Veteran Sets Self On Fire Outside Atlantic County CBOC

Atlantic County CBOC

Police reported a veteran from New Jersey set himself on fire outside the Atlantic County CBOC operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Atlantic County CBOC is a VA clinic in Northfield, NJ, and is part of the Wilmington VA Medical Center system.

The veteran, a man from Egg Harbor Township, apparently engaged in self-immolation by dowsing himself and then lighting himself on fire. He was then taken by helicopter to Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. Little else is known about the incident.

Many readers may remember the Vietnamese Buddhist monk who engaged in self-immolation in 1963 to protest repression and abuse committed by the Vietnamese government.

Perhaps this veteran was doing the same?

VA has grossly failed its veterans when providing mental healthcare for those suffering from a variety of problems including suicide. Until the agency gets its act together, more veterans will likely suffering.

This instance of self-immolation will likely not be the last.


UPDATED: March 23, 2016 – The veteran who set himself on fire died days later.

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  1. Helpful piece . I was fascinated by the analysis , Does anyone know where I can get a fillable MI DoT 5107 document to edit ?

  2. This happened right here at my hometown VA in the 70’s. Buffalo VA,.
    I don’t think there is anything [political in these acts. These are guys just like Me and the rest of the 22 veterans a day that kill themselves. I have 4 immediate family members that did the same. He was hurting And the hurt is real. God Bless him,

    1. Pretty sure the “Vietnam Political Protest Video” that Benjamin was using as part of the article was to serve as an analogy of state of desperate times, not any specific political agenda…just fraud and corruption and shitty healthcare.

      The sad truth is that the VA has used the guise of “Veteran Suicide Prevention Programs” to receive loads of $$$ on more than a few occasions, yet I have personally had three Veteran friend’s die by their state of disrepair and craptastic healthcare in just last 5 years alone. This story will more than likely show very inconsistent care or the VA treating him for entirely the wrong thing or even a crapload of SSRI’s, that are known to cause Mania and more on their own but combined with whatever else, not fun playing the human pin cushion to modern medicine to find what works.

      Sometimes it takes a reminder of a Historical event such as this Vietnam Buddhist Protest Video, that literally sent shockwaves around the world, as a coupled analogy for this Veteran’s plight with his health and the VA.

      He specifically chose the outside parking lot outside that VA and could not be a mere coincidence.
      Peace. This world needs more of it.

      1. I did a search again using the same terms as yesterday, and an updated local news story shows that veteran has died.
        No offense to Ben, but his blog post is the top link that comes up in the search, with maybe two or three other local news articles on this.
        I can’t find the words to describe how incredibly f%*cking disgusted I am over the lack of any news coverage of this.
        I don’t mean some ghoulish coverage, but news on it, or outrage from someone.
        Some poor safe space seeking whiners at some college are offended by good in their cafeteria, and it’s national news.
        A veteran is filled with such despair over the lack of hope that he sets himself on fire, and it’s f*+cking crickets in the media and from our politicians from coast to coast.
        Whether he had pre-existing mental health issues over the past 30-40 years, he was still a veteran who deserved humane care.

  3. And don’t forget about the 32 year old Quaker (man) who in 1965 set himself on fire under Robert McNamara’s window in protest of the Vietnam war … gone but not forgotten.

  4. You comments about this vet are truly uninformed. We were friends for more than 40 years. This was not an act of protest as you suggest

    “Many readers may remember the Vietnamese Buddhist monk who engaged in self-immolation in 1963 to protest repression and abuse committed by the Vietnamese government. Perhaps this veteran was doing the same?”

    He had a history of mental health issues dating before his time in the Navy. This coupled with a difficult time personally likely lead to this tragedy.

    Please respect this serviceman and do not use it as a platform for you political rantings.

    1. Jack,

      Who are you directing your comments at.

      You claim to have been a friend yet you then post embarrassing information no true friend would post. You also try to dismiss his actions as having no real meaning yet you then admit you don’t know why he did it and offer a guess.

      It is clear by your comments you were no friend to this Veteran.

      To me this Veteran has sent a very loud and clear message about this VA Clinic where if he was receiving the help that he needed this would not have happened. So you will just have to accept the fact that I do care about this fellow Veteran and I am looking into this VA Clinic.

      1. @Melvin
        Very well said. As you so eloquently pointed out, “Jack” is not a real true friend to that veteran. For, IF he was, he would be trying to find out the reasons behind the: “WHO, WHAT and WHY” behind this “act of defiance” by a fellow veteran.
        Therefore, I can only conclude, “Jack” is a ‘troll’ of the worst kind!

      2. Hey Elf,

        While we are not certain that he is a troll yet, he certainly took the stance that we all have come to expect from the VA when speaking about this type of subject. Blame it all on the Veteran and try to shame anyone who is talking in support of the veteran.

        Every thing in his post certainly does sound like he is a troll for the VA.

      3. Definitely the Spring air has the unmistakable stank of Troll wafting in the air!!!

        No true friend would remotely say what was stated, almost like the VA’s stance, “OH…he had mental health issues BEFORE his Navy Service….”, as to minimize it….indeed, the very worst kind of Troll, and also not exactly how a “True Friend” would respond.

        Troll, until proven otherwise. Callous comments in past on here have shown exactly where they come from…within the cesspool of the VA Spin Machine Dr.

  5. Susan Marie,

    Thank You for bringing that point up. She is broad certified since 1992. Also as I pointed out that the boards website shows that “she is not meeting board MOC requirements”, but it also points out that she does not need to meet MOC requirements to maintain her certification.

    I hope that you can see as a disabled Veteran, who has been through the system, and now see that another Veteran has committed the act of setting himself on fire outside of the Clinic in NJ why I am looking into her Dr. Jane Chamberlain.
    It is out of respect for this Veteran that drives me to find out why he did this to clearly draw attention to this VA Clinic in NJ.

    What I am finding is very hard to understand. First in this 70-year-old, VA psychiatrist Dr. Jane Chamberlain, own word about use of Telemedicine she stated “Picking up on a patient’s nonverbal cues will be a little bit more difficult this way,” Chamberlain said. “But it will allow us to be in multiple places at once. So we’ll still get to see them, we’ll still get to talk to them and we’ll still get to treat them.”. [1]

    Next is the fact that her profile at the Wilmington VA Medical Center list her as licensed in 4 states California, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I can find no record of any license in California. Her license in Michigan is active until 1/31/2018 but list a private resident in New Jersey as where she practices. Her New Jersey license is active until 6/30/2017 and list her as working in West Palm Beach Florida as a Medical Examiner. Her Pennsylvania Medical License is active until 12/31/2016 although no address is listed for where she practices it does list the same city in New Jersey and zip code of the private residence listed on her Michigan License.

    As pointed out regarding her certification in psychiatry where “she is not meeting board MOC requirements”.

    I have to ask where this 70-year-old medical examiner from West Palm Beach Florida, work from home physician, and psychiatrist who is not meeting board requirements was when this Veteran set himself on fire? Also I have to ask who is responsible for setting up this arrangement?

    1. “ New VA clinic in Northfield offers high-tech features, services for veterans”


    1. For anyone following the post above was in response to an individual who responded to my post.

      My earlier post was:

      “After checking out more on the VA clinic in Northfield where this happened. It appears it’s main function includes a Psychiatry clinic that uses Telemedicine with a Doctor in charge named Dr. Jane Mary Chamberlain.

      When checking her info found something unusual. Although she is listed as certified it shows that she is not current with completing her Maintenance of Certificate (MOC).

      The board list it as “MOC Status: Not Meeting MOC Requirements and Is Not Required To Do So”.

      Some kind of very special arrangement there given they are required to meet MOC every ten years.

      So this is looking like another VA Programed Suicide via prescription with a new twist. Telemedicine”

      1. It isn’t a special arrangement. Psychiatrists who were board certified prior to the early 1990s are not required to participate in the MOC process. I hold two board certifications. My first board certification, obtained in 1991, is permanent and I don’t have to participate in MOC for that reason. This is true of most certifications obtained prior to the early 1990s. That being said, I don’t endorse telemedicine and would not participate in it when I was a VA physician.

      2. Thank you for rejecting telemedicine!!!

        There are instances where telemedicine, Skype or other remote methods of treating patients is acceptable and even helpful for the patient, which should be the focus, and other instances where it is lunacy to think telemedicine is appropriate.
        In the last years I was reviewing veterans medical research for funding, there were more and more research projects being pitched to determine the effectiveness of using telemedicine, and the bottom line reason was to cut costs. Quality of care for veterans didn’t seem to be much of a concern.
        I am sure I am not alone in my opinion that telemedicine in some instances shows the doctor just does not care enough about the patient to bother with a face to face visit.
        Why not just tell them to search out a few YouTube videos.

      3. Susan Marie,

        Thank You for your informative reply and answering my questions on board certifications.

        I still am seeing some kind of special arrangement and problems with that arrangement that likely contributed to, if not wholly caused, this Veteran to set himself on fire in front of that VA Clinic. Where if he had been receiving proper care this would not have happened.

        To start with her FEC Disclosure Reports she lists herself as self-employed from 2012 on up to 2015. Her multiple active medical licenses list her as a Medical Examiner in West Palm Beach FL and several indicate that she is a work from home Doctor in New Jersey.

        After numerous search the only work history findable on the web is that she has been connected with working as a Psychiatrist in several hospitals which specialize in adolescents and pediatrics before her taking the position at this clinic.

        Add all of that to her age of 70+, her stated problems with getting use to the technology she had to use and the fact that she did not need to follow a Maintenance of Certificate Program. With the cornucopia of new drugs being used and tested at this time and also the new research in your field on subject such as PTSD it would seem to me that a person working with Veterans should be required to be in a MOC program.

        Have to wonder how many other Veterans are relying on this clinic for support that they may not be getting.

        Also I would like to add that age may not be a factor here but we don’t know since she was not in a MOC program. As you have pointed out that you hold several certifications one where like Dr. Chamberlain you are not required to be in a MOC program but the other I assume does require it and I am guessing you are near or approaching Dr. Chamberlain age and you have maintained both certifications proving age is not a factor in your case.

      4. There are several components of MOC :

        1) you must have a free and unrestricted medical license
        2) you must have completed continuing medical education credits
        3) you must take an exam which costs approximately 2000.00 and you must pay fees which can be several hundred dollars per year.

        Most people with permanent board certificates complete 1 and 2 but not 3 due to cost.
        VA requires 1 and 2 in order to be credentialed as a VA physician, so she has met 2 components of the MOC process simply by practicing at the VA and being credentialed by VA. She is not required to take the recertification exam or pay for it just as most physicians with permanent certificates do. There is nothing unusual about this.

      5. Susan Marie,

        Although you imply in your comment that the VA require Physicians to meet the standard of having a free and unrestricted medical license and also must have completed continuing medical educational credits to maintain a certification with the VA.

        Here in Minnesota we know for a fact that is simply not true. Thanks to the work of Ben Krause and KARE 11 investigative reporter AJ Lagoe. A prior blog article by Ben Krause and a report by investigation by AJ Lagoe prove that very clearly.


        “Veterans Affairs Caught Falsifying Doctors’ Certifications”

        KARE 11 investigative reporter AJ Lagoe and Benjamin Krause showing that the VA is actively falsifying Doctors Certifications and even after they were caught they did not remove the false certification information from their website.


        “Medical credentials questioned at VA hospitals”


  6. To all.
    Just about an hour or so ago, the wife and I were listening to “The Sean Hannity Show.”

    He had two guests on. One from the RNC and another person who was “backing the people.” Their names escape me!
    The conversation was “HOW does the RNC nomination work!”
    There were two distinct differences of opinion. I will paraphrase what we heard. And quote what my 69 year old brain remembered!

    1.) The person from the RNC says, “…the news media is incorrectly informing the people that their vote(s) picks the nominee!”
    He went on to say, “The deligates pick the person who is to be nominated, NOT the people!”

    2.) The ‘second person’ interviewed basically called him a liar.

    He stated “The people’s vote(s) DO count!” He went on to say, That the “delegates & Super-delegates” are supposed to nominate the person “selected by (majority) the voters!”
    Basically saying, the RNC cannot change the rules midstream or on a whim. To justify how they will screw a frontrunner, no matter who it is, out of the nomination!

    Well, that’s as far as the wife and I got. Hannity ran out of time on them.
    So, if anyone out there knows what’s really supposed to happen. We would love to hear from you!

    1. For the GOP nomination, a nominee has to get 1237 delegates. If no nominee gets that number, then the nomination is contested or brokered.
      In a brokered or contested convention, every delegate must vote for their nominee in the first vote at the convention. If no nominee gets 1237 on that vote, then it goes to a second vote. In that second vote, the delegates can then vote for whoever they want. If no nominee gets 1237 on that second vote, then a third vote and so on continues.
      After the first vote, you could imagine some serious arm twisting and deal-making is going on.
      Some delegates are bound by their caucus votes, which means they must vote for whoever their caucus votes for on the first vote. Others, like Colorado, are unbound, which means they still must vote for whoever their caucus selected, but if their candidate dropped out before the convention, they are not bound to vote for that candidate in the first vote. For example, if Colorado selected Rubio, they are no longer bound to vote for Rubio on the first vote because Rubio dropped out.
      The key to this is getting 1237 delegates, then it’s a moot point. If Trump gets 1000 delegates and Cruz gets 1000, then it will be a contested convention, and the arm twisting and deal making begin.
      It is possible Trump or Cruz could make a deal with Kasich or Rubio or others. Give them something in exchange for their support…and their delegates.
      McCain won the primary in South Carolina because Huckabee made a deal with him, and gave McCain his delegates.

    2. I should add, much of this comes down to rules the RNC has written for handling contested nominations. I believe it has been reported that one rule says only those who have won delegates in 8 states can be nominated, but that may not stop the RNC from changing the rules at the last minute.
      What I said above still holds, but I believe if any vote goes to a 2nd or 3rd round, then they may open the floor for nominations of anyone. This is where chaos comes in if the establishment RINOs decide to try nominate someone like Paul Ryan or others in place of Trump or Cruz.

      1. That’s exactly what I see playing out. They are not shy about their ‘Fear and loathing of Trump’….a bit of a pun there. 🙂 Funny you mentioned this because I have been telling a buddy that Mitt Romney is only a stiff spokesperson…possibly,the REAL RABBIT coming out of their bags of Trix is Paul Ryan, and always has been.

        He may be Speaker of The House, but I have yet to hear him advocate for vets in holding the VA really, really, really accountable. Quite the contrary. I recall he and I believe Michelle Bachman were trying to whittle away at veteran benefits not that long ago in that semi-flash-in-pan Tea Party Movement, which seemed to only be seltzer water. No real kick.
        Where’s Ryan’s outcries over the VA’s crap in his own State?

        Also, do not discount the Gov. of Wisconsin as a favored pick by RNC over Trump. (Scott Walker?)
        Hell, I think they are freaked enough to consider a cat for President over Trump.
        It’s time for real change and if they are afraid of Trump that makes me prefer him at this time over anyone else.
        This entire process is not for naught though. MANY issues have been talked about that have been kept in the dark for too long but I can’t help but remember all the other times candidates will say all the magical things to garner votes, then business as usual again.
        McCain again? HA HA HA HA…no thank you. Retire already.

      2. @91Veteran
        What I see is complete pandemonium at the RNC Convention, IF Trump wins the necessary 1237 delegate votes, and he is NOT given the Nomination!


        Here’s a very interesting video;

        “Off Duty Cop Dismantles Lies About Trump Rallies”

        by Robert Kraychik
        Mar. 20, 2016

        Brandon Tatum, a Tucson, Arizona Police Officer attends a Trump rally on 19 Mar. 2016!
        What he says shouldn’t surprise anyone!
        I hope Mr. Tatum doesn’t get into trouble for speaking the truth!

      3. P.S.
        I saw on world news today, where Trump met with about two dozen law makers in Washington. Each one had favorable words when they were questioned after their meeting.
        So, maybe things are looking better for Trump. Or maybe they aren’t on the take, so to speak. Or maybe they are just being the politicians they are!?

        This was before he spoke to the Israeli and Palestinian rally! I hope that went well.

  7. My husband is a Vietnam vet that the VA treated for years (approx. 17)with zanax and hydrocodone, along with Prozac and seroqueol for PTSD. He was naturally addicted to both and in 2014 they told him he would no longer get it from the VA, to ween himself off or see private doctor? They created the problem, but absolutely no help with the results. So he went to private dr. and we had to pay out of pocket for their screw up, but worse 6 months ago they diagnosed a lung nodule benign ,even though his lymph nodes were lit up in CT scan. They said they would watch it? Now he has stage 4 lung and brain cancer, 23 brain leasions. We left the VA for private care, but his condition is terminal, what did the time they wasted cost my husband?? Why are they never accountable? We believed they would take good care of him, we were deadly wrong! Just like this poor mans family, God rest his soul, the VA is failing so many that served their country.

    1. Pamela,

      So sorry to hear of your family’s situation and your experience with the VA. We are collectively using information and tech to help insure the VA is a better Agency than the one currently. Your husband definitely deserves better for serving this Great USA and thanks for sticking by his side.

      1. Then James stop shitting all over everyone else’s posts until you correct your problems.

    2. Great respect for both you and your husband for his service and your standing by his side.

  8. I am sure there are plenty of VA vampire parasites, who could explain to you that this is all the fault of the vet. At about 70 years of age, I have yet to ever hear of the VA admitting to ANY fault in any tragedy or wrong doing. The first rule of VA employment is thou shall not admit error or sin.

    1. After checking out more on the VA clinic in Northfield where this happened. It appears it’s main function includes a Psychiatry clinic that uses Telemedicine with a Doctor in charge named Dr. Jane Mary Chamberlain.

      When checking her info found something unusual. Although she is listed as certified it shows that she is not current with completing her Maintenance of Certificate (MOC).

      The board list it as “MOC Status: Not Meeting MOC Requirements and Is Not Required To Do So”.

      Some kind of very special arrangement there given they are required to meet MOC every ten years.

      So this is looking like another VA Programed Suicide via prescription with a new twist. Telemedicine

      1. This is common place. They also rotate doctors who are trusted and well liked by vets to isolate the vet, never allowing them a comfort zone. They have actually forged my brother’s signature on documents. When I worked at a major university affiliated with the nearby VA, the doctors and residents studying at the university would make fun of the vets. That culture was supposed to have changed, but I don’t think so. They have classes with staff shrinks that teach the vets with PTSD that they are not responsible for ANY bad behavior, which leads to all sorts of acting out, when they should be taught how to safely work out frustrations, and become socialized. There is always a constant push to put vets on psych meds as well. Now they are pushing electroshock therapy (basically a lobotomy). I think this is a study to test this procedure on the general public (for political protesters and the enlightened). The bottom line is feelings of hopelessness. It took my brother 40 years to get his disability. The VA has a joke meme..(DDD…Delay, Deny, until you Die. Very funny, don’t you think? Sick VA Admin. bastards should hang.

      2. VA Telemedicine and Psychiatry…what could possibly go wrong? Or, as Melvin coyly implied, it sounds like Telemedicine and Psychiatry could easily take a page from one of my favorites, “The Manchurian Candidate” (1962), “”””””

        Not stating that’s what is going on but of ALL things, why have Psych Care Telemedicine and The VA be in the same room with these parasites simply furthering their freaky research…as Dr. Candy Man has shown, and the VA let it go on…and that was also Psych…person to person.

        Will the VA’s usual knee-jerk reaction be to have every one of us Vets wearing a Hannibal Lector Mask when on federal grounds? VA will then need another $3 Billion for Disney to market and manufacture said masks?
        yeah, a bit flippant there, but that’s the level of “ridiculousness” we have arrived at.

      3. Not meeting MOCrequirements and not required to do so simply means she has a permanent board certificate and she is not required to take the recertification exam. It does not mean she is not board certified.

  9. Its not the first time this has happened and it is a social protest. My father was a Bronze Star V device and Purple Heart Veteran who self immolated with Kerosene at Christmas 1995. It was no doubt a combination of my active deployments, HIS FIGHT WITH THE VA, and his TBI that drove him to that method. All self immolations are social protest by definition. I would say half was his treatment from the VA. My dad was in the B2 501st Vietnam Class of 69-70 among the legendary Drive On that Johnny Cash sang about. About six years ago at Denver a Veteran of Vietnam did attempted to do it with lighter fluid but was put out burning 40% of his body. The last self immolation in Washington DC on Oct 4, 2013 was a veteran On July 14th of this year in Northeast Ohio A veteran tried again at a VA facility but was also put out. Below is a link to that story and any man who thinks I am telling fibs about my dad can go check his Unit;s website out. THIS IS MUCH MORE COMMON THAN PEOPLE KNOW! I was on active duty at the time to and that goddamn VA kept his disability back pay closing the estate while I was deployed abroad in Joint Endeavor! Worst part was a few years after death his case was one they used to change rules about disability back pay dying with the Veteran without spouse. Anyone can claim it by paying last expense or settling the estate within one year for the dead to my understanding now.

    The VA and Government keep tight lips on the ones that die like my father and the guy on Oct 4, 2012 but when they survive you can find it in the internet everywhere, This guy OIF vet and we might never know his name because it sounds like he is going pass away. ALL self immolation deaths BY DEFINITION are Protest per Merian Webster Dictionary/ OH YEAH arguing with the VA how my dad was treated and poor quality care got me a red flag just like Mr Krause and I can’t see a MD without police escort and have a service connection. Below is link to OH story–va-clinic-suicide-try.html

  10. Sad to see how little coverage this has gotten 2 days after it happened. Instead we have news of some nitwit prancing around Cuba, and saturation coverage of other nitwits acting like thugs.

    The linked news article says he is 51 years old, which would likely make him a veteran of the Gulf War. I suspect he has fought the VA for years for health care of his illnesses from then, but the VA has ignored him and the law which should have made many of his health conditions service connected.

    But hey, $172 billion for a budget should go a long way in paying the salaries and bonuses of those ignoring vets, and $22 billion for an IT contract should go a long ways towards ensuring any documentation of poor treatment is quickly lost.

    I can see the VA working very hard right now on covering their ass, and sending him a bill for cleaning up their sidewalk.

    1. I have been thinking the exact same thing this weekend. Coverage of POTUS prancing around on tax-payer $$ hulling the “mother-in-law” AND kids to Cuba. Never mind Vets killing themselves and Vets being killed by,as POTUS likes to call them, “disenfranchised youth”, and all the other ‘nitwits’ protesting.
      Full moon and tonight’s two-pieced green comet flying by Earth is taking it’s toll on the lessor intelligence on this planet.

      Think I need a wilderness vacation to just breath. This stuff can be overwhelming to underlying health issues. Seriously.

      The VA will spin this unfortunate protest of this Vet somehow in order to vilify him, making the VA look squeaky clean. Just wait for it.
      But then again, the VA may not even need to do so because I just had over three hours, three different MSM news feeds in background and not ONE PEEP about this Veteran’s demonstration and hospitalization…not one. At least I have not run into it yet. Really a shame.
      Going to start sending this story to many sources and suggest others do same to ensure it gets exposure. I am still breathing, so still fighting!

      1. @namnibor
        I sent the article off to Mike Holfeld of Ch. 6 news here in Florida and to
        “Mr. Donald J. Trump!” at the same time.
        The wife has noticed Ch 6, and other news stations, reporting more when Obummer is out of country! I wonder why that is?

        I agree! Watch VA try to villify the vet!
        Wouldn’t it be outstanding if he left a “suicide note” explaining the “WHY” of his act! In the note would be names, reasons and dates for this “act of demonstration!”
        I’m not saying it was right, by no means. It just seems people do drastic things when they see no end in sight!

      2. It used to be that you would hear some politician making hay over something like this, but not hearing a peep shows how far this country has fallen when Congress is too lazy to say anything about this.
        Over the years, if the WH was Republican, Democrats in Congress would attack the WH for not doing enough for veterans, if nothing more than to embarrass the WH, and veterans getting crumbs from whatever came of the attack. If a Democrat were in the WH, then the agency head was attacked so as to protect who was in the WH.
        With this, there is nothing from both sides. No attacks, no claims of improper funding, no claims of incompetence…nothing.

        It tells me two things.
        1. Veterans have lost huge amounts of standing as a voting or influence group we may have had in getting Congress to act.
        2. The major veterans organizations no longer care about doing what they were chartered by Congress to do…assist veterans. That should have been clear with the widespread VA scandals coming out over the past 3+ years, and the silence from veterans organizations in most if not all those scandals.
        Hell I don’t even remember any significant media coverage of ANY veterans organization expressing any outrage over 40 dead vets in Phoenix. In the past, 1 or 2 organizations might mount a sustained campaign at fixing something, with the 3rd or more groups unifying and getting legislation passed to fix a problem.

        Now it’s just silence.

        Every one of them should have their charters revoked, along with the tax payer support they receive from Congress since they choose to ignore the primary reason they have a charter in the first place.

    2. @namnibor
      A great deal of those “thugs” and “thugetts” which are causing all the trouble, (which are against Mr. Trump), are being bought and paid for by “SOROS”, Sanders, Clinton and other “left wing sorry asswipes!”

      I’ve read a few articles where Soros, and someone else, has an “International Warrent” out against him. How true I’m not sure. I’m still trying to confirm it!

      Now, since the left is out “against Trump”, and they are calling for his arrest. They all should be getting scared because there’s starting to be a push against these “RIOTERS!” That’s all they are – a bunch of punk ass idiots who are going to learn the hard way!

      Here’s just two of the many articles coming out from Saturday and Sunday! There’s going to be more. Y’all can count on it! The “THUGS and THUGETTS” will lose!

      Some woman who claims to be a “Commie” and more. Was arrested for “slapping a police horse” out in Kansas City. She’s going to see some time lol! Stupid Bitch!

      Up in Georgia, three little punks took a Trump sign out of a man’s front yard. When the owner confronted them. One of them pulled a gun. Stupid move.
      A neighbor saw the confrontation and came to his neighbors aid with his “legal weapon!”
      To make a long story short. All three of the “THUGS” are in jail right now. Awaiting trial on “a slew of criminal charges!”

      Wait for it. There’s going to be lots more! People are getting pissed at these “left wing radicalized terrorists”.

      1. @crazyelf-

        It’s actually quite scary amazing how we Veterans, for the most part, are on the same ‘thought frequency wave’ and can have a clarity of what’s going on in our USA and The VA. Yet, as 91veteran so precisely said, there’s silence on both sides.

        I will go as far to say that although the VA has been the federal agency train wreck for many, many moons and Wars and Conflicts; I will say that what was gained from The Cold War has quite literally fallen on deaf ears.

        Never in my life would I have thought a POTUS would regularly announce what are active strategies and even troop counts were….on National and World TV. Our enemies have been popping popcorn for last 7.3 years of these 15 years of constant War. The only thing covert is career politicians making deals and horse and pony shows while Vets continue to be exposed to their Big Pharma Witch Dr. mentality.

        Just over weekend or end of last week on Stars and Stripes, an article was on how Congress magically is pulling out of their magic hat that they sit on, a WHOLE NEW itemization of ‘Presumptive Gulf War Svc. Connection’, but further reading the article talked about how LONG the “actual” approval time and further studies…basically, the article went on to say those same movements through the Federal Bowels have sat like a snake that just ate a very large animal…from Vietnam, and how it will be at “end of lifespans for many”…and recall myself thinking, this is just like any or most large Insurance Companies where rather than pay out valid claims for ‘damaged goods’, the VA machine has an insatiable appetite for $$$, that it would rather give HUGE pay raises to VA Upper Management, than to pay out claims and just “Wait Until They Die”, then repeat.
        How much has some Boardroom already meticulously calculated, the Price of Freedom is? What’s their established “liability limit”, and why is there more accountability amongst a pack of rabid skunks, than the VA?

        Does anyone else worry that this Veteran’s Actions in today’s article will somehow be buried and claimed by that thing they say when they have no other word for it…”The Fog Of War”? Never mind the fact this Vet was obviously not getting appropriate care in order to feel that hopeless as well as helpless.
        Is the VA more concerned about image than addressing finally, Veteran Suicide Prevention?
        Benjamin, please keep us up to date if you can find more info on this Vet’s situation.

        Ran out.

    3. $22billion for IT!!!!!!!???????
      Geezuz think what you could do with one tenth of that!!!!
      Lets see, thats 2,200 millions….
      And you get a pittance for. Service connected or AO deadly illness…
      And no VA criminals ever go to jail, or even suffer any punishment!!!
      Sharon Helman pleads to felony …gets probation!!
      Hillary gets NOTHING!!
      2 sets of rules and laws in America: Govt has no rules….the rest of us are watched like a hawk!!
      And imprisoned at a level 100 times more!!!

      1. Ben had an earlier post on this looting of the Treasury disguised as a VA IT contract.
        As I posted in that article, the Utah Data Center for the NSA cost $1.5 billion, with another $2-3 billion for hardware/software.
        Makes me so happy every time I see the framed posters in the VA warning veterans about travel fraud. The last time I was at my VA, they had two posters outside the travel pay window, two in the primary care waiting area, two in the Lab waiting area and two in the xray waiting area.
        Its as if the VAs entire $160+ billion budget is being eaten away by a bunch of thieving veterans.

  11. Here’s an article from, Military dot com, I received today. It’s from yesterday 20 March 2016.
    “Cruz, Cornyn, Abbott call for Accountability in VA Data Scandal”
    by Jeremy Schwartz

    It’s full of doubtful (and possibly eronious) information from the VAOIG. In one paragraph, the OIG puts the blame totally on the schedulers for the “wait time scandal” to “improper training” and “lack of supervision”!

    All I can say is; Give me a
    fμ€king break! Because, for what ‘reason(s)’ do the schedulers (alone) have to “manipulate the books”?
    “NONE!”, would be my answer. The “order(s)” would have had to come from someone(s) higher up! The schedulers would have been taught HOW to manipulate the books.
    Lastly, for what reason would these (lowly) schedulers have for manipulating the wait times? How about for “BONUSES!”
    That’s my theory!

  12. @namnibor and Robin,
    I wonder what was going on in this veterans mind. To make him do such a thing?
    We all know the upper echelon of VA won’t care one iota for this vet. They’ll say something about it, maybe. Then it’ll be “business as usual!”


    On a side note:
    Here’s an article I received late last night from;
    “TownHall dot com”
    “No Opiates for the Masses?”
    Mar. 20, 2016
    by, Steve Chapman

    It seems this “trend”, of prescribing opiates, began in earnest in the 90’s. Now, the “CDC” and the “Institute on Pain Management” is reversing course.
    It’s an interesting read. I suggest it highly!

    1. Third time typing this. Something is off with site.

      Wal-Mart was caught insuring employees with them as beneficiaries. Wife found out after husband died on dock.
      I wonder if this is going t at va. Even Zeldin can’t get numbers on SMC T black hole.
      And death benefit is only 300.

      1. This is standard practice for Walmart as I recall reading about this very thing with taking policies out on employees and Walmart as beneficiary going back quite a few years. My own mother was one whom told me about this in the brief 2 months she worked for them and quit. They hired my mother under pretense that she would never ever have to work on Sundays, as both my parents are heavily involved in leading various study and worship groups. Two weeks in, my mother was on schedule for polar opposite of what she was assured and promised…and Walmart informed her she can just quit if she did not like it. She did. She really did not need that job anyway, it was just to get out of house and very part time at that.

        I could easily see the VA doing same scam with taking out insurance policies on Vets with VA or select upper management’s names as beneficiaries. Sounds was far-fetched, but when you are talking about either Walmart or the VA, they could give a rat’s ass.
        If all the VA Fiduciary scandals are even remotely true, they are already basically doing it to vets the VA deems unable to manage finances.

        @crazyelf and 91veteran and all else:
        I have really become fed-up with all the thug protestors and trump actually has coined the correct tem for them: Professional Disrupters…however, not so much ‘professional’…and I am quite sure the powers that be that fear with every ounce of blood, a Trump Nomination are corralling these “protesters” to do the dirty work for them and then Mitch McConnell has the audacity to go on news and state Trump needs to keep them orderly and other nonsense from that bag of face skin, career politician.
        I will find the links but over the weekend there were a couple more Vets and Cops that are Vets killed by thugs enjoying the full moon. Crazy world, and people wonder why I mainly keep to myself!??!!!

  13. Simply horrific. The mainstream news and the VA spin machine effectively kept this out of my knowledge on various news feeds I read/watch daily. I too, am sorry he felt there was no other option to whatever his situation involved and that the VA apparently let him down in feeling no hope nor resolve. Rest-in-peace soldier.

    1. Forgive my uninformed last three words because after some coffee and re-reading original article it appears this Veteran is indeed in Intensive Care and if he’s at a VA Hospital it concerns me that he is not exactly safe with the VA Spin Machine as well as his healthcare.
      I was not being callous, just made a mistake, and apologize.

  14. So sad for his family that he felt this was his last avenue to peace.

    I am starting to think if you must kill yourself bring a friend…the one who made you do it. Buddies ride together.

    Someone will eventually get the idea. Hell, even Irish IRA staving themselves and the Brits hated them got enough would attention they Brits have to change.

    Congressman Lee Zeldin from NY who is on the veterans affairs committee gave great speech on a program for peer to peer counseling for vets, It only costs 200k per county.

    You can find Lee Zeldins speech on Youtube.

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