VA Policy Revised To Elminate Veterans Completing Annual Eligibility Report

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that it has implemented a new policy that eliminates the need for veterans to complete an annual eligibility verification report in order to ensure that pension benefits are continued, according to a news release.

Under the new initiative, the VA will work with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) to verify continued eligibility for pension benefits.

“By working together, we have cut red tape for veterans and will ensure these brave men and women get the benefits they have earned and deserved,” Eric  Shinseki, secretary of Veterans Affairs, stated in the release.

VA employees that normally process eligibility verification reports will now focus on eliminating the compensation claims backlog.

Do you think this will help more claims get processed or transfer the burden from the VA to other agencies?

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  1. Right on fellas, I was one of those unfortunate veterans whose form was lost/misplaced or whatever, and being on a fixed income relying on a check being a certain amount, it came as quite a shock when they just sent the adjusted amount one month. Leading me to frantically inquire as to what was going on, only to learn that once I resubmitted the form, they received/processed it they would be happy to send the proper monthly amount. I get confused, but I’m pretty sure they never reimbursed me for the proper amount I lost that I should have received till it got squared away, but I could be wrong on that one, sorry things are fuzzy sometimes.

  2. This is a small step in the right direction, but in means very little to Veterans. It might make politicians look good the to uniformed public concerning Veterans matters. What would be a bigger step is for VA to eliminate the requirement for the VA Form 21-4192, Request for Employment Information in Connection with Claim for Disability Benefits. Now this is an annual form that would save a lot of Veterans time and save the VA time and money. The VA already knows thru income verification match with the IRS who is receiving income while on IU. It makes no sense for a Veteran to fill out this form. It just causes undue stress on the Veterans part when some times the Va says it didn’t receive the form and the Veteran has to fill it out again due to threat from the VA to cancel the IU. Eliminate the annual form for these Veterans and theVA will save a lot.

    1. Jim hit the nail on the head I have IU (supposedly P&T).
      If I work a day, by all means, please cut my benefits (that it took ten years to obtain). Otherwise don’t ask me to fill out an ignorant form asking me if I have worked??? Retarded!
      What happens if I’m hospitalized around the time you send out the form? Obviously the form won’t get in on time my benefits will get cut and my family will suffer!

      Not to mention I sent the form in last year in your SASE and in January received a letter stating my benefits were being cut because I had not sent it in! Maybe a heart attack is what you assholes are trying to accomplish!?

      If you want to do something for the brave men and women that sacrifice so much chop the claims process down from 10yrs to 2. It shouldn’t be like pulling teeth to get benefits we were all PROMISED especially after you knowingly exposed, and admitted to exposing, several hundreds of thousands of veterans to… CHEMICAL NERVE AGENT during ODS!

      Seriously pull your head out of your asses!

      I shouldn’t have to go through a similar process to get my damn meds every month either!

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