information immediately rather than waiting on the phone for an hour after calling (800) 827-1000.

I have yet to give it a thorough evaluation but would love to hear what your experiences are like.

Coincidentally, the only link on the employment center page that didn’t work thus far is the “Learn More about VR&E” link on the bottom. It leads to a 404 Not Found error.

If you try to go to the new VR&E website at, your browser will likely block your access to the webpage. The server certificate is invalid.

Hopefully it will not take time to fix the link and server issues.


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  1. This website is broken. I successfully logged in as a premium user; but was unable to print off a required form. When I clicked on the document’s link, I was redirected to a pop-up screen directing me to go to the ebenefit website to access this form.

    I opened up a new screen, and went to the ebenefit website and repeatedly logged in as a premium user, to only continue to have this pop up reappear on my screen.

    I contacted the website for assistance, and was directed to go to the ebenefit website and log in as a premium user in order to print off any forms or documents.

    I only contacted website for assistance, because its not possible to print off forms from their website.

    The website may be great for some; but definitely not all individuals.

    Attempting to log in at four different computers all resulted in my being able to successfully log in, but only receive the same pop-up redirecting users back to the ebenefit website. At no time, was it possible to print off any form.

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