DHS, VA Police Monitoring ‘VA Is Lying’ Facebook Group

DHS VA Chief Of Police Spying

Benjamin KrauseAn internal alert email from VA police forwarded by an AFGE president shows VA Chief of Police and DHS National Operations Center (NOC) are monitoring the VA is Lying Facebook group.

These security organizations believe the VA is Lying group plans to protest at VA facilities mired in the wait-list scandal and went on to warn employees about the threat.

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“We have received information from VA Police Chiefs and the NOC regarding a group “VA Lies” reportedly organizing through social media mass protest at 111 VA medical centers nationwide on May 20, 2016.”

Veterans have long correctly suspected the Department of Homeland Security was monitoring certain veterans. Apparently protesting veterans deaths through the wait-list fraud is now a matter for DHS.

Where the hell were they when veterans were being killed as a result of the fraudulent wait-list scheme?

According to VA Handbook 0322, VA has an Integrated Operations Center that:

“The VA Integrated Operations Center (VA IOC) serves as the Department of Veterans Affairs’ information and operations center that provides a single focal point for information sharing, reporting, command and control, communications specialized technologies and information collection, assessment, analysis and sharing for all VA components under emergent and non-emergent conditions. The VA IOC is continuously staffed and operational, 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7/365). The VA IOC maintains communication and information exchange with other Federal operations centers, such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Operations Center (NOC) and the National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) when activated. The VA IOC also is responsible for the monitoring and exchanging information with other interagency participants, including federal, state, and local governments, and non-governmental agencies and private sector partners via the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN).”

READ: VA Handbook 0322

One AFGE Union president cited another email from VA police alerting employees about possible protests nationwide. President Travis Riggs indicated the “colorful” VA is Lying group members have “targeted” 111 VA facilities involved in the wait list scandal. Riggs said some of the group members were busy telling the president what he “could do with [himself].”

VA, DHS and the AFGE union are all apparently under the delusion that the VA is Lying group is dangerous and worth spying on. Interesting.


From: Riggs, Travis
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2016 04:14 PM
To: AFGE VA Presidential Group
Cc: Burdick, Tina; Ulin-Gilson, Tamlyn (Boise)
Subject: Report of widespread protests at VA facilities 5/20/16

Sisters and Brothers:

I received word today that the group VA is Lying (see their Facebook page) is planning widespread protests at many VA facilities on May 20, 2016.  An email string was sent to all station police chiefs and was passed along to me.  They are urging targeted facilities to have “situational awareness.”  I am not sure how big of a protest it is going to be (maybe a handful of people at each VA facility).  You may want to check and see if your facility is on this list, there are 111 facilities being targeted.  I have had some personal interaction with people belonging to the group; all I can say is that they can get pretty “colorful” when describing to me what I can go do with myself. J

Here is the original email:

We have received information from VA Police Chiefs and the NOC regarding a group “VA Lies” reportedly organizing through social media mass protest at 111 VA medical centers nationwide on May 20, 2016.  The below open source URL is intended as a situational awareness piece to establish an action plan for you respective facilities.  The article identifies those facilities allegedly involved in the “Wait-Time” issue investigated by VAOIG.   Please check the website to determine if your facility is listed as one of the locate slated for demonstration. 


Travis JD Riggs
American Federation of Government
Employees, AFL-CIO, Local No. 1273
Pride Coordinator/District 11
(208) 422-1033/208-422-1239 (fax)
Boise VA


I called Ron Nesler, founder of VA is Lying, to find out what was going on with the protests. Ron says he had no knowledge of any such protests. So, it would appear that the emails forwarded via VA Chief of Police and DHS is more of a psyop than something with any real substance.

Thanks Big Brother. You stirred your own hornet’s nest for no obvious reason.

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  1. My husband is a Leatherneck his name is ARNOLD CABRAL he not home right now on his behalf i must share who reads this can can you contact Veteran Affairs Committee in Washington, DC tell them what you believe how Veteran Medical Center should change plus your Senators and Representative Thanks. SPREAD THE WORD.


    1. They are VA employees also so I would take a friend or family member instead. The VA police are just bullies and thugs.

    2. You are entitled to the privacy ? that falls within the designed comfort zone of a bilateral environment that rest between you and the patient advocate. Hope this helps.

      1. I believe that you wilbertharris you misunderstood my Question as a Veteran wants a Veteran Security Police Officer can come in a Veteran Patient Advocate Office if you asked the Veteran Security Police Officer come in the Veteran Patient Advocate Office if you want a Veteran Security Police Officer come in with a Veteran. .

  3. It sounds to me like they either intend to draw a protest on that day or hire fake protesters like at a Donald Trump rally with major news coverage,and blame it on vets cause they have to convince the public that vets are crazy and voilent to cover their asses. and continue there crimes against vets. maybe just a slight preperation for deliberate violence by admin against vets On april 30 perhaps. Go figure. As the years go by I believe less and less in coincidence, and more and more that conspiracy is not a theory but a fact about our gov.

      1. I am an admin of VA is Lying and there never was a protest planned for this date. We are trying to get a silent Vigil in mourning and Honor of the 307,000 Brothers and Sisters who died waiting on the wait list. This was originally going to be just the 111 VAs on the list but have decided to try to make it Nation wide. Hope to see ya all there for more info join us @ VA is Lying facebook group… drifter54usa.

  4. This is already being investigated by the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Commission as well as Sec McDonalds office. Sounds like someone is in deep trouble and should have just asked the webpage about the mythical demonstrations BEFORE he mass emailed this fake notice. And if someone gets hurt because of it, care to guess who is going to pay for it? Dude by the name of Travis Riggs

  5. This is the first I’ve heard about any of this. I looked at the list and saw that my local VAMC is on that list. I may just cruise by there on the day of the protest just to see if the VA ordered out the local DHS goon squad to provoke or harass sick and disabled veterans who have appointments scheduled on that day. I’ve seen them do that before. It’s no telling what they may do to veterans that show up with protest signs! Right now I’m getting thoughts about the way the Bonus Marchers were treated decades ago.

  6. If you have not figured out by now that DHS is monitoring all of us, you are a fool. They know exactly who each and everyone of us is, our history and our current locations.
    BUT when the SHTF, and it will, they think they will be able to use those ‘lists’ to do what they think they have the authority to do… DHS has not yet understood the reality of that situation. While we may be at said location for now, you can bet when the SHTF, many of us will go dark and Oscar Mike. And all that collection of data will be useless.
    For some reason because civilians are clueless sheep, DHS seems to think it will be easy to ‘handle’ any situation and the rest of us that do pay attention.. and are not as clueless as they think.. They are more wrong than they have any idea.
    While I do not cater to a lot of the really out there conspiracy, I know that one day we will see a SHTF situation that changes things for ever.. maybe a nuclear terror event, perhaps economic collapse or maybe WWIII… And THAT is what DHS is working toward. Control when it happens.

  7. I posted the pictures of the two agents Indy VBA Director Michael Stephens sent to our house to harass us last April. On both VA is Lying and Desk Commandos of the VA.
    The woman is VA CID..who knew the VA even had it’s own CID? and, why? The purple shirted fag is Homeland Insecurity. The pics are sideways because I posted them before they even left the driveway. Within maybe an hour, less, I got a call obviously official that said I couldn’t post field agents pictures. Really? If you are on my property or in public I can take your picture and post it.
    I was later told that they probably had to either move them immediately or take them out of the field. How paranoid is that? My husband worked undercover in the drug interdiction game overseas. Not all of his team made it home. In fact, he had to face a young wife and lie and tell her that her husband died fast and painlessly. He didn’t. He was tortured and decapitated and as far as I know his body was never found. One team member was killed on a military post soon after they came home in a professional hit.
    But, I am to fear the post 9/11 Brownshirt punks of the VA? I hope they all rot in Hell. THEY don’t have the balls the vets they are harassing do..

  8. I left RVN in ’70. Since then, I have felt like the War never ended. Now, 47 years later, I am still warring with VA, but now sounds like the VA, my VA, has figured out another way to get rid of us; shoot us, or incarceration. I’m totally lost as to why the VA is intentionally choosing war with the Veterans, over decent medical care. Sad times for too many years, and way too many Veterans.

  9. Most know my thoughts on here. Most know I try my best to keep all of us informed. Especially when it comes to US!
    This article, with video, is new. It’s about the Vietnam War and all of us who were there! It’s about a new documentary out.
    This article is about 25 hours old, from “WND Opinion”,
    titled; “a passing generation”

    “Vietnam Vets deserve a proper place in history”
    by Richard Bodkin

    I found it by accident this morning. It separates fact from fiction!
    Check it out!

  10. Truly sad when the VA, DHS and AFGE consider veterans possibly protesting to be such a threat as to warrant such high level notification and action, but a veteran burning himself to death outside a VA is met with a yawn.
    And Riggs is a piece of work getting his panties in a knot over possibly something “colorful” on Facebook. Well, Riggs, when a veteran or family member buries their veteran family member after being beaten to death and your organization defends that and many other thugs, you should expect those affected to get “colorful”. Imagine how colorful you would be if it were your family member.
    As for any post on Facebook, I thought it interesting that Ben posted this, and wondered if I missed a post in the VA is Lying and Riggs is Butthurt group. I read every one of those posts daily, know there was nothing posted to the group about any protest, and know a link to Ben’s post was posted late last night.

    So Riggs is either delusional or was hitting the sauce…or both.

    1. There’s an “alleged investigative journalist” here in Central Florida, Mike Holfeld of Channel 6, (WFTV Orlando), local news, who says he has some relatives in, or were in, the military. Yet, not one article I’ve sent him, even when it relates to our area, he will not put it on air!
      Therefore, I can only conclude one of two scenarios;
      1.) Vets don’t mean shit to him.
      2.) He’s being told what can, or cannot, be ‘aired’!

      As far as that asswipe AFGE Union boss is concerned. I agree, he’s definitely drinking some strong VA kool-aid and smoking some strong (pot) er, tobacco!
      What would really be great, is if some of these upper echelon idiots, and journalists, were to have some relatives, or very close friends, be treated like crap by VA! Maybe then they’d change their tune! But, I doubt it. Because all they care about is;
      “Money that brings Power!”

  11. 04/18/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Like I told you recently, they are ready to CRACK.

    This organization is under a great deal of pressure.

    The Officials had the FBI trash all the investigations in late December of 2015 and the evidence is still being destroyed.

    And the “intelligence officials” still cannot believe it is Treason.

    They think it is mismanagement—after two (2) years in the National Spot Light!

    Just had two high level Veterans at my house on Sunday, both stated that they could not really put a finger on this VA problem. I told them it is Treason, just like in the 1998 Cox Report —900 Congressional pages of Companies and Officials selling out America [Back in the 1980s].

    Keep the Pressure on!


    Don Karg
    What about the CVA exposure?


  12. As an admin at VA is lying I will be there. This is NOT a protest we will leave that for another day. This will be on May 30th Memorial Day. It will be a silent vigil to mourn our 307,000 + Brothers and sisters that have died waiting for healthcare. Please join us at one of the 111 locations. We need you all to bring awareness of how the VA is treating our Veterans. Also Join us @ VA is Lying facebook group.

    1. Remember This Arnold Cabral again my belief the only way Veterans can change Veterans Healthcare Professionals is everyone who is a Veteran gets together and petition their Congressman or Congresswoman Veterans Healthcare Laws need to change plus i already have asked the main headquarters of the DAV can i put an AD in their Newspaper about my belief that Veterans Healthcare need to be improved i will keep you informed i wasn’t a Recon for nothing. ….Semper Fi.

  13. HI Benjamin, My opinion…all these Veteran facebook pages have VA spies. Not just “VA is Lying” but all of them. How do I know this? They won’t stop calling me!
    I am a member on several VA facebook pages, and just recently I posted my pictures again of why I blew the whistle on the VA. Then the phone started ringing no more than 10 minutes later once I posted those pictures.
    So they have one or two spies on each of these veteran facebook pages. They appear to look like normal members, but they are not.

    1. If the VA actually had any remote understanding of what Vets go through with PTSD the VA and VA police would fully understand that calling and messing with Vets on FB Groups are indeed a big ‘trigger’ for anxiety and everything that comes with PTSD.

      I believe they KNOW this and are doing these things without worry or thought of the ramifications on any particular Veteran. Definitely Psyops.

  14. Where were all those VA workers and what were they busy doing when those Veterans were being denied timely medical care?

  15. How much of VA money is being spent on the VA Gestapo? That money could be better used to take care of veterans. There aren’t enough agencies in this country monitoring the citizens of this country?

  16. Basically the VA is its own entity, a long link from a government program. What will it take. Well let’s see we have Vets dieing by criminal neglect of all sorts, misinformed info about their health, scandals threw out the system. Of coarse they are going to start propaganda about excellent web informers. Watch your backs, this shit isn’t fun and games. These sort of scandals are like the IRS and its watching curtain groups trying to curtail your constitutional rites. Don’t be surprised if problems start to happen with this Webb site. Like viruses or complete failures. It seems that freedom of speech is more of well what the gov lets it be….

  17. 1.) Didn’t the head of AFGE threaten to kick McDonald’s butt a while back. If he “…didn’t get in line!”?

    2.) “IF” there is NO mention of “Protests at 111 VA’s Nationwide” on “VA is Lying Facebook page”, then this has to be a “PsyOp”, or “False Flag” set up against Ron. “Ted S” said it straight enough!
    Ben, you know Ron. I believe you should contact him and find out what’s occuring! And warn him also. It wasn’t too long ago Ron had people out at his house “spying” on him and his family!!!!

    3.) DHS, or any governmental law enforcement agency, SHOULD HAVE done their job, and arrested many perpetrators on that wait list
    scandal when it first surfaced. Why didn’t they? Who knows!

    4.) What’s this “July 16” protest in Washington all about? Haven’t heard anything on this. How about filling us in…..

    5.) namnibor, I guess we’ll have to wait on whether or not the “Candyman” was rehired! Sad the families have to go through this crap, over and over again.

    6.) Not only should they “…bring down BLM…”! They should also “bring down” all the “tax dodgers”, which are starting to come out in “The Panama Papers!”
    a.) Hillary stated over this past week, “[they] should be prosecuted…”! She made this statement BEFORE people on her ‘campaign’ were mentioned!
    b.) Of course, Al Sharpton should have been arrested years ago!
    c.) There’s other groups out there which are being ‘suckered’ by two families. One is Soros. The other is the Koch Brothers!
    These three people need long stretches in prison for what they’ve done!

    6.) namnibor, I too remember that date, “May 20th” for some reason. Just can’t put my finger on it!?
    Maybe when someone comes on later, it will be given out!?

  18. Ben, Please provide links to the posts on VA IS LYING that call for a protest on May 20, 2016? I haven’t seen any post like this on VA IS LYING ever! And how does “VA LIES” become the “VA IS LYING” facebook group?

    1. My guess is the VA Police email contained a typo that was corrected by AFGE President and then circulated to other AFGE officials. I haven’t seen the notice on VA is Lying, so I thought the dates in the email leaked to me were surprising. But that does not make the email any less newsworthy.

      1. I found one of many posts on VA IS LYING FACEBOOK PAGE for a VIGIL on May 30th. Roger Taylor VA IS LYING February 25, 2016 Who’s up for organizing a National Day of Mourning/May 30 Memorial Day Vigil to remember and honor veterans who’ve died at the hands of the VA… a local group in front of each of the 111 VA facilities named below in the article and at all major VA hospitals? See Ren Rivers’ posts below and above. Let’s all talk about this…

    2. @Ted S
      A “Day of Mourning” is definitely NOT the same as a day of “Protest”!
      Even then, he’s still only asking, “Who’s up for a day of Mourning”! NOT calling for it! Plus, the dates are not coinciding!

      Something is really funny on this! I agree with namnibor. I believe it’s a “psy-op”, or a “false flag”, up VA’s sleeves against veterans nationwide!?

      We better start being very vigilant. Something tells me something is definitely “Blowing in the Wind”, as the song goes!

  19. Last thing and in form of question: What *other thing* is going-on with that date of May 20th in which the VA wishes to solicit demonstrations as a deflection to say even a VA deposition/hearing of a VA criminal employee or …? I ask because I would hate for there to be actual Military or SWAT training via DHS on *that* date as a VA wide “exercise” in which if the VA and Union “bates Veterans” to indeed protest, all their “extra” security measures would coincidentally already in-place?!
    Not paranoia. Just thinking logistically and strategically, using very training military engrained in all of us and some perhaps more so due to nature of the beast.

    With all that said, I think a massive protest in Washington, D.C. at some point in future is a Constitutional Given but see, the VA in this announcement portrays Veterans as feral unorganized, crazed and delusional protestors…something smells rotten here and this announcement did not cause me to fart so it’s definitely a not so silent but deadly VA fart and insulting our intelligence. We would be much more organized and above all, covert.
    I farted anyway in the VA’s general direction! 🙂 Why? Because the VAOIG has been sitting on these 111 Investigation *results* for many months. What are they hiding?
    That list of locations shows exactly how the VA has a sick systemic problem because it’s entrenched across the USA.

    Rant Out!

    Wait…one more thing. (sorry) I am *still* very bothered that with all the media, all the members of congress, those running for office, NONE, not a PEEP about that Veteran that set himself on fire in front of the VA Clinic other than that one blip from apparently a local news, but still **crickets**. Are we supposed to do as one VA employee came on and stated basically, ‘shit happens’, and move-on, ask no questions?
    Over and out. Time for some calming music and slow, deep breathing. 🙂

    1. Since the original news article appeared in nj dot com, and on Ben’s blog around March 23, there have been other articles by the Washtimes on March 24…although it did not show up in Google search results for days after, followed by articles in the Daily Beast, March 28, Breitbart on March 28 and the NY Daily news on March 29. All say basically the same thing, which is minimal. No other major media outlet shows up in the search results.
      The Daily Beast actually contains a good deal more detail than other articles, including that he walked 9 miles from his home to the VA, and that he left behind his wife and two kids, aged 3 and 5.
      But Riggs is butthurt over Facebook.

      1. Thanks, I see those links and I guess I wrongly discounted ;’The Daily Beast’ due to personal annoyance with them in past but will place them on my list for fact-checking against other sources.
        I am just really surprised the VA did not actually ‘use’ that Veteran’s awful suicide and demonstration to ask callously for more $$$ under auspices of “suicide Prevention”. I guess the VA is quite okay with average of 22 Vets doing so each and every day in these United States. 🙁

  20. i think they can continue to do what they do every day …hide and screw over Veterans! DHS has more important stuff to do besides sit on their ass and spy on a fb group!!! how about bringing down the terrorist group BLM? yes ..i am a Veteran and i do have a right to voice my opinion!!!

    1. Amen to that! Definitely a homegrown terror group way out of control and BOTH political parties are utilizing BLM to their own advantages.

  21. Anyone want to bet this is a Psy-Ops ‘false flag attempt’ of the VA actually enticing a demonstration on a certain date and the 111 specific locations? I do. Otherwise, it makes absolutely no logistical sense that the VA or DOC or AFGE would ‘spill the beans’ and I am thinking they are also trying to destabilize VA IS LYING by trying to make it sound like they have a VA spy or informant within VA IS LYING. Quasi-military ‘peacekeeping’ technics, no less.

    This simply wreaks of the VA enticing confrontation. The VA Police must have gotten their order in of military surplus zip-ties all ready for their made-up date in hopes of arresting anyone willing to tell the American Public the TRUTH.

    Amazing!! This reads to me as the VA is feeling the ‘heat’ of that shining light called ACCOUNTABILITY! They will stoop incredibly low in order to preserve their gravy train.

    (I could be off about this but it’s something I actually have predicted the VA would try in order to make we Veterans appear as National Security Threats, make arrests, vilify Veterans, when the threat is actually the VA to all Veterans)

    1. Perhaps the media blackout just last week at Tomah VAMC with Dr. Candyman Houlihan was a “test-run-beta” of a larger VA “security implementation?

      Too many questions and interested in what Ron has to say about this.

      1. They killed both my parents,they don’t care about the families and they should be charged for obstruction of justice and murder……. The families are hurting because they killed because they couldn’t take care of them veterans

    2. vva dc hq is one big big federal rico crime racket run by @ for afge union CONTRACTS THE MAFIA IS CHUMP CHANGE TO VA DC HQ RICO CRIME RACKET VETS THE VA IS ONE BIG SCREW JOB ON VETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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