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VA Telehealth Services: Bridging the Digital Divide for Veterans

Celebrating two decades since its inception in May, the Department of Veterans Affairs proudly marks the success of the VA Telehealth Services program office. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, this initiative has significantly enhanced veterans’ access to VA care, allowing them to receive essential services conveniently from their homes.

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How has VA Telehealth Services evolved over the years?

Over the past three years, VA telehealth visits have experienced an astonishing growth of over 3,000%, establishing the VA as the leading provider of telehealth services nationwide. This evolution underscores the program’s commitment to leveraging technology for the benefit of veterans.

How does VA Telehealth Services address the Digital Divide?

Recognizing that some veterans face barriers due to the digital divide, the VA ensures that those enrolled in VA care without internet access or devices receive the necessary support. The innovative Digital Divide Consult connects veterans with VA social workers, who assess eligibility for programs that provide internet services or essential technology for accessing VA telehealth.

What Is the Digital Divide Consult?

The Digital Divide Consult is a process where your VA provider can direct you to a VA social worker, who will assess your eligibility for programs that offer support in obtaining essential internet services or technology required for VA telehealth.

Through the Digital Divide Consult, you may find out if you qualify for discounted home internet or phone services under two Federal Communications Commission (FCC) initiatives: the Affordable Connectivity Program and Lifeline.

The Affordable Connectivity Program extends discounts for broadband services and internet-connected devices, such as laptops or tablets. Lifeline provides discounts on your phone or internet bills.

If you require an internet-connected tablet for your telehealth care, the VA is ready to provide one. The Digital Divide Consult helps determine your eligibility for this program.

Notably, the VA has already assisted over 100,000 Veterans nationwide through the Digital Divide Consult process.

For detailed information on how a Digital Divide Consult works and the available programs, visit VA telehealth.

The VA’s commitment to bridging the digital divide is evident in the success of the Telehealth Services program. By embracing technological advancements and offering targeted support through initiatives like the Digital Divide Consult, the VA ensures that veterans receive the care they deserve, irrespective of digital barriers. As the program continues to evolve, veterans can look forward to an increasingly connected and accessible healthcare experience.

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