Houlihan License Summary Suspension Lifted

Houlihan License

Benjamin KrauseA judge in Wisconsin just lifted the Dr. David Houlihan license summary suspension until the state completes its investigation into his prescriptive practices.

The suspension being lifted comes at an opportune time. Dr. Houlihan’s termination from the Department of Veterans Affairs is under review this week with a disciplinary review board at Tomah VA.

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Dr. Houlihan is the former chief of staff of the Tomah VA who was fired in 2015 following an investigation into opioids and the death of one veteran.

The law judge said Dr. Houlihan’s suspension should be lifted last Friday when she found the state failed to meet its “burden of establishing by a preponderance of the evidence that the summary suspension” should continue. The agency involved is the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS).

READ: Houlihan ALJ Decision

The decision means Dr. Houlihan can practice medicine despite his prescriptive practices being linked to the death of at least one 35-year-old patient. The law judge concluded the case as presented did not meet the standards for a suspension pending the final outcome of the review.


According to the law judge:

“This decision does not determine whether Respondent engaged in unprofessional conduct or negligence or whether his license will ultimately be subject to disciplinary action. It certainly does not make any judgment with respect to whether Respondent is a good doctor or psychiatrist. Rather, it only concludes that the Division has not met its burden of establishing that the emergency suspension of Respondent’s license should continue while the case on the merits of the Division’s allegations is pending,” wrote Nashold. “That determination will be resolved in a separate proceeding which is currently pending before this tribunal. In that other proceeding, Respondent will be afforded fuller due process protections, including the right to discovery, which is not available in this proceeding, and the right to a hearing on the merits of the case.”

Senator Tammy Baldwin was shocked and disappointed by the decision, “I believe he has no business treating our nation’s veterans or any citizen in Wisconsin.”

Source: https://www.wvva.com/story/31695357/2016/04/11/fired-tomah-va-chief-of-staff-has-wi-medical-license-restored

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  1. TO 911 VETERAN…my bad. I am sorry for my comment about you personally.My pain got the best of me and I lost it. I have been on meds most of my adult life and can’t exist without them. Many are in the same boat as me. Am just sick and tired of the DEA messing with our doctors and patients. Oxycodones work for me and I thank God for that. If it’s not broke,don’t try to fix it.

    1. I too am sorry for my comments, and I fully understand what veterans are going through in getting cut off cold turkey from medicine that means the difference between quality of life and being bed ridden, but ignoring and reinstating VA Doctors like Houlihan is not the answer.
      I was willing to give Houlihan the benefit of the doubt until I read many articles on what he was doing, including what looks like trying to conduct his own research.
      Treating pain is one thing, but prescribing the types and amounts of medicine as he did without regard to drug toxicity is far too common in the VA, and veterans are permanently harmed by that flippant mentality. In the case of Houlihan and others, veterans are killed because they arrogantly believe they know better, and look at veterans as disposable lab rats. I really see little difference between doctors like him and Joseph Mengele conducting human medical experiments, it’s just Mengele was more open about what he was doing.

      In many respects, what is happening to Houlihan, the VA considering reinstating him and VA Doctors cutting off pain medicine regardless of medical need truly exposes just how many supposedly medical professionals within the VA have zero ethics or humanity.

      I wish things were different, but wishing doesn’t gain us much.

      Good luck to you Dennis.

  2. 91 veteran: you were never,ever in constant,chronic pain so whatever you post has no meaning whatsoever. How does it feel to be meaningless?

    1. You should work for the VA Dennis. Being able to diagnose medical conditions through comments made on the internet would be just as accurate as the medicine most of them practice.

      Your diagnosis is very similar to the VA saying, “well, you don’t look disabled”.

  3. Since Bill Clinton started this crap about americans taking too many medications,we veterans are all suffering. Dr.Houilihan helped us vets with our pain issues. You people have been brainwashed obout him and his practice for some time now. Maybe you all think it’s better for us all to kill ourselves because of our horrible pain. SCREW you mothers and Coke-head Clinton and his cunt wife Hillary. 265th rrco Vietnam……we know things.

    1. So a few veterans dying from Houlihans toxic drug cocktails are a price you are willing to pay?

      I would rather play Russian Roulette with 3 bullets than be treated by a quack like him. It would be safer.

    2. Dennis, I have suspected for some time that Bill Clinton has had something to do with the effort to eliminate opioids for pain. I heard him interviewed on CNN a few years ago and he spoke of a young friend of his who died from an overdose. He was a successful young man according to Bill. As I recall he overdosed on alcohol and opioids, so why wasn’t the alcohol blamed? If he was trying to get high on the weekend by combining drugs and alcohol and he was an educated person, he knew what he was doing and the chance he was taking. Good thing my husband isn’t alive anymore……can’t say what he would be tempted to do. He predicted that Hillary would try to be president way back when Bill was in office. I thought he was being a little crazy, but now I see he was right.

  4. Y’all have got to google and read what my wife sent me.

    “The weirdest possible outcome for the strangest election in U. S. History”
    posted April 12, 2016
    by Brandon Smith
    from: “Personal Liberty”
    founded by; Bob Livingston!

    The sad part about this is it’s right on target – “figuratively & literally!”

    1. Hey Crazy Elf,

      Have you had a chance to read the article in Veterans Today about the Panama Papers?

      If not you might want to it is an interesting article.

      “The Very Nasty Truth About the Panama Papers”

      By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on April 4, 2016


      1. @Seymore Klearly
        Great article.
        Here’s a newer one from:
        “Newsmax Finance”, which was gained through a Great Britain News source!

        “U.S., Not Panama, in Top 10 Tax Havens for Evaders”
        by F. McGuire
        Sunday, 10 April 2016

        There’s two “related articles” to go with it.

        The U.S. is #3 on the list. Right below Switzerland and Hong Kong, being #1 & #2 respectfully.

        Also mentioned was four of our states. Delaware, Nevada, Arizona and Wyoming. Delaware has “945,000 businesses”!
        (Yes, I typed that correctly – 945,000!)
        Which equates to almost “…one [business] for each person…” residing in Delaware! How’s that even possible?
        If you’ll notice, the article states It’s a “…stone throw away from Washington DC!”
        Which, more likely than not, confirms what your article mentions about corporate & political figures being involved.

        It’s slowly coming out. There’s definitely going to be “heads rolling”. When the people of the world finally wake the fuck up!!!!

  5. Here’s something that’s been bugging me!

    Mr. Trump has been attacked by the main stream media’s for not giving out more of the $6 million he raised for the veterans. I think he said something about “…looking into 22 different organizations…”!

    I’ve also read he’s given out a little over $2 million. I’ve read where “…[he’s] given out $100 and up to $100,000…” to who knows who!?

    Question; With what we know about the many VSOrgs, do y’all believe any of them should receive any of it?

    There’s still infighting within the “Wounded Warriors” hierarchy!!!!
    Most, if not all, of those, which are rated by “Charity Watch”, have a “C” (rating) or below! DAV has consistently recieved a “D-” rating for years! I haven’t seen any VSOorg having an “A” or even a “B” rating in years!
    As a businessman, I believe Mr. Trump is being cautious!

    I think he’s been giving this money to veterans who attend his rallies! I also believe that it would be better if he did that. Instead of giving it to any of the VSO’s!

    What are your thoughts?

  6. I just received an email. Where 4,000 people did that “sit in” in Washington DC.,
    and 400 were arrested.
    I doubt it will be on Main Stream Media.

    Here’s the interesting part. Seems these “Soros backed groups”, were chanting things like, (paraphrasing now), get money out of politics, get the Koch Brothers money out of politics, etc., etc., etc!

    Isn’t it interesting that these groups want the Koch Brothers out, yet their backed by another multibillionaire, (“Jewish Nazi Collaborator”), George Soros!?

    Now, one would wonder just what are these groups thinking, er- drinking?

    1. Nowadays I view each Party equally culpable for the mess we find ourselves in as a Nation. Both driven by greed called by another name and always at the expense of those that paid the actual price for that freedom to steal and deceive.

      The BBC covers the USA’s news better than any of our MSM here.

      1. @namnibor
        Yes, I agree.
        The BBC is STILL covering, and investigating, the “Panama Papers!”
        There will be lots more coming out on that, trust me!!!

  7. Shocked? Not at all. The question is, will the VA allow him to treat patients while this whole mess is under review? I would not be shocked at that either.
    What does surprise me is VA management seems awfully quiet on this mess…like they are allowing Vicki to handle the thuggery if needed.

    On another subject, veterans should be aware there appears to be a quiet push by the Legion, and likely other VSOs to defend the VA.

    I just got a flyer about a local “Veterans Town Hall” meeting at a nearby Legion hall on April 26. The flyer is under the Legion logo, with a “System worth saving” right underneath it.

    Below that it says, “What do you think about your VA care?” then, “Let your voice be heard and help improve the quality of care You receive. Share your story about the Grand Junction VA Medical Center.”

    At the bottom it says you can learn more at www dot legion dot org / systemworthsaving.

    Going to that web page shows all the Legion is doing in supposedly helping veterans.

    I will likely go to this town hall, say what I think about our pathetic VA, then ask for a show of hands of how many Legion officials use our own VA.

    1. @91Veteran
      I can’t remember where I read this.
      It was about all the upper echelon of DAV. Seems everyone from “(Paid) Veteran Service Officers” on up, “…receive outside VA, or private sector, medical healthcare!”
      I believe it was in a “comments section” of an article I recently read.
      I don’t know if it’s true. Only, if it is, I will guarantee ALL VSOrg’s are the same!!!!!

    2. Should you attend the Town Hall Meeting at the Legion’s facility, and you say what you think about our beloved VA, A System worth saving mind you, I have a feeling they will cut you real short and invite you to speak with a Legion counselor after the meeting to try to “help you” with “your difficulties” that “you personally” are having so everyone in the room can see how “at tentative” they are to you and impress everyone with their “action”. I think you have the right idea of asking how many Legion officials use the VA – – ask them how long they themselves would “put up with the waits, not choosing the doctor or surgeon yourself if you are having a procedure (or having a resident perform it), and any other question pertaining to that line of thought. Be careful not to attack them or accuse them directly or they might show you the way out the door. I would like to hear about what you heard at this town meeting. I can tell you that these DAV people I meet at my clinic/hospital do not use VAHC that much for their own selves. A system worth saving. Hand across the water. Heads across the sky.

      1. I appreciate your advice, but I’m beyond having someone speak condescending to me, particularly regarding the VA. If they suggest I need to see one of their people to “help” me, I will let them know what I think of the Legion abandoning Gulf War veterans in the mid to late 90s. They had one National Commander that took the issue seriously and was mad as hell about how the VA was ignoring us. After his term was up, so was any concern for Gulf War veterans.
        As for showing me the door, they did that back then…along with many others.

      2. Sounds fair to me. They really do SUCK. A while back, a health professional at a VA hospital recommended I speak to a Legionnaire who used office space at the hospital and was supposed to be there, in the office on certain days and at certain times (as one of their volunteers). The health professional thought this lazy bastard could help me with a problem I was having with the VA then. The jerk was never there at his office every time I was at the hospital – no note on the door – no anything. Just locked up all the time when he was supposed to be there at the few hours per week his office was supposed to be open for veterans. I called his number, left messages – – no return calls to me. That was the end of that. Donation Please?

    3. DAV and i think Legion All are getting Some parts of their Funding from the Federal Gov its started a few years back until today thats why you want find or get these Tired Azz go along to get along VSOs telling you to not rock the boat when its your Azz who will pay the price of the VA Bulllllshit….

  8. Our veterans lives are at risk from incompetance for one simple reason; it is impossible to hold a VHA employee responsible for wrongdoing under the laws of our land. Read the recruitment website for VA; a listed benefit is protection from consequences of wrongdoing. Go see for yourself. Nothing can break this – not even veterans on fire.

    1. Dennis, I have been trying to push that point myself. I’ve tried to file complaints agains two doctors and one nurse and all are licensed out of state and untouchable.

      There needs to be a mechanism so that veterans can complain, or a change to the VA’s blanket licensing policy. If these ‘practitioners of pain’ are able to be held accountable, they’ll float like turds and get that premium retirement while not having to pay for an office or insurance like real doctors.

      Oh, but don’t complain about anything, you’ll get flagged. Spoke to a friend from Tahoe, and she was relating to me how a friend of hers was in the VA hospital and because she was asking question she got a visit from VA security.

      ALWAYS take a witness, and record…check state laws. Arizona is a one party notification, as are many states.

    1. I’m trying to see the bright side of this. His license was suspended before all investigations were complete. Whatever. A technicality. Once all investigations ARE complete, we can hope the State has a much more thorough, iron clad case in favor of revoking his license than any VA investigation would have.
      Much of this seems to be occuring outside the VA, so one can hope we won’t end up with such a sloppy case that any adverse action against his license will be permanently overturned.

      I am hoping those outside the VA do a MUCH better job than the VA did with Rubens, Graves, Helman and others.

      Harming or killing veterans is not a technicality, and it needs to be guaranteed he does not get off with a slap on the wrist.

  9. A few questions: Why does the State have to do their own investigation when with all the whistleblower and media and tangible proof the VA OIG and others collectively made the investigative case Candy Man was unethical and criminal…is that moot to the State or is the VA withholding that data?
    Is this not like the recent VA Boomerang Folly with the two ‘women’ fraudsters with travel pay and manipulation, and also Sharon Helman, and this Candy Man is coming back full velocity to rehire like all the other forms of McDonald and Gibson’s “New definition of accountability?
    The VA is now going to use the freshly polished turd Candy Man’s medical license reinstatement as if the death of one Vet and a plethora of addicted Vets that were cut-off cold turkey to their legitimate use for pain, but exploited by asswipe Candy Man, that then went to street drugs because they were hooked by the now reinstated Dr. Fester?
    Yeah, I am livid. I realize more will be forthcoming but it pisses me off to no end the VA can act so quickly with their own crook employees, but meanwhile there’s many thousands of homeless Vets and 22 Vets committing suicide every day, yet the VA spends our resources on defending their ilk.

  10. Question;
    How much of VA’s allocated monies & taxpayer’s monies was used to “pay-off” individuals to do this??

    Next, we’ll be reading about how Sharon Helman is “rehired”!

    I agree 110% namnibor!

  11. Well, it’s official. I have absolutely no faith in the direction American Psych Care is going when this bastard can be reinstated by the State, which I am fully expecting the VA and Tomah to also reinstate this ass wipe as well. I also have lost all faith in any aspect of the VA to do the right thing FOR Veterans!
    It’s quite evident that this is an orchestrated strata of sequences in order to get this mad man working at the VA again. That means to me that the VA is absolutely not a safe place for ANY Veteran and the VA is there for it’s employees, period.
    How can I or we have an agency’s back when they do shit like this?

  12. Anyone wishing to view the evidence used to suspend Houlihan’s license can find it at:


    About 15 pages in to the minutes you will find the minutes regarding Houlihan and the evidence that was submitted. It is very clear this man should not have a license.

    1. The Administrative Law Judge who reinstated Dr. Houlihan’s medical license is named Cheryl Furstace Daniels.

      According to Cheryl Furstace Daniels Linkedin account she was an Administrative Law Judge for the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection between October 1988 until March 2009 for a total of 20 years 6 months. From 2009 until present she has been Assistant Legal Counsel at the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

      If she lost her position as an Administrative Law Judge in 2009 and has only been working as an Assistant Legal Counsel how can she reinstate Dr. Houlihan’s license when she is no longer an Administrative Law Judge?

      There is truly something very rotten and most likely illegal going on to assist Dr. Houlihan in the state of Wisconsin.

      1. I agree! I also wonder if in “VA-Speak” this was actually more of a VA Administrative Mediation BY the VA (closed to Public and Reporters), and not so much “Under Auspices of The Law”?
        Something sure does smell rotten.

        Meanwhile, Dr. Candy Man has had a ripple effect in the civilian/private Psych Care area in that no matter if you had been on a plethora of different meds for say PTSD, and what always worked best was Alprazolam, my State is cutting everyone off said meds because of *certain* Dr.’s unethical over prescribing and pill mills.

        This directly started affecting me last month, but at least the private health care arena believes in properly titrating off said meds and I am officially done with American Pharma Psych Care. Looking very much like a future move to Colorado.

        What’s good for the patient and the patient as an individual no longer matters. We are all cattle and it’s driven by the VA and Big Pharma, which many major Hospitals and Universities train according to the VA way now, and then I have seen now for years these people immediately jump to the VA Ship to work, leaving patients with inconsistent care.
        The Candy Man had a huge impact and not sure if people totally get why the VA’s knee-jerk reaction was/is to cold turkey discontinue said meds….but yet, Dr. Houlihan is not guilty? WTF and Rant Out!

      2. Not defending her or this mess, but she may have retired from the State to lock in her retirement benefits knowing full well she could collect them, while going right back to work for the State.

        Walker was running for Governor in 2006, and finally elected in 2010. He had cleaned up a lot of retirement theft as county executive in Milwaukee prior to becoming governor, and I recall there were a LOT of state employees scrambling then to get out with their bennies intact.

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