VA Workers Petition Agency For Disgraced Doctor

VA Workers

Benjamin KrauseVA workers at Phoenix VA have apparently set up a petition website for disgraced VA Chief of Staff Darren Deering, MD, to get him reassigned to his old position.

Deering was linked to the waitlist scandal and reassured American taxpayers alongside Sharon Helman that veterans were not dying at Phoenix VA while waiting for health care appointments. Come to find out, Dr. Deering was lying and manipulating the trust Americans transfer to people wearing white coats.

My friend Brandon Coleman forwarded the advertisement for Deering that his former colleagues set up. Curiously, Phoenix VA employees are apparently supporting a doctor implicated in the waitlist scandal while turning its back on a disabled veteran fighting for the mental healthcare of suicidal veterans.

That is the sick reality of VA in this modern era. Those who fight for veterans get harassed. Those who support fraud, they get petitions from fellow VA employees so entrenched in bureaucracy that they will cut off their nose to spite their face.

VA Workers – “RestoreDarrenCOS” Petition

The petition to Secretary Bob McDonald reads as follows:

To Bob McDonald, Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs: In response to the announcement of the proposed removal of Dr. Darren G. Deering as Chief of Staff of the Phoenix VA Health Care System (PVAHCS), we, the undersigned, express our strong support for Dr. Deering and our disagreement with the proposal for his removal from VA service. It is our universal observation that, during Dr. Deering’s eleven years of service at the PVAHCS and four years as Chief of Staff, he has consistently demonstrated the highest standards of integrity, ethical conduct, and dedication to the mission of the VHA. We therefore request that the removal process be dropped and that Dr. Deering be restored to active status as Chief of Staff.”

“Signers should include credentials, such as M.D., D.O., R.N., etc. in name field but, if you are a VA employee, NOT your official title or position. You may add status as veteran or other non-VA positions/appointments in the Notes field.”

We are living in post-Orwellian “1984” America, where right means wrong and perversion defines cultural morality. While the issues of the day seem obvious, the power brokers of our country will fight to keep us confused about our own problems.

UPDATE: 3/22/16

After publishing this, some curious names were added to the list of signers such as:

  • Youmust B Shittingme
  • Total corrupted idiot
  • Prison not Promotion, m.d.

And my own personal favorite:

  • Robert McDonald – Sloan made me do it

Thanks Secretary Bob!

Now, I would encourage all my readers to sign the petition. According to the petition’s instruction, you do not need to use your real name. So, use whatever name you like. You can also put whatever you think within the “notes” section about the petition or the wait list scandal or the wait list whitewash that is occurring right now.

Be sure to thank Deering for all his hard work [sic].

SIGN IT: Get Your Name On The Darren Deering Petition

The Darren Deering “RestoreDarrenCOS” petition is up to 354 as of this update. Let’s help him get it up to that magic 1000 signatures mark and see what happens.

Who is with me on this one?

Once you sign it, be sure to report back here with the name you used and your note to Darren.


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  1. I signed as : Donald Trump will fix this crap

    And Notes: Absolutely ridiculous that illegals get healthcare and other benefits while our HEROES are screwed by the corrupt, fraudulent laiden worthless government.

  2. VA DEATHCARE WILL @ DOES KILL VETS FOR THE BONOUS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. I wish VA employees would move as fast in helping veterans as they did in taking down or hiding the signors. I also wish they would show as much concern for vets as they did this quack.
    But then, I could wish in one hand and shit in the other and know which one would fill up faster.

    1. Good job in preserving screenshots of the signors for future reference. We all know which hand would fill-up and overflow before the other hand received anything but dust and germs. 🙂

      1. I have all of the names and the comments and emailed them to Ben.
        In thinking about this, it pisses me off to know these hacks are again taking the usual VA way and trying to cover their tracks. They know what this guy oversaw for the past 11 years, yet they want to support him as if nothing happened, then want to hide their support and smile at veterans while knifing them in the back.
        I’m serious about what I said in another comment. I would NOT want to be seen by any of these hacks that signed the petition. There is just too much chance of them covering up their screw-ups.

      2. @91veteran-

        Completely understand your fear and loathing. If I did not have Medicare as an option, I am sure I would be in a dark place right now or that dark place might be my ashes sprinkled over the Black Hills, SD, by VA Deathcare.
        Yes, I have to pay all my premiums and such, but I am single, live pragmatically, and made it so.
        I honestly do not know what it would take for my regained trust if at some point it would make more sense to use VAMC. I shudder at the thought.

        That VA Telemedicine would be appropriate for some applications but for instance, PTSD and it’s inherent isolative characteristics, not so much.
        I could see MAD TV doing some sort of skit about where the VA would have the Vet in front of the screen with a collective of mailed-to-Vet surgical tools and the VA instructing the Vet how to remove an Appendix that’s about to burst, and perhaps a bit hyperbolic, but not too far from underlying problems with the VA.

  4. If y’all think this shit today is upsetting. Y’all gotta Google this from “The Daily Caller News Foundation”!
    I received it within the last hour. Now I’m going to share it with y’all.


    “VA Worker Gets Job Back Despite Armed Robbery Charge”
    by Luke Rosiak
    12:03 am 03/22/2016

    The union (AFGE) and board (MSPB) are making some really bad decisions!

    1. That’s sick but not surprising. I bet that’s the SEIU globalist folks (union).

      Her job back with back pay? It’s a wonder they didn’t just send her here to Indianapolis, land of thuggery and corruption.

      Here they move them around from job to job, or from PA to pill pushing nurse for head meds, or go on to teach in one of the illustrious (sic) medical universities we have here. I bet the Marx-feminist in Indy and around the state are having big parties to celebrate and I won’t say what they are known to drink (what they use to paint Xtian symbols with) in celebration of their goddesses and powers that be.

      Only one person I know of being fired locally is a dude selling smack at the hospital. Where he went after is in question but word is he is doing good. One in around twenty years? A media slip-up or the reason why their ‘news letter’ told workers to stay silent at work and not talk shop around a veteran. One story slipped through.


    1. I also signed it as “Y’all have got to be sh!ttingme” and left a note saying “HELL NO!”

    2. Hi guys,

      I have also signed (From Australia)

      Message reads:-

      Thank F**K my health care is NOT looked after by the VA of USA.
      “Remember the Dead, Fight Liked Hell For The Living.”

      Sydney H Bridge II FFV.

  5. I should have added, there is a button on that page to contact the author of the petition. Vets should contact the author.

  6. Glad I got screen shots of all those who signed so far. The page has been changed to hide the 401 who had signed. I suspect they are either monitoring this page, or didn’t like the comment from Mr. Youmust B Shittingme.

    1. I get it where the site is down and can’t sign it. But the wife helped me lol. I hope the eat shit.
      These asswipes need to learn – Don’t fμ€k with veterans!

  7. I signed it as VA Survivor, DD-214, then left a comment about VA providers publicly showing their support for someone who oversaw so much scandal.
    Which makes me wonder, how many are hoping their bosses see their names and willingness to overlook scandal?
    How many might wonder if they DON’T sign, they will face retaliation for not supporting him?
    When will this become embarrassing and get taken down?
    No worries, I took a screen shot of all 401 names and comments so far.

  8. Let me put this article on here again. It goes with today’s Blog!
    I received it through “Military dot com”, from another source! It was written by: Jeremy Schwartz, 20 March 2016! The “hypocrisy” of it shows no bounds by VA upper management!
    The title is;

    “Cruz, Cornyn, Abbott Call for Accountability in VA Data Scandal”

    I said it before, and here it is again! The reasons the VAOIG gives for the “manipulations of wait-times” was due to
    “Improper Training” and “Lack of Supervision”!
    Give me a fucking break. IF the “lowly schedulers” had been “trained correctly”, by anyone, ie: Supervisors, there would have been NO MANIPULATIONS!
    Someone(s) had to train these people to do it. There’s absolutely no reason for, other than “BONUSES FOR THE ELITE”, anyone in the lower echelon came up with this! It’s complete unadulterated bull shit!


    @namnibor, 91Veteran, Melvin and all.

    Here’s two more articles y’all might enjoy;

    1.) “Off Duty Cop Dismantles Lies About Trump Rallies”

    By, Robert Kraychik
    20 March 2016

    A Police Officer from Tucson, Arizona, attends a Trump rally on Saturday evening. What he says will amaze y’all!
    BTW, that punk ass white boy, (wearing the American Flag Shirt), who was beatdown by the African American active duty Service Member, (it was video taped and witnessed by the “off duty cop”), had been “spat on” by the “radical” protester first”! That’s the “WHY” behind the beatdown! What would y’all do if someone SPIT ON you?
    You won’t hear the truth about that from the “left wing radicalized news medias!”

    Here’s another article y’all should watch. And listen carefully as to its “content” given by Alex Jones. I received it this morning!
    It’s on Utube. Google it please!

    2.) The title to Google;

    “Breaking: New Trump Scandal, Devastating Info Released”

    It’s NOT what y’all think!

    1. TY for the links and info.

      Update, seems no surgeries so far can fix the damages done by the Roudebush VA Hosp. Great! Costing $$$ to keep going. I love living in a state that the whole regime is complicit in covering up crimes, corruption, lying media, and assorted thugs, professionals, and etc. We aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto. Err I mean America.

      It’s the same thing I been griping about here in Indiana in total. It’s rampant corruption, covering for each other in their symbiotic relationships, and all encompassing from med colleges, local politicians and all the rest. SJW are just as bad when dealing with veteran affairs, (social justice warriors). That’s what they call themselves and call people like me … “fascist baby killing cracker.” Yeah, I also love living in a college town full of SJW Democrat communist that hate all others not speaking their language.

      The “Indy Insight” news letter of Jan 2016 rears it’s ugly head with more propaganda. “Victories, Visions & Views”.
      Page three; “Attitude is Everything!” …”meeting their needs with utmost care and courtesy.”. Yeah like calling us liars to the VA staff being better and more knowledgeable about us than we are of ourselves.

      Page 8 “Veterans Voices.” No names given…. comment here…. thanks to all for my outstanding care I have received over the past 5 years.” blah blah blah…” I have never had one complaint about this hospital.”

      Hmmm, just five years and one clinic used? That isn’t exactly saying very much and ‘they’ never report any negatives or things to be fixed. I guess this is why I am told “you’re the only one with these complaints and our PCPs and staff treat everyone with dignity and the greatest of care possible.” BS I wish they’d print up all the complaints I’ve listened to people having, or the cops being called on them after that “great’ staff tires of dealing with a veteran they just pushed the wrong buttons with.

      I guess like the bankers on Wall st., the VA and their sick ass hospitals and clinics are too big to fail. And too corrupt and deep-seated to change.

      1. “The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall!”

        Trust me brother, they are falling. Like a huge Oak tree being cut at the base. There isn’t much left of it before it begins to go. And someone, or a large group, begins to yell – “TIMBER!”
        It’s going to happen. It ain’t too far off either!

      2. Just last month as VBA Director and crew was deciding my husbands SMC T insight had an article by Dr. Debra McConnaha the low vision specialist who diagnosed my husband. The VBA didn’t get the memo of what is TBI related. Nor did they get the memo to obey the law when Sloan Gibson sent Stephens the email telling him to get off his butt and expedite it. So he denies it.

        Fast forward to today and Sloan Gibson has two high level guys in a phone conference with Zeldin’s office and it turns out Indy VBA may have violated the law and removed evidence. The big guys asked about the missing evidence they had no clue of and Zeldin’s office told them he could send another copy…he had us send it to him and he sent it to the VA and insisted on a receipt it was received. So, if it is possible to embarrass Gibson and McDonald it had to be when a congressman offers to resend evidence his VBA Director stripped out of the file trying to make it like he did the right thing in denying the claim.

        I am sure there is a law Stephens violated doing that. If nothing else I hope he regrets making the boss look like dufoos to a congressman.

  9. This is one of the more foolish things I’ve ever seen VA employees do. Its as if there is no thought or concern over the 40 vets who died waiting for care under the nose of this CoS, or any of the other numerous scandals that have been revealed since that became public, including ongoing wait list manipulation.
    Yeah, go ahead and sign it. Make public the names of those providers who wish to blatantly ignore pathetic care and maltreatment of veterans.
    It would give other veterans a chance to request different providers.
    Those concerned employees of the Phoenix VA that have continued to reveal scandals there should start a competing petition, and list the various problems that have come up in just the 4 years this guy was CoS.

    11 years at Phoenix and 4 years as CoS? He knew what was going on, and failed to stop it.

    Like rats trying to bail water from their sinking ship.

    1. Great vivid imagery from your perfect analogy of “Like rats trying to bail water from their sinking ship”.
      They truly do not have any moral compass remaining in order to admit shame, let alone their own mistakes. The Candyman demanding his job back at another and many other “VA Hits” in just last months, has proven this is a systemic moral compass and accountability issue with the VA and their minions.

  10. Definitely this is an all-time ‘low’, even by VA standards, in which VA employees apparently feel so entitled that they think a medical professional caught through a national scandal at the very same facility fervently believe Deering did absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.
    This clearly shows that the *anyone* that signs and supports such a petition, are unmistakably PART OF THE PROBLEMS!!
    The master flush mechanism needs to be activated and purge the pipes of these VA employees and start over. I would say the same about many other locations but for right now, a total Spring Cleaning is needed at the Phoenix, VAMC and probably the RO as well.
    I view these employee’s petition a bit like the events that took place immediately after WWII in Nuremberg Trials, Germany where the captured Nazi’s being given a trial while workers actively construct the gallows for their impeding punishment where each and every one of them used that catch-all that I see these Phoenix VAMC employees using by filing this petition which was these magical -5- words: “We were only following orders”…however these VA employees takes this further by supporting their Mad Scientist Dr. by stating, “Deering was following VA protocol” (paraphrasing), effectively admitting that ALL those employees are as equally culpable for supporting their quack’s actions of VA business as usual.

    This is no less than the VA employees all giving the middle finger while spitting in Veteran’s faces. This also would tell me that the VA as an Agency effectively supports this petition by even allowing such a petition to be brought forth. Does that make sense? Accountability is truly the VA’s Kryptonite and kind of makes the VA “Lex Luthor” to “Supermen and Women that are American Veterans”.

    Time to flush twice and start over. IF McDonald and Gibson even remotely entertain this petition, this may launch an all out Veteran Insurrection as well as American Tax-payers supporting us. These employees all seem to have a heavy dose of that thing called “The God Syndrome”, believing with massive fervor and belligerence their feces do not stink and that employees always come before the very lives and safety of we Veterans.

    Flush! Flush!

  11. OK…This is interesting…A google search for RestoreDarrenCos and Restore Darren Cos return absolutely no results for such a petition…Could it be that they’ve taken it down already or maybe somebody is just blowing smoke???

    1. If you do a search using “Darren Deering petition”, it comes up. Along with another petition for using Ketamine for suicidal ideation. Ketamine induces a trance-like state providing pain relief, sedation and memory loss according to Wikipedia. Side effects are psycholgical reactions, including agitation, confusion and psychosis.

  12. Since Dr. Deering is in the news again I would like to repost the following regarding Veterans Medical Records being released to a Qatar based organization.

    I have been looking into the fact that VA Health Care Facilities across the country have been replacing Chief of Staffs at the VA facilities with personal that are also employed by institutions that are doing research using Veterans at the VA Facilities. That way the research organization has control over the staffing budget and also controls the staffing and personnel at the VA Facilities.

    When I stated looking into Dr. Darren Deering I found that there has been a major security breach with all Veterans medical records. The breach involves the release of all Veterans Medical records to a company named Hamad Medical Corporation located in Doha, Qatar, Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute, also located in Doha, Qatar and The Weill Cornell Medical College located both in Doha, Qatar and in New York, NY.

    Let be me make this clear Dr. Darren Deering is not responsible for the release of all Veterans Medical records to the organizations based in Doha Qatar. The former Chief of Staff, that Dr. Deering replaced, was Dr. Raymond T. Chung he and several others are responsible for the release of all Veterans Medical Records to the Doha, based organizations.

    The breach of Veterans Medical Records was accomplished Via the creation of a Data Base created by a team under the direction of Dr. Adeel Ajwad Butt called the Electronically Retrieved Cohort of HCV Infected Veterans “ERCHIVES”.
    Dr. Butts and his team who created ERCHIVES (Electronically Retrieved Cohort of HCV Infected Veterans), boast that it is the largest database of HCV infected persons and HCV uninfected Controls.

    A search of PubMed.Com using the search term “ERCHIVES” shows the clear path of the creation and use of the data base and the transfer of records to the organizations based in Qatar. The research connected shows the clear withholding of care for some Veterans resulting in the deaths of Veterans under the guise of research. Also the research connected shows the testing of Drugs knowing that they will end the life of Veterans used in the studies.

    To check the path of our records to Qatar on PubMed check the author affiliation links to each of the published articles to see the path of our records through this Database.

    PubMed search for Papers published connected to the ERCHIVES data base “”

    Katherine Mitchell Memo published December 16, 2015 by the Daily Caller News Foundation on Scribd.

    Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute webpage.

    Hamad Medical Corporation webpage.

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