Shulkin Yellow Snow

VA Secretary Warned ‘Don’t Eat Yellow Snow,’ Caught Eating Yellow Snow

Despite repeated warnings from President Donald Trump to not eat yellow snow, VA Secretary David Shulkin ate yellow snow at a Wimbledon match with a friend.

Shulkin is at the center of an ethics storm for accepting expensive tickets from alleged friend Victoria Gosling during a government-funded vacation to Europe that included some business meetings. Shulkin claims he is a friend of Gosling’s and got to know her during the Invictus Games in 2017.

While the IG report impugned Shulkin and concluded Gosling was not his friend it stopped shy of addressing possible implications of Gosling providing expensive tickets to Shulkin in light of her employment as director of Sage Software, a vendor of the federal government with budding relationships at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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The report also failed to address the impact of Shulkin’s consumption of yellow snow at the Wimbledon match. Insiders report Shulkin was repeatedly warned to not eat yellow snow but ate the snow anyway.

In response to these allegations, Shulkin’s criminal attorneys said someone hacked into the snow cone maker and placed yellow snow into the maker made from dog refuse instead of lemonade but admit Shulkin did eat yellow snow.

Shulkin is very sorry for eating yellow snow and regrets the optics of eating yellow snow.

[This was satire. Shulkin surely did not eat yellow snow at Wimbledon or at the White House.]

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Shulkin Yellow Snow

Back To Reality

Okay, I hope you enjoyed my Bad VA Art for the day and the above satire.

Personally, I still am surprised by the lack of common sense displayed by numerous VA leaders related to this scandal.

Of course, we all know Shulkin did not eat yellow snow at the Wimbledon match because Brits do not serve snow cones at Wimbledon. That would be silly. However, it is no more silly than the accepting of expensive Wimbledon tickets from the director of a government contractor given the ethical implications.

What is not silly are the allegations leveled against Shulkin and his counter-allegations against the White House or other VA leadership engaging in subterfuge against his leadership in the agency.

WashPo: Shulkin Claims Hacking, Subterfuge Caused Ethics Breach

The FBI should investigate the matter since it involves conspiracy and fraud.

The truth is Gosling does work for Sage as a director and Sage is a government contractor. Anyone knows government employees are not supposed to accept large gifts from government contractors.

But if those government contractors offer you some yellow snow, that small of a gift could likely be accepted without any ethical implications. So, eat away, Dave, eat away.

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  1. Anyone who is Sec of the VA who accepts free gifts while serving is either TOO STUPID or TOO CROOKED to serve as Sec of the VA, especially while so many veterans are suffering from the incompetence and bobbing and weaving of the AFGE leader lil Cocks the union leader. We need Shulkin with the tiny testicles to resign and we need to hire a bull dog like Gen Mattis to get in there and crack the whip, (prior to doing away with this terrible fraud incorrectly called “VA care” and resorting to private doctors who are subject to competition for excellence. Shulkin can not say: ” I didn’t know”…….This example illustrates why and how the revamping of the VA never got off the ground. Shulkin should be held to answer for his CRIMES, (and they are CRIMES). You got to dance, Shulkin and now you got to pay the fiddler. Can you imagine your being a platoon sgt of a platoon which is starving out in the bush and you hide 2 dozen jelly donuts for your own consumption? Equal Justice for all, Shulkin. Now is the time to implement Pres. Trump’s policy: “YOU’RE FIRED!!” and then implement us Veterans’ policy: “You get prosecuted, PALLY!!”

  2. CNN, USA Today and others reporting Shulkin is meeting with WH chief of staff.

    No reports yet on him exiting with a bootprint on his ass.

    1. junior 2/5 let combat veterans pick next VA Secretary of Veteran Affairs call your Senators and Representative your belief what you got to lose and your Combats Veterans Friends Semper Fi.

  3. If you look at the amount of “scheduled leisure” time around any “scheduled official business” time for Shulkins trip, its clear he spent more time on leisure than official business. The chart in the IG report shows 2 days of travel, about 5 days of leisure time, and about 3 and 3/4 days of official business.

    I’m wondering about the veterans who travel 4 or 5 hours for a procedure performed at some VA, the veteran thrown out in the street after the procedure, then forced to drive 4 or 5 hours home, or pay for a hotel out of their own pocket.

    I am also wondering about the VA policy of forcing veteran transplant patients to travel long distances to some VA facility that does transplants, rather than allowing the veteran to get the transplant in the local community.

    1. 91Veteran,
      I’d rather use outside healthcare instead of the fucked up VHA’s we have around here!

      1. I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy and I’m not much of a drinker so make that a bottle-shaped bong.

      2. At the VA you can get both. A bottle in front of you of Gabapentin and a frontal lobotomy from any other pills they shove at you.

  4. Its interesting reading the IG report on this mess that shows both Shulkin and the IG looked at what happened at Manchester VA as a “media crisis” while he was on his little trip.

    News reporting on July 16 (during Shulkins trip) show Shulkin reacted by removing the director and chief of staff. This was after 11 physicians or other medical employees blew the whistle on what was going on. Whistle blowers included the chief of medicine, chief of radiology and chief of surgery.

    Manchester in 2016 was rated as a 4 star hospital using the VAs bullshit rating system.

  5. I honestly don’t know what to say about this. The facts are clear that Shulkin took a trip, his wife went with him, he accepted tickets to Wimbledon from a VA contractor, with all except the tickets paid for by taxpayers. Even those might be paid by taxpayers if a bonus is paid to a certain contractor.

    And Roe, Walz and others on the House VA committee are defending it, while veterans would get fucked hard over a few dollars in their own travel pay if fraud was alleged.

    As I said in response to Seymores comment on Walz defending this, does any vet believe the House VA committee would believe them if the veteran reported fraud? Malpractice? Really any criminal act or abuse of veterans by the VA?

    13 dead Veterans at Quincy from Legionella with a 3rd veteran diagnosed with it just yesterday and the committee that is supposed to be overseeing the agency charged with and funded to provide care for veterans is instead defending the head of the agency stealing from taxpayers and accepting bribes from a VA contractor.

    1. 91Veteran

      After Viewing the Congressional hearing on the VA budget for 2019 and the ongoing coverage of Shulkin in the press. Here is my analysis of what happened at that hearing and what is currently happening with the VA.

      First off, the audience at the hearing showed a very clear absence of the VSOs that have been at every hearing standing behind Shulkin. There were only two mad hatters at the hearing and they clearly did not want to be seen sitting anywhere near Shulkin.

      Second that Congressman Tim Walz was being very disingenuous and dishonest in his statements and questions for Shulkin at the hearing. He strait out lied when he was claiming Shulkin had gotten an additional $4 Billion for the Choice Program last year. In fact, there was $2 Billion for the Choice Program and nearly an additional $2 Billion added to go to new construction of additional VA Max-Head-Room Strip Mall Clinics. The additional money was to offset choice money. That offset was in a bill he sponsored.

      As for Congressman Walz’s opening comments. He went directly toward referring Shulkin’s hacking allegations against Jake Leinenkugel to Rod Rosenstein at the DOJ for investigation. This is while Shulkin is being represented by Attorney Justin Shur, the former deputy chief of the Justice Department’s public integrity section. This is also while Peter Strzok is working in Human Resources at the FBI and most likely be picking the agents who get assigned to do the investigation.

      As for the remainder of the hearing, it was clear that all Representative were prevented from going into the Investigator Generals Report showing wrong doing by Shulkin. Also it was clear that the primary concern of the committee was to quickly move the nearly $200 Billion budget package along for quick approval as is.

      Walz’s letter to the DOJ buys time for Shulkin to get this budget past. It also opens the door for an investigations into anybody Trump has appointed to positions at the VA. No Doubt by Monday we will be hearing about the new investigation.

      Even though Shulkin accepted the tickets from Victoria Gosling a director at SAGE who is a prime vendor of software at the VA and Shulkin’s Chief of Staff did break the law. They will not be investigated. But every person appointed by Trump to work at the VA will be investigated.

      1. Seymore, that’s interesting about the VSO’s. I suspect the gossip in DC has told the details of what is going on for some time now, which would explain them not fighting over a chance to be seen supporting Shulkin…particularly when passing such a massive budget.

        I think that budget passes regardless of what happens with Shulkin, but certain directions of items in the budget might change if he is gone before the money is sent to the VA.

        As for investigations, I can’t see anything coming of that. It clearly looks as if it’s a desperate attempt by Shulkin…or somebody, to cover their ass. I can see Shulkin claiming it was hacking if he wants to cover for ordering Wright Simpson to come up with an excuse for his wife to go on the trip. I can’t see Shulkin pushing the same excuse if it is Wright Simpson trying to cover herself.

        As I said, I can’t see any investigation into hacking happening. A quick look at the emails would show what happened. If that weren’t enough, a look at the email headers would prove where it went on the servers, and it any alteration took place, which would be shown in the headers. If it was a hack, why did it take until now for that to come out? The hack should have been announced or at least acknowledged long ago, and the FBI called in then.

        I doubt Shulkin or Wright Simpson can provide any proof they asked for an investigation into hacking prior to a few days ago. According to the Federal News Reporter listed in the anonymous email, Ogrysko, Shulkin only claimed hacking starting yesterday morning.

        According to the same article, Cashcow says they have found no evidence of intrusion into the VA email system, and it was only yesterday or today when VA announced an investigation into that hacking.

        If Shulkin or Wright Simpson truly believed it was an email hack, Shulkin should have taken action last year on opening an investigation into it. Supposedly Wright Simpson showed Shulkin proof that her email was altered. Well, why did she retire then rather than fight the issue? The IG had the emails, why didn’t the IG investigate a hack?


      2. To add, the IG report says they reviewed 493,000 emails as a part of this review. Nowhere in the report is the word hack.

        In fact, the IG report shows that Wright Simpson was emailed that Shulkins wife could not have invitational orders, so Wright Simpson went to work.

        Not only did she claim this single email must have been hacked, but she also told Kennedy, who had to approve the travel orders, that his wife’s travel “was approved by the White House” (page 5). Who hacked her voice? She couldn’t recall for the IG who at the White House told her that, so who hacked her memory?

        Now, if you look at the email time/date stamps in the IG report, it shows Gough sent his email to Wright Simpson at 17:49pm. Wright Simpson sent her altered email to Kennedy at 4:56, and Kennedy responding saying it is what she needed at 17:58 pm.

        I don’t know why Wright Simpson’s email shows a 1 hour difference, other than she may have been in a different time zone, at home and her computer time is off or on a cell phone. Other emails sent from Wright Simpson either show the correct time as 05:25 pm or 05:41 pm, which is a strange time setting compared to her altered email showing 4:56pm without the zero in front of the 4, 04:56pm.

        Whatever with the times, it’s strange to claim hackers got into the VA email system solely to alter a couple sentences in an email to which that altered email was responded to, and Wright Simpson never claimed hacking until a few days ago. And the hackers did it in just a few minutes.

        Wright Simpson also went on the trip.

        Without editing, there is a footnote on page 7 of the IG report showing why the email had 4:56 pm for a time stamp since that was recorded by the VA email system in Central Daylight Saving Time.

        Walz wants an investigation? Does he really want the FBI poking around in server logs?

    2. I looked it up on the Supreme Court Site: “Unadulterated Bullshit”, ( opinion rendered and written by Ruth Bader Ginsberg, [actually by her attorney clerk cuz she was still napping] )

  6. That’ll teach the good Dr not to bullshit info on his 10-3542 travel voucher. LOFUCKINGL!!!!

  7. The real question now is of utmost importance to country is just exactly where now does Shulkin stand in line?

    From the Wikipedia site on VA secretaries, this is how they line up when it comes time to enter the room:

    Current U.S. order of precedence (ceremonial)

    Order of Precedence of the United States
    as Secretary of Veterans Affairs:

    Preceded by Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.
    Succeeded by Kirstjen Nielsen as Secretary of Homeland Security.
    Current U.S. presidential line of succession,
    17th in line.

    Gosh, I hope he got to cut in at Wimbledom.

    1. He only got to perform a quick circumcision on the official Wimbledon Piss Boy, so that was the only cut-in he was allotted time for on his…officially printed-out gloss $1500. itinerary…

  8. Off topic: 3rd case of Legionella at Quincy. 13 dead vets since 2015. House VA committee too busy defending Shulkins travel fraud.

    1. I posted this article. The VA healthcare system has been amuck for decades now. The push of Vietnam Vets on the VA brought some attention to the VA, but not enough to make the system to perform as it should.

      As a Biologist I’m disgusted with all the life-threatening actions and behaviors of an Agency that was created to assist Veterans, so that they can gain back as much as their original life as possible.

      Shulkin should of been gone before he was appointed as Sec VA. I realized this when he was appointed, while others gave him the benefit of the doubt. That’s one big mistake that any Vet can do, “at any time, giving the VA the benefit of the doubt.”

      VA doesn’t care, and will trample on any of your expectations or values pertaining to your healthcare. And still to this day, I’ll never ever, encourage a younger one to go into the military.

      Per the Legionnaires cases with the VA, the VA has ALWAYS had problems with cleanliness, using autoclaves, and following the most basic non-contamination practices as to stop any spread of pathogens to others. VA employees should be required to receive their healthcare from the same system in which they manage themselves. IMO.

      One day, we Vets are going to get enough balls to do something about the VA. But until then, Ben’s blog will continue to publish articles of the VA’s fuck ups that could’ve simply been avoided.

      We don’t hear of any Politicians sons or daughters being mistreated by the VA. Why? Because they don’t go to the VA when they need medical services. Disgrace and shame on our leadership, and to others that can do something to fix the VA, but doesn’t. Ugh, grrrrrr . . .

  9. dr shitken yo will be fired by potus asap from all vets good riddance @ thansks for nothing @ dont let the door hit yo on the way out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. But let the cell door hit you in the ass and throw you across the cell where you hit your head so you can serve your time with a smile on your face and drool coming from your lips.

  10. Intrigue at V.A. as Secretary Says He Is Being Forced Out

    New York Times
    FEB. 15, 2018

    “The secretary of veterans affairs, David J. Shulkin, for a year enjoyed rare bipartisan support in Washington as he reformed his department, but now officials in the Trump administration are trying to replace him.

    An email sent in December by Jake Leinenkugel, the White House senior adviser on veterans affairs, expressed frustration with Dr. Shulkin and listed ways to topple the leadership of his department once key legislation was passed.

    The email was addressed to Camilo Sandoval, a former data manager for the Trump campaign who was given a political post at the department. In it, Mr. Leinenkugel, a former brewery executive, wrote that although he initially had a positive impression of the secretary, they had fallen out over staffing and policy issues.

    Mr. Leinenkugel, who has an office in the department, proposed “solutions” in the email, including using a continuing investigation of the secretary’s travel to remove Dr. Shulkin’s chief of staff, Vivieca Wright Simpson; replacing the deputy secretary, Thomas G. Bowman, with Mr. Leinenkugel; and replacing Dr. Shulkin with a “strong political candidate.”

    Dr. Shulkin, the only holdover from the Obama administration, expressed dismay in an interview on Wednesday over what he said seemed to be political appointees in his office working against him, saying that they were “trying to undermine the department from within.”

    Career civil servants say the dispute has grown more heated than previous policy differences, and the agency’s headquarters, a block from the White House, is rived with infighting between the secretary’s supporters and opponents.”

    Full Article At:


    Personally I believe that Shulkin has done a lot of damage to the Veterans Affairs and really needs to be removed from the Job. When he has replaced Primary Care Physicians with Nurses, Assistants and Pharmacist and is fighting accountability at the VA as clearly as he has. He needs to go. This latest move of blaming a hacker for problems with his Non-chevy chase European Vacation. Does he really think anyone believes his BS anymore?

    1. Also from the times article:

      “In the interview, Dr. Shulkin said he had spoken to President Trump, and was told there were no plans to fire Mr. Bowman. He attributed the Post article to opponents trying to sow disarray.

      He said he was worried that his chief of staff’s email account might have been hacked, and was investigating the matter.

      In another sign of division, John Ullyot, a former top Trump campaign official who now runs the press office, told staff members in an email on Wednesday that reporters’ requests for comment should not be forwarded to the secretary or deputy secretary; instead, he would be referring them all to the White House.

      The move forced Dr. Shulkin to do much of his communication with the media over the travel investigation on his personal cellphone.”

      Personal cellphone? No doubt he is back to using his personal gmail account also. Don’t want those records showing up to haunt him.

      Wonder if anyone will miss Lipshit Curt Cashcow.

      1. I bet Cashcow is still there. He might be relegated to clipping news articles, but he’s likely still there.

      2. I have to ask, if Shulkin was talking to Trump about saving his own ass over his travel fraud, why would Shulkin care about Bowman being fired? Why would that even come up?

      3. Well said about the Private Cell phone which should be seized right away as an objective based upon a quikie warrant.

    2. Bad news for Shulkin: WH not buying the “one-memoed hacker” theory

      Ed Morrissey
      Hot Air
      February 16, 2018

      “Why not? The House Veterans Affairs committee seemed happy enough to swallow VA Secretary David Shulkin’s ludicrous explanation for misusing public funds and covering it up, as detailed in a damning Inspector General report released this week. Both chair Phil Roe and ranking member Tim Walz seemed anxious to slough it off as “bad optics.” Why wouldn’t the White House breathe a sigh of relief?

      See Also: Romney: I’m in … and it’s not about Trump

      The main reason: Shulkin lied to them about the affair, and they got blindsided by specificity and the seriousness of the OIG’s findings, the Washington Post reports.

      “He made the rounds of the West Wing earlier this week to urge them to offer supportive statements about him, and sought the firm backing of both Kelly and Trump, according to a senior administration official. But the secretary had presented the findings of the forthcoming investigation in a more flattering light and left out some of its most damning findings, the official said.

      “People were like, ‘Sure, okay, that doesn’t sound so bad,’ ” this person said. Press office staffers began brainstorming on how to help Shulkin.

      When the report was made public Wednesday, White House officials read it and felt misled, the official said.

      “He can defend himself on this one,” a senior administration official said, referring to the inspector general’s report. “He was totally dishonest about it.””

      Another reason may be that Shulkin’s “one-memoed hacker” theory seems to be taking aim at another Trump appointee, one that has clashed with Shulkin and his Obama-era holdover staff. Shulkin accused some Trump appointees without naming them of “trying to undermine the department from within,” prompting a public retort from senior VA official Jake Leinenkugel that his dissent has been both aboveboard and well known, and that it’s Shulkin and his staff that are playing partisan politics at the VA:”

      “Leinenkugel suggested that Wright Simpson and Bowman were obstructionists, writing in the memo that the chief of staff told him that “she is a Democrat who completely trusts the Secretary and it’s her job to protect him and his agenda.” …

      In a statement emailed Thursday night, Leinenkugel said that as a proud Marine he would “never lie, cheat, steal nor contemplate criminal behavior.”

      “I express my concerns and suggestions for improvements freely and on a weekly, if not daily basis. To be questioned about my involvement in hacking VA emails is an affront and absurd,” he added.”


      “Shulkin appears to be pulling every conspiracy theory in the book out to distract from the clear findings of the OIG, from one-memoed hackers to the Trump Illuminati.

      Shulkin has entirely disqualified himself from any position of leadership and trust. If he won’t quit, it’s time for Trump to dust off his pet phrase from his reality-TV days and tell Shulkin, “You’re fired.””


      Full Article At:


      Shulkin has retained Deep State Attorney Justin Shur, the former deputy chief of the Justice Department’s public integrity section who ran interference while Clinton was Secretary of State, and who is the lead Attorney of Shulkin’s legal defense team along with two additional attorneys. All three attorneys hired by Shulkin specialize in Defense of White Collar Criminals involved with Public Corruption.

      There is no doubt Shulkin’s Dem’s Deep State Legal team came up with the hacker criminal defense story. Also it is very likely that his defense team will be costing him more that he can earn legally at the VA in the next Five Years.

      But for Shulkin he is fighting for his chance to illegally become a Billionaire just of the new software package he is pushing at the VA. So he is willing to fight for it at great costs up front.

      1. Seymore,
        I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again!
        “Shithead Shyster Shulkin” IS a fucking deep state liberal ASSHOLE Democratic Stooge!
        He’s personally responsible for the MURDER of who knows how many veterans! That’s my fucking opinion!

      2. Murder, theft and many, many other VA employees who just don’t give a shit……………….

      3. Bladder Cancer and Agent Orange? Nothing to see here. Move along folks, move along. Another one bites the dust, another one bites the dust and another one gone and another one gone, another one bites the dust.

      4. Ya, Herr Leinenkugel ve blieve you da same as ve believe dat other “proud marine” Herr Mueller. Ya, Ya, Ya

    3. I say becareful for what is wished for because they may be using the escapegoat removal of Shukin to pull the wool over our eyes of the failed and promised changes to the VA that we thought we would get with Trump.

      I mean look at all the bad press of no change? Everytime the VA gets the cockroaches (pun intended) in the spotlight, first response is to play musical chairs with management and put people off from questioning the VA for another few years.

      1. I agree TaB, but if you look at the scandals still being reported, Shulkin dragging his feet on Manchester alone such that he gets his pee pee whacked by the OSC, and Bowman doing the bidding of Isakson, it looks like Trumps patience may be at an end…and someone not beholden to the House or Senate VA committees might get appointed to start the clean-up.

      2. 91Veteran,
        Remember President Trump’s SITU speech when he “glared over at Shulkin” over the veterans issues?
        I do agree with you, I believe he’s had enough of the bullshit Shulkin’s been getting away with!
        I also believe He’s had it with ALL the bullshit VA employees, from top to bottom, have been getting away with across the country!

    4. You no longer have access to a real doctor, fellow vets. pretty soon when you go to the VA for treatment they will make your appointment with a candy striper. So much bullshit with the VA, fight it every time, and they don’t like it but I don’t care.

  11. One thing is for certain, the OIG released the report in the middle of a school shooting, a NSA gate breach, intentionally to overshadow public sentiment.
    Never fails!

  12. Befitting for today is a short excerpt from Frank Zappa’s “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow”-

    Animated music video 1974: “”

  13. I think the metaphor of the yellow snow cone could also go all the way back to that proverbial Biblical “apple” offered by Sage The Snake Gosling within The Garden of Eden to David & wifey-poo Shulkin. (some apples are yellow, too)

    No matter how silly or perceived “chump change” scandal this may be, it *still* comes down to BASIC ETHICS and the beginning of the outward appearance of that apple’s decay…or it’s true nature is just showing light of day—either way, how are Vets supposed to take this when the same VA Sec. proposed stripping away TDIU benefits from Vets? (in order to save $$$?)
    But he wants his apples too? Beware of snakes with apple flavored snow cones.

    1. BASIC ETHICS, IT AIN’T NO LITTLE THANG, It is fraud and theft and conspiracy and other crimes.

      1. Ethics. Ethics can not be found in my area at all. Does not apply too much to those higher up the food chain, to the censors, attack dogs, to the law makers, or other assorted corrupt lying trash. They all demand respect or want to be labeled “The Honorable.” “My friend the honorable.” They all demand respect they have not earned and can’t. Same old crap in DC and local levels.

        I bet not once did he or his wife, or concubines, thought of a dying, suffering, or vet on the day preparing to end their lives due to all the BS. But Shulki and his entourage got their trips down the Thebes or the tower of London for some ideas for the return trip to head up the VA after a refreshing vacation.

        Nope. Basic ethics, some courtesy, common decency, respect, are not little “thangs.” Breeches should be part of their permanent files like some flags or secretive inner-office discussions or plans of attacks us seem to be very permanent and the un-ethical and evil walk away clean and get to go on fancy trips and highest standards of health care… for them.

  14. @Ben – Hey I posted a comment yesterday, February 15, 2018, that listed a bunch of sites and pages for Vets to check out if VA Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, etc. were legit, licensed, complaint history, or if suits of medical malpractice has been filed against them.

    My post was in moderation, then I checked this morning and its gone, not even listed on my end. I’d like to know why it didn’t get out of moderation?????

    At least if my comment contained questionable portions, at least the contacts should of been left in tack.

    1. Who is responsible for these deletions? Start there and file a criminal action and civil action against that person, and you will open the vault of secrecy

    2. ANutterVet – It just dispeepeared out on of the portal somehow. I’m having a volunteer groupeez from the VA corridors to check into this. First I’ve got to contact our Shyster Shithead “Shitty” Shulkin, and to see if I can get some funds sent my way for a night out on the town.

  15. I just read one hell of an article on “” on “Shithead Shulkin’s European Vacation”! Not to be confused with “National Lampoon’s European Vacation”! National Lampoon’s was funny, Shulkin’s wasn’t! Shulkin broke the fucking law! He should be fired, not be allowed to “step down!”

    The title of the “” article is;

    “Embattled VA Secretary Shulkin Pledges to ‘Make Things Right'”

    Dated: 15 Feb 2018
    By: Richard Sisk
    In the article, Shulkin said he wrote a check for his “wife’s airfare and Wimbledon Tickets”, totalling $4,132 [taxpayers monies]!
    I say BULLSHIT!
    He owes a hell of a lot more!
    That trip cost taxpayers $122,334 total. And, only (approximately) three days should have been charged!

    Oh, and lest we forget, the VA is set to receive – $198.6 BILLION TAXPAYERS MONEY!
    There’s more in the article. Hope y’all read it!
    Shulkin, and his wife, needs to be arrested, tried and convicted for fraud and many other criminal acts!

    1. Open and shut case and this guy needs to be especially FRIED, because he betrayed the President’s trust as well as all of the trust of us veterans

  16. I’m so fed up of this Shulkin a-wipe being allowed to plead ignorance on basic ethics, regulations and who pays for his luxurious lifestyle.

    Isn’t he a doctor or something? Then he must have “some” level of intelligence, common sense and/or critical thinking….

    Wait, I forgot, he’s a VA employee, so that explains it!!! Sorry, I take it back. Goes to show that lots of VA employees are ignorant and just stupid – from the GS-1 all the way up the chain to the Secretary of the VA. They also seem to get their education/certification from some diploma mill, online course, or some island in Kukamonga.

    1. I think the biggest disappointment I had over VA was the sheer level of ignorance by otherwise seemingly nice folks lolz. During a interview with a reporter and myself present, the designated spokesperson from VA sat with me in a room. Just the three of us and for some reason they tossed in a social worker to explain to me and the reporter why the disruptive behavior committee was acting the way they were with me.

      She really wanted to help it seemed but in answer to nearly every question about the legal validity of the whole thing by the reporter, she just kept saying, “Well, the committee voted on it and it was approved.”

      I asked her in calm voice the third time she said this sort of thing, “Do you know what a kangaroo court is?”

      The reporter snickered a bit lolz because I guess she saw it too BUT the VA girl looked confused. After a long pause she said, “All I can think of is Captain Kangaroo?”

      The thud of jaws dropping against the floor was audible and in perfect sync between myself and the reporter. I said, “Well I guess you are pretty close.” The reporters face turned red like she wanted to busted a gut laughing lolz but she regained her composure and continued the interview. The questions became notably less complex…

      1. @Dennis- “The questions became notably less complex…”- I’m betting even pictographs would’ve been too complex for the VA’s reps from “Captain Kangaroo”, but they MAY have got it if the questions were all printed ahead of time on the rabbit’s 100’s of Ping-Pong balls or on Mr. Green Jean’s prosthetic leg? 😀

      2. The VA set you up, Dennis, by sending in a dodo bird, and you should have interrupted the interview and asked for someone else with a high school diploma.

      3. I did not consider it my interview at all. The reporter was calling her questions out rapid but understandable. She is the senior reporter at the place and has 30+ years doing it. Her position is very simple; you ask the representative they give you your questions and never give up the opportunity to learn what you can.

        She revealled much to be honest that a career beaurocrat would never have revealled because her attempts at trying to be what they asked (a person with a script to follow) versus the honest person that she was manifested.

        I believe it was this person that convinced the newspaper editor to fund a multi-year investigative report on yours truly because it became clear that something was very wrong at Roseburg Oregon. The reporter asked her late in the interview about violent behavior, “Clearly this man has not been violent but now he is flagged that he is. Why?”

        Answer; “The committee voted on it.”

    2. FRAUD IS FRAUD, I don’t give a fuck whether you are an attorney or a street sweeper. We need to be like “PACMAN” start chewing them all up. The I.G. better have its act together or we will and can replace the IG. File Criminal charges against these lawyers as well as Shulkin and his fellow fraudsters.

  17. He ate the snow! He also had his finger in his ass whilest eating snow. He drew a exclamation point in the snow with his doo doo laden finger too!
    What is misleading is that when Gosling signed her affidavit, it was dated 2/11/2018.
    David’s three stooges lawyers sent their response 2/11/2018. Gosling was in Manchester England when the document was executed. It had blue ink in the document which it appears that it could not have been faxed.
    Fuck those lawyers, fuck Gosling and her fucked up Benny Hill girdle wearing ass.
    Oh yeah Dave, eat the snow, Douchebag!

    1. The IG tried to contact Gosling 19 times before they finally got her on the phone.

      Shulkin claimed Gosling was his wife’s friend. He did that to try get around ethics rules.

      1. Ben also notes she was a government contractor with Sage. The lawyers should be charged with lying to a federal official. They submitted an affidavit with her signature dated 2/11, that same day they responded to Michael with their response on behalf of Shulkin. The affidavit states it was signed in England.
        Something is fishy about that.

      2. The IG report is claiming she was not a contractor, or suggested Sage had no significant business with VA. Nothing mentioned about favorable treatment for future business. With the VA throwing around billions in IT contracts, there looks to be plenty of future business.

        As for the affidavit, I see that as just an attempt by his attorneys to try make things look like things were done legally. If they were truly concerned, they would have interviewed her themselves and provided facts in a response to the IG.

        If they were truly trying to report facts, they wouldn’t have fucked around until 5 days ago to get her to sign an affidavit on a Sunday.

  18. From a 2017 interview on Federal News Radio Dr. Shulkin speaks;

    “When you’ve been doing something for years and it’s not working, you can either continue to follow the same exact path or you can seek change,” Shulkin said. “I am seeking change, and I desperately need that change.”

    He thinks like my Grandma did! She always said if I took ALL my change from my pockets and saved it in a jar that I would be rich some day – just like Shulkin.

    1. 8/4/2017, Secretary Shulkin visited MAN VAMC after 13 whistle-blower providers went on record about its long-standing problems.
      I caught the Secretary’s eye as he got out of his car.
      He chuckled, asked me if I had something I wanted to give him, and my name.
      I told him I’d been waiting 14 years for this day, gave him my name, and handed him this:
      Secretary Shulkin: SOS(!).
      • 13-Month delayed diagnosis(!).
      • VAMC > Veteran:
      • “You have cancer (“myxofibrosarcoma)(!).”
      • “You need: corrective surgery & radiation
      • “VAMC will cover: nothing(!).”
      • “Go to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center(!).”
      • “You pay(!).”
      • “You’re not eligible for VA disability benefits(!).”
      • Result: pain, depression, joblessness, eviction,
      bankruptcy, homelessness, and more(!).
      • But, VAMC had erred; Veteran actually was
      eligible for VA 1151 disability benefits.
      • Veteran learned of/petitioned for, “equitable
      • VA, flouting its own rules, repeatedly blocked
      Veteran’s petitions(!).
      • VA personages who blocked Veteran include
      VHA’s Marc Levenson, Michael Mayo-Smith,
      Virginia Cummings, Ganga Hematillake; OMI’s
      John Pierce; OGC’s Will Gunn, Richard
      Hipolit; et al.
      Neither the Secretary nor any of his staff ever got back to me about it.

      1. Frank,
        And “Shithead Schyster Shulkin” won’t!
        Because he’s “Shyster Shithead” who’s only at the VA to become richer off the backs of veterans and taxpayers!

      2. nOW IS THE TIME to publicize and take action against this shithead for his and others’ criminal actions in denying you these benefits and medical care .TAKE ACTION BROTHERS

  19. I do not know ALL the facts about Shulkins lady friend who gave him such an excellent time at….Wimbledom….

    Shulkin is married and brought his wife to Europe – I am wondering… if he suddenly found the European air invigorating and prior to Wimbledom engaged in some of the best sex he ever had since the two got married, do you think he called his wife up and told her about it?

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