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Live On Stand For Truth Radio With Susan Knowles

Hi everyone. I just was on air, live with Susan Knowles and her show Stand For Truth, discussing the current state of Veterans Affairs.

The conversation was a good one discussing problems within both Veterans Health Administration and Veterans Benefits Administration. Knowles asked me about how Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin, MD, is doing during his first few months in offices.

Knowles asked me about how Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin, MD, is doing during his first few months in offices.

She also asked about Hines VA Hospital, my current LensCrafts investigation into whether VA will truly stop providing optometry care, and how some high-level VA executives may be engaged in political pay for play with government contractors and political parties.

Here are some topics we discuss that I have already written about. I talk about the progress of my investigation on the topics since publication:

Take some time to watch the video and let me know if you have any feedback. This is our first go using the software, so there may be some glitches. Try not to get too hung up on all that.

Follow this link to watch on Facebook, too:

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  1. Accurate interview, although some comments funny fighting amongst each other on political partisan frigen politics is useless in reform. I read story that involved podesta and I needed to hear that as I now read all this investigative reports on VA. Now I know I was pissing in the wind so to speak standing for just common decency from VA, it doesn’t exist even if employees want it to. Until they get on same page and expose the trash that is persistent of keeping on with same criminally tactics nothing can change. I’m all for trump too see how they will challenge him as if he were nothing but a punk as they already have, then watch the action take effect. Whether anyone likes him or not it’s time to watch this play out. Sad to say systemic psychopathy is the norm in 2nd largest budget of American taxpayers.

    1. Wrong fred the link is just fine. Just copied and pasted it then remove the quotes the link is good. Just tested it.

      How long have you been with Amvets?

      You must be one of their career criminals.

    2. Freddy,

      Here is another link you can try. Which brings ups a good question maybe you might be able to answer for us all here.


      With the Billons’ of dollars Amvets spends on lobbying Democrats and the additional donations of Hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, how much does Amvets actually spend on helping Veterans? Is it 7 or 8% of the money they collect under the guise of helping Veterans.

      Or is it actually less then 3% as the Ohio Attorney General found?


      1. Well, somethings worth commenting on. AMVETS was formed by Jewish WW11 war vets who couldn’t join the major vets group at the time. They are less a National Veterans group working on vets issues and more of a Cottage Industry set up to float just the sort of scams in your post.
        I’ve had some some contact with them New Jersey and they are a shady bunch when it comes to finance, as they get funding from Jewish groups in grants and endowments that doesn’t find it’s way to veterans as a whole. Like a veterans version of an AMWAY MLM.

      2. PS: AMVETS was the only only recognizable “veterans organization” to receive $75,000 from the Trump $6 Million shakedown scam that Trump ran during the Election. The rest of the loot went to Trump/Republican connected groups…..

  2. We also need to get rid of the VSOs and the union! Both are as dirty as the VA hand that feeds them! VSO’s having Atlanta VA cover up their wrongdoings “”

    1. AVeteran2017,

      Here is a link to court papers filed by the Attorney General for Ohio that describes the money laundering operation AMVETs used in a sham Educational Career Centers to lauder money. It shows just how corrupt the VSOs are.

      They are nothing but organized crime making money off of using Veterans. I hope everyone reads this 42 page document. It really show just how corrupt these organizations are.

      All the while they are fighting against Veterans being able to choose their own healthcare providers and fighting against Veterans having a legal right to an attorney.


  3. Excellent job Ben!

    One thing I did notice was at times the shadow from your hats visor on your face made it almost look like you were wearing a Banditos mask. Some thing a simple change in lighting could correct.

    Speaking of hats, I want one and a tee shirt to go with it. How much??

    1. @SK

      I rarely find issue with your insights, but i regards to the lighting and bandito mask…

      I think Ben should actually wear a bandito mask but with better lighting to accentuate it! A Guns and Roses hat might be a good choice too (music always soothes a crowd, right?). Plus I personally would vote for a heavily waxed mustache twisted upwards at the ends. The fuzzy bear face hair style is too warm and cozy. I think too that even if his eyesight is perfect that he should adorn a monocular eyepiece (in protest of the proposed vision cuts). Besides, Colonel Klink looked pretty good with one…

      1. @Dennis

        To add to the bandito mask and G&R’s hat, may I also suggest Benjamin wielding the whip of Zorro? (It looks almost as fabulous as Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso of Truth). It provides same results: Black or Golden whip. Benjamin’s choice.

        I also want to suggest Wonder Woman’s invisible plane for Benjamin to arrive at locations without notice. Every USAF Veteran wanted one at one time.

        Lastly, Benjamin deserves a ‘cape of integrity’ befitting of a super hero.

        Benjamin’s weapon you may ask?

        The VA’s kryptonite called “accountability”, which is a bound copy of The Constitution and Title 38 and as many FOIA Request Forms to bring the disinfecting qualities of sunlight to the VA Swamp.

      2. Plus a whopping huge dip in his front lower lip of three day old Coppenhagen, with tiny dark drool drips in the corner of his mouth. Just keep a spit cup near.

    2. Seriously all joking aside. Great job Ben and I really like the hat. If you sold them I would definitely buy several.

  4. Ben,

    In kindergarten I peed on the recess monitor. A harbinger of things to come…..

    I took the unusual step today of sharing this blog on my facebook page. This is part of the butterfly effect. I guess you could say I engaged in high tech cyber partisianship today! You have a knack for interviews and it serves America well.

    I did notice that you failed to mention my name as a major source of positive change at VA? It was the poop cannon idea wasn’t it? Damn! Grandpa always said keep my best ideas to myself!

    Odd….he never told that to anyone else….

  5. Ben,
    My husband, a Vietnam veteran has had his claim for benefits denied by the Waco department. Our VSO sent our claim up to the Federal courts. Should we have made an appeal instead?

  6. A ticking time bomb: it’s almost a mild observation of the problem. If you deal with the VA you should be considered violating the Trading With The Enemy Act.
    Ben, I can save you six months of holding your breath for a positive outcome. Trump is a sociopath, he has never demonstrated any concern for Veterans well being. He will appoint ONLY those tow the Trump line and will not tolerate any deviation from that. He has has the classic Authoritarian Personality.
    As for Lensecrafters and it foreign ownership, Trumps has declared himself a Globalist.
    The VA is an ancient evil that goes back decades. The corruption that you see was built into the system during the 60’s, and there is a bigger backstory to all this.

    1. Hey Crokos,

      Did you get the news!

      “Bangladesh PM: Clinton ‘Personally Pressured’ Her to Aid Foundation Donor Despite Ethics Laws”
      by Katherine Rodriguez11 May 2017

      “A foreign government has revealed another one of the Clinton Foundation’s pay-to-play schemes.
      Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that Hillary Clinton “personally pressured” her to help a Clinton Foundation donor during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state in 2011, despite it being against ethics laws, Circa reported.

      Hasina’s press secretary told Circa that Clinton placed a phone call to her office in March 2011 insisting that 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Muhammed Yunus get his job back as chairman of Grameen Bank, a famous microcredit bank in the country.

      Yunus is chairman of the bank’s nonprofit Grameen America, which donated between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Global Initiative, Circa reported.

      Yunus also chairs Grameen Research, which donated an estimated $25,000 and $50,000 to CGI.

      “Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton telephoned Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in March 2011 insisting her not to remove Dr. Muhammad Yunus from the post of Managing Director of Grameen Bank,” Deputy Press Secretary Md Nazrul Islam said.

      Islam added that the prime minister told Clinton that the company’s rules and regulations require the chairperson of the bank to be no older than 60, even though Yunus was not removed from his position until he was 70 and he argued with the prime minister over his removal.

      The Bangladesh government said that Grameen Bank is a “statutory body of the government” that must follow banking laws and that they told Clinton Yunus collected an illegal salary over the past ten years.”

      Full article at: “”


      What utter fricken corruption ehy. I hear other governments have also come forward about the bitch.

      Can’t wait to see her in prison.

      Oh and by the way Crokos, she lost the election!!!

      1. Seymore: You sound like you might be a JD Salinger character. Who gives a shit about Hillary Clinton ?
        Nothing in my post has any mention of her.
        On of the prime reasons that some veterans are clueless about what is going on around them is all the time they spend parroting Republican Talk Radio show talking points.
        Your response was childless to say he least, but I’m not surprised. You are one of the Seldom Right, but Never Doubtful.

      2. So “not Sorry” Crokos,

        Didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers so bad you broke your spell checker.

        But before I let you crawl back into the folds of the MSM that source your News let me just share a few Articles from the radio you despise. Now I know it may be hard for you to follow with your immature personality disorder but please try. Before you drift back into the Clinton News Network (CNN) on cable.


        From 95.9 WATD radio news.

        “Boston: Ex-Whitman Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Embezzling from Disabled Vets”
        By Lenny Rowe
        Posted on May 16, 2017

        “A former Whitman police officer accused of stealing Veterans Affairs funds from disabled veterans agreed to a plea deal with U.S. prosecutors in Boston today.

        Glenn P. Pearson, 61, pleaded guilty to four counts out of a 41-count indictment with charges that included defrauding veterans he was assigned to be the fiduciary of. The remaining charges were dismissed.

        Pearson — a Whitman Police Officer terminated in 2001 –admitted to stealing funds from two disabled Vietnam veterans in U.S. District Court in Boston.

        From a period of 2007 to 2012, Assistant Chief Karen Kelly of the Justice Department’s Tax Division said Pearson devised a scheme to defraud take money from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

        Kelly said Pearson diverted money intended to beneficiaries he was in charge of managing funds for and submitted false accounting statements to the V.A.

        In 2012, Pearson used $40,000 of money intended for a 64-year-old Vietnam Army veteran for his own use.

        He agreed to the facts in that instance.

        From a period of 2008 to 2012, he agreed to the facts of another instance, where he defrauded a 55-year-old Vietnam Navy veteran.

        Kelly said from a period from 2012 to 2016 – unrelated to veterans — Pearson filed false tax returns as part of his business, FTS Tax Services. Kelly said Pearson under-reported his own income and claimed refunds he was not entitled to.

        In total, Kelly said Pearson’s actions amounted to a total fraud loss of around $250,000, no more than $500,000.”

        “He pleaded guilty to obtaining money through fraud, one count of misappropriation of Veteran’s benefits by a fiduciary, one count of filing false tax returns, and one count of attempting to interfere with IRS laws. The remaining charges were dismissed.

        Judge Patti B. Saris said a first priority was paying restitution (roughly $30,000) to two individual victims. The other victims were paid in whole by the VA.

        “He’s got to pay back these veterans, that’s a key issue,” said Saris.

        Saris ordered a lien be placed on Pearson’s home, and that he had a direct order not to alienate any assets. A forfeiture trial would be scheduled for a later date.

        She also warned Pearson that his sentence was “likely to involve a term of incarceration.”

        When asked for comment after the hearing, Thrall said they could not comment. Sentencing was scheduled for September 19th at 2:30.”

        Full article at: “”


        Also one from the good folks over at Info Wars and Prison Planet.

        “Did Wash Post Publish Dubious Russia Story to Distract From Seth Rich Bombshell?”
        DC Police ordered to cover-up revelation that Rich was in contact with Wikileaks
        Paul Joseph Watson | – May 16, 2017

        “The Washington Post published its dubious story on President Trump leaking classified information to the Russians less than an hour after the bombshell news broke that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was in contact with Wikileaks and that DC Police were ordered to cover it up.

        The coincidental timing has led many Trump supporters to accuse the Post of publishing their story in an attempt to distract the rest of the media from focusing on the massive new revelations in the Seth Rich case.”


    2. @John Cokos,

      “Trump is a sociopath, he has never demonstrated any concern for Veterans well being.”

      Technically you have used the wrong word here John. “Sociopath” means dysfunctional in society at large, while you apply it to only a single population in your post.

      The word sociopath is a two part word, more or less from old latin. What you mean to say is that Trump is a Veteranmilitumpath. It is also made up of latin and I just invented it so the spelling is defacto correct.

      For myself, I just called Trump a jackass in general and that word is also made up of two parts, but encompasses a much broader spectrum of behaviors so its pretty safe to use it in a grammatically correct manner.

      I am gonna smoke a joint now. Want a toke?

      1. @Dennis – – – Check your inbox dude. We all got together and sent ya a quarter ounce of sweet hybrid indica/sativa sinsemilla [Word Press spell checker plug-in no work on this word] Hawaiian big sticky nuggets from my cousins indoor closed closet, where there is CO2 pumped in, and the air is automatically scrubbed to remove stunting vaporous compounds. They’re fruit and sour taste, and really loud so vapor em outside ok? Let us know how ya like em. And, don’t forget to share with your fellow Veterans. – – – Nutter.

      2. @John Crokos, @Dennis, @Seymore of Life Klearly – – – Hey John, your handle name would make a good label for hybrid cannabis; Crokos Kush, Killer Crokos, Blueberry Crokos, Croks Killer Nuggets, Crokners Crush, Croker Sour Kush, etc.

        Hey, just razzin everyone. I’ve got to some how relieve the fucking stress due to dealing with the incompetent so called Medical Professionals at the VA. The last straw [actually 3] occurred today. There is no more room for negotiating. VA is acting like N. Korea’s psycho maniac. And their the professionals. Fuck you VA. Like Mr. Wonderful says on Shark Tank, “You’re dead to me.”

        You’re not taking my life. You touch me, and I’ll have no choice but to defend myself in the ways that I see fit. Warning. DMZ is extended 3 feet in diameter. I need my space, and will claim it, and defend it. VA, you’re fucking dangerous.

        Dennis, Dennis, don’t bogart that joint. Didn’t yo mama teach you to share? Shit. WTF?

      3. @ANutterVet,

        Sweet sticky buds? Yum! I love good smoke, good times, and enjouing the same Sun above Earth that every other human enjoys. I have to be careful though with that Sativa hybrid….the last time I got into some really good Sativa shatter I later spent hours pondering if gravity exists where it does because of the planets and stars, or if the planets and stars exist where they do because of gravity. … at least I think it took hours – It was REALLY good shatter.

        For some reason I just got the munchies.

  7. Okay Benjamin, I HAVE to ask: Are you selling hats of the likes you are wearing in this video? If so, please let us know how to acquire one…for fundraising purposes, of course!? (I’m serious…no VSO hat has lured me in in the past but your hat is one I will always support)

    1. @Ben, @Namnibor – – – I’ll take the one with back pockets? – – – Nutter.

  8. Thank you Benjamin Krause for tracking these issues down and discussing them in media. Your work puts these criminal issues on record. Thank you for all your hard work.

  9. I’m not feeling much hope. I think, seeing Ben, and hearing Ben, I feel mixed. The things Ben mentioned that the VA is doing, breaks all kinds of laws on every level. I guess you had to tone it down; it sounded like it’s ok, we’re Veterans. I understand the interview, a good thing. I just didn’t pick up the anger. The anger I feel is directly related to the VA, and it’s life long attack on me. Lie after lie, year after year…. Just get pissed at having to relive the VA each time I hear that name:VA

  10. I like the idea about funding our own cause. Idea funding would be to get a live “on air ” veteran reporter that goes around to the problematic VA facilities and report “live” across the street of course. This will get VA’s attention of course, including VA employees who will be nosy enough to snoop about whats going on.
    The funny part would be that it would be a fake reporter, a fake crowd and real laugh at the VA’s expense!
    They would be that stupid to fall for it!

  11. Not sure if this will post, but if you have the video embedded on your server Ben, your server is likely getting hammered. I cannot even load the page from another device.

    1. Ben, it’s not your server so don’t waste time looking for a problem. The problem was on my end.

  12. Very well said, Ben!
    It’s about time for that “Time Bomb” to explode, don’tcha think!

    “ News” reported last Friday 12 May. There are at least three VSO’s, VFW, DAV. and the American Legion siding with Secretary of VA or Congress over the “Bill” – which will allow “Shithead Shulkin” to fire bad employees!
    Why they’re doing this is anyone’s guess!

    1. Crazy Elf, if the VSO’s are on the side of legislation allowing Shulkin to fire bad employees, it is for one of two reasons:

      1. They know the legislation is worthless, but looks good to vets demanding action.

      2. They see what way the winds are blowing and want to be on the right side after ignoring veterans for so many years.

      Ben, very good interview. Thanks for keeping the heat on.

      Off topic, but something I was wondering. Memorial Day is coming up. I am thinking veterans should seriously “memorialize” the fact that Trump, Leinenkugel, Shulkin, Isakson and Roe are still seriously ignoring what is happening in VA’s across the country.

      Open a Twitter account and spend the day tweeting Ben’s columns to them. Spend the day tweeting the story about that awesome chicken at Hines. Search DailyCaller and USA Today for articles on veterans and tweet them.

      Why not a digital march on Washington? It’s easy enough to find their twitter accounts, and whatever is tweeted is public.

      Any thoughts?

      1. I don’t use twitter, and I don’t do Facebook or any social media stuff,. I don’t even have a cell phone…. so count me out…

  13. It is interesting that the VA is trying to outsource Audiology and Optometry, because many patients need ENT services and Opthalmology services that go hand and hand with the two services. Medical clearance is needed in many audiology patients through Ent and Diabetic retinal services and glaucoma services are a nexus to the testing Optometry does, i.e GDX, FDT and visual field testing. It sounds like a bunch of contractors are salivating to have it outsourced. My main concern is that when veterans apply for benefits who’s going to follow all the paperwork that’s needed to establish a claim?
    Fuck Shulkin!

    1. Yes and another problem with this is contractors will end up with our personal information, and we still won’t actually get the audio and optometry care we need. I was unfortunate enough to have to under go an eye exam from a contractor 3 years ago ( VA damaged my eyes during cataract surgery) and this contractor was literally working out of his trunk, using he most antiquated equipment I had ever seen. When I finally was able to get a copy of the exam, I could tell this clown had no idea what he was talking about…because of the damage the VA surgeons did to my eyes, I have to wear dark glasses, and half of the time the pressure in my left eye goes so high that all I have is light vision. ( unable to see anything but white haze) and there is noting anyone can do about the problem, eventually, I will lose all sight in the left eye. So anyway thanks va,now that you screwed up my vision, you want me to get my exams from a contractor who will do a worse job than your resident did on my surgery,,,,,,

  14. Well done Ben, one more voice, one more ear. You could have mentioned the good things that the VA is doing. Me neither, can’t think of one. I’m learning it’s a slow process. You seem to have picked up a little bit of speed. Perhaps our guardian Angels are awakening.

  15. Following comments. I have recently deleted my Facebook account. Will check for the video later through other sources. Give them hell, Ben!

    1. Thanks Benjamin, for embedding that video here for those of us that never liked idea of facebook and likes…and great video interview/talk.

      I think we Veterans should intercept the next big VSO Piggy Event by being the food catering company for keeping the piggy’s troughs filled and replace the food, namely chicken, with relatively fowl uncooked chicken and go all Erin Brockovich on them like she did with the PG&G Chromium-tainted water in that boardroom and corporate suits.
      These problems would not be so vapid if the VA did not have so much extra $$$ and absolutely no accountability. Add those, greed, original benefactors; veterans, left in the piggy emptied trough.

      The VA ….no, our Federal Gov’t. needs to tell the AFGE to go infect another planet. ‘Planet Claire’ may just do, and being an USAF Veteran, of course, it’s the trusty “B-52’s”

      “She came from Planet Claire
      I knew she came from there
      She drove a Plymouth Satellite
      A-faster than the speed of light

      Planet Claire has pink air
      All the trees are red
      No one ever dies there
      No one has a head

      Some say she’s from Mars
      Or one of the seven stars that shine after three-thirty in the morning
      Well, she isn’t!

      She came from Planet Claire
      She came from Planet Claire”–B-52’s

  16. Even though they don’t have a brain, the normal topical bacteria on the skin of my scrotum cares more about me than the VA does. Fuck you VA. – – – Nutter

    1. I just embed the video into the website, so you should be able to watch the video now.

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