Richard Ojeda

Veteran Medical Records Illegally Accessed In Alleged Smear Campaign

A former VA employee just pled guilty for computer fraud in an illegal scheme to access the medical records of a veteran running for Congress in an alleged smear campaign.

One of the victims in question, Richard Ojeda (pictured above), is a retired Army Major who served three tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. At the time of the computer fraud, Ojeda was running for Congress while serving as a state lawmaker in West Virginia. A former VA employee illegally accessed the veteran’s medical records, took photos of them, and shared those with a third party during the campaign.

The former VA employee, Jeffery Scott Miller, pled guilty to six counts of computer fraud for unauthorized access to Ojeda’s records and other veterans including five of his coworkers. Miller worked at the Veterans Benefits Administration as a claims assistant.

Miller, himself a veteran, allegedly took illegal photos of Ojeda’s records days after he was selected as the Democratic representative in the 2018 primary election. Ojeda alleges the photos were used in a scheme to ruin his political campaign.

The VA Office of Inspector General apparently began an investigation into the unlawful access of records but initially refused to share those records with Ojeda.

The former state lawmaker sued VA for access to the agency’s investigations records to investigate what happened. He did receive a report from IG, but it was too heavily redacted to make use of for Ojeda’s purposes.

Miller faces up to one year in prison, a $100,000 fine, and one year of released supervision. The sentencing is scheduled for December 9.

Ojeda lost his campaign to US Rep. Carol Miller, who is supposedly not a relative to Jeffrey Miller. Congresswoman Miller received 56 percent of the vote.

Veterans for years have regularly complained about VA employees and contractors illegally accessing their health records to smear whistleblowers and other targets. The access complained of by countless veterans is rampant, and someone needs to do something.

Recently, whistleblowers allege government contractors are accessing private computers and medical records in efforts to harass, gaslight, or surveil individuals whose dissent threatens the status quo or contractor deals that grease the wheels of insiders.

Should all veterans file demands for SPAR? Ever hear of it? That is a Sensitive Patient Access Report (SPAR).

According to VA:

As cited in VHA Handbook, 1605.01, Privacy and Release of Information, a Veteran has access to the SPAR because the SPAR is covered under the Privacy Act system of records, “Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA)-VA”(79VA10P2).” Specific processes included with the Right of Access are cited in VHA Handbook, 1605.01. The SOP is to be implemented by VHA facilities by May 17, 2017.

I would suggest all veterans put in a demand for their records to be protected by SPAR if possible.

Remember, the possibility of unlawful access to your records increases with every deal between a contractor and the agency.

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  1. @J.R.B.,
    That’s a disturbing scenario you have brought up. Really makes you wonder just how much private information is actually handled much like a postcard.
    This oldie popped up on the right and I thought you might appreciate the irony.

  2. my husband was approved mental health help than va denied all the bills. He told them he will never ask for help again. How many veterans have died because of this crooks!

  3. I only began using VA healthcare regularly in 2015 for myself and for my Aunt, who was a Korean war vet. I was shocked at how many clerks, admin, social workers, and others who had direct access to her medical records. About my records, just the other day I was getting picking shoes up that I’d been fitted for at a local store that does contract ortho work for the VA. The secretary there mentioned to me that she saw that I was taking Gapapentin and noted it is a weight gainer. I was truly in disbelief that she could see my records. In fact, all of my “diagnoses” were all printed out neatly for her to see, including PTSD and MDD, which has nothing to do with my feet. I’m not sure how it benefits all medical doctors either, to see notes of my psych visits, when those doctors don’t take seriously the somatic effect of my disorders and those are not considered SC for disability purposes or pharmacy co-pays. It used to be that mental health records were between a patient and his/her psychiatrist/therapist. I guess not so much in the VA.

  4. Ben posted this topic about veteran records being randomly accessed by anyone with the desire to do just that. It is precisely three days later, to the hour, and nearly half of the 64 posts are verbosely expressing the random thoughts of one person. Maybe consider starting their own blog?

    1. @Angela,
      In a day or so, come back to this page and read it straight through from Ben’s topic introduction, and then you might more clearly see my point of view. I hadn’t read the blog in a couple of days and ended up losing tract of the topic while reading through the first set of comments. Someone new to the site, may leave before finding others’ input of shared experience, or they may have second thoughts about their posting at all, leaving us without their point of view. Ben has connections to decision makers and there are curious persons that tune in for myriad reasons and may well find inspiration to make a suggestion of real and valuable change where a specific topic os concerned. Did you notice in this article that there is only one time where you’d started a comment, and the rest were made as replies in others comments?

      You bring a lot of good to great information and points to ponder in many of your lengthy posts, and I am serious in positing that you write your own blog; I would read it and I am sure that many others would as well. In no way am I suggesting you “go away”.

  5. 09/06/2019

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    It is apparent that U.S.A. Today/Gannett/the Arizona Republic was interested in Dr. Yusuf Dawoodbhai [Portland transfer to Los Angeles in 2017 then to Prescott VAMC in June 0f 2018].

    Or is it Dawood bhai from India—their Al Capone/Pablo Escobar/Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán over there?

    Michele Katenay [administration officer] called the work environment “insane.”

    She asked, “When is it going to stop?”

    It is apparent that the top VA people favored Dawoodbhai [rewarding him in Los Angeles]—-they liked his management style [“dismissive, rude, belittling”–recreating hostile work environment “furious and threatening demeanor” causing numerous complaints and a 38-year employee chest pains]—he fits right into that 1960 mode of management.

    So What is going on in Prescott?


    Don Karg

    1. Don, Mr. Wilkie calling a national conversation about Vet suicides.
      He needs to mandate his own VA employees in on this discussion. Look at what is going on with what you are describing in Prescott. Govt is contributing to this. Suicides point to the environment.

  6. Veteran suicide is a national issue the Federal government causing it. Its nothing but delays that takes years. Its simple made hard. If your disabled and miss 7 days in a year your gone at almost any job. People are being deliberately denied benefits. Try waiting on Social security it takes over 2 years to see a fake judge that is being told to deliberately deny people. This is a national issue causing suicide. I know its not just that but its a great starting point. Tell your utilities you’ll get back with them in 2 years see what happens. You can have 3 Dr. saying your unemployable and denied. Its nothing more than Fraud against the people that paid into a system that was never there. If your insurance company decided to deny every claim the government would go after them

      1. Crazy Elf,
        Mr. Wilkie, can want to talk about suicide with having a discussion. All well and good. Consider this; which is a greater tragedy? A veteran being sunk by VA care or a Vet committing suicide on VA property?

      2. Either way, vets should not be having to take their lives. Ending lives should not be happening if the deaths could have been prevented.This goes with every life. Pro-Life.

      3. Or have their lives taken due to negligent care. Losing track. Up late working on some tasks.

  7. 09/06/2019

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    After reading several articles and understanding “management’s behaviors.”
    ABC —“Nearly 18 years after 9/11, the federal air marshals program is in ‘crisis'”

    It is clear as day the Management has lost the ability to manage.

    They are operating in a 1960 Mode.

    Management must change. Again, put these people on film!


    Don Karg

  8. Secretary of VA Wilkie wants to make “Veterans Suicide a national issue”! He just said so;


    1. Elf,
      Those birds in DC can sit on their perches passing laws, make claims, squawk all they want, and fling their poo. Don’t mean a thing down here or in some places or states. Local media and others have made it clear that issues of suicides either by vets or children will not be reported on, period. VSOs don’t care to even discuss it, everything that matters is simply ignored (by all), it’s a hot topic and few care.

      What matters here is the corruption, cover-ups, all the little activist, appeasing the college cliques (we know what that means) and appeasing the politics of it all. When local media can announce people, vets, being toyed with or not heard, then bold enough to dare say “White Lives Matter Too” by some, is considered “hate speech.” Then turned into some Nazi junk distracting the root issues and complaints… the community and state, the representatives are NOT operating by laws or the Constitution but by activism, the isms and unionism since they can claim “Union Strong” is such a great thing. Yet I am an enemy and can’t be protected or use any laws on the books including discrimination or big C rights? It’s not rocket science and clear to see some under-lying issues rarely discussed like why some can be discriminated against, attacked, totally ignored, to activist allowed to interfere with our medical care or daily living. Two things should not exist or shown active in the least in medical care or the VA, activist of any sort and freaking politics. Most ignore it or let it pass like being told to “vote Democrat for better VA care” or who to vote for in some VA joint. Or to the point of showing just how powerful these activist, lying politicians, the unions, the media really is and why they ignore some people and many issues. Or singing the same old song of those we aren’t supposed to complain about or who or what to expose then they are out trying to ruin and destroy us merely over activist crap to protect their agendas to the ID politics, to that protecting their own in the industry. The crap is out of control.

      The birds in DC want to change some things they better burn that wick from the top and the bottom at the same time to eliminate all the corruption and propaganda. Until then nothing will change and local politics, college kiddies pretending to be professionals or not, the activist (in all media too), to the medical boards or protective professional groups will be allowed to run rampant and go protected by those same birds in DC.

    2. Crazy Elf,
      Mr. Wilkie, can want to talk about suicide with having a discussion. All well and good. Consider this; which is a greater tragedy? A veteran being sunk by VA care or a Vet committing suicide on VA property?

  9. The laws were set up against the people on Hippa. 99 percent of the time you cant win a hippa case. unless its a crazy case like this one. Mainly suspended licensees that’s it

  10. on a different note, the VA just declared September “Veterans Suicide Prevention Month” With other words, it’s OK to off your self the rest of the year.
    I wonder how much money they spend on graphic artists, advertisement and any other such subliminal messaging that could be used to treat vets.

  11. 09/05/2019

    Dear Crazy Elf,

    Thank you for the article.

    Another Topic to look into is how can Medimpact [basically a call center with underpaid college students] override your doctor’s prescription for another drug—my source who is a NP stated upon a phone investigation there is no one qualified to change a prescription at Medimpact—–but they do it all the time.

    There are many lawsuits piling up since last year in this Scam that has injured many Americans and Veterans [the largest PBMs in the U.S. include CVS Caremark, Express Scripts, Prime Therapeutics, OptumRx and MedImpact].

    Benjamin Krause take a look into our future —-PillPack/Amazon.


    Don Karg

  12. I have a split opinion on this issue! Therefore, I will not address who is right or wrong!
    For those of you who follow my comments, you already know I’m a staunch Conservative Replican!
    That said, I do believe y’all might already know where I stand on violating the law!

    Here’s some good news:

    There’s also some other articles on *””* you might want to check out!

  13. The only way that the illegal accessing of veteran medical records will stop is when current VA employees are held criminally liable. There is a criminal penalty for serious violations but most of us know that the VA will not seek referral for criminal prosecution. The fact that the VA is the largest Hipaa violator speaks volumes. The VA remedial actions listed with OCR is just copied cut and pasted with each violation. It is essentially meaningless. There is no intent on changing the processes, procedures or control methods. The question is why is this allowed to continue to happen?
    Is there a law firm willing to pursue these violations in court? There is a case in Indiana that used the Hippa violation as a basis to sue in state court. I think it had to with a national pharmacy chain and cost them north of $1M. There is not a right to sue for Hippa violations and I’m probably butchering the legalise behind the case but think that until the VA starts getting with tort claims nothing will change. There has to be a tort claims lawyer willing to take one of these cases on. When that happens, we will see the change and privacy we earned and that is comparable to the private care facilities (who do get sued for these violations and rightly so)

  14. MR T Fortwayne VA town hall was today and September 18 is Mishawaka. VA lies falsehoods on face book has a nice following with lawyers. Psychologist out of Marion Indiana was doing cp exams was on probation previously for trashing records no accountability. They took him off but so many veterans had there records changed

    1. Steph,
      Thanks for the info. At one time I was a member of several of those FB groups for vets until they changed gears from exposing the VA, being for vets against corruption or the VA to being just data collection clubs then running off some vets by telling us to get the hell out unless we accepted some of their true agendas siding with the lefties to demanding we agree with rewriting history to destroying things like civil war historical items and sites. So I left. Others changed into something else like for first responders only, etc. Claims were made about getting some media or legal help from those groups or those in this state but nothing happened. Just like some “sponsored ads” on FB or flashing news items or like someone trying to contact us when clicked on is nothing more than viruses or those … pay to get the needed ‘key codes’ to use your pc again. With the ones I clicked on were supposedly meant for disabled veteran issues, etc., to lure us in easy enough knowing what our interests are. Just because some claim to be veterans or for veterans or about some wrong doing doesn’t mean they are well intended or being honest about their true agendas. Sadly.

  15. 09/04/2019

    Re: Running for Office

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    There are somethings a Candidate should never speak on [Treason, Sabotage, Corruption, White Collar Crime, Nasty Politicians and their tricks, Newspapers, Reporters, Bankers, Tariffs, War] or they will never get elected.

    So, Abortion, Gun Control, Health Care, and Education are the safe subjects since 1960s.

    On the Flip side of this insanity the Bankers, Politicians, Criminals, War Lords, News outlets use every means possible to make sure you do not get into office using your background and what you had stated against you.

    Richard Ojeda is not exempt from this treatment, nor is anyone else in the foreseeable future.

    Sabotage is my favorite subject along-side Treason—most people never think it through, it happens all the time—during Wartime [America is in several wars]—any act of sabotage is a crime of treason.
    Politicians forget this simple law.

    Richard Ojeda should be advised to look into Congressional Law on Election Interference; the VA hospital is a co-conspirator, and may have been acting on behalf of the Union.

    Every Veteran should protect themselves from this out of control organization called the VA who does not respond to “the People”/Congress [House & Senate].


    Don Karg

    1. @”Don Karg”,
      You just commented on how I see today’s political arena!
      If one actually took the time, they would see how politics plays out at all VA’s nationwide.
      I also believe, like you and others, how the AFGE union members treat veterans!

      1. Crazy Elf the whole damn country is about to lose their minds because they politicize everything. Companies, educational institutions and the VA. Pathetic. I agree with you Crazy Elf.

  16. I dont believe anything will come of it. And in fact I would bet that BOTH of the workers get to keep their jobs. The VA is going downhill very fast!

    1. Dan, do you realize that I agree with you? Do you know why I say this? Because in the last few months the Trump administration looks like the former Bush administration. Bush family seems to have asserted control over the Trump administration indirectly through AG William Barr. I am referring to Jen Bush.

  17. It happens daily at the Cheyenne v.a..

    The ‘shadow system’ is used specifically by and for the employees to include doctors and nurses to say nasty things about the patients which is NOT public domain.

    That type of system needs . . . NO . . . MUST . . . be made public and the perps MUST go to prison NOT jail.

    They caught, in the act after I complained, a Mental Health employee who was only a lowly msa reading mine and others’ info and ABUSING us verbally daily. She was fired on the spot BUT should have gone to prison for about 20 years to think about how stupid she was and is!!!

    Abusive people doing abusive things MUST be sentenced to the maximum!

  18. I am so angry right now, this is what has been done to me for the past 7 years ! How can they get away with this and who can I talk to in order to make them accountable. I have changed VA’s and doctors but it follows me like a black cloud over my head. They work together to make me seem like I am crazy but I know the doctors that work there and employees stage events. I have called the Whitehouse hot line and it only got worst so I stop going all together, I wish there was something to do about it !

      1. Flot,
        First we need to find a lawyer, agency to a judge or court that will abide by laws, not make them, change them, or not be as corrupted as all the rest. Courts and certain judges here are just as corrupt and part of the problems as the rest. And they will not eat their own or cross any of the “professionals.”

        Nothing going by chains of command, so-called proper steps, by any laws, using or doing anything has worked in my state for myself or many others. What do any of us do when no-one wants involved or think it’s funny we have no rights, can be thoroughly squashed out and censored to not have any representation at all. With the media and others totally silent but on their sides. When doors are shut then it comes out…. it’s “professional courtesy” and not there to help with such messes or messes another “professional” has made. It’s all good.

        Where are all those law groups or others that claim to represent vets having attorneys or groups in every state and with license to practice in each one?

        Example. “”

        Here if you don’t pay on time, medical bills, un-able to work, waiting on disability stuff, the courts and attorneys have warrants cut getting around the ‘debtors prison’ claiming jail times and the like are for “violation of court order.” Lawyer and court semantics while the state’s Supreme Courts and others in the food chain claiming it’s all legal. Ask a question, file a complaint and watch all hell break loose against you just for upsetting or questioning some uppity lawyer that has held countless city positions along with the family (nepotism).

        In Indiana there are also laws broken like Vet disability and back-pay not being exempt in bankruptcy courts. Then things like losing property insurance and other cute legal tricks if a vet (consumer) has conflicts with medical bills, a court, et al. All of it just for retaliation, teaching the serf’s a lesson, for more revenue, profit, or forcing a citizen to do something they may not be able to do at that time. Or daring to ask about fraud, insane costs/charges and rip-offs by some professional or MD. But put in ruin just for legal kicks, shits and giggles. Damn strange and beyond belief who corrupt a state can be while being ignored around the nation and those corrupt saps in DC.

    1. Johnny, I believe a large portion of the legal system is beating it’s own self in the head with the hammer at the current time. The problem with the legal system is yes many of them have turned into activists. Another problem with the lawmakers is some them have been disregarding the Separation of Powers. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote an article in the National Review speaking to how and when lawmakers disregard the separation of powers that of which it harms Americans. Johnny, it is true many of the attorneys and judges are corrupt. The situation points back to what I just commented on in reference to the article written by the Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsch, “Separation of Powers.”
      Some may not be versed or may not have been educated with the correct textual Constitutional content that of which stresses the importance of Separation of Powers. Just because they are lawmakers does not mean they have a thorough understanding of the laws themselves and a thorough understanding of how to apply them to either prosecute or to defend. Many will represent if one pays them enough and this is bad law in my opinion. Johnny, to find a credible attorney, call the State Bar where you live. Each state bar association has a listing. Johnny, when you go to VA, always take someone with you to have a second pair of eyes and ears. Just stand up to them.
      Ultimately, the conduct of many of the VA types is directly proportional to the conduct of many of the attorneys who overlook the importance of the Separation of Powers. Same disregard.
      Ignorance or Intentional??? Ben??

      1. Ben, I can speak to how to improve many situations; but, many in the federal government is going to remain in their activist state. If nothing changes, nothing changes. ???

  19. Ben,
    Not surprising. Thank you so much for additional reading materials on ways to hide pertinent information. I can utilize the SPAR . A number of our vets complain about not knowing who is in their file; HIPPA, PHI – now it is very clear.

    1. Dianna, thanks for respecting what is important to others; and, thanks taking pride in your work.

    1. I personally listened to the head of the regional office in Washington, D.C. years ago admit that the VA employees were intentionally trashing records and lying about the act to the vet. This is common knowledge among us veterans and we need to kick op the biggest stink when it happens and make sure that criminal laws are enforced.

  20. Got a ton of other things to do and going on but here is my nickle.

    We will probably never hear about whatever happens to Jeffery Scott Miller, just like over many other stories or what happens to the trash in the long established, deeply rooted, systems of corruption, full circle.

    “Redacted?” Of course they are. Any form of dissent or stepping on the wrong toes or even daring to ask a question will bring the roof down on us. Merely changing from a local corrupted CBOC to a hospital to avoid the troubles or revolving doors of PCPs will create butt hurt from the offended, emotional female admin taking things personal or from other bruising of their psyche or egos. And there is no escaping the politics or myriad of activist, professional groups or boards protecting their own, the unions, or those secretive social groups of today who have powers to do whatever their little hearts desire, to ruin whomever they desire, none. Or to get any form of info on us they want. They all have their secret agents, secret squirrels and investigators with grand connections for info to stalking. I’ve listed them all before, in part. No escaping it, no safe spaces. If hated like in lefty college towns with their politics and evils they will go to the extinct of burning out to silence you or other trip-wires or tactics to distract or label you any way they want to ruin. Also where you’ll have more veteran enemies in the community or state than friendlies and that is beyond sad and revealing. As propaganda and facade pours from media and TV.

    SPAR? News to me. Out of the hundreds of people contacted and spoken to not one has ever mentioned anything of the sort. Perhaps they should make a large poster about that and stick in on the atrium walls and centers along with the other junk like “Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities.” Or photos of the phonies called “Patient’s Rights Advocates, Those Who Care” pictured below smiling. Plus the phony posters about some phony HIPPA or Disabled People laws of protections/rights that too are phony as hell when needed, can be side-lined by other protective laws for the corrupt, excused, etc., they claim. Then told and shown we have no basic human rights or shown we have no real big C rights to some of us not eligible for civil rights protections or from being targets or from discrimination or being black-balled full circle?

    SPAR? A bit late for me and many others out here. Haven’t even heard other vets mention it at all or out here on the board. No where by any agency, zero. Nor while at the Va. Oddly enough. My stuff/files are all over the place and must be flagged and edited beyond belief and stamped as … enemy of the state… to be destroyed/terminated by soft or hard kill. As they just hand out copies of interspersed BS, not by clinic by clinic, so messed up and confusing, much omitted, that civilian MDs don’t want to go through the crap just the notes, then carry on with the game and circus too. But don’t request investigations while signing those release forms for all those contacted, and don’t contact or use more than one agency or politician at a time or in a short period cause it creates confusion, is a waste of time for those involved with their limited staff (who are activist of some kind and connected, professional liars and distractors), etc. Yeah right. While we/I have been denied health care, my files from the local clowns, to have them forwarded, etc., but it’s all part of the medical community’s circus and games…retaliation, politics, bruised egos of the narcissist, X-girl friends, college town associations and on it goes to the top secret clubs and cliques/billionaires, country clubs. With a corrupt legal system to not able to record in our court house or of officials or during health care, whatever. Who is gonna win? Snicker.

    1. Elaborating while here of trip-wires, snares, cornering, distraction tactics, and spoors leading to my and other’s enemies. More realities of life now and no-one to step-up and speak-up over these issues or to confront the freaks or paid activist. Some won’t like it especially the game players or cheerleaders.

      Oh yeah about race, religion, sacred cows, battles of the sexes, PC-ness, et al., to when I personally started noticing a change in attitudes with the activist coming out of the closet in the VA and elsewhere say back from 2010 and increased since. Like we needed more crap on our plates. Tactics have changed a bit for the real haters, union thugs, SJWs that are huge in medical systems health care, MSM, college towns, on up to DC (both parties). Vastly supported by churches, the whole sheebang in some locations and may vary but probably not just ignored or accepted to fit in.

      We all know the very wealthy and the most corrupt in areas are totally hands off status, college cliques too. Much like the entire state of Indiana is. “Don’t rock the boat.” “No negatives allowed.” Truth either. Someone mentioned some foolishness called “white privilege” or wanting some special treatment over all others. Wrong, and the scum behind the scenes and in media proclaiming this crap is mentally ill and provocateurs, chaos freaks much like Antifa is and those churches and all that support them or that stuff. If we dare mention a corrupt female staffer or something… we are labeled, accused “misogynist” then have to listen to their stuff about our mothers and the feminist rhetoric or activist crap. Teach me not to shut my recorders off out of respect and privacy. Not knowing who or what is a she or he then we are labeled there and being too old fashioned, told how to say something now, stop using language or words we were taught in a more decent academic setting to use, fit in or to be driven out of the happy global community. We gotta face off with the group-think, PC-ness, and all the rest of the crap going on.

      If distracted or cornered into choosing my “whiteness” or hating my heritage or history to having no right to be protesting while not joining in or out with the NAACP, Antifa, BLM, some female group, the lefty nun’s and their open border activism, animal rights extremist, eco-nuts then I am the enemy while the scum activist setting out their guards and trip-wires, the gas-lighting, to throw me off my course, not happening. Vet groups supposedly being American, and possible Caucasian leaders or group starters, or of some VSO/out-reach, then want us to burn flags, erase history, to disavow our evil heritage and cultures. While every vet group and townie here bows to all that and us having issues at the VA that includes these clowns and more are expected to fall silent or be forced into silence or demolished with their crap.

      So it goes from one thing to another just so “they all” can try to ruin or label us, being pigeon-holed as an enemy of theirs one way or the other. If we are classified as an enemy of one, the VA, or some other varmint we are the enemy of all obviously. Just another no-win scenario when dealing with corruption issues and all that’s involved with it top to bottom. Being shown no respect but we are expected to bow and respect those attacking us and ALL those playing games, circus, musical chairs, politician’s and agency secretaries or those in power want to play. Expected to be nice and allow the actors and sleaze in health care along with their other kindred’s to run rampant over my life? They can all label away. What am I supposed to do join MS-13, get face tats, wear pink high heels, wear a vagina hat, not offend the youth, upset the college kiddies/Profs cause of political ties, a congressman’s daughter or VPresidents corrupt family units, etc? All out there claiming and in public and on the news they don’t want or will allow the more conservative voices or those of us with issue to be heard on their campuses or college towns? SAY WHAT? With those same activist/leaders being put into power positions just to make things worse and to appease the communist, anti-American groups, or the real haters that want total controls or to bring this country down, and some of us, and ruin it completely which is happening. And free and will and can, minus any morals, ethics, concerns, as with a serial killer, easily kill us off without a second, just scorn, and it not make the news at all but covered-up like many others things being censored or scrapped even on social media no real news will get out. The public is and should be well aware of all this. Doing harm or mortality just by preventing access to health care and it’s accepted? Suffering better than pain meds or proper care that worked for years?

      Then try to get me and some sick community or demands from the likes of the ADL of BB, SPJL and many others that some sign or comment like “White lives matter too” is considered “hate speech” and is or will be turned into law enforcement and to the FBI and the real hate groups and chaos freaks… and supremacist? Scum groups like above now run our lives and government to the hilt? Controlling LEOs and entire communities with their crap and studies, demands? Piss on those people. Since I am indeed White, not a lefty for sure not a full righty, do not hate myself am to shut, go away or be destroyed? As phony hate crimes or damages increase and those like me are blamed over some stupid VA and corruption crap? This society and modern culture has done lost their freaking minds and have done nothing but to create scum in high places and loaded with idiots like Jeffery Scott Miller. And of course all those known and expected to be above any and all laws, given free passes to harm and kill us at will and never to be questioned or rebuked in any way shape or form. To now trying to run people out of lefty college rules towns and states, etc., is pathetic and should be intolerable not acceptable. White vets, white citizens, the non PC or non lefties should be silenced and destroyed? Really? Better end this rant now or I’ll start cussing using forbidden words and language and calling some what they really are like Satanic loving sadist and freaks, etc. Indiana you make me physically ill, what a facade and circus you and your ilk can play. Hoosier hospitality, tolerance, forgiveness per some museum’s and activism crap, unity, love, happy sustainable global village examples of college town feeling existance, respect for vets and senior citizens? Horse shit, total horse shit.

      1. T, look into this. Not sure if you noted but President Trump signed an Executive Order stating that collection agencies cannot attach VA disability or SSDI. Check on it. He signed the EO recently around the time that he dealt with the Student Loans.

      2. Angela,

        As I’ve posted before, laws or claims of any laws and protections have not, will not apply here in this state or locale. Those in the courts, esquires, LEOs, etc., do as they please knowing they all can operate above any laws, protected, and laugh all the way to the bank. Then people allow the excuses for new laws forbidding recording in the court house, courts, or judges chambers, etc., so we can’t even try to defend ourselves or prove what we are being told or threatened with. But no, the sheep don’t care, communist/Marx loving it all. Both parties, unions, churches, PACs, ALL, supported this stuff and more. Because too many by the thousands and the cliques are making good livings to having complete control over our lives supporting all the corruption, secrecy, censoring, to weeding out their so-called enemies. Having the total ability to mess with any of our records or files from birth to death doesn’t seem to be a big deal with Trump, the VA, or any at all really.

        We’ve, I, had it in black and white from DC, veterans groups, the VA, that our back-pay, up-coming back pay to disability payments were indeed, and in Indiana, exempt from bankruptcies, etc. Didn’t and does not fly here from the lawyer’s office to the trustee who they claim has the legal authority to do whatever they please… legally. So laws nor letters from the so-called top or those claiming protective laws did not matter at all. So Trump can sign redundant or empty EOs all he wants but they like other laws will have no teeth or enforcement. Writing new laws when the old laws aren’t enforceable then why put on a show and pretend to be doing something new.

        Others before tried complaining about these issues and more but were always told like me that, legislators, DC, agencies, will not accept grievances or reports by people, or vets anonymously. Any complaints or grievances must have real names and info attached. They want people to expose themselves openly to the enemies over what they are doing so their identities and not bowing to the state’s and local ruling regimes know their enemies and be listed accordingly. Just like the VA does. Enemies of the symbiotic relationships between the two party system, the thugs or evil networks for some good ol fashion retaliation and black-listing, black-balling.

      1. T, I agree with you. The laws which have been on the books forever begin have not been enforced. Many of the senior people find loopholes and get out jail free cards. Regular everyday American citizens get fried. Although, from what I have been witnessing, accountability and real objective guidance are being demeaned most everywhere to include the K-12 school systems. School systems receiving “D” ratings when in the past the same schools were top notch “A” rated schools. Real teachings of love and appreciation have become absent among the recent generations. Many people today take everything for granted and do not take pride in their daily tasks. VA speaks to wanting to hear voices. Why now? If listen to voices, VA rarely takes positive action. What has to happen by vets and I am speaking mainly for myself is to make the VA take such positive actions that the actions last to positive infinity. Present case to such a degree that VA cannot divert to subjectivity. In other words, just direct the situation neutrally with facts back to them.
        Neutral. Objective. Factual. Lawful.
        Will prevent VA from proceeding into sabotage and disregard.

        Democrats always put issues out there which never will have solutions.

        Same as proceeding in VA sustainability to eventual sabotage.

        If the VA honestly wanted to do the deal to generate success, the VA would then in turn do exactly this.
        Federal government would stop double standard if they honestly wanted to.

        Think about it. Ben and this is to you.

        How can they honestly know the truth of what I can do or any veteran can do if the federal government has blocked the process? They lack truth. Shutout the truth.

        T, Getting back to lawlessness, yes, the crap is below a bottomless pit.

      2. My point is Ben two mind sets cannot coincide in the same given moment. Because when in action, the objectivity, the facts, and the truth will win at the end of the day. VA may say to me, “Vet you are full of it.” I say, “VA wouldn’t you like to witness it on display?”

  21. BEN

    I requested spar and VA wont give me anything past 2018. They say they dont have access who been in my records. I believe Marion psychologist I had complaints against that was on probation for trashing records in earlier years doing cp exams was illegally accessing my records. They can remove all they want before they send you anything.

  22. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Government is two-faced on veteran suicide

    James Yakym, Mishawaka Aug 28, 2019 Updated Aug 30, 2019



    2017 Letters to the editor stock



    I was at the Mishawaka VA clinic the day a veteran took his life. The VA came out on the news and told veterans in crisis to ask for help. The VA approves this help for veterans and then denies all the bills. Because of this, the veterans refuse to ask for future help and end their lives. Also, the Federal Drug Administration overlooked the red flags on the VA miracle drug Spravato as people died on it. The government that says it cares about veteran suicide is the one causing it.

    James Yakym, Mishawaka

      1. jy,
        they claim to be concerned; but, on the otherhand, they prescribe FDA Black Box Listed Medications in which some are even banned in other countries. I was very disappointed with the decision made by President Trump in regards to him telling VA Secretary Robert Wilkie to get plenty of it. I am referring to “Spravato.” Ben, now you can see right here that I disagree with this President on some issues. The suicides are related to the environment, culture, and no access to real help. The government many times just compounds it due to their low information, disconnect, and lack of respect for life. In my opinion, the vets should stay the hell away from the govt period. Try to make it themselves with resources in the private sector. Even though, many vets work in the VA. Not sure why many vets working in the VA disregard vets who are not employees. Ben, the substance from this research would be insightful and helpful to know. Might could invite some solutions with appropriate access. I just believe the govt is so big and so many hands are involved that it sabotages access to resources. And, when the VA hands that are involved along and with the process sabotage access and ultimately wind up denying. There is no one standing by to question the why of the denial and to actually advocate to stand up for the vets needs. Even when a decent service officer appeals whatever, it takes forever for the process to work thru all the hands involved. Ben, there are tons of resources; but, cannot access for whatever reasons. All leads to vets just saying to hell with it and viewing situations as not being worth the misery that the fight delivers. Best?????

  23. Not surprised at all. Would be substantially surprised if; the v.a. provided treatment, doctors and nurses were available, corruption and fraud had stopped, vital medical personnel were not on commission,
    fired doctors/administrators were actually fired and not transferred to another v.a. hospital to cause disaster to those v.a. patients. On an on!

    1. Perpetrators and fired incompetent doctors and and other dregs of the VA system need to be known to the veterans so that vets can dish out their own system of justice through the courts and otherwise

      1. Yes, I agree Flotmorton. See the AFGE union does not want this info known. Unlike in the private sector, there are websites that document which physicians are credible and are not credible.

  24. Benjamin, honestly, all who are involved in sabotaging, harming others, and propagandizing are just flat out evil.
    Ben, when this happens to whomever and after the investigating officials have ended the investigation with the perpertrator being charged, the victim must be allowed access to the information that was redacted by the IG. Ben, why continue even redacted lies? Ben, do they even consider this? Ben, I viewed the SPAR link in your article. I will review the 1605.01 in the VA Handbook. Will look into process and forms to apply the SPAR. Ben, being the local DAV took a marker to use to mark thru the dates on my award letters, this action delivered maybe connected to the tip of the iceberg which maybe one of false info that maybe about me. Who knows? Ben, why the lies?
    Honestly, this really serves no one. The perpertrator may think different; though, a day of reckoning does come at some point. Sickening. ?

    1. Benjamin, I do not know if you have noticed but in the last few months this adminstration looks like a Bush adminstration. I never cared for the Bush administration as in the former Bush president. But better than Obama administration. The father Bush president served more in the best interest of the country and the American people. I do believe the Bush family has taken control over this administration indirectly thru AG William Barr. But getting back to the meds, many mental health professionals who are not politicized know psych drugs are not the answer. The VA does too possibly; but, they are more concerned about their status than doing what is right for the vets. Let me explain. Meds are just Band-Aids to stabilize the person. But meds cannot be used as the only resolve. If a vet is sick, most of the time his environment surrounding him or her has collapsed or is very dysfunctional. Could be due to the culture as to what has happened to traumatize him or her. With anyone who becomes mentally sick it has all to due with how their psyche reacted to the negative situations that impacted them. Ben, meds alone do not fix the problem. This is my point. Fix living situations, add respect, show some compassion and support to help to work out of the hell hole and basically find ways to rebuild lives. Ben, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie has got to know that prescribing psych meds does not fix the problem and he has got to know that if all the other areas of the vets lives are not improved, the meds will not serve a real purpose and ultimately the suicides will continue.

      1. As for working in the areas that I have discussed with referring to my posts, Ben, physical therapy or psychologist or clinical exercise physiologist or even IT or law or math or any of the more substantive fields require more advance education and in turn requires money to pay for the advanced education and or training in which I do not have. Some scholarships maybe. So I guess I continue to rot thanks to the federal government.

    2. Ben,
      when I speak about how VA keeps veterans in state of victim hood, this current article with this VA employee using old information from the vet’s medical record to allege a smear against this vet who was running for office, Ben, this is exactly an example of what I am speaking too. Remember, the air traffic controllers who did not reveal they were a 100% SC to the FAA and they got indicted. Ben, though, it is crazy that the vets got indicted for not revealing their compensation to the FAA. Do you know why I say this? Because the VA has told veterans in the past not to reveal the compensation to the employer. A fact.
      But, however, in the past, if vets had received care in the VA, it would have been hard as hell for veterans to hold real substantive employment unless the vets were working for and in the VA. Ben, the world did not wait on the VA. Mr. Wilkie speaking about normalizing mental health /suicides, yes this needs to happen but it should happen at both ends of the spectrum. Ben, VA has overreached everywhere to thwart vets. No wonder. If veterans can go to school and work, the VA should not demean this. The VA goes crazy with their obsessiveness with checking with the Social Security Administration to see if a vet is working or not. Ben, though, I will say even if the veteran reports it to the VA, the veteran will still get slammed. Do you know why? Because the VA fails to followup or take the necessary steps to make the adjustments to the vets pay. Ben, I have had veteran friends who have reported their dependents on paperwork with the paperwork never reaching and the info never being entered into computer by the appropriate people in the VA to implement the necessary actions. Ben, from the way I see it, it does not matter the issue and not just pertaining to one veteran either; but, the VA -Veteran situation pertains to most all issues of which many vets get slammed. Then, I ask? WHY? And for what purpose? Ben, I hear some people say they do not like their jobs. Do you really know what this is about? People always say they want to do work they enjoy. Ben, think about this and this includes the VA and just all companies and agencies. When the rules, regulations, laws, qualified areas of work, ethics, teamwork, and mutual respect are all honored in the work environment in-turn the enjoyment is then generated along with the productivity. When I speak about culture and environment, Ben, if people did not have to put up with all the bullshit that the Democrats and this even applies to the modern day media etc. dish out, many of the veterans might not be turning to suicide. Mr. Wilkie, can normalize and educate with him having could intentions and his intentions are on track; but, if the country does not get back to honoring life as in principles, policies of substance, and equal opportunity, Ben, his efforts alone will not improve the situation.

      Ben, it will not matter what Mr. Wilkie does if the culture is not improved. This includes the border, following the laws, fixing and fixing and fixing.

      Did you know Mr. Obama spied on the Israeli military? Surveillance. In other words, Obama was Putin.

      1. Other examples, the emotional attack impacted by the VA onto the veterans could be lessened if whomever in the VA would investigate the situation before the vets become their line of fire. In other words, find out the truth before the VA stops compensation payments. Mr. Wilkie, situations like these contribute to suicides. I know you are aware. Why can’t the process be corrected? Here is another dagger directed at the vets that could be prevented. May save some lives Mr. Wilkie. Ben, you probably want me to cool it with my comments.

  25. The VHS should be called a Hackers Paradise, what would a hacker get if he stole someone’s personal/government information, more than freaking 1 year in a gateless facility in West Virginia.

      1. Benjamin, I agree with you. Unlawful access increases with every deal between a contractor and agency. Ben, but, even with unlawful access, the records accessed unlawfully still may not be accurate with having been under VA jurisdiction. Do these other agencies and contractors consider this? In regards to political affiliation, most everyday Americans do not care about politics. They honestly do not. I know that I do not. For the rational American citizen, Ben, it is about the political party whether Democrats or Republicans who can deliver in the best interest of the American people and the country.
        When I say the people’s best interest, I am referring to employment opportunities, owning homes, honoring freedoms, access to healthy food, and access to resources that facilitate LIFE itself. Ben, veterans including me just need paths forward that lead to and secure LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.
        Ben and all, have all of you noted that many Republicans are retiring? I suspect the reasons could be that the Democrats have dirt on them too and are threatening to expose it. So the Republicans maybe exiting discretely and quietly before they get sunk by the hidden info. Who knows? Once again it is not about politics; but, the people in these senior positions only see politics. It is about honoring the laws on the books and showing respect to others. Not changing others’ records to lie to take them down because they disagree with them or because they are jealous of them or whatever the reasons maybe.
        Actually, the situation about Republicans retiring is due to the Republicans attacking other Republicans. Inside job Ben. RINOs.

      2. Benjamin, I say maybe people will wake up one day; but, it is going to be too late. If people saw the VA decline during the Obama Administration, from the way the situation stands with the Democrats at the present time, I will say if the Democrats totally get back in power to include a Democrat President, Ben, privacy and accurate health records will not be a priority. Neither will HIPPA. At the present time, Democrats only care about power, money, and themselves. Actually, both parties have become this way almost. In my opinion, the only Republicans who are serving to honor the laws and who are trying to serve the American people are the Freedom Caucus Republicans. Democrats do not care about the laws at all. They only care about the laws when they can use the laws to benefit themselves or when the laws can be used to take down others who are actually innocent in efforts to protect themselves. Democrats sit up in their citadels and just dictate. Ben, this is the problem with most Democrats. Democrats are clueless to Capitalism. Ben, Democrats cannot even answer just basic deductible questions. Please help me and others. Democrats do not have any economical common sense much less expertise. Democrats just believe the Golden Arches will remain to keep pumping the green. No, Ben, the private sector will not remain. Overregulation and overtaxation will collapse the whole private sector. Illegalities of the Democrats have not all surfaced yet. Once all of this is out, the Democratic party is doomed. Actually, in my opinion, once all of this is out, many among both political affliations maybe doomed if the laws are honored. Best. ????

      3. Benjamin, here is another core reason. Various people in positions of power and this mostly lies with the Democrats, when the history of our country is not taught in the schools with the truth? What do you expect or what does Mr. Wilkie expect?
        Active duty losing lives in wars…. Active duty injured to the point that they are shut out from from life… Though, some could come back into mainstream of life but the VA tries to destroy their efforts with denials and no access. Current culture rarely even acknowledges veterans. Ben, for people to appreciate the veterans, the American society has got to know the truth about the history of this country. Otherwise, the dots are not connected. So I blame the Democratic party with trying to destroy history and rewrite history. So Ben here is another answer to suicide crisis. All points to the lies put out by the Democratic party. Federal govt. Ben, when I put Hillsdale college on your blog. This was not soliciting. This was my sharing of information. Oh and I have requested Graduate and PhD info regarding their programs. Hillsdale College has been conversing with me off and on for awhile. They have sent admissions info and important need to know info. So in my opinion, the mental health issues point to the environment. Ben, the issues are more problematic to vets and non vets who have not developed appropriate coping skills. Ben, the development of coping skills comes with mental intensive therapy plus keeping the brain active while climbing one building block at a time.
        Keeping brain active points to reading, math, exercise, getting to do for oneself…Ben, improving is not just about a medication. ???

      4. Benjamin, do you honestly know what could help the VA? Is to establish consistency. Ben, even the credible employees always seemed or claimed to not know. They would twist their statements. Never any truth. Maybe they didn’t know. Who knows? But, Ben, they are not consistent. The VA itself creates the crap. I know they probably do not care for me which is okay. So this makes us even. Don’t you think?
        Intentional or ignorance? You decide?

      5. Benjamin, after this statement I will hit the road. Consider this man-made or natural as in God given or part of God’s world. Which is more healthy and adaptable to the body? Man made or Natural? If the medical researchers could ever innovate man made products that are identical to the DNA structure of the body, then, I say the healthcare industry as in medical care would be more advantageous to humanity than what it is today. As it stands today, the synthetic products rarely target just the one issue that it is prescribed for. Many times the meds contribute to even more health issues due to the side effects which stem from the chemically structured composition that are not of in direct proportion to the human body. Though, when a pharmaceutical company mysteriously stumbles upon a successful product that of which generates quality, oh my gosh, the sky is falling. In other words, the company then is rushing yesterday to remove the patent. For example, Pfizer had developed a med that was being given to people for joint /bone issues which was somewhat beneficial. However, when Pfizer was moving along thru their quality control process while documenting both the quantative and the qualitative results of the osteo med for physical results, what really showed up in the stats was the Pfizer med had been helping people with Alzheimers. The percentage was about 60%. I am not sure what the percentage related to as to whether it was related to efficacy, number of people of whom had Alzheimers in addition to the osteo conditions, or ??? But, the point that I am getting to is Pfizer almost was going to do a research study with spending some number of millions of dollars to further define the impact that this Osteo drug really had on people who were suffering from Alzheimers. Pfizer disregarded this innovate process right away. Do you know why? Because of the quality according to the way some companies and this is a given across the board with how most of the companies and institutions view quality these days. I guess quality and success are plagues today. Pfizer decided the quality would not generate profits which is mostly how a greater portion of this country has become. So what does Pfizer do? They decide oh we will remove the patent on a drug that they is turning out to be successful. They say well we will just develop another drug with almost the same chemical structure. When I say almost, Pfizer attempts to proceed to remove a molecule from the chemical molecular structure of the already known drug to develop a new drug one of which will have more side effects and be less effective. Ben, and check this out. Pfizer already knew. Ben, the pharameutical companies know beforehand from the chemical structure what the outcome will be that is if it is territory that they have charted before. Many of the drugs put out do the same products but have a different name. Many overlap but few or many in the American public are aware of this. I would not know who is informed or not informed. Furthermore, Ben, this new drug that Pfizer now has forthcoming in their view may turn out not to have any effect on the Alzheimers condition whatsoever. I will have to double check to see what the name of the drug is that Pfizer dismantled due to them believing the profits would be slim. Thus, in my opinion, with all this healthcare that people believe they have to have and when one turns to look at the inner workings of what the healthcare industry has become, I say one may can resolve many health issues for themselves by eating certain foods, exercise, and from the edible creations of God’s perfect world. Finally, the American people to include the American veterans can enjoy the quality that is missing from the man made big government world. So medical researchers get busy. Why not continue the shift more into stem cell research and treatments? After all, if the if can become reality, the treatments will be more closely aligned to the composition of the human body. ???

      6. Benjamin, I needed to come back to say this; but, not that what I have to say is really of any importance to anyone. In regards to the healthcare industry, Ben I am serious the govt has regulated it to death. This is even in the private sector. Medical professionals cannot hardly deliver any care to the consumers for having to type into a computer or an IPAD in home care. Ben, there is little care from the way that I see it because most of the physicians and nurses and therapist live on a damn computer. Also, the citizens had might as well take care of themselves because when the medical person is in the presence of the patient, the medical professional is hardly available to the patient in the moments during the scheduled appointment or meeting. Ben, even in these instances the govt and insurance companies are serving themselves. Ben, a waste of damn money for care when the medical professional is on the computer most the time during the appointment. I would love to present to people how the govt has really mucked up lots. But, Ben, when you listen to them speak, they come across so arrogant. Ben, many times the people in the senior positions are not even connected but yet they believe they are the experts. For example, Mr. Obama has never worked in healthcare but he claims he is an expert. Ben, he has not even had to be on the receiving end. So honestly, how could he or many of these other senior people even know. Ben and all honestly.

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