VA Director Brian Hawkins

Will Court Reversal Of VA Director Termination Expose Deeper Scandal?

VA Director Brian Hawkins

In response to a court order to stay termination of VA director Brian Hawkins, VA Secretary Shulkin fired back stating no judge can “force” him to do it.

On August 2, 2017, the Merit System Protection Board (MSPB) ordered a stay to prevent the termination of Hawkins pending the outcome of an investigation into wrongful termination allegations by the Office of Special Counsel (OSC).

VA previously fired Hawkins on July 28 for failing to properly manage his facility. The agency cited substantiated violations of confidentiality rules where IG confirmed he sent unauthorized emails to his wife.

Previously, Hawkins was placed on administrative duty after IG published a scathing report into unsafe and unsanitary conditions at the facility that placed veterans lives at risk. The report also highlighted that approximately $150 million in supplies were not inventoried resulting in equipment shortages.

Now, VA has been forced to put Hawkins back on the payroll.

In a press release, noted below, VA vowed to push back against a court order.

An Inside View On What Is Happening

One of my contacts at a different VA medical facility corroborates what Hawkins asserts in his own defense. That insider stated what happened at Phoenix VA also happened at Washington DC VA.

That problem deals with VA Central Office putting veterans lives at risk by grossly underfunding each medical center. That underfunding then forces the administrator to make allocations that will always put veterans lives at risk by the nature of the underfunding.

According to my contact:

They fired Hawkins for trumped up email allegations because the problems in Washington were well known in VACO and if they went after him for that the big shots in VACO would have been implicated.

My contact said Sharon Helman fell into this same quagmire, which led up to the wait list scandal:

It was the same thing with Sharon in Phoenix. The respective VISN leadership and VACO leadership knew what the situation was in Phoenix yet failed to supply additional money or resources to assist.

She continued that VACO chose to dig into Helman’s records on a witch hunt, knowing they would find something since everyone was engaged in wrongdoing of some kind, rather than prosecute on the wait time fraud to avoid a deeper investigation nationwide: 

So then rather than go after her for that they dug into her travel records and her acceptance of gifts.

The investigation into Hawkins is allegedly the same, and one can be sure if OSC digs on this they will find something while VA faces pressure to terminate Hawkins a second time.

Press Release On Rehire Of VA Director

VA issued the following press release in response:

On August 2, the Vice Chairman of the federal Merit Systems Protection Board ordered a stay of VA’s removal of the former director of the Washington, D.C. VA Medical Center.

MSPB’s stay order requires VA to return Brian Hawkins, fired on July 28, to work pending the Office of Special Counsel’s review of Hawkins’ claim that he was wrongly terminated.

VA has complied with the order and returned Hawkins to the payroll, but to an administrative position at the VA headquarters in Washington rather than to a patient-care position at the VA Medical Center.

“No judge who has never run a hospital and never cared for our nation’s Veterans will force me to put an employee back in a position when he allowed the facility to pose potential safety risks to our Veterans,” said VA Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin. “Protecting our Veterans is my most important responsibility.”

The stay order came one day after the VA Office of Inspector General (VAOIG) issued a new report finding that Hawkins violated VA policy by sending sensitive VA information from his work email to unsecured private email accounts belonging to him and his wife.

VA will quickly make an assessment of Mr. Hawkins’ employment using the new evidence and armed with the new authorities recently provided by the VA Accountability Act signed into law by President Trump in June. 


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  1. Did you know the Mspb board is one person !
    It’s not a board ! One person, the new law took the Mspb out of the picture if a felony is committed.

    VA will never fire anyone, if a felony was committed the court’s would handle those cases.

    So an employee must commit felony on the outside to be fired all other employees don’t worry be happy.

    If you hurt veterans or other employees don’t worry be happy. Veterans or a law should let veterans file criminal charges against employees that harm them or when the employees become disruptive…

    Or could hurt a veteran sometime in the future The employee may become disruptive.

  2. The Merit Systems Protection Board, which hears appeals from terminated federal employees, ordered the VA to send former director Brian Hawkins back to work, according to a VA news release Wednesday. Hawkins appealed that he was wrongfully terminated, and MSPB is requiring the VA to keep him as an employee until the Office of Special Counsel reviews his claim.

  3. Hey Brothers, Dennis, cj, Nutter, Old Marine, jo3n, namnibor and all

    Keep the fight going, cuz they will not do right without a shotgun to their heads.

    Pastor, my Marine Ass…………………………………………………..

    1. A Catholic Priest, a Baptist Preacher and a Rabbi all served as Chaplains to the students of the University of Maine .

      They would get together two or three times a week for coffee and to talk shop.

      One day, someone made the comment that preaching to people isn’t really all that hard, a real challenge would be to preach to a bear.

      One thing led to another, and they decided to do an experiment. They would all go out into the woods, find a bear, preach to it, and attempt to convert it to their religion.

      Seven days later, they all came together to discuss their experiences.

      Father Flannery, who had his arm in a sling, was on crutches, and had various bandages on his body and limbs, went first.

      ‘Well,’ he said, ‘I went into the woods to find me a bear. And when I found him, I began to read to him from the Catechism.

      Well, that bear wanted nothing to do with me and began to slap me around. So I quickly grabbed my holy water, sprinkled him and,
      Holy Mary Mother of God, he became as gentle as a lamb. The Bishop is coming out next week to give him first communion and confirmation.’

      Reverend Billy Bob the Baptist, spoke next. He was in a wheelchair, had one arm and both legs in casts, and had an IV drip.

      In his best fire-and-brimstone oratory, he exclaimed, ‘WELL, brothers, you KNOW that we Baptists don’t sprinkle!
      I went out and I FOUND me a bear, and then I began to read to my bear from God’s HOLY WORD! But that bear wanted nothing to do with me.

      So I took HOLD of him and we began to wrestle. We wrestled down one hill, UP another and DOWN another until we came to a creek.

      So I quickly DUNKED him and BAPTIZED his hairy soul. And just like you said, he became as gentle as a lamb.

      We spent the rest of the day praising Jesus. Hallelujah!

      The Priest and the Reverend both looked down at the Rabbi, who was lying in a hospital bed.

      He was in a body cast and traction with IVs and monitors running in and out of him. He was in really bad shape.

      The Rabbi looked up and said: “Looking back on it, circumcision may not have been the best way to start.”

      1. Old Marine, Good one. I busted a gut laughing and it didn’t feel good physically but worth the pain and cramps.
        Heard one like this while attending a bible college, lay ministry training, but one of them gave the bear a ‘reach around’ to calm the bear down while preaching to him. I wish I could remember that joke, but many jokes and my humor has slipped away for the most part or forgotten. But glad I’m not totally numb to some humor these days.

  4. I find it difficult to believe that after six months in office, and two accountability laws, nothing is better. VA isn’t following the Laws. Veterans are still at risk of foul play at every level. What do Veterans have to do to get the help so many need? I really don’t want my family to find me blown out of a body bag in some closet. I’m still not sure that some of these Veterans suicides aren’t VHA accidents or just plain murder. Otherwise, why the secrets? Why the cover-ups? Why all the lies? Why isn’t there records, public records? Why new Clinics, and where are these Doctors for the Clinics? I’m tired of being treated like a refugee, prisoner, or just a third rate citizen. We gave up too much just to be treated like shit.

    1. Because that’s the Good cop/Bad cop game they play.

      Congress plays “good cop” and passes some law, VA (and other federal agencies) play “bad cop” ignore the law…

      So, at the end of the day and just like the typical bad/good cop game…you’re getting screwed over by the cops – who hope their little game of good vs. bad makes you think the government is trying to help people.

  5. Well, like “duh”…

    I’ve been saying this for the longest – which is, the problems at the VA isn’t one or two rogue managers/directors/employees…it’s HOW THE VA does business.

    These swamp creatures, like this director, are following the VA’s marching orders and just like Hellman, he ain’t gonna be the VA’s scapegoat. Can you blame him?

    Thing is, IMO, even if these swamp creatures were just “taking orders”, they still need to be held accountable because just like Dr. Klein (from the VA medical facilities in MO) risked his livelihood, reputation and career by exposing the VA’s wrongdoing, these swamp creatures also had that choice…

    But noooo, the swamp creatures sat back and reaped all the benefits of supporting an evil system. They drove fancy cars, pulled a huge salary/bonus – as veterans and anyone who stood up to them suffered.

    Now, when the swamp creature is being sent home, instead of walking away and thanking the VA for years of making their wallets fat, they now are “warriors” in the pursuit of justice and are ready to be reinstated by exposing all the dirty laundry that they were more than happy to sit back and watch pile up and stink up the swamp that is the VA!!!???!!!

    Sadly, and again, just like I predicted and said, the VA Accountability Act of 2017 will only be enforced on to protect swamp creatures like this one and the OSC already is doing that as lowly whistleblowers who can’t even afford to weather the financial and emotional storm while waiting for the VA, OSC, and MSPB to provide them with relief from the retaliation (including removal/termination).

    Disgusting, disgusting….

  6. Hey Dennis look it up just none of them follow them I can prove all 170 vcs have them this easy

  7. @WyldeChylde, I have no clue as to what you are talking about. I know it’s a good thing. Hope you are able to find an avenue for Veterans to have collective bargaining. We do need more of a voice. This site is the most informative and real site I’ve found. Good luck..

    1. well it’s an app you download after a 5 second google search for Discord. You then create an account (free) and you let me know when your all setup and I then invite you to my server where we can get some real time chat going as well as voice if people have a headset/mic. I go by Longtooth there so add me as a friend if you’re so inclined and I can then invite you to Sinners Club. Up to you.

      1. @Wyldechylde – – – Opiates are kicking my mind all over. Sometimes I have a hard time cognitively. With that out of the way, per your set-up, we will be able to see and hear each other when discussing? Plus, will our screen contain multiple segmented squares for all that is onboard to see each other while we discuss things?

        What about security? I’m secure on my end, what would one have to be concerned about from your end? Sounds interesting, but please share all specs so that I can check with a friend of mine.

        I’m interested in getting a group of us together. On an individual basis, I’ve already started the process of separating from the VA. Been misled before, so I’m taking small steps in getting things in order.

        Plus, when I get all of this squared away (all ties cut from the VA before I pull out my chemical formulas that can make a big ???), I want to let other Veterans know how to obtain outside services. I’m almost there, need to fine tune things.

        I have way too many negative outward signs on my body to take on any more stress, bullshit, incompetency, or being lied too. Fill me in. Thanks. – – – Nutter.

      2. My first priority, is to finish my lengthy medical treatment timeline per the VA. – – – Nutter.

      3. @ANutterVet: The wire app does all the same things, and is cross platform friendly. It is secure, provides end to end encryption, with no middle man servers to allow hackers to hack into your conversation. So far exactly two people on this blog have installed the app. That should tell you what your in for.

      4. It’s a Skype type app it allows you to chat individually as well as group chat with the ability to hop between different text/voice channels as I get things and roles setup.

        It’s about as secure as anything is these days which means if the govt wants to snoop it’ll probably find a way to do so. It’s why I wanted regulars in the first “wave” these will be people I know can be trusted and once the regulars are on board we can start vetting other people.

        I’m thinking of maybe getting a core group together to organize, brainstorm, plan and execute various endeavors. In short we try to kick off our very own grassroots Veterans Service Organization. We push to meet with lawmakers, top VA officials, top govt officials. Basically the people in power that can get things done.

        So get discord get situated with an account and add Longtooth as a friend so I can get you access to the server. We can go from there.

  8. so, I have a Discord server I’m in the process of setting up and mucking about with. It’s basically same thing as Skype. Mebbe time to facilitate an organizing process. I mean seriously, if the big time vet $ervice orgs. aren’t going to help us then maybe we should try and figure out a way to stand up for ourselves collectively. Let me know if any of you “regulars” want to check it out.

  9. A update 2 weeks ago I call fox10 and nothing I knew this but the phx va has cockroaches and osha violations and keep denying it I can prove this for 2 and half years and post pics on David shulkin Twitter page pics all from today to 4 weeks va’s waste millions of taxpayers money want to see a waste of a million watch are eoc

    1. OSHA laws do not apply to VA. ADA laws do not apply to VA or VA facilities. In fact, nearly all of the laws, local, state, and federal that otherwise apply to every soul who lives inside the borders of America do not apply to VA.

      Want proof? Call the local FBI and tell them you have evidence of a federal crime. They will tell you that unless VA OIG refers the case to,them for review that FBI is prohibited from acting on even fully substantiated evidence.

      VA is above the law. How else do you think they can rape America for decades upon decades with never, ever, ever a single conviction for doing so?

      1. A search found 9,720 OSHA violations results for the Dept of VA “”
        Quote from one of the facilities: “Department of Veterans Affairs’ employees care for our nation’s service members, veterans, their families and survivors. It is every employer’s responsibility, including the VA’s, to provide its employees with safe and healthful workplaces. Prompt and effective corrective action must be taken”

  10. From another VA deficiency, to crabs. Poor possibly preacher, or could have been…..? Hard to tell. Thanks for the accountability phone number. I’m asking my family who know Veterans I don’t to give the number out. Wonder what Trump is saying. Perhaps we can tweet him and ask? Surely anyone in Congress doesn’t want to hear their laws don’t work with the VA. But, the laws don’t work in the VA. Now what? Bait and switch Sessions isn’t doing what he says he’s doing. Difficult time for Veterans.

  11. So how exactly does VA AFGE Employee MSPB somehow trump LAWS…from congress critters on accountability?
    It appears to me that the AFGE has the US Gov’t and American Taxpayers by the balls and we need to treat the AFGE like a really insanely bad case of crab lice and eradicate them from Federal Workplaces. It’s the only way. Kill the parasites, the rest will fall into place. (metaphorical ‘kill’, dare I get some sensitivity panties police in a jam by stating word ‘kill’…sheesh…)

    How do you get rid of crab lice from hell? Well, a product named, “RID”, I kid you not. Not ashamed to say one summer I became planet crab lice…required industrial measures and I *swear* they came from a toilet seat at the VA. LOL 🙂

    1. May I suggest an even better way for AFGE/SES members to rid themselves of crab lice?

      Have them shave half their pubic hair off, light the remaining half on fire, and stab the lil buggers as they run out with an ice pick.

      1. (metaphorical ‘crab lice’…would not want any ice pick incidents outside VA parking lots, would we?) 🙂

        A rusty rake with tetanus would work as well.

      2. Thats why you should never toss toothpicks in the urinal , them crabs know how to pole vault…LOL

      3. namnibor ……..I read that one a long time ago on a shithouse wall, where else could I find such humor… It always stuck in my head..LOL

      4. Forget the ice pick have them use a 9mm. I start a go fund me page for each VA employee ready to do it.

      5. When they shoot their peckers off, the VA can furnish them with a choice of prosthetics peckers.
        A. The rubber ducky dick Pro: Lifelike feeling Con: Like shooting pool with a rope
        B. The Paint shaker model Pro: Shure to keep your partner satisfied Con: your kids will be robots
        C. The one cannon cock Pro: hard 24/7 Con: you might blow your brains out when ya jack off

        Feel free to add options. this is a humanitarian mission.

    2. Always use a seat cover, at least you guys can stand back a bit from the bowl to pee. LOL

      1. I think the crab lice nest was actually in the old box of toilet seat covers with mildew all over box on wall behind toilet in stall. Only the very best when common medical and hospital supplies bite into potential performance bonus $$$. Crab lice eradication or performance bonus….?

      2. New species of crab lice recently discovered called, poll volt crab lice. They’re a hybrid of regular and jumping crab lice. So now, it doesn’t matter if you stand back from the bowl or not, crab lice can still leach onto you. LMAO – – – Nutter.

      3. Wrong word, should be vault instead of volt. My brain is vibrating inside my skull, causing TBI spotting. – – – Nutter.

      4. ANutterVet, The brain read it correctly. No spelling nazi’s here. LOL Should also suggest you slam down the seat hard as you can before getting too close. I’ve heard that done while waiting in turn to give a urine sample.

      5. Volt is good, glow in the dark pole volting crab lice, solid on are the boys, blinkers are the girly ones.

      6. @cj – – – And LGBTQ’s has a combination of solid and blinking lights. Everybody counts. – – – Nutter.

      7. “glow in the dark pole volting crab lice” — Direct from VA Genetic Labs. The unexpected benefits of splicing electric eels with crab lice all for the cure of itchy dry skin.
        With these crabs, ‘resistance is futile’, as it goes with ‘The Borg’.

      1. @Ex – – – Glad to see you back around my Brother. You were missed, and had us thinking what happened to you. I hope your health is doing better. Many were extremely concerned about you. – – – Nutter.

      2. Shit, in trouble again. I quit. LoL. Have you heard anything yet? If not, very, very, strange. – – – Nutter.

  12. American Diabetes Association a FRAUD: Recommended recipes found to contain ingredients that cause diabetes………….


  13. Shulkin should give him his “job” back, after “reassigning” him to Alaska VARO, cleaning toilets for $minimum wage. Or maybe “any” VARO, demoting him to GS1. He wouldnt stay long cleaning toilets..and VA has lots and lots of toilets to clean.

    1. He already knows the turd polishing business, Maybe he does need to learn the bowl buffing business it would make him a nice all around man…LOL

  14. This out from “UPI” – 2 hours ago.
    “Donald Trump to declare opioid crisis a national emergency”

    Check it out!

    1. Crazy elf have you seen or read this newsletter
      VA Answers Governor Christie’s Call on Opioid, Launches S.T.O.P. P.A.I.N Advices and Guidelines. “Recent studies and stories have pointed to VA’s success in its approach to pain management and responsible use of opioids with our Veteran patients,” said VA Secretary David J. Shulkin. ~gag~

      1. I’ve come to understand that VA Sec. Shulkin would place his name and the VA only on the very best polished turds tax payer $$$ can buy. Lots of lies.

        I truly believe under the ugly mire of this heroin and opioid crisis the VA Pain Mismanagement can be found festering as one of the major CAUSES. Also, notice how Shulkin does not even mention HOW the VA simply jerks pain meds and often never tells a Vet until in withdrawals, no proper tapering, all fucking BS lies. All lies. Only the very best lies. Spared no expense.

  15. Sounds like the D.C. Director and all others are set up to fail once they get promoted. Every facility is under funded and most of the infrastructure is hanging on by a thread from structures to utility systems. I’d imagine every director will now blow the whistle and blow it loudly to cover their 6. I’m not defending them. In fact, I loathe the one director that I know personally.

    1. It’s cause they steal the funds in many different ways. All that money over time should be state of the art hospitals. Heck confess asks abt 250 000 for a planner and a million for weekend convention. I dun no Then they steal so much vets get no or incorrect medical treatment. It’s plain o fkded up and all known would terrify the public

      1. You are probably right and I suspect more information will be leaked soon about the mis-management of funds at a lot of va hospitals.

  16. Want to know what John McCain is really like? Visit he home page at “”. Go and click on the RED BUTTON to send Johnny a Get Well e-Card. Fill out the form with fake information, and click on the other RED BUTTON. Just try this, and let others know what Johnny wants from you. Geez, the greed of these characters. – – – Nutter.

  17. Interesting isn’t it, that the VA convicts us all the time, no review, no trial, just guilty as they see fit.

    Recently I told you one of the reasons my TBI claim was denied, was because the VA, has stated, I was on probation in my past life, in El Paso TX, and therefore I must be lying.

    So far this has cost me 25 bucks for a set of finger prints, and another 25 bucks, for the state of TX, to print out and send me a blank piece of paper, as I never set foot in El Paso. I have been in Dallas for a business meeting, then flew back out right after, for a total of 6 hours in the state of Texas.

    What really pisses me off about all this, is not only being falsely accused of a crime that never happened, but that now for the first time ever, my finger prints are now in the system. I am a VERY PRIVATE PERSON, and this is an agregious attack on my privacy. All because I was tried, convicted, and sentenced, without due process, by the very agency, who answers to nobody, yet demands protections no one else in this country receives.

    Isn’t that special?

      1. Should be long instead of log. I’ve been pissed off for too damn long. Sometimes my mind runs ahead of my typing, missing words and letters. Go figure. I hope, that one day, someone would have enough testosterone to not only call out the VA, but to force them to own up so that we Veterans have a secure place of refuge, for our medical issues and problems. – – – Nutter.

      2. The VA Meat Grinder understands both ‘logs’ and ‘long’ and quite often the exiting ‘logs’ are ‘long logs’…usually Fridays it gets a bit nutty in composition. No splinters from these logs though as they are as slippery as a pail of eels on a warm day.

      3. Can’t you smell the aroma from those eels on a warm day? Reminds me of the days fishing in Toms River, NJ.

      4. ANutterVet, as kids we use to light the Hudson River NJ on fire. You could smell that river a mile away.

    1. Once I receive the report from the TX State police, that indeed I have no record, never been on probation, and never had so much as a traffic ticket in the state of TX, I will file an sf-95 for liable, slander, and defamation of character, along with malpractice, and intentionally using an unqualified quack, to disqualify their own qualified TBI examiner, who sided with the evidence, and in my favor.

      Hines VAMC, whatta place. So professional, why, every VAMC should strive to be as good as this gleaming model of horse shit.

      Sing along kiddies:

      Old McDonald had a job EIEIO
      And with his job he hired ducks, I mean Docs EIEIO

      With a quack quack here and a quack quack there
      Here a quack there a quack everywhere a quack quack

      Old McDonald he got fired, and was replaced with a shithead Shill-kin.
      Now every Veteran, need beware, for all the mistakes and corruption

      With a quack quack here and a quack quack there, killing Veterans is their ploy
      Fuck em in the ass with a dino dickasauras, like a Pastor John Youngblood choirboy.

      But what I really think cannot be put to print, so this I find is really tame.
      Just like lil Cox this song really sucks, and borders on horribly lame.

      Yeah yeah, I know how stupid it is, but I do go the the VA, and after all………….how stupid is that?

      1. @cj – – – Should we start a Stupid Club. May be the VA will give Office Space in their Facilities. Then we can invite those NICE staph of people, one per week. And, show them a nice time around the Parking Lot. What do say? We’ll have ice cream too. – – – Nutter.

    2. You have nothing to loose so write to Secretary Shulkin and let him know what is happening.

      Some may say he won’t do carp, but if you don’t try it will stay the same. It’s also called a paper trail.

      Can’t use the excuse, I did not know about this problem.

      Send any evidence, after making copies !

      1. @James Gallegos: James, my plan is to reveal all of my proof in front of a judge, I do not want anyone to have any forewarning of the evidence I will present. It will embarrass the crap out of all involved. Can you see it? Oh he was on probation for some kind of criminal act in El Paso TX, then I present a certified report from the TX state police showing I have never had so much as a parking ticket. See what I mean? What would you think if you were the judge? Then to disprove every single point the unqualified quack made, and then let the VA explain why they sided with the unqualified quack, over their own trained and qualified, TBI examiner, who determined in my favor. I got this one!!!! I sure don’t need the likes of shithead Shill-kin, knowing jack shit. He will only notify them so they can cover their asses.

      2. I understand completely, is this scheduled with a judge. I have been fighting these people with the same thing since 2004.

        I have written to many people and each inquiry was covered up by the VA.

        Each request answered by the VA, had something different, by different employees.

        They forget what the other hand is doing and saying. Finely had the director answer a congressional inquiry, in her official statement she told senator’s Bennett’s office and in writing told the senator’s office the following

        ” due to the disruptive behavior reporting of Mr Gallegos, the VA never coded his official medical records for disruptive behavior, Nor did the VA ever Red flag his official medical records.

        So, me writing over and over, has produced real evidence to prove what I been saying is Fact and should clear my name.

        I hope someone listens to you and make those employees pay the price for doing this to you.

        These employees are plain crazy and stupid !

      3. @James Gallegos: Hey James, what this quack did was completely intentional.
        C+P exam for TBI, qualified, TBI examiner final decision was 50%chance SC TBI , 50%Chance could be a personality disorder. Even though he listed personality disorder, and only did so because my wife said she thinks I have attention deficit, because I like to grow so many damn tomatoes. I shit you not! Like she is a trained shrink, and her opinion matters?

        Last I checked, 50/50, benefit of the doubt goes to the Veteran. Not so in this case, the Chicago VARO decided, oh ok, then let’s tip the scales, and setup another C+P exam, with a quack to prove its a personality disorder. That makes it intentional. Mind you this Quack “Kathleen Parker”, you can Google her, she is the one who had an office in Roselle IL. Be sure to check her review’s on Yelp. Also look at what her specialties are, you will see PTSD, but that is only related to sexual assault, there is no listing of treating, or diagnosing, TBI’s. Yet the VA, decided to go with her opinion over the qualified TBI examiner’s opinion.

        I have been getting treatment in the private sector for over two years now, my doctors tell me I have no known personality disorder, I have a brain injury. They said this quacks decision is full of misspelled everyday words, and full of completely wrong assessments, such as claiming, since there is no proof of LOC, there is no TBI. We all know LOC, is not a requirement to having a TBI, and they also cannot prove there wasn’t LOC.

        Further this quack goes on to say that in her opinion, since I was on probation in El Paso TX, and does not say what for, but makes a reference to “suspected of burglary”. I have been in TX for less than half a day my entire life, and never in El Paso.

        Wyldechylde, suggested I contact the TX state police, I have just sent off to them a complete fingerprint card generated and certified by my local police department. This was good advice, thanks Wyldechylde.

        The VA is indeed deceptive to it’s core, I have long ago filed a NOD, waiting on the outcome of that. The doctors who are treating me are chomping at the bit, they look upon this quacks opinion as an attack on them and their professional assessment, that is based on fact, and many hours of medical testing, along with MRI imaging reports. They want their day in court as well.

        As always, fuck the VA, it’s fucking quacks, the fucking AFGE, and anyone who fucking looks like them. I hope lil Cox, gets his teeny tiny peni, stuck in his zipper, and it falls to the floor. He would never find it, as his fat fucking belly would be in the way.

      4. The doctor is right a personality disorder is caused by the traumatic brain injury.

        It’s terrable when we have people intentionally trying to discredit veterans by using slight of hand.

        If it looks like a duck and moves like a duck, then it’s a duck. ! Some people don’t know the difference between a duck and a goose.

        So they call a goose a duck and run with it !

        Sometimes we have Ass holes who just don’t like veterans period and will do what ever they can to hinder veterans obtaining their deserved disability.

        Each to his own, but I believe the more paperwork one has is better than less paperwork or evidence to prove our case.

        File libel charges against this person.

        All I know is I will never stop fighting, when I know someone is hurting me out of spite. !

        Good luck, again the VA has some very unstable employees that must be held accountable and relieved of their duties.

        Many old timers are jumping ship they know what they have done and know if they stay, there is a good chance, it will all catch up with them.

        And I hope it does very soon !

        My Son in law, was given other than honorable discharge, as we know the army or military was punishing active duty, when they showed signs of Ptsd and or traumatic brain injury.

        He was rated at 70% for medical and they have not rated him for ptsd or his tbi. I told him, listen I’m happy that someone listened to you and you finely obtain what you deserve.

        I told him to send in a disagreement and keep doing so until they make him 100% and never stop no matter what.

        We all know that the VA will screw over veterans, by denying their claims, hoping the veterans will give up and their claims lapse and the veterans loose thousands of deserved disability money, when they finely obtain their deserved disability.

        I also told him, be very aware that the VA will now start the process of trying to take it away.

        They want to finely buy a home, with the extra income. I have advised him to not count on this income as being there for 20 year’s.

        Too many veterans have thought, woo now I can finely buy a home and then the VA, starts the process of taking it away !

        And this puts so much pressure on the disabled veterans, they can not make the payments and end up taking their own lives.

        I do not want to see him take his life, just because some employee wants to get a bonus, for taking a veterans disability away !

      5. Sorry, I have a TBI, and didn’t finish that thought about being on probation. In the quacks opinion since I was on probation, I must also be lying about having a TBI. I don’t give a fuck if I was John, god-damned Dillinger himself, that has absolutely no fucking bearing whatsoever, on weather I have a damn TBI or not!!!! Now does it? Fucking quack asinine bitch!!

  18. The article is good, the comments are right on. Sessions says, I can fire him, then put him in charge of??? Obviously, the VA cannot fire anyone, but whistleblowers. Where was the MSPB when they were fired? Or, is the MSPB just for management? I don’t believe anything Shulkin says. We’ve had two laws written recently just to fire bad employees. Shulkin knew/knows the inner laws of VA. He most likely wrote most of them. I firmly believe Shulkin knew all along what this outcome would be. Are we going to get a third law in six months just to fire an employee? About the art on today’s article.. Think I have seen that background before.

    1. Reality new law 45 days for appeal but judge didn’t say that he GAO has to investigate. So maybe something there. Hopefully

  19. The question in the back of every veterans mind is going to be Why didn’t McCain use VA for his peanut (so-called brain) surgery?

    1. That’s the $200,000. question the mainstream news media is completely ignoring and will not even consider it. See what happened when a Republican congress critter called into question yesterday, McCain’s dramatic last minute healthcare bill vote that killed it…called into question McCain’s ability to use good judgment because he obviously has a compromise to…his brain and potentially, his ability to reason.

      The congress critters went rabid on this fellow Republican DARING to say such a thing about insane McCain.

      Not one **peep** about why McCain did not use this opportunity to clean-up the VA or expose major shortcomings…he simply does not care, he got and has his, so screw us the rest of us. Nice of the old turtle.

      1. This is true. I’m homebound, and scan the news programs, and not one bleep about why McCain didn’t use the VA. And, the reason he didn’t, well, McCain knows what we all know, the VA is incompetent. McCain or his peeps would NEVER state this to the MSM. Why? Then this is ALL that would be needed to put pressure on the VA, for reformation, reorganization, or to ALL medical services for Veterans.

        If McCain ever has the guts to tell the truth (stating that the VA is incompetent), I hope that there is an abundant amount of pressure for the VA to get out of the medical field. But, this most likely will never happen. But, then again, there’s POTUS, and we never know what he might do.

      2. That’s why I have a major hemorrhoid like pain in my own understanding why McCain is not using his unique limelight stature and as a Veteran to BE the catalyst for positive change at the entire VA.
        The fact McCain is going to a Mayo Clinic in his own State of AZ, where the outbreak of VA incompetence and fraud, and wait list scandal still festers…in his backyard of so-called representation, is a further slap in the face to every Veteran.
        I’m only worried the radiation therapy will cause him to become even more unstable but still insist on haunting the halls of the swamps.

  20. who is the MSPB Board, If I remember correctly the MSPB board had 2 members and earlier this year one member a women decided to retire. So you have one person making all of these decision’s to fire or not to fire.

    I have mentioned the closing of the Fort Lyon VAMC and many employee’s sent to new clinics and all southeast Colorado, I spoke with a former employee, who told me All of the employee’s that had worked for Fort Lyon are getting out and putting in for retirement, ” Because everyone is being Investigated.

    The Secretary was to have complete authority to fire bad employees. One person on the MSPB over riding the Secretary, should have someone look closely at the Lone Member, something is up or fishy.

    They will try and call this Precedence, to get employee’s off the hook. If they want to us precedence as a tool, then those employee’s that have been fired and their name not posted. The news has posted many employee names, that set precedence and the names of fired employees should be posted.

    1. @james

      I feel I should add legal context here – remember, when in doubt ask a Marine…

      The field of law that we are dealing with here regarding precedence setting and legal opinion in latin is known as “nostro jure, in jure”, which roughly translated means “our law, their law”. Of course most Americans would translate this into meaning if the law applies to us then surely it applies to them.

      However, employees of VA have translated this to mean that there is “our law” and then there is “their law” and the two are just very different. No harm, right? OIG often applies nostro jure in jure logic thusly to determine wrongoing or innocence of VA employees. They begin by assuming all folks are innocent until proven fired, and of course the appeals process can take years through a legal process invented for VA known in collegiate law circles as “nullus reus est”.

      Semper Fi

      1. 3 parts of our government they say. Really looks like 4 the VA or they are a country by themselves.

        Law is law, we know the VA has regulations, those regulations do not trump the laws.

        There has been changes and we veterans are making a difference.

        I was told by a former coworker that in southeast colorado, VA employees that use to work at the closed fort Lyon va, are all trying to retire.

        Stated everyone that worked at Fort Lyon are getting out, the va is investigating everyone.

        They want to get out before they are told your fired. Some of these employees were a click and covered up for each other and now catching up to them.

        Jumping ship

  21. Here y’all go. From: “The White House”
    Dated: August 10, 2017 @ 11:06 am
    “Meet the Cabinet: Secretary David Shulkin

    “U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs”
    “Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection”
    Quote: “IF you have any questions or recommendations on how the OAWP can improve service for Veterans and employees, please call:
    Executive Director of the OAWP – Peter O’Rourke
    OAWP Telephone Number:
    202 – 461 – 4119
    Email Address:
    “VA Accountability Team”

    There’s y’all go! Everything y’all need to let them know exactly how you feel!

    1. Oh, I forgot one important factor on this. When I received this in my email account, it said – by going on it – I’d be able to read ALL the VA employees who had been fired since January 20th, 2017!
      When I went on it, there’s absolutely NO one mentioned!
      Just what I put on here about contacting the OAWP!
      Some additional bullshit from “Lying Shithead Shulkin!”

      1. “Nutter”,
        It says the email address (without quotations) is;

        “VA Accountability Team”

        To me, this is an incomplete email address!

      2. @Crazy elf – – – Sounds like a VA Department to me. Missing an @ sign and .gov or something. Another damn incomplete for the VA. Go figure. Damn A-wipes. – – – Nutter.

  22. Never mind found all the info needed at “”

    Maybe we should coordinate an effort and let Mr Mark Robbins know exactly what we think of his bullshit.

  23. btw do we have a name and contact information for the judge who ordered this stay? Maybe it’s time for his phone lines to light up.

    1. As i tried to say before either the United States laws need to be evaluated or the judge needs to be evaluated. Do we even go a week without seeing some sort of stupidity from the Government or VA?

  24. The answer is simple. We need the names and titles of ALL upper level VACO management needs to be terminated with no exceptions. Call it Operation AssWipe. Then we let the MSPB know in no uncertain terms to stay the fuck out of it.

    1. They love this in-fighting among us vets check out the movie PLATOON again and quiet down, it seems like we can’t stick together if someone glued us together. We positively need to boycott all VA’s, we fought for this country but GUESS WHAT? your kids may become veterans too so we need to put a stop to the corruption now so that they could get paid for mental & physical injuries almost before they separate from the military so that they won’t ever be on the street, they will have income even if they decide to go work again and another fact is the military should already have jobs or benefits ready for all recruits/soldiers after the abuse!

  25. Well gosh darn it anyway!!! I can see how this would make VA angry that they were told to put the guy back into the same position! MY GOD the man harmed and ruined so many things because of a COMPLETE lack of attention to administrative detail, procedure, and law.

    And the damn almost-a-real-court-of-law thingy that I never ever heard of back at Madras Senior High School said that Shulkin had to hire him back. Shrewdly, and in vigorous anti-authority passive aggressive styl, Shulkin did not put the man back where they told him to! Instead, he put the guy back into an administrative position in which the guy could not do anything at all for vets (?) …

    He made him an administrator instead just to thwart those who would see the man returned to his former gloryas a diffferent and completely criminally worthless administrator. He is NO LONGER criminally worthless thanks to Dr. Shulkin. Shulkin removed the criminal part and boldy assigned him to just a worthless administrative position.

    Kind of makes you wonder though…….. how much is VA now paying the guy, and just which veterans records is he NOW administrating? David care to chime in?

    Thanks for your service Dave,

    Your friend from Oregon just up the road from Cave Junction Oregon, (Shulkin’s home clinic) from me in Eugene Oregon; Mr. Shulkin, MONDO COOL IDEA DUDE!!! I am gonna go smoke a joint now. (Dave, which dispensary are you using here at home, because I JUST HAVE TO GET ME some of that shit!)

    P.S. Can I get one of those jobs that doesn’t do anything for vets too? I could work from home?

  26. To All – – – I finally succeeded in securing a State Patient Advocate. The VA is so well protected, and not being held accountable, that if you have a solid and sound beef against the VA, that you’re going to have to be creative in finding help, in order to not only get additional medical care or claims services outside the VA, but to also put the spotlight on this highly and very active corrupted Federal Agency (the VA). When the State Patient Advocate called me, an immediate release of stress left my body. But for me, I don’t totally count any eggs, until they’re securely in my basket.

    I can share with you, that this process has been very time consuming, and has challenged me to points that I can’t describe in words. My only hope is, that I can be an inspiration to other Veterans who are going through similar actions against the VA. A word of encouragement; “tell your story to any one that may have the means or influence, that can possibly change things for you.”

    Keep up the fight, and try not to cave in. Someone, somewhere, will not be intimidated by the VA, and they will stand up right next to you to fight against the evil and wicked practices of the VA’s AFGE Employees and Leadership. Keep moving on!

    Keep moving on. I’ll keep you folks updated. Stay strong. – – – Nutter.

  27. I knew this was one of those magical unflushable turds, also commonly known as the North American VA Employee Floater Whack-A-Mole Program.
    I predict the NAACP will be involved along with AFGE bozos when the dust is still in the air. Again, wait for it…this bozo will eventually be made VA Chief Medical Supplies Procurement Officer….in Phoenix VAMC in near future. Again, just wait for it…

    Unflushable Turd is a Polished Turd.

    1. @Namnibor – – – One used Turbo-Pro Turd Polisher (TPTP) for sale. Polishes all sizes, and textures of turds, at a high bowel movement rate.

      1. ANutterVeteran I open what your belief are I am more powerful than you think I was in the Marines from Nam but try to swear. ..Semper Fi.

      2. I am more powerful than you think I was in the Marines ….That doesn’t mean shit to me and a lot of other people on here and stick the Semper Fi Up your ass, I couldn’t give two shits what branch anybody was in..Actions speak louder than WORD’S……….Semper Fi to who ???? THE WIZARD OF OZ

      3. Pastor John – me thinks is a troll. Look at the syntax. “I was in the Marines FROM Nam”??? “I open what your belief are”?? No punctuation?

        A padre of an age to have served in Viet Nam would – by now – have a much better command of the language – you know – weekly sermons, outlines, drafts and final drafts?

        I ain’t buyin it.

      4. @Windguy – I’m thinking most of those ‘sermons’ were ‘form letters of prayer’ issued from the AFGE:
        “As a VA employee, I will daily lick the almighty asshole of AFGE David “little” Cox and all AFGE asshats.
        As a VA employee, I shall only park in the closest parking spots at VAMC, leaving disabled veterans to fend off the critters that may harm me.
        As a VA employee, I shall ignore all cries for help and when push comes to shove, call the almighty elusive patient advocate to mediate.
        As a VA employee, I realize the almighty patient advocates are always out to lunch, even when wasting oxygen in provided office.
        As a VA pastor, I shall speak no harm of the Almighty AFGE and if I should, may the Disruptive Committee Demons take me away and place me in an industrial shredder.
        As a VA employee and pastor, I shall only polish the turds deemed able to be sufficiently polished.
        As a VA employee and pastor, I Klingon to no turds left behind.”


    2. @Namnibor – – – Turbo-Turd-Pro. TTP, sounds like an active organic molecular compound. – – – Nutter.

      1. ANutterVet,
        I wonder IF the “clergyman” took any classes in English!?
        Can’t really make heads or tails on his last post! Other than he was a “former marine!”
        Still, until he sits in front of the “Veterans Committee” in Washington, as a “Whistle-Blower”, I have no respect for him!
        He’s already proven he witnesses acts against veterans by VA employees and does nothing! This shows me he doesn’t follow the “teachings of Christ!”
        I believe in the “book of Mathew” it is explained how Christ shook-up the “money changers” in the Temple. Maybe Christ wasn’t so much worried about his language as he “overturned the tables” of people who were “supposed to be Christians!”
        Just me thinking out loud again today!

    3. Not turd shit the va chaplain is listening. He shares his collars with freaks at VA. Nurses introduced as doctors nurses dressed in priest attire. They’re freaks. Name one chaplain that stopped any corruption at VA. Not even whistleblower. Fuck you ny sloppy servant VA employee. U forget ur only there to serve veterans asswipe. We taking back but it will be long and ugly for you. Hahaha

  28. “Underfunded?” WTF Over! Just what the fuck does that mean? VA receives $170 +/- BILLIONS of taxpayers monies each year! Less than a third goes to pay veterans/spouse’s compensations! The rest is supposed to be used for healthcare and to pay their workers!
    Maybe IF VA would, 1.) quit selling properties, then renting them back! 2.) Stop building new buildings, when it was reported they shouldn’t be in the construction industry. 3.) Stop allowing higher SES’ers purchase things like “large boulders for a pond” (Northern California, VHA) , 4.) “color changing walls”, “leather chairs and couches” (at Las Vegas’s VHA), 5.) “large electronic Braille signs for their parking lot”, 6.) “hiring additional interior designers” (what does VA need with interior designers), 7.) “Fire their public relations office” (that’ll save $25 million/year), 8.) “stop ALL bonuses” (why do people need bonuses for doing their respective jobs), etc., etc., etc.!

    Maybe VA should rethink HOW they aren’t conducting the VA as a business! The corruption, waste, fraud and abuse that continues every day at every VA building is outrageous! The VACO, Central Office, knows exactly what’s been going on for decades! Their part of the problem! The OSC, “Office of Special Council”, and the OIG, “Office of Inspectors General”, have made it perfectly clear to the bullshit pulled by many at VHA and VBA!
    How many reports does the Secretary of VA need, before he starts enforcing the laws?
    Congress, and the President, has given him the power. IF he doesn’t use it, then veterans DIE!

    1. Crazy Elf I am mad at the Veteran Affairs Admistation and mad at Veteran Medical Centers but they off on people like Veterans who swear I know that is a fact that I work as a Pastor at a Veteran Medical Center

      1. @Pastor John Youngblood – – – Pastor, I’d hope that with tact, that you’re talking to the Upper and Mid-Management of your VA facility, to encourage them to change their ways. Veterans are treated like a Second Class Citizen, and this is absolutely wrong. As far as the swearing goes against the VA, just what does one expect when Veterans read, hear, and see the corruption that is going on. For me, I see the VA as an enemy of my state (my body, my being, my psyche). No offense, but you have a moral obligation to help and try to change the VA’s Leadership at your facility. Response??? Thanks for serving our Veterans. – – – Nutter (part-Native American)

      2. I work as a Pastor at a Veteran Medical Center… and the only thing your worried about is people swearing,……..fuck you and your virgin ears, put your ear plugs in, your just part of the charade….

        ELF …I think you covered it all…..

      3. NiteWish their are several John Youngblood that are clergy out there one is from the Church of Scientology.

        This so called Pastor John Youngblood posting here most likely is not a pastor or named John Youngblood. It is (more likely/than not) it was Hawkins that posted the above comment.

        In any case the person claims to collect a paycheck from one of the most corrupt federal agency in our government.

        As for the claim of the poster being clergy I have few 100 packages of indulgences I’ll sell them at a wholesale price already labeled for resale. Also, a few boxes of afterlife timeshares for the upper class section of heaven I can let them have for a fair price. All with a total guarantee from the man himself.

      4. Thank You Seymore, People can be strange & post words that leave you saying What? I felt there was something hidden among the pls don’t swear. I’m glad he posted I now know the DOD awarded $$ to experiment on Gulf War Vets using Purification Rundown with no results “” Everyday theres something new to learn.

      5. I was hurt by a VA Doctor and had the Chief of staff yell at me as an inpatient and told me that what I was saying was crazy, what I said about the doctor. I feared for my life, went to a pastor and told him about it and that I feared for my life and if anything happened to me, he would know why.

        Pastor reply, I will pray for you ! What should have happened is the Pastor should have called the Director and went with me to tell my story. Nope I’ll pray for you.

        How many Managers have you seen acting like Gods and you are serving them !

      6. I learned in the 3 years I had to use public assistance, housing and the like to avoid homelessness while waiting on the VA and while also in the hospital more often than not, that in just public housing, there were *MANY* so-called and often self-appointed “pastors”, and I learned that it was the most common “Degree” earned while in…prison.
        Yep, you would think law degrees would be more prevalent but nothing tops the no atheists in foxholes dogma and dilemma. Now mind you, these same so-called “pastors” could help a person out in other streetwise ways such as selling someone else’s federal food stamps or even some freshly shoplifted meat that happens to be in his white-collared coat side pocket…everything has a price…just like the VA.
        Morale of my life’s learned lessons: Do not immediately grant exceptions or free passes to anyone wearing the title of ‘pastor’, when so little work is required to earn that self-appointed title.

      7. Walk the other way like you do. You probably don’t give a shit. Ha ha swear. Fuck piss anything else. Don’t forget to pray for those they didn’t give a shit about who are medically fckd up or dead from their malfeasance. God knows I cuss he may have made up the word asshole.

    2. ~~gurgle~~
      What’s with the recent snowflake censorship morality grammar sensitivity patrols of late? Absurd Turds are often very much part of the problem when they see/witness or even hear about fraud/corruption, vets getting screwed at your and other VAMC’s by the VA and…say nothing and hide under collar and oath while always ultimately having the VA’s six, not so much fellow Vets?
      I hope not, but do not come shaking the morality stick…remember the Inquisition or Salem Witch Trials? Perspective is everything. In all due respect, pastor, Don’t Judge Someone Just Because They Sin Differently Than You, and if that’s language, you must not really get in the knee-deep thick with Veterans in crisis or in general…we tend to be as tame mouthed as a crew of hardened lesbian road construction workers that are also a motorcycle gang by night.
      Sorry if any of we Veterans bruised your once virgin ears.

      1. Thanks, namnibor!
        I was trying to figure out HOW to respond to this “clergyman”! Just couldn’t get my brain wrapped around his diatribe of (paraphrasing) – “I see all the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse, only I don’t say anything!” kind of rhetorical bullcrap!
        His admission, and NOT speaking up, at what’s happening at VA’s against America’s PATRIOTS is pathetic!
        Then, to come on here and try to “belittle” me, and others, over the use of a few curse words IS, in my opinion, LAUGHABLE!
        IF he were to speak up in Washington, and become a “Whistle-Blower”, I might have more respect for him! Until then, forget about it!

      2. @Namnibor, @OLDMARINE, @Crazy elf – – – You folks crack me up. After reading your posts, I laughed so damn hard, that I coughed, farted, and pissed my shorts. LMAO – – – Nutter.

      3. Look at his grammar probably a fucken suck up to management with creamed cheeks. Lmao don’t mention swear cause I want to do it more.

    3. Nah they been stealing it in many different ways. N if you tell omg u become chronic Or surveillance or left to suffer Or just watch those shits. Americas home grown terrorists. And thumbs up to shulkin not letting him back in a hospital and what he said about the judge. Need to do much more though.

    4. Great rant!!! As usual the more people, the government, the VA claims change is coming the more things stay the same or more than likely worsen.

      I told those at the Legion and some hot-shots that I would never again speak to anyone in local government, anyone with the VA, any lawyer, or civilian health care workers (MDs), or some public veteran’s cheer-leading group spouting about how great things are, again, unless the encounters are recorded and witnessed. I have been through so much shit and cover-up here it’s beyond pathetic. There is no truth, honesty, integrity to be found here, especially when dealing with some “professional” class or some sheep they got to push their agenda and lies on TV or reporting on local veteran issues.

      One vet here from the Marine C.L. reported on TV that he found all the negative comments about the VA and the state’s care to be …. “untrue, False.” I guess that piece of slime/sh*t was supposed to be speaking for all of us in Indiana. Media will not put reports like mine on public TV for all to hear. Not in commie, fascist, Marxist, tyrant land here.

      I was told if I kept bad mouthing the local scene and all it’s corruption I will be sued or dealt with. Now the local corrupt want to pass more restrictions on trying to protect ourselves from threats, professional misconduct, etc. “” It will pass. I also sent in a FOIA to try and see who made those hidden “open public comments” and why a medical alert, cell phone, or recording device is so dangerous to city hall and those at the court house. Of course attorneys and others will be exempt from the NEW laws. So they can protect their own and we again are defenseless and will not be able to prove a thing when threatened or whatever.

      When joining the local Legions we had to turn in copies of our DD form 214 to prove our service. Now that information is being wide spread and made known by comments on our branch of service, to rude comments about our health care that can only come from the VA clinic, plus the info releases we have to sign trying to get health care locally. It’s nuts. Of course when I contacted the National Legion leaders they said no DD 214 should be given out, at all. Too late. Now the locally corrupt have all our info plus a lot more to use in sneaky fashion like strangers passing by after a town meeting with their commie comments wanting some kind of reaction from us.

      Nothing will change. I was checking IDs at one legion when a voting process was occurring . We were told to allow non legion members and non-military to come in vote for their person of choice. Some were the towns police, lawyers, city/county attorneys, the cliques, and so on. Which was why the legions here were asking for the DD forms to begin with. But didn’t help against the levels of corruption here. They just keep tightening the noose around our necks while bragging on TV the area is doing so much veterans or the homeless ones. But they all refuse to dig deeper into corruption. The governor just gave his corrupt state staff big raises for their incompetence and refusals to help vets in need or to deal with the Roudebush VA and local CBOC who all play the cover-up and retaliation games against us, some of us. ‘They all’ just claim all is well in our “sanctuary state,” the economy is great, all is well, ‘don’t worry be happy,’ “embrace the suck and pain,” “you just need laid,” to “you just need to go back to the VA, apologize and get the best care you can,” or “you’re just a racist, a hater, go die.”

      @Ben. A belated great radio show again. I have been down more than up but listened in. You got it buddy. We need to start calling scum what it is… communist are communist…which our land is near full of, and stop calling “liberals” liberal which they are not at all, just the opposite like “progressives” and others. Our enemies are real and in the real world all around us and couldn’t care less if we fell over dead or hurting in the streets, or at town hall meetings where they’d just kick you when you’re down like some attorneys here and their sons/daughters/all related/country clubbers who now hold high offices due to nepotism and corruption. It’s everywhere, and needs to be labeled what they truly are. Like with McCain, Benedict Arnolds, or turn coats. They are not on our side. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

      P.S. Yes, the town and all the crony commies will be after my ass for filing a FOIA about some local information. That is forbidden around here. Don’t ask for decency or transparency, not here. Maybe they’ll give me a “good shoot” and put me outta my misery and make them smile with glee.

    1. VISN 5 has had 40 removals/suspension between 2/2017-7/2017 how many of those have also been brought back into VA service. “ACCOUNTABILITY’ fancy words that have no real meaning. “ “

      1. Remember that Sloan Gibson under McDonald stated the VA was “redefining” accountability.
        It’s nothing remotely close to the original definition. It’s now used as the net in the floating turd punch bowl.

      2. The US laws have to be re-written because something is making these

        judges seems like they have no sense at all, no good or common

        sense. This case and especially my case from 2007 felony conviction

        from a judge listening to a (more than obviously lying) Cuban

        female! And the case with the judge saying that the CIA (can you

        believe this S**t) tortured a terrorist, I mean DAMN you mean the

        terrorist have more rights then we do NOW? And dude just looks

        like a black criminal, I can usually tell right away if someone is up to

        no good. OIG is watching all of them now, Thank You Guys! but as

        long as you let them continue working without them making daily

        reports and having them work on camera throughout the VA,

        corruption is going to continue (NOT GUILTY?) then you have

        absolutely nothing to worry about employees and highly paid


    2. There is much going on VA nation wide. Will it be exposed? I hope ur right Ben, but itis so wide spread across our country of VAMC’s Anyone trying to do right doesn’t know there enemy with a smile. Hopefully but I think that was just his appeal process. It would be justice if counsel could start knocking out some of the barriers to even get to holding accountability for disgusting criminal and behavioral actions. Let’s see transparency if it happens. To me as much as I seen they r murderers in waiting along with all types of criminal activities and behaviors. Murderers knowingly someone could die by actions of another.

      1. Also read article 300 out of 1500 are being released for drug diversion. But only one who made news was nurse who was an addict, not the god damn ones for profit. They disgraced one addict to divert attention from big pic on lots of stolen big buck drugs to contribute to epidemic. Prayers for that singled out nurse with a problem who took heat for the scum.

    3. This all been stupid but hope smarter investigators money money money. Stalking bad service and uglies. Peace out enjoy the next F up.

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