VA bonuses

Veterans Sound Off On VA Bonuses Paid Out Despite Backlog ‘Slip Up’

VA bonuses

Many veterans sounded off yesterday over a leaked email from Diana Rubens to staff lauding her award of VA bonuses to employees despite a backlog “slip up.”

Prior to discussing last month’s disability backlog “slip up,” Rubens congratulated bonus recipients, “you should have seen that monetary thank you in last week’s check.” She promised to continue doling out bonuses throughout the year to recognize “contributions.”

READ: Rubens Email On Bonuses And Disability Backlog

Veterans were fired up by the email, not just because it seems absurd for Rubens to mention bonuses in the same email acknowledging a slip up causing the backlog to increase, but also because Philadelphia VA is one of the most scandal-plagued VA regional offices in the country.

Rubens was one of the SES employees linked to a scandal, demoted, but then reinstated after VA was unable to hold her accountable for violating its ethics laws. She also created a remote job for her female lover so she would move with her to Philadelphia after she relocated her subordinate who used to run Philadelphia VA.

During congressional investigations into Rubens’ apparent fraud, she reportedly walked around Philadelphia VA laughing and telling her subordinates to “enjoy” the show.

Here are a few excerpts from regular readers about the Philadelphia VA bonuses:

[Please note these are generally unedited excerpts and do contain certain typos]

Veteran 1 – Lem

Ben, “· Average days to complete a Veteran’s claim is 119.4 days – a 228.6-day reduction from 348-day peak in Sept. 2013”

PAs doing C&P and the same deciding claims with automatic denials. Another bonus scheme? Needs to be investigated.

Veteran 2 – Namnibor

Excellence In Eternal Ignorance = Our VA pig-rats screwing over Veterans for nonperformance bonuses. These pig-rats would use global warming as an excuse for their incompetence if given the chance, begging for a billion for more A/C units so they can be all comfy while stamping DENY on claim files.

By the way, I thought the rats were NOT supposed to be receiving performance bonuses? Last year as well but they received them in 2015 as well and we Veterans received a WHOPPING 0.03% Cost Of Living Adjustment (same for SSA) this year, which with my 100% VA Comp., added a whopping $9. a month to my income, while these rats at the VA receive significant bonuses even if they screw-up. How the f^ck is that an even playing field?

Veteran 3 – Crazy Elf

Quote; “…as you should have seen that monetary thank you in last week’s check.”
A “Bonus” for what? As was said, they gotta spend the money, or lose it on next year’s allocation!
“Bullshit” is all it is!

Ruben’s should be sitting in a jail cell, not the head of a RO!

Veteran 4 – OLDMARINE

to ensure your success and exceptional service to our Veterans.what BULLSHIT. they must love blowing smoke up each others ASSES, its a feel good thing of theirs. I went to a town hall meeting here in ASHEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA VA and the hospital director kept jumping up and down how we where number 2 in the whole system, i wonder who voted. damn sure wasn’t the vets. then some old timer gets up to complain he’s had a head ache for the last 5 years then take his pain med’s away and wont do any thing else about it. I think they need to lay off the crack pipe for awhile ……they sure sound upbeat in their emails must be the birthday parties and the bonus money, lets party like its 1999 LOL

Veteran 5 – 91Veteran

Interesting to see her highlight the incentive or bonus pay. I seriously doubt they have any kind of checks for accuracy causing a reduction in any incentive or bonus pay. I suspect the bonus is paid well before anyone noticed that claim making a 3rd or 4th trip through the process. 

I highly doubt any VA employee is rated at less than fully successful, unless they are a good employee being targeted for retaliation and firing.

I also highly doubt any VA rating official would incur the wrath of the AFGE and Little Cox by rating a dues payer at a rating in which said dues payer would not receive a bonus.

I suspect if a VA employee can show up and fog a mirror they are rated as fully successful.

I do find it interesting an approving official has the authority to change a rating if they disagree with how an employee was rated by their supervisor. It smacks of micromanagement and favoritism.

…and a dictator keeping his little subjects in line.

Veteran 6 – Jo3n

I find it difficult to be reading about Reubens, again. How in the hell is the VA supposed to get better with the same thieves running the place? A birthday bonus? Nothing is changing… Senator Isaacson sent my, “choice card” request to the Alabama Senator Shelby. He sent me a release of information form. Not sure this is going to work. Timely? Are you kidding? I wish Trump would follow up on his words. There is nothing timely with the VA. They just change the dates. I’m getting tired.

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  1. @Ex va: Hey Ex, I should get going, and I bet your getting tired as well. Hope you sleep well and not too much pain.

      1. @Ex va: I think next time I go to the va for a pcp appointment, I am going to bring in exrays of my dogs hips, and see if this idiot even notices it;s a dog. If he does, I can always say ” shoot, I grabbed the wrong ones”

      2. @Ex va: Reason i asked, I get my meds from them, and when I went today, I saw they have a big Italian section with hard to find items. I live in a small town too and the store we have here doesn’t have much of anything. I don’t know if Wally world carries things like 28oz cans of Marzano tomatoes. I will have to check on that. I am trying to come up with a sauce recipe for you that isn’t too complicated but is better than any Italian restaurant will have.

      3. @Ex va: No storms do not effect me in any way. I am filled with arthritis and that is painful but the weather doesn’t cause any changes. Some days are good, but most are not.

      4. @ cj, x-rays of your dogs hips! LOL! Now don’t make things too hard on them with these tests of yours! ROFL! Thanks for working on a recipe. That will help me. I love Italian food and i can do ok, nothing great. Not on the level you are at, but i would like to improve it if possible. Yeah i have the arthritis throughout and bone erosion. Hurts like hell at times. This storm coming thru i can feel it tonight.

      5. @Ex va: You can easily make better italian food than the resaurants can. I do wonder if the doc would even notice……..he is that incompetent. I am glad I don’t have weather related pain. I know a lot of people do, it must be awfull.

  2. @Ex va: I have no idea what Ben is going to do or not. I am guessing only. Re read his article a few times, and he said he would give us more info in the comming days.

    1. @ cj, yeah that is right, i read that too. I wish him the best, I hope he is successful. Battling the va is like hitting you head on a spot on the wall over and over again. BS ************!!!

      1. @Ex va: LOL your so right. hahaha that was a good visual……perfect in every way. Thank you for that.

      2. @ cj, LOL! I need to laugh, been so agitated. I feel sorry for anyone battling the va. I hope Ben wins big and anyone else who fights them legally.

      3. @Ex va: Cudo’s on that. They are so corupt, it is almost useless talkig about it. This new va pcp they gave me, he is obviously an incompetent boob. Thank God I have my own doctors. They really need to weed out these losers.

  3. @Ex va @cj – It never ends with what the VA tries to pull over our heads. Always giving trying to give us the shaft. I hate even going to the VA facility.

    Hey, my fingers are hitting the wrong keys. I knew when I got on tonight that I would be too tired. I gotta crash. Pain had me twisting and turning last night. And, now my head is nodding above the keypad on my laptop. My Brothers, have a good night, and God bless the both of you.

  4. @cj @Ex va – I know cj, there sometimes is way to much bickering sometimes. Its really not needed when others are posting their struggles while trying to maintain their household while taking care of our Brothers and Sisters.

    Ex va – You stated your letter is about scheduling, against our pals at the VA?

    1. @ANutterVet,@Ex va: Yes that is why I posted that I thought that page of all was a more sacred page intended for caregivers, I believe so Ben could gather info.. I hope to use against the va. No nonsence was needed on that page, and even I am guily of leaving nonsence there………..sometimes you wish you could take your posts back……….

      1. @ cj, @ ANutterVet, yeah, but you are sincere about things. A little nonsense helps elevate some bad **** when it hits the fan. There is little encouragement sometimes. Is Ben going to forward comments to someone?

      2. @ANutterVet,@Ex va: I think I am going to start writing letters to Sekulov about the va, Link Bens page to him, and hopefully he will pickup the cause. I wish I was a high profile lawyer with endless funding, I would end this mess once and for all.

    2. @ cj, @ANutterVet, Ben is probably dealing with a lot. I don’t know how he does this kinda stuff all the time. I get so disgusted on dealing with them as little as possible.

      1. @ANutterVet,@Ex va: I believe Ben is upset over the loss of his family, and that is why he asked for strories from other caregivers, along with info he already has from a foia, I do bellieve he is getting ready for a lawsuit.

      2. @Ex va: I do not know the answer to those questions. You guys would know more than I would. Maybe I am just hoping too much is all lol.

  5. @ANutterVet,@Ex va: You mean you can’t get the politicians to care. I hear ya, seems those bastards don’t want to listen to anyone but their bank accounts going ching ching.

    1. @ cj, the funding is there, it is crunched and allocated by congress. The problem is when the va gets their grubby hands on it they don’t have to follow rules or be good stewards with it.

  6. @cj @Ex va – I went back and checked our posts, and they are all over the place. cj, did you read the discussion about rules, regs, policy, bills? I think it was Lem’s postings to Seymore’s.

    1. @ANutterVet,@Ex va: yes I read all of those, and it wasn’t neccissary on THAT page. Ex va, I will be fine, just need to find anothere gi doctor, my last one got another job at another practice and they wouldn’t tell me where, so I was left with a flunkey that should be working at the va instead lol.

  7. @ANutterVet,@Ex va: Talking about the blame game over who was in office at what time to cut spending. Maybe funding should be cut to all these FUCKING ILLEGALS, then maybe there would be more to take care of VETERANS.

  8. @ ANutterVet, letter to a congressman to give evidence of the scheduling manipulations on a national level and violation of civil and human rights.

  9. @cj @Ex va – cj r u talking about rules, regulations, policies, and blanket bills that were discussed earlier? Ex va, what type of letter r u working on?

  10. @ cj, i can understand that feeling. People lost their hearts. So sick of that kinda stuff. No respect. Smack em.

  11. @ANutterVet,@Ex va: I can’t believe people injecting their damn politics into a page about caregivers. Makes me wanna smack em up side the fucking head.

      1. @ cj, @ ANutterVet, i have to put together this letter with my evidence and i am so mentally exhausted over it. The cause is just, i just can’t find anyone else to care about it.

      2. @ANutterVet,@Ex va: I hear ya, it is extremely upsetting to hear all of those stories, I think it is more upsetting than usuall because it is the mothers and wives the va is attacking. Ex va, what cause are you talking about?

        Insides are not doing any better, sometimes if feels like I ate a bowl of glass.

    1. @cj, @Ex va – Ex va, how r u doing? cj, how is your digestive tract doing? Today’s article and the responses that followed, got to me. How low can you get, cutting off our Brothers and Sisters who really need help? I’m only going to be posting for a bit. I had a long day, and pain flaring up. Plus, VA is playing a game, by lying, in which I’m super pissed.

      1. @ ANutterVet, @ cj, i am angry also and agitated at the va and insensitive people. Va has caused me a lot of problems over the years. Cutting funding to the care giver program shows how sick and twisted these ********* can be.

  12. @ cj, did you get a concussion or anything? You are very fortunate to survive and you probably save some life’s doing what you did.

    1. @Ex va; Nope didn’t save anyones life or anything. No cuncussion, just a blast injury knocked me out cold, don’t know for how long. I don’t remember anything but a bright flash, after that nothing till the following day. I have no idea where they even took me, hospital, clinic………no idea who saw me, I know it wasn’t a doctor, and I know they flew me in by helicopter, At least all that is in my records, but I don’t recall any of it.

  13. @ cj, i do that too. It is like my brain is overloaded and then the confusion is so bad nothing makes sense. That is when my patience is so short. I hate that feeling because i am not that kinda of a person. I thought that when you were not here i figured you needed to rest because you were exhausted. I sometimes do that too.

    1. @Ex va: Yep, frustrating, it isn’t alzhiemers, or anything like that. Just risiduals of an injury. I don’t undersand how you can have trouble with your mind, then everything is ok, then it isn’t again. Sounds like you are going through the same shit.

      1. @ cj, they think mine is linked to anxiety disorder. I have had trauma, nothing on scans yet. They say possibly that it can show up later because i had a concussion. I have had injury in car accident. It does sound like the same stuff. PTSD? You could have that with your injury. Trauma to the body is trauma to the brain some say that. Just saying. I hope you don’t. One doctor said i may have PTSD.

      2. @Ex va: No ptsd here, was a blast injury, in an inclosed concrete room, nowhere for the blast to go but through my head. I was only about a foot away from the blast. Lucky to be alive, so they tell me. I don’t think they know what being alive is all about.. lol

  14. @Ex va: Check this one out. One of my neighbors broke his arm. I asked what happened, and he mummbled, and said something about work. My other neighbor from across the street comes over to borrow a tool, and he says, “did you see the dink broke his arm?” I says yeah, I asked but didn’t get a straight answer. LOL he tells me the guy was riding his new harley downtown checking himself out in the plate glass windows and ran into a parked car hahahahahahahahaha………I wish I could have seen that….

    1. @ cj, oh sh**… that is bad… ROFL!!!! Vanity is bad. Vanity before a fall.!!!! LOL!!!! He could of got hurt worse than that.. He is lucky!!

      1. @ cj, you know you could have posted it hear and get like a thousand hits. ROFL!!!! I would probably watch it at least 10 times like the cupcake in the rain!!! ROFL!!!!

      2. @Ex va: There is a utube chanel, just look for sniper 101. Pretty cool kid, he was never in the military. His grandfather or uncle, one of the two, I can’t remember, was an excellent shot, he would just know where to aim considering the wind etc. It amazed this guy so he studied all he could on shooting and has put out these videos for everyone to learn from. He was gone for a while, then came back. He had cancer, he is also a religious person. He has a podcast that he does reviews on different things. Rexreviews. It’s just something interesting to watch when you get bored. all free. He is an amazing shot. Also does some videos visiting Switzerland to shoot. That was also cool, because it is the largest indoor shooting range in the world, built into a mountain.

      3. @ cj, i will have to look that up. Sniper 101. I like you tube. I want to do that RVing thing. Sounds like fun.

  15. @Ex va: I am glad your not crashing anymore too. What would we do without our computers? It’s about my only contact with the outside world, and my only means of entertainment.

    1. @ cj, yeah i agree this is about my only contact too. I appreciate the information sometimes at your fingertips. Sometimes it is too much info. It helps with doing your taxes. LOL! I have to do a lot of writing letters. Not looking forward to it. Senator last year didn’t help. Maybe this congressman will help this year. I hope.

      1. @Ex va: i hope they can help too. My experience with them has not been good. I find they don’t really care, and have even hurt at times. Yours may be different. We all have different congressmen, hopefully some take their jobs seriously enough to give a hand.

    2. @Ex va: I was going to try and learn how to hack online, but I can no longer concentrate enough to really learn anything. Even the information given on Bens blog takes me a very long time to decipher, it’s very tireing, gets to the point where I get frustrated, because sometimes I can’t make sence of it all. That is when you won’t see me for a few days. I end up crashing, mentally. It’s like I have been working heavy contruction,,,,,,that kind of tired.

  16. @ cj, yes, they are trying to improve their public image. BS!! I don’t know if they ever will be able to straighten their mess out.

    1. @Ex va. Grrrrrrrr, you know what? This country is so messed up………….you have to be carefull what you say even here. I no longer feel like I can say what is really on my mind, that someone may be watching all this stuff. How’s that for crazy?

      1. @Ex va: My computer seems to be straightened out. There was a linux update today, and that was a really fast update compared to others. I think there was a bug and they fixed it. Sure can drive ya batty trying to figure out whats happening.

      2. @ cj, i think they do and i know that sounds bad too. The va is for entertainment purposes only. LOL! I have said a lot that is on my mind. Just couldn’t help myself. The injustice of it all, i do not think i will ever have peace about it. Your not crazy, you are normal like everyone else here. We are not stupid, we may have been too trusting but when you have been burnt by the va you just don’t trust them anymore and with good reason.

      3. @Ex va: Your right about that. I certainly will NEVER trust the va again. What they have done is unforgiveable.
        It angers me when I think about it. Now even when I call in a script, if I get this one guy, I recognize his voice, I will call patient advocacy, and have them follow up, and have the pcp’s nurse call me back to confirm that the script is on it’s way……………..I shouldn’t have to do that. But once I am lied to by someone, I will not trust them ever again.

      4. @ cj, i had a hacker trying to ask for my password for iTunes. Made me think it was a kid wanting music. I was on my iPad. 4g. Possible off this site. But i don’t know i surf a lot could of been picked up somewhere else. I deleted, rebooted, updated. No problems tonight. Browser not crashing.

  17. @ cj, i think the public just generally trust in the va taking care of a Veteran. I don’t think people know the truth about abuses. People don’t want to know about bad things in general.

    1. @Ex va: Guess what? I saw a damn commercial for the va today……………….made it look like club med, with the finest doctors in the world. So they have all this money for commercials, but not to care for veterans? I need to buy a good supply of tv’s, just so I can start throwing shit at them everytime I see something like that.

  18. @ cj, doing a little better today. I did get some rest. I needed it. K-9 spoiled rotten here she needs to go on a diet.

    1. @ cj, i was reading some of the posts. Zombie apocalypse. Lol! This generation is very dissatisfied and i know they are angry, but i don’t think they know what they are angry about.

      1. @Ex ve; Your right they don’t know what they are angry about, they only know what some fool libtardlyflakeasaurus told them to be angry about.

      2. @ cj, i agree with that! Someone has to tell them to be mad about something. They are not that smart. LOL!

    2. @Ex va: Yours too? LOL Last time I had my pitbull into the vet, the girl behind the counter called her an ottoman……lol……..she was right too. But hey they have been throug enough, they deserve to get spoiled. I am glad you got some rest. It’s about time. I’ve been watching some youtube videos that kind of have me a little pissed off, I am not sure what to think of them.

      1. @ cj, i was watching people doing these dumpster dives. I was laughing like they were making all these excuses to take this stuff. I watch stupid YouTube videos to laugh about. There are some funny people out there. They dive in the dumpsters taping their trips. LOL! Cracks me up what some of them are saying.

      2. @Ex va: I hear ya. same here I go there to watch funny things. Once ina while though I come across a video on stolen valor, have you watched any of those?

      3. @ cj, it is hard for me to watch anything hurting a Veteran, denying medals deserved, denying benefits. I find it inexcusable that our heros are treated in such a matter. I feel those who don’t protect are way of life, our flag, our heroes, those people don’t deserve the protection it provides, but some have to learn things the hard way. Maybe they will understand what it is here in this country with freedoms because they may lose it someday themselves. People tend to understand sometimes only when it effects them directly. It is sad but true.

      4. @Ex va: I was talking about videos where a veteran goes after another person who didn’t serve in the military, but is wearing a military uniform. I have watched some where I thought the veterans went overboard, attacking a homeless man for simply wearing a cammo shirt. I can totally see their point when you come across a person pretending to be a veteran, and benifiting from it. But I have seen mentaly ill people attacked, and I don’t think that is conduct a veteran should be engaging in. I saw a stolen valor site and the owner of this site called out a Master Seargent who was highly decorated, served in korea and VietNam. Sent out a FOIA on the guy, and the only thing out of place was a Purple Heart. Alll of his mans silver stars and bronze stars, and valor medals of honor were legit. This guy says “seee I knew it.stolen valor” Never mind all those other decortations that were earned. How does he know that the mans friends family didn’t want him to wear it in his honor? I am sure that is probably not allowed, but considering how highly decorated this particular man was, I thought an appology was in order, not a seeee I got you. I will probably catch a lot of flak for what I just posted. I don’t care, I think some of these guys are going too far and doing themselve and all veterans a dis service, when picking on mentally ill, or men that have seem more than they could ever imagine. Just my opinion.

      5. @ cj, no i haven’t watched that. I heard of some lying about medals. I didn’t know they were attacking people and Veterans over this. Geesh!! Some Veterans give their medals to someone else. You are right. A mentally ill homeless man that is wrong. Mentally ill people can’t help themselves they shouldn’t be attacked.

      6. @Ex va: Sometimes I think the entire damn country has gone madd, Except the people on this blog. Nothing but respect for everyone of them.

      7. @ cj, the do some of those social experiments on YouTube with the homeless and poor. Some of it is good. Shows some true humanity and from people who have heart. There is some genuine people here on this blog and that is the reason i come and read the comments and the articles.

      8. @Ex va: Yes I have watched some of those. Some are very good. Unfortunatley, most are out for themselves and don’t care about anyone, always me me me me. There are a lot of really good people in this world, but the ones that are not so good get all the attention.

  19. Here’s what Rush Limbaugh thinks about the “Obama Stimulus”. It’s at about the 9 minute mark. “91Veteran”, it’s widely known now, Obama’s Stimulus was a “pay off” to the unions! Thereby making them more powerful than ever. President Trump, in my opinion, will need to destroy the unions before he can implement true reform!

    “Conservative Views952”
    via “Fox News: Rush Limbaugh EXCLUSIVE”
    Posted: 19 Feb. 2017. (12:20 min. long)

    “Rush Limbaugh: “The Media Did Not Make Donald Trump, and they can’t destroy him!”

    I believe Rush is correct on his opinions concerning how Trump Supporters are behind him.
    For example, there were 9,000+ supporters at his rally yesterday here in Florida. With more outside, because they couldn’t get in! Those people weren’t counted.
    Which, is a throwback to his rallies he did on the campaign trail.
    I know this to be factual. Because the wife and I attended his rally in Daytona Beach, Florida. Where he had around 12,000+ supporters. Later that day, he went to Jacksonville, Florida and had over 15,000+ supporters. At both places, there were thousands extra, not being able to get inside!

  20. 91Veteran,
    Now you’ve brought the IRS into it. Here’s a video of just how corrupt that agency has become.
    ‘Amicus Humani Generis’s
    19 Feb. 2017. (3:08 min. long)

    “”You Spent $4,300,000 on A Hotel Conference” Jason Chaffetz Goes Berserk On IRS Official!”

    The “second in command of the IRS” was caught, red handed, by the committee telling lies to the American people.
    It was in 2010 this occurred. Yet, he wasn’t brought before Congress until 2015 or 2016 for questioning!
    From my understanding, the IRS Code is being torn apart and redone. As well it should be!
    How many people and businesses can’t understand the code? Like President Trump has stated, businesses need an army of attorneys to just file their returns!

  21. namnibor,
    I read where the “snowflakes” are amassing for “May Day, 2017”!
    “Rumor” has it 3 million retards are heading to Washington DC.
    Can you imagine that? Just think what our nation’s capital will look like after 3 million idiots get done throwing their trash all over the streets. Just as all those so-called “respectful women” did a short time ago! They left tons of garbage all over the capital.
    If they have no respect for themselves, why should we believe they have respect for our Capitol City?

    1. Crazy Elf, Same with the pipeline protesters in ND.
      Backed by Soros and Wesley Clark’s spawn, junior, and a bunch of Hollyweird leftists.

      Who are no longer to be found now that the mess needs to be cleaned up.

      There have been pictures all over some news sites and all over FB about the many tons of trash, abandoned vehicles, human waste, etc., left behind that will take many weeks to clean up, and from the pictures of the rising water levels, they may not make it.

      So all of that will flow into the very water they were claiming to protect.

      I also recently read that many of these protest camps were on Army Corps owned land, which means Obama intentionally allowed that to happen rather than ordering them off.

      It also means the local ranchers suffering damage and loss of livestock was because of those protesters allowed by Obama to stay.

      I agree with the legislation Minnesota is trying to pass allowing them to sue the Black Lives Matter protesters who caused so much damage. ND needs to do the same thing.

      Soros, Hollyweird leftists and others need to be sued for the damage their thugs cause.

      1. Imagine the logistics in even trying to get one cent out of the Black Lives Matters protestors? Probably easier to make a new service connected claim with the VA because with BLM you really do not have an official head of the snake to go after, and I highly doubt BLM even files any sort of tax or tax exemption paperwork, and lest we forget than many of the BLM do not work, with many on the Public Dime.

        I am all for going after damages and laws put in-place as what MN is proposing, but it would give me more of a feel-good warm feeling if they were official classified as a domestic terrorist organization and be done with it. At least that’s how I feel about it.
        That mess in N. Dakota left by the pipeline protesters when it finally got too cold for them just shows there’s either absolutely no organizational ranks of these snowflakes or they simply are lazy hypocrites. Both? Bingo!

      2. Both BLM and the pipeline protesters had money from Soros funneled through non profits.
        Wesley Clark junior had some kind of fundraising operation going on to fund travel to get up there.

        The funding source is who they should go after. If it’s a non profit, then their status should be revoked for funding lawlessness and rioting.

      3. Correct me if I am wrong, but I was under strong impression they ran several “Go Fund Me” campaigns, so have no idea just how they would even go after the funding sources when you even have the likes of the NAACP in the mix. The snowflakes would scream they were being “oppressed upon” and ensure even more rioting…a bit like when you go to the city zoo and if one animal area gets riled-up and vocal, the other animals ensue in a flavor of crazy…have no idea what the answer is but when I go to my damn Dr., the last thing I should have to look at is the Dr.’s RN coming-in and she’s wearing a large BLM button and other garb on and I swear this happened to me back in October, she had asked me what I thought about then candidate Trump, and when she gave me flu shot, I watched the bitch literally stab me with downward velocity and I tensed-up, and blood and most of the damn flu shot vaccine flu out of my arm and she screamed…a nurse…she was more damn concerned that her “whites” had no blood splatter….I am pretty sure her reaction with the stabbing of flu shot was in direct response to my vocal disdain for Hillary and I was strongly leaning Trump. If I were a litigious jerk, I would own that Dr. Office…but…it’s a wildly liberal state medical university with…a very strong union.

        Seriously, I am really about sick of other human beings other than most Veterans. Maybe I am just getting old and health issues have made me grumpy? Yes, and people still piss me off.
        Rant Out.

      4. I hear ya Nam. I suspect it may be difficult to go after a Gofundme donor, but that would depend on how the legislation is written, and if it allows going after those listed as organizers.

  22. Check out this video!

    “Next News Network” – Gary Franci reporting.
    Randy DeSoto for “Western Journalism”
    & “The Washington Examiner”
    Feb 19, 2017. (3:27 min. long)

    “More Winning: The Senate Just Shot Obama’s Last Effort to Destroy The Second Amendment!”

    Next stop, the President’s desk for his signature. When it’s signed into law, it won’t be just the Social Security offices affected! It will be all agencies!

    1. @Crazy elf – Ex-President Obama tried to create an unjustified flagging tactic, by adding the names of individuals to a list, that would automatically bar them from legally purchasing a gun. And, if the tactic was successfully implemented, many citizens of the United States would be put on this gun list, when they would seek “the assistance of a third party,” in order to help them fill out the disability questions for Social Security benefits.

      Talking about taking advantage of people. With this slick maneuver, ex-President Obama was actually taking for granted, the trust that many American citizens had put into him. This slick tactic didn’t discriminate against anyone from being put on the gun list.

      And, the absurd criteria of being put on the list in the first place [by seeking the assistance of a third party to help fill out Social Security forms], then there would most likely be no way to get your name off of the list. A person would be permanently barred from legally purchasing a weapon in this country.

      ex-President Obama needed to establish a solid legacy, and in what better way than to effect gun control due to the violence in our country. As far as I’m concerned, ex-President Obama breached and violated the trust of the American People. Thanks Crazy elf for posting this link.

      1. Ex-Pres. Obama actually FANNED the FLAMES of violence in these United States. That’s the hypocrisy of all this and HAD Hillary Clinton become President, that 2nd Amendment may have been replaced with Sharia Law by the libtards and their cuddly wuddly refugees.
        Got into a discussion last night with a buddy of mine that’s one of the butthurt snowflakes. There’s absolutely no “discussing or debating” with these snowflakes. My friend is willing to throw our friendship in the trash because he seems to think that Obama is a god or something and anyone that destroys Obama’s “Legacy” must all be evil people to put national security above open borders and inclusiveness.

        Our friendship indeed went into the trash when I saw what he did to my American Flag decal on back of my car…he took a black sharpie and placed a swastika on it…WTF? Scary thing he was not even drinking or anything, just all out projected snowflake hate.
        People really can suck. Now I need to get another American Flag decal but the stupidest high-end hypocrisy of this taking place last night is my now ex-friend also happens to be from Jewish family, so he knows better.

        Lastly, McCain and Lindsay Graham can kiss my ass.

      2. Namnibor, what’s shocking about these snowflakes is their belief that any action, Executive Order, Executive Action or any other term for it taken by Obama carries the full weight of law like it was passed by Congress, or the full weight of a Constitutional amendment.
        If you look at how many of them are reacting to Trump rescinding an Obama EO like on immigration or DACA or other unconstitutional acts Obama did, they are going nuts as if Trump is just declaring a law invalid on his own.
        On DACA alone, they don’t realize the D stands for Deferred. They don’t realize if those covered under DACA break certain laws or have gang ties, they can be deported under the rules Obama used to create the program.
        It shows how bad this country had gotten under Obama by him ignoring his duties to uphold existing law, or to go to congress for new laws.
        It also shows how bad Democrat politicians are lying to their own people about laws being ignored or overruled at the whim of Obama.

        Not a one of them comprehend that any EO, EA or other rule change made by Obama can just as easily be overturned by Trump…and many people want exactly that to happen.

        They cheer that nitwit judge putting a stay on Trumps EO on banning people from certain Middle Eastern countries, not knowing that they will eventually lose because of the power given to the President to set who comes into this country in a 1952 law.

        At some point these people need to wake up and realize they have been left intentionally uneducated and lied to by their representatives. The longer that takes, the worse it will be for them.

      3. @Namnibor – Sorry to hear about your “friend ?????” In reality, your friend is willing to give up an actual personal relationship over a relationship that doesn’t exist. Strange thinking. This individual is either totally distorted or don’t value your friendship. Take that permanent marker and blot out his name from your address and phone book.

        And, the libertards know that this type of behavior is happening all over in our country. They are playing on the division factor. In this way, the far left Demo’s will keep the flames a going, and spreading this emotional temper tantrum over until the next Presidential election.

      4. @ANutterVet– That ‘friend’ has already been scrubbed and blocked as a personal security risk and liability to me. I just have never in my life seen such RABID behavior this far out after an election. According to him, the “snowflakes” are gearing-up for protest season on steroids as it gets nicer weather. Be careful out there. Lawlessness is definitely a probability with these snowflakes.

        Soros must mix-up some wicked-ass addicting Kool-Aid.

      5. @Namnibor, @Crazy elf, @Ex va- Hey, I’m wondering how much the MSM [Main Stream Media] is suppressing the reporting of people getting violent with others over President Trump’s victory and current actions?

        The other week, I had a run in with a Veteran in a waiting area at my local VA. I was watching a CNN new report, and turned to my wife and said, “dam libertards.”

        This Veteran thought that I called him a libertard. He came right out and said, “what did you call me?” I told him that I didn’t call him anything, and that I was talking to my wife, calling the people on the news a libertard. And then I told the Veteran, “no offense, but if I was talking to you, I would look you straight in the face, and call you a libertard.”

        And, there was a woman of color [this phrase is used all the time in the MSM = racial under toned statement], sitting on the couch and she was also watching CNN. When the reporter started to comment about some things President Trump said, she started to make all this stressful sounds. It sounded like she was in pain or something.

        I shared with my wife, that our country is really torn apart. And, the far left and MSM is going to take advantage of people and play on their emotions. I have found that the far left is so upset about President Trump’s win, and that many postings on social media sites are extremely emotional, and could possibly be considered as being hate speech.

        If Clinton, Pelosi, Waters, Schummer, Sanders [we haven’t heard a peep from Sanders in quite a while], and other Demo’s were truly concerned about the healing of our Nation, they would speak out. And, lets say that one or more of them got together to have a Press Conference. Do you think the MSM outlets would give them air time? Since the MSM [ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC] are liberal, would it be beneficial for them to put a Press Conference on air? I really don’t believe that the MSM wants our country to heal.

      6. @ANutterVet: First, I am sorry you had an altercation with another vet, It seems as if this is happening more and more these days. Second, your right, all is would take is a few libtard government officials, to condemn the actions taking place around the country. Not a word is said, Even their so-called, great leader himself,(Former President Obama), could take to the air and condemn all of it. Not a word is said. Your right again about people not putting up with it any longer. Most have had enough of this disruptive behaviour, more and more, are starthing to confront these paid shrills. Biker clubs made up of ex Marines, chasing down flag burners, contruction workers getting violent with them for stopping them from getting to work. It is far past the time for the hammer to drop on theese punks, and it is time for those who are here illegally to get the fuck out. The march to show you the impact the undocumented worker has on the community. What I see is how many undocumented workers have stolen jobs from Americans. Pitifull. The MSM is in lock step with progressives. Progressives are the scurge of the earh, and in MY opinion should all be hunted down one by one and eradicated from the planet. The world would be such a pleasant place, without them.

      7. @namnibor: you called it perfectly. “I just have never in my life seen such RABID behavior this far out after an election.” I can’t even explain to my own son, the damage libtards have done to this country. If I touch on the subject…….he hurries out the door. He is 28 and should know better. He is not part of the snowflake generation, but dates a liberal. The snowflake generation should really be renamed to the zombie apocalypse generation. I say this because they have no minds of their own, and walk around like zombies since this election. I haven’t encountered a protestor yet, but rest assured if I do, I will be needing bail. It is time for this shit to stop, it is time to put Soros behind bars, and if the press sould be charges as complicit in all of this? Then they should lose their broadcasting liscence, and be charged with enciting domestic terrorism.

      8. @ ANutterVet, everyone can think what they want and everyone has an opinion, but what gets me is people just looking to be offended. They have chips on their shoulders saying “what are you calling me?” When you were not even talking to them you were talking to your wife. This society is turning bad and everyone is so angry? Because they don’t get their own way, well welcome to the real world. I rarely got my way about anything. This self entitlement generation i don’t know what would make them happy, because i do not think they know what they want. They have had everything and so aggressive all the time it is strange behavior.

  23. OFF TOPIC – Primary Care Physicians are reaching burn out faster, patients can’t afford regular let alone alternative medical treatments, and the insurance and pharmaceutical companies are doing just fine. The health care system in the United States is in the pits. If things don’t change, it is going to be a luxury to have even minimal health care insurance. It probably already is. The sick and chronically ill will be priced out of the market.

    Do you remember when employers paid for your health care premiums? Remember when many companies offered health insurance with no deductibles? Remember when they also offered free dental insurance for their employees? My, my, how things have changed, and we have forgotten. Greed has slipped into our corporate and government conduct. Where’s the compassion for man kind? Nowadays, animals are treated better than human beings. Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

      1. @Ex va – Yes, there was a one in our area, a large facility, and was very well respected. I believe it was owned or substantially subsidized by the Catholic Church. Over the years, it was noticeable that there were changes taking place. Even the grounds around the building were negatively effected. And, then it closed the doors. Later, the largest private hospital bought the facility, and created another branch related to their brand of medical treatment facilities.

  24. To all,
    Concerning those “FREE Gun Locks”.
    One thing which wasn’t discussed was, “HOW MUCH DID VA PAY FOR THEM?”

    I bet it won’t come out until someone does a “FOIA” on it!
    Just more fraud, waste and abuse by VA!

  25. From;
    “End Times Prophecy News”
    Feb. 17, 2017. (9:37 min. long)

    “BREAKING: Several Staffers Have Just Been Escorted Out Of The White House!”

    Check out everything ‘Bother Jim’ talks about! The first article is about our “2nd Amendment”!

    1. Obama libertards! Someone who is seeking the assistance with Social Security benefits that has a physical disability, is then put a national gun list that no bars the individual from legally purchasing a weapon. Thank you Mr. ex- President Obama for adding to the erosion of our 2nd Amendment Rights. Isn’t it nice that there are term limits for the Office of the President. Only if this applied to the Senate and Congress as well.

      1. @ANutterVet,
        Please google, and watch what the Senate Just did to Obama’s “executive order” concerning the “2nd Amendment”.

        “More Winning: The Senate Just Shot Obama’s Last Effort to Destroy The Second Amendment!”

        “High Impact Flix”
        Feb. 19, 2017. (4:26 min. long)

        “This TRUTH Actually Aired in 1981 – Why Would The Elites Allow It??”

        It’s been said, often – “It’s better to hide something in plain sight. Rather than try to hide it altogether!”
        I believe that is a “close quote” from Dr. Ben Franklin!
        This short video is from the “sit-com” of “Barney Miller”! Y’all remember that comedy group of New York’s police!?
        It’s also been said that “comedy is from reality!”
        George Carlin, and many others, have made fun of our government for decades. They knew how to bring the message to the masses!

      2. I loved “Barney Miller” sitcom group from New York Police Dept. I also loved and still enjoy listening to recorded stand-up acts of George Carlin.

  26. OFF TOPIC – Check Out VA Medical Centers Performance and Ratings

    You may already know about this website, but in case you don’t:


  27. To all, the “purge” has begun!

    “MLordandGod” via “New York Post” & “USA Politics Today”
    Dated: 17 Feb. 2017. (3:59 min. long)

    “BREAKING: Rex Tillerson “Just Fired All Hillary and Obama People” At The State Department!”

    Americans will begin to see accountability in government!

    1. Also, I’ve read where it looks like there’s some “Obamination Administration Holdovers” in the DOD, more specifically the Pentagon, giving “Mad Dog” Mattis some problems!
      I think it’s time for “The Mad Dog” to start snapping at these TRAITOROUS reprobates.
      There keeping our military from receiving the proper items needed to keep them safe, or to fight back in any form. Especially, in defense of their lives.
      According to what I read, President Trump is PISSED! As well he should be!

      If I remember correctly, I saw this on “MLordandGod”. But, don’t hold me to it!

      1. @Crazy elf– There’s still a long trail of war profiteering DOD contracted-out scammers out there as well, and there was even under Pres. Bush but am told by someone that works in a contracting specific gov’t processing/claims dept, and only see him a few times a year, that under Obama, the fraud in given out contracts to make such things as armor to other things have to be carefully checked now because of scammers.

        For instance, there was one contractor that was paid huge amounts to produce/use this type of paint that absorbed/blocked being observed from distances and had some quality for night vision stuff. The troops were getting ambushed over and over and come to find out the damn contractor was using nothing more than the chemical equiv. of that stuff we used to use when we used typewriters called ‘Whiteout”, on the surfaces…caught, but how many dead Vets later?

        Massive swamp draining needs done at the Pentagon. Obama usually got rid of people early on he did not agree with and all the other generals and staff were never listened to…what a mess.

    2. That’s a start, now do a complete flush of every Federal Agency and then finally, the really big swamp beasts will be next around the 2 year election cycle, and the poor dinosaur career stick in the mud backdoor deal shitheads will all be falling-off their stairmasters in the morning.

      At some point I think we may see a bunch “suddenly retire early” when the flames are fanned closer to them and that’s when the ratty claws will be swimming away to go unionize the fast food workers of America, who are demanding shy of $20. an HR now…WTF?
      I cannot even get them to leave the mayo off, on the same burger I get every time at same location and am thinking it may not be mayo. Let the AFGE go infect an already piss poor workforce and leave Veterans alone. These days, at least in the major cities, seems fast food employment is when prison is the only other option…in a mood. I hate mayo.
      Damn it, Janet! Rant Out. (I hate mayo)

  28. One of our President’s late one night, was, “our laws are broken”. This post, and following comments seem to prove that to be true. The laws that govern the VA are broken. I’m believing beyond repair. I’m hoping I’m wrong. First thing to fix is accountability. If there’s no accountability, it’s broken beyond repair.

  29. “Boom! New National Security Advisor Just Found A Brilliant Way To Stop Leaks!”

    “Next News Network”
    “Gary Franci reporting!”
    Feb. 17, 2017. (5:45 min. long)

    Y’all gotta watch this video! He’s not playing around anymore!
    Bet y’all there’s going to be some sorry “Obamination Administration holdover” asswipes in the near future!

  30. official blog of the U.S department of veterans affairs………””……..V.A. COMPENSATION WHO IS ELIGIBLE…..going to give them a fucking ear full in the am to tired now….

    1. I just had a page full of negitive comments on the above gov website and then told me i punched in the wrong CAPTCHA CODE then they wiped out my whole comment. what a bunch of TURDS

      1. Oldmarine, are you saying whoever runs that VA blog are scrubbing negative comments?

        If so, I suggest someone posting a link to their latest blog post here daily, so we can offer our comments on that site.

        I would be happy to comment, then take screenshots before and after it is deleted, then submit an IG complaint.

        If the VA is going to run a blog, they only have a right to delete abusive comments or those with foul language. They do not have a right to delete those comments that might make them look bad. Using taxpayer resources for some kind of cheerleading BS to make the VA look good is fraud, waste and abuse.

      2. @91Veteran, @Crazy elf, @cj, @Ex va, @Seymore Klearly – Even if some of the posts contained foul language, all they need to do is list the first and last letters of the word or phase so that the comment has the same impact. Its done all the time when watching television. The VA detracting content or adding false information? Their not know for doing such things. This Federal Agency has an excellent track record by taking care of our precious sweet Veterans. A bunch of poo.

        The VA is so dam devious, they informed me that I tested positive for a drug that wasn’t prescribed to me. Nice. Since the VA is making this claim for testing positive, how do I prove that this is not so. They seemed to be in a little bit of shock when I said, “must be a false positive.” They weren’t in the least bit interested in doing another drug test. Do I trust them, fuck no.

        Now, all you need to do to edit may last statement, is to write f _ _ k no. Just looking at the edited phrase, it is non-offensive. There is only one reason to remove negative comments from the VA’s blog. And, it is only to make them look good. Nothing new.

        @91Veteran, @Crazy elf, @Seymore Klearly – I want to personally thank all of you for informing me about Serotonin Syndrome, being brought on by taking Tramadol. I was able to share this information to another Veteran, who is currently having the same problem. When I shared to him how Tramadol can interrupt his sleep, this hit a real nerve. As we talked, we discovered that he had many of the symptoms of having Serotonin Syndrome. And, it had been going on for a while, and he told his doctor, to no avail.

        By Veterans sharing with one another, we are able to help those who are being additionally burdened by the Evidence Based Treatment Protocol used by the VA. The VA needs to stop putting Veterans in the same box, so that they will be able to treat each Veteran on an individual basis. Simple as that.

      3. I went to that blog again where I left a lengthy comment about what I thought of his post.

        I made the comment this morning. It is still awaiting moderation. I’ll have to check again Monday or Tuesday.

      4. @91Veteran – They flagged your post? I’ve been to other blogs and they were hardly restrictive whatsoever. Something is strange. May be they are being selective of what is posted. If so, are we really surprised. Looking good VA, looking good. A joke. Libertards.

      5. I get the impression they moderate all comments there.

        I see no other comments on the same article.

        There was no foul language or any other reason for them to not post it other than a moderator isn’t working on weekends.

      6. I just read the blog post, and can see why someone would pay a negative comment.
        As for entering a Captcha code, it’s best to copy all of your comment into memory first before entering the code in case it gets lost.

        I saw no comments on that blog post.

        I can imagine many comments got wiped out with such a condescending post. And then to write such fantasy as if the VA does what he says regarding a claim for service connection rather than what reality is.

        Maybe I’ll go back and comment, and see how long it stays up.

      7. @91Veteran – From my personal experience with the VA, I wouldn’t even bother posting on a government website. They already know what is going on, and still don’t take any fruitful actions to make changes. Bunch of BS. Who we gonna call about all the circle jerking?

      8. ANutterVet, I could care less about the VA and my comment, but it’s highly irritating when they use a young Iraq War vet to make a condescending post suggesting all veterans are stupid, liars or greedy.

        He falls right in line with the VA party line that the VA follows the law, veterans hurt other veterans by giving bad advice on claims, and besides, veterans are just greedy and he cited how much the VA pays out in compensation as proof.

        Nowhere in his post does he say anything about a veteran getting quality medical care for their service connected conditions.

      9. @91Veteran – I hear you loud and clear 91. And, I can understand how some younger Veterans can fall for the bait. Like you, what really ticks me off is when another Veteran tries to sell you a bunch of BS about the VA. They back up the administrations uncompassionate conduct. I’ve caught them lying to me to my face, and called them on it. My last incidence, was when a VA counselor said that he sent me an email about the VA reneging on something that they offered to me. So now what? I must have something wrong with my email server. Let me go and check it out.

      10. i learned my lesson from now on i will make a copy. another thing i used no fowl language. but i will be back on there tomorrow

      11. ANutterVet I can understand how some younger Veterans can fall for the bait…thats why i commented on there and gave a link to this web sight

  31. Thanks for the article, i enjoyed reading this! The comments were true and factual as per usual postings of articles. The va should be more than embarrassed by yesterdays and today’s article. It probably will not even disturb any of them, they will conduct their business as usual with incompetence, inefficiency and lies.

    1. You would think the VA would be sorely embarrassed by those articles but I think the VA has lost any remaining pride to the point of the completely broken-down mental ward patient that still has the piece of toilet paper with shit on it stuck to bottom of slippers going-on now for 2 weeks. The VA has indeed lost even all caring for that thing pride.
      When I say pride, I am meaning ‘pride’ that they are taking care of and “assisting” Veterans. No, the AFGE Union has made them so brazen that while the same VA witch Dr. is lecturing a Vet on losing weight or we will fuck with your meds…that same VA witch Dr. looks like a marsupial carrying a family of 16 in the pouch.

      The VA has PRIDE in it’s own data and statistics, and even those are bought and paid for by likes of RAND Corp. then VA Public Affairs spruces it up with even more copious amounts of incompetence until it’s just right then served warm with that used piece of toilet paper that was stuck on bottom of Vet’s slippers as a napkin for Veteran to consume and general public.
      They cook-up some wicked shit at the VA. Meat that will make you loaf for an eternity. May not get properly buried, so the worm-dirt is an extra ala carte item once they locate your liquefying remains.
      Ooopsy…didn’t we make soup last week?

  32. Well, here’s an interesting article, from:
    “Patriots of America”
    via: “The Daily Caller News Foundation”

    “Republicans Blast VA For Putting Unions Ahead Of Veterans Care!’

    By: Kathryn Watson 02/17/2017

    A great read folks!
    There’s two extra articles within this one. Plus a survey y’all can take on this issue. Which, by the way, is 100% against the union!

  33. Hey, Warhorse and all,
    Yep, today’s FRIDAY!
    I wonder what kind of “Late Friday Bullshit Dump” we’ll receive?!?! How bad will it be?
    As if “Shithead Shulkin’s” little diatribe of getting VA off the “fraud and abuse list” wasn’t funny enough on Thursday.
    What other bullshit has he got in store for us?

  34. IMPORTANT OFF TOPIC – @cj, @Ex va, @Namnibor, @91Veteran, @Crazy elf, @Lem – The Behavioral Health Department, at my local VA, is giving away Free Gun Locks. In the past, I was only asked if I had any guns in the home, no freebies were offered. Now, the VA asks and offers you, as an incentive, free gun locks. Tricky tactics. I just said that I had no weapons. Protect your Second Amendment Rights. The VA is extremely interested in creating a database of those Veterans that have weapons at home. If you don’t want to be on their list, don’t tell them you have guns located at your residence.

    1. A few years ago, VA sent out a letter offering “free” gun locks. Letter was shit-canned, no thank you. Guess they figure if they can’t keep us in line with their fucking pills, they’ll go to plan B and try compiling a list of vets with guns to harass.

      1. @Warhorse – I realize that free guns have been offered by other identities for a while, but this was the first time I was offered the locks directly by my VA facility. I never received a letter from the VA. Their tactics are sneaky. I’m also realizing, that it is becoming clear to me that each VA Medical Center or Clinic may not be participating in the same type of programs. I wish there was some sort of database where we could track what is being offered at each VAMC, compared to what’s available at other facilities.

      2. When and if they ever do offer “free guns”, then we know the VA has been purged and the swamp drained!!!

      3. ANutterVet, this kind of BS really pisses me off.

        Why? Well, I picture a VA flunky in DC thinking buying 100000 gun locks and shipping them around the country to be stored in a broom closet is a huge waste of money.
        Its the same crap where VA intake nurses ask about weight loss, chocolate treatment for PTSD and other programs where lots of money is wasted.

        Its BS feel good crap that makes it look like they are doing something.

        What program that would actually help veterans is being cut because it can’t get funding?

        Why ask me that crap when it’s clear you don’t want to ask about my actual health condition?

        On the other hand, it would be interesting to see their reaction if you asked if their were a limit on the gun locks you can get.

        Well, I need 732 for my wife’s guns, 41 for my teenagers guns, 7 for junior, then 3 for the ones on my coffee table. Oh, and another 6 for the ones under my pillow.

        What? I have a big pillow!

    2. Having been asked the sneaky question of who pays the bills in my house, and whether I have guns at home, I would never, ever accept their offer of a gun lock, because it would be a quick way of being added to their little database.

      It is NONE of their damn business!

      If they are concerned about the health of those in my house being around guns, why not be concerned about the toaster I have beside my bathtub? Why not be concerned about the rat poison stored next to my cereal? Why not be concerned about the gasoline fired BBQ grill in my living room?

      This nanny state bullshit gives me a serious case of the red ass and it needs to be stopped.

      If some damn fool cannot be aware of their surroundings and what might endanger them, then perhaps the gene pool needs some chlorine.

      I have some in a container in the fridge.

    3. @ANutterVet — Keep-in-mind that IF the VA offers you or any Vet *free gun locks*, you can be sure that the Disruptive Behavior Committee has a key for your lock with your SSA and Name on it on their end. Do no accept it because by accepting it, you are telling these tricky bastards you DO have guns and it’s NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!
      Nope, I do not trust these rat bastards. Matter-in-fact, I would trust a rather ornery and cantankerous old billy goat with my back turned to him any day before the VA.

      This is only the VA playing slick words to get any Vet to fess-up how many and IF any guns are on premises and mark my words, the VA will then USE THAT to remove medications in the future as LEVERAGE….wait for it….

      1. @Namnibor – Leverage. The VA loves this word as much or more than bonuses. Besides power, most people love money. Besides money, most people love power. I smell a virginal Rattus rattus [certain species of rats].


      2. Mind you, I understand the necessity for gun locks in some environments, but I hardly think this is the VA playing I CARE, with only the Veteran’s well-being in-mind.

        Last year, the civilian/private medical started this same crap about gun locks as an “icebreaker” to open the conversation that had the very next question of, 2) If you have any guns where do you keep them at?, 3) what kind are they?

        None of your ratty bastard’s business, last I checked this was still America. How about going after the thugs committing crimes with weapons given by Obama’s Border Patrol and DEA as a sting operation that backfired and now those very guns are being used against innocent citizens?
        Not interested?
        Nor am I, kiss my not so rosy ass.

      3. @Namnibor – I would assume that there already is some sort of database that the VA can use to check for legal weapons. May be, but I doubt it, they may be trying to reveal if you have any UNREGISTERED guns. Still, with a sure direct cause and not a weak suspicion, the VA shouldn’t be checking you out.

        For the first time, I was informed at a meeting in Mental Health Department, I was informed that if you tell a VA Mental Health employee that you have thoughts of committing suicide, that their protocol is to immediately admit you for observation.

        Its looking like the VA is trying to gain as much power as they can, but with less accountability. And, if this is the case [I have more than a gut feeling that it is], there will be no way to evaluate any program, service, or promotion to determine the success of such. Know wonder the VA Rattus rattus’s love their bonus money. They’re not held accountable.

  35. Congress is starting to mean business. And they ain’t playing around anymore!

    “Scott Anthony Archives”
    Feb. 16, 2017. (10:32 min. long)
    “Hillary Clinton/State Dept. Aide Bryon Pagliano To Be Charged on ‘Failure To Appear’ Before Congress!”

    This is how it works! See the letter sent to DOJ Jeff Sessions. With “closed copies” to the FBI Director Comey and others!
    Now, *IF* Pagliano is charged, tried and convicted, he just might want to “sing like the little birdie” on all of his “criminal counterparts”, ie; Bill & Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, the Clinton Foundation and the “pay for play” with the State Department and a whole lot more!
    It’s time for our officials to get nasty!

    1. I say we strap a lightning rod onto each of their asses and send them up on top of the buildings in Florida when a real good thunderhead moves in. If God wants them, he can take em then, otherwise they can report tornado sightings.

      1. The oher upside is that if they stand still the rabbit ears on the televisions inside might get better reception. Just shout up to get them to stand still.

      2. Hey, Dennis, why not just introduce Pagliano to “bubba”. While he’s processing into prison.
        And, make sure it’s a prison not like the one Martha Stewart went into!
        Put his ass in with the “general population” of rapists, murderers etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.
        Let his ass sweat a whole bunch!

      3. They would become too anal for accurate weather reporting, best to sit them atop the existing lightening rods, sort of like lightening rod butt plugs. 🙂

  36. Mark my words because I am certain of what I say – we only glimpse the tip of the iceburg here. Does it not occur to you that nearly every intimate partner, cash paying malingering vet, family member, and gosh golly good friends, as well as EVERY faithful union dues paying “partner” who has ANY service is drawing full benefits courtesy of friends like Rubens?

    Let me tell you about the “retirement” plan of vet nurses: you on to VA. You immediately file a claim of trauma via sexual harrassment that occured in boot camp. The doc you work for diagnoses you with PTSD caused by that occurance – 10%. Then you document three instances of witnessing death at VA (most can do this before the first ten oclock break). Then you begin to call in sick and acting like somebody with PTSD – rude, short tempered, condescending, frightened, and angry (sound familiar at a VA facility)?

    This should take three years during which you miss more and more work to attend therapy sessions. Then you submit your claim for PTSD which your doc claims is now at 60%-90% but noneheless caused initially in boot camp (who the hell can verify that you werent called a “bitch” after all?) Then, owing to all of the hours you have documented as needed for therapy you are compensated at 100% under the individual unemployability clause.

    Then you retire at full VBA and full SSDI combined.

    I am absolutely certain of this unpublished path to early retirement AND the worse a nurse performs and behaves the more credibility it lends to the argument for PTSD. This is just ONE scheme and think how tough it would be to crack down – who is gonna go after a nurse for claiming sexual trauma in boot camp? It aint gonna happen and I am personally familiar with one nurse who explained this to me. She is retired at 50, smoking dope, and living in Colorado at a luxury condo near the ski slopes.

    Any guesses what kind of condo Rubens girlfriend lives in? Tell me what is to stop this from happening? Nothing. Worse, all those involved can eventually pull this off for themselves so who the hell is gonna spill the beans on this, let alone prove it? And who would prove it? The VA folks doing it?

    How many folks living in Aspen froliking on the slopes, smoking good old Rocky Mountain High are drawing $58,000 per year completely tax free and safe from all creditors? Answer; Only the vets who worked at VA.

      1. your lucky. I have had 2 wifes and they both let me down and I am the easiest person to get along with as long as you don’t cheat steal or lie i will give you the shirt off my back and want nothing in return not even a thank I will stick with my dogs and GUNS

  37. Here’s the latest news.
    The first is from;
    “End Times Prophecy”. (5:13 min. long)
    Dated: 17 Feb. 2017

    “Paul Ryan Just Revealed Everything to Sean Hannity! Look What He Said!”

    (Paraphrasing) “VA will be ‘fixed’ within the first 200 days of President Trump’s Presidency!” (President Trump is going to have to “purge” all the asswipes out of the government, before anything can be accomplished!)
    If you believe that ??SHIT??, because here’s the “word out” from “Shithead” Shulkin yesterday, 16 Feb. 2017.

    “ News”
    by, Richard Sisk
    Dated: 16 Feb. 2017

    “Shulkin Pledges to Get VA Off ‘High Risk’ List for Waste, Abuse!”

    The GAO, Government Accounting Agency, said that’s doubtful, (paraphrasing)!
    “Shithead” Shulkin should be more worried about his “legacy” with the “most corrupt agency” within our government. He’s also going to have to deal with “the most corrupt union” within our country, the AFGE!

    I don’t know about y’all, but I see Shulkin getting bit by his own words! He’s a “Obamination Administration” holdover! Therefore, his “words” don’t mean shit to me!

    1. @Crazy elf — Right-on. I think all the Obamination Admn. holdovers are extremely high liabilities to any real change taking place and I too, fear Shulkin is one of them as well as head of BVA Thomas ‘agent orange denier’ Murphy.

      The entire system requires one massive reboot after a massive comprehensive enema. Be careful out there today Brothers and Sisters, the immigrants, legal and illegal, as well as refugees are all “striking today” and protesting nationwide…and a very large Muslim presence with this as well as all the usual Soros paid BLM types which *may* try to interrupt their protests…that’s the new “gorilla tactic” the snowflakes are doing, using the coat tails of an existing protest to invade and take over….be careful out there…already out on streets here around University and Downtown area.
      We need a lot of poop canons.

      1. @namnibor,
        This morning I watched a video of a small business exercising their rights concerning these “so-called” strikes/protesters protesting.
        I’m going to have to paraphrase the “sign” which was placed on the front door of the business.
        “If you leave today, without permission, don’t come tomorrow!”
        Basically, telling his/her workers – “YOUR FIRED!”
        I thought that was priceless!

        Now, *IF* the VA employees would only strike!

  38. Decade after decade after decade the VA thugs just keep rubbimg our noses in the shit they lay out on the carpet and all the while laugh and joke and frollic about like the untouchables they are.

    The movie, “untouchables” was about corruption too. It featured Al Capone but really only as a figure of what corruption becomes, but also featured a known truth men have learned over thousands of years. We have learned as a race again, and again, and again – corruption cannot be fixed. It must be destroyed.

    VA is unfixable because the fix is in place already. Literally it has become a haven for criminals, ostensibly (like in the untouchables) providing a service for mankind. Sean Connery played the old wise cop who knew for certain there was but one way to rid mankind of Al Capones organization – In his advice to Elliot Ness he said, “He puts one of yours in the hospital, you put two of his in the morgue.”

    In the story, as in life, the complete destruction of their organization was the ONLY solution. VA is corrupt to the bone and is milking America like a cow. They do not need to deceive – the fix is in. The only organization in America that employs criminals based on the fact alone that since one has gotten away with a crime, we must let all of them slide on crime! DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE??? Capone too laughed in the press and media about the pitiful attempts at taking him down because EVERYONE in power was bought off.

    Moreover, it simply does not work to bulldoze a single building down. The AFL/CIO would simply obtain another construction contract then build a $100,000 building with four billion in cost overruns. The fix is in.

    Donald Trump has only two options; business as usual and get the bonus pen handy, OR, destroy the organization right down to the grass – then erect a wall with the names of all the vets killed at the hands of a ruhless and cold hearted agency that has brought only despair, misery, and brutal expense into our midst. They are staffed with theives, liars, con artists, pedophiles and felons of all nature and have become a crime family. Like Capone, they do not even answer to congress.

    There is no fix for this group of humans. The organization must be destroyed utterly. What is the downside? Answer; private care like the rest of America enjoys with two hundred years of laws on the books to hold them accountable, instead of a union contract that ensures they are not. Tell me again what the downside is?

    1. Best to just nuke all the sites from orbit and ensure no Veterans are at any locations when the fallout starts, literally.
      Or, simply rid the VA of the AFGE lamprey.

    2. @Dennis,
      If I remember correctly, it seems to me someone, maybe Seymore, put something about this very thing you write about on here some time ago!
      We all suspect, and agree, VA employees, (former military), *DO* receive special treatment over regular Veterans just trying to get great healthcare!
      Of course, we know that ain’t about to happen anytime soon!

    3. One of the problems that Obama brought in by his taking action in the very first days he was in office in 2008 was to take action and make policy that made unions untouchable, particularly public sector unions like the AFGE.
      Obama’s actions on unions benefited public sector unions with his labor appointees, those at DOJ and every cabinet agency head he made.

      Unions were untouchable.

      His actions also greatly benefited other unions in the private sector, UAW, SEIU, AFL/CIO and their affiliates, etc., and companies soon found out that going against any union in their company would result in the company getting crucified before Obama’s kangaroo courts.

      This created the attitude down to the lowest union flunky everywhere that it doesn’t matter how bad they screwed up, there was NOTHING you were going to do about it. They were a protected pet of Obama.

      That is why Little Cox could publicly threaten an Obama cabinet secretary, with nothing done about it.

      Throughout Obama’s terms, those union thugs far and wide could be counted on to turn out the vote, volunteer for campaigns, turn out to rally and turn out to beat protesters when needed like the veteran in St. Louis.

      In return, Obama gave them protection. He also toss favored legislation or took executive action that benefited them whenever needed.

      Nothing will change until Trump has time to fill some of these key posts in cabinet and other agencies, and only then if they have the guts, willingness and backing of the White House to take on these thugs.

      And you can bet those unions and the politicians they support will be fighting to the death every step of the way.

  39. What makes this even more ridiculous is fact Diana Rubens rubs it right in everyone’s face as in her “stick around and watch the show” comment. They are brazen and bold about their level of saturated corruption and scoff about it.
    I am really hoping that DOJ Attorney General Jeff Sessions applies the full weight and hammer of the LAW.
    I think we as Veterans can indeed help feed the scandalous info as it arises to the media and DOJ but I fear that the VA’s public affairs is going to be even more closed-mouth since they are still coping with their chronic cases of Trumphobia, which may last for a duration of 4 years and possibly 8 for the butthurt snowflakes.

  40. This is how holding someone accountable was explained to me!

    Jason Chaffetz, (R-Ut) and Trey Gowdy, (R-SC) have both stated, quote; “Congress cannot arrest anyone!”
    So, what can “they” do?
    First, they have to inform the FBI of when or if a person lies to a committee then Congress.
    Then, the FBI does an investigation. If it’s true, then they send the information to the DOJ.
    The DOJ investigates, then issues warrants for their arrests.
    Then a trial starts!
    This is how our government works. Slow as in molasses in winter!

    There’s got a better way to hold VA employees accountable. President Trump needs to get his new DOJ active in this!

    Plus, wasn’t it made crystal clear no agency was to receive bonused? So, how is VA being allowed to do this?

  41. I’ve been stating this “incentive pay/quota bonus” bullshit for years and it has gone on deaf ears by ALL!
    I sent a twelve pg letter to the White House, CBSnews and my Senators office, describing the shit I’ve been through for the past 14-15 yrs with this agency and my claim. ALL on deaf ears.
    I had to abandon my home in W-S, NC, due to it falling into disrepair and not being fit for human habitation, because I was unable to fix it and could not afford someone.
    I had to file Chapter 7 BK TWICE.
    I’m questioning the validity of my past Ortho/Neuro C&P exams, due to recent exposures to examiners not even possessing the specialty in Ortho/Neuro, yet they have opined in my conditions, which contradicts drs that specialize in these areas.
    Even though I’ve mentioned this numerous times, even on, it was IGNORED.

    BE VERY AWARE of the attorney that you hire to handle your VA claim!!!
    I have run up against 2 out of 3 scumbag lawyers that wanted me to file a claim, on condition that I don’t even have! When I TERMINATED one of those jerkoffs, he still wants his 20%!
    A Charlotte atty., suggested that I file for Tinnitus…
    When I asked WHY, His reply: “…you fired an M-16 while on active duty right?”
    Another scumbag in San Diego, suggested that I file a claim for PTSD, because I’m under a lot of stress with this fucked up agency.
    Both lawyers want their piece of the pie and will end up denying that they coerced Veterans when the Vet is exposed for filing a FRAUDULENT CLAIM against the United States.
    Yet, these miserable pieces of shit, will LAUGH all the way to the bank, when they are paid on the fraud claims.
    These jerkoffs will ALSO involve other doctors looking to PROFIT off of your disability, when they hire these new pricks to review your file and render an opinion on your condition(s), while squeezing your nuts for $1000.00! They won’t even ask for your permission to do so.
    Be aware that there is a CORRUPT doctor advertising that if you have a claim that’s being denied, that he guarantees a write up that will get you benefits that you deserve. The CATCH?…$5,000.00 up front FEE!
    I spoke with this scumbag and he was willing to take on my claim, sight unseen. He wanted me to fly to his location. When it’s all said and done, the fee would be $10,000.00!!!
    I was stumped, when he mentioned this amount and I couldn’t believe that ANYONE in their right mind would consider hiring this SCAM ARTIST!
    I recall reading how this scumbag has HIGH ACCOLADES and is HIGHLY RESPECTED for his medical opinion(s) in the VA and courts…but for $5-10,000? Up front fee, no less!
    A popular Veterans web site forum speaks about how “expensive” this doctor is, yet they speak highly of him and his success rate.
    One particular ‘fool’ speaks about how she spent $2000.00 and how it was well worth it?! $2000.00 for a medical opinion???
    Is this what it boils down to?
    If the DVA was in the least “FAIR” with Veterans and their VALID, even questionable claims, even if it involves “Reasonable Doubt”, we wouldn’t have to rely on these crooked ass doctors and lawyers to profit from your entitlements!
    I’ve even gone as far as requesting that I appear in front of House and Senate committees, to address the Incentive pay, these half assed scumbag attorneys and general practitioners (that have no business rendering medical opinions), but to NO AVAIL! I have to be “INVITED” TO APPEAR IN FRONT OF THESE COMMITTEE MEMBERS!?

    As long as elected officials turn a blind eye to our grievances, NOTHING is going to change and it’s “Business as Usual”, with this stupid fucking agency, sticking it to us Veterans on a daily basis!

    1. thats easy to figure out. he charges that outrageous amount because half of it is payoff money to someone at the VA

    2. Sounds like that “Doctor” is nothing more than an opportunistic ambulance chaser and by sounds of it, it sounds outright illegal beyond immoral.

      Instead, I recommend Veterans do all the leg-work yourself and use the wealth of information available over at hadit dot com, where you look-up via searches on your specific health conditions and how other Veterans have navigated it successfully and the failures.

      That “medical doctor” playing the “pay-for-medical-opinion” is actually crossing major lines in his Hippocratic Oath and Ethics and pretty sure it should be reported to medical boards and more because this “Dr.” you speak of is taking full advantage of Veterans as if it was an email from Nigeria promising all kinds of riches if you only go to Walmart and send X amount of $$ via a Green Dot loaded caed….make sure to also send the PIN code as well so they can run with the money to never be found.

      Damn, this pissed me off Veterans being taken advantage of. WTF?!

  42. CNN should be faxed this article, since they like to defend themselves about fake news and fight with him about every word.

    This is fucking scandalous bullshit as usual.
    That Reubens, pot belly pig, tuna beast looking big fat bitch needs to be ejected from that building with a minute man missile on target straight to her fluid filled, knockwurst shaped forehead of hers!

    What a fatback!!!

    That whole Region Counsel are fucking pussies too Mark Graham , Carl Sinwell including the Pa Disciplinary board there are a whole lot of corrupt lawyers licensed in PA they do nothing about!

    They are a disgrace to the lawyer profession .and should also be ejected in the same manner! Little twinkies!

    1. Some women find fatback’s fluid-filled, knockwurst-shaped forehead to be a big turn-on -HaHaHaHa.

      1. I have heard of that before. I is called scrapplosis fatbackus. A medical condition where other female scrapple sandwhich lovers, who happen to work at the VA contract a symbionic relationship from many escapades eating in and dining out of the canteen service. It was one reported that Lin Halliday aka the fattest OIG in the history of all PIGs , had the be extracted withe “Jaws of life” from one of those tables in the canteen. One old veteran in the background yelled out “Damn lady, would you stop eating already, you are fat as hell” S he happened to have been eating a scrapple sandwhich at the time. From there, 2 interns coined the diagnosis of Scrapplosis Fatbackus.
        That is my story and I am sticking to it.

      2. @CorpsmanUp! Scrapple sandwich? Reality here; On the East Coast, where scrapple is most likely to be consumed, there is not many people who like scrapple, let a lone a scrapple sandwich. Non-reality; she must been one big mama, shoving those corn meal slabs of infused pork by product mushy pieces into her wide palate orifice opening [big mouth]. East Coast? How far from Philly, Wilmington, Dover?

      3. @ANutterVet, Newark, Elkton Md area on the line. New Castle County, but 3 jurisdictions of law enforcement patrol this area. Delaware has no say so in anything the first to ratify the Constitution and the last to follow it. Carper, Coons Syndrome
        Delaware is an open carry State, the only thing it has going for it.

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