VA To Prematurely Close Thousands Of Healthcare Applications, Again


One well-known whistleblower just alerted the press that VA is likely taking steps to prematurely close incomplete applications, again.

Scott Davis, a public affairs officer in Atlanta, says the agency is readying to close tens of thousands of incomplete healthcare applications despite promises a year ago to keep those applications open until IG investigates how the agency completes such applications.

In a letter to Secretary David Shulkin, Davis wrote:

It is my duty as the Public Affairs Officer and Content Manager for VHA Member Services to inform your office that Notification of Closed Application letters have been created by VHA to send to the nearly 500,000 Veterans who were part of the failed Pending Letter notification campaign that resulted in over 200,000 letters not being mailed to Veterans and/ or returned by the Post Office.

VA denied the allegations made by Davis in a statement.

“VA has closed no legacy pending applications within the Veterans Health Administration enrollment system due to the ongoing Inspector General review,” VA spokesman Curt Cashour said in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “Also, VA will close no legacy pending applications until we have reasonable assurance that all applications have been fully researched and resolved. Even then, VA will notify all veterans at least 30 days before closing an incomplete enrollment application and will remind them to complete their application and instruct them how to apply for enrollment in VA health care in the future.”

According to Washington Examiner:

Davis’s letter reflects a longstanding worry that the VA was mishandling applications. In March 2016, during the Obama administration, the VA started mailing nearly half a million letters to veterans asking for more information about their application. But it soon became clear within the VA that nearly half of these — almost 230,000 letters — never reached the intended veteran, due to bad addresses, software, and other problems.

At the end of 2016, a month before President Trump took office, the VA realized that most of the letters that went out were asking the wrong question. They either said the veteran needed to provide means testing information when it meant to ask for military information, or vice versa.

Further, audio leaked out in April in which a senior VA employee could be heard saying in 2016 that he was instructed not to help hospitals as they try to assist veterans seeking healthcare at the VA.

In light of those problems, the VA said this year it would wait for a final report about the VA’s mailing services from its Office of Inspector General before taking any next steps. Shulkin himself said nothing would happen until the OIG report is out, in a letter to House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Phil Roe, R-Tenn.

“Once their review is complete, we will be able to determine if new letters are needed,” he wrote then. Some who have followed the issue said there are no signs the VA is about to close out the veterans’ applications, because the final report is not out yet.

But an early draft of the report has been circulating that indicates the VA still has many problems to fix in the areas of application processing. Among other things, it said the VA still lacks standards and oversight when it comes to followup with veterans, and that the VA is improperly shifting the burden to veterans to make sure their applications are correct.

“Ineffective governance of the health care enrollment program resulted in activities that were not veteran-centric and did not provide sufficient service to those seeking access to health care,” the draft OIG “statement of findings” said. 

Davis says VA’s longstanding failures in providing notice to veterans is a sufficient reason why the agency should not be allowed to close out these claims:

Based on the findings in the OIG report it is highly unlikely that the VA medical center staff could have adequately reviewed 500,000 pending applications … because they did not have standard policies or procedures, adequate training nor resources in place to audit and/or review 500,000 applications in addition to their enrollment workload during this period.

Further, in the letter, Davis called on Shulkin to step it up. Think Shulkin will listen?

Source: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/whistleblower-warns-va-is-taking-steps-to-close-thousands-of-veterans-healthcare-applications/article/2631050

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  1. I called the VAMC and they said they can’t see me for anything unless I get a blood test and physical done first. That’s the problem with the VAMC wait list. In Canada they cancelled young people getting physicals unless they get sick and it helped stop the wait times. The VAMC won’t even let me get a physical from a private doctor and send them the information. It’s ridiculous.

    1. @Lily – – – Are you keeping a VA Medical Care Log? If not, I want to encourage you to keep good notes. As you’re most likely experiencing, the VA will circle jerk you all over the place, causing managed chaos on their end, and on your end, most likely the VA will have you playing catch up as they keep on making changes that’re troublesome. Call them on their shot.

      Each VA Medical Center is managed differently. You’d think there’d be stability in the whole system, but that’s not the case. Let them know with valid reasons that you don’t trust them, and that with all of their commotion towards you, that this has caused your PTSD symptoms to flare up. To more of extreme, this is what is happening to me. Plus, I told the VA Staph, that I’m pissed, and this shit doesn’t need to happen anymore, ever.

      The VA wants to gain my trust back, but I informed them that the trust has long been gone. And, I only want minimal services until I have found other health care. The VA surely will make you think about alternatives. Good luck. – – – Nutter.

      1. I usually need to wake up around 2pm because I have a job at 4pm. The VA says I have to take a blood test by 12PM because that’s the last time they can do it. So that means I need to get up by 11am to drive there. I’ll only be able to get maybe 4 hrs sleep to do it. One of my triggers for my PTSD is blood. Last time I took a blood test I almost passed out BEFORE while sitting in the waiting room thinking about it. What’s the point of doing that to myself again as the start of a relationship with the VA? I just wanted to at least do the test at 3pm but they can’t. I have to hurt my health to get healthcare with them.

  2. I’m thinking the entire world has finally gone full batshit crazy. I’m just waiting for the frogs to start raining.

  3. And our government’s agencies continue to piss people off. Specifically the IRS!
    “Liberty Headlines”
    Aug 14, 2017
    “IRS Rehires 213 Employees Ousted for Falsifying Documents, Avoiding Taxes”

    That’s NOT the only thing those asswipes got away with. Read the article.
    I wonder who their fuckin union is?

  4. Do you know how they prove there in the American Legion
    look at my hat..
    Do you know how nasa proves there in space…
    look at my hair…What more proof do you need..LOL
    They would never tell you a lie…Boy scouts honor

  5. Need a laugh this will only take 3 min…..LOL

      1. You know its true, lambs never lie.
        Kenneth Frazier, the CEO of the pharmaceutical giant Merck & the only black member of President Trump’s American Manufacturing Council has resigned.

  6. Good article, Ben.

    It IS TIME for Shithead Shulkin to STEP IT Up. Here are some suggestions that may help millions of veterans nationwide:

    It is high time for some real leadership at the VA. Leadership that speaks truth publicly about how bad things have really gotten. Leadership that develops solutions to take better care of ALL our nations warriors.
    Leadership that recognizes that when they are doing a good job – – – it will be veterans singing their praises, rather than the VA needing a PR Agency to put out “Fluff Pieces” to mislead America.

    Current VA leadership has their Brain Housing Group the size of mice and their Hearts no bigger. It is about TEN YEARS PAST TIME TO FIX THE DAMN BROKEN VA:

    1. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

    7. Any claim a veteran submits to the VBA that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. If a VBA claim filed by a veteran is found to be a false one designed to scam the system, the VA will have to prove in civil court that a false claim was intentionally submitted.

    8. All veterans will be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA.

    9. No AFGE, nor any other Labor Union business will be allowed to take place in any Federal Workplace. Conducting Union Business during working hours will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Should any government employee be found violating this provision, it will result in IMMEDIATE LIFETIME DISMISSAL FROM ANY/ALL GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYMENT.

    10. Attorneys for appeal will be retained at the former employee’s PERSONAL expense. U. S. Taxpayer’s will not be subject to payment of legal bills for incompetent or dishonest personnel with regards to Governmental Employment.

    You have my contact information Mr. Secretary. Call me anytime. I have a lot of ideas to help you improve the services provided to my fellow veterans. I will not hesitate to speak up at all.

    For my fellow veterans who have been ill-served by this CLUSTERFUCK of a train wreck called the VA over the years:

    Our battles overseas were far less stressful than our war here at home. Never Cruel or cowardly. Never Give Up. Never Give In. We are on the Righteous path.

    POTUS Reagan broke up PATCO in the ’80’s. Time for POTUS Trump to break up the AFGE. Most of our current Congress Critters do NOT have Veterans Interests at heart. Perhaps their replacements will. VOTE OUT all these WORTHLESS INCUMBENTS.

    Give their replacement’s one term to take care of Veterans who put aside their own personal lives to answer this nation’s call when she needed them. Many of those Veterans suffer the remainder of their lives for doing what most of their countrymen had not the courage to do.

    If they cannot MUSTER THE STONES to do it properly – – – vote their worthless asses out as well. Party should NOT MATTER. What SHOULD MATTER is their VOTING RECORDS ON VETERANS ISSUES.

    Rhetoric is cheap. Congressional Voting Records speak louder than words.

    NO Combat Veteran should be surprised when the next McVeigh or Congressional Baseball Team Incident occurs. Bound to happen. Just a matter of time . . .

    We have now reached the next accelerative phase of our country falling apart. Country before Party. Principles before Personalities. Always.

    Want to REALLY fix the VA? The next SecVA needs to be a former Enlisted Man with a few serious axes to grind against the VA and the AFGE. Apparently, Former Flag Officers and SES appointed Civilians can’t cut the mustard . . .

    Maybe a SINCERELY MOTIVATED Gunnery Sergeant or Chief Petty Officer CAN.

    Disgruntled Veteran
    1973 – 1976 USMC
    1978 – 1993 USN
    Wounded Warrior
    San Francisco, California

  7. PSYOP, Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. Information Warfare Without Limits……”We Must Improve..



  8. As ANutterVet pointed out earlier in this Thread.

    Delay, Deny, Hope You Die
    On Russian Times (RT)
    Published time: 13 Aug, 2017 20:19
    Edited time: 14 Aug, 2017 05:33

    “Thousands of American soldiers returned from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan with severe illnesses. They are not the victims of ruthless enemy warfare, but of decisions made by their own military commanders.

    These soldiers were sickened by the poisonous smoke and ash swirling out of the “burn pits.” According to soldiers who served there, every type of waste was disposed of and burned in these toxic open-air dumps, including batteries, appliances, vehicles, plastics, dead animals … even human body parts.
    Today, up to 100,000 soldiers are sick and dying.

    “Delay, Deny, Hope You Die” features interviews with politicians, doctors and sick soldiers as well as never-before-seen footage and secret documents. This new documentary exposes the truth behind an important issue currently being ignored by the mainstream media.

    Due to copyright restrictions, this video can only be viewed on RT’s live feed.”

    Next Airing today will be at: 11:30 am Central Time

    At: “https://www.rt.com/on-air/”

    I believe they are showing the documentary the same one previewed at this address:

    “Delay, Deny, Hope You Die”
    Morningstar Media
    Preview at: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6TE0fLWOto”

    At 10:30 am Central time it is Peter Lavelle’s show called Cross Talk that is airing about CNN (Counterfeit News Network”. You can watch on RT Live or you can watch on You Tube at:

    1. An additional excellent series titled “Delay, Deny, Hope You Die” by WFLA News Channel 8

      Part 1: Delay, Deny Until They Die
      WFLA News Channel 8 (Bogus Claim System that is Broken and is Waiting for Veterans to Die)

      Part 2: Delay, Deny Until They Die
      WFLA News Channel 8 (Agent Orange & Blue Water Veterans)

      Part 3: Delay, Deny Until They Die
      WFLA News Channel 8 (Camp Lejeune)

      Part 4: Delay, Deny Until They Die
      WFLA News Channel 8 (False Claim that Veteran died to end disability payments)

    2. Very interesting show on RT, watching it right now. Oh, wait a second, the Russians are coming. And, nobody has a heads up. – – – Nutter.

      1. @Seymore Klearly – – – The American Public has been so brain washed by MSM’s propaganda BS, that it has crippled our insight on TRUELY solving our Country’s socio-eco-politico problems. When we do get out of this mess, the time period will be lengthy.

        Wife and I were just talking about how RT reports on things that the MSM refuses to cover. Interesting?

  9. OK just one more…
    BOMBSHELL: Canada’s Border Invasion Intensifies! – YouTube

    There coming in from the US

  10. Although there are other “vet-centric websites” out there! I’ve got a sneaky suspicion it’s going to get harder to obtain articles, and videos, showing how VA’s are/is putting veterans at risk with our healthcare and administrative (claims) support!
    That’s my opinion!

  11. From: “Next News Network”
    “Gary Frenchi reporting”
    Dated: August 14, 2017 (5:50 minutes long)

    “Game Over: Jeff Sessions Calls For Crackdown On Marijuana Legalization”

  12. Here’s something out on “WDBO”, 96.5 FM, Conservative News Radio!

    “The CEO of Merck has resigned.”

    Y’all remember “Merck – (Big Pharma)”! The one that murders Americans, and NOT one of it’s management is/was ever held accountable!
    It’s being reported he’s stepping down “…because of the ‘riots’ which took place in Virginia this past weekend!”
    I gotta feeling there’s something else going on!!!!!!!!

    When Attorneys get involved, they usually say something like: “The best way to handle this is to “…Hit them in their bank accounts!”
    I say, bullcrap! When their caught killing people, or committing crimes, try them as criminals! As when Merck got caught about 15-18 years ago! Remember that bullshit?
    This is one of the many reasons why Americans are pissed off today! IE: CRIMINALS out walking FREE!

      1. “https://www.splcenter.org/hate-map”
        917 Hate Groups are currently operating in the US. They track more than 1,600 extremist groups operating across the country. See who’s in your state.

      2. namnibor …..Don’t miss out on this funny hat convention….LOL….. free of charge

        Several major events of The American Legion’s 99th national convention in Reno, Nev., will be streamed live, free of charge, on Legion media. The times and dates of the streamed events are available on the American Legion website. After the live stream, the events will be available for playback on the American Legion website. Also keep up to date on the latest happenings from the convention on the American Legion National Headquarters Facebook page.

  13. #1.)
    From: “military.com/daily news”
    Dated: 14 August 2017
    By: Associated Press

    “Report: New Mexico VA Office Denies 90 Percent of Gulf War Claims”

    From: “Daily News”
    Dated: 12 August 2017
    By: “Special to McClatchy Washington Bureau | by By Vera Bergengruen-

    “Veterans Group Sues Pentagon over Privacy of Military Records”

    From; “Daily News”
    Dated: 12 August 2017
    By: Associated Press | by Mathew Daly

    “Congress Approves Bill to Address VA Claims Backlog”

    Check these articles out!

    1. Congress approves bill to address VA claims backlog
      Published August 11, 2017
      Associated Press
      I read the article and the comments you can always tell the VA troll of the bunch…He gets excellent healthcare at the VA..And this bull….The VA functions extremely well….The VA PR budget at work …LOL
      I guess he thinks we are supposed to believe him..What a DUD VA, be a little more convincing next time…You can fool some of the people some of the time!” but u can’t fool all the people all of the time…ASSHOOOOOLES
      Brought to you by …YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK

      How about some of u trolls chiming in…OOOOOO I know your on here but I wont tell anyone, just put that one finger across your lips…SHHHHH

  14. I may be off topic here, but has anyone had any experience with (Divalproex)? Buspirone didn’t work on me so the doc is kicking me up a notch. From what I’ve read about this stuff, it scares the hell outame.

    1. Nexdeceptus, be afraid, very afraid, I took 125mg in 2008 was told to mix it into pudding, 9yrs later pudding still makes me ill. Depakote bad drug.

    2. They tried to put me on “Buspirone” back in 2000 when I was fighting to get damage to my shoulder fixed. I lost use of my right hand arm and shoulder in June of 1999 after a surgery on my hand. The VA tried putting me on a cocktail of drugs because I was pissed and not getting the care I needed to regain the use of my hand arm and shoulder.

      After a year of fighting I started going outside the VA system for my health Care. The surgery on my hand made me unable to return to work in construction so I was fighting to get it repaired by the VA wasn’t treating the problem instead they wanted to control me with the drug Cocktail.

      Personally I recommend to Everyone not to continue VA Heath Care.

  15. High Volume Of PUT Options & Black Sky Hazards

    Political Panda – The Story Lives On – YouTube


    1. Another USA Schedule I drug. I’m starting to have faith in the “Maps”. It seems like they are trying to do good. That they sent a recommendation to the President’s Commission on the Opioid Crisis to test ibogaine here.
      The New Zealand study concluded that a single ibogaine treatment both reduced withdrawal
      symptoms & achieved either complete cessation or sustained reduction in opioid use over a 12month
      period. Excellent.

      1. @NiteWish – – – Here is the main URL for the page to this study. For further reading, just go to the main page of “maps.org” Study is at “https://www.maps.org/research/ibogaine-therapy”

        What I’m concerned about, is not only the length of time to kind of flush out the mu-receptors in my body of residual chemical(s), but also cleaning out my mind due to the long term use of Oxycodone (Schedule 2, Controlled Substance). I realize that my mind has been affected as well from the Oxycodone.

        The VA superbly falls short, and fails at even addressing other side effects besides constipation. Geez, what’s new? I’ve been performing research trials on myself, and so far, I know that I’m making great strides in dealing with constipation.

        I even shared this with the VA’s PCP, and they aren’t the least bit interested on what or how I’m reducing the constipation, and able to evacuate my poo by manipulating the peristalsis action (digestive transient time). Plus, obtaining more bowel movements more often compared to when taking laxatives and stool softeners.

        Fortunately, I’ve found a good starting point that increases digestive transition time, that promotes a positive effect on my peristalsis (movement in digestive tract). I’ve been faithfully working on this since January 2017. Besides the VA not giving a hoot on what I’m doing, they will NOT even help me with any associated costs to obtain organic compounds for my trail and errors.

        And, even if they did help me, I wouldn’t tell them squat about how I’m doing this. I’m finding out like many others, that Pig Pharma, Ripping Off Insurance Skaggs, and the so-called compassionate Evidence / Experienced Based Medicine (EBM) peeps, don’t give a damn on how to solve medical issues with the least amount of cost. Especially, if it cuts into their profit margins.

        After I complete my trail and error tests to find a sweet spot for constipation relief, I’m going to focus on what supplementations (diet, environmental aspects, H2O treatments, nootropics, vitamins, minerals) are good to flush out and to help my brain re-establish normality. It will take some time for all of this.

        I’m doing my best to help solve my pain, medicine, and side effect issues. To be blunt, the VA can kiss my Cherokee, German, Polish, Irish, and English ass, right in the middle of my two back end cheeks. – – – Nutter.

      2. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to add that the VA addresses nausea too. Got to give them some credit. Whoopie (not the one on the View, or may be so). I’ve posted on the View’s crew’s websites about the VA and Veterans. So far, to no avail. – – – Nutter.

      3. @OLDMARINE – – – I order the main ingredients that are in foods for constipation. Plus, prebiotics (types of soluble fiber), and probiotics (gut organisms). And, have drastically changed my diet, along with pure high grade supplements and nootropics.

        The problem is that my constipation isn’t the regular type. Not even idiopathic. Its called Opiated Induced Constipation (OIC). A different monster altogether. – – – Nutter.

      4. I order the main ingredients that are in foods for constipation

      5. @OLDMARINE – – – LoL. I order the natural isolated and supportive ingredients. Prunes are good, but because of pharma-residuals, metabolic toxins, and stressors, I also take very powerful proven antioxidants, and foods that contain them as well. Colors, colors, and colors (yellow, orange, red, purple). And, I also put fractionized aloe juice in my drinks. I eat a lot of garlic (you might think I’m Italian), EVOO, humus, black beans, lemon and lime juice, and other good stuffs. I’ve cut WAY back on sugar, processed foods, and low end carbs. My next investment, will be a H2O ionizer, and ozone maker.

        And, the VA don’t accept these medical issues- microbial dysbiosis, leaky gut, or hormone deficiency due to long term use of opiates. Such fools at the VA. There’re research papers from reputable sources all over the net. Those jerks. – – – Nutter.

      6. My next investment, will be a H2O ionizer, and ozone maker.
        I have both don’t buy from amazon over priced garbage at double the cost

        Ozone Generators | Foreverozone | Air, Water, Oil Ozonators

  16. Congress is gangrenously corrupt. A recent example is HR 3364 a saber rattling sanctions bill. It was introduced on July 24 and passed by the House on the 25th in virtual secrecy by a vote of 419-3 with no dialogue — no debate — no press coverage The Senate followed suit on July 27th, again with no discussion and no debate and no press with a vote of 98 -2. It was signed into law on Aug 2 by Trump. Patriot Act anyone? Our entire Vermont delegation except Bernie Sanders voted for these dangerous sanctions. IMO Bernie plays ball when he has to like he did at the DNC — but he knows what is going on. He knows the Russian hacking thing is bullshit manufactured by corporate media and is one of only two to say “no” to this bill and sanctions which move us closer to conflict with Russia. I have to give him his due on this one.

    ​If you really look, pay attention and think critically the evidence will become overwhelming and undeniable.
    After awhile you will have to leave your imaginary bubble along with
    ​ the fake politicians who claim to represent you and the fake news outlets that profess to inform you.
    “Oh my God” you will exclaim as you realize that you have been duped — it has been theater all along.


    ………My imaginary bubble burst awhile ago….LOL..Every thing is BULLSHIT!!!!

    1. YEAH …Then they tell you ignorance of the law is no excuse..
      How con-venient …For them

    2. OLDMARINE, damn man, your on hyperdrive, noway I can keep up with all this information! But… I will try.

      1. OK but here’s a short one…LOL
        Confirmed – Guccifer 2 0 Ran By State Dept – YouTube…8 min.

      2. LOL okayyyyyy I watched it………..
        Here’s the deal though OLDMARINE, only certain things stick in my head, and I don’t get to chose which one do.
        I know most of these things already, can’t explain it, or where I heard it, or know it from, just do. Keep posting I will check as many as I can.

        Just realized I never thanked you for the link to the drum mag, maybe I already did, I can’t remember….

      3. cj….certain things stick in my head, and I don’t get to chose which one do……..
        Mine does the same thing, It’s like trying to get through a fortified bunker with a cheap Chinese hammer and chisel..LOL
        I also know about 95% of this shit, but sometimes you get another piece of the puzzle in between the shit you already heard or read, so I don’t discount it and not watch it if it’s a new one. And if someone is willing to open their eyes a bit well that’s a good thing…Too many sleeping on the job that’s why we are in this mess ……..
        And I don’t sit at this computer all day reading unless It’s raining..Like it has the last 5 days …LOL…SHHHHHHH don’t tell anyone, especially the nsa…..

  17. ‘Pope Francis is Not A Man Of God’ | Putin


    He dreams of a world government and a global communist system of repression.

    He is also on record calling for a China-style one child policy for Western nations, as well as telling a congregation in Rome that having a personal relationship with Jesus is “dangerous and harmful.”

  18. Must Read. by ZR; Pope of Rome claims temporal or physical ownership over the Earth | TABU; Towards A Better Understanding


  19. 08/13/2017

    Dear Benjamin,

    It is apparent that many of your followers have gotten the message:

    Retired Nurse August 12, 2017 at 9:05 pm
    IN AZ/PHX…Sen.McCain is on a shredding kick..anyone who ever wrote or phoned the ole pirate himself is pure shred…destroyed ALL files on vets, even if only (5) yrs.old & names,dates & case material indicating proof of the crimes of the PHX VA/Hospital….McCain is really cleaning house…for his departure.

    I am surprised not to see old Cheney shaking hands with the Fire Department [12/19/2007] around the Veteran’s records office.

    These guys know exactly what they had pulled off and so does Trump as he reverses the thinking in Washington DC—-funding programs, acknowledging the problems, and communicating the problems in front of a silent Media [little media coverage on the National Opiate Crisis].

    January of 2016 Senator McCain received a letter from me on the Subject of: What to do in your remaining days in the Senate [mentioning Cranston’s exit], and reminding him of the old days.

    Some actions you can predict and others you can’t; that is why being in Journalism is rewarding.

    Benjamin Krause do not ever stop—-the stories will only get better and more intense in the near future.

    There is plenty the American Public must learn, and you are one who can help America learn to be a better nation—a million thanks.


    Don Karg

    1. @Don Karg: Don, your post sounds like your not coming back? I hope this isn’t the case, I like reading your post.

      Later Gators-!¡¡!-

  20. Here’s a bunch of websites to visit:
    Google the following;

    “Veterans today and Gordon Duff”

  21. Oliver Stone – The Untold History of The US – How the US government works [Top Documentary Films]


    1. “OLDMARINE”,
      Just watched the Oliver Stone Documentary.
      President Trump was wrong. In that, Washington D.C. is NOT a “swamp!” Hell, it isn’t even a “sewer”, as he recently said! It’s worse than either one of those descriptions!
      I don’t believe there’s a fitting negative word to describe Washington D.C.!

      I also believe everyone should watch this video! It’s just might wake their asses up to the reality of what America has become!

      Thanks for putting it on here!

      1. Crazy Elf, OldMarine, I watched it too this a.m. added to my depression today. Stealing Words & changing the meanings to fit their needs. ratbastards.

      2. When they are exposed and resisted without fear they are the ones that tremble in fear.

      3. I have a solution …..A firing squad..[drain the swamp]…No pump big enough..LOL………

  22. IN AZ/PHX…Sen.McCain is on a shredding kick..anyone who ever wrote or phoned the ole pirate himself is pure shred…destroyed ALL files on vets, even if only (5) yrs.old & names,dates & case material indicating proof of the crimes of the PHX VA/Hospital….McCain is really cleaning house…for his departure.

    1. I bet the architectsat the VA each have their dream brand new dedicated to John McCain brand new, coming soon Phoenix, VAMC…and each of them will go with their own plan and wait a few billion over budget to get on same page…a Denver VAMC Black Hole, the Grand Canyon Edition. (Wait for it…)

      As in old Monty Python, “I’m not dead yet…”- ‘The Holy Grail’

  23. Breaking News: President Trump and VA Sec. Shulkin on national news broadcast with all the VSO Piggies in a row, and I think even AFGE little Cox, on VA funding more leases and ALL the vast improvements all those piggy Vets VSO’s he refers behind him, that this Bill he is signing will make it easier to fire and really fire bad employees…but this was a smokescreen of news for the awful rally violence in Charlotte, VA today and state of emergency currently….VA Shulkin and the Piggy VSO’s were used as marionettes on the MSN smokescreen…and the procession of signing this VA Bill/Law went on as if the awful shit going down in Charlotte was not even happening…very fucking surreal.

    The VSO Piggies all oinked and grinned, and Pres. Trump even had to ask VA Sec. Shulkin to come-up with some Democrat Senators that were onboard with this Bill for Veterans…which really is more funding for VA and contractors and the piggies grinned on.

    Smokescreen and VA Ass Splat Swamp Fart. There you go. The critters are officially hibernating in the muck.
    Rant Out. (surreal)

    1. What I’ve noticed as a pattern over years is anytime the VA has something that’s in the limelight, a new law/funding bill pending approval, or some massive scandal…then there will be some national event that takes place…or…a Kardashian gets a tick on it’s ass, whichever may come first…but my point is the VA issues are used as a diversionary device or deflector over and over or the polar opposite, but usually the former.

      I did not want to sound uncaring about injuries/death, violence in Charlotte…it’s just now, it’s cemented in place…that *whatever* Trump and Shulkin rope and pony show signing was, is now entirely forgotten by American’s flea brained attention spans.
      This was reflected after the POTUS and Shulkin and Piggies all signed the Bill…and the reporters…not ONE asked a SINGLE question re: the VA and Veterans….it went IMMEDIATELY to all about thugs in Charlotte…not a peep 2 minutes later about ….the VA….Veterans….Choice….firing….employees…more $$$$….???? ??? *crickets*~~~

      In a mood.

    2. “The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, move the tables and chairs out of the way, then they will pull back the curtains and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” – Frank Zappa

    3. There’s a noticeable onslaught of headline grabbing events being foisted on our faces, and they are effectively diverting our attention to what really will hit us all domestically as the year is ending, i.e. another Western financial meltdown.

      After RussiaGate, there’s still the North Korean threat of a thermonuclear exchange. But before that can die down, too, a localized white nationalism vs. anti-white supremacism is hereby unleashed, which is obviously on the same level as Obama’s Ferguson racial divide.

      Different approaches, same goals:

      1. @OLDMARINE: Oldmarine, the NORKS have had nukes since 2013, thanks to Clinton. While Obama was negotiating his great Iran deal, at the very same time the norks were trading nukes to Iran. The fake news said nothing, this latest nork bs is all fake news, started by the Washington compost, with a story that nobody was interested in in 2013, Was no big deal under Obama, of course. Then they release this news like it just happened? and everyone took it hook line and sinker? Funny how every single Republican President is the biggest piece of shit, and needs to be investigated, and all Liberals are the greatest thing since apple pie, all diversion, your right. Oh my God Trump is crazy, did you hear what he said to the Norks? stupid assholes, look up Libtard Truman’s address to the American people, informing us that he just dropped the bomb on Japan, and tell me what wording he used then. Yeah perty much the same, only when President Trump says it it is reckless. Also funny how they released this old story from 2013, to make it look like this happened under President Trumps watch and NOT Obumblers.


        Wake the fuck up sheeple.

  24. Value of US Weapons Goes Far Beyond Battlefield, Ukrainian Troops Say

    Nolan Peterson /August 04, 2017

    At the front-line village of Krymske in 2015, just outside the separatist stronghold of Luhansk, Ukrainian troops renamed a street from that of a Soviet luminary to “John McCain Street.”

    When Canadian journalist and filmmaker Christian Borys asked the soldiers when they were going to name a street after then-President Barack Obama, the soldiers replied, “When he sends us weapons.”

    John war McCain the ARMS dealer…..

  25. <<>> brought to you by Nutter. Good reads.

    What Your Surgeon Needs to Tell You- “https://wire.ama-assn.org/practice-management/informed-consent-ruling-may-have-far-reaching-negative-impact”

    Opioid Abuse and Misuse- “https://wire.ama-assn.org/delivering-care/opioid-abuse-and-misuse”

    Peeling Back the Cost of Drugs- “https://truthinrx.org/”

    Keeping the Wealthy Healthy, and Everyone Else Waiting- “https://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/41500-keeping-the-wealthy-healthy-and-everyone-else-waiting”

  26. Arbitrary and capricious actions, deny, delay, the vet is dead. Oh, say, once again, it’s not true…. As a File 319 veteran, (retired records) i can fully attest to the effed up VA, as only that the chitt hole must be the depository for postal service candidate rejects!
    Much 2 the chagrin of the VA i found out i was still alive in 2015. I went 2 the VA seeking hearing aids, as i had a claim denied dating to Dec 10, 1974 (upon advice from docs during ets exam) I had a full blown Rehab scholarship approved at MSU, did not follow thru. Claim for 20% for drop zone injury was reduced to 10% in 1977, no comp. Then dropped to zero, of course no exam. Well issues never went away, got worse, filed other claims, never heard squat. Knew that 2 concussions in army not good (convoy wreck Ranger school 1972/ drop zone fall 1973) Found eyewitness to the jump accident, confirm my being out cold, ride to Womack in Medivac chopper. Got doc confirmation and 2 shrinks agree that having my bell rung is direct result for TBI.
    Med records contain medical records for another vet, what the hell… Dang thing is, it is his hearing test.
    It is my understanding the VA is also purging the so called” inactive” files, retired records, file 319.
    Of course i still do not have hearing aids, i have not been able to get an ID card, and my rating is at 40%, (TBI/tinnitus) but the original claim is just “a touch of arthritis”
    The VA, would not go there for my health care….

    1. If you would like to get paid your TBI 40% from 8/2/1988 to the date you received in 2009 please contact me at “[email protected]” I’m going to try to have a class action re-opened that was file then for “organic brain syndromes” including TBI and cerebral malaria. Also would like someone to be a class representative who had the malaria that caused a fever over 104, severe cramps, and a severe headache. Also possibly some period of amnesia though the medics probably didn’t record it in the in patient records. Please? Anyone know someone?

  27. I have a question, I’m a 100% vet now needing a kidney transplant due to the meds given out at the VA. Afew week ago I had an app @ lake nolan the kidney dr? from some place in the “east” said that he could get me some kind of “blue card” and if I filled it out and said what a good job he was doing, that he could get me the testing that I was asking for. I’m on a large Gen Hosp, kidney transplant list and need these test to stay current on their list. has anyone heard of crap like this going on? I feel like turning this jerk in for bribery. Need more information, Please Max Cpl USMC

    1. YOU MEAN THE VA WONT TEST YOU??…..I would give you one of mine but I only have one left…And I would run from the DR. blue card ….LOL

      1. @OLDMARINE–Dr. Blue Card may also have a handy back alley kidney swap shop where one person leaves with one or two less organs and one enters and pays with Blue Card to get a somewhat matching life-saving organ.

        Blue Card Special. Sounds very like author Robin Cook type novel such as “Coma”.

        Run Like Hell from this monster. Then report his ass.

    2. Max,

      It is the first that I have heard of anything like it. Can you post the doctors name so I can look into him a little further?

      1. I hope you find something on this guy Seymore, this sure smells of blackmail, or even something more insidious.

  28. Naturally Healing All Cancers With Hemp Oil

    With plenty of Scientific Studies from the National Institute of Health

    1. Cannabis has been and is being researched for it’s cancer curing abilities. From what I’ve read it attacks cancer 2 ways.

      1. It robs cancerous cells of their energy. No energy no ability to divide. No tumor.

      2. It tell tumorous cells to either produce calcium or import calcium. Which is deadly to the cell. I’m not sure if the “whole plant” methodology is the way to go or just straight CBD. I suspect more research will need to be done.

      1. Wyldechylde….This might be a reason why your monthly allotment got cut back…..
        Why Is the World Legalizing Marijuana All at the Same Time? – YouTube

      2. nah I know why it got cut back. The question is do I treat it like personal injury and go after the responsible party for non-economic damages IE Triggering my PTSD.

      3. @Wyldechylde- Most likely got your meds cut back due to: (1.) VA is cutting back, putting those on SSRI’s, or (2.) refills were ordered at a later date, and PCP determined that you needed less (no squirreling- saving up a stash). That’s how these A-wipes roll.

      1. LEM …Are you feeling it yet…..Them so called golden years..LOL…Man these rrrrrrrr the days…..LOL

      2. Actually I’ve been a great deal less in pain the last 14 years than the 14 years before that. Actually can mow the lawn occasionally.

      1. If they eat enough ice cream they will no longer fit through the VA Whack-A-Mole holes. The further engorged purple teams would essentially become “donut holes”.

      2. Update: Not only would they become “donut holes” but also purple jelly-filled donuts.

  29. How many Veterans believe that Veteran Medical Centers plus the Veteran Affairs Admistation will get better if we Declare War on Korea.

    1. Yup shamefully so. They whining already I don’t want to die, I really appreciate the military.

  30. “Improve treatment for Veterans as a VA pharmacist”…No thanks I’d rather be a pastor, Then all I would have to learn this one line….YOU MUST GO HIGHER THEN ME MY SON….Can I have my job now VA….LOL

    My dog JACK just told me don’t forget about the no swearing, that way you can avoid all contact with the vet, He told me that would make my job easier…Thanks JACK

  31. On RT- “Delay, Deny, Hope You Die”- Burn Pits- August 14 and 15 – – – Nutter.

  32. Don’t y’all remember way back when that military “recruiter” told LOTS of lies to get your “John Hancock” on the dotted line?
    Doesn’t it sound familiar from the Veterans Administration? Promise after promise is broken!
    What makes it different is, in my opinion, y’all don’t have to go to a foreign country to be murdered! You can be murdered right here in the “good old U.S. of A.”, by the Department of Veterans Affairs!

    1. Yaaa, I remember. I tried to hide from the draft by enlisting. Four year hitch in the ASA. But hey – I was promised a full year at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, Ca, then off to Germany to listen to Russkies. I got hosed and went to fucking Morse friggin code school in Ayer, Mass, but surely I was still promised I’d go to Germany. I finished first in my AIT classes and got orders for ………. Phu Fucking Bai.
      “Entschuldigung, aber wo ist Phu Bai, ist das in Bayern?”… When I got home the same recruiter was still there. I never said a word to him. But, I was on his sidewalk at 0600 when he went out to run. I’d stare at him through his office window. I popped out of the woods and walked across the eight green and kept going at a slow pace. I’d follow him on my Beemer through side streets – never too close. I was in the stands at a little league game when he arrived, and slowly walked away in front of him before the game started. Then he’d start yelling at me whenever I’d ghost in. He looked the fool. I never said a word. My last performance was when I popped into his face in the grocery store aisle. He started barking. I paid for my can of soup, all the while he’s screaming at me. I gave a nod to the store manager (who I worked for as a teenager) who called the cops – on him. My only words – “I have no idea what he’s talking about officer”.
      They asked me if I wanted to file a restraining order. Awesome fun. He transferred out shortly thereafter.

    2. My opinion only: The VA, a government agency, just like SS another government agency, and the house post office, yet another government agency, all three share one thing in common, they are funded by tax payers money, and also pilfered by lawmakers as their own personal piggy bank. It has already been proven back in 72, that the VA was engaged in fraud. They would deny your claim, take your clam number and assign a fictitious name to it and open a bank account under that name, and steal the denied veterans compensation check, to the tune of 500 million per month per VAMC that engaged in this practice. Back then Senator John McCain knew all about this, and a few years ago, Senator Dick Durbin also has had the original court documents, and chose to do jack shit about it. Why? well it has also been proven that some of that ill gotten money has found it’s way into lawmaker re election campaign funds. Once you realize they are all in on the corruption you begin to see just how bad your being lied to and fucked over. Once again, we would like to ” fuck you for your service” If you ain’t union you ain’t shit.

      Welcome to the America Nunya Warriorrrrrrrrrr!!!
      Where VA goings on is nunya business

      This years competition is fierce
      We have hungry hungry hippo on ice
      Extreme Ice cream eating
      Name that whack a mole
      Deny deny waterslide
      One potato two potato morphine/oxy popping barn dance competition
      you don’t want to miss the flaming ladder of lies
      This years favorite will be the disruptive behavior room, no doors and you only get a chair and a saw to escape in under 30 seconds
      Another viewer favorite each year will be the parking lot scavenger hunt.
      So exited about this years lineup. Be there or be square.

      With live performances by:
      Shill-kin and the Shitheads, yes you guessed it a “PUNK” band
      The VAOIG Fake Investigators, yes you guessed it again a “TWO STEP” band
      The VA PR ettes , man your all batting 1000, yes you guessed it again, a “WALTZ” band.

      1. @Ex va – – – Hey Brother, where you stay? Long time no hear. Glad you’re back. How’s your meds working for you and pain levels. I hate to see fall, then winter smacking at me. – – – Nutter.

      2. @ANutterVet, doing better. i was sick for a couple of weeks. i have been trying to keep up with articles and comments. i haven’t been posting much. thanks for the welcome back. how are you doing? I hope your doing better.

  33. Everything they do from a policy standpoint says that the country does not want to provide what was promised to its veterans. Once again, our bought and paid-for politicians will do anything to make sure that America’s only true single payer health program is a failure. Nice folks.

    1. Wingflaper heres one for u….”https://myeclinik.com/improved-u-s-medicare-for-all-is-the-solution”

      1. Thanks Old. I get it. I will always be a single payer advocate. My dream crumbles into dusty shit rather quickly upon contemplating implementation. We’re too corrupt. There isn’t a single element of Medicare that hasn’t been stained by niche lobbying. Everybody has a carve-out that allows them to steal from the national treasure. Crooked doctors, crooked Pig Pharma, crooked hospitals, crooked unions, and at the top of the steaming pile – crooked leadership in Washington. We as a nation need to overcome that pure bullshit “beacon on a hill” thing and admit we’re wallowing in a stew of institutionalized corruption. We have become the Soviet Union with better tobacco.

        We’re fucked.

      2. Not the Canadian way but an Accountable Care Organization way properly done. Not the VA experiment of “Choice” with two contractors listed in the top 10 in billions of dollars worth of government contracts. No competition for cost reduction there. Only an obvious potential for collusion and price fixing.

      3. @Windguy- Only thing rivaling the vile nature of Russian tobacco is any Canadian tobacco came pretty damn close. No longer a smoker but you know how you can associate strong memories with odors? Well, that’s one of them.

  34. In light of those problems, the VA said this year it would wait for a final report about the VA’s mailing services from its Office of Inspector General before taking any next steps. Shulkin himself said nothing would happen until the OIG report is out, in a letter to House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Phil Roe, R-Tenn.

    When the OIG report comes out, nothing will be done about it, And the band plays on, Same band different tune…LOL…

    1. Wanna bet VA employees never get their ice cream party notices sent to the wrong address? Or hungry hungry hippo invites? Same band different tune still one beat off.

      1. **the following is a bait test for engorged purple team members, only a test** Hide in a hallway broom or utility closet to avoid the ensuing stampede for your safety:

        Puffer Fish Ice Cream. Get your Puffer Fish Ice Cream!! Free Donuts with Puffer Fish Ice Cream!

  35. …and history tells us that not one single individual currently employed at VA gives a shit about it. They never did.

    1. That is patently untrue. Lots of employees care, but are told by upper management to do this, not that. Many are veterans, or have family connections to veterans, and are doing the best they can. Put the blame where it belongs, upper mis-management

  36. Health- Nutritional Ingredients Product Research Resource- “https://www.nutraingredients.com/”

    1. This weekends VA Newsletter: VA staffing new White House VA Hotline Principally with Veterans
      Theres the trick word in the headline: Principally = Mainly, Chiefly, Mostly, Primarily, Largely, how long before the hotline is nothing but AFGE Union Members & of no use to Veterans Complaining.
      The phone line # 855-948-2311 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. The newsletter didn’t even bother to give the phone #, I looked it up. “https://www.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=2940”

  37. Here’s two articles out today, that might make y’all go “Hmmmmmm!”
    From: “Military.com/Daily News”
    Dated: 10 August 2017
    “Feds Say Pharmacist Swindled Tricare, Bought The Rock’s Old Mansion!”

    via: “Miami Herald” | by Jay Weaver

    He swindled $37 million, lived like a king, and bought The wrestling giant’s old mansion!

    “The Military Advantage Blog”
    “Senator’s Face Fight to Increase TRICARE Fees”

    By Tom Philpott August 10, 2017

    A must read of both articles!

  38. There is a deceptive technique that goes with this. If the Veteran has moved the VARO sends the letters to the previous address. This has happened to me several times in my moves with my VA claim. Letters were sometimes sent to addresses that had been out of date by 2 or more moves in order to be past the one year the Post Office would forward the letter.

    This is going to be one of the deceptions outlined and proven in my Tort suit.

    1. Not only that, Lem. How many of y’all have had pertinent information either removed or changed in your files, without your knowledge or permission?
      My wife has caught VA employees changing our address and marriage status numerous times, (over a 3 year period). IF she hadn’t kept on them, who knows how much information I wouldn’t have received!

      1. Also experienced that petty vindictive act. Removing your dependent and mailing notifications to old addresses. Then leaving you with no income while collecting for “overpayments.” All part of the deceptive acts that are taken if you get on the shit list.

  39. This comes down to;
    Does anyone actually believe VA spokespersons, or Scott Davis?
    Hmmmmm, I for one, believe in the “WhistleBlower”! Because, the VA is known as the “Most corrupt government agency!” And its union, the “Most corrupt union in American!”
    That’s my opinion and answer this Friday morning!

    Damn, today is Friday. What will VA “dump on veterans today?”

    1. @Crazy elf- You are spot-on. VA Spokeshack or VA Whistleblower? Which is more likely than not to be tell the truth most of the time?

      However, do not be surprised if in the very near future, the VA further compromises the Whistleblower Program by using it as an additional lifejacket buoy when then hammer finally comes down on the AFGE.
      Why do I say this?
      Because I predict these assholes will immediately turn rabid and throw their coworkers under the bus in order to save their own hides in large numbers by bastardizing the very VA Whistleblower Program, infecting it, and effectively neutering it. Wait for it…

  40. “[…Further, in the letter, Davis called on Shulkin to step it up. Think Shulkin will listen?]”

    How can Shulkin hear anything over the VA Circle Jerk Theme Music? (same soundtrack for VA OIG Glass Conference Room Glass Splatter Party)

    They will only step-up the cadence of their left/right/left/rights of their hand’s upwards and downward strokes)

    1. Sad but my conclusion is I don’t care. I hope they kill each other on the VA rally. Sad police had to die in copter crash. I Or no one owes you nothing blackie. Lives already given even white lives you fucken ignorant fucks. Crime fucken excelled bitches. Ugly fucken whores i hate you now gave my all to connect you are trash causing it. Hope you croak

      1. Fuck off mondays. You never get your way anymore. Trash. Whining again at charlitsville VA. What the fuck did you go there for to be maytter or shit starter

      2. Oh the rich folk hate the poor folk
        and the poor folk hate the rich folk
        all of my folks hate all of your folks
        and everybody hates the Jews

        Be – cause – it’s
        Naaational Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood week
        Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are dancing cheek to cheek
        It’s fun to crucify
        those people you despise
        Just don’t let them in your pool.

        Oh the white folks hate the black folks
        and the black folks hate the white folks
        All of my folks hate all of your folks
        And everybody hates Tom Cruise

        Be cause it’s
        Naaational Brotherhood Week…

        You get idea cracker boy. Oh – you should not mention ignorance with your spelling. Charlitsville What a maroon.

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