Veterans Affairs Threatens Press Over Houlihan Hearing Circus

Veterans Affairs

Benjamin KrauseTomah Veterans Affairs apparently plans to arrest press attempting to cover the Dr. David Houlihan circus before a Disciplinary Review Board (DRB) April 11 to April 15.

That is correct. Tomah VA has issued a ban for press at a Federal building that is open to the American public. Violators of the ban will have the VA police called on them.


The hype is all about the former facility Chief of Staff, Dr. David Houlihan.

Houlihan was terminated because of his failure to adhere to ethics guidelines and being linked to the death of a Marine veteran. He also had his license suspended recently by the State of Wisconsin for his role in the Candy Land scandal.

Now, VA employees at the Cult of Houlihan, aka Candy Land, aka Tomah VA, will have an opportunity to sing his praises with an attempt to get him his job back.

The current head of Tomah VA, Victoria Brahm, issued a statement to all employees that they should call police if they see members of the press on Federal property this week. “There is a possibility that the hearing will attract media attention. The media will not be allowed on the campus while the [Board] is meeting…”

One could argue that if Dr. Houlihan cannot get fired, that no one can get fired at VA anywhere in the country. It will be interesting to see what happens this week.

Maybe I should go?


One of the questions you may be asking is whether VA can restrict access to public property from the press or certain other outsiders?

I read through the hearing rules, and it appears that the DRB can restrict access to the public so long as a party objects to that level of scrutiny. It certainly should not seem surprising that Dr. Houlihan and friends would object to transparency.


In January, I caught wind that Houlihan intended to have the hearing and informed my readership immediately. Houlihan quickly rescheduled the hearing, which will be held this week. And like magic, VA is banning fellow Americans from federal property if they are members of the press.

Is this the kind of transparency promised by President Obama?

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I hope every veteran tries to attend the hearing as stakeholders in the VA system, whether Ms. Brahm allows it or not.


Here is the full email from Brahm:

Good morning Team Tomah,

VA is conducting a Disciplinary Review Board (DAB) for Dr. David Houlihan, former Tomah VAMC Chief of Staff, from April 11 through April 15 here on campus. The purpose of a DAB is to hear appeals of major adverse actions based on a question of professional conduct or competence. The DAB is a closed session and part of an ongoing hearing. Those involved in these proceedings are aware.

There is a possibility that the hearing will attract media attention. The media will not be allowed on the campus while the DAB is meeting as we do not want to disrupt the environment for our residents, Veterans coming in for healthcare services or staff. Therefore if you see members of the media on campus not being escorted by Matthew Gowan, Tomah VAMC Public Affairs Officer, please contact the VA Police Department (x61244). These proceedings should not disrupt our work. If you have any concerns, please contact your supervisor.

Thank you for all you do to support the Veterans we serve.



If you went to the hearing, what would you tell Dr. David Houlihan?


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  1. Everyone from across the country should call tomah VAMC Police on day of meeting and say that there are reporters on campus dressed as veterans with recording equipment and audio equipment stalking the hallways looking for the big scoop x61244. and see there pit bulls attack!!!!!.

  2. Just when you think the clown show at Tomah can’t get any worse the state reinstates the Candy mans Medical License.

    UPDATE: Fired Tomah VA chief of staff has WI medical license restored


  3. I’ve seen the VA pull some pretty bad stunts before, but threatening the 1st Amendment rights of journalists and a veterans right to know ranks at the very top of absolute bullshit. Hide behind veterans to protect themselves. Any journalist worthy of the title should just attend. Imagine the bad press they would get if news reporters were shown on the 6pm news being led away in handcuffs. Imagine veterans supporting the media being led away in handcuffs.
    For years these arrogant bastards have been bullying many news reporters and getting away with covering up their activities because of that bullying. Reporters think veterans are making things up when you tell them how bad the VA can be.
    …and to claim it’s to not disrupt veterans seeking care. Hmm, I guess those veterans who survived.
    And to contact McGowan to get an escort?
    Ben, it would be well worth it for you to contact him and ask him to attend to see what he says. Are they only allowing certain select media that will give them favorable coverage?
    I understand if Houlihan wants to try protect his privacy by blocking attendance at this hearing, but if I was a family member treated, harmed or killed by this lunatic, I would demand to attend. Arrest them too? What about their right to know? And why block the entire campus? Why not just the hearing?
    Imagine the national outcry if you showed up Ben to cover this, with a few veterans with you. Would the VA care if they had to pay out because of a lawsuit?

    Finally, I’m curious if the VA have filed any required reports, reporting any adverse facts that they found in the course of their investigation. Reports including to the State medical license board.

    If he gets away with this, then there is no reason whatsoever to pay a single taxpayer dime more to keep the VA open.

  4. @crazyelf and all: This was on today’s Stars and Stripes: “Bible removed from POW display at Wright-Patterson Medical Center” This is the direction the USA is heading? Talk about blatant disrespect.


    1. @namnibor
      There’s been a number of “Bible’s” removed from VA’s ‘POW/MIA TABLES” in Ohio. I posted a comment on that, remember!?

      The “173rd Airborne Div.” Originated the “Missing Man Table Ceremony” about 25-30 years ago. One of the original men was a “MOH RECIPIENT”! When asked WHY he never wore the highest award given to someone in the military during the ceremony. His response was, quote: “I don’t want it to be a distraction from the ceremony!”
      Has anyone on here ever seen it? It’s one of the most “Solumn Ceremonies” for those who never returned!

      As far as Houlihan is concerned. I hope the families of veterans, news medias, and veterans in general DO show up. Especially the family of that deceased “Former Marine!”
      I hope they DEMAND to speak!!!! I hope the “board” listens!
      Then I hope the Wisconsin State Police shows up and arrests the asswipe!!!!!

  5. 04/11/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Senator Grassley states,
    “…the program’s intentions are good — but red tape…”

    VA’s private-care program is ‘a quagmire’
    Tony Leys, [email protected]:12 p.m. CDT April 10, 2016

    This writer has not heard this term for a long time, googled it, and surprisingly many are still using the term. This writer calls it sabotage, corruption, or Treason. Red Tape was not ever used around the 1998 Cox Report.

    Don’t forget the Five Ds.


    As I am writing the 26th Book on the VA Scandal —I came across your article—-Disruption comes to mind.

    Amazingly, Arizona has this problem too! After the Voting Fiasco the Politicians apparently are getting hammered.

    This means they are ready to crack!

    Dr. Mitchell states if you fall in the deep cracks of the system…death is likely.

    So out of the 1,600 on the wait list in Phoenix—how many of them are dead?

    I am still working 72 hours in two factories.

    Good work as always—Thank You!


    Don Karg

  6. I would like all veterans to be aware that if you speak up against the VA, you could be subjected to the same 24hr a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year harassment and intimidation as i have been. It is called “Gang Surveillance”. It is used by third party contractors hired by the VA OIG. I am now in my sixth-year of this crime being perpetrated upon me. I will be 68yrs old in May. I have also been a life member of the DAV, which i believe has had and continues to have a much too cozy relationship with the VA. Just saying!

    1. Go to FB page Desk Commandos of the VA to see the two agents Indianapolis VBA Director Michael Stephens sent to our house to harass us. Sorry for the sideways pics. The chick was VA CID and the fag in purple was Homeland Insecurity. (No offense to fags).
      I looked out and saw them talking to my husband with Brown County VA guy Ron Higgins. I went out and told him to use his G-d given 5th Amendment right and told them to get off the F’ing property without a warrant. Posted their pics before they left the driveway, got a call saying I couldn’t post field agents pics. Was told they might have to move them right away. Awww… sucks to be them.
      My husband didn’t spend 21 years in Rangers and as a Green Beret in crap holes around the world to be treated like a criminal by the brown shirts of Michael Stephens who never served a day in uniform.
      Want war? Let’s talk about Operation Red Train or how the gov’t got over the Church Committee to include assassinations. Or, why his 2-1 is missing 16 years. Or, where are the full copies hidden?
      I would rather die a free woman than live a slave. Once you realize that nothing the VA can do can frighten you. I fully believe the VA is too stupid to realize what pissing off SOCOM vets can bring.

      1. Robin buys thumb drives by the dozen.
        The VA has wasted every IT dollar it ever got. I hear they had a computer intrusion out of an old Soviet satellite country this past weekend. Why wouldn’t they when former Special Ops guys are being asked to testify to injuries received on still CLASSIFIED missions? Want to know where America’s assets are hidden in almost real time? Break into the VA’s hearing transcript server.

      2. I wish i could just add an attachment to this e-mail, as i have sent a copy of the letter i sent to the ACLU to Ben. If he would like to share it with his readers that is fine with me. It shows that at the request of a local police department, an illegal drug test was performed on me in 2010 to determine if i had been using drugs. In my retirement i wanted to try to create small businesses for kids including my kids and grand-kids. A local police officer decided he would get involved after i was seen smoking pot at a summer party. My primary doctor called out of the blue with concerns about my previous blood work performed many months before. She wanted to see if more tests needed to be done. As a cancer survivor this really got my attention. To shorten the story for now, I got the test and i knew right away that it was a drug test because i got a copy of my records for that period. I also know i passed as i don’t use pot regularly. There were NO records of a drug test being performed during that time.I wrote to the VA with my concerns and got no reply. I was very angry. I wrote to the Mass. ACLU. They told me i should consult an atty. My life has been criminally invaded in every way since. If you speak out, you must be prepared for a fight.

      3. so the police called the VA and requested you be tested and you passed. Don’t know how the police can do that with out a court order. The VA does what ever they want and say what ever they want and it seems people will believe them before they believe the veteran. As far as the VA attacking veterans, I have been writing for a long time on how the VA let a former coworker of mine, who does not like me, report me as being Disruptive at least twice a month and never recorded any dates or times of the incidents and the VA higher management let Hearsay into the matter.

        When I wrote the VA asking for any and all proof they used to prove that I had ever been disruptive, their reply there is no evidence, but collorbrated , when asked by whom, they refused to answer. Higher management states they don’t even know this employee and never spoke with her.

        Yet all the paperwork from the Disruptive committee shows her at a Disruptive committee meeting. Management let this employee answer any and all correspondence from Senators Bennetts office and the DAV. That’s called the Fox watching the Hen house. The Director at the Denver VAMC went so far as to reply to senator Bennetts office and told him that do to the Disruptive Behavior reporting, That my official medical records, were (never) coded for disruptive behavior, nor were my records ever red flagged and they never did any investigation.

        The only think right with her statement is there was never any investigation ! I wrote Bob McDonalds office with everything I have gathered to prove my case and his office sent it right back to the Denver VAMC so the same employee could reply. There is a Stephanie that works for McDonald and I wrote an email to McDonalds office and this Stephanie told me twice that the employee, I was speaking about NO longer works for the VA.

        That is a lie and I told her that she had been lied to by the Denver VAMC and she cut off correspondence with me, so the VAMC Denver lied to her or she lied to me. Anyway I was punished for 5 years and had progress notes from the Chief of Staff at the Denver VAMC write ” If the VA ever hears that you have become disruptive again or do not follow your treatment teams orders, you will be Arrested, Federal charges placed upon you and you will be Banished from all VA care.

        This Committee has taken upon itself to be Accuser, judge, jury and executioner and the veteran has no way of defending themselves in anyway. This action by the VA has Denied me and many other veterans of all their civil and constitutional rights to a fair trial. And to be able to face their accuser. The God syndrome has gotten way out of hand and veterans lives are being negatively effected.

        Everyday I have to worry if these ass holes are going to lie again, stating well he’s been disruptive before and their is no one to keep them in check. If they would have charged me and I had to go to court, the Judge would have probably granted me monies and those employees would have had charges placed upon them.

        So all veterans better get copies of all their records to see what these people are writing down about them, they write what they want, even if its not true. I will keep fighting until my good name is restored.

    2. @FLB,
      If you’ld like to know more about the “DAV”, google,

      “DAVReform dot org”

      If I did it correctly, it would take a long time to get on here!
      You’ll be amazed, (pissed) at how much the upper echelon makes each year off donations and membership!

    3. FYI. i went to a national service office of the DAV, and asked the DAV national service officer for referral to good doctors within VA. He said he does not use the VA. The DAV provides the national service officers with private non VA health insurance. Keep that in mind when you go to the DAV for help getting services from the VA. And, BTW, to be a National Service officer of the DAV, you must Be service connected veteran and member of the DAV.

  7. Here’s interesting facts coming out.
    1.) The “Panama Papers” are still being investigated by investigative journalists (Consortium) in other countries. Great Britain for one! The U.S. IS #3 on the list!!!
    2.) taxpayer’s monies have been disappearing at an unusual rate within VA.
    3.) the DOD, it has been reported by a watchdog group, mishandled over $500 million of taxpayer’s monies!
    4.) Hillary Clinton misplaced $6 BILLION during her tenure as “Sec. of State!” It was also reported Bengazi may have happened because of “weapons being shipped from Lybia to Syria!” If true, this sheds light on all of what’s going on in the middle east!
    5.) Iran’s (minister) has, over the past few days, stated to the U.S. to “Stop giving monies and arms to Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries!”
    6.) Our “voting rights” are under attack.
    Mr. Trump has stated his daughter is going to be “…doing something special!” Of friend of mine said she was going to “…investigate all Senators and Congresspersons…” on how the received their wealth. I have a feeling we’re going to hear about some ‘graft’ going on behind the scenes on this!!!
    There’s more coming out on a daily basis. Just like with VA! All one has to do is look. Plus, it’s good to have “retired” people of importance relaying info. Right – Robin Mitchell!!!!!!!!

    There’s a lot going on with our taxes no one seems to know about, WHY???????

    1. Hillary Clinton had her self proclaimed personal general help her with Libya: Gen Charles Jacoby. He is the guy who buried the Afghanistan Prison Scandal, allowed troop housing to be built over an old munitions dump in Alaska, brought a team as a LTC into Honduras under the guise of humanitarian aid and left some dead bodies behind Human Rights Watch would like to ask about, etc.
      He has the same ‘godfather’ as my husband who thankfully has a better moral compass and loyalty to his brother in arms and especially in Special Ops.
      What should be looked into is where did Libya’s 18 tons of gold go to?
      Jacoby was given both NORTHCOM and NORAD together as a prize against the objections of all 50 state governors.
      Money? The congressmen, a US Senator, the OMB and the CBO cannot account for the dollars given to the VA under SMC T. 8k a MONTH was supposed to go to TBI service connected vets. Stephens VBA one year approved 22! No one knows what the VA did with the money since 2011 not spent on vets!

  8. Freedom of the press, freedom of speech, right to know-not at the VA!! Mr. Krause’s article exemplifies how the VA controls and hides information Veterans and the public are entitled to know! The very rights every US Veteran who has put on a uniform since 1776 to fight for are withheld by the VA.

  9. the VA cops were out at all entrances checking identification n of all entering he campus.

  10. Why are they holding this at the VA in the first place, This is a criminal matter and the VA is not a judiciary branch. These top managers such as Vicky, have no morals. Like I said before they will call the police on anyone, I was told that the VA in Pueblo Co, Instructed their employees if a Veteran should come in an become disruptive Do noting and call the Pueblo police.

    Remember, an employee just has to say your disruptive, even if your not, that will not stop them from ruining your life, no proof required.

    Where is the Justice Department in this matter, He should be going in front of them ! It would be nice to have eyes and ears in this hearing. This Vicky sounds like she would cover up for this guy and is part of the problem not the solution.

    I had an Employee tell me that my local VA clinic has had two Senators asking questions for the last two weeks, would not tell me who or what was said, stating the VA told him if he wanted he could be transferred to the Denver VAMC to work, He is trying to retire as he has the years and a contract that he would stay in this area and not be transferred.

    This tells me that finely someone is investigating this Click and it sounds like they will close this clinic down ! A better way would have to fire all the All employees who had reports of misconduct and that would be most and hire new people after a back round check.

    If this Guy gets his job back, Veterans will once again be placed in danger, and Vicky will cover it all up !

    Their are rules and then their is the Law and the Justice Department should be holding these hearings or have an Officer of the law outside the room and arrest him, on Murder and let the public judge him and weigh all the evidence, not the VA policing it self.

  11. Give the Vietnam Blue Water Navy Veterans their presumptive rights.

    In 1977, the first claims of Agent Orange exposure came flooding into the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). But it took 14 years for Congress to actually listen, take action and give our Vietnam veterans the benefits they deserved.
    The Agent Orange Act of 1991 was implemented to provide much-needed care to veterans who were exposed to the harmful chemical cocktail Agent Orange. Many of us thought the fight to get the medical attention we deserved was over, but that wasn’t the case. In 2002, the VA amended its initial plan and excluded thousands of “Blue Water” Navy vets — who served right off the coast — from receiving our rightful benefits. Because we hadn’t served on land, the VA tried to say we were unlikely to suffer the effects of Agent Orange poisoning. Even though we didn’t serve on Vietnamese soil, we were still exposed to Agent Orange. In fact, a 2011 study by the National Institute of Medicine found that Blue Water veterans could have been exposed in multiple ways, including via the ships’ water distillation system and through the air. The 2009 IOM update stated “Given the available evidence, the committee recommends that members of the Blue Water Navy should not be excluded from the set of Vietnam-era veterans with presumed herbicide exposure.”
    We are asking for your help in urging Congress to pass legislation (House Bill H 969 and Senate Bill S 681) that will reinstate our right as Vietnam Navy veterans to receive the benefits we deserve for being exposed to this terrible chemical.
    Nearly 90,000 Blue Water vets are depending on you. We are dealing with serious health issues that range from cancer to diabetes, and from Parkinson’s to heart disease. Many of these diseases have made it nearly impossible for some of us to get steady work. While other Veterans get benefits for the same diseases.
    Last year, the VA finally extended benefits to Air Force crew members who flew in C-123s after they had been used in Vietnam to spray the toxic cocktail. The VA came to the realization that even the slightest exposure to this chemical had serious effects on a soldier’s health. So why are the Navy vets’ pleas being ignored? We breathed the Agent Orange-polluted air that drifted from the coast and drank water sprinkled with the herbicide, and now our bodies are paying the price.
    We ask you to stand with us, and with Representative Chris Gibson, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and others to demand that the VA assume responsibility for the effects of Agent Orange on Blue Water vets. Please sign our petition asking Congress to pass House Bill H 969 and Senate Bill S 681 and give us our benefits.

  12. I believe it was yesterday or Saturday Obamy came out and “…discounted…” the “Panama Papers…”! Basically saying the U.S. (Individuals & corporations) ISN’T involved in hiding monies!
    You can lay that lie to rest. Because, yesterday, “NEWSMAX FINANCE” reported the following;

    “U.S., Not Panama, in Top 10 Tax Havens for Evaders”
    by F. McGuire
    Sunday, 10 April 2016

    So far, the “Panama Papers” have mentioned there are four (4) states involved, “Delaware, Nevada, Arizona and Wyoming!”
    Delaware has over 945,000 businesses. Almost “…one (1) for each resident!” They are “…a stone throw away from…” our Capital.
    In actuality, the U.S. is #3 on the list of the top ten (10)!
    With Switzerland and Hong Kong being above the U.S.!

    Now, I, and every American, want to know what McDonald was doing in Vietnam! Was he there setting up some kind of “Shell Company” to hide taxpayer’s monies? Monies taxpayer’s shelled out to VA for our healthcare and compensations!?

    This could be, or should be, concidered “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”!!!!! Punishable by ————–!!!!

    1. The damage is done, making VA employees spies is wrong. Wake up stupid, suppressing freedom of the press just amplifies the problem and makes the whole system look bad……

      1. @Hondo
        All this time I’ve always had your back! I’ve declared you’ve been correct on all that you’ve written!
        Only calling me “stupid” was way out of line!

        If the news medias don’t report what’s happening, how else will we know? The “NEWSMAX FINANCE” Report was taken from a Great Britain News source. Because our news sources here have been “censured”!
        Just like our “unemployment rate, housing market price index, stock market” and more have been “manipulated” to reflect something different!
        These are things which have been reported on by those NOT affiliated with the “Liberal Leftest News Stations!”
        “Believe it or not!” As Ripley once said!
        “This way to the Egress!” Will you go through that door?

      2. Crazy elf,

        Please accept my APOLOGY, I was referring to the ding bat who sent out the email, not to you…….I know you’ve got my 6 and I do appreciate that. Please accept this brothers egg on his face.

      3. @Hondo
        Apology accepted!
        I believe everyone who works for the government in low level jobs, and is privy to egregious acts committed by the government, SHOULD turn “Whistleblower”!
        Can you imagine thousands of employees turning the tables on all the government upper echelon!?
        Wouldn’t that be something to behold!!!

    2. What isn’t mentioned is the state of CA. where many of the mutineer players ARE. They dare to call themselves legislators, judges, lawyers, CEO’s, financier’s & military, law enforcement, unions and of course who protects them. AND WHO are the “protectors. Remember the loan sharks & who they worked for?
      This is an insurance industry scam of monumental proportions that involves not just taxes but other work related benefits that injured or laid off workers never got in both private sector & govt. Benefits that were promised was the easiest to rip off. What a racket Trillions of dollars gone and the DOD ‘LOST” 2-3 trillion prior to 9//?!?
      I believe that those who work the hardest, those who protect our country our vets, have suffered immeasurably & that there are those on the top of the DOD/VA who don’t give a rat’s pattootie about our vets and that goes for no one caring about the civilians who get hurt on the job as well. I see that when someone gets hurt, sick or killed, it is an automatic claim or claims to rob by those on top & stash away to an offshore account & why we cannot any get real accountability & that there are legislators who aid & abet & make money the same way.

  13. I also wanted to say, I, along with my wife and many others, am praying for the families and loved ones of the veterans who have to continue reading and seeing this being continually drug out in the news media. With no resolve in sight.
    For the upper echelon of VA to allow this to continue without putting people like this in prison, IS unconscionable, to say the least!
    How long will those “in charge”, of this corrupt government entity, going to let this continue?
    When will those “in charge” say – Enough already!!!

    Something needs to happen. Which will bring this onto the National Level. Where everyone will see who this person really is! Until the majority of veterans and taxpayers know the truth, nothing will happen!

    1. Ditto, what crazyelf said. Let me add that especially since the Candy Man was found linked to Veteran deaths, addiction, et al, would it not seem more Just for this Dr. to be judged by his very peers in medical community outside of VA *and* the lives and families of Veterans still adversely affected by this Dr.’s God Syndrome? Wy is this only inclusive to Tomah, VAMC Federal Property Grounds and NOT in the State’s High Court?
      Questions without answers, and why the hell is this Candy Man so damn important for the VA to act way more quickly than say, anything a Veteran needs approved or filed for?
      The God Syndrome can happen with anyone but Dr.’s and Pilots are notoriously prey to falling into the thinking that regardless of harm or grave professional error, that essentially they believe they are more important than the negatives. (shit does not stink in we layman talk).
      An example that been going on here in Columbus. At a Children’s Hospital, a younger genius cancer Dr. working exclusively with kids was arrested for A LOT of kiddy porn and all that goes with it. He, like this Dr. Houlihan, appealed to Court stating he was too important to cancer research for children to be in prison and his genius is unmatched elsewhere…slam, no! Prison!
      I see Houlihan has that exact God Syndrome that is actually Psychopathic at it’s extremes and those extremes are taking medicine and ethics in own hands, deaths and addiction result…this ASS WIPE needs to be put away.

      I guess nobody in private sector must have wanted his liability to hire him so back knocking at heaven’s door, the Great Oz, Tomah VAMC.

      Yeah, I am pissed about this. Rant out! (feeling better also, but this Dr. fills me with the urge to projectile defecate like a monkey at the zoo) 🙂

  14. If I remember, Houlihan lost his licenses in Iowa (?) AND in Wisconsin. Does he have one from a state we don’t know about? If not, HOW can he be rehired? What “position” would he be able to garner for himself? ie; janitorial, scheduler, etc.???

    The VAMC Director, “Vicky”, might be able to restrict persons from the ‘Hearing’! I don’t think she can restrict persons from the property “without just cause”! I may be wrong, I believe it can only be done in “secured areas”! Where one would need a form of “security clearance”!?

    (Also, in the “article” from the Daily Caller, it seems Sharon Helman “…is suing to get her job back…” also.)

    I have only one thing to say,
    IF VA can hire a “convicted sex offender”, an “armed robber”, “serial killer”, keep a person who was “wanted by law enforcement”, “beat a 70+ yr. old veteran to death”,
    etc., etc., etc…
    Then Houlihan and Helman fit right in!!!!

    “YES”, Ben, I believe you, the news media and many “anti-Houlihan vets” SHOULD go! There needs to be “Wide Spread News Coverage” of this egregious act…

    Lastly, I believe like you, and many others WILL probably concur, “IF” that degenerate, asswipe, ingrate is rehired. Then we, veterans and taxpayers, will know the complete truth of how corrupt VA Leadership truely is!!!!!!!!

    1. P.S.
      y’all should go read the “comments section” of the “Daily Caller News Foundation” article.

      There’s also some great “related articles” to go to!

  15. So, Tomah VAMC is now using VETERANS as HUMAN SHIELDS to protect them from the revealing truth that the light of day can bring to the VA EMPLOYEES?!!! That’s exactly how I see this. No different than the Taliban using Human Shields to protect their own misdeeds against Humanity…the VA banning ALL Press unless escorted tells me Tomah has MUH MORE TO HIDE. Period.

    I think you should go, Ben, if it’s possible, since it’s geographically rather close to your neck of woods. Please keep us abreast of events with this because I have a sneaking suspicion that the VA is going to all this trouble to ENSURE Candy Man DOES get his job back…can already envision this happening after the VA Fraudster Women got off the hook as well. I hope I am wrong, but this hearing should never been allowed as we Veterans see it. Guilty means guilty. The Candy Man has one HELL of a God Syndrome! BasTURD!

    1. Nice “Bad VA Art” today, Ben! Evokes the memory of a certain serial killer that preferred the ‘clown get-up’, John Wayne ________.

    2. @namnibor
      One of the “commenters” on the article from the Daily Caller, said. He believes Houlihan could be rehired as a “C & P”er.
      Is it true, as claimed, one doesn’t need a license to be one of those asswipes?
      If that’s true, I can see the “VBA having longer wait times” due to veterans reapplying for disabilities!!!!

      1. Why not? Ted Cruz donor and buddy (and Beto O’rouke who sits on the veterans affairs committee buddy) George Turek owns VES. A player in denying veterans benefits by hiring the lowest of doctors to ignore injuries and help with the VA scam re C&P exams.
        In my husband’s case they sent him to a pill mill Dr. Lamb in Terre Haute Indiana. This ancient guy had no file and no computer to use. I had to call Alaska to the vestibular specialist to get the diagnosis and surgery codes for him. Then explain what it was to him.
        Tramadol provided his anatomy poster, a long acting morphine provided his clip boards, a hand written note on the wall said if you haven’t paid for last months script we will not write this months, etc. He answered the VA back saying he couldn’t connect my husband’s equilibrium seizures to his head injuries even though he is 100% SC for TBI because he didn’t have any records from the VA to go on. SOCOM grabbed them but gave a letter under Fast Letter 09-52. I have it up on Twitter at CloseTheVA. Please help share it. So the VBA in Indy and Robert Reynolds said no proof no connection. Falling 1250 feet with a partial chute opening and being beaten by a drug lord on a still highly CLASSIFIED op in Central America gone bad isn’t enough.

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