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Maryland State Veteran Benefits: Navigating Support for Veterans

Exploring the myriad of benefits available to veterans in Maryland is a crucial step in acknowledging and honoring their service. The Maryland Veterans Home in Charlotte Hall stands as a testament to the state’s commitment to its honorable residents, providing a haven for veterans, as well as disabled veterans unable to work.

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Who is eligible for the Maryland Veterans Home, and what benefits does it offer to eligible veterans?

The Maryland Veterans Home welcomes honorably discharged Maryland resident veterans aged 62 and over, along with disabled veterans unable to work. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs per diem payments contribute to lowering the overall cost of care.

Veteran Financial Benefits

What financial benefits does Maryland offer to veterans?

Property Tax Exemption:

Maryland extends property tax exemption to veterans permanently and totally disabled from service-connected causes on their primary residence. This exemption transfers to the veteran’s spouse upon their death. Surviving spouses of active-duty military personnel, those of totally disabled veterans, or spouses receiving Dependency and Indemnity Compensation are also eligible for this exemption.

Pension Tax Exclusion:

Veterans aged 65 or older, those totally disabled, or spouses meeting these criteria may qualify for Maryland’s pension exclusion, reaching a maximum of $34,300 in the 2022 tax year. This exclusion allows subtracting taxable pension and retirement annuity income from federal adjusted gross income.

Income Tax:

Maryland provides a tax-free threshold of up to $15,000 for military pay earned while serving overseas. However, eligibility is restricted if military pay exceeds $30,000. Additionally, starting in the 2023 tax year, up to $12,500 in retired military pay and Survivor Benefit Plan payments become tax-free, increasing to $20,000 after age 55.

Vessel Excise Tax:

Active-duty military personnel benefit from a one-year exemption from Maryland’s 5% vessel excise tax when bringing vessels purchased out of state due to a permanent change of station.

Veteran Employment Benefits

What advantages do veterans have in Maryland’s job market, particularly concerning preferences and licensing?

CDL License:

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration offers a waiver for the commercial driver’s license (CDL) class A & B skills test requirements for veterans within 12 months of discharge if they possessed these qualifications in the service.

State Employment Veterans Preference:

Maryland grants a credit of 10 points on selection tests for eligible veterans, the spouse of a veteran with a service-connected disability, or the surviving spouse of a deceased eligible veteran. An additional two points are awarded to veterans with a service-connected disability.

Veteran Recreation Benefits

What recreational benefits are available to disabled veterans in Maryland?

Active-Duty Hunting & Fishing Licenses:

Maryland residents on active duty and home on leave are exempt from purchasing hunting or fishing licenses. Non-residents stationed in Maryland can procure these licenses at the resident rate.

Free Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans:

Maryland residents certified as former prisoners of war (POWs) or 100% service-connected disabled veterans receive complimentary lifetime hunting and fishing licenses. These licenses encompass various stamps and permits, offering a comprehensive recreational experience.

Admission to State Parks:

Veterans, both resident and nonresident, as well as active-duty personnel, enjoy waived entrance charges to Maryland state parks. Per-vehicle fees are waived if applicable during the veteran’s visit.

Maryland State Veterans Cemetery:

Maryland’s five state veterans cemeteries in Cheltenham, Crownsville, Flintstone, Hurlock, and Owings Mills offer eligible veterans and their dependents burial plots. These plots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, with no cost to veterans for burial-related expenses.

Where can veterans find more information about these programs, and how can they stay informed about changing benefits?

For detailed information on these programs and to stay updated on changing benefits, veterans can visit the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs website.

Embracing the wealth of benefits Maryland extends to its veterans requires staying informed and utilizing the available resources. The commitment to supporting veterans resonates through various facets of life, from healthcare to recreation, ensuring a holistic approach to their well-being.

Stay Informed, Maryland Veterans!

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