Veterans Affairs Doles Out Huge Bonuses Despite Corruption


Despite unsuccessful attempts to root out corruption, Veterans Affairs dished out $177 million in bonuses while lingering deficits persist.

Despite shuffling and these lingering problems, VA paid out businesses to 20 percent more employees. Average employees earned a mere $900 in bonuses on average while VA senior executives earned around $10,000.

On Wall Street, these bonuses would be laughable. But VA is not Wall Street. Instead, it is a beleaguered agency with persistent criminal actors harming veterans on a regular basis. While I am sure some employees should get a bonus, I am sure some did not.

Examples Of Lesser Deserved Bonuses

The following three jokers no doubt did not earn bonus amounts taxpayers would not have approved. According to USA Today, more disappointing bonus allocations went to the following bad actors:

  • “Dr. Darren Deering, who was fired as chief of staff of the Phoenix VA Health Care System in June 2016 for what the VA said was “negligent performance of duties and failure to provide effective oversight.” Deering was paid a $5,000 bonus in February 2016.
  • “Jack Hetrick, formerly the top Veterans Affairs official in Ohio, who retired after receiving a notice of pending removal in February 2016. He had received a $12,705 bonus on Jan. 10. An investigation by a Cincinnati TV station gathered evidence that Barbara Temeck, acting chief of staff at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center, was prescribing medication to Hetrick’s wife without a proper license. Also, employees claimed to the TV station that cost-cutting measures hurt quality of care. Hetrick was suspended during the probe of oversight of the Cincinnati VA. The VA said its review did not substantiate impropriety related to quality of care. It did find misconduct in Temeck providing prescriptions and other medical care to members of Hetrick’s family. Temeck was paid a $5,000 bonus in January 2016
  • “Stella S. Fiotes has been executive director of VA’s Office of Construction and Facilities Management since January 2013. She is responsible for planning, design and construction of major construction projects – those more than $10 million. This includes the replacement VA facility in Denver that was hundreds of millions of dollars over budget. In September, a bipartisan group of lawmakers asked the Justice Department to investigate whether Fiotes and other VA executives lied to conceal the massive cost overruns. She received a bonus of $9,120 in January 2016. She received a bonus of $8,985 in January 2015.”

You probably recall that VA’s construction program is a complete mess. The Aurora VA construction project is considerably behind schedule and three times the amount VA pitched Congress. Dr. Deering was linked to the massive wait list fraud in Phoenix. The Cincinnati VA mess is also a point of concern.

So who decided these executives deserved bonuses?


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  1. These VA employees get paid a pretty good wage in my view. Why are the taxpayers on the hook for bonus’s in the first place?
    The AFGE needs to be out of the government. The unions will be the biggest problem for the Trump/Pence administration!

  2. How about the promises made to veterans? I am sick & tired of what they get away with when we did extra duty for zero extra pay! Not to mention the fact I worked as movie projectionist at night & was supposed to get paid I believe $3 for each reel I showed each night, but because of my NCOS officer didn’t submit the paperwork properly I was out of over $3,000 for all of the extra work I did. I would & did it gladly for for our unit for that was the only form of entertainment we had. Not to mention we had to make the screen out of rocket boxes for we had to even build our own sleeping quarters etc. for we were not supplied much of anything & we ha to barter for anything we could get
    & worked extra for it. I was even yelled at by my NCOS for setting down on the job after 22 hours of straight exhaustion when our only bridge washed out due to rain. We had to even fill in the creek with an old shot up 2. 1/2 ton truck in order to have some type of stable platform to build upon.

    So they have it tough? How about us who weren’t even there in Cambodia for they moved the border in order to say that they don’t have anymore troops in Cambodia!

    There are lies, and dam lies! Still pissed off

  3. Bonuses are kaiser were for management to keep patients form receiving care. The kaiser facilities were filthy. and filthy with MRSA among mold, asbestos and other toxins and filth Filthy in every way possible for a “hospital or clinic” An employee was murdered on the job with a broken neck and a plastic bag tied over his head and the FBI help conclude it was a suicide and CAL-OSHA helped cover it up too. Every law in the book has been broken for years with no exposure in sight and it is because it is protected by state and federal agencies with legislators and that was in 1985. Nothing has changed and now the whole govt operates the same way. A massive cover up IN intentional fraud and corruption among every other crimes committed to employees and patients all by a giant federal contractor that just keeps on getting bigger and bigger with federal state & patient money n the many yearly billions. Patients used as experiments for student doctors in surgery or other type doctors to get their board certification and vaccines and meds used to either maim or to over dose and this is all to the maiming or deaths of the patients including its employees. How any federal contractor can get away with all of this is because there is no accountability when it comes out to doling out tax payer money. The GOP & DEMS are the same in this massive ripoff and we’re left with paying for our own scheduled demise by a federal contractor that has infected its sinister idea of “medical care” which is really tortuous death care. The phrase ” kaiser kill” isn’t just a loose term. Now this is what all medical care and insurance is, all for profit for a few. Yes it is faschism at its best since WW11. And the feds/Congress/military let them in right after that war. Many billions was made then, paid to the faschists in and out of the Swiss banks and now its in the trillions, all the while, the America people are being knocked off. via “kaiser’s idea of ” health care”. which is in the VA and thanks to the “union heads.
    IT’s all part and parcel with other fashists types in top European countries ( as in top of Europe like the UK AND Netherlands) but IT also permeates into the Mideast and East, the scheme to eliminate as much of the American population they can while stealing what belongs to us including our health or access to real medical care, to make us better. Is it any wonder why POT is so sought after to numb ones senses to what is happening to us? The American people were told to wake up a long time ago. I hope amid all the pot smoke, they do!

  4. Just saw on National News that Senator McCain made a spectacle about not voting early for ANY Presidential Candidate, and instead made a point to tell everyone McCain just voted for HIMSELF for President. Textbook example and wiki photo example of a dinosaur politician that NEEDS TO RETIRE already!!
    Hoping McCain voting for himself is one of very few Veterans supporting Senator McCain in Arizona because he sure has done NOTHING to help the Phoenix VAMC situation…but he sure will gobble all the votes he can graze upon.
    Time to go out to pasture, McCain. To that giant Coor’s Bottling Plant in the sky…or wherever your wife leads you, you dinosaur. Perhaps a Congressional Petting Zoo for dinosaur politicians can be a wing added to the National History Museum? Kiddies can feed the dino politico saurus but sorry, the career dino politico saurus ONLY grazes upon $$$$.

  5. There is nothing new going on here. Back in the 60s when Kennedy was killed, we never heard a word. Only the bullshit that some guy no one had ever heard of, sitting on some grassy hill shot the president. Everyone knew something was wrong . The political machine that runs things today ran things then . Nothing is changed for a long time, we’re just seeing more of it . My question is how come I keep voting for these fools ?

  6. There’s more to the reason behind why everyone in the Obama Administration was using “Private Email Servers!”
    A new Wikileaks release today, 31 Oct. 2016, says the “Reason” was to disallow anyone “…from receiving ‘FOIA requests!”
    Does this sound like why the VA won’t comply with many requests?
    Is this why VA can’t reply to FOIA’s?

    !Corruption at its finest!

  7. Seymore, namnibor, 91Veteran and all.

    Donna Brazile resigned. Here’s the articles;
    “Breaking: DNC Chair Just Resigned Her Position As CNN Contributor After…”
    from: “Next News Network”
    Published 31 Oct. 2016
    “[Donna] Brazile Resigns from CNN after leaking debate questions to Hillary!”
    CNN knew about this two weeks ago. What can one expect from “The [C]linton [N]ews [N]etwork!”
    They deserve to be heavily fined for doing this crap!

    Here’s some other articles y’all might like.

    “Breaking: Hillary “OUTED FOR SOMETHING SICK” FBI Huge Revelations Coming! Says Kallstorm”
    from: “Liberty Writers”
    Oct. 31, 2016

    Or, how about this;

    “Breaking: Hillary “IN JAIL” Before The Election Is Over – Mike Pence’s Master plan!”
    31 Oct. 2016
    By, “Liberty Writers”

    This one is about “Massive Voter Fraud!”

    From; Bev Harris of “”
    “Smoking Gun In Massive Election Fraud Discovered By Investigators”

    The corruption goes so freaking deep in our government. It’s hard to tell who the good and bad guys and girls really are!

  8. Until this worthless congress gets off its impotent ass…nothing will change. They need to be into the VA like they are into Hillary’s shit. They have money for bonuses, moving expenses, now covered garages with solar panels on top. Solar City involved with Elan Musk who also maanges Space X another government waste program. Don’t let me get started on the heliport and parking gates/guard shacks… ment to keep the employees and student/trainees who have so much compassion for veterans they were filling the parking lot so vets couldn’t park. And they tell me congress cut my home health care from 9 hours a week to 5. 3 hours for bathing and hygine, 2 for errands, meal prep, general house keeping, ect… every thing I am to crippled as my back and neck problems meander into 7 without reliefe and no effective pain medication. Psychatrist told me Friday… all she can do me is perscribe more phsycotropic drugs to combat my depression and suicide associated with my unbearable back and neck pain. She sad P.A. can do that so I don’t need to see a doctor at all about my mental problems. They are screwing some of us so hard it is just not believable. Complaints ignored and refused by VAOIG concerning schedule manipulation and Veteans Choice, Senator just keeps sending letters back and forth… I say one thing, the VA says oops, end of story. They even referred to MRI’s that never existed? Ted Cruz didn’t bother to look at my complaint and the VA’s b.s. answer. They just let it ride…. regional director said that is just how the System works… go to county hospital. Sorry, I just can’t bear to go back an edidit… neck hurts to bad to type anymore… HELP! Man down, Left behind, comrad, brother, American… broken and useless i guess….where are all these people and 501c3’s Texas Veterans Commission a joke, whole regional office bunch on the same team… DAV, VFW??? Why, or how does the VA exist? Everyone talks of either personal experience or having worked with sick vets all say they know or have heard the nightmares of VA abuse. Still goes on and these people are rewarded… for hiding and covering up the abuse and neglect, thieir real jobs.

  9. Have all you seen that ex Attorney Gen. Holder put out a statement defending AG Lynch? Holder and Lynch will go down as the worst AG’s the USA has ever had. Remember Holder helped fan the flames of Ferguson and more. Also, in Holder’s city of Chicago just this weekend alone there were 17 homicides and close to 50 people critically shot-up…Holder, Obama & Mayor of Chicago are culpable for doing nothing.

    Also Off Topic:
    Went to grocery store and the person working the self-checkout is a die-hard Hillary supporter and I could not help be drawn into her politicizing so I purposefully brought-up the state of affairs at the VA because I know her husband is a Vietnam Vet and she immediately said, “My husband gets the best care at the VA and even Hillary said all that talk about the VA is conspiracy talk…” EEEK, freaking EEEK!!!
    Some pretty strong koolaid those Hillary supporters have consumed and the thing is, I am ALL FOR having a female President, but the “RIGHT” female, not shillary.
    Will be SO GLAD when this election is over and I really hope Trump kicks serious ass. Why? Because our woes with the VA will quite possibly get even worse under a President that sees no problems right under her entitled nose. They certainly will continue business as usual under shillary.
    I usually enjoy grocery shopping. Weird, I know, but today’s grocery shopping was poo’d upon by the wicked witch from Arkansas or New York…wherever she may fly her broom. 🙂

    1. Here’s that link, it was almost buried already.


      1. I agree 100% namnibor.
        Can you imagine what our National Debt will be after 4 years, or possibly 8 years, of Shillery?
        Obama doubled our debt to $20+ TRILLION. Our “International Debt”, monies we’ve borrowed from other countries, is over $200 or $300 TRILLION.
        The United States of America can’t take this debt any longer. We’re about to go bankrupt, and Congress isn’t doing anything to stop it.
        All they do is SPEND!

    2. Remember all of those fines instead of criminal investigation while Holder was the AG. All during Lynch’s term they have been appealed and reduced to pennies on the dollar. Such corruption.

      1. Hey Namnibor,

        Since we now have bomb sniffing elephants. The EU have stepped it up a bit and developed bomb sniffing Plants. Haven’t read a lot about them yet but would suspect that tilling the mine fields to plant the bomb sniffing spinach might be a bit of a draw back. Although Air dropping them in to support the moderate rebels might be beneficial if we can get them to go out into the fields and plant the seeds.

        “‘Bionic’ plants can detect explosives”, By Paul Rincon, Science editor, BBC News 10/31/2016


  10. The VA is clearly giving a giant middle finger to veterans, the taxpayers and Congress with these bonuses.
    I’m curious though, I thought Congress passed legislation barring any bonus for VA executives. Clearly nothing has changed, and nothing will change until Congress gets serious with their oversight.
    What is shocking about this is that in 2014, according to another USA Today article, the VA paid out $142 million in bonuses. This article says they paid out $177 million in bonuses.

    What has changed in the VA in one year to warrant paying out $35 million more in bonuses?

    Will Congress finally get serious and claw back some of these like they did with National Guard members?

    At a minimum, any of these hacks receiving any kind of blemish on their records from reprimand to firing should not have received a damn dime because they did not qualify for them. To qualify, they have to be rated at a certain level in their performance, and getting fired sure as hell is not acceptable performance.

    Not only those bonuses should be yanked back, with interest and any penalties, but anyone involved in signing off on a bonus for these hacks should also lose theirs.

    This is nothing more than looting the Treasury before the next administration comes in.

    Of course, Little Cox is quoted as claiming the bonus is vital in retaining employees who might go elsewhere if not for the bonus.

    That just means his fellow dues paying union members are in their jobs for the money, and don’t give a damn about the veteran.

    I say don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. I’m sure there are lots of people who would be very happy in that job, bonus or not.

  11. signs all over VA about Travel Fraud and they will take action against a veterans faster that you can shake a stick.

    They went After Veterans who got a Bonus to go fight for America, Once word got out someone came in a put a stop to that.

    So, someone needs to get the word out to the public and expose these criminals and make them return those monies, even if they have to sell their caddy or sell a kidney.

    How, can our elected officials sleep at night, knowing they are letting criminal activity happen on their watch.

    Stop sending our kids to fight for the rights of Federal Employees to game the system and break laws.

    Bonus money is our money and the citizens of these here united states, VA uses it to keep their people on their side, that way Management can do as they please and the employees will stay quite, Knowing if they keep quite they will be rewarded at the end of the year.

    Management uses this money and they were told not to, yet they don’t care, they know if the Veterans committee calls them to speak they gets these words I Plead The Fifth !!!!!

    and that’s that and the employees walk out laughing at the committee stating, ” What Stupid People”
    The Committee has mud on their faces and don’t do anything about it.

    Veterans are dying and employees are being rewarded, Am I missing something.

  12. Seymore,
    Here’s something.
    from: “Liberty Writers”
    “It’s Over: Huma Abedin’s Just Flipped! What She Did Minutes Ago Has Hillary In Tears”
    Oct. 30, 2016 (04:15 minutes)

    How did the FBI acquire a “Search Warrant” for that laptop? A ‘Federal Judge’ had to sign it. This shows me something is very serious within those 650,000 emails.
    This also suggests a possible uprising between the FBI and the DOJ.
    Lynch has already stated she wouldn’t charge Hillary or her cohorts for anything. Basically, being complicit in hiding all evidence from “We the People!” And, being a “Democrat Stooge!”

    This then, begs some answers to:
    What judge had the audacity to sign that search warrant?
    Could it be the judge out of New York City, who was already involved in an investigation against the foundation there?
    There seems to be something going on within the FBI, as the top law enforcement agency of the U.S.. Where it isn’t going to allow “politics” to stand in the way of solving a bunch of criminal acts by anyone!
    So many questions, not enough answers for all the corruption within our governmental agencies!

    1. I just viewed a Utube video from Fox News this morning. It was that Federal Judge out of New York City who signed the FBI’s search warrant.
      If I remember correctly, it is the same judge who is part and parcel of the investigation over the foundation (alleged criminal activities). He’s also the judge involved in the Weiner case.


      We all know the DNC, and all of the Clinton Cabal, are accusing Putin’s Russia of hacking. Plus, accusing the Russians of trying to effect the outcome of the presidential election process. Even though there’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever!
      That said; this video was posted on Utube 30 Oct 2016.
      It’s from the: “Valdai Discussion Club”
      Sochi, 27 Oct 2016
      “America is tired of the Elites – Putin’

      “Published 30 Oct 2016 – Russian Agents, spies, hackers and Trump’s “secret affiliations” to Putin – it’s all bollocks, as masterminded by Team Clinton.”

      Putin actually makes his case. When he says he will “…work with whoever is elected.”

    2. Elf,

      Just want to point out that the NSA has known all along where the Missing Apple Computer was. Did someone at the NSA tell the agents who were investigating the Clinton Foundation where it was? Or did those agents use a National Security Letter to access Huma’s account to find out?

      1. Seymore
        Wasn’t it the NSA who reportedly was (the agency) responsible for the ‘hacking’, as was told numerous times by many individuals!?
        Could it be, the NSA, in secret, be complicit in helping the FBI to burn HRC and others involved?
        Could it be. the NSA had to wait, as did the FBI, for Comey to become aware and then amend his Congressional Statement, over closing the investigation, before anything could be done?!

        Ahhh, Questions, Questions, Questions!!!

      2. Could it be that Comey was forced to acknowledge even if he found video of Hillary stomping puppies and eating kittens, that his investigation and any recommendation to charge would go nowhere?

        Why would there be no grand jury involved in this? Or other agents not pursuing leads? As if they knew this wouldn’t go anywhere?

        So Comey does his press conference, laying out what could have been referrals for charges, knowing full well the Clinton Crime Foundation was still being investigated, and more shoes might drop.
        The shoe dropped, and Comey notified Congress.

        Maybe Comey is crazy like a fox. He knows Granny would likely be pardoned for any crimes if charges are referred prior to the election. Or he knew the DOJ would take over and ignore everything until after the election.

        By Comey keeping control of the investigation, he was still free to dig further looking for that other shoe. He found it, but is still looking at it. There is nothing the DOJ or Obama can do to prevent it pardon it.

        If his evidence shows charges, it will happen after the election, and likely going into the next administration. Obama can’t pardon her then. If it’s Trump, maybe charges get filed, which is likely if it’s a huge public corruption scandal. If it’s Hillary, then Comey sends his evidence to Congress, and impeachment happens.

        Just some guesses.

  13. For Halloween, the lyrics of ‘I Put A Spell On You’ by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: (more than likely being conjured-up in Philly VAMC all around a whirlpool bath with Veterans stewing in it…Halloween, VA Style)

    “I put a spell on you because you’re mine
    You better stop the things that you do
    I ain’t lyin’, no, I ain’t lyin’
    I just can’t stand it babe
    The way you’re always runnin’ ’round
    I just can’t stand it, the way you always put me down
    I put a spell on you because you’re mine

    I put a spell on you because you’re mine
    You better stop the things that you do
    I ain’t lyin’, no, I ain’t lyin’
    I just can’t stand it babe
    The way you’re always runnin’ ’round
    I just can’t stand it, the way you always put me down
    I put a spell on you because you’re mine
    I put a spell on you. I put a spell on you
    I put a spell on you. I put a spell on you”

  14. An even larger hypocrisy is the probably looming fact that Veterans and Military will again receive none or very little Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA), and even when and if Veterans and Military get a COLA under this President, it in no ways amounts to a fraction of what the lowest paid bonuses to VA employees.

    Last couple of year’s Social Security COLA was effectively a whopping $8. extra per month X 12 Months=$96. for entire YEAR. Whereas a badly performing VA employee, just for breathing and showing-up to work may receive on the low-end $900. bonus for YEAR. If they are especially nasty, even more. How the HELL is this a fair playing field?
    I’d rather see any and all VA Performance Bonuses go toward housing Homeless Vets and Suicide Prevention…but silly me for thinking logically here….

    1. namnibor,
      That’s the problem. VA doesn’t think! Let alone, think rationally!
      IF, and I do mean, “IF”, VA were ever to follow the ‘Rule of Law’, it would sink faster than ” HMS TITANIC!” Then, all the idiots in charge, would actually have to work for a living.
      Can you imagine these SES’ers actually doing a “manual labor job”?
      I believe most would have to start out at minimum wage. I don’t believe any of them could stand the possibility of having to “wait on tables” to keep their families fed or housed.
      They have figured out how to cheat the taxpayers. And in no way are they going to go down without a fight.
      That’s my opinion!

  15. Ben,

    I have a very different view than what you expressed in your article. You mentioned that you are sure that some employees deserve a bonus.

    I worked a hard life on farm, in the Marine Corps, National Guard, lumber mill, cutting firewood and a few other jobs involving moving feces around. I am sure of one thing is every single job I performed that I have EVER held; if I manage to show up to work and get the goddamn job done then my bonus was I kept my job and got paid on payday.

    The bonus in a tough economy is that they have a godamn job. In any endeavor I have ecer witnessed, companies can only offer the bonus of a paycheck next month if you bust your ass hard enough to keep them from bankruptcy. Even school kids can understand that a bankrupt company cannot pay wages, provide a job, or any other incentive.

    Every job I listed was an American job. Every job I listed nearly always paid enough to get some food and pay the rent. Nearly every job I listed used the bonus of allowing me to return the next day for more wage on condition that I tell the godamn truth, show up in person, bust my ass, kiss the bosses, and bleed out a little of my life in exchange for just enough to get by.

    And I was godamn proud of it. I felt like a man. I didn’t need a bonus and I did not deserve one other than being able to,look myself square in the eye after an honest days work in exchange for an honest days labor.

    I have seen the normal wages paid to people qualified fo work at the jobs I listed above but who instead work at VA. Their wages outstrip most incomes multiple farm hands combined. Farm hands feed us. I believe they deserve the wage they earned, nothing more, for such an imperitive task they do for us. Marines too. In fact all those jobs.

    With respect Ben, I take you to task if you will to explain in contrast to every other American job why ANY VA employee deserves a bonus beyond permission to return to work. How many times must we kiss their ass for just sitting around on it?

  16. You are correct, namnibor. For TWO years, 2014 & 2015, VA was not supposed to “dole out any bonuses!” VA was not allowed to give bonuses this year, as well.
    Why? Because, from my understanding, Congress was under a “sequestration”!
    This only does one thing. It shows the American Public VA is an agency which thumbs it’s nose “for the rule of law!”
    Until the bad VA employees, from top to bottom, are weeded out and held accountable for their illegal and corrupt ways, nothing will change!
    It’d venture to say, IF what may happen on Nov. 8, happens, we might see a “reckoning occur” come Jan 21, 2017!
    At least, that is my “hope”.

    1. Mine as well. However, my tank of ‘Hope’ is on ‘E’ these days.

      I have never ONCE heard where the Budget Sequestration was selectively suspended, nor do I recall any bonuses having to paid back…hell, they even are “parting gifts” as the VA quickly ‘retires’ some creep.

      Lots of scary Larry Craigs on the V.A. Haunted Ship. Esp. the VA Psych. Dept. & Candyman will be giving-out the ‘Tomah Treats’ tonight in the annual Haunted, Hungry, Hungry Hippos festivities. 🙂

    2. It was 2014 and the sequestration that was creating internal havoc around here. That is the year when unions were calling in work creating the severe staff shortages they all thought was funny, and the temp workers glad they did because of needing the extra money at the time. Union against admin, then blaming the Feds, but then all coming together in the conninving, scheming, corruption, and cover-ups.

      I will miss all that coffee shop and smoking area gossip and information. I should have recorded some of that.

      An aside. Yeah, you should see the “parting gifts” parties they throw when one of them retires or moves. A few I’ve notices was held in a conference room in the VA hosp. Big, fancy, elegant, high dollar catering, etc. Monetary perks/bonuses are unknown.

      1. If paying attention, awareness, one could tell when it was union contract time, spending events in Congress negative for those in cahoots with the VA, contractors, etc., or something else going on. It sure wasn’t in there lame newsletter with all the smiling faces and facade.

    3. Crazy Elf
      Stolen one vote for Trump. Friday Oct 28, finally raining really hard in CA & some dude in a black car stole out of my mail box, the vote by mail ballot. Made a police report, Post Office report, reported to Republican Party, nothing that can be done because nobody I spoke too even knew what to do about stolen mail in votes. That dude had to have known what that blue envelope was & he took it anyway. I wanted to email the Trump but I don’t like his privacy policy you agree to when contacting him.

      1. NiteWish, You ain’t the only Republican who’ve had “voter fraud” committed against them. In Illinois, a representative, who was running for office, was in the voting booth, when his vote, for himself, was switched to his Democratic Opponents name. As he continued, ALL his Republican votes were switched, right before his very eyes.

        In Indiana, 9 counties are under investigation for voter fraud committed by the Democrats. 2 out of the 9, have already had Democrats arrested.

        In Texas, same crap happening.

        namnibor, has commented on a postal worker in Columbus Ohio disposing of Republican Absentee ballots.

        There’s been more, yet I can’t remember right off hand where.

      2. NiteWish,
        Contact your local police or even the State Police. Make a complaint out over “Voter Suppression” and “Mail Fraud”!
        I believe that is the term one uses. It’s definitely a federal crime to remove mail, from someone’s mail box, without permission. So, contact the post office on mail fraud.
        Then contact your district voter registration to make a complaint.
        Also, ask if you can redo your vote?

        Keep them guessing on who your voting for.

    4. Crazy Elf
      The easiest fix to the corrupt VA health care system is just one mandate away. Just one mandate that forces our elected politicians and their families to use the va health care system. It could be described as the “look ma, no hands”, easiest trick ever. they would have it fixed in a matter of months.

  17. Like any large business, no doubt some VA Employees are surely deserving of some kind of bonus but as it stands, this is nothing but a year-long VA ‘Trick or Treat’, and most of the time it’s the ‘Trick’ part rather than properly ‘Treating’ Veterans they are supposedly there to serve.

    ALL BONUSES should be suspended indefinitely at the VA at ALL LEVELS until the VA is rebuilt and cleaned-up, period.

    Last year the VA was supposedly not to give-out bonuses but…they did anyway if memory serves me correctly.

    How is this accountability when a VA Employee is rewarded for blatant nefarious behavior? I call these “Disruptive Bonus Committees”, which unlike the VA’s own Disruptive Behavior Committee, anyone on the “Disruptive Bonus Committee” are rewarded for taunting Veterans and the more money stolen or more Vets killed the merrier. (it’s Halloween, might as well go dark)
    Rand Corporation agrees the DBC fulfills the VA’s unrelenting quest for more acronyms. VAOIG concurs.

    1. This bonus crap is every bit as fraudulent as was the wait list bonus fraud.
      If Congress were serious about this, they would be demanding a review of every bonus paid out, how that persons work performance was rated, and whether that person has even a hint of adverse action during the period their work is rated for.

      They should start with the 3 listed. There is no way in hell a person that is about to be fired has a rating of Fully Successful or higher to qualify for a bonus. If their work was rated as such, and they were about to be fired, then their direct supervisors committed fraud.

      1. Definitely agree with you 91Veteran. There is something other than job performance involved with determining bonuses at the VA.

      2. Just goes to show, Its Automatic ! VA Management deserve 0 nothing, They were told to stop and they snub their nose at the American people and Veterans. Bonus, for what not doing their job. No one in the Government should get a Bonus at this time, Just adds on to the Bills our kids will have to pay back.

        Our Elected officials are out to lunch or just don’t give a damb about anyone but themselves, Hope Trump sends them all packing or have them all arrested. Lame Duck my @#$%$. Its a free for all ! Get it while you can !

        Even with a TBI, I know right from Wrong.

  18. The VA seems to suffer the Barry Bonds Syndrome with it’s sense of corporate entitlement without producing for the employees, the veterans, the union, or anyone but VA Executives and their government contractors.

  19. I used to call this “The Corporate Barry Bonds Syndrome”. The corporate world would hire some up and coming CEO some ridiculously high salary with bonus paid in corporate stock. Bob Welch of GE is a good example or this and he took GE to all new corporate heights. I guess it followed that all the other corporations sought to hire high performing CEOs to take them to Bob Welch heights. This was not realistic or wise. Most company CEOs failed or stayed even Gateway Computers was absorbed and IBM dropped all PC biz and moved to China specializing in mainframes. Then came the energy companies and Enron topping the list of houses of cards. I read in Financial Times circa 2000-2006 that American CEOs made an average of 4 times their Western European peers. unfortunately, most CEOs don’t outperform their previous CEOs leaving lifelong employees holding lots of worthless company stock. At least Barry Bonds hit homeruns.

  20. 10/30/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Paying off the enemy—did you expect anything different.

    Enough is enough was said back in 1988 as “the onion” was peeled back but it took Congress to see the problem in 1998 [The treason: found in the 900 pages of the Cox Report].
    There are over 500 dead veterans [a Judge and a Reporter had called the 293 dead veterans “homicides”] at the Phoenix VA and no one is sounding the alarm bells? A Few more months and it will be 1000 dead veterans, a couple of years 2,000.

    What would happen if King Jordan’s predictions are correct that were aired on the Charlie Rose Show months ago [WWIII]?

    Where is the intent?

    With no intent—the whole thing is a Fraud.

    You cannot fix Fraud. And I had clearly stated this is not Fraud, it is much more!


    Don Karg

  21. Bonuses still going into the pockets of Union workers, now allowing pharmacists to take the place of doctors. These problems are not going to end, only going to get worse.
    Time to shut the VA completely down, put all these idiots out of a job. Privatize the whole system and allow veterans to seek outside care.
    As long as the money is thrown to these greedy VA employees who takes it for bonuses, they will demand more until there is no money to give, and the Veterans won’t have nothing.
    Enough IS enough!!!

    1. Going the way of civilian care is no better, at least NOT in Indiana or West Central Indiana it isn’t. I am told it’s state wide due law enforcement rules and new rules under “The Bitter Pill Act” that prevents us from getting any form of pain med, period. We are told constantly to use drugs like NSAIDs that I have already been told years back helped give me liver issues and to never take them or like Tylenol ever again.

      Pharmacist here under new laws can deny any prescription to persons that don’t look like they seriously need the prescription. Or may be acting oddly. Their choice. So more fascism and police state rulings, idiocy. And people actually think we are living “free?”

      We go to larger hospital clinics here for a modern needed “primary care” person. Seems all they can do is just refer us to someone else in their clinic a block away after x-rays, blood/urine screens (still no pain meds though) only to have to take more x-rays and a simple injection or steroids my old general family doctors used to be allowed to do, right there in-office. So to me it’s all about money and control. Making us play games for the medical mafia and predators more than taking care of those in need. Mo money, mo money.

      Pain clinics here are another joke. Who wants to sit, or can, for up to six hours per visit just to see some quack for a simple prescription. Plus having to go see a list of doctors or testing I have already gone through with the lousy VA and civilian care. I am not the only one having to endure it all but few care to let this crap be known or discuss it. My new “primary care” people sure don’t want to discuss the issues and just blame it on the drug war, additions, police and politics. So we are to still suffer and some I have seen die or having to play games waiting on end of life meds for pain and never got through the red-tape to get them in time. So they died miserably. Yep, been there seen it, disgustingly pathetic while piles of paper work are pulled out to be signed and warnings given. It gets old. But the law makers and the elite don’t have to suffer this stuff.

      Bonuses. Heard about it for years while we get items stopped from the VA we got for years. The change of simple shoe wear from a good SAS to some generic cheap made shoe was worthless and cannot be worn by many and causes more issues. But some are happy with the free stuff even if it kills part of their body or can’t even wear the damned things.

      Then the unions having their people calling in to make the VA very short staffed in multiple clinics for their own agendas is also uncalled for and pathetic. Just for that pay raise or perk. At our expense. Try going through blood draw and a few other scheduled clinics in one day only to find the staff are all replacements and ignorant/incapable, nasty, merely because of their planned activism. But then again no VA nonsense or the threats are to be found in any requested copies of our records or of the events. It’s all perfect, peaches and cream to them and according to what they send out. No complaints at all according to them. I hope they all had fun on their days off and on their cruises and elaborate foreign trips head about in the coffee shop. I never got a bonus in my life unless I paid it to myself.

      Our files, which have been deleted, censored, had us in a meeting where we were told if we ever left the VA and didn’t agree with them on issues “we’d never get good health care again in Indiana.” Or “the care we expect we deserve.” Nope, not in the records at all, no mention of many corrupt actions and dealings. Mostly cover-ups and not a single person or group contacted seems to care about these state and federal government sanctioned attacks and war crime-like “collective punishments” and attacks on anyone having issues with the VA and their staff for any reason. The silent ones who allow all this stuff to go on, the sheep, are having zero issues with their pain meds or horrible treatment or the threats. They were not ‘ordered’ to show up to some phony, secret, “new chronic pain clinic orientation to be treated and spoken to worse than dogs.

      Then to be told by understanding staff with strict confidence that is because the medical cabals and locals will not stand up for the patient or veterans cause it can cost them trouble with the state’s medical licensing boards and others. So it’s all corrupt top to bottom and the insanity follows us by our files and information they get from being stuck with a past from a very corrupt VA and health care system. Plus the information or inner office chatter and reports from all I am told by the MDs … I am not, the patient, has no rights to know about or have copies of if any.

      To keep being told by many I have too many chronic pain issues and need pain meds and to do what I have been doing for years to be mobile doesn’t matter. Now it’s, ” we can’t help you.” OR, you need to go back to the VA?!!!

      As I keep saying, the issues and problems are many and too big for any of us to stand up against while we have to deal with censoring, threats, being ignored, mistreated, and dealing with other life issues. Not fun. Especially when others benefit greatly from our loss, neglect and sanctioned abuses. I am told to shut up and suffer. The VA, state, propaganda knows what is best and must have total rule over our lives. Nope. “Enough is enough.” Been and seen too much.

      1. Thanks for your comments. Welcome to the club. One more testimonial on why the VA is harming veterans.

        Keep us informed. Especially after Trump becomes president. VA’s day of looking a gift horse in the mouth will change.

        It’s not the veterans that are hurting the VA employees. Its the employees hurting each other and the veterans.

        This coming year. Many will be reminded they are not God’s and that will be meet with resistance or disagreement.

        All I have to say is oh well !

        Backlash can be vicious and it’s going to happen very soon.

        I can just see them keep saying Butt. Butt. Butt.

      1. Yes they can shut everything down and start over

        But they will have to hire people that have not worked for the VA as management. Those that are veterans. Must start over and be looked at closely to ensure they are not part of the problem.

        Strong regulatory law’s and policymaking to insure they are able to fire any employees caught breaking them

        Not only be fired. But could face charges and must face our judicial system. The VA can not think they are part of our judiciary system.

        Employees. Must be told if they break the law’s. Regulations will be fired if found guilty by a court of law

        Regulations that would make it a crime for management to hire any friend or relative. The good old Boy system must be stopped. !

        It is broken and the current VA system has showed they are unable to take Care of veterans and has let thousands of veterans to go without treatment

        Because VBA. Has done everything possible to ensure veterans do not get their deserved disability. Deny. Deny Deny die

        They have proven over and over they (management). Has the thinking we are God’s and no one can do anything about it.

        If they try management will retaliate against anyone who tries. Employees or Veterans

        They are doing this now and will not stop. Because they have been taught by the VA attorneys if caught or called upon to testify in front of the veterans committee

        Plead the 5th and no one can do anything to you. If you plead the 5th. We will insure you get a higher paying job. As you have proven you can be trusted to keep your mouth shut

        Management. Knows they have a very good scam going and fleecing Veteran’s and the American citizens

        They are right dangerous to the veteran population and VA employees who want to help and do the right thing.

  22. “So who decided these executives deserved bonuses?”

    J Thomas Burch’s granddaughter sheds a little light on that subject. Her LinkedIn account states that while she was working with Granddad at the Office of the General Counsel, HS&O as an Intern, for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs one of her responsibilities was and I quote: “Assisted in the documenting and distribution of performance awards”. While she was employed there June 2014 – March 2015 (10 months).

    While she was employed at the VA she also was employed as the Executive Director of the now defunt “National Vietnam Veterans Foundation”, also the executive Director at the also now defunt “American Veterans Support Foundation” and also worked full time, between her jobs at the foundations and the VA, at Team Beachbody as an Independent Coach.

    Although now updated her current linkedin page can be found at: “”

    1. Note that although she did update her LinkedIn account she still states that she “Assisted in the documenting and distribution of performance awards”

      1. Whether they were pulling a Hillary and the size of the bonus is some how also connected to the size of VA personals donation to one of the foundations is not known at this time.

      2. Although it is not know if there is a bonus to donation connection.
        Her LinkedIn page shows employment with a VA contractor just prior to her start at the VA with granddad was at Astrophysics Inc Between March 2014 – June 2014 (4 months) while the VA was negotiating a large contract with Astrophysics.

        On her page she also states while working at Astrophysics she, and I quote, “Organized luncheon for 15 visiting competitors”. A search of Government contracts issued to Astrophysics show that prior to her employment the number of competitors bidding for the contracts was up to 12 competitors. But the number of competitors bidding on contracts fell to 1 to 2 competitors midway through her employment and the time following her employment.

        This Clearly suggest price fixing which is highly illegal and needs to be investigated by the appropriate federal agencies.

      3. To verify the above regarding price fixing and bid rigging.


      4. Additionally although Astrophysics Inc is what would be considered a large company they have numerous contracts claiming they meet the requirements for small business set aside contracts.

        If you follow the link below and go to the top of the page then click on video labeled search it makes it clear. For large companies looking to find companies that they can partner with to defeat set asides such as Veteran Owned business, of Small business set asides.


    1. PENDEJO VETS THE VA DC HQ IS THE TITANIC ALL WE ARE DOING IS BITHING OVER THE COLOR OF THE CARPETS THIS FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET WILL SINK OF ITS OWN RICO CRIME RACKETS VETS WAKE UP @ SMELL THE CRAP VA DC HQ IN YOUR FACE VETS DONT BE DOFUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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