White House VA Hotline

Is White House VA Hotline Really Making A Difference?

Over the holiday, I read an article asserting the White House VA Hotline is making a real difference by highlighting the number of calls operators took this year.

In typical VA fashion, citing a raw number without any statistical comparison for context, the Trump Administration claims its White House VA Hotline answered 130,000 calls this year with its 56 employees. And, I suppose by implication, that volume of calls is supposed to mean a real difference is being made by answering the phone.

“It’s helpful, it’s needed, it’s nothing to be ashamed about if you are in crisis. Definitely have the strength to pick up the phone, and make the call to get the help you need,” said Vince Scalise, with the CNY Veterans Outreach Center. “Not all vets are single individuals. There’s families that suffer. Spouses and children and parents that suffer when a veteran is in crisis. It affects more than just one person.”

But is the White House VA Hotline really working? Is it ending corruption? What about shortening the backlog? Are veterans pleased that VA is running the hotline?

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I wrote about this in August, and the main consensus at the time was a major disappointment that the White House was not actually running the call center, but instead VA out of its Veteran Experience Office.

Many veterans expect a Trump-style, hammer-down approach to resolving their issues within VA by using the White House. Instead, what they ended up with was a Trump-style rebranding of VA’s old and tired call centers.

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We already have VA call centers. Those centers cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars each year. Did we really need a White House branded call center with VA employees simply staffing the phones?

It seems like a clear bait-and-switch to me.

The hotline number is 855-948-2311. This is a non-emergency, around the clock call center. The average wait time is less than 20 seconds.

I suggest some of you give it a call about whatever concerns you and report back here with the overall experience.

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  1. This White House VA line s the biggest farce since that last politician who promised to fix the VA. My complaint was sent directly to the VA center I complained about. Not only was there no resolution, but the call center agent didn’t even accurately document the facts I communicated. NO a single person at the local VA ever contacted me to discuss or resolve the issues. I was promised that I would receive a response to my complaint resolution and I did not receive anything. I made my complaint in April 2018. It is now a few days before New Years. I voted for Trump and so far he has done near nothing in keeping his campaign promises to veterans. I hope to hell the vets start punishing these politicians by kicking thier butts out of office until we get their attention. It is time for this BS to stop.

  2. Ben, I called the Whitehouse hot line today and am reporting back as you requested. I raised two issues of concern, the gal was very polite and seemed concerned. These issues were assigned Whitehouse case #152012. I was told that someone would call me back and these concerns would be investigated.

    My first concern was providing/offering low dose ct lung cancer screening to Veterans who are or were current smokers but for those who were exposed to agent orange, asbestos, burn pits, depleted uranium, etc. which are all recognized by the VA to cause lung and other respiratory cancers. I wrote about this recently here.

    My second concern was with Roseburg VA Director Dave Whitmer and his use of email, text and the December 4th Brookings town hall to publicly attack this veteran. I pointed out that Whitmer was sent to Roseburg with regards to fixing the problems, one of which was the “toxic culture”. My point being that Whitmer’s public attack on this veteran sends the message to veterans that if you speak up you will be attacked and I asked what can be done to hold this director accountable for his actions?

    I’ll see what happens.

  3. Good comments! I am learning a lot and as a result, took Ben up on his challenge. I called and made a valid complaint, was well received and given a case number with a 21-day waiting period for a response. We’ll see what treatment I receive as I have had good experiences and bad.

    With that being said, I hope I am not penalized and ostracized for utilizing a resource meant for the purpose of seeking resolution to a problem. But instead I find out I should have kept my mouth shut. I had experienced that lesson before. Yet, I remain optimistic, can’t improve things if you’re not hopeful and proactive.


  4. Whatever you do , DO not let a VA Provider give you INVOKANA– the side effeCt can cause your DICK to FALL OFF.
    Seriously, its called Fourniers Syndrome. YOUR DICK MIGHT FALL OFF.

    I suggest all the VA Psychiatrists try this stuff, that way there would be know jail time for kicking them in the balls.

  5. One more thing, has/is VA Choice, VA Whistleblower Accountability Protection helping /meyou. NO because I filed a complaint with the VA Whistleblower Accountability Protection around June 2017, and have heard about the results of my complaint. I am currently suffering due to a lack of continued chiropractic care because VA Choice doe not exist anymore. It’s blatant betrayal and deception.

  6. It’s simple betrayal and deception by our own government and wanna know something else, we’ve become immune to this mess, when we should be dividing a peaceful solution through the truth. We’ve got the solution to peacefully end the political mess/routine. Take it to the voting polls and when they lie to us, we vote them out of office, it’s called Veterans massive voters rights. You don’t come clean with US, we vote you out of office.

  7. I have found extremely helpful. They bypass crap and get your problem to the correct person quickly. 10x better than the advocate’s office. If tell the advocate something you think there for help, but actually if see someone messed up they use to erase as never happened. I don’t know what anyone expects from them, but it’s pretty good they get your message there, check on it and gives you a paper trail. I think great job

  8. 12/28/2018

    Dear Ricky Forrest,

    Every letter sent to the President of the United States is recorded and the letter is saved by the Library of Congress.

    Sometimes certain people cannot get through [getting an immediate response]—sometimes those who are thought to be “invisible” get through.

    Sometimes it might takes another Leader from another country to make a comment.

    This is where Faith and Determination comes into play.

    I can say “Stolen Valor” and I have been stating this problem has been Treason since May of 2014.

    The Corruption is massive, it is equivalent to the Congress & the Senate, Trump knows the players—and that worries everyone.


    Don Karg
    Re: 1998 Cox Report

  9. Can you say STOLEN VALOR? Veterans at VA WH Hotline get all sorts of praise and bragging rights to their continuing service to VETS just like all VA employees. Screwing VETERANS is REWARDING for VA employees.

    the real truth about STOLEN VALOR is the VA CORRUPTION story.

  10. I did write the WH and GOT NO RESPONSE. I had a presidential level security clearance once. Its pretty clear, VA is a bed of corruption that TRUMP has no interest in correcting. But lets be more clear. Extreme rightwing veterans are being used as EVIDENCE to discredit Veterans who suffer at VA. Also be even more understanding. Every employee at VA’s fake WH hotline is a US VETERAN. Our brothers are the ones screwing VA up for a BRIBE, their paychecks are dependent on their efforts to sabotage our complaints.

  11. 12/28/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Who is going to write the President of the United States?
    President Donald Trump
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Washington D.C. 20500

    If the Hot Line is Fake, address the issue to the President.

    This bypasses all the non-caring 24/7 fund raising U.S. Representatives and all the old bought off relics in the Senate, and all the VA back turning personnel; so you can get to the President. Remember the Central Bankers are calling the shots on the spending, and this is the reason why Trump has bushed up against a “Foreign” Company called the Federal Reserve.

    If one is not happy, you pursue corrective action. Remember it takes careful maneuvering as a President [Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy]; these people tell the Shulkins, the McDonalds, the Wilkies what to do.


    Don Karg

    Don Karg

  12. I have some very important information to share about how The VA White House hotline operates. It is a bunch of bullshit. A complaint was made from a Veteran that suffers from post traumatic stress disorder against a VA sanction rehab facility . The Veteran was ignored and the complaints where never followed up with the Vetersn nor any attempt was made to assure the Veterans safety. How do I know this information do you ask? Well, I lived it and still do every day. It is pathetic how we veterans are treated especially when we suffer from severe trauma brought on by our time in the military. I give the WH Hotline 2 thumbs down.

  13. I am a veteran and VHA employee and I receive and case manage these “White House” calls that involve the medical facility that I work at. 100% of these calls are sent back to the medical facility from the call center. 100%. The White House sees ZERO of these complaints. Nothing goes to the White House. Neither Trump, nor the White House, have anything to do with this call center. This is not a White House hotline. Trump doesn’t care about you. He slapped a fancy name on a useless product to make you think he’s doing something for vets. Wake up and get real.

    This mess of a hotline is a disservice to the already overworked VA employees who WANT to help but are bound by the process to just triangulate back, as well as to the Vets who NEED help but whose cases get burried under the pile of repeat callers who don’t like the color of the nail clippers the nurse used.

    My advice, which is the same advice I give to all of the Vets I call back: Try your best to resolve whatever issue you’re having with the Chief of that service. It’s the quickest way. I know calling the “White House Hotline” sounds like instant action will be taken but it won’t. Your complaint gets delegated back down to exactly where your issue came from. Don’t like what your Dr. prescribed you? The complaint will be assigned to your Dr. to call you back and discuss it with you. That’s it. Trump is not going to force your Dr. to prescribe you opioids.

    I love all my Veteran brothers and sisters but that’s the tea, folks. If you or a fellow Veteran needs immediate medical assistance or are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 911 or the Veterans Crisis line at 1-800-273-8255, option 1. You can also send a text message to 838255 to connect with a VA responder. You can also visit any VA ER 24/7/365. All VA medical centers remain open and operational during the government shut down.

    You wanna call the hotline? That’s great! I’m happy to help if/when it’s assigned to my facility! I love what I do am am proud to do it! So is everyone else I work with.. But we are overworked and understaffed so you will not get instantaneous results since there are hundreds ahead of you and it’s a non-emergent issue.

    Stay blessed! (Disclaimer: I only deal with VHA issues, so I cannot speak to the process for VBA complaints… But it’s the same hotline so…)

    1. Well certainly all (White House) POTUS’, elected lying officials, the appointed, directors, that have those “contact” items on their websites, reading mail or have someone reading them or throwing them in file 13. Or if lucky we might get a form letter sent out by a secretary or staff. There are folks out there that have fought all kinds of crap for over thirty years or more to no avail just more games.

      Then to try to contact any of them or a ‘Representative’ only to find out they are informing the local herds, politicians, associations, professionals what you’ve been doing, trying to get done, or things investigated? Files and info spread around like crazy? To who is really out there protecting who, what and why?

      There are state veteran agencies that don’t do their jobs earning big tax dollar pay. Human Services, Civil Rights groups, med boards, etc. They too just want to pass the buck, give out more numbers to call, tell you to get some of that free legal aid for vets that really doesn’t exist. By the time it’s over with some have spent days, then weeks up to a couple of years waiting on return calls, info, or some phony investigation report that never happens either. As more crap just keeps piling on along with the attacks of various kinds.

      Call one or two offices, I won’t name, to be told yeah we are getting hundreds of calls and complaints over the same issues you have. Call the senators, governors, reps, VSOs to play their games of passing the buck or run-rounds too. Or talk to some VA state agent or others who claim never hearing about negatives about the VA nor about vet suicides. She, they, must live under a rock or the usual pathological liar. There is no excuse working in such positions and proclaiming to be totally ignorant of some facts, issues, and news. I’ve, like many others, run the entire gamut and gauntlet minus the legality games like Dennis has and many others. Got me nothing but enemies and not being able to trust anyone including all those “professionals” out there in or out of medical care. Not to forget all the deadly political enemies made. Then send us around the block again to people we’ve already played games with. Including countless secretaries whose job it must be to insulate their bosses from complaints or getting involved in issues they don’t want involved in, or do their jobs. Or tell us to bow and go back to the VA and play the games with all the PAs and attack dogs.

      If a state or governor can claim the need and having funds to hire hundreds of thousands of social workers and people to aid illegals, get that free care, migrants, refuuuuuugeeees, then piss on us vets and citizens something is wrong. They nor the elite prominent types don’t have to waste months to years playing phone tag and deal with liars that really don’t care at all. This country is one huge corrupt mess and as stated.. the public does not care. It goes far beyond crisis lines for real crisis or emergencies but still very serious issues. Some life and death.

  14. Can y’all look into how messed up the new R.A.M.P. program is. Took them over 220 days to deny my appeal. Went to see my Texas Vet. Com. Rep. about appealing it again. They told me I’d be wasting my time since R.A.M.P. already denied me. Is this a way for Trumps new law to screw gets out of claims.

  15. Im a vet that was told by the VA that i was illegally married to my 2nd wife, their claim? My divorce wasn’t finalized! So they hit me with a 27,000.00 debt, took my pension, and told me oh well. I gathered my paperwork and showed them they where in error! Guess what? They said oh well, its going to take years to sort out! I prayed, then called the hotline on a friday! Gave the gent a vet himself, my information. By monday, i got a call from the debt center in Minnesota. They dropped the debt, and set about returning my pension..im bipolar mania! I asked them at the call center now that they essentially ruined my life, i lost my apartment, truck..everything…if they would retropay me for when i initially filed for my wife and children? No solid answer to date. I had been asking them for years why they did not put my 3 children on my pension. For a while i had given up. But since they put me in debt for nearly 6 months by backdating to 2007 saying i was illegally married, im not, my divorce paperwork to my 2nd wife is appropriate, i asked now that you clearly see im not illegally married. Are you finally going to recognize my 3 children and retropay us fr9m 2007? They’ve done nothing but stall. Having said that. As far as the hotline. I dont think they would have taken the debt off me, if it wasn’t there, and i hadn’t called. The VA call center has a habit of jacking us vets around, and basically ignoring us. Im still awaiting the decision to retropay me for my 3 children. Ive got paperwork showing i applied back in 2007 the same date they backdated to, to say i owed them because i was illegally married.
    Get this, they put my wife on. But not our 3 children..go figure. So i say thank you President Trump, i love you sir. Your hotline at least got the debt off me and im getting my pension again.

  16. Veterans know the Truth as you attempt to explain it so very factually truthful. As a former Acting Command Sgt Major SOCOM appointee I am appalled at Trump and the VA lies they stand behind at great TAX DOLLAR expense. But lets face reality. GOP’rs and Dems in DC do not give a dam about Veterans. They play political football with our VA to make it look like it is fixed all the while wasting billions in tax dollars while vets suffer inadequate care and no PUBLIC RESPONSE. What amazes me most is the military has a propaganda interception machine called Signal Corp with vast resources to expose this fraud and preserve US Veterans substantial rights to Truth and Justice that does nothing but allow the cover ups by Trump and VA to remain unchallenged.

  17. I am a 100%IU Rated Disabled Marine Corps Veteran with previous Stroke history (2). I was getting my healthcare previously through Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan F (Disabled under 65 in Nevada). My Mother living in Washington State had Parkinson’s and was married to Dad for 67 years. Dad died. I left my healthcare network in Nevada and came to Longview to support mom. Not as a care giver. Just moral. Got her into assisted living. Off topic. She was sleeping in the living room on a hospital bed with a stripper pole. Being bathed in a downstairs sink. Unable to get upstairs to utilize the bathroom or bedroom.

    Immediately the Vancouver VAMC cuts me off entire formulary. I was sick for months. Methadone, Oxycodone, sleep Apnea meds. My BIPAP machine was also stolen in the VA parking lot. I became so sick my service dog and I lived at the Red Lion until we could get back into the upright position.

    I switched Care to the CHEHALIS CBOC in hopes of getting the help I needed for functional daily living. I would have gotten medicare Supplemental Insurance – BUT it’s not offered for disabled under 65 (2015).

    CHEHALIS CBOC provided a minuscule formulary. The type that would lead a noncatholic astray. I come to find out that the CHEHALIS CBOC had an alternative agenda by reviewing Chartnotes when I could get them. The VA was discounting all my previous Neurological + Psychological visits (claim documentation). Meaning, in their opinion I didn’t need a disksectomy (cervical spine). Or I really didn’t have headache, anxiety, and stress that caused brain bleed (SAH/Thunderclap Headache)reason to be life-flighted. In which the VA refused to pay ER visit. When my parents came Down to Boise, checked me out. Then proceeded to take me to the PortVAMC Stroke Clinic, we were refused entry Thanksgiving 2006.

    I wrote the VISN 20 Medical Director, Joint Commission, and the WA DOH. My complaint was for substandard care after stroke. Immediately the CHEHALIS CBOC passes me off to Community Care (TriWest). To make a long story short. They sabotaged my choice for pcp. Plus, I’m still on waitlist for a broken Patella OCT2008/Boise VAMC.

    Currently I’m paying for my own healthcare at Kaiser. I tried to use only private Chartnotes from previous providers. I NEVER signed a release for VA records whatsoever. But trust me. The VA somehow relayed there input to Kaiser.

    I started calling the VA Whitehouse Hotline SEP2017. They wanted to help. They tried to help. BUT they kept reverting my claim back to the very people (American Lakes), in charge of sabotaging me. CBOC DIRECTOR> Marlo Montes.

    What really sucks. I’m a Choice 40 Veteran. But TriWest acts as an extension of the VAMC. I could give specific. But I’m saving that for my next book.

    Moral of the story: “If you complain, they will find you!”

  18. I suggested to ex Secretary Bob McDonald that all patient advocates be taken out of local VAMC control and work and report directly to the Secretaries office. McDonald said the VA bureaucracy wouldn’t stand for it

    1. Yeah, about as much as your hero Obummer and his husband, Killary, Bush, Buschon, Bitch Daniels, Congress, state reps, media, Donnelly, Pfaff’s, Nations, every vet group locally, to SES types among many others have done or tried.

      Under which president started the big push for the United Nations agendas and mandatory drug testing for veterans then on out to the other “socialized” systems for civilians too since it went so well and tolerated by the VA and sheep??? Long before the Trumpster and his game. People tend to have short memories and can easily sweep a lot of shit under the carpet.

      Have you got rid of all Confederate flags and civil war statues out of Indiana yet? Still supporting the party that is out to kill or ruin some others out here which seems fine with the ones stuck on party politics and following that good old college town rule. Still enjoying great health care?

  19. I have called the “SUPPOSED” White House Hotline, and it’s useless, and no different if you write the White House. This hotline is a joke and the joke is on Veterans who have no real Advocate hotline to call to get help on matters that VSO’s can’t handle. The VAMC Advocates can only take care of minor issues liking scheduling or prescription problems and they work for the Hospital Director, again no real Advocacy for Veterans. We need a real Advocacy Group that doesn’t work for or paid by the VA and has clout to actually make things happen. This is a broken promise made to Veterans by President Trump, that he may even answer some of the calls. There is no real help for certain issues for Veterans and it’s disgusting that nothing changes, just more happy talk. No wonder why Veterans commit suicide.

    1. Really, call the Veterans VA Assistance Hotline, for what purpose. You may as well go talk to a wall, to think that any of them can help and see that Justice is Served.

  20. Veterans who read this don’t to long to used Whitehouse Hotline ….because after they turn you case over to the DAV…….Semper Fi.

  21. ADS are getting freaking stupid on your website dude. Hell can’t see half the page most the time.

    1. Plus the streaming ADS slow the typing down so much you can’t do an input. You are losing hits because it is too frustrating to even try to type a response. You can’t see the box and can’t type a response in a reasonable manner.

  22. I believe President Trump is sincere, but there’s swamp creatures snuck in unawares bending the truth, like the VSO’s. Maybe some of the phone workers are too. But if it’s done behind the closed doors of the VA it will amount to more VABS. I’ve called several times and gotten no feedback, nothing, just like their patient advocates. Hire authentic combat vets to answer the phones, sans VA over reach…or control.

  23. I asked for a copy of the complaint, and was told that by the VA employee, that thete was no way for them to provide me with a copy. Hmm, yeah right with todays technology.

    What a sham the Hitline is. More smoke and mirrors, and VA PR to look.good to the Public. Enough of this merry-go-round bullshit.

    Shut down the VA, transfer monies to better serve Vetetans in the Private Sector.

    Call and ask for a copy of your complaint
    And yes, complaint is referred to VA orovider or VA Party. A joke of a process. Solves nothing.

  24. Nice. When I called under Concern Received – Case No. 00117097 on 10/09/2018 NOTHING EVER HAPPENED. In fact the racism and harassment got even worse. Nice. Yes the Voc Rehab program by VHA C&P exams and 2 outside (LHI) C&P exams have rated me at 70% PTSD (pending increase and earlier effective date). I hate the VA with a passion and this White House hotline is nothing but a F*&^OI(ING SCAM.

  25. In my bood that Hot line is a total waste of time. I called asking to have someone from the VA call me to discuss the records issue and the fact that the CIA has violated 18 USC 1506 and 2107 by not sharing records with the VA and Nobody ever called back. As a matter of fact they told me they were only there to hear complaints against the VA.

  26. Just called on the Cognitive Process Therapy problem and the Health Net unpaid bills. Didn’t mention the ER bill payment problem. Maybe a few of you could call on that. Lets get some numbers for Ben so he can write an article and possible do a radio or TV interview on it.

    Realize it will take some time to work through the VA Bureaucracy. What we want to know is it faster than the courts with real problems. They send you an email with your case number and presumably follow ups. But likely without recalling on your case it will be ignored. And if your case isn’t valid it will be ignored.

    1. Attend a Trump rally and complain loudly the Hot Line is not working with the Stats Lauren gave. Not likely to have one in my area.

      Also write your Congressman and give them the stats and source so they can use them if they are a Dem and will do something about them to get in front if they are a Republican.

  27. My working theory: Hotline was created in same fashion the VA Office of Whistleblowers was; only to identify and better TRACK and TORMENT the “troublemakers” that dare to hold them accountable.

    Notice how all complaints to phone hotline went directly back to the pain in the asses that caused the complaint or continued torment in FIRST PLACE…just like VA Crows, they only know circles.

  28. Here.s what Grump said, as quoted by Nikki Wentling, in in Stars & Stripes, 7/27/2018:

    “I will create a private White House hotline – that is answered by a real person 24 hours a day – to make sure that no valid complaint about the VA ever falls through the cracks,” Trump said. “I will instruct my staff that if a valid complaint is not acted upon, then the issue be brought directly to me, and I will pick up the phone and fix it myself, if need be.”

    Wentling went on to say, “Some veterans who have used it complained it’s doing the opposite of what was promised and sending their calls back to local VA offices, rather than elevating their concerns to the highest reaches of government.”

    That’s exactly how the Trumpline treated this Veteran’s complaint that his local VA offices had erred repeatedly.

    They sent his complaint back to the locals, asking if they had done anything wrong.

    The locals all reported back, who, us? no way.

    Thanks a lot Trump.

    But praise where praise is due,

    Thank you Trump, for the 10% salary hike, the first in 10 years, that you announced to us from Iraq.

  29. Thanks for sending me you caution about using the VA for cataracts surgery because they use resident MDs in training to do the surgery. I understand that that raises the risk of serious complications. However, on the private side it may not be that much better. I understand that although I may find an experienced, excellent surgeon they would be using a surgery center that may cancel all that experience with bad sanitation or other critical requirements for successful eye surgery. I am still trying to get an indication of what procedures, equipment and personnel level are involved in the eye surgery at the Bronx VA. It is worse than trying to pull teeth. My previous years experience with the VA eye doctors is that they are rank beginners as they seem to know very little about eye treatments. I also understand that the VA hires of professional personnel is from the bottom of the class as that is cheaper. Before I go to the VA, I do my own research so that I can avoid them making a mistake in my treatment. My primary physicians keep changing because of attrition. One of them admitted that she could not answer my questions about nutrition because she was not trained in that in school. I don’t consider this much of a doctor. One of my doctors once asked why I come to the VA because I rarely take their recommendations. I said because of the mandate to have health insurance, and they might prove useful someday for something I need at the time. I am more into natural medicine, and frequently use it. Back to eyes. The national VA director answered one of my questions about laser photobleaching. This procedure is a non-surgical approach to cataract surgery. He responded that it is not FDA approved. He didn’t tell me if the VA is researching it. Anyhow my next question was how do I find out exactly how the Bronx VA does cataract surgery. His strange answer was that I perform a national study of VA on this. Then I found a study he did of his 119 chiefs, and I note that only 68% of the doctors responded when I would assume they report to him. I bet Bronx VA must have been one of the non-responders. I spoke to the patient advocate at the Bronx VA, and he didn’t seem ready to go out of his way to go and find out for me exactly how and who did the surgery at his hospital. He didn’t even suggest that I talk to one of the doctors. Anyhow, I am going to go back to my health team and see if they made any progress with my questions. As member, I also wrote to the President of the VVA, to see i they could assist getting me some concrete answers.

    1. Richard Leevine,
      My “optometrist” wants me to have cataract surgery. Because he stated my left eye was becoming worse.
      Here’s the kicker, the Opthalmologist was arrested for being in an accident. He hit a person from behind, which by the way had two small children in it.
      Also, the Opthalmologist was cites for drugs in his car and system.
      How’s that for having someone tear away at my eyes?

      Oh, before I forget. It was “Seymour Klearly” who posted the article on here some time ago.
      When the wife and I confronted the optometrist about this, he became very agitated and extremely upset someone would hold his “friend” to a higher standard!

      So, that being said:

      1. Elf. Be picky about the eye thing. I ended up with more Medicare fraud and theft by deception during my civilian process of having both eyes done. There is no end to any of this shit anywhere civvy or VA. Then ended up with dry eye, droopy eye lids, severe floaters, etc. What was supposed to be around $1200 to 1500 per eye turned into a hospital ordeal with full surgery styled stuff and not what is advertised or done normally. Cost, Over $25,000.00. Isn’t predatory medicine, dealing with those we aren’t supposed to offend, who are above the law so cool and ignored by gubbermint and medical boards.

        I’ve already tried to call the WH, emailed, snail-mailed, the past few POTUS’. A very very long list of others locally to the “top.” A long list of other vets now dead or suicided who tried contacting any and everyone previously on all levels… nothing, same crap, all stinking parties, barf bag politicians, media slime, groups, attorneys, all kinds of “professionals,” and agencies, etc.

        We should NOT have to call a damn WH or so-called toll free number to God only knows who for a crisis, mistreatment by psychos, activist, or the corrupt. Congress and others refuse to do their jobs as do vet groups, VSOs, unions, et al and no-one in DC or the WH can or will, or want to change things state by state or town by town or locally.

        For many, NO, not pleased the VA or some union member is running the show or answering phones. Bless the hearts that really got lucky enough to see some good come out of it, but countless others are ignored of obvious reasons. Targets.

        We can call two faced vet groups or “out-reach” groups and we still get the brush off or it’s NOT their thing or focus. Then we may find some groups have other agendas besides aiding vets and their families… unless its for a photo-op or gain center of attention as a do-gooder for a while.

        There is plenty of blame to go around besides anyone in the WH. All the shit heads in Congress does nothing, all the Vet agencies or Veteran’s panels in DC do nothing really but give lip-service no real action… for all not just the select or lucky ones. DC veteran’s affairs does little to nothing… lip service and musical chairs, protecting their own, circus and distractions while we are suffering and dying off in the fast time. Sure do look good on C-SPAN though in high dollar suits and edifices or rot and filth.

        Trust. Not many trust the Gov or VA to do much. All the “red-flagging” discussions and news going around. Then the censoring and banning. Will veterans have to turn over their plastic toy guns for new toys too like in Rhode Island and the kiddies? Get on a damn list for not using the proper college styled pro-nouns or such BS cause of hate speech? There is so much fear out here no “campaign,” forming real vet groups minus the side agendas or activism can’t happen. Too many even fear being know of or getting involved in local or state matters let alone the mighty VA crap shoot. Much like real news or news on all the suicides and suffering will not happen. As mentioned before by many the “public does not care either.” No easy answers and not much can be discussed or groups formed….just the way many want it. We have more foes than friends out there.

    2. i’ve been researching DMSO. medical field uses it on horses. i watched a video where they claim magnesium oil rubbed on eyelid, then spray with dmso, let it run into the eyes. fixes cataracts. i wonder if cannabis resin extract dropped into eyes would cure cataracts. nothing to hurt in trying it. a friend used it for an eye infection and it worked great. have you heard of cannabis resin extract?

  30. “[…I suggest some of you give it a call about whatever concerns you and report back here with the overall experience.]”

    I decided to forgo the asshole on other end of line and deposited my complaint just now into the VA’s WHack-A-Mole (WHAM) tubular network directly from my own asshole. All I heard was a reverberating **plop** sound, then the swirling sound of the carrier medium transporting my concerns to the assholes at the main swamp tributary, and maybe a burp.
    (your suggestions are better served by yelling at your filled toilet then flushing…VA Art Therapy)

    1. You know how to do these things real good like an expert. Do you send video to your congressmen Attention all congressmen and senators – you look at this please

      1. Coingresmen and Senators are PART OF THE PROBLEM– thy got in and are leaving us out in the cold. Coin-gressmen is what they are, after our money and benefits. The Poor kids fight rich mans wars… nothing has changed and the VA works for them. VA gets its funding and no oversight from our oathetic John Kerry, Mccain and the wanmnbe rich dudes who get elected. People say “Tear down the VA” , I can agree with that but let us start with the US Congress – the whole bunch of them are f***ing scumbags starting with Mr John F***ing Kerry. Kerry by himself turned our honorable service into disgrace and shame- this was all planned and staged by the New World Order Boys, Nixon , Bush and LBJ. Time to end the horseshit. F*** the new world order. Times up motherF***er..

  31. Ben,
    Veteran Warriors ran an informal poll back in August, after receiving numerous complaints that the hotline was simply triangulating calls (referring them back to the offending party). The results of the small poll were not surprising.
    For the 1 hour the poll was up, there were a total of 49 responses, broken down as follows:

    40% responded that their complaint was triangulated with no change to the situation.
    33% responded that they had no response at all from their complaint
    25% responded that their complaint was triangulated back to the facility and they were subjected to negative actions by VA employees
    .06 % responded that they were satisfied with the response they received from the hotline interaction.

    As with every piece of data the VA puts out, it all must be taken with a grain of salt; because the ONLY VA department that actually does its job is the Public Relations dept. They can (and have) spin a homicide by a VA employee to make the VA look good.

    1. Not even 1% huh. Thats pathetic. I’ll bet their all high 5ing each other and doing a girlie dance.

    2. Agreed, the VA Hotline works like your typical call centet that is facing an issue with products/service…

      They jot down your information, act like they care, thank you for your service and that’s it.

      Maybe you’ll get a follow up e-mail, where they (of course) tell you that what you complained about is not an issue.

      1. I’m very disappointed with the Trump Administration. He signs in a few laws and then hires all these companies to make surveys and studies to debunk people’s LEGITIMATE claims that nothing has changed.

    3. @Lauren, it sounds like there is a need to create a campaign to find out what veterans are experiencing across the spectrum.

      1. Ben across the full-spectrum of VA? Better file for some sort of grant money to do an extensive campaign. Need to have at least 1200-1500 responses to gain relevance.

      2. To who read this can you please can as a Concerned Veteran asking does know what Secretary of Veteran Affairs Robert Wilkie telephone number even a Secretary answer….Semper Fi.

    4. you are exactly right a farce. I tried to use this Agency and it was a waste of time. They made a phone call and were told VISN 19 stated the case is closed. End of story. No Evidence reviewed. Told they were a Triage only.

      Veterans who used this will go on the Shit list. The VA is a very dangerous place for veterans. Asked me to do a survey on my provider at my local Rural Clinic. I refuse to reply, just another way to come after veterans. They say if you have problems with the VA to contact the local Director. What a Joke. They cover up for Bad Employees.

      Thanks for your post.

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