Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center

Veterans Affairs Will Not Build Anticipated Mental Health Building

The Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center, located in Spokane, Washington, will not build its anticipated $15 million mental health building in 2019.

The Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center was in the news because that location is the “pilot site” for the agency’s electronic health record modernization project in connection with VISN 20. KREM now reports a total of 38 projects are now slated to start in 2019 with a value of $52.9 million, but the mental health center is not part of the list.

“After further examination and project prioritization, the final list of approved projects was reduced to ensure successful execution of all remaining construction projects,” Dr. Robert J. Fischer, Medical Center Director, said. “Unfortunately our Mental Health Building required removal from the list. I remain confident that we will submit a compelling argument to support this endeavor in a future Strategic Capital Investment Process (SCIP) cycle.”

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This list of projects includes:

  • $19.9 million new Boiler Plant to begin construction in 2019 with expected completion in 2020.
  • $15.4 million new Primary Care Clinic Building to support the expanding health care needs of Veterans.
  • $2.7 million dollar newly completed Sterile Processing Suite Expansion, which allows for increased capacity and enhanced work flow, was completed this year.
  • $5.5 million new Operating Room/Surgical Suite on second floor of the main hospital.

This decision came on the heels of reports that VA is withholding spending of advertising funds to increase awareness of VA suicide prevention resources.

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  1. “TLC”
    There you go again. Using “common sense” and “history” in what veterans and taxpayers have been complaining about since the inception of the VA, no matter what name it was given!
    The VA is not going to listen to you or anyone else. That’s because it’s too damn corrupt!

  2. There are good reasons why everyone is suspicious of the Va’s mismanagement of funds for veterans health. The good ole boy system has been in place for centuries. Mostly Ivy leaguers’ and sycophants running the show. What do we expect? However I have seen corruption in all spectra of life: socioeconomic, race, gender and religion. This behavior is more of an individual fault. Let’s say, perhaps, narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths and the unfortunate that are caught or choose to be in their self-serving webs of destruction.

    With that being said, we have a newly built beautiful Mental Health building here in LV. However it’s not the building but the people. Here you have the same issues with mental health providers being apathetic, complacent and condescending that you have in other VA facilities that are not newly built facilities. I personally had a psychiatrist tell me that she has too many patients and does not care to have any more. She stated that she gets paid the same with or without another patient. Now I empathize with her having her caseload being too high. This is the problem with VA’s staffing and money management. However her disdain and lack of concern for the veteran, I found appalling.

    I vote, take that money for the building and delegate it to a program that allows the veterans to go outside the VA for their healthcare. I think you will receive better treatment outside the VA where a medical provider’s relies on the veteran’s financial input, the veteran is able to find a therapist or doctor with the right rapport and expertise and is valued not demeaned and degraded. That’s the only tried and true way to heal from past trauma. Instead with the current system, we victimize the victim! What a cowardly act by supposedly competent, ethical and caring healthcare providers who know better, HAH.

    In closing I want to choose whether or not to seek my healthcare from the VA or a Non-VA provider. ANNNND I don’t want to have to be “approved” by the VA to do so because they screw with the veteran in this way also as with the VA Choice program. I have experienced where I have been denied the ability to go outside the VA for medical care (Dental and Mental Health) even though I met all the Veteran’s choice criteria (30 day wait period – I’ve waited over 6 months to no avail). And forget about the Patient Advocates; they are worthless and are not successful advocates.


  3. Medical center directors are involved with the scip process. Usually they meet with visn leadership to advocate for construction projects for their facilities. This director’s statement is either poorly worded or he has misplaced priorities. Directors’ performance are evaluated on their facilities’ ability to get “x” of construction projects submitted and awarded in a timely manner. Just guessing, that facility couldn’t get a new mental health center project submitted to meet their performance evaluation standards. So instead of taking a black mark on his evaluation, he issued a smoke and mirror statement that appears to highlight a clear example where performance standards aren’t aligned with meeting veterans’ needs. 22 veteran suicides each day. Mr. Director, please do the right thing.

  4. Good health for me is indirectly proportional to my contact with VAMC’s. I honestly believe I will live longer if I stay away from them. The governments of this country are so screwed up veterans are almost totally ignored. If some deep pocket swamp creature wasn’t making a lot off money of these deals there wouldn’t be any. We the People need to do something…

  5. Obviously the priorities of what they put out to the public in PR and what is done in real life situations are at opposite sides of the spectrum. With this being said- ” I remain confident that we will submit a ‘compelling argument’ (22 Vets a day killing themselves you mean?) to support this endeavor in a future Strategic Capital Investment Process (SCIP) cycle.” (Wonder how long that comes around?) I really think the people that make these decisions are completely clueless or just purely don’t care to keep their motto ‘Delay, deny, till they die’ going in their inside circles. I’ll bet that there is major upper management office renovations buried in this construction project somewhere that was more important too…

    1. “r”
      These reprobates who are tasked with improvements at VA are actually very adept at ripping off the taxpayers.
      Look at how long the VA, VHA has gotten away with murdering veterans – and not one asshole has been prosecuted. Nor has anyone ever had to reimburse the Taxpayers for their criminal acts.
      It just keeps floating along like a turd in the crapper! Never being flushed, just floating along!

      That’s why I say:

  6. Over $52 million taxpayers monies to build it.
    Betcha, before it starts,
    1.) it will be over budget by more than $2 billion taxpayers monies! Because they forgot to add in the parking lot on the diagram. Or, putting a “brail lighted sign” for the blind! Or, how about not finding qualified personnel to run the place! Just like they did at the Aurora CO and all the other VHA’s.
    After it’s started:
    2.) The completion date will be moved forward to around 2030! Or, will never truly be completed!

    That seems to be the VA way!

  7. Hmmmmmm!!!!

    Mental health building or electronic health modernization project…

    Vocational Rehabilitation, health and disability or VA employee bonuses….

    Surely, I am preaching to the choir, but how can anybody who works for the VA in any capacity, whether employee or contractor, not be killing themselves off because of guilt? Instead of the veterans killing themselves, we should be reading about VA employees offing themselves…

    Why do VA employees get bonuses?

    I want an answer, not assumptions, not thought and theory, I want thee answer that explains their bonuses and then somebody explain to me WHY THE AMERICAN SOLDIER GETS NO BONUS for being a veteran..
    The VA is NOT a business nor does it have any competition. Bonuses are not a part of the VA budget, but come at the demise of the veteran and their family by virtue of denial of benefits. In other words, their is a monetary quota designed to filter money, launder money to the bonus coffers that should have gone to benefit the veteran.

    I have more respect for my enemy, that is islam and ISIS, than I do for ANY employee or politician associated with the VA. My enemy digs in for a cause, however pathetic, fights for their “prophet” however filthy, and lays claim to something they “fought” for however humanely deviant. The VA does not stand on a battlefield, they stand on the sidelines awaiting the veteran’s return from a field of honor and distinction only to use that veteran as a resource for self prosperity and gain. The VA does not stand and fight but stab you in the back, then spit in your face. The VA hones its skills, not from a bible or leader, but through greed, lies and distortion, threats, harassment, and alienation.
    When all is said and at the end of the day, ISIS and the VA work hand in hand, remaining my enemy, but here at home lies the fact:

    “the American Soldier is America’s enemy according to the VA society. We are a burden on America according to the VA society. The VA society dictates VA law. In a Real and True AMERICA, the VA is to be dictated by the veteran. Politicians of both parties ignore the veteran and therefore, align with the moral and ethical demise of the veteran by supporting decisions that acommodate the VA (MODERNIZATION PROJECT) and deny veterans due process and healthcare (MENTAL HEALTH BUILDING)…..

    1. It is a Theory and the Theory is if you give employee’s a Bonus for excellent work, they will stay with the VA. That was the Goal ! VA has become very greedy and now Employee’s expect to receive one each year and Management uses this to control their employees. If you want a Bonus, do as I say always and I will Reward you.

      As you may know the Inspector has found that the VA is paying employee’s Bonus money for their speed in getting claims done. Not for (Accuracy) ! More or less its a Bribe. A Scam. The VA states they MUST do this to retain high quality employee’s.

      It has become a farce. The VA was Ordered not to pay Bonus monies, they did not listen as usual. When Secretary Shulkin was the Secretary, He stated out loud ! The VA is Very Adversarial towards Veterans. The VA is an Insurance Company. ? is who are the Stake Holders ?. I.e.: People !

      This is why so many Veterans claims are up to 400 thousand. The VA has determined if they keep denying veterans claims. 90% will never reapply ! The American people and its veterans are paying with their lives, just so some Supervisor can control their employee’s. Criminal Activity. If you are interested in the truth, go to YouTube and look up Veterans Committees on Veterans Affairs, House, Senate GOA, Inspector Generals Reports.

      Double Talk ! Evasive ! Plead the 5th, Have to get back with you or straight out lies.

  8. Wait a minute why cancel th Mental Health Building being built if you’re concentrating on suicide prevention? I thought that vets with PTSD needed that counseling to be able to cope with the disease. That doesn’t make good sense that the vets from our area would have to be sent to Seattle for Inpatient Mental Health treatment when Spokane is closer. Another case where Rural Veterans are left out in the cold. My lte husband is the victim of an overworked health care system and lack of specialists at our hospital.

  9. Veterans who read this can you please tell us how Benjamin Krause get his information to put this on website

  10. The “compelling argument” the doctor director forgot is 22 veteran suicides everyday. What other justification is needed?

    1. Not having a VA mental health “building” isn’t the problem regarding vet suicides. The VA employs numerous MH outlets, to include counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Medication is well regulated with frequent follow-up. Additionally they provide groups and classes to vets seeking the ability to learn about and adjust to their limitations.

      1. Is that why the VA keeps telling Congress they need more mental health workers. Is that why when a veterans calls a medical center or clinic, the first thing they hear is if you feel suicidal call 1-800 and speak to someone else, instead of taking the call and helping the veterans in crisis.

        Is that why the Denver VAMC (NEW) building did not include a PTSD inpatient ward. Veterans are being housed in the Old building all by their lonesome. The place has been described as a scary, Dreary, If you put lipstick on a pig, its still a pig.

        Trying to justify the Unjustifiable. Do you care for MHC, if so what title do you hold ?. Nursing Assistant LPN, Nurse. What VA do you work for, what Grade were you given in the rankings. You know we can find out what rating the facility received.

        Tell the Truth.

  11. looks like who ever was in charge of the project could not find a relative to be the project manager and scam most of the project cash. I bet there is a criminal reason for the stoppage

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