AFGE Union President Cox Complains To Senate About Accountability

Jeffrey David Cox Union President

Jeffrey David Cox Union President

Head of the largest federal union complained today about accountability legislation he claims would weaken veterans’ healthcare and reduce workers protection.

David Cox, head of the American Federation Of Government Employees (AFGE) pulled a chicken little, the sky is falling, complaint today against widely supported legislation sponsored by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

In statements to the Senate, he somehow tied a connection with healthcare that rings hollow to my ears – – saying that the legislation would not only reduce rights of federal employees while also harming veterans healthcare.

Just how does he draw the connection between greater accountability and worsening healthcare quality for veterans?

Your guess is as good as mine, and if you think like most veterans, you likely agree that VA still has a ways to go before being the top notch healthcare provider in the country that veterans deserve.

AFGE Union J. David Cox Speaks

“Rather than addressing the critical need to fill thousands of urgently needed positions at VA in order to better serve veterans, this cynical, ideologically driven bill seeks to fire more VA personnel,” J. David Cox, AFGE’s president, said Wednesday. “Talk about misplaced priorities.”

No logical, sane American who has watched the news over the past three years, with repeat stories of veterans being harmed or killed due to VA employee fraud, waste, and abuse, can come away thinking VA was adequately holding its leadership and employees accountable.

Both Democrats and Republicans support greater accountability for VA employees and the federal government as a whole. So, how is a bill with bipartisan support “ideologically driven” at this point?

It sure looks like the only party left clinging to ideology is Cox and his AFGE union – – support employees at all costs at the expense of veterans and American taxpayers.

“The VA can and should terminate people whose conduct or performance justifies termination,” Cox said. “But it is absolutely not necessary to destroy the foundation of the civil service in order to allow them to do so.”

What foundation is he talking about? What other Americans have the same employment protections federal employees have taken for granted for the past many decades?

“Whoop” Whose “Ass”?

For some time, AFGE and Cox have enjoyed a great deal of leeway in how the union interacted with VA. Cox even went so far as to say he would “whoop” former Secretary McDonald’s “ass” if McDonald did not get on board with what Cox wanted.

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Can you believe that? He threatened bodily harm against a member of President Barack Obama’s cabinet.

What was the penalty? Nothing.

So should we respect the union’s position, telling us the sky is falling and that veterans healthcare quality will be diminished if he does not get his way?

Why? Maybe the Senate is remembering Cox’s statements about McDonald and looking to put this big shot back in his place?

Or, is there more to his statement – – like a threat?

Perhaps Cox is threatening to use techniques of sabotage by his union employees to bring about the very harm to healthcare he is warning against?

We know the CIA published its antique Simple Sabotage manual in 2012 originally created during WWII.

RELATED: CIA ‘Timeless Tips’ At Core Of Internal VA Sabotage?

In that manual, you will find what the CIA calls “timeless tips” from the field manual that include exactly what we are seeing inside VA right now straight from the website:

  1. Managers and Supervisors: To lower morale and production, be pleasant to inefficient workers; give them undeserved promotions. Discriminate against efficient workers; complain unjustly about their work.
  2. Employees: Work slowly. Think of ways to increase the number of movements needed to do your job: use a light hammer instead of a heavy one; try to make a small wrench do instead of a big one.
  3. Organizations and Conferences: When possible, refer all matters to committees, for “further study and consideration.” Attempt to make the committees as large and bureaucratic as possible. Hold conferences when there is more critical work to be done.
  4. Telephone: At office, hotel and local telephone switchboards, delay putting calls through, give out wrong numbers, cut people off “accidentally,” or forget to disconnect them so that the line cannot be used again.
  5. Transportation: Make train travel as inconvenient as possible for enemy personnel. Issue two tickets for the same seat on a train in order to set up an “interesting” argument.

Do any of the above “timeless tips” of sabotage look familiar?

Does it sound like something the AFGE union may be engaged in within VA hospitals and administrative facilities nationwide?

Back to accountability. If we can pass laws that help nip sabotage in the bud, I am all in. It is time to restore the Republic, starting with the federal government and the AFGE union.

How about that Mister Cox?


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  1. Ben,
    I was a US Army, Service Member for over 20 years. Finally I got a medical discharge (chapter 61) while I was getting ready to get promoted to Sergeant Major/E-9!
    All these years , WE never (as you know)had the opportunity and the “right” to Syndicate or belong to a union!
    Why these MFs of the VA should have this Protection IOT Screw up the Veterans?
    Why our “Elected Officials” are not passing legislation preventing them doing just that!?

  2. Off-Topic but related to how we Veterans are perceived and painted by the MSM and the VA, where our PTSD is made to paint the picture that we are all just ticking time-bombs waiting to go off:

    Unfortunately, the car attack in New York Times Square today was done by a Navy Veteran that had spent a few months in military brig before departing the Navy…this will be used as a general wide swath brushstroke as ammo for likes of AFGE Li’l Cox to show how they are SO AT RISK working around we scary ass Veterans. Wait for it…

    1. 26yr old Richard Rojas of the Bronx tested positive for drug substances/synthetic drug known as K2 “”
      His photo’s in the article show he’s gone ‘loco’
      No death by cop for you.

      1. So, they will just add to the PTSD Veteran dialogue of us all also being extreme drug addicts as well. Wait for it. This may even be a false flag/engineered type of thing…the LACK of suicide by cop makes me highly suspicious…like another one earlier this year or late last year down in Florida at an airport…was a Vet as well but no suicide by cop…which could be a good thing, but am just saying wait for it to be used to further pave the dialogue of we cuddly wuddly Veterans as not so cuddly wuddly after midnight if we are fed. We Veterans are simply FED UP!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

      2. He left the military 3 years ago and never served overseas.

        From the link in your comment, he was likely a shitbag before he joined.

    2. @namnibor, it is movies like Rambo that gives ptsd and Veterans a bad rap. Not saying ptsd is a good disorder to have, i am saying a lot of the public perception is linked to Hollywood stories and movies. PTSD is an anxiety disorder and most people don’t really understand what this disease does to people who have faced trauma on a level that cannot be understood by the human brain.

      Some individuals involved in 9/11 and other severe traumas have been diagnosed and suffer from PTSD. They never talk much about the average person in the population being diagnosed from PTSD from a devastating car accident or traumatic incident. Those stories are just not interesting enough and cannot sell movie tickets like the Veteran Rambo character who suffers from flashbacks who is an ex green beret fighting to rescue POWs or civilians.

  3. Here one for the insanity record book written by the VA.

    “Memphis VA disputes claim that worker was paid during 60-day jail sentence”
    Jake Lowary
    USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee Published 12:03 p.m. CT May 18, 2017

    “An employee at the Memphis Veterans Affairs facility returned to work on Monday, just days after being released from jail after serving a 60-day sentence for driving under the influence.

    Brittney Lowe, 32, of Southaven, Miss., was on paid administrative leave, but was using donated leave time, according to Memphis VA whistleblower Sean Higgins.

    Memphis VA spokesman Willie Logan disputes Higgins’ claim.

    “She was not using donated leave,” Logan said.

    Higgins described the donated leave as what normally is shared between employees who are out of work for an extended illness.”

    **** Even more insane

    “Higgins said Lowe is an interior designer at the facility, responsible for procuring new furniture and other office supplies needed in the hospital. Higgins said the facility is in the process of hiring another employee to drive vehicles that Lowe would normally drive as part of her work duties.

    “How are you going to add another body when you have somebody who can’t drive,” he said.

    Criminal charges are dismissable offenses, he said.”

    Full article at: “”

    1. That’s why other’s have gotton of the hook.

      You let Johnny off the hook for the same thing.

      Its the same thing kid’s try and use on the parent’s. And it’s working !

      Time to bring in grand dad to set the kids straight. You want to cry I’ll give you something to cry about. !

      Called tough love !

    2. I would hope Higgins continues to blow the whistle on this.

      As he said, criminal charges are reasons for firing. Not being able to do her job because of those offenses should also include firing.

      I strongly suspect she is claiming alcoholism as a disease so she can gain protection for “medical” reasons.

      Higgins should be able to easily prove this by showing any evidence of her being in any leave donation program. That is something that has to be documented and approved before any leave is transfered. As it is, does she not have any leave because she missed so much work because she was drunk or hung over?

      She’s had other charges dating back to 2009. Why is the VA not demanding she be put on a Performance Improvement Program? Is the VA demanding she participate in a treatment program as a condition of keeping her job?

      WTF does one hospital need with a full time interior designer? And now they want to hire someone to drive her? What does it say about the judgement of her supervisors who give her responsibilities which include spending taxpayer money?

      How many veterans have been reported as disruptive if they showed up for an appointment drunk? Or arrested by the VA Barneys?

      1. That’s the good old buddy system at work.

        That is my friend, cousin my lackey. If you have friends in low places they will bail you out.

        Again they are using the card, nothing happened to Johnny when he did something wrong and that excuse worked.

        Rubins and Graves uses it and got away with it. Pleading the 5th. !

        Fit every new regulation, two are to be eliminated.

        Let’s start there ! New regulations ! No more well you let him get away with it.

        They want to change the subject, when the truth is coming out and attack mode begins.

        Distraction, they love everything that is going on with trump.

        The Secretary needs to stay focused on the mission to clean up the VA and not stop just because the light is not on them right now.

        Am I wrong about the executive order giving him the authority to despline VA employees and told them accountable !

  4. I’m still hung up on the caption: Cox complains to Senate, about accountability. Who in their RIGHT MIND would complain about accountability? I can only come up with one reason…, they don’t want to be held accountable. Get that Paul?

    1. @Jo3n

      perhaps Cox is not so worried about being held accountable so much as he is mindful that an accounting is underway and this idea would indeed worry him for his AFGE brethren if it ever took hold and continued very long. No organization so riddled with deceit and malfeasance an stand up to a true accounting very long.

      He argues in an effort to keep the curtain closed and don’t let the light in.

  5. Cox is following the political fact. A lie told three times becomes accepted as truth by the majority. That discovery has tanked our political system.

  6. Question – – – Ben’s article page is super slow in loading and refreshing. Anyone having the same issue? Acting the same last night as well. Strange. – – – Thanks, Nutter.

    @Seymore Klearly – – – Where is that dude? Ah, you know, . . . the one that slipped in for a bit, to hopefully clear matters up, then tried to touch base by locating sympathetic Veterans that participate in Ben’s World, by using the questions of these Veterans to pry in using slick nice guy tactics, then giving way to an angle of tracking the scene to locate openings of acceptance, by using recognized sleazy maneuvers, that may have resulted in a gain of trust by vulnerable honest Veterans, that the final discourse could possibly lead to a cause of division amongst the troopers for VA policy changes, using attention getting chromatophoric rays of changeling hope, to bogusly seem as a measure of belonging, in order to persuade other Veterans, to feel like the actions of this dude was a factor to the growing force of change, that is powerfully being driven through the ranks of corruption in the field houses of the VHA, VBA, and their Necropolis. Just asking, where is this dude?

    Oh, and thank you for your service because I surely do feel your pain, and what difference does it matter anyway? Ranting over and out. Don’t forget to answer my question at the top of my post.

    1. ANutterVet,

      Unfortunately, your description matches a number of the recent commenters here. Their backgrounds include training in mass media and the Rumsfeld’s school of disinformation through the pentagon.

      The most recent is the former Commander of a DAV chapter which met several nights per months at the Phoenix VAMC. Where he used his training, background and education as the chief of the medical media department. All while thousands of Veterans and their families connected to that facility were suffering and in need of medical attention. The failure of the facility to provide it ultimately caused the deaths of several hundred of those Veterans.

      The same poster ultimately made the comment that he was only there for a paycheck. Also, that as a DAV Commander and the Chief of the Medical Media Department it wasn’t his job to help these Veterans. “”

      Personally, I find the fact that this individual walked over the corpses of several hundred Veterans and failed to help thousands of others just to collect a paycheck, to be very inhumane. All while his job involved covering up for the facility and he maintained a leadership role in an organization fighting to prevent Veterans from receiving health Care elsewhere.

      Another recent commenter that matches your description who has the same training, background and education as the last one is the National Executive Director of Amvets. Expect to see more on him in the future.

      1. A sad but true fact is if they enforced the laws of the land and audited all of the top four Veteran Service Organizations. Any one in any leadership position would be holding their meetings in Club Fed for a very long time. And I don’t mean a resort.

      2. @Seymore Klearly – – – Thanks SK for commenting. The dam nerve that these so called caring VA employees have by coming onto a Disabled Veterans gathering place, and act like they are truly concerned. I’ve never seen such frigging disgrace. No class, no care, no integrity, no love, no concern, no accountability, . . .

        I’ve been going through some major health issues which have been ignored, and downplayed. They [VA] just doesn’t care. There is no more understanding on my end for the lack of concern to continue with the VA. Since being in active duty, I’ve never felt like I have to protect myself from an enemy; a home grown enemy.

        This is pure – – – “health care terrorism” [c] Copywrite 05-18-2017 right here on Ben’s World. Yes, I’m coining this, and being a phrase of my own. So for now on, when we talk about the health care of Veterans, let us use the phrase; “health care terrorism.”

        “Health Care Terrorism,” is exactly what is happening within the VA’s Medical Centers and Clinics every day. Let me explain . . .

        [1] No Medical Service Accountability = Health Care Terrorism.
        [2] Corruption in VA Medical Centers and Clinics = Health Care Terrorism.
        [3] Not treating Veterans as an individual = Health Care Terrorism.
        [4] Broadly defined Disruptive Behavioral / EPERS List = Health Care Terrorism.
        [5] AFGE Protection Umbrella = Health Care Terrorism.
        [6] VA Medical Staff not giving a Shit = Health Care Terrorism.

  7. There is a place for the Union, but it darn sure isn’t in the Government. I have worked for the Government twice, once for the Post Office ( what a screwed up job) and later as a GS-11. I can tell you that government workers do not have to join the union, but many do if not for job protection, but ironically, they have job protection with the union even if they are not members. When I used to work at the Post Office, I got an ass chewing because I was coming in early to do some of my work more efficiently. I was told that I could be suspended for working 30 minutes off the clock. I was also told to slow, down, what difference does it make if they get that check today or next week. Take all your breaks, even if you don’t want too, and above all else, make more work for yourself….. this is the mentally of the Postal Union. AS a GS-11, I did not join the union, but I still had the protections, this is to insure that the Union can exist. Any time a change was made to a job or the work schedule the union had to have their say. It was like pulling teeth to get anything done. I remember also, many days where there was no work to do at all, but come 5:00 instead of going home, we had overtime to work. I used to get so upset, why didn’t we do this stuff during the normal work day? The answer was the customer paid us for overtime so make the best of it….. What a waste of government money. Some times days at a time, we had nothing to do, we were told get out of the shop, drive around the Post, go out to the range, park and take a nap, if we need you we will call on the radio… This was in the late 90’s, and when I first listened to Rush Limbaugh, and decided I was a republican. Factually, the only reason I ever went to work for the government was because of the Job security, as a disabled veteran they could never lay-off or fire me over a non-veteran. I did however enjoy my job when I had work to do. I could do almost anything or nothing depending on how I felt, and still get paid. Civil Service certainly was a racket for many of the employees. My point is that VA isn’t the only screwed up place when it comes to the Union…..

    1. i worked for a government contractor had to come in on a Sunday and get double time to sit on my ass back then i just couldn’t just sit on my ass at work and do nothing . that was a job done at the local bar.LOL

    2. @Richb

      I am not anti union at all. I am not anti mafia, anti Christian, anti non-Christian, anti racist, or anti non-racist.

      What I am is a veteran with PTSD and one symptom is always waiting for the hammer to drop. This either means that we do not trust appearances, or it means that we correctly do not delude ourselves into believing that a threat is not real. I am told this is a symptom. To me this seems logical thought.

  8. Have you ever known personally a union boss? I did. Our next door neighors Dad was a union boss. Oregon. Big shot, big time. He ALWAYS drove a nice Cadillac. He also always talked about breaking legs, kicking asses, and making people disappear while he enjoyed his dinner with family and friends around the family dinner table and his home.

    As a kid, I always looked at him like some sort of Portland Wrestling sort of guy, only he did the stuff for real in the night to “persuade” those with opposing views. My father stayed at least a quarter mile away from the guy and hated that his kids were the only nearby neighbor kids because he did not want us associated with that guy! (imagine a hardened bartender being scared of somebody…)

    I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT what a union boss is. What you see in the picture of Cox is a thug. He talks the talk, and walks the walk. Do you think VSOs are corrupt? Boy howdy then you better sit down and hold on when you get to sit at the dinner table of a man like Cox. A union boss ONLY has ONE tool Ben – intimidation. A union boss ONLY succeeds in direct proportion to the amount of intimidation he can pile upon those who oppose him.

    Ben, his words do not connect for you because you are hearing them in the context of a free man who is outside of his grip on peoples lives. Cox can make or break a man and has done so too many times to count. Do you honestly believe that his threat to harm a cabinet level man was the first threat he every made? NO WAY! You simoly cannot rise to the level he has without being willing to torch somebodies warehouse, break somebodies legs, or “kick somebodies ass” as Cox has indicated. A union is like VA – there is no reform, and there are no “good guys” involved.
    VA is pure union. Their tactics are not from CIA handbook Ben, they are union tactics. Same thing right? Same results, right?

    Take a good look at the face of Cox. This is the United States Veteran’s public enemy number one. I personally would love to vent all over his chub muffin ass and believe that for one of us the experience would be theraputic.

    Cox puts a face on the criminality of VA. Union bosses simoly cannot exist as honest and upright folks. They exist as thugs, arsonists, and deceivers. They are criminals layered deeply with magic protections against accountability – just like the VA folks they milk for money. Our neighbors Dad was able to sustain a rich lifestyle not just on union dues, but rather the enormous kickbacks provided as “insurance” that the machinery in plants did not inexplicably break down, and that the lumber pile did not catch fire.

    What Cox is saying Ben (I will translate into union speak), is, “…if you do this, I cannot insure you that vets won’t die.” in the same manner that our neighbors Dad insured Oregons industry owners of union plants that their plant would not be set ablaze at night if union demands were met.

    Cox is the face of corruption at VA. Look good at this man – he may be responsible for more veteran deaths than any other man alive.

    1. Employees are being mistreated at the Long Beach Veterans Affairs by Jennifer Worley, and AFGE is going along with it. AFGE is a fraud.

    2. @Dennis – – – Truer Words have probably NEVER been posted.

  9. The AFGE is garbage, full of criminals, and are why the VA is the dump it is. They stand up for “rights” of other criminals at the VA. Garbage, sub human dog poop is what they are.

  10. Pardon the typos and other random llinguistic anomalies.

    Just trying to get the VA to consider taking information systems to the MAX instead of the way we are, which is still better than the rest involved in our healthcare system we spend several hundred % more than other near modern healthcare systems. Not suggesting a mass firing of VA personnel who do not keep abreast or try to do a superior job, ha ha ha.

    It’s like a garden, if you don’t remove the weeds, pretty soon you have a weed parch. Thank goodness we are not weeds, eh?

    Whatever, perhaps the VA are already ontop of VERTICAL INTEGRATIONS and we will soon see wall screens that relate ALL THE VARIABLES.

    Logic is a predisposing influence, Ethically only Truth passes time

      1. “I know you are but what am I?” — Pee-wee Herman in “Great Adventure”

  11. The VA is an EXCELLANT opportunity waiting to happen.

    The world medical system are stuck in a legal-medical-insurancefraud-academic caste system. Driven by technology of yesteryear. Divided into the unbreakable barrier of horizontal integration, dominated by a coding system incapable of VERTICALLY INTEGRATIONS whereby modern information systems can be used to provide medical providers with a realtime look at total human physiology directing us into valid diagnosis and proper treatments that include the latest technology in every so-called Medical Field of Study.

    Watching medical personnel looking at tiny screens limited to a tiny perspective of physiological reality –VS– entire wall screens that show the entire perspective of any subject of study. Our human condition is limited relative to perspectives created by Information Systems.

    To complicate the issue, Once the so-called Doctor, Lawyer, Judge, Bankster, Administraitoe are provided with accreditation in the pseudo field where opinions become significant variables in our lives, their opinion, regardless of how; Predatory, misguided, dated, selfish, Stupid, etc –OR– current, accurate, selfless, caring it still becomes Virtually the choice we are stuck with.

    Academic systems are stuck in a legal situation that make healthcare or chances of success in life like a game of chance (unless) you spend a life of study during your time in an effort to understand the realms where we live and die, from a health, education, welfare, Social Existence in the spectrum of human cultures anf subcultures. This may sound like some senseless rant, but it’s simply a suggestion that we incorporate (VERTICALLY INTEGRATE) modern information systems into our academic and industrial systems to create an ” empirical matrix ” to isolate and identify the variables that surround our paths through life from an alpha-numeric description capable of predicting our current location in the matrix, then we can predict our condition depending on the route we select. It’s a matter of multivariable calculus data flow charts that creates alogrythims to develop a massive data base currently expressed in data processing systems like ” IBM’s Watson Mainframe ” Systems exponentially expandable by adding panels in a ” Block Chain Architecture ” which updates itself with the addition of variable changes.

    No human mind is capable of such information to base their opinions on. However legal it may be in the never ending disclaimers we are forced to acknowledge to protect the pseudo professionals that jerk us around from birth to death, and confine us into whatever socioeconomic condition we find ourselves in Whoever We Happen to Be.

    Personally after a fair observation of the VA system I am thankful to have access to health benefits available to those we serve our nation. Our nation, although in a state of change is still the best, fairest, of all. Unfortunately for us Lawyers, Judges, Doctors, Administraitors, gangsters, are given authority to force Opinions on us that are not always in our best interest.

    However few to none among us would likely be little different from others if we had lived their lives. While it’s obviously not a very Fair System, we are still affected by the Significant Variable of Time, which changes all things

    Whatever we can, or cannot do, say, hear, read write is based upon INFORMATION systems. DICTATED by our awareness of the physical world around us.

    It began with our control of the electromagnetic spectrum. Instrumentation allowing us to control energy i.e.; energy, electricity, electronics. Words

    Before Transistor or semiconductors, integrated circuits, light emitting diodes (LED’s), liquid circuit displays (LCD’s) capable of utilizing Matrix Flowcharting alpha-numeric Data, we were all accustomed to a world of never ending BOOKS, CHARTS, MAPS, etc literally billions of pieces of information seperated by languages, countries, cultures, belief systems.

    Now our reality of understanding is centered around what was ment to be ONE BOOK or a single data base anyone could access any information at all. The Key to Vertical Integration.

    Then common lower classes had access to legal-medical-financial information that put the elitest among us at risk –SO– the legal community using so called patent rights defined by protecting an inventor by allowing him/her sole authority of use regarding THEIR INVENTION. lawyers/judges patent tribunals routinely give special people with authority to decide what we can write, read, say, etc over the telephone system redefined as the so-called INTERNET [] especially considering everything is still connected by telephone numbers used to identify so-called URL’s bla bla bla. Even the brightest among Chinese junk salesmen that define themselves as Apple, Microsoft, FARCEBUK, jurspace, are incapable of totally controling the data. New information built on old information these pseudo I.T. Junieuses are continually removing from the Internet popup faster than their wordclustering programs can detect or delete. All they do in postphone the inevitable.

    ONE BOOK –or– total vertical integration is out Future –if– we are to permit ourselves to be whatever we can be.

    The VA healthcare system is perhaps the most economically justifiable place to begin, considering the UNlikelyhood our academic caste system driven Legal-Medical-Cultural Mafias will suddenly become Objective,Logical, Ethical, Moral, since the Law Prohibites social-cultural change.

    Historically whenever monarchy reigns, then Forms of Anarchy emerge that obsolete monarchy.

    Lawyers are princes
    Judges are petty kings
    Nothing lasts forever
    It’s nothing they sing

    1. Yep, hear you Jack Cox. From your persepective, if alpha numeric variables and more of an information systems approach were utilized within the VA’s healthcare mission, yes,
      more exactness would definitely start happening which is concrete. And too, with exactness being produced, yes, we can better dictate the healthcare path with aligning the treatments to the Medical conditions of the individual. As for the current healthcare, most is abstract which allows opinions and biases to come into play. Although, the current healthcare does have possibly one – tenth of alpha numeric variable usage. I am speaking of Biostatistics or using alpha numeric variables to attach to the Medical research currently being conducted. By using alpha numeric variables, yes, probabilities, predictions, accuracies and inaccuracies within healthcare can be determined. This then, entails a appropriate
      diagnosis to be determined, appropriate care to be applied, and appropriate treatments be prescribed to individuals. The number that I used is just thrown out there. Jack Cox, I do agree. If more exactness is established, yes, our healthcare path can be more defined which would reduce the infinity path. Exactness comes from alpha numeric variables that establishes concreteness with reducing the abstract state.

      1. Changing the subject. I am very happy that the FBI Director James Comey has been removed. The former IRS official Lois Learner needs to be investigated as well. She has called for a lawsuit to seal her record at the IRS. I do not agree. With all the conservatives, she has burned and has made life miserable for, Lois Learner needs to be held accountable as well. And many more need to be held accountable. Democrats need to stop obstructing and wallowing in false allegations and gossip. This is the 4th Russia investigation. Lord help them. The time and money that is being used in these investigations is nonsense. This time and money could be put to use with assisting the Veterans and rebuilding this country. I am sick and fed up with these pandering and clueless Democrats as well as liberal Republicans. I wished they would for once do their jobs to lead this country back into success and prosperity with aligning under President Trump’s leadership agenda.The Democrats and Liberals with including the AFGE union President want to destroy this country and eliminate all accountability. These corrupt government types make me want to puke.

      2. I absolutely despise the AFGE union, the Democrats & liberals, Liberal Republicans, and leftists American media. They do not give a shit about this country nor the American people which includes all veterans. These groups of people are only concerned with lining their pockets, robbing the American people, and fostering themselves. These groups of people are all me people with being all out for themselves and to hell with rebuilding this country and assisting the American people. Why can’t these governmental officials do their damn jobs? All they do is wallow in bullshit. Folks, if these government types do not get a grip and get on board with doing what is right, our country is going to bite the dust and collapse. I am so tired of corrupt lip service with the VA and all these government officials. Lord help them to get their crap together. If they do not, then, they need to get out of dodge with quitting.

  12. How is it ideologically driven? Little Cox doesn’t give a shit whether that is a lie or not, but it sounds good to the idiots who would blindly support him. A lot of what Little Cox is spouting off about is not for Congress or veterans, but for those who believe the most important thing in their life is the union they belong to.

    His later comment about harming civil service is an example of that. Friggin drama queen.

    If Little Cox were truly concerned over quality veterans health care, he would be the biggest cheerleader of this legislation so his thug organization would not have to defend those who are harming or killing veterans.

    If Little Cox actually gave a stinking shit about quality veterans health care, his thug organization would not have defended the indefensible, such as that thug that beat the elderly veteran to death.

    If Little Cox actually gave a tinkers damn about veterans, he would not be a part of an organization that demands a labor contract that specifically freezes out veterans from many jobs.

    The biggest problem Little Cox has now is no protection from the White House like they had for the last 8 years. He also has less protection from Congress. Another problem he has is if he follows that CIA guidance too much and the VA continues with their pathetic care, wait times and protecting corrupt and incompetent hacks, Congress or the White House will lose their patience and may just make a form of the Choice program permanent.

    Any problem with competition Little Cox?

    1. @91Veteran, Yes, agree with you. All this AFGE union President is concerned about is his union. This is why he also was touting for the hiring of many more VA employees. He wants to majorly increase the size of the AFGE Union which would most definitely further build a fatter and sloppier government. The AFGE union President does not care about the veterans at all. His calls for the hiring of more VA employees is only for the sole purpose of increasing the size of government so he can thwart the Accountability Act established by President Trump. As for disrupting the Civil Service, let it happen. Maybe the swamp can then be drained. Think about it folks. Who grows our food? Who innovates all our products? Who possesses the innovative problem solving skills that are really utilized to derive solutions? It is the private sector. Not the government. So for the government to decrease in size, this would not hurt this country at all. It would actually enhance the efficiency and accountability with the running of the government among the mission essential employees. So what the AFGE union President is griping about with the tearing up of the Civil Service, I do not see it as a problem. I see it as a positive and a major improvement that will lead towards success and prosperity in our country which includes the VA.

  13. Afge little cox has no delegated or implied authority to advocate on behalf of veterans’ medical care. STFU little cox. At least be a man and say who you really care about, your minions and their membership dues.

    1. We really need another Pres. Reagan air traffic controller’s union disbandment to take place with entire leeches of the clan named AFGE. Maybe the answer to ridding the planet of ISIS is sending the AFGE over to Middle East? Do pigs like sand? Sand Pigs. I hear the .locals just LOVE pork. 🙂

      1. Yep! All rightie, lets clean house, NOW! @Namnibor, would you like me to write my dissertation?

  14. Yep, Benjamin, thanks for the update with this article. Yes, this is exactly what the Dims do they act like babies because they do not get their way. This is what the Dims are doing right now because they did not get their way with winning this election. The Dims lost. So now they are obstructionists and sabatogists towards anything accountable, ethical, and humane. AFGE union President David Cox is acting just like these Democrat winers. I can’t even believe David Cox endorsed the Republicans when he did. I guess he thought he would be able to manipulate and deceive the Republicans like he is doing right now with the Congress. I guess by David Cox endorsing the Republicans that he could get them to support his agenda of corruption. Folks here we go. This is exactly what I was predicting. Who cares about the civil service? Tell me what they really do. I am speaking about the governmental individuals who do not have mission essential positions. Just like Former Defense Secretary Bob Gates said, ” Our government has gotten fat, sloppy, and needs to be reformed.” I agree with Former Defense Secretary Bob Gates on his positions. AMEN!!!! This includes trim the fat in the AFGE union. Congress needs to stand their ground with the AFGE union with thwarting and rebuking their attempts to block accountability. If it means busting up the government to produce accountability, ethicality, and humaneness. So be it. In the private sector, people who can’t hold their weight are fired or let go. So why should they VA be any different?
    I am tired of these crying wolf Democrats. And the AFGE union President is a Democrat even though he endorsed Republicans. The AFGE union does not stand by what is mortal at all. The AFGE union has no accountable and ethical standards either. If this AFGE President cannot support holding VA employees accountable for their negligence or incompetence, then, the VA needs to be shut down period. Then, all veterans transitioned to outside sources and resources. From my perspective, the AFGE union President needs to support conducting business the way it should be done in an ethical manner or the VA needs to be shut down. This is my take. I am tired and fed up with crap. Do things right for once. SAVE Veterans lives and Stand by them to get them where they need to be in all aspects.

    1. I meant Dims and AFGE union whining. I misspelled my word in my previous post. And too, I meant crying foul by Dims and AFGE union. Or is it crying wolf? I forget.

  15. I have already said all I need to about this piece of shit, ” lil Cox” ••D. Only thing that fat fuck face, double chin asshole, is good for, is target practice.

    1. @cj – Where is your signature art work? The postings on each of Ben’s articles aren’t the same anymore. I know, you’re super frustrated and waiting for things to change. We all are. Your health comes first Bro. God bless you.

  16. If the AFGE and Cox believe accountability will harm Veterans health care, they should leave the VA. Go steal from someone else. I have never seen a situation like the VA. All three parts of the VA have become distant from their purpose. To serve Veterans. They know it. Why do Veterans have to take this SHIT? Our feelings and our concerns and every thing we think is subject to our accountability. Who the fuck they think they are? Ungrateful pukes. How many accountability laws will it take? If the next accountability law doesn’t hold up, then it’s the Senate doing the screwing. It’s really getting old.

  17. Cox even went so far as to say he would “whoop” former Secretary McDonald’s “ass” if McDonald did not get on board with what Cox wanted…I bet i could knock out that fuck with one punch. can anyone get me an appointment with him..LOL

    1. @OLDMARINE- For visual amusement may I suggest: Cox being covered with 2 gallons of raw honey then immediately airdrop a few bushels of field corn, then release a few hundred hungry crows all the while Cox is standing on Texas’s largest Fire Ant Mound. Pop popcorn and enjoy. 🙂 (may want to pop the popcorn first because the crows will be rather quick)

  18. why is the PTSD don’t need no help in living conditions,,,, what do you think throw us in cages,,,, believe it or not ,,, our lives have a horriable life being around civilization,,, and if we do venture in ,,, its first take a deep breath and hold it ,,, and practice it,,, so that we can be of not noticed,,,, and go back to our caves,,, and be beatean up by our PTSD 24/7

    1. “ptsd” is actually brain damage.
      someone posted an article here about showing that ptsd is begin-stage Alzheimers.
      my research demonstrates that the stress reaction causes brain damage. now it’s verified by this article. it was just a few days ago; i can’t remember the thread.

      organic brain damage. nerves, tissue, cell walls, signalling biochemicals, neurotransmitters … all those things we need to live a life? damaged.

      now if that isn’t funny enough, the best treatment of all, for all these so-called “mental” illness: CANNABIS. high-dose, high-THC, whole plant extracted cannabis. LOL. isn’t that a hoot?

      people won’t believe it. just like here, read up, still taking the pills … drugs drugs drugs. even when they live in a state where cannabis is available. they still go for the drug instead of healing plant.

      and where’s the expose on this? ptsd is brain damage; ptsd is easily treated with cannabis. ???

      1. So me being shot in the head has nothing to do with PTSD. So PTSD is a pre existing condition and therefore the VA should deny all treatment.

        Seeing people killed or having to kill someone, bombs going off has nothing to do with PTSD.

        They are trying to make PTSD a pre existing condition and want to take away veterans disability and have an excuse to deny even more veterans.

        Jeff sessions is trying to make medical MJ illegal everywhere. Veteran’s are adults and have the right to use what works for them.

        Alcohol is an acceptable drug. ! Many veterans only choice is alcohol and they have to deal with everything that results from drinking.

        My opinion veterans whom want to use MJ should be able to. Yea get off the hard drugs.

        Sessions must have stock in a booze company and his profits are being taken away.

      2. MY DAD was shot in the left top side of head and paralyzed his whole right side,, that was the Korea war,,, then the VA tried to make him work a desk job,,, right ,,, instead he worked with no or small disability belive it or not for a farmer who he made very wealth by only using his left side,,,, then I got drafted Viet Naum and came back with PTSD,,, for what I did,,, and my life has been hell and still is,,, no quality of life can I find or keep,,, I’m sick of all these Politics and the VA and the life we Veterans get to live being disabled ,,, should I go on I’ve got 46 years of crap to talk about and all the PROOF of it too,,, I have no love left in me I have 7 grandchildren and don’t no any of them,,,, I have 3 children don’t know any of them,,, One as a Major now in Afganastan,,,, I here,,, sometimes I cry,,, steve

      3. Steven, the best advice my father gave to me when he realized he was old, alone & done for was don’t run your children off. My daughter & her 5 kids are estranged living in a different state as my self-medication caused an unpleasant childhood at times. I managed I believe to keep my 3 sons close only because they went into the military & now have understanding. We all cry, no shame in that. If you don’t already have one get a pet & love it, it will love you back & that is better than no love at all. xxoo

      4. Steve you are not alone and you should file for a disability for you or your dad. You post sounds like the person you are speaking about is yourself.

        Steve you have done nothing wrong and do not think you have. I understand exactly what you have been through.

        The VA denied me my deserved disability, telling a lie that my military record’s being distroyed and told me to find people who can prove what I told them happened.

        I did not know I had a traumatic brain injury, I knew something was wrong and I did not find out until I hired a lawyer by the name of Kenneth carpenter out of Topeka Kansas, he is listed under charter carpenter.

        Call them and ask them for help getting your claim for PTSD.

        Everything you went through is normal for someone suffering from PTSD and traumatic brain injury.

        It was only after obtaining my disability did I get treatment. Booze to take it away. ! Problem is it never went away and never will.

        After I finely received treatment I have not touched a single drink and I can now live with myself knowing I was not the problem, my disability was.

        Yes it’s very hard to feel love, It seems elusive, crying is a symptom. We do not understand why.?

        Being a farmer is the perfect cover to hide what’s really going on. You may think it makes you less of a man if you seek treatment.

        My friend it takes a very big man to admit something is wrong and you can’t control what happens.

        Your not weak your proud and sometimes pride gets in our way.

        So two things ask again and again until they listen and put in for a disability for PTSD and have brain imaginings that should shed some light on what’s going on.

        Remember what time we have left on this ?, should be one to injoy live and family.

        I will tell you what I was told during treatment. Jim once you finish treatment your going to think the ? turned upside down and everyone else is crazy, because you will know the truth your not at fault !

        Once you find this out, your tears will turn into laughter. Boy I wish they would have treated me sooner, what I have missed. Not anymore I’m my own person.

        If you should be offered treatment just remember there are other veterans going through what you have been through.

        After awhile you will understand how many veterans are going through the same thing.

        Never give up, you can’t loose your sanity, your going to began a new life and began a new life.

        God bless !

  19. Cox forgot the old rules got is here and employees took full advantage of it to the point veterans lives were effected “death’s”

    Death panels and disruptive committee to cut the back log down.

    There is no one in the VA that can justify any of this.

    They can keep trying, but they forget other’s are pretty smart and can see through their decete.

    The new Secretary better watch out or Cox will kick his ass too. !

    Let’s call him Rocky Balboa, I want to see him running up those stairs. !

    Cox is afraid he can’t spend 100 % of his time doing union business ! Door locked ! Do not disturbe ! Zzzzzzzzzz

    I bet shulkin could take him !

    He can see the writing on the wall. !

  20. Aahh yes. America’s favorite pasttime…

    The good ole union. Unions are like aids, useless. The VA will never be worthy unless it is taken over literally and figuratively by veterans themselves….

    Hang this SOB over a vat of acid, having all other VA employees/criminals watch…..

      1. Are you saying the veteran employee’s are the problem or are the veterans the scape goats again. Where do most of these veterans work. How many are causing the problems.

        If any Veteran employee harming other veterans will have equal oppurinity and will be held accountable.

      2. Rich B, guess your not aware Clause in VA’s bargaining agreement w/AFGE requires the agency to give first & full consideration to current federal employees before hiring veterans.
        Housekeeping! Clean-up chow hall! Housekeeping!

  21. VA can’t get worse. I’ve filed complaints, have proof of Medical Director here in Prescott, lied to Congressman Gosar and Senator McCain. While I suffer and am almost bedridden, because VA would rather me be on 240mgs of Oxy x 3 daily with Valium x3 a day xBalofen, instead of N FDA Approved devise that I have had 2 positive trials with. Allowing me to cut back on Opiates, but they would rather I overdose than treat me right. Breaking following laws.
    Care Eligibility Reform Act of 1996, Public Law 104- 262, significantly changed the eligibility of veterans to receive hospital care and outpatient medical services, including prosthetics, medical equipment, and supplies. For complete details on eligibility rules and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) enrollment system, reference should be made to the regulations governing VA’s enrollment system and medical benefits package. They are published in Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Sections 17.36 – 17.38. Generally all veterans enrolled in the VA health care system are eligible for all needed prosthetics, medical equipment, and supplies.

    NOTE: d. Major Medical & Special Equipment Committee (MMSEC). A committee composed of medical, therapy, engineering and allied health personnel who are knowledgeable about prosthetic equipment and rehabilitation responsible for reviewing requests and determining medical need for major items of prosthetic equipment. 
    ee. Major Medical Special and/or Experimental Appliances. Any newly developed or unusual non-contract orthopedic appliance, therapeutic or rehabilitative device, regardless of cost, which has not been previously issued by the health care facility. )

    November 2, 2000 1. PURPOSE 
    VHA HANDBOOK 1173.1 
    This Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Handbook establishes uniform and consistent national policy and procedures for determination of eligibility of veteran beneficiaries for prosthetic services. 
    a. General. The Veterans’ Health Care Eligibility Reform Act of 1996, Public Law 104- 262, significantly changed the eligibility of veterans to receive hospital care and outpatient medical services, including prosthetics, medical equipment, and supplies. For complete details on eligibility rules and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) enrollment system, reference should be made to the regulations governing VA’s enrollment system and medical benefits package. They are published in Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Sections 17.36 – 17.38. Generally all veterans enrolled in the VA health care system are eligible for all needed prosthetics, medical equipment, and supplies. Certain veterans are eligible for needed prosthetics, medical equipment, and supplies even though not enrolled. The two most significant groups of veterans who do not need to be enrolled are: 
    (1) Veterans needing prosthetics, medical equipment, and supplies for a service connected disability, and 
    (2) veterans with a service connected disability rated at least 50 percent. 

    1. Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Sections 17.36 – 17.38
    2. Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Sections 17.36 – 17.38. 
    3. VHA HANDBOOK 1173.1 
    4. Reform Act of 1996, Public Law 104- 262, 
           Veterans’ Health Care Eligibility Reform Act                                    
           1996, Public Law 104- 262, 
            Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)             
            Sections 17.36 – 17.38. 
    1. Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Sections 17.36 – 17.38. 
    2. Title 38 CFR 17.115. 
            k. Contracting Officer’s Technical
    And more…
    This is horrible.

  22. “[…David Cox, head of the American Federation Of Government Employees (AFGE) pulled a chicken little, the sky is falling, complaint today against widely supported legislation sponsored by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

    In statements to the Senate, he somehow tied a connection with healthcare that rings hollow to my ears – – saying that the legislation would not only reduce rights of federal employees while also harming veterans healthcare.

    Just how does he draw the connection between greater accountability and worsening healthcare quality for veterans?…]”

    1) VA AFGE Employee perceives they have less rights due to new accountability law, true or not—->

    2)Veterans receive even scarier deathcare administered by the AFGE Purple Team because they are disgruntled, and also pathological passive-aggressive monsters. Cause and effect.

    Same effect can be observed if you move their Veteran Cookie Jar Trough further away or remove it completely…the Veteran ALWAYS is at fault, thus should feel more lackadaisical indifferent deathcare.

    AFGE David “little” Cox can wear my spent Depends Shit Sandwich as his new hat! How about that? 🙂

    1. Does that hat have a nice ass print on it? Asshat?

      As long as DBC’s exist in the VA, I don’t give a shit about poor VA employees losing what they claim are their rights.

      1. We are talking about the petulant child called the VA. And yes, definitely an ass print on that hat making it an Asshat. Everybody that’s anybody in D.C. wear them while riding their Stairmaster in the mornings. I say that because Isaacson seems to cater to the AFGE Piggies as well as the other Asshats.

        Word of the day…Asshat. (somewhat of a shit sandwich, but a hat that’s not all splat)

      2. AFGE is a JOKE. Veterans Affairs “Blacklisted” Mr. Ralph Sanders, Mr. Isaac Decatur, Mr. Morsie Porter, Mr. Willie Savone, Mr. Warner Robinson and Ms. Julia Slater. Ms. Jeanette Butler, the woman who approved the “Blacklist” and Ms. Cassandra Holliday. the woman who prepared the “Blacklist” covered – up by OEDCA, ORM, GENERAL COUNSEL, ASSISTANCE GENERAL COUNSEL, ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGES, EEOC. Cassandra Holliday, was union president at the New Orleans, Louisiana, VAMC before she was hired in environmental management by Ms. Jeanette Butler. Corrupt AFGE!

      3. Isaac we know EEOC is Rigged they are discriminating against people of color. The VA will continue to discriminate

  23. “Lil” Cox….,. What a waste of DNA. Notice I didn’t say human. Fuck off AFGE, fuck off VA.

    1. Hello for Horace once again as always I call and call to see if my meds are coming or been thrown into the blitz,,, This time I got a great answer,,, I take also Riddilin for ADHD,,, and this nurse will trying to break this sending or they call it refill date on Friday Sat Sun or there other days they fill them out ,,, that it need to be sent out no later then Wed,,,, She says to me after 40 years with this dink VA,,, says there a treatment for this,,, OH REALLY,,,, take my word Miss send the Med out Wed and please me for a 40 year shock to my system

    2. Amen, Brother Warhorse. This fat pig needs to be sent down the road; Maybe he can take Jimmy Hoffa’s old job and end up the same way as Big Mouth Jimmy did, under the foundation of the next VA memorial.

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