Robert McDonald Wins

Robert McDonald

Benjamin KrauseVeterans Affairs cheerleader Robert McDonald wins following an amendment endorsed by both Republicans and Democrats to gut Veterans Choice. The bill will keep hospitals open and pay for hepatitis C drugs, according to dysfunctional VA budgetary threats.

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Two months ago, Veterans Affairs leadership finally admitted an agency shortfall was on the horizon within the VA Health Administration. The numbers provided to the American public of the shortfall have grown since then to now $3.4 billion.

One of the primary excuses to justify gutting the program was the need for funding prescriptions needed to treat the hepatitis C virus.

VA threatened to close down numerous hospitals if Congress did not bend to the will of the White House in the apparent game of chicken. Now it looks like $3.4 billion will be redirected from the Veterans Choice Program to fill the budget shortfall.

Still, Chairman Jeff Miller (R-FL) talked tough despite voting for the measure. ABC cited Miller as saying:

“It never ceases to amaze me how poorly managed VA’s budget process is,” Miller told reporters Tuesday.

“The VA’s been saying they needed flexibility, but they never talked about closing hospitals if they didn’t get the flexibility” until a few weeks ago, Miller said. “We are being forced by VA to reach into another pot of money to rescue one of their core missions.”

Secretary McDonald denied he or any of his henchmen at the defunct agency hid or downplayed agency budget problems. Instead, he claims the sharp increase in demand for health care resulted in the need to blackmail Congress into signing the amendment or shut down VA health centers nationwide.

What kind of option is that? How do you feel about VA blowing all its construction contracts and then looting Veterans Choice to make up the difference? Should we #BoycottVA?


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  1. I argued against the Choice program from its inception. It necessarily attempts to be all things to all veterans, regardless of their priority care status, creating another administrative mishmash. VA cannot be all things to all veterans and it must return to its mission of serving Americas wartime disabled FIRST. If you are not service connected and have other health insurance then use it. Much of the witing time for appointments can be shortened by limiting treatment to those who are service connected or have no other healthcare insurance. VA must narrow its focus in healthcare to primarily helping those disabled by military service.

  2. Hmmmm. What other program gets fleeced in the private sector? Social Security.

    But that program didn’t disappear virtually the year it was funded.

  3. What’s going to happen when the VA doesn’t spend all the money they say they need? At the end of the FY, and with so many problems with contracting and payroll, I would be surprised if they can spend half of what they asked for.

  4. @Ben:

    i’m having many reservations as to whether Chairman Jeff Miller (R-FL) is all tough talk but an under-the-table dealer with slight of hand. really, i am now.

    va gets what it wants no matter if congress people are Dem or Rep, no matter how fraudulent va scandals are over the years and corrupt it is proven to be and presented to the public and congress…nothing changes except the increasing amounts of money va gets.

    certainly gives va carte blanche to mistreat anyone anywhere because they be da teflon don.

    i’m all for va getting funding for our medical care and disability benefits for sure, we need that…BUT why no one is held accountable at va except veteran patients? it seems that way to me.

    Secretary McDonald is great for political status quo, pretty much worthless to the veteran population as far as the scandals and fraud with medical care and benefits.

    >>What kind of option is that?

    its no option is it?

    >>How do you feel about VA blowing all its construction contracts and then looting Veterans Choice to make up the difference?

    i feel numb and helpless. veterans have for years expressed their experiences with va. we are out of words at this point. you and the world already know how we feel regarding all this.

    >>Should we #BoycottVA?

    i have to use them for much of my service connected stuff. i use priv too just to ensure quality care and check-n-balances with va care. and some required meds are from priv sector.
    *ever notice your va meds change color and sometimes shape every other month? how many generic drug contracts does va float every month? another reason i use priv doctors on some things.

    Ben, what kind of plan do you have in mind regarding boycott? maybe people should boycott the joining in the mil. keep showing the world what vets and their families go through dealing with va medical and va benefits care and weigh their options of joining the mil in the first place.

    don’t get me wrong, i’m very pro mil and pro strong defense for America but i’m trying to convey the contrasts of “you join, serve then you get to deal with the va medical and va benefits battle”. dealing with the va is a life and death matter for many veterans and their families.

    how come no media outlet asks anyone in congress or running for office why they don’t use the va?
    i’m sure they have a cute dance all made up for that answer.

  5. On the “DAILY KOS”
    Tue Jul 28, 2015 at 12:17 pm pdt.

    “The Koch Brothers are about to Destroy Veterans Health Care and No One Knows About It”
    by J. David Cox

    It discusses Miller, Rubio (and the bills their introducing-H.R. 1999 & S. 1082), the Koch Brothers and Concerned Veterans of America (a Koch Brothers- funded front group).
    “Representative Mark Takano and Sen. Richard Blumenthal.” And their two bills “…H.R. 2999 and S. 1856 respectfully, to finally deliver the real accountability the V.A. sorely needs.”
    “In other words, Takano and Blumenthal address the real problems plaguing the V.A.- not the political will of two out-of-touch billionaires and their cronies in Congress.”

    It was an extremely critical article written against two career politicians for two other career politicians, in my opinion.

    Right now I’m at a loss as to who to believe in Washington.

    Therefore I’m not voting for anyone who is in office right now. They can all go to that 5 star hotel/boutique in Paris and stay there, for all I care!!!!

    1. Crazy Elf,

      The people who vote no to giving McDonald more money can be believed on this issue.

      The ones that vote yes to giving McDonald more money are either ignorant or corrupt.

      Here is a link to an article that will lead you to a story on three who are likely corrupted. The cost of their votes is a cut of the 3.5 Billion McDonald is asking for.

      “N.C. lawmakers join forces to find money for veterans”
      “Republican Pittenger, Democrat Adams seek to use existing VA funding”
      “Bipartisan bill would allow Mecklenburg County to apply for grant”
      “Program aims to help members of military, their families as they transition to civilian life”

      Basically it is called pork.

      Here is another article that is written in such a deceptive manner it is claiming the current amendment to raid the Veterans Choice Program is instead to take money from other Veterans programs to provide funding for the Choice Program.

      ” Veterans are desperate for $3.4 billion from Congress for medical care”

      1. Jade, I understood completely the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ vote. I’m sorry if I confused you. Like I said sometimes I’m not sure how to say something.

        I was being facetious. When I said, they can leave this country as far as I care. And never return.

        What’s going through my mind right now is how VA is going to move forward? Especially if the “no vote” wins out!?
        In my opinion, if hospitals shut down, then all veterans would have to be allowed to use the “Choice Program”, no questions asked.

        Secondly, VA employees, during this time, who have committed acts against veterans should be held accountable. Even if they were allowed to retire. That means ALL employees. Top to bottom.

        This would also be a perfect time to AUDIT THE V.A. Don’t you agree. Let’s find out now just how screwed up the “books” are. Find out how many fraudulent entries have been made. On both the medical and the administration side of V.A. Bring in the feds if need be to do the audit.

        Finally, Like I’ve stated, come election time. The only persons I can vote for are in my district. So far, none have shown any support toward veterans. Therefore I will vote them out….That’s a fact Jade.

      2. Hey Crazy Elf,

        Sorry if my post came out wrong. I didn’t think you were being facetious at all.

        It is just I have limited use of my hand after the care I received at the VA. The more I use them to type the more discomfort I feel. As the discomfort grow it becomes a greater distraction. That is why some of my post are so short and I reference Articles.

        In regards to who I will be voting for in 2016 if he runs check out

        He is someone that would diffidently straiten out the VA.

  6. I was approved for Choice First Program a few weeks ago and can already see how badly it is put together. Since this crap is new to everyone, I will mention a few things that have occurred so far:
    I was told via a phone call by this person at my VA hospital that I was eligible because of Wait Time and was given an 866 number to call and speak to about moving forward.
    I called and they identified themselves as “Maximus Corp” (after I asked exactly who I was speaking to) and they told me they would give my medical information to their “Appointing team” and they will then provide me with a list of providers for me to see (but I can decline to use them if I don’t want to, which will then leave me out of the program).
    I told them which doctor group and which doctor I wanted to see, because I previously knew they accepted veterans choice and had some sort of a contract with the VA.
    HealthNet (not Maximus) called me today to tell me of an appointment they made (without okaying it with me first to see if I could do it on that day). I told them this conflicts with another appointment and told them I wanted to change the day.
    She told me this had to approved and entered into their system. I told her I would like to call the provider myself and schedule my own appointment. She agreed, saying they don’t normally do that, but she wanted to know if I was going to do that or have them do that. After I told her I will, she sais okay but you have to call us as soon as you do so we can enter it in our system.
    I asked if the provider has been sent my medical records yet, and she said she didn’t know. I asked her to find out, and she said they were sent out “today” I asked her if there is anything on a CD disc I have to bring in with me, and she said Its not on the notes here.
    So now I have to call the provider up and make sure of all of this myself.

    That’s as far as I got with this so far. They work in a mysterious and complicated way. It’s all about them keeping record of you and what they have to pay each visit, rather than what’s best for the veteran, of course. She told me that I have to be approved for each subsequent visit like on a step-by-step basis. No concern for the amount of time it takes, even if you need things done urgently. They don’t tell you much unless you are very direct in asking questions. Anyone would call this insane.

    I will see how it goes from here. I have a feeling I already know.

    1. @vet:

      i call it insane. i tried to get info from choice program. just led to more frustration and bewilderment as to how much lack of understanding even the choice employee’s (va phone bank people) had. they had no clue. i dropped trying. Chief of Staff returned a call with his usual talk–but zero action. Same with a Congressional office i called–great sound bites, but zero actionable results.

      i have the choice cards, but use my medicare instead. its ironic, va still wants to bill my priv insurance but i have medicare so they can’t. though all va visits are for service connected med reasons, but they try so hard to find out whatever you have as insurance so they can bill them. bizarro!

      a few other vets i know here in some of my support groups tried the choice program and they gave up on it. for the same reasons the rest of us did.

      i take it va designed it that way like their legal teams designed the claims process.

      just wanted to add my 02c worth to @vets comment “its insane”. you’re not alone

  7. We now know it was Rep. Miller ( R.-Fl.) who snuck and amendment into a “transportation bill”. Which, if passed, will allow VA to take $3.4 or $3.5 billion from the Choice Program.
    Question, has the bill been passed? I have heard nothing either way.

  8. ok here it goes this is what has been happening to me for the last 40 years . Going to the va I was told your lying . your not sick and you are making stuff up agent orange never hurt anyone , your a fat malingerer ,no one ever caught hep c from shots with air guns , you have hep c but there is nothing we can do about , Oh and you have stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver non alcoholic and i lost my teeth from diabetes type 2 the usual bs not our problem. I need a lawyer but cant find one that really knows how to deal with the va in columbia sc thay make the rules as they go along

    1. Hi Norman
      If you want a very good law firm that handles Veterans then I will tell you that Hill and Ponton are the best.
      So far they were able to get my husband at 70% and they are still working on getting him at 100%.
      They were also able to get my husband Social Security benefits when he was turned down 2 times.
      If you want their info I will be happy to give it to you.
      Hill and Ponton has been helping Veterans over 25 years and they are very active in Washington D.C.

  9. Well, I got a local Dr. Office Visit, And even an MRI at the little hospital here in town, Out of them. It was good while it lasted In my case 2 Weeks. (Until I get the Bill)??

    I STILL Believe, Tho probably not in my lifetime, A Veteran will ONE DAY be able to go to ANY Hospital that has a license to operate in the U.S………….One Day………

  10. With all the sh#t going on today. I needed to laugh. I think all on here need a chuckle. So, I accidentally ran across a “story” that did just that. Wait for it, drum roll please- —–
    It’s out of Pinellas County, Florida.
    The “title”—–
    “People running to government to stop BBQ smell”
    by Taylor Millard 24 hours ago
    There’s even a video. Yes, a video….

    I had to put this out to y’all, cause it’s just to damn sad. At the same time though, y’all should laugh your ass off. Because of the stupidity of it….
    Have fun watching.

  11. I can tell you first hand that Veteran’s Choice doesn’t work for most specialty issues. It’s probably great for primary care, but it’s made Veterans lives worse. It doesn’t deliver what it promises and for once the VA is doing the right thing and taking money from a program set up to fail in the first place. Every Veteran I’ve enrolled into Veteran’s Choice has come back to the VA. Every. Single. One.

    1. Having a cardiac issue (increase in swelling due to ?) …B’Ham VA Cardiology first the sent me to my primary and he doubled Lasix ..Also made an expidited appt…Then canceled appt ( seems my cardiologist is leaving) First appt available was in late Oct…Called Vet’s Choice and they were able to get me an appt for tomorrow with a well known local cardiologist..(only took them 7 days)…I’ll let you know how it goes…

    2. If I remember, we on here wrote about the program months ago. The consensus then was exactly what you just said. It was ment to fail. We even said how McD and others in management were designing how to manipulate it to somewhere else. Well, looks like what we thought is coming true…

  12. The FIRST thing that the VA has done in 20 years ( after they were forced too by public opinion AND forced to modify it so it would work…a little…) and now they want to gut it to pay for junk programs that don’t work and over-runs that are at worst frauds and at best incompetence…Why am I not surprised…Why don’t they delay vastly over-run projects or just take some from their spin budget…or just stop building Solar panels to shelter parking lots to close the gap instead of cutting into health care THEIR PRIME MISSION? And why is congress letting them get away with it? I smell an increase in the smell coming from the VA…as if that’s possible…

  13. This really stinks to high heaven, but let’s take timeout for a reality check on this one. Boycott the VA? Seriously? Some of us can’t, Ben. My only income comes from the VA, and I get all my medical care through them. From a realistic standpoint, Congress is doing exactly what it has to do. Would you really prefer that these medical centers close until the new fiscal year commences?

    It all comes down to accountability, and as long as the VA is permitted to police itself we will have none. I definitely agree that McDonald should be called on the carpet to explain why he can’t balance a checkbook after decades as an executive in the private sector. What would have happened to him if he had exceeded his budget at P&G by $100 million — let alone billions? Rhetorical question there — we all know the answer.

    I’m not sure if McDonald lacks the authority to make the reforms necessary at the VA, or if he simply lacks the will to do so. Like Ricky Ricardo said, though, he has some ‘splainin’ to do.

  14. Veterans’ hospitals and veteran compensation payments are the core mission of VA. I spoke with Secretary McDonald about the mission creep at VA. It was seemingly his opinion that the nation would rend asunder and crumble to fucking dust, if VA were to stop providing research, education, public relations, entertainment, recreational, sporting and other such non core services. He is full of shit on that point, VA is in fact doomed unless it is FORCED to concentrate solely on compensation and health care as intended. The public is waking up to the billions $$ blown on non essential (wasteful and fraudulent) VA spending, and they are not going to abide it much longer.

    1. I agree with what you say Ron, except for “the public is waking up to the billions blown on non-essential VA spending…” Ron, “the public” does no reading at all about the fucking VA. At the MOST, a very, very small percentage just knows the VA is “bad”. They don’t know in what ways because they are not involved with it. Most young people I have spoke to don’t even know what the VA is. So it will take a whole lot more before “they are not going to abide it much longer”. Sorry.
      I really like you comments about Bob, though. You hit that one square on the head.

      1. i too agree with what @Ron wrote. and most certainly to what @vet is saying.

        i too don’t think the vast majority of citizens know the extent of the va issues veterans have faced over the decades.

        it will take way more people to know and be affected by it to realize the big picture and help to do something about it.

        and finally one prez candidate is talking about it in terms other politicians just gloss over. that may help.

        we can only hope, talk, write, twit, fb, whatever to keep it in view so good change has a chance of happening.

  15. To all, there’s a glimmer of hope here.
    “Rep. Martha Roby Retweeted”
    Trent Butler
    “This morning at 6:10 (29 July), we’ll talk to @RepMarthaRoby about her bill that allow the feds to take over failing #VA medical centers.

    This was tweeted at 6:39am-29 July 15

    on Rep. Martha Roby @ her “H.R. 3432”, the failing VA Medical Center Recovery Act. #BreakTheBureaucracy

    Also seen on WSFA 12 News- Rep. Roby introduces bill requiring VA takeover at failing medical centers.
    Short. it/8Cm2 #alpolitics

    And there are MANY MORE Tweets out there. It started six days ago. Every one of them tell of their disgust of VA. From taxpayers, Representatives to Veterans.

    Trust me. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people out there ‘tweeting’ their disgust at VA and our “Elected Officials”! Rep. Roby has, for months now, been extremely critical over VA’s inability to come clean and tell the truth. Let’s support her. Find the tweet and send it on!!!!!!!!!

    1. “Search” Martha Roby to see her ‘tweets’. At that time, if your a member (If not join) you can tweet or retweet.

    2. Here’s another story.

      WAFF 48@waff48
      “Live interview with Rep. Martha Roby on VA takeover bill Wednesday on WAFF 48 News Today.

      Rep. Roby is getting great news coverage on this “issue”! All of it positive. We must keep the pressure on.

    3. Hi Crazy Elf,

      After checking Martha Roby’s profile on Wikipedia I see she is strait Tea-Party and her the bill that she has sponsored to allow the feds to take over failing #VA medical centers just gives Robert McDonald more money to do the job he has already been paid to do.

      Sorry Guy can’t support it.

      1. Jade, I read nowhere more money would be given. Where did you find it. If it’s true, then I agree. We should not support it.
        On the other hand it did sound somewhat better than what Ol McD and Gibby wanted. lol

  16. Ben…nice “bad VA art” today…has a definite 80’s vibe to it. LOL! Am not surprised that Congress is going to allow the VA to rob the Choice Ca$h…but I am outright peeved that *no one* is demanding an AUDIT of the VA.
    Not even taking into account the various VA Construction projects out there that are way over budget, *just* the Denver, VAMC that’s INSANELY over budget, it begs for an answer why Colorado Rep. Coffman is not demanding an AUDIT?

    Something smells in the woodpile here!

    1. namnibor

      Colorado Rep. Coffman is to busy trying to sell the former American Legion Post #1 in Paris for $30 million even though several Govt. Agencies estimated it’s value at $100 million in 1992 before a $189 million restoration in that started in 1997.


      Most of the last century it was owned and maintained by the federal govt. but managed by the VSO American Legion.

      1. So …the American Legion basically has a bar and a very high society 34 room spa/hotel in Paris and they wish to take at least a 300% LOSS to sell it, and it happens to be prime real estate located next to Rolex, I believe?
        This sounds like “one of Sec. McDonald’s pockets” he spoke of…money going to somewhere underhandedly, while if I am correct, after the couple temporary cessation periods of that Colorado VAMC, the Army Corps of Engineers took over…right? Please correct me if I am wrong here but if that’s the case, why exactly is this costing so much damn money over budget?
        Does it have it’s own ski chalet in Aspen for the folks jetting from the VA’s Paris Spa? Wonder if the Denver VAMC will next need more ca$h to add the airport for these jetsetters as well?

        These things are ridiculous, of course but how are they so much more ridiculous in what the VA is continuing to get away with?

        One other thing: There’s -2- other Big Pharma Co.’s that have been vying for making that Hep C Drug…I am wondering if the VA and Rumsfeld are illegally not allowing a fair bidding for such project by experimenting on Veterans instead? Forget clinical trials…give it to the Vets.
        Reasons a many to be very leery if they decide to make it into an air-gun shot…many of the military’s infectious disease problems from CUE are from those guns, or other egregious non-sterile situations, or ‘Subject XXX-XX-XXXX’

      2. Jade, I went to a bunch of sites concerning the 5 star hotel/boutique in Paris called “Pershing Hall”. Which is owned by VA.
        What I found is this.
        “Coffman is telling VA to sell it.” And to use the money to help build the Aurora VA Hospital. He says that LLC is interested. VA would receive $30 million AFTER the LLC buys out the current 80+ year lease. The lease expires in 2097 I believe. This is why VA will lose money.
        Also, on one site a VA spokesperson said it wasn’t cut and dry. She said VA would need Congressional Approval and more. (I believe that part is bull-dung)!
        I saw 3 pictures of “Pershing Hall”! Man, that’s one hellava Hotel.

        This same story was on multiple sites I googled. I wonder, when VA big shots visit Paris, does the taxpayers pay for it? I believe the answer would be a resounding, YES!!!!!
        Damn, if the taxpayers aren’t getting screwed by all in VA.

    2. Bad Art Maybe, Masterpiece, definetly! #CaitlynMcDonald #MrDoubtfire (doubt he’ll fire anyone)

      Choice Care Act : $10 Billion
      Purchase Card fraud : $6 Billion
      Denver Project : $1.8 Billion

      West Point Graduate resembling the Mona Lisa with a chlamydia infection on a veteran’s website : PRICELESS!

  17. Personally I have boycotted the VA since 2000 after being disabled by a surgery and the lack of care to hide the problems caused by the surgery at VAMC Minneapolis.

    I see Rep. Jeff Miller is sponsoring the amendment that is attached to a bill going up for a vote today. So it isn’t a done deal yet but we all know are congress.

    The amendment also includes a $500,000 cut of the Veterans Choice budget for “Old Rummy”, the former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and his company Gilead Science for the $1000 per pill to treat Hep C.

    After Gilead Science’s admission that 8 out of 10 studies, used to approve it’s drug Tamiflu, had been ghostwritten with explicit instructions to come to the “correct” conclusion regarding Tamiflu’s effectiveness. I don’t think anyone can trust there hep C Pill.

    1. Actually, I take a -3- drug combo/cocktail manufactured by a joint effort by Gilead Science and Bristol-Myers-Squid since it’s official release start of 2007 and it HAS saved my life but it’s for the wonderful combo of Hep B and HIV I received from either incredibly unsterile surgical environment and/or the untested blood transfusions the military used on me….either way, I use civilian medical professionals and NOT the VAMC’s, because the VA has a rather antiquated Pharmacy Formulary and THIS drug combo I take is the *only* combo known to work on my particular strain. This combo drug literally saved me from death’s door so at least I can attest that Gilead Science definitely DO make excellent life-saving drugs…I just question the cost because for instance, MY DRUG “Atripla” is sold under a completely different name in Australia and made by exact same company (no generic will ever exist), but Australians only pay equiv. of $75. for -30- tablets/month supply, whereas we in the USA pay THAT for EACH TABLET…guess who is stuck paying for Research & Development Recoupment Costs?
      I think that’s what’s happening with this new Hep C Drug…and you cannot tell me Donald Rumsfeld could not give the VA a “deal” on this medication…this is WAR PROFITEERING 101…nothing less.

      However, as expensive as my combo drug is at approx. $80. a tablet, once a day, every day (drug name is Atripla), I find it REALLY hard to believe that this Hep C Drug costs MORE than ANY HIV or Cancer Medication. Sure sounds like Donald Rumsfeld is set to make a HUGE PROFIT off this venture…and Congress is not questioning this?

      Anyone want to wager that the VA will be back again before Congress before October for MORE ca$h?!!
      Like a misbehaving -2- year old that learns if he acts-out he will get his way, I am thinking the VA will see that since this threatening to shut down medical care to Veterans actually *works*, we shall unfortunately see more of this evil.

      Why has nobody on that Congressional Committee demanded an AUDIT?!!?


      1. namnibor, I stand with you. I also believe VA will come back before October 1st and demand more $$$$$!
        The same thing will happen. Congress and the Senate will capitulate to VA. Because VA will lie again and say they have no money because there are now 10.5 million veterans needing healthcare. What a crock of $#!Г…

    2. To Ben and Jade. You say it “isn’t a done deal yet”!? When are they to vote on it, today?
      I guess VA wins, Veterans lose- again.
      Does this mean the (NO) Choice Program no longer exists?
      When will taxpayers stand up and tell Congress and Senate your time is up. You will no longer have soon!
      I was so hopefull our Elected Officials would do the right thing and stop VA.
      I guess they are gutless.

      1. We need to collectively express our disdain at the voting booth. I am not voting for ANY politician that is already in office…I had MUCH higher expectations from Rep. Jeff Miller and NOW I know he is just as full of volatile hot air as Sec. McDonald…nothing but a “pony show here”.

        Time for an investigative news program like 60 Minutes to do an in-depth story on this because this is akin to what the Big Banks and Wall Street did to our Country and it also sounds like the VA must have some infused “Tea Party Blood” or are just taking from their “play book” with this new device in threatening to shut down veteran health Care.

        I do not think ‘David’ is winning against this ‘Goliath’ called the VA. Too Big To Fail all over again?

      2. P.S. If I read it right. One of the conditions is VA must come back to the committee and state how the monies are being spent.
        We all know VA lied to get the monies. What makes anyone believe they will tell the truth on how their spending it? This makes no sense whatsoever!!!!!

  18. I’m sorry but am I reading this right that they are going to go away from having this useless Veterans Choice program.
    It never worked for my husband when he tried using it anyway.

    1. No Sharon they are just raiding the money from the Veterans Choice program to pay for the new Aurora VAMC and to give a $500,000 cut of the Veterans Choice money to Donald Rumsfeld.

      Sorry the program didn’t work for your husband.

      Can I ask how the Veterans choice program didn’t work for your husband?

      1. He was having problems getting into the Pain Management Clinic at the V.A. in Orlando. When we called and asked how my husband could use this program they said that he had to go through his Primary Care doctor.
        He asked about it when he went for his appointment with the Primary Care doctor. He said he would finally put in a referral for him so my husband said okay and then he waited. He finally got his appointment after waiting 3 months for the appointment.
        He told his doctor that I thought it was suppose to be a no longer than 30 day wait and he said he wanted to use this new program and he told him NO you have an appointment.
        My husband suffers with PTSD and he just has given up fighting for anything from the V.A. he just doesn’t like the stress the hospital brings to him.

      2. Sharon, I also have had bad, and I do mean BAD experiences at the Lake Baldwin, VA in Orlando. I too suffer from PTSD and other physical ailments from my military services.
        The VA is not going to change until we voters get rid of all the pukes in government. This has to be done at the next voting cycle. It can be done by e-mail, tweeting and all other electronic communications. We can get it done. But like the government, it takes time.
        The one thing you must not do is give up. Keep fighting. It’s the only way to get something done…

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