DisabledVeterans.org Thanksgiving

DisabledVeterans.org Wishes You A Happy Thanksgiving 2016

DisabledVeterans.org Thanksgiving

Hi everyone!

I wanted to send a quick note for the holiday to thank you, my faithful readers, for continuing to get the word out that we veterans are sick of being treated worse than criminals. We’re ready to fight back and this website community is one of the few platforms online pulling veterans together for our bigger mission in fixing VA.

I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your time of rest and family over this holiday. Sometime next week I plan to start with the podcast and some additional new features of the website.

Thank you for making this the leading source of veteran-centric news on the web!


P.S. If you check back tomorrow, you’ll get the heads up on some of what’s being going on here behind the scenes and what will be going on in the next year.

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  1. Well Ben, where do you go from there? Dennis, I can only say that I’ve been there. Umm, good luck Tiffany/Kissy, and Happy Thanksgiving…

    1. Hi Scott,

      How’s it going?

      Probably not so good right now. With Trump kicking you back to central casting, “again”.

      Just try to man up. Must be hard given what happened in New Hampshire after Cosmo came out against you and no doubt someone told the voters about your “CrazyKhazei” scam when you lost your job in Massachusetts. Not to mention Glen Beck hounding you about when you were pimping out your daughters. Clearly the voters in New Hampshire didn’t care for your form of politics.

      Oh, got to say that was some quick thinking heading off to Dubai for a week when the “CrazyKhazei” story broke. Did you actually fly over the poppy fields in Afghanistan? Massive, aren’t they? What do they say over there isn’t “American Tax Dollars at work”?

      In the very short time you were a Senator and serving on the Senate Armed Services, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs committees and speaking about Tax Payers money. That bill you sponsored with, the other short term now out of work failed politician, Kelly Ayotte calling for a ban on contracting with the enemy to stop our Tax Payers dollars from funding our opposition in the middle east. Did you actually not know that the laws covering treason already cover that?

      Well got to run for now but thought I share a few photos of your wife’s after pic from that Diet Infomercial you two were working on while you were vacationing by Little St. James Island. Also, a vid of the wife from her earlier days. Troll some more any time you need more. We can talk about working with Traci Lords or Ron Jeremy. Will not be able to post those Vids though she was only 15 then so they are illegal.

      “The Girl With the Curious Hand by Digney Fignus”
      Love the part when they put the cuffs on her, just got to say.

      “Hubba-hubba Gail Huff getting hearts racing”, by Gayle Fee, Boston Globe, April 27 2016

      “Brown returns from US war zone” by Stephanie Ebbert, Sept 2, 2011

      Got to admit your wife is a good actress it almost looks like you have really been off to war for a very long time. But in fact you were dodging the heat from the CrazyKhazei thing for just over a week.




      If you are still looking for work you might want to try Saipan. It really sounds like a place you and the wife would enjoy. With Mitt putting up bucks for your campaigns maybe you could get him to put in a good word for you over there. After all he put them on the map and is the only U.S. Presidential candidate to ever campaign in Saipan. They love him over there. Some of the bennies of Saipan include being the only American territory where money laundering is legal and a 95% rebate on any federal income taxes. Plus, much more here is a link about some of the other bennies you might find interesting.
      “Shame of Saipan, an Investigation”, Brian Ross, ABC May 24, 1999


      Have a good day Tiffany/kissy/CrazyKhazei

  2. I,live alone and my neighbors took pity and invited me to dinner. So I have time to research.

    I once thought out of cleverness to send Ben an idea that made it mandatory that all leadership positions at VA be US citizens only. The idea is not new. A turkey day gift of information for you;

    38 U.S. Code § 7407 – Administrative provisions for section 7405 and 7406 appointments
    It turns out that all physicians, Chiefs of Staff, Directors, nurses and others employed at VA are required to be US Citizens. However, there is an exception – clearly there must be since Roseburgs COS hails from Kenya, and my RN hails from Phillipines and my PCP also comes from the PI.

    So I dug up what the exception is, copied below;
    Current through Pub. L. 114-38.
    (a) When the Under Secretary for Health determines that it is not possible to recruit qualified citizens for the necessary services, appointments under sections 7405 and 7406 of this title may be made without regard to the citizenship requirements of section 7402(c) of this title or of any other law prohibiting the employment of, or payment of compensation to, a person who is not a citizen of the United States.

    When they determine it is not possible to recruit qualified American citizens….they don’t. They recruit people of other nations who are medically savy and Constitutionally ignorant. So I asked myself, how do they decide there isn’t any qualified citizen doctors??? Online census data says there are about 966,000 practicing medical docs in the US. The census says about 266,000 of those are imigrants.

    hmmmmmmm. Let me noodle on this one….. Of the 700,000 medically licensed and practicing medical doctors with US citizenship in the United States, the undersecretary for health has determined that it is “not possible to recruit” any of them. So they recruit out of the 266,000 folks who get their training often in the same facilities as veternary folks do. Generally on the same animal and just before the fire is hot enough to roast it for supper.

    I have to conclude therefor that the law demanding US citizenship is subject to the BBQ standards of the Under Sec For Health, but is,that fair to the guys from Texas??? They cook a mean Rocky Mountain Oyster feed by BBQ (the one meat that tastes NOTHING LIKE CHICKEN).

    Seriously, how can anyone say that out of 700,000 medical doctors in the Us that not one is as qualified as the Roseburg Dentist from Kenya who has a specialty in sleep study??? For that matter what insanity leads a dentist to study sleep???

    Sanity is also a requirement that can be waived if a sane applicant cannot be recruited? Step One for new POTUS – find me a godamn American doctor, or go on TV and publicly announce that ALL US physicians are incompetant compared to Kenyan dentists.

    Now for pie. I always eat pie before the meal….

  3. Thank’s for all you do for the Veteran and for addressing the issues so the non veteran can focus on our needs. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Ben! God Bless You

    1. in my state it’s about 250 bucks for a card if your a vet or not oh and don’t get caught growing your own, can’t have that

  4. After my honorable Marine Corps service, I enlisted in the Oregon Army Nat. Guard. I am proud of my state and serving under both the US Flag and Oregon’s flag is something nobody in my family had ever done.

    Oregon is proud of veterans. Oregon last year waived all but $20 of the normal $200 fee for ANY vet who suffers PTSD. To hell with VA. We know,how to treat humans like humans.

    Now I am going to brag about my home of Oregon – we just voted over 80% yes to Ammend our Constitution. We put our money where our mouth is. We passed measure 96.

    “Measure dedicates 1.5% of lottery net proceeds to fund services for Oregon veterans. Veterans’ services include assistance with employment, education, housing, physical/mental health care, addiction treatment, reintegration, access to government benefits, and other services for veterans, spouses and dependents.”

    The law goes on to specify not one dime is to go to VA. We are paying our own people to kick VA’s ass and provide the service Oregon veterans have earned. I am proud of my State.

    Maybe it is time to put states in charge of the veterans they clearly care about. I am thankful this day that Oregon does not have to shut up because we put up. Brag? YOU BET!!! American disgrace that this is so necessary? YOU BET!!!

  5. I am thankful to celebrate another Turkey Day in this glorious land of the free and home of the brace, both willing and drafted. Thanks to you we no longer pay tax to the throne, we worship where and when we chose.

    Thanks to you, our country is both a target for the jealous and the promised land to many others. Thanks to you, Western Europe is free, 2X, and the South Pacific is as well.

    Thanks to you South Korea isn’t a hardline Communist country, rather it is a thriving nation full of innovative minds, fulfilling their own dreams.

    Thanks to you, we have a constant reminder of how things can go the other way. However untold tens of thousands now make their homes here, forever grateful to the U.S. service members who came to their homelands to repel the Communists who kept coming down the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and coming and coming. Thanks Dad.

    Thanks to you for liberating Kuwait.

    Thanks to you for stepping up in Afghanistan and Bosnia.

    Thanks to you for OIF/OEF, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Thank you for stepping up, again, for toeing the line, standing in the gap, going back into the breach, for facing the giants one more time.

    Thanks to all of you who stood behind them, keeping the supply chain running, for keeping the air wings flying, the hospitals healing, and the mail delivered. And the admin handled, and motor pool running, and the bellies fed.

    Thank you to all who now give and serve.

    I am so grateful to all of you who have given of yourselves for our country, in both war and peace. Semper Fi and may God bless us all.

  6. Thanks Ben and Happy Thanksgiving to you too and all our fellow comrade in arms.
    Also thanks for all you do Ben. God bless you.
    Jim USAF 1962/63

  7. Hey Ben,

    Back at ya! Also to all veterans who follow this feed Happy Thanksgiving my brothers & Sisters!

    My best to you & yours,

  8. This morning, the wife and I, listened to some favorite old songs on Utube. Like, “16 Tons” by Tennessee Ernie Ford, “Big Iron” and “El Paso”, by Marty Robbins and other great songs of the ’50’s and early ’60’s!
    Then I came across something disturbing. From a Utube video by “Great White7”!
    It’s kinda long, (48:55 minutes). Yet, it explains, in detail with “links”, how the world’s population is being bamboozled by a select few.

    “Revealed: The Men Who Own and Run the U.S. Government”

    (“Part III, Don’t mind the men behind the curtain!”)
    It goes into detail, how the Central Banking System and the Federal Reserve, beginning with our “American Revolution” on, are turning this great nation’s population into a bunch of mindless idiots! Don’t believe it?
    “These men are totally evil, ruthless, greedy and vicious individuals who will stop at nothing to gain control of the world and the enslavement of us all”
    “They are now taking steps to control and shut down the internet because it is the last means for people to come together, and voice their opinions freely!” Unquote!
    ‘How does a government destroy, or conquer, another country? Or destroy, or conquer, their own country?
    By having the people destroy itself from within!
    Do y’all see what’s happening within our country today?
    The last thing these people, and I use that “term” loosely, want is for a country to have a “Free Thinking Populace”! Say a lie enough times, people will then believe the lie!
    For example; Our “RADICAL left leaning progressive news medias” have been spewing ‘bald faced lies over and over for decades. All we do is believe the the ‘Hypocracy’. We don’t research what’s being told to us.
    “Seymore Klearly” and “Mr. Ben Krause, have researched many articles. They’ve shown us, and given us the opportunity to understand what’s been going on “behind the curtain”!
    Some on here have praised him and Ben for being forthright on many issues plaguing veterans, taxpayers and anyone else who will listen.
    It’s time we open our eyes to the degradation of America, and who’s behind the curtain!
    Peace be with y’all on this Thanksgiving Day!

  9. Good one Dennis!

    Thanks Ben, and the best to you, yours, the readers, posters, the fighters, in this holiday season.

  10. As an honored guest on the VA mental ward during the holidays it occurs to me now that perhaps the loneliness place in the world is in a wheelchair staring out onto a VA campus through an iron grate too small to put my fingers through.

    The ward gets real quiet during the holidays. The orderlies are not so quick with the witty jokes and even the most disturbed vets I have met become quieter. Most forget on this particular day what thankfulness even is in that place. It is just a word and nothing more. It is a craft session at 10 AM making turkeys put of paper wih some bouncy intern songing tunes from Mary Poppins.

    The VA mental ward is a septic and sanitary box made of concrete, barred windows, sand filled beds that cannot be thrown, and one more thing…
    The ward is filled with some of Americas greatest heros who have been covered in blood, mud, and sweat, and sand in defence of America and have secured for us the freedom to enjoy Thanksgiving Day. The ward is filled with the memories of the dead and the screams of the dying still echo inside the minds pf these men and just will not stop. Others see places that do not exist anymore yet never go away for them.

    At a about 3 PM today, the medicine window will slide open and a basket of peanut butter filled cheese cracker packages will appear. Take one only please. I like those things but of all the days to lose my hunger, I just couldn’t stomach much food in there on Thansgiving. I remember seeing the orderlies watching the clock, eager to get to their own families and the feast that awaited them and the warmth of something so many vets do not have; home.

    Sometimes its hard to see outside in there. Its hard to see through the iron grate when you are crying.

    And ALWAYS with every single vet on that ward irregardless of their mental state they each sat up a little more erect when the single phone at the end of the hall would ring. Hope doesnt die completely inside there and the hope that somehow, somewhere in the world another human being from outside was calling inside that dismal place to speak to you and tell you that you are loved and missed and that your own home awaits you is probably perhaps just a normal part of the delusional state we suffer.

    There is only one phone for vets and a three minute limit for the heroes who sacrificed EVERYTHING for their nation. One phone and an extra packet of crackers on Thanksgiving. At about five PM today they will serve a hot meal to our brothers with plastic spoons and dixie cups – no knives or forks allowed.

    And the heroes of our nation will toast each other with VA Koolaid. I always gave my pudding to somebody else that day. My daily treasure didn’t seem worth all that much on Thanksgiving somehow and most guys love VA pudding. One smile, no eye contact, and a grunt means “thank you” from the warriors I had the honor and priveledge to sit with on Thanksgiving Day. One man told me that day about deciding to stay on a boat decades ago for Thansgiving in a war mostly forgotten now. The rest of the crew attended services on shore and were massacred in front of him in ambush while he watched from the boat. He still watches from that boat, and he eats his pudding.

    Today I am going to the market and buy some cheese crackers and pudding. After my feast is over, I am going to call the ward and ask them to relay a message to my brothers –

    “I give a shit about you, and I will never forget any of you. Have a Happy Thansgiving.” I will ask them to relay this message from The People. It is the best I can do – I can let them know that I do not forget either. I can let them know that this Marine cares about them – this Marine has not forgotten them.

    Its all I can do. I want to save the world but I can’t.

    Happy Thanksgiving, and to every single vet, thank you.

    1. Amen to that! Sometimes that ‘mental ward’ is one that is of self-isolation, at home. Sometimes even family is not all that inclusive or understanding of PTSD. Even while alone today, I give thanks for Ben’s efforts to shine that bright disinfecting daylight and make the VA a better place for all.
      Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are.

      On a side note: Instead of the customary Presidential Turkey Pardon this year, it’s thought that Obama instead pardoned a family of turkeys called the Clintons and let out a few 1000 minor criminals from turkey pen.

      1. @namnibor,
        And let’s not forget all those “Anti-Trumper’s” he just gave out “Medal of Freedom” medals to!

  11. Wow! Someone’s having a bad day.
    Instead of remembering what today signifies, he went on a rant toward a person who gives us a place to vent our grievances!
    OK, whatever.

    On that note,
    “Happy Gobble, Gobble Day” to all you reprobates!

  12. Richard,

    There is absolutely no way that you can see into a mans heart like Ben’s unless you first find out if he hides oysters in the stuffing. If he does that, or renames “guts” into “giblets” and then puts even those into gravy, then I have to say that you may indeed have good reason to despise and loath him!

    Just keep a sharp eye out for fruitcake in the mail….it is an old lawyers trick to kill people, and WORSE – it makes others want to kill people.

    I like to give Ben the benefit of the doubt but now that you have alerted me to Ben I zoomed in closely on his beard. I did see clear evidence of some Chex mix crumbs there but no giblet chunks yet. But damnit, ANYONE with a smile like his has clearly hidden oysters in something at Thanksgiving! Keep checking the beard brother Rich, and thanks for the heads up!

    Let your truth out like the breaking of the wind!

  13. @ lewis, why are you being rude? Receiving benefits does not take away from someone else. I am happy to hear someone getting benefits that they earned then someone receiving nothing in return for their service. If you are having an issue with benefits ask and maybe someone can help give you information here. People are willing to help usually if they are asked. I hope the best for you.

  14. You now are a turncoat.
    All you do is talk.
    Now you have your fancy lawyer job at the expense of others who have not received anything.

    1. Hey Richard wish you luck on this Thanksgiving day.

      Also wanted to point you to one of Ben’s prior articles I believe you have been looking for.

      “New Website, My VA Story, Collects Anonymous VA Horror Stories”, By Benjamin Krause, JD –
      September 12, 2016


      or you can go directly to their website at: “https://myvastory.org/”

    2. @Richard W. Lewis II– Hey Richard, why are you being such a big DICK on Thanksgiving? Would that be “sour grapes” or as with your namesake, would that be a “sour dick”? Either case, I would rush to your nearest VAMC to get that nasty drip fixed, it’s embarrASSing making an ASS before you and me when you ASSume to know what’s in Ben’s heart.

      Happy Thanksgiving Day to all, even to the Dicks amongst us!!! 🙂

      1. Come on, “Nam!” That is infantile to make fun of a person’s name! Pretty sure you know better than THAT! Going after the person instead of his premise or argument is caled an ad hominem (which means at the man) argument. I hope you are better than that!

    3. Richard,

      Your probably mad that you didn’t have the balls to join the military and you lounge around your house on Thanksgiving wearing a military uniform watching football. Bahaha

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