Top 23 Veteran Readiness And Employment Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for benefits can be a confusing mess. We put together this top list of 23 Veteran Readiness and Employment frequently asked questions to cut through that mess.

The Chapter 31 Veteran Readiness and Employment program provides qualified veterans and servicemembers with a new career or independent living start through training, self-employment, and other supportive services.

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Approvable program costs have a wide range of variance depending on the location of the veteran, educational institution type, and other variables.

The following frequently asked question list is enhanced from the basic list of questions provided by the agency. I have added clarifying information to help veterans understand vague language and information deficiencies in the agency’s version of the same document.

We will start off this list of questions with some resources to help you on your journey.

1. Is there a Facebook group or other resources for veterans seeking VR&E benefits?

Yes, we have the largest social media group for veterans seeking VR&E benefits founded in 2009. It has around 37,000 members and is a great place to bounce ideas off other veterans to help understand the program better if you run into roadblocks.

I frequently see veterans ask others about their experiences getting medical school approved with a load of veteran group members responding.

SEE: Our Facebook group Disabled Veterans – Chapter 31 Voc Rehab

Are there resources to help me fight for my VR&E benefits?

There are a lot of resources to help veterans learn and fight for their VR&E benefits. This free FAQ is one example. There is the free mini course called the Lies They Tell that helps veterans gear up for their first meeting.

We also have the VR&E group resource page.

We created a course with electronic workbook called the Voc Rehab Survival Guide. Proceeds from the course help fund this operation and hire editors and writers to educate veterans.

Those veterans needing legal assistance following a denial may want a strategy meeting with my Veteran Rights law practice, which is a separate company called Krause Law, PLLC. This firm provides legal assistance to veterans who are denied benefits including VR&E.

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2. What is the Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) program?

The VR&E program is a system of benefits authorized under Title 38, US Code, Chapter 31. It looks like 38 USC § 3100 should you search for it.

First, you need to know the program goes by many names.

The program has been known by many names over the years. It was recently branded to the ambiguous Veteran Readiness and Employment from Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment. It is also called VA Voc Rehab, Voc Rehab, VocRehab (one word), and Chapter 31.

Before the previous name change, it was called Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling.

The program provides vocational rehabilitation services to disabled veterans and servicemembers if they have an employment handicap. The VR&E program helps qualified individuals prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment in a suitable occupation.

Much of the program’s literature incorrectly lists its objective as merely helping veterans gain and maintain “a job,” but that is a simplistic explanation that sells veterans short of what the program can really do.

Usually, the program will help veterans deemed entitled to benefits with some form of academic training in a college setting or some form of vocational training. The agency’s literature fails to explain this to veterans relying on their literature as a source of information.

Congress established the purposes of VR&E within 38 USC § 3100 as:

The purposes of this chapter are to provide for all services and assistance necessary to enable veterans with service-connected disabilities to achieve maximum independence in daily living and, to the maximum extent feasible, to become employable and to obtain and maintain suitable employment.

Many veterans feel disregarded and abused by VR&E personnel. It is normal. It is not about you, although sometimes it is. Some Veteran Readiness Counselors (VRCs) do not like veterans.

Other VRCs do not like approving veterans for more benefits than they received. Still others do not like to conduct comprehensive assessments in a complete and thorough way resulting in improper denials.

3. Will I quality for VR&E benefits? My rating is [insert whatever rating percentage].

We see this question a lot with a variety of ratings.

It is impossible to provide an answer without a crystal ball based only on the information in the question – the disability rating. The answer is usually the same regardless of the percentage.

“It depends.”

The individual service-connected ratings that comprise the combined disability rating are only one part of the equation. A person can have a 100 percent disability rating, but be employed in a suitable occupation, and therefore not qualified for VR&E benefits.

The reason? Usually, this person will be found to have overcome the effects of their vocational impairment.

Meanwhile, another veteran with a 40 percent rating but employed in an occupation that is not suitable be found otherwise qualified. Usually, this kind of veteran will be at least found to have an employment handicap.

“Qualified” is another way of saying “entitled” within VR&E, as is addressed below.

4. How do I know if I am eligible for VR&E?

The general rule of thumb is a disabled veteran with at least a 10 percent disability rating granted less than 12 years earlier should be eligible for VR&E benefits if they apply. Once the veteran applies, the VRC will perform an initial evaluation to determine whether the veteran should be entitled.

Being eligible is not the same as being found entitled to VR&E benefits.

5. What is the basic period of eligibility for VR&E benefits?

The basic 12-year period of eligibility for VR&E services begins to run on the latter of the following dates:

  • Date of separation from active duty
  • Date of first notification of a service-connected disability rating sufficient to be eligible

There are numerous exceptions to this rule. Veterans found to have a serious employment handicap may have the 12-year time limit waived.

6. Who is entitled to receive VR&E benefits?

Both active duty servicemembers and veterans can be eligible for VR&E benefits.

An active duty servicemember may be entitled if:

  • They expect to receive an honorable discharge
  • A VA memorandum rating of 20 percent or more
  • Using Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) or have an injury or illness that prevents the servicemember from participating in IDES
  • Are determined by VR&E to need vocational rehabilitation services

A veteran may be entitled if they:

  • Received an honorable or other than dishonorable discharged
  • Have a VA service-connected disability rating of:
    • 10 percent with a serious employment handicap, or
    • 20 percent or more with an employment handicap
  • Are determined in need of rehabilitation services

7. How is entitlement established?

A veteran should be granted VR&E benefits meaning they are “entitled” to VR&E program benefits and services if they:

  • Have a 20 percent service-connected disability AND
  • Have an employment handicap.

If the veteran has a service-connected disability rating that is only 10 percent, the veteran must satisfy the criteria for a serious employment handicap.

A Veteran Readiness Counselor (VRC) will work with the veteran to determine entitlement during the initial evaluation appointment. This evaluation will:

  • Assess the veteran’s aptitudes, abilities, and interests
  • Assess the veteran’s service-connected disability(ies) and ability to hold a suitable job
  • Include vocational exploration activities and goal developments
  • Explore labor markets and wage information
  • Select an appropriate vocational goal
  • Develop an individualized rehabilitation plan to reach the vocational goal

8. What is a Rehabilitation Plan?

This plan is the agreement between the veteran and the VR&E program that outlines the benefits that will be provided. READ IT VERY CAREFULLY.

Do not sign any plan written by VR&E without reading it closely. If there is anything in the plan that you do not understand or disagree with do not sign it. Discuss it with your VRC or seek legal counsel.

These agreements are supposed to be individualized to meet the needs of the veteran, but the plans frequently contain errors and omissions. The plan is like a binding contract signed by the veteran and the veteran readiness counselor. A plan may include any of the following or a combination:

  • Employment through long-term services*
  • Self-employment
  • Independent living services
  • Re-employment
  • Rapid employment services for new employment

Long-term services are the most common but frequently least addressed by VR&E in its literature as it comes fourth on the list of five plan options. Why might VR&E bury this option, which is the most common and most expensive, as #4 on the VA’s list with a name that is vague?

Employment through long-term services literally tells a veteran about as much as the program’s new name Veteran Readiness and Employment.

Long-term services usually include college or vocational training. College training may include an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctorate. Many veterans are still misinformed by VR&E personnel that the program will only include training up to a bachelor’s degree. This is false.

9. What are other benefits that VR&E may provide?

VR&E may provide other benefits in addition to any of the standard rehabilitation plan options listed above. Agency personal may provide or help seek out third party assistance with:

  • Tutorial assistance
  • Job-seeking skills via training or education
  • Medical and dental referrals to the Veterans Health Administration
  • Adjustment counseling
  • Payment of training allowance
  • Other services required to help achieve a career and live as independently as possible

How can I apply for VR&E?

Normally, a veteran can apply for VR&E benefits using the VA Form 28-1900.

There are many ways a veteran can apply for benefits. Veterans with access to their account can submit an application online:

Those without a account can submit a paper application using US Mail sending the VA Form 28-1900 to the following address:

VR&E Intake Center

PO Box 5210

Janesville, WI 53547-5210

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10. What usually happens after I file my claim?

Assuming the agency finds you eligible, you should be scheduled for an intake appointment. During the intake appointment, you will participate in a group orientation and initial evaluation.

The group orientation may be over Zoom or similar depending on whether the Regional Office responsible for your matter is working virtually or in person. This status depends on various factors including public health issues like what happened in 2020.

The group orientation will usually include a PowerPoint presentation and/or video that vaguely explains what VR&E does for veterans.

Once the presentation is over, the veteran will meet with a VRC in person or virtually. The VRC’s goal is to complete a comprehensive assessment of the veteran’s vocational situation. The agency calls this the initial evaluation.

The evaluation is a forensic evaluation meaning the information sought by the agency will be used against the veteran. The agency rarely seeks informed consent from the veteran prior to performing the evaluation. This means the veteran is not on notice as to the true legal nature of the evaluation.

The agency has historically underprepared veterans for this pivotal appointment, so it is up to you to get prepared on your own. I have repeatedly complained to the agency about his deficiency in outreach. Despite the amount of money taxpayers are throwing at VA to educate veterans, the VR&E program continues to fail in this regard.

If the veteran is found to qualify for benefits from meeting the criteria for an employment handicap or serious employment handicap, the agency may proceed to evaluation and planning. There, the veteran and VRC will work together to select a vocational goal.

Once a vocational goal is selected, the VRC will work with the veteran to develop the rehabilitation plan. The plan will contain all necessary services for the veteran to accomplish the vocational goal.

Usually, the vocational goal is to gain and maintain employment in a suitable occupation.

At any point during this process, the veteran might be denied benefits or run into an unusual delay in processing.

11. Does VR&E pay for graduate school programs like law school, medical school, etc?

Yes, for some veterans VR&E will pay for law school, medical school, and the like if the vocational goal requires that kind of training. For example, the vocational goal of physician will require completion of a medical doctorate, residency, and licensure.

Veterans seeking approval of a vocational goal that includes graduate training should anticipate pushback from the VRC. This means you will need to prepare for the first meeting or consider contesting a denial should the matter not go the direction you hoped.

Not everyone will be found entitled to graduate training. Only select veterans in select circumstances will be approved.

12. Can I attend a private university using VR&E?

Yes, many veterans attend private universities through VR&E.

I attended multiple private institutions when using VR&E and the program paid each time. But, each time the approval came with a fight. I have also helped many veterans with their denied claims who attended VR&E at private colleges or universities. It can be done, but it is challenging sometimes to get approved.

If the cost is greater than $35,000 per year, your VRC will need to complete an analysis called a High Cost Memorandum or similar. Your request will need to satisfy criteria to justify a private university versus a lower-cost state university.

Should you get denied, do not give up.

13. Can I use VR&E more than once?

Some veterans will be able to get into the program after being deemed “rehabilitated” but the process is not easy. And, the legal requirements are rather restrictive.

There are many different scenarios where a veteran might try to get back into VR&E. One example might be a veteran who completed training and found a job but their mental health or physical health deteriorated afterward whether the job was no longer suitable.

A veteran in that situation might be approved for benefits, though VR&E sometimes will push these veterans into a program of Employment Services, only.

Another example might be a veteran who was discontinued from services for lack of cooperation. VR&E will need to first determine if the reason for the discontinuance was addressed. The VRC will likely need evaluate you for an employment handicap and serious employment handicap, again.

So yes, you can get approved, but the process is not easy. These are two examples.

I ran into this issue when I sought reentry into VR&E after being deemed rehabilitated. I lost my job within 1 year of completing VR&E.

When I tried to get back in, I ran into a lot of roadblocks, but I was eventually approved to become a Lawyer after contesting the adverse decision.

14. Can I get approved for more than 48 months of training?

The attorney answer here is, “It depends.”

You can get more than 48 months of schooling if it is warranted by your kind of rehabilitation plan and if you have a “serious employment handicap.” The gist of a serious employment handicap is that the veteran is found to have a vocational impairment substantially caused by their service-connected disabilities that are significant.

And, the effects of the significant vocational impairment has not been overcome.

There are a whole host of factors at play when VR&E considers whether to extend benefits beyond this including the need for the additional training that may take more than 48 months and odds of success of the outcome.

To give an example from my own experience, I received benefits from Voc Rehab from 2003 to 2016, which translates into a lot of months – many more than 48 months.

It did not come easy, so do not plan on a moon-walk into your benefits if you need more than 48 months to reach your ideal vocational goal.

15. What are my options if I get denied?

Veterans denied VR&E eligibility, entitlement, or otherwise discontinued from the program will have the opportunity to contest the matter in the Appeals Modernization Act system.

This system includes three options that are called Decision Review Requests. They are: 1) Supplemental Claim (SC); 2) Higher-Level Review (HLR); 3) Formal Appeal. Veterans seeking an HLR have the option for the alternate Regional Office to review the matter and for an informal conference call with the reviewing official.

Veterans seeking a formal appeal have numerous options. These include: 1) Direct Review; 2) Review with New Evidence; 3) Hearing before Veteran Law Judge.

Any of these options carries with it implications that may destroy your ability to win using other review options, so proceed with caution if you are pursuing the matter without an attorney.

Most veterans are not legally trained to develop successful legal strategies, and any legal training possessed by a Veteran Service Officer is usually minimal. If they do have a reasonable amount of legal training, they likely lack experience addressing nuanced VR&E matters.

16. Is reviewing my denied claim with an attorney or VSO important?

Maybe. Maybe not.

There are a lot of variables that come to mind when a person may choose to seek out legal advice or decide to forego the opportunity. Here are a few points that may help think through the decision.

Veterans who were denied big ticket items may benefit from seeking a legal consult from a VA accredited attorney or setting up a meeting with their trusted VSO.

A big ticket item may be approval of law school or medical school that was denied. That denial may be the difference between six figures in student debt or a debt-free doctorate with a lucrative career to boot.

Veterans who were denied a certain computer or payback for a failed class may not need a review from an outsider.

Even still, if the goal being denied is important to the veteran, it makes sense to get a second set of eyes on the matter if able to find someone competent to do so.

Veterans with extensive legal training or a high comfort level in handling their own claims may be fine handling a VR&E appeal for medical school without help.

It really depends on the person, the benefit being denied, their knowledge base, and their spare time to manage their own appeal. For example, veterans in medical school or law school may have the ability and knowledge base but lack time to prosecute an appeal.

My point here is that it really depends on the veteran and whatever it is the veteran is hoping to accomplish.

17. How do I get more information about my VR&E claim?

If you have questions about your claim’s processing, or if you are considering contesting an adverse decision, there are some options to consider for help to tell you more about your claim.

For more information about your claim or potential claim, connect with your nearest VA Regional Office. There, ask to be directed to the VR&E office to speak with a representative.

If you have general or specific questions about eligibility, entitlement, or your own claim, you can speak with the VR&E representative, Veteran Service Organization, or a private claims agent or attorney.

It is generally recommended that you seek advice about a contested matter or disagreement from someone other than VA personnel.

For free help, you can speak with your local VSO at the Regional Office or your local County Veteran Service Officer nearest you. Be sure you ask the official whether they are familiar with VR&E laws, regulations, and policies. Many VSOs are well intended but unfamiliar with VR&E.

For paid help, you can contact a claims agent or VA accredited attorney. The National Organization for Veterans Advocates has a list serve of attorneys who are VA accredited. This means they receive regular legal training about VA benefits.

Like VSOs, there are not a lot of attorneys or claims agents familiar with VSOs. Krause Law, PLLC is one of the few law firms listing VR&E as a practice area. I wrote a book and course about VR&E program benefits.

Most VSOs focus on helping veterans within their region. Most VA accredited attorneys and agents represent veterans nationwide since VA benefits are administered by a federal agency.

18. Can I get a copy of my VR&E file?

Yes, you can get a copy of your file if you make the request.

Presently, to put in a request for your file, you will need to submit a FOIA or Privacy Act request to Veterans Benefits Administration using the VA Form 28-10206.

When you put in the request, be sure you request a full and complete copy of your VR&E file to include the VAF 28-1902b Counseling Record Narrative Report. Also be sure to request a complete copy of all Corporate WINRS case notes. Your case notes will include information your VRC memorialized about meetings and thoughts on your meetings and other information not provided to you in a formal decision.

You can email the request to your VRC. Hopefully, the VRC will process the request correctly. You can also mail the request to VR&E at the same address for your application or turn it in physically at the Regional Office.

Your VRC may obstruct your access to the records or provide only a partial release. Be sure to contest any limited release to the Office of General Counsel.

19. Can my disability compensation rating of 100% TDIU or similar be reduced based on my use of VR&E?

This is a loaded question that is impossible to aggregate in a way that applies to every veteran who reads this page.

There are some instances where a veteran’s rating may be reduced. It is highly likely a veteran with a 100% TDIU rating will be reevaluated after completing a rehabilitation plan. VR&E personnel are required to notify Compensation & Pension of veterans who complete the program with a Total Disability Individual Unemployability rating.

Other veterans with mental health ratings of 100% may also be reevaluated by the agency if the evidence suggests your condition improved.

20. How do I locate the nearest VA Regional Office?

Veterans can locate their local VA Regional Office to speak with VA personnel or service organization by:

21. My VRC is out of communication. What do I do?

The comes up a lot, especially during and after the lockdowns.

The Department of Veterans Affairs moved most of its workforce to remote work status in 2020. VR&E transitioned to an AI-driven client management model and started using video counseling sessions.

What does this mean? VRC’s started to use centralized email: [email protected], instead of giving out their email or phone number.

This may work to help for VA tracking purposes, but it also created an additional layer of difficulty to reach a VRC. Unfortunately, given current workloads, some overwhelmed VRCs sometimes duck out for a while – sometimes a long while.

When this happens, here are a few tips: 1) Redundancy; and, 2) Chain of Command.

  1. Send the VRC one email. Be very clear and short in what you are requesting. Ask that the counselor respond when the email is received. If the VRC does not respond, in the subject line, added [SECOND EMAIL], [THIRD EMAIL], and so on.
  2. Should a counselor not respond, the next step is to send an email to the VRE Officer. You can find their name on the website of the Regional Office you use. Google it. Then click on the “Leadership” tab or menu button. Their email is usually [email protected]. For example, if the name is James Smith, the email might be [email protected].

We cover contacting leadership at the Regional Office below.

22. How do I contact the VR&E supervisor at my nearest VA Regional Office?

Finding the leadership and contacting them by email may be easy once you know a few key strategies.

  1. Locate the Regional Office home page online.
  2. Select the “Leadership” menu button.
  3. Review the names of the Leaders at the Regional Office.
  4. Identify the Veteran Readiness and Employment Officer (VREO), Assistant Director, and Director.
  5. Create emails for the leadership you wish to email.

First, most VA Regional Office websites contain a list of leadership on the menu. You can locate the Regional Office website using a search engine.

Search for the name of your nearest Regional Office city. Type in the city name and “Regional Office” next to it. Hit search. Select the correct URL listed.

On the left-hand side of the home page, you will notice a menu. On the menu, select the tab or link labeled “Leadership.” This will provide you with the names and detailed biographical information about each person in leadership at that office.

Most if not all the individuals listed will be GS-14 or SES (short for Senior Executive Service). Most VREOs are GS-15. A VREO is also called “division chief” of VR&E for that Regional Office.

Let’s experiment with St. Petersburg Regional Office (St. Pete’s for short) located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The St. Petersburg RO is home to one of the largest VR&E teams and workloads in the country.

To email the leader you wish to contact, you can try to input the person’s name into the usual formal followed by VA: [email protected].

This may not work every time since some names are more common than others. Even if you get the right email, the official may not respond directly or completely ignore your email.

23. How should I email a VA official?

Remember, when emailing an official, especially a division chief, be mindful that this person is likely very, very busy. Do not SPAM this person. Make sure your emails are short and professional. Ask that the official has someone on her team contact you.

The official may not respond directly, but they may have someone from the team reach out. Be courteous and professional in all communications with federal officials.

If you engage in inappropriate or threatening behavior, it is highly probable you will be contacted by VA police or local law enforcement as would be the case if you did the same to a local or state official.

An example of an email might be:

Dear John Smith,

I hope you are doing well. I am unable to reach your subordinate Jane Doe. I have tried to reach Ms. Doe 10 times by email over the past month without one response. She will not call me or respond by email. Ms. Doe did not timely approve my attendance at University U causing me to pay my own tuition. I am in a financial hardship now.

Can you please have Ms. Doe call me back? (555) 555-1212.


Tiny Tim

Check back soon for more examples on how to contact officials within the Veterans Benefits Administration if you run into a snag.

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    Indeed it does and indeed it is! Denying it or ignoring it will not make it go away.

    You are most correct about Angela. We all should support her. She is smart, insightful, introspective, and unafraid.

    Complacency is how the United States lost two space shuttles.

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    1. Benjamin I care about the veteran community. I care about all people even the bad seeds. But with the bad seeds those people can only be engaged when the time is right. Many times people are bad seeds because they never knew what is good due to not being in a healthy environment to begin with. Sometimes people are forced into or influenced into bad seed ism for financial reasons or for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes some people are not informed or they may have been lied too. Who knows? Getting back to the State hospitals, many of those people could be given a hand up instead of locked up. Continued.,.

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      Because they have too in order to make profits and or revenues or keep their jobs. Nurses, physicians, business owners, truck drivers or other type employees are just pushing the status quo. They are not in the position to solve anything or correct or change anything. Now the lawmakers can change the laws but still it delivers what has been happening. Companies cannot be held accountable just like Governor DeSantis gave immunity to the healthcare system in Florida. People who push the products have zero stance against the products that are coming through the system. Of course there are regulators but they are part of the problem too. Mass production delivers many defected products. With this being said, the solutions lay in the Engineering process and innovation. Lawmakers can only do so much. The other professionals can only do so much. Engineering and Research are the solutions to the plaguing issues of our country and the world. Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and all the Engineering disciplines are the non bandaids.

      1. All should support you because you are correct in many things. Our whole society is rife with corruption in many things. The way laws are made. Our failing educational system. Our failing medical systems. The VA. Everything is about the $$$ now. Not doing the right thing. And surely not ‘the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few.’

        When you look at the situation with Europe, and the Chinese becoming emboldened vis-a-vis Taiwan, and the Russian/Chinese recent that they are now BFF’s – – – Is there anyone here who cannot see that it is only a matter of time (and probably not much, 2 years or less) before World War III breaks out?

    3. I reject what has been going on. They are not about solutions. Most are members of the Democratic Party. Behind close doors most of them probably cheer all the negligence, the shootings, and the havoc that has been delivered onto the masses. My statement includes the veterans and non veterans. Anger is healthy when a person does not sin on top of it. I am sick of the VA employees just making the statement saying it is not a perfect system. Well Benjamin this is not enough. I am officially hiring an attorney and I am officially using Congress person. I have had enough of the federal government.
      As for the companies, the red tape is horrendous. I mean the hiring process.
      Power is going to change in the Congress and in the Senate. So therefore the laws will be honored more than likely and new laws will be enacted and some current laws probably changed to be improved or ???

    4. I reject what has been going on. They are not about solutions. Most are members of the Democratic Party. Behind close doors most of them probably cheer all the negligence, the shootings, and the havoc that has been delivered onto the masses. My statement includes the veterans and non veterans. Anger is healthy when a person does not sin on top of it. I am sick of the VA employees just making the statement saying it is not a perfect system. Well Benjamin this is not enough. I am officially hiring an attorney and I am officially using Congress person. I have had enough of the federal government.
      As for the companies, the red tape is horrendous. I mean the hiring process.
      Power is going to change in the Congress and in the Senate. So therefore the laws will be honored more than likely and new laws will be enacted and some current laws probably changed to be improved or ???
      Yes I agree. What a curse how people do not want to be themselves to individually think for themselves. Jim uniformity cannot ever be. This not reality,
      We have laws to punish people who violate civil norms. Our Constitution is written for moral people. Laws are written for the people in the middle. Bad people don’t care about laws because they will do it anyway. Morality is legislated in many laws. There are some poor laws though. Democrats constantly showboating. They love people who do not honor laws. This is what is wrong with this country and the world. Why is it the government is so corrupt with zero red tape for themselves but yet for the regular everyday person the red tape is to the max? This red tape is the maze the veterans have to travel through and have to deal with. 👎
      What a double standard!

      1. Oh I fail to mention.
        When Medical physicians and medical professionals who work in the VA and many under the government outside of the VA engage in group think they automatically lose who they are. They are no longer medical physicians and medical professionals under their licensure and degree status.
        They turn into political activists for the government. This is the same as party first. The quality care goes out the window. This is why there is so much corruption. Anyone who works in government are the group thinkers. When they are all in it together accountability will not surface. This is why gigantic government is a disaster for all. The purpose for all the industries is no longer the priority. The management class engages in political activism. The profit becomes the product. The why, the how, the what, and the when goes out the window. The collapse has arrived because everyone is engaging in lip service.

    5. Jim
      I am coming back to thank you for your kind words. When I mentioned about supporting each other and not just singularly, I was not taking away from your kind words. I was just adding to what you were saying.

      1. I knew that. I will get up here as often as I can, but if I don’t answer a post directed at me – – – don’t sweat it. I have many things taking up my time, and sometimes at the end of the day – – – I just cannot bring myself to light up the computer. But you, above all – – – will always have an answer when a comment is directed to me within a few days.

        I of course will answer others as well. Remember back in 2015-2016 when I stated that Putin was the most honest player in Washington? That did not mean that I liked him. Rather, it was so easy to see that eh sought to divide us as Americans more than our already partisan politics did. Looking at how our politics have become more partisan – – – I would say he succeeded in his mission. Rat bastard!

        I am so tired of hearing about “intelligence leaks” every time I turn on the TV to watch the news. To my mind, the leakers (unless they are purposely planting disinformation) should be shot, and the “newsies” need a crash course to remind them that they are American citizen’s who while they are guaranteed the right to free speech, must also temper it with the responsibility of keeping their mouth’s shut about certain actions we are taking with Ukraine. I am sure Putin has access to all the U.S. news feeds. Why does the media want to help him out ?

        Sorry to say but World War III is on the way . . .

    6. Jim most of the large companies and the military are woke. If military is the civil service are too. Small businesses are the best areas for employment but the government is trying their best to see them.
      Jim similar to what you were saying some people do not take personal responsibility and educate themselves about the truth so therefore they vote for the wrong people.

      Yes it is true. Elections have consequences.

      I belong to neither party.

      I am registering as an Independent.

      1. I belong to neither party as well. I am a firm believer in my 2nd Amendment rights, and have no problem with exercising them on American soil should the need arise. But, like political parties, I am not a member of the NRA.

  2. Very few Americans can pay for any education and training. Companies have expectations beyond what the university system delivers. All institutions are involved in sabotaging. Educational institutions can only reduce the learning curve a little. In reality, it is imminent that people have earned degrees in their career areas. The theory is very important along with the hands on.
    The hands on are developed in co ops and internships. Government and many believe one do not need degrees and or training to get a job. Government does not want to spend the money for those purposes. Because the government believes in minimal everything. Whichever rating a veteran has, the federal government should add to the skill set. Why the importance of the theory is because people need to have the understanding of the why, the what, and the purpose. It is important to understand the Mathematics, the physics, and the chemistry behind any application. Being the management class has become a class who are focused on profits instead of quality then they do not care if the person knows anything about what they are doing. In reality these are human rights violations and slavery. People are teaching themselves because both the companies, the educational system, and the government has failed them. Professionals in other countries who have been in the industries are picking up the pieces from the US failing educational system. Yes students are seeking mentoring from professionals outside the United States. What is going on is not in anyone’s interest if you take a look at it. Government subsidizing everything destroys everything but it seems some in the younger generations just do not see it. To participate in any education or training or even hold employment the veterans and the non veterans have to have the opportunity to do so. However when the companies and the government are destroying everything and attacking people, all bets are off. Who would even want to be enrolled in any educational program and or hold employment under any institution because the success would not arrive. It is the Socialism, the Communism, the Marxism that strips people period. People have started many businesses on their own because nothing can get done anywhere under the federal government. My point of adding the additional information is the volatile environment would defeat success. Companies expect people to already be qualified. This is not reality. Companies and government want a lot for nothing in return. Country is collapsing and nothing gets done.

    1. Benjamin, the issue between the VA employees and the veterans should not be about whether they like the veterans or not. I am not sure why I am wasting my time writing this post. Many times the VR&E Counselors do not even know the facts about the veterans even though they claim too. They function on their own judgements of the veterans and this is subjective. From the way the VA spins everything, the VA should not be the one deciding what jobs the veterans should or should not be doing. Of course it is taxpayer money but still it would be more fitting if the veterans have choice. Then it would not turn out to be a waste. Benjamin the Chapter 31 is nothing like it was in the middle to late nineties. I mean the type professionals working in Chapter 31 and the resources. When government decides a person will do xy or z, this is 99% going to be a failure. Only the people who truly know are the people walking the path.
      Of course there are measurements that are necessary to help better determine. In many situations the prep only goes so far. The pursuit of whatever is done in the moment in the doing. No government official or employer can determine the success of any employee. Many factors decide this not just being qualified. Who is to say the person making the decisions is even qualified themselves. So what do you do then? So many red tape barriers to all veterans. And when the veterans are disliked anyway for whatever reason why even bother to keep the VA open? The VA is not delivering for the purpose of why it exists. The VA employees should focus on the business at hand and remove the personality. I am sure they know how. It is a matter of them conducting responsible employee – veteran consumer relations. My discussion of standing up to the VA in the past or even now possibly has zero to do with Chapter 31. Why engage? The federal government is a mess along with the country. A job or a career path is not up to the VA. It is up to the veteran. Veterans are living their own lives. How would a VR&E counselor have had someone decide their job? I do not believe he or she would have liked that. We the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution. All people have rights to live their own lives because they are the ones who are living the lives. Personal responsibility..,

    2. Tell me why I would even consider reapplying? Why would I when the federal government has did it’s best to destroy my life in the past? And even now?

    3. Any happening or any diagnosis or any condition is a “screenshot of time.”

      They are truly not on track.

      Change is constant. There is nothing black and white. There is nothing uniform.

      Anything beyond that is about control and power and destroy.

      It is true.

      The enemy is from within.

      So what have I had to do with them?

      Name some reasons.

      Why has it been so important for them to try to thwart my actions?

      Or anything I was trying to do.

      Or what any veteran is trying to do?

      Don’t have anything else to say.

      1. So tell me Ben why has the VA got in the way of the veterans doing it themselves?
        The Navy truly acted with illegality. I found that out in the years to come. Yes Benjamin the VISN 8 blocked me. And I have never been rehabilitated by them. They did their best to block me. My doing today is because I left the VA. But you see the tuition is too high and it is the government that has contributed to this by allowing the universities to continue to increase the tuition rates. The universities have endowments through the roof but yet they continue to hike the tuition rates.
        If the VA employees believe veterans should not receive assistance, then my response is to the federal government stop starting all these unnecessary wars. Military Industrial Complex. See the war mongers and the power abusers create the havoc and crises but then they do not want to clean up the situations. This includes the veterans who are involved. Just like with this baby formula and everything else this is all by design. Am I qualified for most employment? No
        Because my efforts were thwarted by the federal government and company monopolies even the DAV and politicians.
        Although I could have already been much further along if the VA had been working with me instead of against me.
        They are truly in left field. When VA physicians or VA employees make the statement, “It is not a perfect system.”
        That is a cop out.

        They ultimately do not care.

      2. Why is this such a big deal now? Over the past 5 years, I would say at least 3 people from VR&E called me from DC. One phone call the lady and I spoke close to almost 2 hours. I believe this was December 2018. I had pulled off the road to speak. And the other times had to do with that survey. Benjamin I have never been approved for Chapter 31 so their longitudinal study does not apply to me. Though they believe it does but it doesn’t because I have never participated and I have never been approved. The questions only deliver the selection of answers they want to present to the Congress. Many of the questions did not apply to my situation. They are not about approving anything or listening to anything. It is about them.

    4. I have come back to say. This federal government should not be as red taped and over regulated as it is. Though, the companies are the same way. Benjamin nothing can get done. I would personally like to know why these people hate this country so much. Yes Benjamin I would like to know. If they truly believe destroying everything is going to make them happy they are truly delusional. Benjamin how would you have liked to have been prevented from earning your law degree? Well this is what the VA did in my case. Although I was not in pursuit of a law degree. As for not able to work in the past that is all true. The VA just spins everything. VBA used to be more disconnected from VHA than it is today. In other words, I was sicker than when VBA made their first decision. For the umpteenth time it was the Georgia Department of Veterans Affairs who appealed the VBA decision because it was the Georgia Department of Veterans Affairs and VHA who witnessed how sick I was. Let me say this what went down in the United States Navy I will never understand. They were not pleased that I was trying to convert out of the CTT rating. Yes I was recommended for the Medical Enlisted Commissioning program twice and 6 months later in 1994 the Navy decides they in my opinion use me as a Guinea pig just like what is happening right now with the current Veterans. My letters of acceptance to the BSN programs were from FAMU. Yes Benjamin. My father picked up both the letters on two different occasions and my parents sent them to me so I could apply. As for the Department of Veterans Affairs and the United States Navy I will say both agencies are absolutely pathetic. These people made me look bad on paper in the areas they wanted to present. Benjamin I was severely affected in other areas like loss of brain functioning and loss of speaking. The VA is a disgrace. I mean VISN 8. As for the SSA people, they were correct. Benjamin they did their evaluations differently. They do theirs by daily living skills and ability to do or not do those tasks. I remember when the VA physician came to do my 1st Comp Exam. I was actually in the hospital when he came. 1996 He did nothing but view my presentation. SSA is a total different ball of wax with the way they did things. Today both agencies piggy back off each other. When I was on active duty, women were stuck. The CTT rating was locked. The multiple was high and women did not go on combat ships. So therefore the billets were limited. So the USN did a number on me WHY? Here is what I meant when they engaged in illegality. They revoked my security clearance. This is only happens in criminal situations. I did not commit a crime. My situation was medical due to the Navy’s deliverables. As per a Navy Captain, this was not the correct action that should have happened. So Benjamin I have been slammed to hell and back for what reason? Because I wanted to transition to another part of the Navy. Back then women were constantly stood against. Particularly if they did not cow down. However everything that was going on around in the environment oh my gosh I could not hardly take it. I had to detach myself. The conduct by some of the military in overseas duty was absolutely hard to witness. It is the picture I could not hardly handle what was happening around me.
      Benjamin as for being entitled or eligible I will say from what I have had to endure under this federal government I deserve more than being entitled or eligible. You have no idea. Although many veterans do know and many are dead due to these war mongers and human rights violations. Though Benjamin what I am speaking to is far beyond Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation. I am not sure you or even the VA would know what I mean.

    5. You say they duck out. Benjamin they have done more than ducked out. Ask them? Ask VHA too?

      Bottom line is Benjamin I have a lot to offer and still can achieve lots.

      The VA does not deliver positivity at all. The agency rejects success even among themselves. Quantity does not present itself as success.

      The federal government is in such a mess that I and many others have zero trust in the government.

      Let me move on to the topic. Yes of course Voc Rehab but ultimately most miss the issue on mental disabilities or mental health issues or anything mental.

      America is suffering mental health issues.

      Well Benjamin look at the state hospitals.

      Most of the medical professionals today politicize healthcare period.

      Locking people up involuntarily for years and over medicating people does not solve the problem.

      The APA is politicized.

      The shooting in Texas in addition to further comments about Chapter 31 have led me back to comment with me knowingly knowing my comments are a waste of time.

      I say this because the judges, the physicians, and the law enforcement do not understand mental health. My point is they believe prescribing a pill and locking people up for a lifetime is the only answer.

      Benjamin I truly disagree. This is where I differ with the Department of Veterans Affairs, the state system, and the legal system.

      The legal system has become a system that incentivizes the actions delivered against the people. I mean it has turned into delivering meritless actions for the sake on money and control.

      Of course many in leadership positions say just get these people off the streets.

      Benjamin there is more to it than just harboring people.

      Root causes must be corrected with root solutions.

      My statement applies to all industries.

      Student loans root cause is the universities themselves and the federal government enabling.

      Toxic chemicals added into products without people being informed leads back to how the products are manufactured and sold to the people.

      Food products that are poorly regulated and or poorly grown or poorly produced.

      Vehicle products made so poorly that they do not come close to the warranties before they have to be replaced.

      Medications made of crap that induce harmful side effects that contributes to more serious health problems.

      Medical schools today are taught from the top down.

      What good is this? It isn’t.

      Do you know why?

      Because the field of medicine is not necessarily solved at the root issues or root causes.

      If the medical schools instructed from the bottom up then the care would not be superficial and would be more genuine. In honesty more connected to the people who the care surrounds and involves.

      Medicine is trial and error and based on evidence based research.

      Do you believe these vaccines were evidence based? Not hardly

      But getting to my point, prescribing a pill and over medicating people solves nothing. Abuse of power and abuse of people’s rights.

      The body does heal itself in many cases unless that particular body part is missing.

      When it comes to the mental body part which is the same as the trunk body part the mental body part will heal too.

      Whole Body

      In addition to, the environment is very important. If the environment is not improved, nothing will change when it comes to mental health.

      Many of the mental health crises have been brought on by the federal government. The environment has to be in check.

      The environment is not healthy so prescribing a pill and locking people up does nothing. It is still all about money and people in leadership positions failing to educate themselves and learn about the people.

      Disconnection and biases

      1. Typo
        Problematic issues are solved at the root causes. Referring back to the medical schools. Bottom up world deal with root causes.

      2. Please allow me to say that you are correct in everything you posted. I often find myself wondering why our own citizen’s do not recognize what should be blatantly obvious to all. That is that we have a legal system rather than a system of justice.

        We have zero leadership in this country. Only lawmakers who are adroit at not being able to pass clear, concise laws. Bloated subject-mixed bills most times with appropriations included that are so far removed from the subject matter discussed – – – that the rest of the world shakes their head in wonder most of the time.

        Yes. America as a whole is mentally ill. The first illusion most Americans have is that they live in a democracy versus a democratic republic.

      3. Yes Jim I have known we are on the same page. The same page is reality and truth. Yes we are a representative Republic. We are not a Democracy.
        Benjamin, I am in the position that I am in because I have been sunk by red tape and their intentional negligences. See Benjamin quality comes from non negligence and accountability.
        Quantity comes from zero oversight and when the profits are the product.
        Governor DeSantis speaks to Florida being a Free state. No it isn’t. It is freer than most. Even though Florida does not have a state income tax it makes it up in other ways. Insurance companies flocking from Florida because people have been canceled and are having to go under the Citizens Property Insurance which is Socialized Insurance.
        Also in regards to the utility companies you may or may not know this but the companies push out into the residence more than used for the purpose of taking more money from the consumers. For example I am not in the residence for a good portion of the month. Does not matter what they push into my residence is what I get charged for. I do not use any at all if I am not there. Utility companies have monopolies just like the Big Technology Companies do. All large companies are monopolizing. Benjamin I was sunk by their actions and poor uninformed decisions and poor laws that they enacted to suit themselves. They projected their own biases and judgements onto me. Continued.,,
        Has little to do with me. You should view what I have encountered. Although I am not alone.

    6. A previous comment that I made when I did not finish my input due to the happenings around me. When I mentioned to you, Ben, how would you like to have had the VA thwarting your efforts while in the middle of the pursuit of your law degree? Of course they could do that that is if they are paying for the tuition and associates fees. And they have interfered with many veterans who have been in pursuit of employment and or education. In your case other than you fighting against their discrepancies I do not believe they interfered with your actual doings in the academic work.
      Well Ben how about if they are not even paying for it, what gives them the right to create situations or interfere in some way by influencing situations external to the academic that would conflict with the academic or work pursuits? This is the government overreach. How about their time management in the past? Working on Union tasks when they should have been seeing veteran patients. Intentionally sabotaging veteran patients by not being accountable to the actual appointment times with claiming veteran would be seen at such and such time and when it came to that time the VA provider was nowhere to be found. The veteran had an on campus class to get to. Veteran had to continue to wait on that provider of whom the nurse had earlier mentioned the provider was on break. So Veteran did not get to class on time. Veteran was way late for the class. When veteran approached VA staff inquiring about the appointment and provider, they became bothered. This actually happened. This is one of the avenues they use to provoke veterans where they can call the VA police on the veterans. The VA intentionally creates the situations. Yes I do agree they do not like veterans at all. I would like to know the inside of this and the why. Non VA employee Veterans are people too and are human beings who have rights just like the VA leadership and VA employees. Come to find out the VA provider was working on Union tasks and responsibilities. This particular VA provider was both a practitioner and a Union employee. Remember when the VA employees were working on Union tasks first before seeing patients. This is another reason why I left. But anyway what if you were paying for your law degree yourself, they do not have any right to interfere with this?
      Alright translate this to me. I will say anything I have tried to do that involved forward movement in anyway this government has interfered and or thwarted by their negligence in other areas that landed in the middle of my pursuits. Look at all the veterans who had jobs during the Obama administration and they lost the jobs due to the happenings. Many of the situations had to do with the VA. When I say paying for it myself I mean outside scholarships or co ops or company tuition reimbursement or work salaries or family help. No Veteran can do anything positive when the VA has their hands in it. Benjamin the VA is not a positive agency. A big bureaucracy that just goes through the motions.
      Quantity is not success. It is not how many. It is how it is or how it was done and in what shape did the service or the product arrive in the result.
      Quality is priority over quantity.
      The federal government hates anything that is of quality or merit or that is positive. I am not eligible for Chapter 31. I am beyond their time limit. But you see I did not become able to spontaneously speak until years after this time passed. The laws are enacted against the veterans and non veterans. The federal government is supposed to serve the people not themselves.
      If you had all happenings lined up in front of your view Ben, the injustice that has happened has been through the roof. I am referring to myself and many veterans and non veterans.
      If an attorney was involved in my situation, the attacks or slams at me would be overwhelming obvious to the attorney. Life of course is not fair.
      And I am not a victim.
      But when the red tape is so spider webbed, nothing can get resolved.
      Benjamin they are not about resolve this is the problem. So until the right people are serving in the Congress and the Senate to do what needs to be done the VA will remain dysfunctional.
      But what they believe they have a right to have their hands in they do not particularly if they zero to do with it.

      1. In other words people own themselves. People have rights. Look at the world forum. The elites in Davos are so disconnected from the real world. How about the Navy Intelligence Officer the World Forum police frisked and searched down? Benjamin this is truly uncalled for.

  3. I hope Ben Krause is either also Tiny Tim, or has a legal protection for using that name as an anonymous vet….

    1. It is a hypothetical email I created for this article as an illustration using fake names to illustrate what a possible email might look like.

  4. Ben,
    What battles did you have to
    fight for Law School be covered
    under VRE?

  5. This is a classic quote (from #9 above): “Normally, a veteran can apply for VR&E benefits suing the….”

    One may be forgiven for suggesting editing needed, even if it comes across as taunting an attorney, no?

    1. @ Walter J Smith- I’m not sure I understand the purpose of your comments here Walter. Ben is providing useful information and resources to Veterans. If there is an error in content and or editing it is fair to point this out here and Ben will update or make an addendum to the article which he has done in the past.

      Ben explained the judicious use of “tiny Tim” as a suggestion for what an email might look like.
      Your last comment only partially and incorrectly quotes the statement from #9 with actually reads: “Normally, a veteran can apply for VR&E benefits using the VA Form 28-1900.”

      To quote you Walter “even if it comes across as taunting an attorney” perhaps best describes the motivation for your comments.

      Walter , if you are not going to ask relevant questions or share your related story, or contribute useful information to the cause, like most of the Veterans who comment on Ben’s articles do, I think it would be appropriate for you refrain from your non-contributory “taunting” or whatever your gig is.

      Got Your 6

      1. Ben gets is and got it both times I commented. Sorry none of it worked out well for you, “Got Your 6.” Good luck to you and to US all! We need it in every direction one looks. VA peeps are all doing their very best, just as you and I and every one else is.

        Angela (above) gets it, perhaps more than do most of US. We should all give her support. We need vocal angels like her, ones who are willing to risk everything they say becoming misinterpreted; if we give them the benefit of the doubt, they deliver revelations, as has Angela. Very much needed revelations. Broadly needed revelations.

        Most of VA’s problems likely stem from the very same complacency that leads official across the spectrum of corporate (universities, for-profits, not-for-profits, governments (local, state, and national) bodies, and globally: complacency. Too many comfort zones. Not enough sensitive zones.

        Science now screams prophetically upon us all: Earth’s Sensitive zones (the only places here we humanoids can flourish) are now threatened globally. Why is this happening? Why are governments all over the US so rotten with corruption? Why are almost all corporate bodies across the US so rotten with corruptions? Comfort zones. Complacency. Group Think. “I want people around me who think like I do!” What a perverse curse to bring upon oneself.

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