Medical Documentation Backlog

VA Scanning Backlog Five Miles High (That’s Not A Typo)

IG just issued a report revealing Veterans Health Administration has a new backlog – – this time it’s a massive pile of documents measuring 5.15 miles high.

VA OIG audited more than 70 VA medical facilities as part of an evaluation of the agency’s medical document scanning practices. Inspectors documented a massive backlog of documents waiting to be digitized or scanned. At least 597,000 individual files are affected.

“If medical facilities do not strengthen controls to scan and index medical records in a timely manner, patient care could be delayed or medical decisions could be based on incomplete documentation,” OIG said.

“In addition, care providers or administrative staff could spend time searching for necessary medical documents that were not indexed to the EHRs.”

Like most screw-ups, the backlog puts veterans lives at risk since clinicians lack ready access to the unscanned documents dating back to 2016. That’s right. An organization that relies on an electronic health record has a digitizing backlog dating 3 years… and 5 miles high.

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A big source of the backlog are records created in the process of expansion to non-VA care through Veterans Choice and now the VA MISSION Act. Civilian care providers are sending in paper records for VA to scan into its system.

As with most changes, the VA was unable to properly anticipate and respond to the requirements placed on the organization by Congress.

Should we be surprised?

As the MISSION Act expands, so too will the agency’s inability to properly process the backlog creating another potential crisis.

“Inaccurate EHRs put patients at risk and compromise the continuity of care because accurate medical diagnoses and treatment depend on complete and current documentation,” the agency concluded.

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“VHA needs to improve supervision and management of scanning activities to ensure medical documents are indexed to patients’ EHRs in a timely manner. This will help ensure veterans receive appropriate, thorough, and timely care.”

The audit revealed VA has a massive staffing shortfall in the area of scanning.

IG found that one VHA medical facility is authorized 14 staff for 44,000 veterans. Another facility with 46,000 veterans is only authorized 3 staff.

Given the agency’s historic dysfunction in the area of preventing backlogs, we should not only not be surprised, but we probably should not hold our breath for a quick fix on this, either.

What do you think? Should the agency be able to anticipate and respond to this 5-mile backlog in a timely manner?

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  1. What does Obama and million dollars houses have to do with a VA Department head submitting false documents into a disabled veteran claim folder to deny a claim

    How many other unsuspecting veteran have suffered the same faith from this department head

    I though Ben was such an advocate for veteran navigating through the VR&E

    I also thought Ben was an attorney

    Here Ben have the name and department personnel who was caught doctoring documents

    A possible federal tort claim act case

    What better case can he have to disclose to the public what’s happening in Los Angeles

    Also as I stated he was also involved and name by the same regional office in receiving a veteran unauthorized personal information

    Ben needs to respond

    1. Rashid

      To be fair Ben is not a huge law firm with plenty of PR firms or the government nor big bucks and partners behind him, and probably has his hands full now with just his name on his shingle hanging out front.

      This is the reason we need a forum so others around the nation can discuss their issues instead of shuddering in their boots to discuss matters on a local level or may be dealing the some good ol’ retaliation now, etc. Or not having anyone else to gripe with and let us know what’s happening in their states or communities. Even then I doubt many would take the chance of being spied on and labeled as domestic terrorist and put on some list since we are living in the USSR. The ‘silent majority” ya know. Censoring us to death along with threats of being some violent fringe group or conspiracy nut for not bowing the official narratives or reports from the VA what’s left.

      That is one top priority problem and screws us up royally is the fact that ‘they’ can manipulate our records and omit or add anything they desire including those secretive ‘inner office’ or for inside use only communications that they may circulate out into the civilian health care systems too. Some like I have been told and have in black and white that “may not” be considered part of our medical files to receive copies of or be known of.

      You said those files were destroyed as requested. You want Ben to make a statement about business and possible client affairs? My info is all over the place and countless people and agencies just ignore the issue and it doesn’t violate any HIPPA laws or others. Then told by a hospital’s CEO secretary not to expect privacy at all giving my name and phone number as an example and from that she can find out anything about me… and has since to use in activist crap to do as the VA did, to protect their own, the VA, and all others.

      And who has the money and health to file torts or run around all over to play the legal games? Especially when it all just leads to no-where.

  2. It was reported Sec. of VA Wilkie wants to know MORE about the deaths at that VHA.
    What I want to know, since it was reported the “person of interest” was not a vha employee, how’d he/she gain access to the vha and meds necessary to kill/MURDER the veterans?

  3. i am wondering if anyone is paying attention. I just revealed the other day that I have documented proof that a VR&E Chief at the Los Angeles Regional Office was caught entering false statement into the record to deny a veteran claim. “I am the veteran” This is the same case as Chusman except we know who put the false statement in the record. You guys should be all over this because we have the actual person who tried to manipulate the record and was able to get the case denied. The Board is now trying to cover the bad deed by requesting a remand to redo the decision and removing the false document from the record. Someone needs to get this info to the media. “Benjamin” Read my last statement you are involved

    Rashid El Malik

    1. Rashid, thanks for exposing it.
      Ben, how can the VA always get a get out of jail free card? Also, I have a question for you? Mr. Obama has recently purchased all these million dollar homes? So tell me why he has not purchased a million dollar home in the dark skin community? Politicians screaming white privilege and blaming others; but, here they are living in wealth in white privilege themselves. Double standard. See how sick these people are Ben. Ben, this is really sad and bad.

  4. 09/01/2019

    Dear T,

    Secretary Bob McDonald gave us the professional/managerial lip service—great salesman, terrible at solving the major issues facing the VA.

    Acting Secretary Peter O’Rourke told it like it was at the Hearing—lasted less than a year.

    Now, we have Secretary Wilkie [Mr. DOD Man] he is going to get the job done correctly, right?

    The outcome is easy to see at Clarksburg.

    The problem sits in the Senate & the House.


    Don Karg

    1. Don
      I wish the issues and problems were just with the Senate and House. But here they too are on “the same page” and not very worried about vet issues, censoring or corruption.

      She, below, still thinks we can contact our reps, have correspondence read or gain ground or heard by attending town hall meetings. Big laugh. But she mentions some huge issues happening along with behavior mind-reading or using predictive algorithms for health care to the red-flagging.

      KA Hall

      What I was directed to for reading…
      Veteran Who Threatened Rep. Frank LoBiondo, Staff Is Convicted
      Defendant was unhappy with VA care.

      While parked out with my signs hoping for a Amish drive-by to finish me off, or, silence me by one of the foreign ally military types training (secret training courses) those here how to handle school shootings or us domestic terrorist since they claim to be the worlds experts on survival and protections. I had a quick chat and handed a note for something to look-up by a van near full of people from out of state and related to one in the article provided. Visiting family, sending theirs off to lefty libby college land here, and attending meetings like at Indy along with other states during their travels.

      The short of it.
      They read Ben’s blog and know others that have got his material for VocRehab. Helped those they know in their East Coast state with some education difficulties. They don’t post here or use FB, don’t care to.
      They agreed with my personal mission and understood why totally. Not happy with their family here either.
      That Indiana is one horrible, most censored, uncaring state of citizens they know of worse than theirs. And that VSOs and others here just don’t give much of a s-h-i-t about any serious issues or for free-er thinking individuals or those like me catching flak. The censoring and so many being cowards/traitors the top two. Their discussions with fellow Legionnaires was disappointing. Hell, I didn’t even hear about any meetings going on there.

      That this new Mission’s Act or records “back-log” over-load fixing is not going to help them, hasn’t, some they know or their extended family member. The cleaning up of records, helping those already jailed because of the VA or representatives game playing creating more issues for veterans is a bit late. That omitting medical file info in their minds is not fixable and won’t be by VA loyalist staff protecting their own.
      Paraphrasing here.

      They attended a town hall elsewhere with Sen. Tod Young a local so-called rep. Same idiot and staff that played games and ignored me. Thought it was a waste of time, useless chatter. Oh they weren’t his constituents either so staff brushed them off to see their own. So sorry for their woes.

      Will anyone go back to see to it that those thrown in prison or dealing with some retribution be helped now or even concerned about? Prior to 2016? Nope. Not according to the visitors either. The VA mission as with others is to save face, keep reality out of public sight and media, play PR games to spread the usual propaganda.

      Amish drive-bys? Clippety clop clippety clop clippety clop clippety clop, clop, clop, clop… bang bang…. clippety clippety clippety clippety clop clop clop clop.

  5. College town rag news and propaganda is about all we get on the surface. Positivity allowed, little reality. Nothing but “Progress” from the “Progressives” and long list of the corrupt.


    Lip service lip service lip service while the scum ignores some issues but allows for attacks and retaliation but they see progress.

  6. Mr. Krause

    It has came to my attention that the VR&E department in Los Angeles sent documents to you concerning my FOIA request. I asked for an formal letter to determine what efforts were initiated to protect my privacy.
    I received a response stating;

    “On June 18, 2019, a representative from our office contacted Mr. Krause regarding the complaint and
    requested him to destroy the document. Mr. Krause assured us he would comply with our request. On
    June 18, 2019,our office received conformation from Mr. Krause that the document was destroyed.”

    I later discovered through discovery on appeal the Los Angeles VR&E Chief had entered false information in my VR&E folder that was used by the Board to deny my VR&E claim. The Board has now requested a remand to redo the decision and removing the false document from the record.

    I believe you should look into this serious matter. I have followed your website and your fight with the VR&E services. This incident has far reaching ramifications that could have affected unknowing veterans at the Los Angeles regional office.
    I have left you my contact information

    Rashid El Malik

  7. 08/30/2019

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    The VA Administration is achieving “new heights” in their efforts to sabotage the veterans. This article provides more over dramatized information, late in discovery, late in investigative term—rendering the IOG useless and adding to the compiled list of acts of sabotage in the end of the 64th month of the “national embarrassment.”

    Five years ago Congress asked the VA, “What do you need?”

    Whatever they wanted—they got!

    So they did not leave this out by accident— this understaffed condition.

    It was done intentionally.

    How those private and governmental executives between the VA and Congress did not see this Mountain of paperwork [“At least 597,000 individual files”] building up is beyond comprehension!

    Where was Sen. Bernie Sanders [former chairman of veterans’ affairs committee]and [Sen. Johnny Isakson, chairman of veterans’ affairs committee] and all the others — Moran, Jerry (KS); Boozman, John (AR); Cassidy, Bill (LA); Rounds, Mike (SD); Tillis, Thom (NC); Sullivan, Dan (AK); Blackburn, Marsha (TN); Cramer, Kevin (ND); Murray, Patty (WA); Sanders, Bernie (VT); Brown, Sherrod (OH); Blumenthal, Richard (CT); Hirono, Mazie K. (HI); Manchin III., Joe (WV); Sinema, Kyrsten (AZ)?

    When does a special prosecutor step in?
    Where is Mueller when you need him?

    600,000 Veterans are being sabotaged at the min. causing patient care delays and poor medical decisions based on incomplete and or falsified documents/Inaccurate EHRs!

    This was one of the problems at the beginning of the scandal(s) back in May of 2014!

    This must be addressed Publicly by VA Secretary Wilkie to the American Public—Pass it on to Trump!
    Put these guys on Camera! Start the Filming!


    Don Karg

  8. I would hope that while all of this backlog is being sifted through, that the computers (maybe also the humans involved) are smart enough to recognize misfiled paperwork and get it into the correct veteran’s medical records.

    I know of one sc veteran patient that is missing a couple of years worth of health related files from their VHA medical records. For over two decades, requests for those documentations have come to naught. There are only two logical explanations; those missing years are File 13’d or they are in someone else’s records. I am not talking about a few pages disappearing, rather this involves into double digits the number of involved VHA clinics and departments that should have some record of that patient’s paperwork during those years of sometimes weekly and/or in-hospital visits to that facility. Just POOF!! and no proof!

    As a caution to each and every VHA or civilian medical provider,… PLEASE, listen to your patient! We have been telling you for decades that there are missing and/or incorrect documentations in our VHA medical records. As VHA patients we have thismuch (zero) control over the missing files or mistaken/false entries our VHA medical records contain. There are some entries that have been mysteriously modified over the years, and please, don’t throw HIPAA rules at me! Those only very loosely apply to the VHA entities, and then only if it suits them! Kind of like how diplomatic immunity works for some persons. And as an added note to the civilian medical providers, the reason you are prevented from giving sc veteran patients copies of their medical records from your practice, is that VHA will alter what you have written. Fact, fact, FACT.

    1. Rosie, true. And too, I just do not get it. How can VA Secretary Robert Wilkie open the records up to the CDC to use for research? Data may or may not be accurate. Incorrect info put into my records almost delivered me to another out of state facility for a liver transplant that was not needed. If I had not gotten my wits back, this could have happened.

  9. Lack of hiring people at all va facilities is NOT a “reason”, it’s an “excuse”, for not getting the job done!
    Have you ever noticed, when visiting a va facility, how many of these great employees sit on their collective asses. They damn sure ain’t doing the job they were hired to do! They’ve been caught playing computer games, commenting on vet centric websites and filing their long ass fingernails!

    Damn, I could go on for a real long rant. Only I’m not going to. Because, everyone on here knows how screwed up the VA really is.
    The best part about this is, at least we can expose the incompetent VA for what they really are; “serial killers” and “serial abusers” of veterans!

    1. They want volunteers to do it so they can take credit for the work completed that was not done by them personally. Sad.

  10. Happy Friday Ben and others. Happy? Might as well as take a stab at this while up and raging a bit.

    Anticipate? Yes. Isn’t the gubbermint and others good at anticipating issues, pre fake news, war crimes, sanctions, collective punishments, covering their butts, etc. Congress and others seem to act quickly or overnight on some issues, many others not so much like with veteran issues, corruption to censoring. Aren’t they experts at contingency planning, reading minds, being pro-active? Great at listening to Hollyweird types and their issues or goofy sports issues. Great at anticipating what foreigners and the corrupt need.

    Locally they are “anticipating” and preparing mightily about new gambling addictions due to incoming casinos pushing out grants, hiring counselors, etc. But pee on vet issues and other severe issues?

    News reports started years back, and still, anticipating and preparing to take care of illegals, masses of “refugees” with some states having taken action hiring thousands of social workers to immediately take care of them and other distracting issues rather than veteran’s issues. With many jumping on that bandwagon giving support and aid.

    Back logs just to 2016? Digitizing it all when public libraries are refusing to do that with news articles after 1890. Oh what’s to hide or ignore.

    Being two faced the VA claims they can recover deleted data or Secure Messaging info but never happens yet claimed to be “backed-up” and secure? Isn’t it time consuming to edit and delete some info before “digitizing?” Gotta be careful. Some things must be forgotten or trashed. Don’t want to leave anything damaging to the VA, staff, may ruin statistics or jokers writing in those files. Oops, systems failures, some things all gone buddy/lady/lab rats no paper back-ups. Lost in the system, lost specialty clinic’s records and test all gone. Nothing showing consult games, given, not given, given, not in our systems, does not compute. Whirrrrr wiz bang. Oops Russia did it.

    As the world turns and stomach’s churn. Who cares about deaths, “excellence,” integrity, or incompetence, intentional that is. Shortfalls? They need trillions more in funding, upgrades for pcs, merge all known systems to mankind and make it function perfectly. Need more unions that’s it! Let Microsuck or Google oversee it all. Labor day wow-weeee let’s just party on and forget it all. No worries. Don’t upset the apple carts or rock any boats. Timely manner? With the hurry up and wait attitudes? This dude isn’t going to hold by breath or believe anything coming from this agency or much else out of DC.

    1. Boring!!!
      What a way to go through life: bitch, moan, insult, disparage and hide behind a keyboard.
      Your cascade of drivle and tripe is so one-sided, and more importantly, nothing about remedies, just endless ranting. I pitty this site for all the effort they put in and their work to get new readers and supporters, only to have those new people read your nonsense and wonder, “who am I getting involved with like this ranter?”
      There must be something in it for you to continue this day after day after monotonous day. You miss out on so much in life. You miss out on actually accomplishing something, anything.
      Instead, GO INTO THE REAL WORLD, the one outside your house-with-wheels, and DO SOMETHING!
      Gawd, your boring.

      1. Hey Shake. Howdy scum bag. New activist here huh? Apparently not a vet for sure. Hide behind a keyboard???!!! Wanna meet up sucker? You must be local. Missing out on life? You spew ignorance out your pie-hole and ass clown or clown-ette. Use a real name I have and will and most definitely I am not hiding and will not hide. I probably done more in one year in a corrupt community than you will your entire keyboard commando ass is doing. Just got in from a run with my signs and shopping. What have you done this morning besides gnaw on something I won’t mention here. Or spew trash about someone YOU know nothing about suck-fish. Now run off (Todd ?) and play. Sleazy ugly Boggs with her old tits out at the town hall meeting didn’t wasted time getting the machine in action did she? ol’ Bucshon sure does know how to pick his lying ugly staff to play games with people and deflect serious issues. Epstein flying comrades? Hmmm. Probably considering how this state and community is. Rhetoric sounds mighty familiar and as usual in my locale. The local grapevine is burning up since my wasted time driving a couple hundred miles to show again just how worthless our Congress people are and how fast their staff is to notify others what I am doing or trying to expose. Now go pound sand and have a great labor day clown. And wonder to yourself like you care… how many vets are murdered today, how many have committed suicide this week and will over a lousy meaningless holiday weekend. The ball is in your court sucker, put up or shut up, bring it. Hmm you and Connie married or share office cubicles? Also odd you never mentioned one thing or thought about the topic like a true commie, activist, agent provocateur, but this has been fun. Very groovy. Bet that offended you.

      2. Oops, I am outside. Oops, in the real world too. Spending mega time with correcting and with cleaning up behind you. I guess if you were faced with the truth you might just turn into a pajama boy or pajama lady.

      3. Hey Shaker head, while you are doing your shaking, let me post you some Calculus to solve. How about that? And, a little Stats to solve. Not basic stats either. Hey, solve this shaker head. “The rate of a chemical reaction between platinum and carbon dioxide is determined by the constant
        K= log_6 9 + log_6 4/
        log_2 54 – log_2 27.

        Hey, shaker head, solve this one.
        f(x)=1/√x and parallel to
        x+2y-6 = O.

        Find the equation of line tangent to the function and parallel to the equation. Get it going shaker head. Find out before you form any opinion.

      4. Hey, Shaker head, do you have the ability to comprehend the sole purpose for why this website and this blog exists? Can you problem solve? Do you realize we are a nation of laws? Do you realize the value of life? Do you know American History? And, shaker head, do you live in reality? Or is it your own reality? One of which you determine for yourself?
        Let me say this, this website and this blog would not exist if our American government to include the Department of Veterans Affairs conducted itself in the realm of honorable integrity. If a greater degree of accountability, ethicality, and humaneness existed among and within the VA vocabulary towards the veteran patients, the veteran employees, and even towards the private sector, Benjamin, would be positioning himself elsewhere to represent other population groups in regards to the law. Ben, would have cracked and solved the VA debacle. He would then be onto cracking and solving another debacle elsewhere. Furthermore, if the agencies and the companies would do what they are supposed to begin with, then, this website and blog would not be necessary Shaker head. But, you see many fail to understand and many fail to comprehend the purposes for Ben’s website and blog. This website and blog serves to inform while allowing opportunities for discussion and while opening the doors for other problematic issues to surface which may warrant necessary attention and which may ultimately require further legal representation. So to all who tune into the website and the blog, please be aware that this website and this blog are not video games. In other words, the content is based in reality and based on world events. So get real.

      5. Shaker head, if you really knew the truth, you would be eating your comments yesterday so would the VA if you are a VA type. What you don’t know is what you do not know. As in many situations, some people do not know until they know.
        Not over until the fat lady sings.

      6. Hey, Shaker Head, what if the shoe was on the other foot? How would you like to be left laying in feces and urine day after day? Not at one sided. American public view of this and view of govt waste besides me Shaker head. You are shallow.

      7. Shaker head, do not see how anyone can accomplish anything when they have been and are under a saboteur system? Shaker head? Hey, Shaker head, how would you like to go to Mars? Elon Musk is already staking out segments to where he might try to land on Mars. Shaker head, if you stood for free thought, innovation, and individualism, OneWeb satellite manufacturing company might just hire you; but, you see they want because the school of innovation and success has not existed among the VA modality. OneWeb is manufacturing the propulsion systems to keep the satellites prepeled away from the
        debris. All in preparation for the Global internet. See Shaker head, there are many veterans who could be engineers and could have been engineers; but, no you VA types believe you know everything about what veterans can do or will or will not be able to do. Lots more to what I am saying. OneWeb company located near Kennedy Space Center. VA Secretary Robert Wilkie should reduce regulations and open up the compartmentalization to generate more flexibility. Quantity quota needs to shift to a quality quota. Get rid of tyrannical modality and increase capitalist modality. I guarantee you veteran patients and employees will be healthier both mentally and physically. Best. ??????????️??

      8. I meant they will not hire you or they won’t hire you. Had wrong selection of word. ???????????

    2. Benjamin, the Congress does indeed dumped on the VA. I do agree. They dump and expect immediate results. Though, the results would come quicker if they could get beyond the status quo with making real changes. But, Benjamin, they do not listen because they believe they have all the answers.

      1. Benjamin, my point was Mr. Obama purchased his homes in white communities. Of course he can do whatever he wants to. My point is he acts with using hyprocrisy like most politicians do. The double standard is what is causing problems everywhere in govt to include the VA. See Ben it was the VA who slammed me first before my comments even started coming. I will never understand; but, on the other hand just unaccountability and lack of ethics. Who knows? Corrupt? or is it type of system to blame for the problems.

    3. I just believe the all involved are trying their best to sabotage the country to include the VA in order to take down the President. Honestly, many who are involved are sick to me. At the expense of the Vet Americans and non veteran Americans.

      1. This country was sabotaged a long time ago with so-called history books full of lies and omissions. On to the misconceptions of us being free or free country, troops sacrificing for our so-called safety and freedoms when that alone is pure facade like being in a constitutional republic with representatives but we are stuck with lying “leaders,” fascist, all kinds of two-faced entities and activist running the show. Then some think the VA or DC reps or officials can catch up or clean up any part of the systems that be or the back-logs or caliber of people hired at the VA? Fat chance of that. Those in control and have the powers are not about to sacrifice any of their own or allow for any reforms or exposure.

        Plus, all these issues began long before Trump. Censoring and the VA activist along with all the corruption was long before Trump. But it seems back-logs, mistakes intentional or not are just concerns from 2016 and before that is just water under the bridge. Issues long past time limits or statutes of limitations with total insanity from the sick, the long list with all included, being accepted as politically correct, capable of giving us proper medical care, responsible or moral enough to over-see or files or info in them, or play like some “professional.”

        Now we’re to the point of prison like politics, we join, assimilate with this or that or die. Too many rings to kiss and too many to try to please or not offend. Probably why the more healthy of us or closet patriots want to avoid a free speech forum so some things can be aired and exposed and those in DC to colleges don’t want that to happen. While stories reported or not of vets, people, getting forced out of communities or doing business just simply for not fitting in with the herd or group-think of today. Apparently government types with VA, union, VSO approval wants to label us as “possible domestic terrorist,” to “haters,” evil “conspiracy theorist” for not believing what the liars want us to believe or have hope in. They push us to have to draw lines in the sands then we are pigeon-holed as “racist,” “xenophobes,” “misogynist,” anti this or anti that while telling us to be individuals but expected to be PC, sing Kumbaya, and so on while being out-cast and oppressed in our own country void of rights, health care, or representation from any side or politics or agencies. And the majority seem to be fine with it all including the censoring to destroying others in a community they don’t like. Or allow for the activist in the VA with their long arm of retaliation reaching out far and wide…. non stop. Then those like me are supposed to be silent just like all others. “They all” can kiss my butt cause they all crossed many lines and can label me anything they want or attack any way their little corrupt Sadist hearts desire.

      2. Benjamin, modern day media and many govt even weaponize the weather. Politicize everything to such a degree that the wrong people get blamed who have nothing to do with whatever. As for the backlog, VA should redirect the Veterans on the GI Bill on work study, the students and recent graduates in the Pathway Internships, and hire around a 100 personnel per facility for the duration of 6 months to take care of the backlog. VA should do Public Trust Background checks to determine the credibilities of all. VA should not stop any VA care. Benjamin, in the past few years as I was improving, I have always commented to offer constructive suggestions. Comments were of no importance to the VA employees. Ben, one point is whatever anyone suggested to help to solve whatever, the constructive comments made in efforts to help were actually useless. Do you know why? Because the agency is so big and only the top individuals can implement any changes. Same way when having volunteered, positive efforts were being sabotaged. So I stopped everything. Ben, almost everything was being sabotaged when I was in the VA in the last few years. So Ben why stay? As for Shaker head saying nonsense, no Shaker head many efforts made to suggest and to assist to help. So Shaker Head and all, positive efforts were made. VA rejected the efforts. So I left. Take care. Not reapplying for Chapter 31. Doing my own agenda. Best.

    4. Well said T. You drop some real nuggets for those willing to pay attention. Of course, in the ‘fifteen second sound-bite world’ we now live in – – – there are not many folks left who can.

      The biggest illusion most Americans labor under is that we still live in a free country.

      1. TY Jim. Hope all is going well.

        With all those back-logs people should be concerned about why travelers are, can, will discuss the issues of the file/record issues, to them being aware of high numbers of veterans still doing suicides in their locations, but none in the news or local media heads interested in it. Takes Ron Paul to bring it up and mention it while others hide, don’t care or afraid to upset some clique.

        Yep, the Congressman’s aid Boggs never did as promised or contact me. Sure did start up the phone harassment and other fun though. Shows what caliber of people we have in about every office and agency in Indiana. They all can network to harass and destroy but to never help. A lot and very so many to protect that are corrupt. So much for ethics and that freedom stuff.

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