US Military ‘Inadvertently’ Shipped Live Anthrax

Live Anthrax Vaccine

As an Anthrax Vaccine survivor, I found CNN’s announcement that US military inadvertently shipped live anthrax in the US to be noteworthy and alarming.

CNN seemingly downplayed the supposed inadvertent shipping as an accident like a child forgetting his milk money. I don’t believe it for one second given the longstanding problems with the vaccine and forcible vaccination of military personnel.

Four Defense Department workers have been put in post-exposure treatment, a defense official said, following the revelation the U.S. military inadvertently shipped live anthrax samples in the past several days.

CNN learned on Wednesday a Maryland-based lab received the live samples, which prompted an across the board urgent review to see whether any other live anthrax has been shipped.

Officials are concerned because samples left over at the lab in Dugway, Utah, where the samples originated, were tested and determined to contain live agent.

The shipments, thought to be dead, were shipped under less rigorous conditions than the live agent protocol.

CNN reported that DOD was informed by “science experts” (whatever the hell that means) that there is no public risk. What are “science experts”? I do not take that to mean they were actual doctors, so it is certainly useful to know what credentials these supposed experts have related to a hugely dangerous and botched shipping of potentially lethal bio weapons.

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I remember my forcible anthrax vaccination phase. There was no choice, and I assume what I experienced was unlawful. How about you? Did you experience unlawful or forced anthrax vaccinations?


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  1. If you do enough research on the anthrax vaccine, you will eventually find that when the first Gulf War started, they did not have enough doses for everyone. I have never seen definitive evidence of it, but there have been lots of reports of the DOD fixing that problem by adding an adjuvant to the doses they did have. An adjuvant would supposedly make a smaller dose as potent as a regular dose. So take doses of the vaccine, cut them in half and add the adjuvant, and now you have doubled your number of doses. The DOD denied they added adjuvant for years, but then admitted they were using it in vaccine trials over seas where Informed Consent requirements are less stringent, or non existent. When my unit CO got his shot, he got very sick and ended up in the hospital. He lost lots of weight, and never did deploy with us because he was so sick. I saw him years later, and he was 100% SC…for Lupus, which was the only thing that fit for his symptoms that he could get SC for.
    After that GAO report I mentioned in another comment, the DOD supposedly pulled all their anthrax doses. They did not destroy them though. SecDef Cohen at the time publicly stated they would keep them in reserve for “emergencies”. It was about 2.5 million doses if I remember correctly.

  2. I forgot to add…I doubt this would have become public were it not for it being shipped to a private lab, and that lab contacting others. What a disaster.

  3. Yes I experienced this vaccine…twice. Once before going to the Gulf and a second 90 days later while in-country. It was telling that these shots before deploying were only documented on hand made forms. Even when I offered my official yellow shot record, it was refused. The 2nd shot in-country was not recorded on anything. Was it illegal? Absolutely. It was given for a reason not allowed under the FDA licensing, which means it was then experimental, which then means the DOD was required to get Informed Consent, which they did not do.
    Do some research on GAO reports, and you find all kinds of insider cronyism on this vaccine. You will also find reports that the manufacturer (Bioport at the time) had no control of the potency from dose to dose, and found foreign material in doses, including gasket material. Given that report, the FDA finally got off their asses and told DOD they were going to pull their license to produce it. Rather than do that, DOD decided to voluntarily shut down production to clean up. The FDA should have yanked it anyway. It’s a rotten solution looking for a cause.

  4. I had to get the anthrax several times when I was in. I remember I was afraid of it and really didn’t want it, but the thought of punishment and dishonorable discharges looming over my head forced me to get it. I still have a bee sting sized bump on my right arm from the vaccine I got in 1999; to this day it itches and won’t go away. The VA won’t recognize it as a disability; they said they have no rating criteria for anthrax or it’s secondaries.

  5. The CDC was involved too. The U.S.military with federally funded CDC and universities (hospitals are in that category) for pharma are a danger to all of us. and making stuff like anthrax is just one of many diseases to spread around including MRSA.
    NEW vaccines for sale are usually the reason why. I don’t know what is worse, our DOD the CDC, a federal non profit, medical teaching universities or profitable companies like pharma, .
    If I had my way, they, those, that create all of this, sickness, would all be charged with crimes against humanity and that’s just for starters. Treason comes to mind.
    To use people as experiments(it isn’t just for germs or vaccines either), IS completely evil.
    Note, when the military sells their toxic land to unsuspecting new businesses, homeowners, parks, then you got to know something is really really wrong.,

  6. I to was forced into having the series of anthrax shots. I also fall under the umbrella of just days after getting my last shot it was then no longer forced on anyone. We were their test subjects plain and simple. I have developed asthma, skin problems that seems my body is a festering sore. Cysts on my back and groin areas and who only knows what else I have no clue about. It sure is nice to know we get the best of care…hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    1. You don`t think our Honorable Trustworthy Govt Would use it to control the Population, Do you?? Let a cloud float across the plains like Mustard gas hoping the wind don`t change direction. Like Saddam did to the Kurds. If one of these bottles were to end up in (my) mailbox, Should I forward it to where it (should) go?

  7. I was deployed to OEF in 04/05.

    I received the last of my Anthrax vaccine series on Bagram. We were forced to take the vaccine, my final shots coming only weeks before congress decided to outlaw the practice.

    I now have numerous health conditions, my breathing is a mess, I routinely bleed from my rectum, I have folliculitis, and my skin has become super sensitive to infections like MRSA (which I caught for the first time at the VA hospital in Chilicothe OH.). I don’t know whether to blame these issues on burn pits, vaccines, or some otherwise unknown cause, but that’s when I started getting sick.

    I now live in Fayetteville, NC, where of course it’s nearly impossible to get appointments, even though I’m 100% TDIU. Priority 1 according to the VAs own rating system.

    The VA has been able to do nothing to stop the small boils and abcesses I get all over my body. I’ve still not seen anyone in infectious disease or dermitology. Good luck getting to specialists.

    Of course the VA had me marked as a disruptive parient, and I was eventually added to the fiduciary program. Not for being a danger to myself and others, but rather as a means of controlling my income, and wven my speech initially as my field manager was told to not pay the hosting costs for my old blog and website, the means by which I was trying to publicize my ongoing struggles to receive the care I’ve earned.

    1. My heart goes out to you. I contracted MRSA at the the SLC VA Hospital. It’s been four years, and I continue to get outbreaks. It’s awful, and all my attempts to get rid of it have failed.

      Unsurprisingly, the VA has denied me service-connection for this condition. I contracted it in a VA facility after surgery for an SC condition, but the agency claims I contracted this at the physical rehab center I went to after my procedure.

      Ridiculous, and I’m appealing. One last thing I should mention: did you realize that your medical records are flagged with a big, flashing warning every time someone pulls them up? I worked very briefly for non-VA care, and whenever I pulled up the file of someone with MRSA, I’d get a very ostentatious warning — CHRONIC COMMUNICABLE INFECTION. I wasn’t allowed to access my own records, but I’m reasonably sure that I’m “marked for life” at VHA facilities.

      1. @Stephen-
        Yes, every since I firstly had MRSA, and so bad I had to undergo major surgical rather than the simple ‘lancing’ the first two times, and was on Vancomyacin PIK Line IV at home for 6 weeks with home healthcare folk coming every morning, I still have breakouts, albeit much lessor than it was at beginning.
        Anytime hospitalized, am placed in a solitary room that’s considered a ‘hot room’. I solely use Medicare and civilian Specialists these days since I have both SSDI and 100% P&T Svc. Connection.
        Yes, our medical files are flagged with one BIG *BUT*…at least in the civilian medical community, once you have tested negative for MRSA THREE TIMES within 6 months, that flag is supposedly removed. I see a major Infectious Disease Specialists (for things USAF gave me), and it has taken me almost 7 years to finally test negative and now at ANY KIND of medical appointment, I do not touch door handles, elevator buttons, et al, using bottom of t-shirt wrapping fingers to do so and wash twice, even thrice, after any appointment.
        I can see at least in my on-line access medical record with civilian medical community, and that flag has indeed been finally lifted and my Dr. even commented that next time I may need to be hospitalized, I will no longer get a “private room”…but I can totally see the VA just leaving that ‘Flag’ in there indefinitely.
        Fight and do not give-up. The VAMC I used for an interim period of time also gave me C-DIFF….just as equally NOT FUN….it’s also not fun being the military’s Lab Rat.

  8. Holy Crap! I somehow missed that they ALSO sent these to South Korea and people were exposed and undergoing treatment as we read about this!! Eeeek! If this were the VA, they would promote the person to be the liaison for the CDC, nothing less!
    Pretty scary! Have to wonder if something more sinister was in works with some employee trying to do something Domestic?

  9. Ben, glad you touched on this because I too, thought they underplayed the severity of this just as they did a couple years ago and it was released that the USAF “inadvertently” flew live nukes in bombers from Northern-most part of USA to Southern/Gulf States…and then they too, stated “the public was in minimal danger”….WTF?!
    Now, I absolutely know the safety protocols used in the above scenario as I worked around that in USAF, but for the same thing to happen with a Biological like Anthrax, simply stupendous!!! I bet they even sent it USPS Priority Mail or less, which meant it was more than likely in a parcel air born flight, making the perfect storm if something went wrong **at a time of extreme weather as it’s been** to atomize/aerosol the deadly Agent Anthrax.
    I think I recall on my news they even made sure to add that “…it was NOT *weapon-ized* Anthrax…”, and with that stuff being given the stamp of approval by some Gov’t. “Doctor”…and we KNOW how loosely the VA uses the term “Doctor”…that very well could be 2 year Vocational College Medical Assistant that is examining any of us under the auspice of “Dr.”, so I too wonder if anyone will be held accountable with this potentially deadly scenario?
    Yes, received plethora of battery of shots with the air guns WAY more times than was necessary for ANY mobility exercise, each and every time….never told what and why some people got really sick thereafter….hmmm. Were they ‘caught’ in a little “exercise”?
    I feel as strongly against bringing people with Ebola back into the USA…not being cold-hearted, it just was not smart to cease all incoming from affected Countries/Regions just as it was done for other lethal Viral Agents in past…another POTUS big fail.

    Have to wonder what these people are smoking or just HOW such intense safety protocols were not followed?!
    (I had an extra job as an NCO teaching ancillary classes on “NBC Warfare/Preparedness”, which stands for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical.

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